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The free press. (Southern Pines, N.C.) 1898-19??, June 24, 1899, Image 1

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Vf ' :' '.
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r . . .
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;aL. r Ax - A. Are
v ;voi.r.'- j, - southern-pines, ! N.-.4 SATqftDAY,? -jpwtfe2&"' i -o..y, y K',;
cnrTTtiirDM diMtq c AMiTARTfTV - PFBfinhALSi. t A QfA iPHCTTY WEDDING.' ri ' ;: T, Tt -0 '' V.
' - ' . conducted t h , .
nD fnwiirrM ' 7y
- ,. ,,DR. EDWIN ffiD'-r,-(
9 to 11 A. Mr 2 to iP. Iff
;t J. MCN-; (J0HS50N,
' oilers his services -to', tlfe citizens
of Southern Pines arul community.
Abstracts, X)ee(3 (loutracts and
all office work a 'specialty.
Vk',yoing man; wishing a
Bcliolarsliip in University
of f Nortlf- Carolina, Chapel
-"Hiil.: .bn- easv terms,- will
f ' ; please let, it be Known to tne
i " - .v euiior uMiiiis payr.
Ji 1 "horses at' Jackson feprmgsnovv
anUus doing a good stage-lin6
uusmess irum raiiruau
h,4 station to the Springs.
l H f . . , .. ... ,
; Bug Deathsure'death to pota
f to 'squash and cucumber bugs; and
the best of all 1 a non poisonous
v pwaer;-Desmes, is a pianc joou
of rreat merit and a benefit-instead
of an injury to, all plants. For,
"sale by A S P Ruggles.-
In our write up last week
of Dr. VonHerff 's vineyard
at Manly, we should .havJe
said that' the -vines were up
ported by the TnREwire
Muhspri modified, and; -Knij
'ffin jTwowire. trellis system.
Another correction, in regard
to the - terrace, ditches, ,we
should have said five feet
ayide instead of five feet high
' ' .
Taints and oils atSS. Thomas,
Satisfactory prices and good goods.
For neat printing and. pop
ular prices' this office is" not
equaled in this section. Our
mottoIive and let live, ds
bound to win. If you want
some job printing consult
with us before placing your
orders ' v
- . - HnTi hALK. mitv Dusneis mixen
$ . V i' V. A S fe Tj P RnGGLEa'cheanlv, a
f . A S & L P Ruggles
vidted, Cp'tW last Monday'
' i fVi "'
j'VIro.C A CWhipple "a'
vaif ; na,v yuiiu.iu v eif
hnoniftor thft SrimTnpr. ,
' ',- ) '
H. A. Ray, oi JSndoh, N. 0,
11. 1VMV. ()l B'jllfillll II. 1 t.
vvas in town '"tfie' first of the
weeK anapaid u& a pleasant
5- I tfi.
' r Green Pruit Ti me.' 'Jveep a
boilejf Neutralizing Cordial far
summer complai Jtm 'the house
lor the children. -Johnson's Phar
Mr.'R' 31. Couch has 're
ceived his ; v'apppintment "atflVd 'AM Zlks
Grand Deputy (- for the, local
lodge of I 0 0 F from Grand
Miss Susjie Edwards, 'who
has been teaching in WiN
mingthjhL iima3ikig' .visit to
Mr-and 'Mrs William fid wards
' ' i - ' ;
this city, before - going ?to'Jier
home in Chicago. .
. Ht
Neutralizing' Cordial for dys
entery and diarrhoea. -,; Johusons
Pharmacy- r ' I 4 .
MrX' Fred,' Weaver, hag re
turned v to Southern Pines-
from a Visit .to. his' old home
in Culpepper, Va. He en joy-1
ed his visit very much, and
was delighted with the moun
tain scenery along the route.
Neutralizing Cordial 7s the
surest and safest remedy for all
bowel troubles, 25 cts. for a 3 oz.
bottle.: Johnson's Pharmacy. '
B. H. Butler, -.Esq.. with
hi s daughter, Helen, from
Pitfsburg; Pa., are enjoying a j
visit yith Ca pi A, -M. Clarke'
and , family," ' Mr, Butler "is
prominently "connected with
the ' editorial department, of
the Pittsburg .TihiesanttV we
artr in hopes his. visit o South
ern Pines wljl ' bG - a" pleasant
one. . ,
S t ....
with A. S. & Lv P., Ruggles, agents
for one of the best laundries in the
state. First-class work guaranteed
and prices reasonable. Call tor
price list and; get good Service
cheaply, quickly and satisfactory,
vamPwei;9t beauty ' s' --J
. IfeTaSta .gTrine ot tteir wealth in
Hdtfoiom .; ' .. .
fine ,w,eauin?;tnarcn peaJeqiortn
hA iV .sweet 'iriornin' air under
jf .T- f1, ,
I A.T ; . 7 1. I . J il . I. 'l
AJosVguts 'awaited .' tbeuasupi-
cicuiomnr, which. 1 arri.vVd
prJiWtf at''ju-clock, and with it
;r'. o-Tr- r r
PiiiVfiUrrjlira liiuidbotne fewn
f fleat.rTowder
prickWjjSiulOc. pc'.t bottles,
;hie. piii-i & berries is encoui'-aiiinq.Al-Mr..
A. S. Ruggles has
' ,.' 'li. ''. , TV i i-
-receiwil'etur s giyina; him '2.55
.per cnuoa quaris. uuier grow
ers1 renart'iiood prices.
' It llaj been suggested that
j ;if f
the Gun Club have -a- special
shoot for the 4th of July, and
put'iip-i' hahdsome medal for
tiiufi making the best score
- v
Plows and Cultivators at.S. iS
Thomas'; 'just, the tiling vQu Vant.
See "them. - -
The Fife Company s new
'. engine will soon be on hand
'Mr.. (.'has: : T. (ever has returned
to New" York.
f 'Mrs. II. 'tT."J Gregory Lis- g0e
North for the Summer.
, Mrs chaSi T. Qeyerhas los't her
pet p.UTOt. it hAd rned to tak
y wen -as quite a favorite
Quick-as-inougnt. ijeauacne
Powders cure' headache quick as
thought,'-- TJohnsqn'9 Pharmacy,
Mr. H;Jt. Thurston, civil' engin
eer made UiVFbbe Pkess a pleas
antall yesterday. C'' . .
Settle-your account -'with the
printer, -he needs th money,
i 1 - : -
'Get your lime for whitewashing
', 4
at Thomas' Hard ware. Store. First -
class and cheap. ... r- .. .'.
W'' WP' iotiwJiml''the .Vgrtom,
VxpltiMKffti fc-Xfi riflf-vf Rliod8 of
iiaJei&V "A?.', - Miv. -lUicxlei
lefto'itieWf.V: t,iid 'Ii- UalT
IW'Jh'kw 1' Proiessoi
or the gnyi.c vMtc Wit:
' ,s
- Jonnon
Oftoe over PifwJjlififarnittirst Stored '.jr' ,.'
, ,-.;.60efe lihesof r;,MerT, yr'"- '
'Women 4miL1UhiKaen V-
".Oxford. L .onoP-
Nosbld at 65c.& '
Organdies and Scotch La,
W 5c.(a,nd 7c.;formay J
6cVl0c'.' and 12.' '
PATCH wir"
Hocifl jcitisFt-j
D, Tart , - enq ed-
nesaay , i rtviunu , yey j
. j. 3. i" i ' ' l. A i ill tiii iif-l; , ' "rf-
-V tp ; ' , j' ! c -,,
LadicV Oxfords 'forJriVily sold at J
Minutes of lastmeeting read ?
andapprovea (i
The President appointed., m
Miss Flora .Tar bell, Collector
of dues and solicitor pf money ,
for the work of the. Society,
in accordance with a Vote at
the last meeting. J ''i "
Messrs 1 Saunders, Tarbell
and Couch were appointed to ;
attend to getting and puttingr
aroiininiCre -trash barrels j '
Mr Beck 'was aiked'to see
to.the trimming bf shade trees ,
anU destroying Obnoxious
weeds around tdwn",' '
Messrs Junge & Beck offer
ed to put a ' fence .around the -,
railroad garden, which"' 'was-
gladly accepted. A'djourned
; ; K M Couch,
' 'Secretary, 'pro -tern. 5
Mrs. Jeanette'. Kobirison :
Murphy, of New York, wife '
of the late J Hugh ..Murphy, ' ';
of Asheville and a daughter-,, '
of Hr. i Gorman Ipbinson of
the Experimental station, is j
ppendlngs. the Summer with. U:J
us. She will enjoy., a stay, Vff S
amongtlie pines and we trust .
get needed rest and recupera- '
tion. ,
1 K
' J
. 1
. v;i,, t
,....' Iff
: 9

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