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4 '
J. D. Nesbitt, of Nesbitt House, Nantucket, Mass.,
News of Interest From Pinebluff, N. C.
In the matter of fitting out the
little daikey boy with a suit of
clothes Mrs. M. E. Powers' name
as one of the successful workers
mentioned last week was omitted
Seaboard Air Line, shake up the
type. Pinebluff has fallen out of
the chase, so it does not appear on
the time table.
Mrs. M. Etta Powers has been
appointed agent for the Free Press.
Parties desiring to subscribe can
either call or be called upon. Ad
vantageous rates in advertising
will be given to merchants and
those receiving guests at hotels
and boarding houses. Papers for
sale at Pilgrim Hall, and Stewart
& Miller's.
The services at Pilgrim flail
were conducted on Sunday by the
Right Rev. B. B. Ussher. In spite
of the fact that the day was sultry
and dusty there was a very good
attendance. The Bishop preached
from the 15th of Proverbs and 1st
verse "A soft answer turneth
away wrath, but previous words
stir up anger." It was thoroughly
practical and caused many to say,
" I will not get mad any more ; it
'does not pay." The Bishop
preaches to help people to live
right, assured that the dying right
will care for itself.
Notice was given of a desire on
the part of several persons to aid
in the work of the Sunday school
to be held in Pilgrim Hall at 4 30
All interested should remain after
service. Mr. J. D. Nesbett has
consented to teach an adult Bible
class, for which he is thoroughly
competent. Mrs. Summers, a very
efficient leader for the infant class,
will also take part, and several
adult teachers are ready for work
if the children are assembled.
Parents, it's up to you. This vi 1
supply the religious need, but the
secular want of a public school is
still, to the disgrace of Pinebluff.
unsolved. Bishop Ussher spoke
in strong terms about this pressing
A runaway almost ending fatally, start
ed a horrible ulcer on the leg of J. B. Orn
er, FranKlin Grove, 111. For four years it
defied all doctors and all remedies But
Bucklen"s Arnica Salve had uo trouble to
cure him. EQually good for burns, bruir
ses, skin eruptions and piles. 25 cents at
Underwood Pharmacy and Sadels:on &
Flints drug store.
need which was causing people to
pass by Pinebluff because there
was no school for their children.
He doubted if there was another
town under the Stars and Stripes
as far advanced in civilization that
would be guilty of this non-progressive
policy. Gentlemen, re
move' the blot, or down goes your
town. Good water, good streets,
electric lights, public schools, and
church facilities are as necessary
to a town's well being as lungs to
fie body,
As promised last week we give
herewith a full report of the min
strel show and specialties given by
the Pinebluff "All Star Amateur
Dramatic Club." The club has
met with such success that they
expect to visit Southern Pines and
Pinehurst during the season.
The performance was clever, and
those who took part in the. min
strel circle were :
Mr. Bierer Mr Johnson the interlocu
tor. Mrs N Q Stewart, Miss Pines Miss
Caswell. Miss Lemon Squeezer, Miss I
Blair, Miss Aberdeen. Mr G G McMinn.
Mr Bones. Mr T Tupper, Mr Sunflower.
Mrs F Morgan, Miss Coney Island. Miss
R Campbell, Miss Silver Springs C C
Bennett, Mr Dandylton Miss Florence E
Little, Miss Keyser. Mr F Morgan, Mr
Pancake. Mr N Q Stewart, Mr Primrose.
The following was the program :
Opening chorus "My Lady Hottentot"
Verse sung behind curtain Miss Coney
Island and Miss Lemon Spi ings.
Solo "Bedelia"--Mr. Bones.
Solo "Honey you's my Lady Love"
Miss Coney Island.
Solo Mr. Pancane.
"Mandy Lee' Miss Lemon SQueezer,
Miss Lemon Springs. Mr. Primrose.
Soio "Under a Panama'
Miss Lemon Springs.
Solo 'Ma Onliest One" Mr. Primrose.
Solo -'Under the Bamboo Tree" Par
ody Mr. Sunflower.
(Five minutes' intermission ).
1. Solo Mrs. Morgan.
2. Dance 'Habenera" Miss Little
Senorita Lina.
3. The American Billionaire; or, Off for
Pierpont Aster Vander, the American
Billionaire T Tupper
Able Penman his private secretary H
Tony-bell boy Hotel Cecil C C Bennett.
One Mae pale and sallow and the other
fresh and rosy. Whence (he difference?
She who is blushing with health uses Dr.
King"s f'ew Life Pills to maintain it. By
gently arousing the lazy organs they com
pel good digestion and head off constipa
tion. Try them. Only 25 cents at Sariel
son &, Flint"s and Underwood"s Pharmacy.
What Are They
Chamberlain's Stomack and Liver
Tablets. A new remedy for stomach
troubles, biliousness and constipation
and a eood one. Price 2K cents. For
sale by Underwood Pharmacy and
Sadelson & Flint.
Pa Vander 's Wives Masie, Miss R
Campbell. Bell, Miss A M Little. Daisy,
Miss F- Little Nell, Miss A P Tupper.
4 Comic Sketch Hotel Cecil, London.
Barren Acres and Count Three.
N Q Stewart, manager Miss Caswell,
accompanist piano Mr Levi Packard,
accompanist cornet Miss Mabel Caswell,
musical director T Tupper, stage mana
ger DrHH Beadle, chief electrician.
Mrs. Powers and Miss Bottsford
as ushers carried out their part, of
the work in excellent stvle. - Pil
grim Hall was crowded and the
elite were all there. Much en
thusiasm was shown, and many
encores called for, but the program
would not permit it. The Ameri
can Billionaire made a great hit.
Miss Little's dance was very grace
ful and full of rhythm. The sing
ing and all in the show was s' good
that great credit must be given to
each and every one.
Mr. John T. Patrick expects to be
in Pinebluff early in March.
The Club House is a success Mr.
and Mrs. Mayhew keep things in
good order.
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Wallace
are to be congratulated upon the ar
rival of a daughter, at this writing
only a few hours old.
Miss Jane Fisher, of Richmond, Va.
left for home on Tuesday morning
leaving behind her many new made
friends. Her sister, krs. V. Hall,
expects to remain until April.
Mrs Tupper, son and daughter,
moved into their new house on Phila
delphia avenue Saturday, and were
surprised by a seienade from a num
ber of appreciative friends after the
shadows fell.
A very pleasant farewell party was
given by Mr. and Mrs. N. Q. Stewart
to Miss Reba Campbell, whose de
parture from Pinebluff is much re
gretted by a large circle of friends to
whom she endeared herself by her
kindness and willingness to be help
ful to others The party was a very
pleasant affair; attended by the invi
ted elite of the town it was also made
the occcasion of a recognition of the
services of the young people who took
part in the Minstrel show. Mrs.
Stewart and Miss Campbell received
the guests.
Rt Rev and Mrs B B Ussher, Dedham
Ma9S Mr Howard Morgan. Audenried, Pa
Mr E K Bierer. Greensburg, Pa Miss Jane
T Fisher, Richmond, Va Mrs Virginius
Hall, Richmond. Va Miss Jane La Tour
ette, Bergen Point, N J Miss Abbie L
Lyon. Sparta. N J Miss Julia A Sterns,
Washington, D C Mr and Mrs B A Tray
ior, Norfolk. Va.
When You Have a Cold.
The first action when you have a
cold should be to relieve the lungs.
This is best accomplished by the free
use of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
This Remedy liquefies the tough mu
cus and caus.es its expulsion from the
air cells of the lungs, produces a free
expectoration, and opens the secre
tions. A complete cure soon follovts.
This remedy will cure a severe cold
in less time than any other treatment
and it leaves the system in a natural
healthy condition. It counteracts
any tendency toward pneumonia.
For sale by Underwood Pharmacy and
Sadelson & Fliat.
Small Potatoes
result from a lack of
in the soil. Potash pro
duces size and quality.
We have
v a 1 u a b 1 e
books which
explain more
fully the fer
tilizing value
of Potash.
We will
send them
free to any
farmer who
writes for
New York 98 Niimi Street, or
Atlanta, So. Broad St.
1200 LOTS
A favorable opportunity to make invest
ment in building lots in Southern Pines
and Pinebluff. N. C. the famous health
resorts. Six hundred lots in each town to
be sold a; private sale at TWENTY DOL
LARS EACH. The sale opens, on Thurs- .
dav. December 31. 1903. and will continue
until Thursday noon, March 31 1904.
Each buyer will be given receipt ior
money paid, stating number of Jots to
which he is entitled and particulars of
sale The fair and impartial deeding of
lots will be made by a committee of disin
terested men, cemposed of Town Officials
of the two towns, and they will have
charge of distribution, which will be in a
manner similar to what the United btates
Land Department adopts in the distribu
tion of their western town plots.
The distribution will be made in South
ern Pines on Thursday afternoon, March
31st. 1904. The money received will be
deposited in the BanK ot Pee Dee, Kock-
ingham, N. C, in trust, until deeds are
given, and the checKs lor the payments
can be made in the name of W. L. Par
sons, cashier of banc.
The lots will include some of the most
valuable in Southern Pines and Pinebluff.
The cheapest lots included in those to be
sold have been held in Pinebluff at fifty
dollars each, and quite a number have
been held at
$200.00, $150.00, $125.00, and
$roo.oo. an1 at Southern Pines
the lots have been selling at
from $60.00 to $350 00 each.
Included in the sale at Pinebluff will be
ten small cottages and lots, and three
large cottages and lots The persons to
whom the cottages are alloted get house
and lot for twenty dollars. Recollect, if
you happen to get the most undesirable
lot in the twelve hundred, you will get a
lot which has been held at fifty dollars.
The smallest lot will be 60 feet front by
120 feet deep, at Pinebluff, excepting some
of the lots with -the cottages on them are
smaller lots. At Southern Pines the small
est lot will be 27 by 150 feet, being business
lot No, 10, on Pennsylvania avenue. Ih6
purpose of the sale is to dispose of one
half of the building lots in Pinebluff and
Southern Pines now owned by Real Estate
Company so as to get them in possession
of people from every section of the North
ern, New England, and Western States.
The land Company believes that the peo
ple who own the lots will gladly work for
the upbuilding of Southern Pines and
Pinebluff, and that the iots that the Com
pany hold will be increased in value to
such an extent that they will be reim
bursed for sacrifice made.
The deeds will be warrantee, and no re
strictions will be placed therein. The
Company will give to each purchaser a
bond that if a building is erected on the
lot sold inside of one year the purchase
money will be refunded. This is no lot
tery scheme, but a bona fide sale of lots
with a view of interesting a large number
of Northern people in the building up of
Pinebluff and Southern Pines, and the
owners of the property have developed
the places before they have advertised the
lots for sale, this being the first time lots
have been placed on sale to the general
public. The plan was to first build up the
Towns, and then off er lots for sale and in
terest a large number of persons in the
further development of the towns. There
is no question but what the two town3.
Southern Pines and Pinebluff will continue
to grow, prosper, and be the leading re
sorts in the Sand Hiils. where property
can be purchased and homes owned by
For information write to
Southern Pines;
F. 0 ALLEN, Pine Bluff. ,
- - .

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