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214€ 8t Aatoinc Street, Corner Columbia Clifford S9t4
Tb* Central Dramatic Club la
planning a very unique affair at
th* center on Friday, Nov. 29th.
“Do your part** la their alogan and
they are doing their** by sponsor
ing a Charity Dance. The music
will be furnished by Raymond Wn
cheeter and hie Arlatocrates and
the admtoaion will be a toy or a
dime. The members of the center
are expected to turn out In full and
do their part These toys will be
added to the others that will be do
nated to the Center In order to
give the little kiddles of the com
munity a grand and glorlouH Xmac
We are making an urgent plea to
all the young people of the Com
munity to attend and not only en
joy themselves but do thlr part by
helping this worthy cause. This
affair will be a solid sender.
Don't miss It
The Raggedy Ann’s mot nl the
Brewster Center Monday evening
to deride the date for their Annual
Christmas Toy Party. The Club
wishes to thank all those that con
tributed to the worthy caiiße last
year and ask that all cooperate
this year in making over 1500
kiddles at the Central Community
happy at Christmas Time. Watch
this column for the Pate und Plnre.
’ SCANDALS OF 1936” to be pre
sented at the Center In the near
K 4F~— A*' " + -W~“
Hour Dwlf ng F's 1
.In the (Crystal J
w Ramon m Jhc%n‘cJist^^j^\ i
L. M. R»—Just how long will I
be on thin Job! Will there be n
change for me?
Abb: You won’t remain on your
your present Job but Just a few
more months, for a MARRIAGE
will end your working days—The
man who’ll bo your husband up
peurs to be THE FAT ONE you are
going with now.
J M. C.—l wonder what Is wrong
with onr Chnreh and what ran I
do to avoid this trnble?
Ana; You are partly the blame
for the trouble in the little church
in the near by city that you are
Pastorlng. Whnt you should do is
to move to that city so that you
can become better acquainted with
the members of your church —
That will help conditions consid
L B.—Wll my brother and I be
fortunate enough to secure a Job?
Ana: lam happy to predict that
yon will. You’ll also receive eome
news from the company which you
sent In your application to —How-
ever you and your brother won’t
get to work TOGETHER on this
next Job.
X. X. Xr— l want you to answer
this for me? Did my husband make
the wrong pick?
Ans: Your husband was very
well pleased when he picked you
out as his wife. It Is rather hard
to have a happy home when there
Isn’t enough money there to live
on and you can hot on your hus
band being NICER TO YOU when
you get a JOB.
R. B. McG. —My father was kill
ed several years ago, and I would
like for yon to give me a little ad
vice about this case.
Ans: You have already been to
lawyers and they know It Is use
less for you to try to collect any
money from the death of your fath
er In 1028, through a railroad ac
cident. You waited too long to do
anything about this matter, so you
mar as well DROP IT.
M. T. R Why won’t the girl 1
wrote to nnswer my letter? Whnt
Is she going to do?
Ans: This girl is trying to have
just as little to do with you as
possible, and doesn’t care to dis
cuss her husband with you—What
she wants to do is to CAUSE YOU
A8 MUCH TROUBLE as she can
for breaking up her home.
J. L. K.—Please tell me If yon
think my boy friend Is through
with me!
Ana: Ho certainly to—ls he car
ed to have anything else to do with
you, he would have told you where
he was going when he LEFT
TOWN—Try to forgot him.
NOTICE: .Tear queotlon will be •■•were* PBEE li> tblo ©»>■■■
ONLY .when the hooding of thh «*>■■■’■ »»«••••* " Hh T JJJ
Question. Your Full Nome, .Blrthdote, and Correct Addreoa. For
Frlrate Reply oend We and • edf-oddrented * >Te,# 2* *® r f/«VrI
Antrolofry Reading and receipt by r ® ,nn * “* n " y *L R Jf
on Three Qneatlona Send letter* to RAMON. The Mentallat, care
of The Detroit Tribune, 1146 St. Antolnt, Detroit, Mich.
r MB' r? bHf ZT i 6sSi
H s'~\ /( mt & (f{ II r "7' (Cvotoxy f \ tyfcg* TA^e-
Future. This !■ the annual produc
tion of the Central Junior Dramatic
Club. This column will carry the
date of the show In the next two
Central Social Clqb will elect its
officers on Thursday, Dec. 6th.
Ouess who was nominated tor
Preeidemt? Dave Clark. We
wonder if he can preside over a
clnb as well as he can box. Thurs
day will show what the members of
the organisation think he can do.
A. & T. College
Whips St. Augustine
Uallegh, N. C.— The big North
Carolina A. & T. football team
walked over St Augustine’s Col
lege November 16. 33-0. Ixmg runs
featured in this game. The first
score was made after an 80 yard
down after a fumble by St. Augus
7th. Copentng went through center
for the touchdown. A few minutes
later, in the firm quarter, McLain
ran 30 yards for another touch
down after a fumbel by St. Augus
tine on their 33rd gave the ball
to the Creensboro hoys. Nortnan
kicked both extra points. A 30
j yard run by Goodwin of St Aug
| unstlne put the Saints in a scoring
position on A. & T.’s 5 yard line,
hut a fumble by Law gave the hall
A. J*— Please tell me If my bus
bund will make good?
Ans Your husband appears to
keep IN TRAINING, and he’ll cer
tainly make good In BOXING. You
should go back together for your
husband misses you und would like
to be reconciled.
R. IL—Will I be happy If I re
rnnie relations with « certain par
ty I
Ans: You'll be very disappoint
ed If you do, for this party appears
to be a very deceiving type of per
son and will only bring you UN
N. 11. J.—Will I ever become a
Ans: It appears that you have
Hpent a sum of money on Doctors
and treatments for your trouble
and It is all in vain, for I don’t
believe you’ll be able to give birth
to a child—However, a little later
on you’ll adopt one, and you’ll love
it as much as you would YOUR
J. W. J.—Do yon think my for
mer girl friend will mean anything
to me in the fntnre?
Ans: When you leave the Insti
tution which you are an inmate of
now, it appears that you’ll mako
your home in a city far away from
the girl you have formerly gone
with You’ll meet another girl who
will make you a more suitable
W. A. H«—How long will It he
before I get bnrk to where I left
AnH: It will be ut least SPRING
OF NEXT YEAR before you’ll
reach home. Your lack of finance
will prevent you from making this
Journey in the time you would de
O. R.—Why did my boy friend
qnlt me? Will 1 ever get what he
owes me?
Ans; Your boy friend was in love
with another woman and he quit
you so he can MARRY’ HER —He'll
never pay you the money he owes
you for he has too many obliga
tions now and ran hardly meet
L. P. R.—Will yon tell me what
the man wanted that came up to
my window?
Ans: He was a BURGLAR and
wanted to break in your house—
When he flashed the light through
the window, he saw that you were
still awake, and that frightened
him away.
C. Pc—ls there anything I can do
to plehae my mother!
Ana: Yea —Nothing would please
her more than to aeo you take up
a NURSING COURSE and try to
make something out of yourself.
to A. A T. who, when the half end
ed, had rushed It to the Saint’s 16
yard line.
In the third quarter a 41 yard
drive and a line plunge by Gra
ham netted another touchdown.
Graham converted the extra point.
Bel), in the last quarter made a
20 yard end run for A. A T.s fourth
touchdown Norman, a few minut
es later, made 2 runs totaling 60
yards and resulting in the last
Mist Lockett Wins
Amateur Prize
Ann Jackson Featured On
Jew Bill
Thursday, Nov. 13. at the Green
leaf, 1723 Canis, there was a sur
prise aspirant in the weekly
amateur show. Miss Jessie Lockett,
prominent in Hamtrnmck Hoclal
and church work, was the big sur
prise of the evening, singing Min
nie The Moucher. Miss Lockett
took the audence off of their feet
with her marvelous voice. Only
one other surpassed her in the en
tire evening’s performance, that
was Geo. Bolden. Mr. Bolden was
awarded first prize and Miss
Lockett second. Jeff Poser, owner
of the Greenleaf expressed the be
lief that Miss Ixickett could take
any audience that she sang be
The club ulho presented for the
first time Sunday, Miss Ann Jack
son. late of the Club Harlem of
Detroit und the Saginaw Cotton
Club. Miss Jackson will furnish
the entertainment for the next
Cosmos-Falcons Tie
In Battle For
City Crown
(By W. T. Patrick, Jr.
After dominating the prep foot
ball picture for the past two sea-
Hons, Hamtramck High was fore-j
ed to share the 1935 crown with
a scrappy Northeastern outfit, In
the game last Saturday. Novem
ber 23, that ended in ft 6-6 dead
The game was played under ad
verse weather conditions on mud ,
soaked Roosevelt Field with the
temperature hovering low around
the freezing zone
Hamtramck was a pre-game fa-'
vorite over the Folcon eleven due
to thd latter’s loss of her ace for
ward passing combination, Guzow
sky to Cade, who were laid np
with injuries suffered in the South
western game the previous week.
The soggy turf that hampered
the running games, forced the two
teams to take to the air to score
their touchdowns.
The Cosmos scored first, mak
ing their touchdown after the start
of the game, when a pass by Frank
Webb, flashy Northeastern half
back, was intercepted at midfield
by Sfempln, Hamtramck guard. On
the following play, a pass, Nowak
to Szymke. netted the lone Ham
tramck touchdown.
The attempted try for the extra
point by Ray Banish was wide of
the crossbars.
In the second quarter had luck i
dogged the heels of the Falcons. I
when a pass completed behind the
end zone was nullified. The team
did not allow this misfortune to
thwart their tremendous efforts
however. Finally old fate’s light
shone on the Northeastern cause,
for in the last play of the half,
they finally succeeded In crossing
the Cosmos goal line. On this play
with the ball resting on the enemy
10 yard stripe, Nick Woynovich. 1
on the dead run and outstepped,
the secondary the remaining dis
tance to tally. The try for the
point nftpr touchdown failed.
YVeh, was the “man of the hour"
In the Falcon backfleld and was
his team’s leading ground gainer
Stafford, an unheralded guard, was
an Important cog In the line de
"Burned Beans For
The ‘Y* Splashers gave a bean
party last Saturday. Nov. 23 at the
Y. M. C. A. The affair was well at
tended and thoroughly enjoyed by
The climax came when the navy
beans were smothered with Ketch
up and raw onions.
For the second successive time
the beans were burnt, however, not
as badly as the previous time.
The hungry fellows whole
heartedly dived Into them any-way
Makes Good
TT 1
rnherslty, who Is an brilliant Id
scholarship as he Is In athletics.
He Is majoring in the .Romance
languages and Is secretary of Ihe
Italian Clnb of Wnyne Pnlverslty.
This organisation sponsored n lec
ture last week on the Halo.
Ethiopian situation, the speaker
being Professor Ross, of she nni
, verslly.
Y. M. C. A. Night
New Members Night
New Members und their friends,
together with Regular Members
and their Friends, are Invited to
a Hperlal program at St Antoine
Branch Y. M. C. A. thin Friday,
November 29th. The “Y” Chorus
of fifty voices; a thrilling sound
motion picture, giving the high
lights of the Tiger-Cub World
Series; demonstrations by various
boy groups, and a rapid-fire pre
sentation of several skits will en
tertain the audience in a thrilling
Chevrolet Motor Car Company is
providing the elaborate stuge set
ting and the committee in charge
assures a real evening's entertain- 1
mcnt. There is no ndmission and
'all friends of the "Y” are welcome.
The time is 7:19 this Friday Nov
ember 29th.
World Series Plctnres
I)ont miss the sound picture of
the Tiger-Cub World Series which
will be presented as a part of the
■'Y” New Members Program. Fri
day November 29th The public is
cordially Invited.
«Y’ Marathon
The Physical Department of the
St. Antoine Branch Y. M. C. A. ini
tiates a Thanksgiving Morning
Marathon race for boys of hlgh
school age. The distance Is two
miles and the runners start at
Ferry and St. Antoine, continuing
south on St. Antoine to the "Y ”
Thirty-five boys have entered and
the Ten Winners will be present
ed medals, same donated by Peter
son and Son, Distributors of Gen
eral Electric Products. The time
of the race is 9:00 a. in Thanks
giving Morning.
“Y” Intermediate
Boys Hold Meeting
The "Y” Intermediate Roys Club,
' sponsored by Mr|. Scrucgß, dlrec
< tor of the "Y” boys department,
met last Thursday. November 21.
; There was a large turnout of club
I Election of officers was held.
Wm. T. Patrick. Jr. was elected
president. Fred Ward won out for
vice president, and William Ed
wards was the choice ofjtecretary.
Lydian Aaaociation
Holds Business
The Lydian Asaoclatlon will
hold Its next meeting at the home
of Mrs. Louise Fields. 1009 Wilkins
street, on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at
3 p.m.
Complete arrangements will be
made for the holding of the SSth
Anniversary, which will be at
Bethel Church, on Dec. 12. Mrs.
Mattie Anderson will speak, her
subject being ‘Open Gates To In
terracial Friendship.’
We do not Incorporate In club
news and other social Items, cards
of thanks, as cards of thanks are
forms of advertisement which
must be paid for.
(Continued from Page 1)
public office. Simms continued by
saying: “We have ousted the
Whittaker Brothers for the best
interest of the organization. This
i« not the first time that they have
sought public office, to prevent the
election of a colored man.”
This action on the part of the
Tonerowlcz-For-Mayor Club It la
believed will favor both Royaler
By Leßoy G. White 3051 Yemans Street
Welcome Advertisers
With the circulation of the Tribune at anew peak m
Hamtramck and North Detroit, we are takinp this oppor
tunity to call upon the merchants of our community for
their aid and we are calling on the citizens to support such
merchants who take out advertisement in our columns.
We wish to point out that the (
Tribune reaches nearly every fami
ly of color In Greater Hamtramck
and is the only colored newspaper
to maintain regular office In the
city limits of Hamtrnmck and em
ploying Hamtramck workers Your
advertisement would be grently
appreciated. For Information cum
municatewith the White's Advertis
ing Agency. 3051 Yemans street.
Troutman Gains Place
Leonard 11. Troutman whose fine
oratorical ability at the Ham
tramck High School last year
brought him and the school state
Forensic Honors was given a plare
last week on the Wayne Fnlver
slty, freshmen debating team.
Troutman Is a member of the
Seollers Club, pledge club of the
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.
Mrs. Peterson Dies
Funeral services for Mrs. Flor
ence Peterson, were held at the
First Baptist institutional Church,
last Thursday. Mrs. Peterson who
was a prominent member of the
Corlnthaln Baptist Church died
suddenly from a heart attack at
Evening Sandals
/|iv High and Flat Heela
M Pair
FREE! Have them Tinted to Match your I
9716 lot. Campau —~ Near NeUner’*^^^^^
fN I tegular Army
Shoes Special
M For the best shoes for workmen at
_■ II lowest prices visit us. If your
Utill feet are hard to fit. let us make you n
V 'i"s'■ giV \\ special made to order shoe. Our expert
\ \ • \Yv repaired can repal your sho<
with th« fine t materials that will
djrv please you. <let your shoe leather,
leather Ink. shoe nails, rubber heels,
shoe repairers knives, hammer and
other tools at wholesale nr retail prices
Hamtramck Leather
M. Chojnowskl, Prop. 11301 Jos. (ampuu
Thurman Answer* ALL QUESTIONS
Clip the accompanying coupon, till out In
f _ rrytdStk full, but only Initials or other means of
identification will be used In paper. Be sure
to enclose self addressed and stamped en
velope for reply. If space does not permit
k'7l y°ur answer to appear In paper, letters will
fl A* $ be answered through the mall.
Ml Write your questions Immediately
Ml Coupon filled out In full, must accompany
Ml • ■
M I I 2146 St. Antoine
Ml I Detroit, Michigan.
__ a Dear Mr Thurman:—On ac-
I TUI MkM company Ing sheet of paper you
[ I ■ IVlwlVlvwl « will find my two questions on
whjch I would like your opinion, without cost or obligation to me.
Also enclosed, find Belf-addressed stamped envelope.
Full Name
Initials for Identification -
City and State
Birth, Date, Month Day Year
aud Vaughn.
| The statement of the ouoter was
followed by a statement from
James Brooke, Jr.. Vaughn's cam
paign manager. Mr. Brooke said:
"We are deeply moved and greatly
appreciate the fine spirit shown by
this group; bowerver, this action
will not affect my candidate’s
neutral stand in Hamtrarock’s
political affairs.
her home last week. Funeral ser
vices were conducted by the Rev.
M. I„ Robinson, pastor of the Cor
inthain Church, with the Strlck
lund Funeral Home in charge.
Church Anniversary Closes
The 18th anniversary of the Cor-
Inthain Baptist Church will close
Sunday at tbo 3 o’clock service at
which time the Rev. .1. M. Pittman
pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist
Church will deliver the message.
Rev. M L. Robinson, pastor. Mrs.
Sarah Vaughn, mistress of cere
Hire Race Man
The Humtramck Leather Cos., of
which Micheal Chojnowski Is own
er has announced that they have
employed in their store at Jos.
Campau and Canis. James Hall, a
member of the race. They are seek
ing the patronage of the race. Mr.
Chojnowski is the father of ivmciiell
Chojnowswl. former president of
the June Graduating class of the
Hamtramck High School. Mitchell's
firm stand against segregation is
remembered by many of the race.
By Cy Hungerford
This is reported to be the second
major set-back la what may he
termed the spectacular career of
the Whittaker Brother*. The first
reversal came August lOtti, 1935,
when charge* were made through
a local newspaper against Leo E.
ftß7 E. Wurrei Arc.
NO. M 7487
Circuit Court for the County of
Wayne, In Chancery
ROBERT YOUNG. Plaintiff, vs
At a session of said Court, held
at the Court Hoqse In the City of
Detroit, in the said County on the
14th day of October, A. D . 1935
Present. Honorable Arthur Web
ster, Circuit Judge
Iu this cause, it appearing bv
aftiduvlt on hie that the defendant.
Everee Young, rannot be served by
process issued out of tbiß Court as
she is not a resident in the State
of Michigan, but resides in the
City of New York, County of
Queens and State of New York
On motion of Charles It Per
kins. Attorney for the plaintiff,
IT IS ORDERED, that the de
fendant, Everee Young, appear and
answer the Hill of Complaint filed
in this cause within three months
from the date of this order, or that
said Hill will be taken as con
fessed and that this order be pub
lished in the Detroit Tribune and
a copy thereof served upon the
defendant by registered mail a*
required by law.
Circuit lodge
(A true copy)
Deputy Clerk
Oct. 10. 25; Nov 2. 9. lti, 23. 30
\ttornfy and Counsellor At Law
*471 Beaoblea Street
Circuit Court for the county of
Wayne, In Chancery.
At a session of the above entitl
ed Court held In the County Rulld
ine In the City of Detroit, County
of Wayne, and State of Michigan,
on the Ist day of November. A. D-.
1935. Present. Honorable Theodore
J. Richter, Circuit Judge.
It appearing from affidavit on
file that the residence of the De
fendant, Charlie Savage, la un
known: nnd that the last known
address "of the Defendant was at
Birmingham, Alabama, Care Gen
eral Delivery;
On motion of William T. Pat
rick, Sr., Attorney for the plain
tiff. IT IS ORDERED that the De
fendant. Charlie Savage, enter his
appearance, in this cause within
three months from the day of this
It Is further ordered that a true
copy of this order be mailed to the
last known address of the Defen
dant by registered mall, return re
ceipt requested and that a copy of
(this order be published in a news
-1 paper, in and for the County of
j Wayne, us required by law.
Circuit Judge
(A true copy)
Deputy Clerk
11-1423-80; 12-7-14-21-28
6?" F. Warren A \ ninr
NO. i1M29l
Circuit Court for the County of
Wayne, In Chancery.
ALICE RATES. Plaintiff, vs
WILLIAM 0. RATES. Defendant
At a session of said Court held
at the Court House la the City of
Detroit, In the said County on the
4th day of November, A. D.. 1936
Present: Thomas J. Richter,
Circuit Judge.
In this cause, it appearing by
affidavit on file that the defendant.
William O. Rates, cannot be served
by process issued oat of this
Court aa he is not a resident of
the Btate of Michigan, bat resides
in the City of Birmingham. County
of Jefferson and State es Alaba
On motion of Charles R. Perkins,
Attorney for the plaintiff,
IT IS ORDERED, that the de
fendant, William O. Bates, appear
and answer the Rill of Complaint
filed In this cause within three
months from the date of this or
der, or that said bill will be taken
as confessed and that this order
he published In the Detroit Tri
bune and a copy thereof served*
upon the defendant by registered
mall as required by law.
Circuit Judge
(A true copy)
Deputy Clerk
IVO. 545914
Ctrrult Court for the Coast? of
Wiyn», In Chancery.
FRANCES FEARS, Plaintiff re.
At a toaaloa of aald Coart Sold
at tho Coart Hoaoo of the County
Building In tho City of Detroit.
Wayne County MlrhWraa oa tho lot
day of NoTombor, A. IX. ltU Pro*
oont: Hoa. Thoodoro J. Rlahter,
Ctrrult Judge.
It appearing froai afdarit oa
Whittaker, the more aggressive
brother, in connection with tße
disappearance of the Wert Vir
ginia football trophy. Mr. WMi
taker, however, wucceeded In
evading the chargee set forth
residence of Arthur Fears, the de
fendant herein cannot be served
by process issued out of this Court,
as he Is not a resident of the
state of Michigan, bat that his las'
known residence was in Cook
County, Chicago, Illinois;
On motion of 8. J. Flanagan, At
torney for the Plaintiff
IT IS ORDERED that the said
defendant Arthur Fears appear
and answer the Bill of Complaint
filed herein within three (gl
months from date of this order, or
that said Bill will be taken as con
fessed and that this order be pub
lished according to the rules of
this Court, and that a ropy there
of be mailed to the defendant at
his last known address by regis
tered mail as required by law.
Circuit Judge
' (A true copy)
Deputy Clerk
11-9-16-Z3-3A—l2 7-14-21
527 E. Warm Are.
NO. 24H4.V
Circuit Court for the Couaty of
Wayne. In Chancery
At a session of said Court k«M
at the Court House In the City at
Detroit, in the said County on the
7th day of November, A. D., ltS6.
Present: Honorable Theodore J.
Richter. Circuit Judge.
In this cause, it appearing by af
fidavit on file that the defendant.
Loretcr Wilder, cannot be aerved
by process issued out of thla Coart
ns she Is not a resident of tha
State of Michigan, but resides in
the City of Orlando. County, of
Orange and State of Florida.
On motion of Charles R. Per
kins. Attorney for the plaintiff. *
IT IS ORDERED, that the de
fendant. I/oreter Wilder, appeal
and answer the Bill of Complaint
filed in this cause within three
months from the date of this ordeflr,
or that said Bill will be takea an
confessed and that this order b«
published in the Detroit Tribune
and a copy thereof served upon the
defendant by registered mail aa re
quired by law.
Cl real t Jndgc '
(A true copy)
Deputy Clerk
11-IC-2&-S#—l2-7-14-W M
no. m?i
County of Waya<\
At a seselea of the Probata
Court for said Ceunty of Wayae.
held nt the probate Court Kaon la
the City of Detroit, aa the fourth
day of November is the year oae
thousand nine hundred and thirty
five. Present Thonaas C, Murphy.
Judge of Probate
In the Matter of the Estate af
I.ewis S Smith. deci.ns>‘d Cn rend
ing and Oling the petition of Ida
G. postles praying that sUniim*-
tration de bonis non with the will
annexed of said estate be granted
I to William L. l'ostles or soate oth-
I er suitable person
It Is ordered. That the tenth day
of December, next at ten •'dork
In the forenooa at said Court Room
be appointed for beariac said pe
And it is further Ordered. That
a ropy of this order be published
three nurresslre weeks previous
to said time of hearing. In the
Detroit Tribuae a lews paper
I printed and cirrulatlmg la said
County of Wayne.
Judge es Probata
(A trne copy)
Deputy Probata Register
t7fl Masttaps
HO. f MN»
County of Wayna,
At a session of the Probate Coast
for said County of Wayne, held at
the Probate Court Room la the
City of Detroit, on the seventh day
of November In the year one thou
sand nine hundred and thirty five.
Present Thomas C. Murphy, Jadye
of Probate.
In the Matter of the Estate of
Willie F. Adamo, deceased. Oa
reading and filing the petition of
Mattie May Adaaaa praying that
administration of said estate ho
granted to Lawrence F. Hays a
public administrator or some oth
er suitable perooa.
It is ordered. That the eleroath
day of December, next at too
o'clock la the forenoon at oaM
Court Room he appointed tor hoar
lag paid potlUoa.
And it la farther Ordered, that
a copy of thla order he published
throe ouccooetro weeks prarloaa la
aald time of hearing, la the Detroit
Tiibaaa a newspaper printed and
circulating la aald County of
Judge of Prohota
(A true copy)
Deputy Probate R aglet sr

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