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VOL. 7. NO. 38. E. D. OSLIN, Editor. SOUTHERN 1MNE. R C, JUL V 14. li;o5.
$1,00 PER YEAR.
Dr. K. M. Fenrnson spent
days in Norfolk this week.
Rev. Dr. H. K. Foss, with his wife
and daughter will leave ou the iSth,
lie having accepted a service with the
Hanson Place M E. Church, Brook
lyn, N. Y. till Sept. i.
The Annual Seaboard Excursion
to Richmond will be run next -Tuesday,
July iS, fare from Southern
Pines and return only $2.50. A g-iod
trip at a low price.
. That was a very fine and handsome
prescription case placed in the Caro
lina Pharmacy Tuesday.' When the
new Soda Fountain is put in position
Mr. Flint will have a neat looking
place of business.
Miss Nola Smith of Charlotte is
-iMsitin-her sister, Mrs. M. N. Sug.
Mrs. L. C. Huffmes, of Reidsville, is
also isiting with Mrs Sugg and'
reneuiug old aeqnatitaiices.
The Great Roanoke Fair, to take
place September 25 to 29, inclusive,
in the city of Roanoke, Va., promises
to eclipse the very successful exhibi
tion of last year. It will be under
the same liberal and aggressive man
agement. Where' are you sick? Headache,
foul-tongue, no appetite, lack energy?
pain in your stomach, constipation,
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will
make you well. 35 cents, So'uthern
Pines Pharmacy.
Those who expect to practice Med
icine will be especially interested in
the Catalogue- of the University
College of Medicine,' of Richmond,
Va , "which , will tell how Medical
students are affected by various State
Laws regulating Uie practice of
Medicine. This is a most important
- yuihc eial pubn-, to... us
: ; it bears directly on the qualifications
of the doctors to whom all of us must
some time or other entrust our lives.
Beautify your complexion with
little cost. If you wish a smooth,
clear, creamlike complexion, rosy
cheek:?, laughing eyes, take Hollis
ters Rockv Mountain Tea, greatest
beaufiier known. 35 cents. Southern
Pines Pharmacy.
Axr Young Lady who de
sires work in her community
with which to' make some
money to help defray her ex
penses at College may inquire
at this office. u
Any Rkliaulk Young Max or
hoy who wishes to make some
money in his community to help
in payment of hoard am? tuit
ion at School may inquire at
this office. lf
A Surprise Party.
A pleasant surprise party may be
divert to your stomach and liver, by
taking a medicine which will relieve
their pain and discomfort, viz: Dr.
King's New Life Pills. They are a
most wonderful remedy, affording
sure relief and cure, for headache,
dizziness ' and coustipatiou. 25c at
Johnson's Pharmacy.
Seaboard Air Line Rail
way Passenger Department.
tt'eek-end and Sunday Excursion Rates
The Seaboard announces commenc
ing June 1st they will sell week-end
tickets to all points to Mountain re
sorts in Western North Carolina in
cluding Lincolnton, Shelby, Ruther
fordton, Hickory, Lenoir, Blowing
Rock and Chimney Rock.
From points in North Carolina tick
ets will ho sold for all trains Saturday
and for Sunday forenoon trains, good
returning Monday following date of
sale except tickets to Blowing Rock,
which will bo sold for Friday and Sat.
unlay trains good returning up tc. and
including Tuesday following date of
Tickets from Wilmington, N. C, to
Cliffs Hickorv, Lenoir and Lincolnton,
will be sold Friday and Saturday good
returning following Monday.
Tickets will be withdrawn from sale
after Sunday, September 10th.
For rates and time tables apply to
any agent, -or Gattis, T. P. A,.
Raloigh, N. C
' The oal tmroTr"orvpssgers car
ried by electric Hues each year In the
United States is 5,830,000,000. , -
Forced tc Starve-
B. K. Leek, of Concord, Ky, says.
"For 20 years I sufiercd agonies,
with a sore on my upper lip, so pain
ful, sometimes, that I could not eat.
After vainly trying everything else.
I cured it, with Bucklen's Arnica
Salve." It's great for burns, cuts
and wounds- At Johnson s Phar
macy; Only 25c.
Not a cent wanted, unless you ar
cured. If you are sick and ailing,
take'Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
A great blessing to the human family.
Makes you well--keeps you well.
55ceuts, Tea or Tablets. Southern
Pines Pharmacy.
Mrs. R. M. Couch lias been spend
ing sometime with her friends in
Southern Pines before going to her
new home in Lexington, N. C. where
her son Everett has a position with
the Electric Light Plant of that city.
Miss Irene who has been at school in
Washington D. C.', will join her at
Lexington in a few days.
We puhlish elsewhere an ad
vertisement .of Littleton o-
.!,, nnWatro tn which WG WISH
to call special attention. Tins
institution foas had a remark
able Jjietory, and is one of the
mot successful schools in the
South.- ' , tf-
, Bent' Her Double,
4l knew n4 one for four weeks,
when I was ick with typhoid and
kidney trouble," writes Mrs. Annie
Hunter, of -Pittsburg, Pa., "and when
I got better, although I had one of the
best doctors I could get, I was bent
double,' and had to rest my hands on
my knees When I walked. From this
terrible affliction I was rescued by
Electric Bitters, which restored ray
health and strength, and now I can
walk as straight as ever. They are
simply wonderful. " Guaranteed to
cure stomach, liver and kidney dis:
orders; at Johnson's Pharmacy; price
Special Rates Via Sea
board The Seaboard announces they will
sell reduced rate round trip tickets to
the following points account special
Richmond, Va. Farmers National
Congress, September, 12-22.
Monteagle, Tenn. Monteagle Bible
Training School, July 3-August 15.
Knoxville, Tenn. Summer School
June 20-July 28.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Summer School
for Teachers, June Ifi-July 28.
Nashville, Tenn.Pcahody Summer
School, Vanderhilt Biblical Instil ute,
June 14-August 9.
Monteagle. Tenn. Woman s Con
gress, August 1-15.
Monteagle, Tcnn. Monteagle h. t.
Institute July 17-August 5.
Oxford, Miss. Summer School uni
versity of Mississippi Juno 14-July 2ii.
Athens, Ga Summer School, June
27-July 28.
Asheville, N. C Conference oung
People's Missionary Association, June
25-July 2. . ,
Baltimore, Md. United Society
Christian Endeavor, International Con
vention, July 5-10.
Buffalo, N. Y. Annual Meeting
Grand Lodge B. P. O. E Juty 11-15.
Denver, Colo. International hp
worth League Convention, July 6-9.
Rate from Raleigh $42,75, Wllminghton
$42.75; Charlotte, $41.25.
Davidson College Piedmont sum
mer School, July 1905.
Asbury Park, N. J. National Educa
tional Association July 3-7. Rate from
Raleigh, $18-15: via New "iork, $21.ii ;
Wilmington, $21.15; via New ork,
$"4 00; Charlotte, $27.75, via New ork
$32.10; Permits of stop over in New
Greensboro, N. C North Carolina
Teachers Assembly, August 1-8.
Louisville, Ky. National Associa
tion Stationery Engineers, August 1
8. Rate from Raleigh, $19.75.
Philadelphia, Pa. Patriarchs Mili
tant and Sovereign Grand Uidge I. O.
O F. September lfl-23.
'Charlottesville. Va. Virginia Sum-
01,, i nf Methods. June 27-Au-
llU'l JL-ii--'V-,i -
gust li. Rate from Raleigh, $S.W.
For further information address
C. H. Gattis. T. P. A.,
Raleigh, N. C.
The Diamond Cure.
The latest news from Paris, is, that
they have discovered a diamond cure
for consumption. If you fear con
sumption or pneumonia, it will,
however, be best for you to take that
great remedy mentioned by W. T.
McGee, of Vanleer, Tenn. "I had a
cough, for fourteen years. Nothin;
helped rue until I took Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, which gave in
stant relitf, and effected a permanent
cure." Unequalled quick cjue, for
Throat ' and Lung Troubles. At
Johnson's Pharmacy; price 50c and
$1.00, guaranteed." Trial bottle free,
IB HI 11
Russian Battleship Knaiz Potemkine Scuttled
I By Its Rebel Crew v
Mutinous' Crew Opened the Ves$el'$
Seacocks Before Leaving, and Ship
Went to the Ocean's Bottom.
The Russian battleship Kniaz Potem
kine, which has been in, the hands of a
mutinous crew, that terrorized the peo
ple of Odessa by demonstrations in that
harbor, and successfully standing off
the whole Russian fleet was reported
as being given up. This report was un
founded, however, as is- indicated by
the following dispatches:
Turned on Seacocks.
Kustenji, Roumania, By Cable. The
announcement that the battleship
Kniaz Potemkine sailed with Hear Ad
miral Kruger's squadron turns out to
be incorrect. .
Before leaving the Kniaz Potemkine
the mutineers opened the seacocks and
flooded her hold. She is now lying at
the bottom, but it is expected will be
refloated in time to leave for Sevasto
pol soon.
Sevastopol, By Cabye. The Russian
torpedo boat No. 27, which declined to
surrender to the Roumanian Govern
ment with the Kniaz Potemkine, de
claring that she had not mutinied, 'but
had been forced to follow the muti
nous battleship, has arrived here. Jhft"
members of her crew were arrested
and placed on board the. transport
Prout. i"-'
Tuesday was observed on board the
fleet as a, day of mourning for the offl-
tiny -a uarirtuc 411 wuiuik.
There will be reaulems on all the
May Embarrass Roumania.
St. Petersburg, By Cable. Rear-Admiral
Pisareffski reports to the Admi
ralty that the engine room of the
Kniaz Potemkine is full of water and
it is presumed that the mutineers turn
ed on the seacocks before leaving her.
Negotiations between Russia and
Roumania on the question of the sur
render of the Kniaz Potemkine are in
Foreign Minister Lamsdorff and M.
Rosseti-Solesco. the Roumanian Min
ister at St. Petersburg, held a confer
ence on the subject, but no decision was
readied. Russia is disposed to insist
on the surrender of the men, not as
political prisoners, to which Roumania
would object, but as criminals guilty
of murder and theft. There were sev
eral hundred thousand rubles on board
the batleship, which the crew divided
when they left the ship. The Roma
nian Government is somewhat embar
rassed by the fact that it promised the
mutineers if they surrendered that they
would be treated as deserters.
St. Petersburg, By Cable Although
10 days have elapsed since Russia in
formed President Roosevelt of her wil
lingness to conclude an armistice pend
ing the result of the Washington con
ference, Japan, so far as known to the
Russian Government, has not replied to
the President's communication.
Whon the question of an armistice
was first broached by the President, it
is understood that Japan indicated that
he would decline to agree to a sus
pension of hostilities until the pleni-
News of the Day.
Before leaving the Russian battleship
Kniaz Potemkine the mutineers opened
the seacocks and sunk her.
The Russo-Japanese peace plenipo
tentiaries will meet at the Portsmouth
(N. H.) Navy Yard.
In the British House of Lords Lord
Roberta stated tho British armed
rorcts are absolutely unfitted and un
prepared for war.
The Franco-German agreement as to
Morocco is regarded in Berlin as a
German diplomatic victory over both
Great Britain and France. .
A receiver was appointed for the
People's United States Bank, of St.
Louis, against which a fraud order had
been Issued by the postal authorities at
Robert C. Hill, chief of the Bureau of
Building Inspection, Philadelphia, was
requested to resign.
The International Convention of the
Epworth League adopted resolutions
protesting against the seating of Reed
Smoot, the Morman elected to the
United States Senate.
VK.i.-Titiaries met. Russia agreed in prln-
t!pi to tms as tne oasis iui u
turn. Since then the Russian Govern
Djent feels it has given ample proof of
its Icsire to conclude peace and it te
nos.-ilile It may go a step farther. But
the impression here is that now that
tkc- panese have made a descent on
tho ia'ar.,1 of Sakhalin they are deter
mined to get the island firmly in their
crrasrn tmfore the negotiations begin.
Thiols an easy task, as the small Ru-
siaiu force on the isiaua is m uu lo
tion 'o contest its occupation.
In addition to marines and infantry
the Japanese landed artillery aim cav
alry. Th9 latter is moving rapidly
norttT.ie presumption here is tnat me
RussihU troops will clear out without
flghtliw. crossing to Alexandrovsk on
the mainland.
The Kovosti says it considers Sakha
lin a Sf-sond Alaska, worth $10,000,000,
nnn It a nossihle. however, that Japan
might agree to suspend the hostilities
in Manchuria, although the latest re-
norta from the front create a strong
suspicion that Filed Marshal Oyama is
at last aivancing for a decisive blow.
vjBesidfci the peace plenipotentiaries
there wiA be five delegates with the
Russian iace mission, including three
secretarieV Prince Koudacheff, ex-Secretary
ot'th Russian Legation at Tokio
under Bairns Rosen; M. Planchon, who
formerly t?.s attached to the Chancel
lery of Vkjroy of the Far East, and M.
Naboukoft of the. Foreign Office,
-. China, it the request which she, pre
ferred to Russia and Japan to be repre
sented at tje Washington conference,
practical' rved on them notice that
.lrT-ir! w ia afforded her she
UIllb Wl-i. iii'lui)v.--
will tvUMp. fce bound by the treatjl
o far f :.v,utvi -:,:"-av- VNiV, i
cv'iVia .i 1- ''. ""hy K,s i'w""
11! I,. ,' hriOTi
to the Tuiese proposition,
declined to agree to it.
Japanese Loan in New York.
Now Yorl, Spccial.-Of tho $150,-
000,000 of the Imperial Japanese Gov
ernment 4 1-2 per cent, bonds, second
series, $50,000,000 have been taken by
Kuhn, Ixjcu & Co., tho National City
Bank and the National Bank ol Com
merce, all of New York. These bonds
are aimiliar to the previous issue oi
5150, 000,000 and are secured both as
to principal and interest uy a unnr,D
upon the annual net. revenues o tne
Japanese Government tobacco mono
poly, subject only lo uie cuu!f;
favor of the prior loan of $150,0t)0,wi0.
To Help Negro School.
Boston, Special. At a mectinff of
the Industrial Union of America, West
Indies and Canada, held In this city,
the council voted to put the industrial
school in Southern Pines, N. U, un
der tho direction of churches ot sev
eral different denominations and to as
sist tbe principal, Rev. James M. Hen
derson, in raising an endowment of
The otn'ect of the school is to edu
cate orphan and indigent negro chil
dren of the South and to give them a
thorough training in domestic and me
chanical studies.
Derelict Blown Up.
Norfolk, Va., Special. The naval
tug Hercules has blown up the wreck
of tho schooner Clara E. Bergen, off
the Carolina coast. The Bergen was
run down by a steamer several weeks
ago, and since that time has been
drifting almost submerged in tho path
of coastwise shipping. On account of
the dangerous nature of the derelict
the Navy Department sent tho Her
cules out to destroy it.
Telegraphic Briefs.
There were 15 deaths directly due to
the heat In New York.
Mayor Helmbold, who resisted the
placing of Caleb Powers in a special cell
of the Newport (Ky.) Jail, was placed
under bail to answer the charge of con
tempt of the Federal Court.
General Funston's father was arrest
ed because he fought when accused of
Inflammatory utterances.
Cuban soldiers mutinied and mortal
ly wounded their own captain in a
Tha str nnpi-lnl from Log Angeles
to Chicago badly smashed all previous
railroad records lor tnat instance.
The American Institute of Instructors
is hi-ding its annual session in fort-
land. Maine.
Tho International Harvester Com
pany was sued by a former official for
an accounting.
t.n-n William J. Calhoun, of Chi
cago, has been appointed a special com
missioner bv President Kooseveit to in
vestigate affairs in Venezuela.
Strenuous efforts are beiug made by
the Baltimore delegation to capture the
Elks' convention in 1307.
Splendidlocation. Health resort. Over 200 boarding pupils
last year. High ftrade of work. High standard of culture
and social life. Conservatory advantages in Music. Advanced
courses in Art and Elocution. Hot water heat. Electric lights1
and other modern improvements. .
Remarkable health record; only one death among pupils m
23 years. Close personal attention to the health and social de-
velopment of f - uy pulf High standard of scholarship. AIL
pupils dress 1 wh' on all public occasions. Charges very Low.
' 24th Aunual Session will begin Sept. 13th, 1905. For cata
logue address, REV, J. M. RHODES, A. M.,
h PESIDtiNT, Littleton, N. C.
f -
"Broad Street
Comer Pennsvlvsuiia Ave. and
Largest and Best Equipped Drug Store in
Southern Tinea. Complete in every par
T.. , t i 1 IT
3. 'tinrmBp Ri ftnu irunerai mnuuL'tr,
Sydnor .$
hrnrfls everv
Fine, Medium, Cheap, and we give as good values in
the cheap, as we do in the fine, prices considered.
Correspondence solicited.
Fruit And Produce Commission, Merchant.
113 Dock Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Our Motto Highest Market Frice. Sales sent daily.
References-First and Sixth National Banks of Philadelphia, Bradstreet
and Dunn Agencies. r
State Normal and Industrial College.
Three Courses trading to donees. Well equipped Training School '
Faculty number 50. Board, laundry, tuition, and fees Im iw of tt bw.
170 a year. For free tuition students $125. F or non-ridonU of the do
Fourteenth annual session begins September 21, 1905 Vo se cine ooaro .in d
itories, all free-tuition applications should be made bef July 15. Lo P
invited from those desiring competent teachers and stenographer. 1 or uwuogw
and other information, address. CHARLES D, MCT VER. PRESIDENT,
Greensboro, N. C.
Charles T. Geyer 1 Sons,
Accounts Solicited.
Bank open 9 a. ra. to 12.30 p.
m. to 12 noon. rnouc ji.
Paints and Oils,
Call and got prices ana terms before you buy.
II. C. FLINT, Proprietor.
Broad Slreei. Phone 54. T
Aaaiefant Mur.Ilffflr. X
o i
1 I I I I I H I I 1 1 I H'
K. W. Brown,
Hot Water Heating,
Hydraulic arid Pump Work.
"- . "j ...
SOUTH. " ,
arade ot Furniture maue
ih- r-.-
ru.: 1.30 to 3.00 p.
m. Saturday
1 fw
1 ft,
ifc .- ....iiiiiH'W Hi. i""!.. -'.

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