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Our N. A. A. C. P.
(•7 1* C. Blooot, Pmldtit)
The National AMociation for the
Advancement of Colored People,
better known an the N. A. A. C. P..
la national in scope. The national
office for the Association is In New
York. Scattered through the Unit
*4 States will be found branches
of the Association. Our Detroit of
tice ft* rated among the largest of
the branches
The officers of the local brtJnch
are called upon several times dally
to take up cases of the common
people or the masses. These cases
are accepted and handled diligent-
If and with pleasure. We are call
'H! npon to handle many cases that
do not come within the scope of
the work of the Association. It is
difficult to explain to the person
who is in trouble the kind of work
we ando t and therefore, it is neces
sary to do something for them uny
way. Here In Detroit, our work is
divided Into several committees;
namely. Kducational. I>egal Re
dress. Publicity, Womens
Anxlliary, Junior Work, Knter
t&inment. Meetings and Programs,
and Unemployment. In their sev
eral channels, these committees
function with a year around pro
gram, defending the colored peo
ple or our community against In- i
instlces and discriminations heap- *
’*d upon them by persons who are
thonght to be more fortunate than (
With a membership of eighteen
hundred, we believe that more of
uur members should participate in
the activities of the Association.
No one has to look very far to see
that there is much to be done in
our line; therefore, we invite every
member to become interested in
some committee and work with
that committee.
Those who have kept up with
the activities of our national work
know that at our Sf I/Ouls Con
ference. it was agreed that the As
sociation begin its operations on a
new front and that from that time
<>n. the battles would he more from
an offensive point of view, of
course, this to go hand In hand
with the defensive program
Thanks to Mrs. R. Ixmise Hen
derson, chairman of our Press and
Ihibllcfty Committee, for having
inaugurated the idea of editing a
special section in this fine paper
at lcaa( r -« r»,op>S ‘*** at r"? 1
JpruTrv a summary of a s ws over
a period of thirty days!
I am happy to copy from a piece
of national literature, our object as
follows: '‘Common justice and
• •quality of opportunity for the Ne
Students working out their tui
tion at Wayne Cnlverslty under the
National Youth Administration
plan total 372. of which 19 are
graduates. The 3f»s undergraduate
stulents represent 12 per cent of
•he total students who are tarry
ing in hours or more.
I’ndereraduttten reciivt lla
every month for 37'n hours work.
The complete monthly payroll for.
the ?,r>3 undergraduates totals fi.
•*9r. Nineteen graduate students re
ceive ?2. r > per month for a total sl7r*
"The total budget of *"> 77n a
month.*’ asserts Dean of Students
Joseph P. Sclden, "Is Inadequate
•o accommodate all applications for
VTA aid. About 37't applicants
were turned down Os the 372 ac
cepted, 212 were former Wayne
students. 100 were recent high
school graduates and 6<> were stu
dents from the Freshman Colleges.
Those students accepted were pre
ferred because they possessed the
higher scholastic averages. The
state ruling that part-time stu
dents can not be Included In the
By Mrs. Eugenia O'Bannon
Sunday services at Brown’a
Chapel A. M. E. Church were well
attended. Pastor William* spoke
at the morning service Booker
Rhnnenee spoke at the evening
At Second Baptist Pastor Rohcr
sonson brought the morning mes
sage to a large audience. At 7:SO
Rev. Wiley Ethridge of Monroe,
Mich., spoke from Luke 2:40 His
subject was: "Growing!" There
will be baptising Sunday, Dec. Ist,
after morning service. The recital
given by Mrs. W Anderson last
Sunday afternoon. Nov. loth at the
Church of God wa» a decided suc
cess. Many out of town talents
were present. The chicken snp
per Friday night given by Becond
Baptist Bunday School went over
in a big way. Many are asking
a repetition of same. Mrs. C.
Brown of Philadelphia. Pa who
has been convalescing at the home
of her cousin. Mrs. Anna Grigsby,
left Saturday for her home, on re
ceiving word of her husband’s au
tomobile accident
Social Tea Club meets this week
at the home of Mrs tola Perga-]
Mrs. Bethune
To Speak
Mrs. Mary McLeod Itutbune,
president and founder of liethune.
Cook man College at Daytona.
Florida, will speak for the local
N. A. A. C. P. at a Mass Meeting,
Sunday. Dec. 8 at the Y. M. C. A.
Mrs. liethuue is widely known
as the outstanding educator and
business woman of the race, and
her coming to Detroit is consider
ed a very rare treat.
Kvery member and friend of the
N. A. A P. is invited to lie pre
Educational Committee
Makes Report
(By Committee Chairman)
The program ol' thin vital com
mil tee of »he local N. A. A. C. P.
is two-fold In nature. Wo assist in
| a very positive manner the official
I and teachers of our school system,
to the end thut they might better
understand problems of Negro life
and be better servants of the thou
sands of Negro children they come
In contact with dally. Our other
function is a continuous tight
against discrimination in our
school system and tin* making sure
that every Negro boy und girl gets
his full opportunity as he seeks to
prepare himself educationally for
We wish to recognize the fine as
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gro are as essential tor white
Americans as the black Americans.
j.N A. A. (\ P. exists to defend and
jcounsel the full-civil, legal and
'political right of 14.000,000 color
ed Americans, and to obtain for
them full equality of opportunity
with all other citizens; to make
| these 14,000,000 Americans free
from* lynching, mob violence, and
i peonage, mentally free from on
i forced ignorance, physically free
| from being held voteless, and so- j
'dully free from insult.” You will!
agree with us that a program of I
this type is worthy of support of
every red-blooded colored person,
to say nothing of our white friends.
The Detroit Os Ike is in accord
with the national program and will
“ont.mrf nrtH flrh* for the ••veil,
treatment due N* groos by public
and prlvute institutions, businesses
and Federal. State, County and
Municipal (Jovernment. Everyone
• is requested to brine their case to
1 the local office
Wayne's disadvantage inasmuch as
Wayne has a larger than usual pro
portion of part-time students.”
The NYA students serve :i!) in
tramural departments Including
the College of Education, Liberal
Arts office Mackenzie I’nion. guld
aner ami placement, athletics, pub
lications. I'nivertlty research,
Women's nuilditiK. Registrar. and
Treasurer's nftlee In the extramu
ral division 20 agencies and de
partments ar. aided. Including the
luvenlle Court. Weather Hureau.
YMCA. YWCA, Psychological Cli
nic. I toy Si ‘atul the Hoard <>f
Edm at lon
Type of work performed by NYA
students in the intrnmural division
ranges from clerical, library, tubu
lating, and laboratory work to
publicity and athletic and instruc
tors aides. In the extramural di
vision clerical, research, social
service and library work are per
formed. and a survey for the Juve
nile Court Is being conducted,
enrollment figures has worked to
son. This club held their Guest
Night Thursday, Nov. 14. at the
home of Mrs. Ada Scott, a very
splendid evening was enjoyed by
the large attendance.
Louise White, a protegue of Mrs.
Anna Grigsby entered the hospital
last Friday for treatments.
K. W. C. Club meets this week
with Mrs Huffman. The president,
Mrs I* I). Tanner leaves Friday,
Nov. 22 for Greenwood. Miss, to
visit her mother. Mrs. Elberta Me
Dale. Mr. Jack Seavers and daugh
ter, Lillian ware week-end visitors
of his brother. Geo. of First ave
nue. Mr*. Alice Goodman entered
St. Joseph Hospital last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs K.W. Burden had as
their week end guests their daugh
ters, Mes. Mabel Delaperrie, and
Addellne Russell, and nephew.
Roy Burden, all of Saginaw, Mich.
Those on sick list are: Mes.
Amelia Perdue. Parrle Speed. Clara
Jakes. Helen Bennett, Ella Golden.
The Musical Gems *held their Pot
Lock at the home of Mrs. Hasel
Green The Reporter, and her sis
ter, Mrs. B. E. Burnett received
the sad news of the death of their
Lej«l Redrew Committee
Os Detroit N. A. A. C. P.
Handles Many Cases
(By Commlttw Chjtlriniui)
The Legal Redress * Committee
of the Detroit Brunch of the N. A.
\ C. P. has had u number of cus
**« brought to Its attention during
193*». Home of which were of minor
importance and by contacts and
correspondence were adjusted
without legal action. There were
five cases however of much im
portance which we refer to us fol
lows ;
First was the case of James O.
Kirk of Hattie (h-«>ek. Michigan,
who was charged with criminal
assault committed on a U. S. Gov
ernment Reservation at Camp Cus
ter. Michigan nnd according to |T.
S. Statutes the crime, if one is
found guilty, is punishable with
with death, unless life imprison
ment is recommendated by the Jury,
Kirk was charged by Mrs. Eliza
beth Matthews, of having forced
Gordon Stanton, her escort and
herself from their car by threaten
ing them with a pocket knife and
an auto crank shaft. She said he
placed them in bis car and drove
them to a spot on Camp Custer
grounds, forced the escort Into the
rear seat and raped her twice She
testified that he then threatened to
kill them and throw them into a
lake If they made an outcry. The
Association Interested itself in the
case and made some investigations
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I State Executive
| * Committee To
i Henry W. Sweet, stute president
of the N. A. A P. is (ailing a
'meeting of the State Kxeeutive
! Committee at lonising on Satur-
Idny, January 4th.
Those to attend are: McKinley
Lee. secretary: Andrew Brown and
Bessie Boyd of Lansing; Dr. J R.
Ware, vice-president and R. M.
Detroit Brandi, N. A. A. (’. |\
IMi Cast Warren Ave.
Detroit. AUrhiiriiii
kudosed ymu will find
tor my annual membership with the A. A. C. I*
1.00 Cenerul
lAO with Crisis
Wall tour Cheek or Money Order Today
neice, Mrs. Ontdia I'arku of St.
Louis. Mo. Mrs. Anna Simpson nud
Mrs. A K. Melntvre were the of.
tidal representut Ives of S. S. to
Detroit Church School Congress
which met in Detroit Sunday after
noon Mrs. Fuller is ulso on the
sick list also Mrs Marian Whit
With Young Detroiters
Cheerio Chappies’ I’m sure you
all had a marvelous Thanksgiving
dinner, and enjoyed your brief
holiday frfim school work, or what
do you do? After Thanksgiving day
It’s jtist a stones throw to Christ
mas. and the next twenty days or
so will be spent trying to tie Ide
what to give "her or him" for
Christmas Picking a present
doesn’t seem as though. |t should
be such un element to contend
with, but there are things one
doesn’t give his or her bird of
pardiso for present*, and alter
eliminating those things on the
taboo list, there really aren’t a
whole lot of articles to pick from.
However that’s your problem, Ive
got the same thing o worry about
Next week your scribe will be
able to give you an eye-witness
description of the Wllberforce
West Virginia grid tilt at Colum
bus. Ohio. He is jaunting Colum
-1 bust-ward with Miss Kvelyn Bolo
man, Blanche Sharpe and Dora
: Wallace.
The "Tops" Club gave their sec
ond cocktail party at the Frogs on
Nov. 17»h, and It was really
The parties are given every oth
er Sunday, anu the next one Is
i Dec. Ist, so be prepared to have
a good time!
The Tops had an election of of
ficers at their last meeting and
the resulta are as follows: Miss
Evelyn Boloman, president; Miss
Dora Wallace, vice president; Mrs.
Camille Walker, secretary: Miss
Helen Walstlne, treasurer; and
, Miss Blanche Sharpe, publicity
manager. By that list of officers
the clnb should got along very line.
I notice that a magnlflclent
cabaret party was given In honor
of the J. L. Hudson girls last Wed
nesday night at the Duck Inn on
Vernor Highway. Ths highlight of
the affair was that a bottle of
Youth Division
Local N. A. A. C. P.
C. Harris, Director
Tin* ugendu of the Youth Divi
slon of the local N. A. A. C. P. so
the remainder of the year 1h as
follows: Sunday, November 24
market! the beginning of the an
mini Chrlstmus Heal sale at Hart
ford llaptiHt Church. There was
a musical program and entertain
ment. This Christmas sale drive is
headed by Daniel Ullllspie, vice
president of the West Side brnnch
On November 29th, the Youth
Division will be host to the Ameri
can Youth Congress at un Inter
racial entertainment at the Frogs
Club. This is a reciprocation to
the party given for the Youth Di
vision by tli«* American Youth
Sunday, Deovmber 1, will be the
annual meeting and election of >f
licerH. The present officers are:
Charles S. Harris, director; At
thur L. Thompson, assistant direc
tor. Fast Side Branch; Miss Bennie
Fa Donato, president; Wilson Cald
well, vice-president; Wurley Red
man, secretary: Paris Wayehe*.
treasurer. West Side Branch;
Myrtle Coldshy, president; Daniel
(illllsple, vice president; Louise
Blackman, secretary; Pauline Dot
son, assistant secretary; Harry
Riggs, treasurer. The Youth Divi
sion Counsul consist of Louise
Blackman, chairman of the Mem
bership Committee; Daniel Oillis
pie, chairman of the educational
committee; Kunfce Drier, chair
man of Press and Publicity Com
mittee; Sylvester William, chair
man of the Program Committee;
(Roster Current, chairman of the
Entertainment Committee
Kvans, treasurer of Port Huron:
l)r. Spears and Rev. Simms of
Pontiac- Frances Moss, M L.
Walker and L. C. Blount of Detroit.
The local branch Joins In con
gratulations to Attorney Sweet up
on his election as state president
and assures him of hearty support.
champagne wa.- given to the moat
charming Hmhonlnn. That should
have boon pretty hard to doohlo
hecniiHc they arc all pretty charm
ing young ladles. I think It would
have boon more appropriate to
have a cup to the Mudsonian who
< ould "keep still" the longest
length of time Ry the way, Mrs.
Theresa King won the b(»ttle of
champagne I think she would be
capable of winning nty 'imaginary'
cup also.
Ohser»ed Hither and Thither—
Hassell Cowan doing a "Graham
MoNaniee" over the Pine Grove
Mike* last Saturday night
Hank Talbert and Helen Walstine,
-till easting glances of affection
in each others direction... .Crit
:\l< Swain working very had and ef
ficiently at Homer Gnines. flood
Gulf eas stution on Forest and St.
Antoine.. Mr. and Mrs. Cleorge
Trent celebrating their first anni
versary at the pine drove... .The
Junior Congregtes planning for
’her big party at Artistic Temple
on f>**e 20th A Blight tiff in the
far’le Ih-nnett-Kuth Jason affair
Ifarnour . Margaret Hudson
dually studying at Northwestern
High School.
Well Pals. | guest I’H say ad lost
but don't forget to send in your
news to I/en Andrews. G 62 K. Can
fled or call Temple 1-4743 and ob
tain that "personal” touch
Choral Society
Makes Plans
For Musi ca 1 e
At the meeting of the publicity
committee of the Imperial Choral
Society, held In the office of Dr.
Erneat Johnson last Saturday even
ing, at which time the vlalt of the
board of directors of the National
Association of Negro Musicians
was discussed, formal plans whi"h
are virtually complete were check*
ed to Insure the much-hoped for
success of the irrand musical event
to be itlven.
During the visit of the board of
directors, plans will be discussed
and preparations begun for the
convention of the national conven
tion which will be held In Detroit
In August
Attention Clubs I
Beginning with December 1,
the Trfhsne wfll make
charges for clah news, hat ta
asaore publication In the car
rent leases, «nrh Items mast
reach the Trlhnne office not
later thaa Monday of each
1. Edward Wcfall
14 Iter
A jealous suitor, who_ waited at
his sweetheart's home for her to
return from a show to which she
had been accompanied by another
fellow and who had attempted to
cut her for trifling with bis affec
tions. is nursing serious wounds
at Receiving hospital taday.
Elizabeth Dorsey, of 928 Brady
street, had quarreled with 34 year
old Charles Johnson of 24511
Wyandotte, and had told him not to
come around her anymore.
On Nov. 21. when she returned
The Dramatics Group of the Nat
Turner Club, which met on Friday
night, Nov. 22. at the Club House
on Madison near St. Aubln
was treated to a delicious ‘feed*
at the conclusion of the rehearsal,
and a regular party was held, in
celebration of the beginning of
actual work by the group.
Mlhn Nina Zuk, who hus inter
ested herself in directing the group
was the guest of honor, Mrs. Harry
Wisdom, wns responsible for the
All boys and girls in the neigh
borhood ure invited to affiliate
themselves with the dramatic; club.
It offers an opportunity to better
your speech and your confidence
in yourself before an audience.
Detroit’s Milk
(By Charles Lockwood)
In February of this year I was
appointed legal advisor of the
Wayne County Consumers’ Council
and asked to make an investiga
tion of the milk industry in the
Metropoltun Detroit area. I found
that in many respects conditions
in this industry were more alarm
ing and more intolerable in the De
troit are-a than in any other city
in the country.
Originally in Detroit our cream
ery companies were owned and
managed by local citizens. During
these years we had few complaints
of unfair prices or illegal prac
tices. On January 1, 1929, how
ever. two Kastern dairy compan
ies largely owned and controlled
by New York hanking interests in
vaded the Detroit territory and
took over the following creamery
companies in Wayne County: The
Belle Isle (Teamery, The Gabel
Creamery, The Rlsdon Creamery.
The Dearborn Creamery, The Fa
«♦CsagMy. yfiw Ahtiny
pure Ice Creuin Company, The De
troit Creamery Company, The
Fbling Creamery Company, The
John Sclilaff Crenmery Company.
The Highland Park Creamery
Company, and the Arctic Creamery
Company, and those were übnut
all the large creameries we had in
this territory at that time.
Now who arc those two Kastern
dairy companies? The Amt is the
Horden Milk Company which Is a
Delaware Corporation. This com
pany has four main subsidiaries.
These in turn have eigthy-two
subsidiaries and affiliated com
anles. One of these is the Horden
Farm Products Company of Michi
gan which by the way is a Dela
ware corporation. The Chairman or
the Hoard and most of the other
officers and directors of this cor
poration are connected with vari
ous Wull Street financial groups.
■ There is not an officer or director
'of the Horden Company who lives
In tiie State of Michigan.
The second company is the No
tional Dairy Products Company,
a Maryland corporation. This
company bus fifty-two direct sub
sidiaries and fifty-six sub-susid
laries. Two of these are the Detroit
Creamery and the Khling Cream
ery Company. C. Wesley Kbling is
president of both companies.
For the six-year period from 1928
to 1933 Inclusive there was paid
♦o stockholders of the National
Dairy products Corporation approx
imately $6G,u00,00.00 in dividends
which was 26 per cent annually of
the par value of the stock of said
In addition to these companies,
we have In Detroit the W. J. Ken
nedy Dairy Company which la own
ed and controlled by the United
States Dairy Products Company
of Philadelphia of which Andrew
Mellon is me of the main stock
An Investigation noon discloses
that we have permitted Eas'ern
hanking Interests to take over the
dairy Industry in the Detroit area.
This Industry Is now being run
solely with the Idea of squeeslng
the last penny out of both the far
mers and the consumers.
Next week I will continue my
discussion of the milk Industry.
Ws' do not Incorporate in club
nnwi and othar nodal Kama, cards
of thanks as aarda of thanks ara
forma of afvartlaamant which
moat be paid tor.
For Christmas
The rift that only you ttn ||y«
grown morn pr<-«iaua with th*
roam —Tour Photograph
1 lot of old frtentla a* wall u yaur
own family will apprarlata Tanr Chat#
• raph, .It aotva th# paraoaal gift pro-
Woiit tha woyrlaa af lata ahapatng for
ilatlntlra glfta hy anting aaw far yaur
TEtrace t-Ml7 44d Boat Warren
NOVEMBER 30, 1936
home from a show with Dunbar
Willis. 977 Melbourne. She found
Charles Johnson nwalting her at
her door.
According to Elizabeth Dorsey,
and Thomas IMxon, witnesses.
Johnson started cutting her and
Dunbar Willis went to he rescue
cutting Johnson on the scalp, let!
chest, right chest, shoulder, and
left posterior.
He was urrested by patrolmen
Black and Lindsay, and is held
pending investigation of the scrape
“Please Do Not
In the fight that followed an
argument in which Paul Brody,
u prisoner In the ninth floor cell
block at police headquarters,
objected to Harvard Klmmel
.white) giving away clgerettes
to other prisoners, (according
to the story of the other white
witnesses) Brody cut Klmmel
so seriously that Klmmel had
to he removed to Receiving hos
pital for treatment last Satur
Brody claims he found the ra
zor, used in the fight, on the
floor of the cell block.
424 E. Vernor Highway, Near Brush
Where all Good Fellows Meet
Every Afternoon and Evening
We Cater to Banquets and Private
For Reservation Call CLifford 3563
Funeral Director
Our past and present experiences have taught ua that
our courteous attention and our willingness to serve you
with or without money, have been respoasible for the
past growth of our business. We are prepared to give the
Our prtoto compare favorably with others.
At the Servi w of the Public
Phone MAdlsoam 7946
You are sure of Clean—Dusiless—Guaranteed Fuels
together with Service when you order from
3837 Chene St. 1841 Bellevue St,
TEmple 1-9200
Chandler, near Brush, 8 Room House; Steam heat,
Garage, Strickly Modern, Cheap with good down
payment. Hague, near Beaubien, four family, good
condition, $1,500 down.
For these and other bargains see
457 Warren E. COlumbia 4614
Sims’ Garage
Generator, Ignition and Battery Service
Welding and Collision
1945 W. Grand Blvd, South of Ttremaa
Phone Garfield 4515
Experienced Workmanship It REASONABLE BATES Give Us A trial
Calumette School of Beautv Culture
Approved by Michigan State Board
Completa Instructions
Diplomas Awarded
“Oldest School of its Kind in Detroit**
Mme. Vivian Hall Daniel, Founder
1005 Holbrook Townsend 6*9607
In the service of sympathy
Deserving of the solemn dignity of the final farewell, offers
surroundings unsurpassed in beauty and richness.
457 Palmer, Cor. Beaubien St. MAdison 6737
U4I st AatoOn Saw*. Con*r Coloabto Clifford 2884
Knoxville -<ANP)- lota Alpha
Chapter, of the Omega Psi Phi fra
ternity here observed National
Negro achievement week by visit
ing places of business conducted
by race men and women of the
city. Guest speakers were sent to
Knoxville College and various city
schools in an effort to inspire in
the students the spirit and value
of cooperation as well as racial
Hclf-respect und pride.
First and second prizes of $3.00
and $2 00 respectively were offer
ed to both Knoxville College and
Austin High School writing the
best and second best essay. The
prizes were awarded the winners
at the concluding program held
at Rogers Memorial Baptist
Church thiH afternoon. Knoxville
College, First: Miss A. Pauline
Strong. Second. Miss Ethelyn Wil
liams. Austin High School: First,
Raymond Stephens, Second, Miss
Maggie Chestnntt
Among the most noteworthy
features in this connection were
the unnuul sermon ably delivered
by Rev. Thomas A. Jenkins at the
Shiloh Presbyterian Church of
which he Is pastor. A special ad
dress by Dr. M. C. Allen of Pet
ersburg, Va. and a radio program
broadcasted over station WROL.
consisted of musical nsmbers by
Profs. N. C. Fitspatrick and K. H.
Tate, also and address by Dr. and.
Albert Jackson, pastor of ML Bios
Baptist Church.
-■ ■ o- ■■
In The Traffic Safety Cam paisa
Sian The Safety Pledge la The
night Calls Answered fnapUy
Physician J i Bf>
Os fir# ail Residence, MM Si.
As bin Avenne, (near
Alexas trine)
•' • •
Phone* Office aat Rmllmw
TPmple 1-SSlt
Office Hoars: | te M tegp.ni
and by Appointment
Office BilUhfi
Schools, Hctcli
EUU Product* Cos.
fillß Stanford Are.
Detroit, IHlrh.
Phone Garfield 41U-J
When your head '*
aches; when Neu
ralgia tortures you;
when Muscular Pains make you
miserable—take a Dr. Miles’
Anti-Pain PilL
Mr. Smith is one of million*
who have found this easy way to
prompt relief. He says:—
“J keep Dr. Miles’ Anti-Palm
PHls in my pocket and %often 1
get a dull heavy feeling in my
head, 1 take a Dr. Miles* Anti-
Pain Pill and the pain paste* off."
Dr. Jas. J.
Physician and Surgeon
Office: 60S E. Warrea
cor. Besnblen
Phone: Columbia 3227
Res. Tr. 2-7187
Battery & Electric
4742 Milford Gar. 9812
Detroit, Mlchlprsa
Employment Agency
Hoars i 12:00 COO aad
Dr. H. C. Stephens
Pkeee EacUd IMS
Office 4704 W. Warrea
Detroit, Hick.
Dr. W. S. Holton D. C.
Dregless gfcjslelaa
J* Os pfMU*. t» a* *m
•m Hassell Street
The Pilgrims Mutual
Aid Society Inc.
* Wrl|rM *
Pred 0. Wla fie Id, Be«w. Hgr.
m E, Haacock Tea pis 1-28 Id
„ Taurus i-Mii
Rssrai IS U. Ts 1 P. M. S T* •—1
*• *—■ *■»»•*• hr HIHMaU
Dr. W. H. Orr
rrosssiA tibatib
"» & roSBST ATE. ~ “
»«twS. mM%m
Day jed Might Rerrlea-Ealasga.
1W Satisfy
Theus > Art Stud**
Makwa af Tlrtas, tkat IW
«41t Hastlagt jj cheery Mfl

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