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f!46 Si Antoine Street, Corner Columbia Clifford 2924
EAST end news
By Jills Timr
Zion BaptlH Chtrch
tundar School *»• ®P*#sd *t
hot Btp'l* l Church at l:S0 a. m
luod.y hr Mra. Jl UThomas.
" superintendent. Tho many
taachera wars »t their post* and
•j*ht the lesson besutlfully. Claaa
0 2 of which R«t. Whoay la taach
‘ Igl i n received tha financial
inner. The paator ia striving very
* ; i to help heap tha 8. 8. on tha
rout line
At xi s'* a. m. Rev. Whoay
, roug ht a vary intsrsstlng message
ieiplte the discomforts of the heat.
Hl# t «t was from tha third chapter
,f Exodua. I have auraly seen tha
affliction of »y people which are
n Egypt " It w, « i0 laformatlve
4 b4 inspiring message.
Tha Senior Choir of Zion Baptist
participated in tha union of choira
,t Mt Bulk out S Mi. road at 3 p m.
K Mg picnic will be given by the
Sundav School and Choir Uniona
Siturdav. July 24. at the State
Uric An enjoyable time la Antl
ered The different pastor* will
also attend.
Th# East Lak# Missionary Socle- ]
j under the direction of Mr*. Tar- ]
a , r each Monday night at
the church
Mrs Ha’Me Bratt of New York
md New Jersey waa the house
cuert of Mrs Wilson, 482 Tennes
,»f he past waek.
Herbert McDuffie of 412 Tennes
see entertained in honor of his
nephew John Stark over the week
The younger set is pleased to
velcom* home Miss Zepherine
Buell# who haa been visiting in
Athens Ga
Mm Viierta Spiller waa recent
ly married 'o Robert Meadors. A
reception was given by Mr. and
Mrs Singieton in their lovely home
1714 Beltnar. The couple received
Bißv beautiful and useful prelents.
Among thr>ae present were: Rob
ert Meadors Sr.. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith Mrs Hooaier, Mr. and Mrs.
Bicker Mr and Mrs. D- Spiller.
Mr and Mrs Nolan, Jessie Mailer.
Fred Holly, Bud Terry'. Mlsse#
Mary Turner, Maybell McDuffie.
Anna Wells. Susie McDuffie. Ker
v-'nd Turner, Julia Mae Turner
and many others
Mil on Wells of 3*9 Tennessee |
h « •• vly returned from a brief
it nh Chicago. St. Loula. Mo.
c ihia, Tenn.. where he
a <’a fives and friends. Mr.
v, ,- s rports having been elabo
ra sly entertained by Mr. and Mra.
B Hearns Mr. and Mr*. Jackson,
and Mra. M Patton, his hosts while
is Memphis He w«a accompanied
hae bv Mesdames Josale Boyd,
ar.d Sarah Will#, •ieter-in-law.
The 14*h Community Progressive
rlib en'c"lined in the cluhhouae
It' C*l vlrr^fnt. Saturday, July 17. |
, i
By T. H. llinfon
Rev r W Walls delivered a
sermon last Sunday at the
Ham services
A convention which opened
Thursday, July 15, is In session at
th# Second Baptist Church A large
trswd is , a attendance.
Mr» F-rna Thurman is visiting
W parer/s, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Eremin in Jackson.
Miss Mary Louise Pierce of Bat*
ft Creek Is the gueet of her fath
*' Rob»r> pierce of SO4 Page Are.
Mr and Mrs C.all Price are the
fc*ppv parents of a fine baby girl.
Th« A C e. League has nominat
es Miss Shirley Brown and Mias
Lwnl Rogers delegates to the A.
r E. League Convention to be held
'a Kalamaioo, Mich. Rosebud Hin
if# li alternate.
~o- —0“
-o- -+~
With Leßoj ft. White
Lansing, Mich.—The adjournment
of the Bret# Legislature hai left the
capital in a very idle erase. The
hall* which were one# filled with
buay lawmaker# and lobbyist# are
now bare only for an occasional
employee who might pass now and
Assistant Attorney General John
P. Young of Saginaw is having a
hard time convincing the citizens
that he ia still alive and healthy
It seem* that last week while in
'Flint, Young wts involved in an
I auto accident in which he tore a
fender or two off of his automobile,
i but eacaped without injury. When
the newa of the mishap reached
Lansing the report was that the
Assistant Attorney General was in
a Flint hospital and was not ex
pected to live. Everyone was in
quiring of each other, eve n his
land lady Mrs. Cleo Taylor w ,uld
shake her head to the negative
Friday. Young put in his appear
ance and Capitol employees were
little skeptical as to whether it
was he or his ghost hut it was
soon established that it was the'
real thing Mr. S’arrs able aidc|
then explained that he was on his
vacation and that was the reason
that he had not returned after the
The girli in the Secre'ary of
State Title division are most all on
a day to day basts snd therefore
when one of the number is trane- J
sered to regular position it is news
The latest to he given a chance to'
make good on a regular job is!
Naomi Wlns’on of Detroit Mias
Winston has been with the Secre
tary of State for a little less than
throe months She replaced Miss
Alice Wathem of Detroit who was
forced to resign because ot ill <
health Miss Winston is a hard
worker and her transfer was i do- 1
serving one. She is now in the 1
Operator s License Division
The new Deputy Labor Com
missioner Joseph A t'raigen has
been in Lansing for the last few)
days learning the workings of the
department. Mr. Craigen has added J
quite a bit of color to the s’lectt
with his new- LaSalle automobile
Sargeant Arthur Caruso of *.ue
Michigan State Senate has changed
his mind about retiring from pub
lic life temporarily snd has decided |
to have a conference w ith Governor j
Frank Murphy as to his poslbilities
of appointment. The Hastings St
one man roit intitnds to consider
nothing less than a posiMon as
Commissioner of one of the De
part men’s
Liquor Control Is
Social Problem
Thinks McFarland
Lansing. Mich.—Edward 55 Mc-
Farland chairman of th* State
Liquor Control Commission be
lieves that the controling of liquor
hy the s’ate should be a social
problem as well as a business. In
letters to employees of the Commis
ion McFarland polled out it was
the duty of their department to see
to It that the proper regulations
were made and enforced tn order
to bring about » better understand
ing between the public and the
state agencies
McFarland announced that Le-
Roy G. s\'hite. had been given a
S2OO 00 a year raise in pay bv him
White only recently appointed As»»
Manager of the Lansing Stockroom
of the Commission formerly served
as Messenger to Gov. Murphy.
(By Jeanette tarter)
temperature reaching the high
mark of 95 degrees the past week,
one death and many prostrations,
and the mercury still climbing
Washingtonians hit a high mark
in the matter of social entertain
ments. Weddings, Receptions, Con
ferences, Bridge and Po-ke-na
PVtiM- At Howard University
where three hundred or more are
in attendance •at the summer
schools, a reception was given on
Saturday night at Frazier Hall, to
Fi'e the many students an oppor
tunity to meet and greet each oth
~ •
Mrs. Lilliam Toppeo, 1025 La
ment street Northwest entertained
n? Po-Ke-Na for her house guest
Mrs. farrie Herndon Connally. of
Atlanta. Ga . on Wednesday ev
ening last at her home.
Those Invited to play po-ke-na
1 and tp meet the guest of honor
were Miss Mary Webster, of
Cleveland, Ohio; Mrs. Edna Stew
art, of Now York City; Mr. and
, Mrs Tiffany Tolliver; Dr. and Mrs.
I Robert Wilson; Mr. and Mrs. Bry
ant. Mrs. Lucille Weaver; Mr. Je
rome Oshurn; Wesley Speller;
Mrs Alicia Webb; Mr Charles
''ornlsh; Mrs Isla Neal; Lloyd
Webb; Albert Knorl; Mrs. Bessie
Miles, Wesley Toppen, husband
of ’he hostess
Mrs Connelly came here to visit
i h, * r f *’o sons who were members
°f ? be Georgia Scout contingent.
Macedonia Baptist Church
Rev Geo J. Mathews spoke In
[the morning last Sunday at Mace
! donia church. The B. Y. P. U.
! met at 6 p m. with Miss Novella
Williams as president. The even
ing's message was preached by the
pastor. Rev. John Powell.
New Bethel Baptist
Rev. E A. Robertson, pastor of
I New Bethel Baptist church preach
ed on the subject "From the Prison
to the Throne”, last Sunday morn
ing At 3p. m. Rev. A. T. Wil
liams and congregation worshipped
with New Rethel under auspices of
the Pastor's Aid club.
Trinity Baptist
The subject of Rev. E. G. Broyle’s
message Sunday morning at Trini
ty Baptist church was “Isaac re
digged the well.” The junior B.
V. p U tnet at 5:30 p. ni. followed
by the senior group who was in
charge of the program.
Neuman A. M. E
"The enunciation of Christ, the
King.” was the subject Rev. A. T.
Williams pastor of Newman A. M.
E church chose for his message
dllvered at the morning service.
Rev. James Jenkins of North
Carolina was a visitor at the morn
ing worship Ben Jenkins recent
ly returned from N. C , accompani
ed by his father, Rev. Jenkins and
Mr Oldham, a cousin.
John Stapes died July 5. The
body was accompanied to South
Carolina by the family and Rev. F
B Reed w-ho offlein'ed Survivor*
ire a wife and one daughter
In the absence of Rev. Reed Rev.
Win. Northcross was in charge of
the services at New Hope Baptist
church last Sunday.
It has been announced that an
old fashioned basket dinner will
be given July 15. In celebration of
the opening of the new church to
be occupied by New Hope Baptist
Mrs McGlenn of Dayton. Ohio,
Mrs Jackson and Miss Saunders of
Detroit were pleasant week-end
visitors of Mrs. Art Johnson in
Bagley street.
Mr a’id Mrs Ed Curry of Jack
son street, and Mr and Mrs. Clif
ford Melbourne of Elizabeth street
recently returned from a delightful
trip to Chatham, Canada.
Be sure to continue to read the
Detroit Tribune so as to keep lu
touch with the latest news.
Price* Slashed
—u Low as—
down, balance easy payments
BUY NOW or Layaway
No Interest or carry Inf
Room Sis*
Oriental and Domestic
—as Low aa—
Buv Now—Sava $ $ $
Rug & Fur Cos.
2337 Gratiot,
Cor. Chena
Dally A Sunday
9 A. M. to 9 P. M.
Tabernacle Baptist Ctanreh
Sunday School of the Tabernacle
Baptist church opened at 9 o'clock
presided over by W. M. Ponder,
; superintendent. The lesson was
'enthusiastically taught by the many
, teachers. The beginner* received
financial banner. Mrs. H. B
Jones is teacher.
' The usual devotional service pre
.ceeded the morning message which
was delivered by the pastor, Rev.
I F. C. Jones. He used for his topic
i "Except You Abide on the
. sVord you can not be laved ” It
waa a touching and Inspiring mes
| The Missionary Society met last
(Tuesday with Mrs. Williamson of
62(1 N Franklin. A large group of
. ladles were present. The lesson
waa taught very beautifully by
j Mrs. Ponder. Mrs. Hayes, wife of
Rev. Hayes was visiting guest. Af
ter the meeting a delicious lunch
eon was served.
• The S S superintendent and
teachers took the S. S. children to
State Perk on a picnic last Satur
day. They report as having had
a fine time.
i Rev. Jones and members attend
jed the anniversary of Rev. W. M.
McCarty last Sunday at 3 p m .
lat which tlma Rev Jones delivered
j the sermon Rev E. L. Todd of
| Battle Creek waa guest at Taber
nacle In the evening. He talked
|on plans of the state convention
which will begiff in August at Tab
jernacle and Mt. Olive. Rev. Todd's
message was well received
Rev. and Mrs. Jones together
with other delegates motored to
j Jackson last Thursday to attend
'the Chain Lake Association of
j which Rev Todd Is president.
Among the visitors last Sunday
! were Rev. SV. M. Barber of Sagi
naw; Rev. M Tumy of Mt. Olive
Baptist Church. Saginaw; Rev. C.
L. Chattlen. pastor of Zion B. C.
Saginaw and Rev. E. L. Todd of
! Battle Creek.
Mrs. Clara Mack Is church re
j porter.
(By Mr*. Anemia o*Bannon)
Sunday, at Brown’s Chapel A.
M. E. church will mark the 4th
and last quarterly meeting of the
year and will show a marked In
crease and steady Improvement
under the efficient leadership of
Rev. S. C. Davis, pastor. Rev. R.
jP. Washington presiding elder
; brought a very splendid morning
message from the subject. “Ye
! have nothing to draw with.”
At 3:30 p. m. Rev. E.
choir nnd congregation of Smith |
Chapel A. M. E church. Inkster.'
Mich, worshipped at Brown’s Cha- 1
pel. The choir rendered Its mon
thly program at 7:30 p. m. which!
was much Enjoyed. Mrs. Davis of I
Chathnm Township. Ont. was guest
Rev. Barther Roberson, pastor of
Second Baptist church brought
forceful morning message to a<
large audience. Four united with
the church The Senior Choir fur
nished the music.
At 7:30 p. m. another splendid
sermon was delivered by Rev. Rob
erson and the Junior Choir sang
for the service. The Ladles Gos
pel Sextette sang at the white M.
E. church Sunday at 3p. m They I
were dinner guests at Dundee stay- j
ing over for the evening service.
Mrs. Clarence fann and Fannie
Goldman accompanied the singers.
Sylvester Patterson and George
Jackson drove the party.
The famille* of Mr. and Mrs
Herman Kersey and Mr. snd Mrs.'
John Whisenant fully enjoyed their |
private picnic July 4th at the home i
of the latter having as their guests
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Bethel >f De
Lanthey Roberson left Friday
for his home in Alabama after
spending a very pleasant week
with parents, Mr. and Mrs Dsn
Roberson. Sr., and other relatives.
Mrs. Cora Ransom of Detroit and
her daughter Shirley Ann and son
Robert Jr., were dinner guests of
Mrs. B. E. Burnett last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Williams of
Detroit were holiday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Kersy.
Mr. and Mrs. Grimes. 2000 Jay.
street, Detroit, were Sunday visi
tors of Mrs. Nona Hamilton. Prof,
and Mrs. Omphie Coleman and
family of Phoenix. Aria., sre houao
guests of their parents Mr. and
Mrr George Thompaon. Mrs.
Thompson recently returned from*
from the hospital feeling much
The Collins family reunion held
at Huron River Park July 4 wss a
gala affair. There were relatives
from Lanaing, Battle Creek. De
troit. Ann Arbor. Whittaker. Ypel
lent! and AmhOrstburg. Ont.
Marvin Robinson la home from
CCC camp for ten days leave of
Mrs. Vaughn of-Chlcago and sis
ter Mrs. Henry Williams are house
guests of Mr. and Mr*. Armstrong
of Second. Avenue.
Legreda Lockridge of Chicago.
111., is visiting in our city at the
hom* of Mr. and Mrs William
Weiss. 516 E Norrh street.
Mrs. Mas Russell Alexander of
Oakland, Calif., is the guest of rel
atives In our city. She has been
the recipient of many courtesies
I Mr. and Mrs. Robinson of Seattle,
j Washington, and Mr and Mrs Ty-
I ler of Kansas City left Kalamazoo
, l**t Tuesday after spending a de
lightful 10 day visit in the home
of Mr. and Mrs Jesse L. Oraine.
Mrs Naomi Cash entertained
some of her relatives and friends
j over the week-end at her residence
jin East Ranson. The guests in
cluded residents of Lafayette, Ind
Resorting at Eagle Lake with
'some friends are Miss Coral Park
ier Chicago and her family. Miss
, Parker is a student of Tukegee
‘ Inst. w *
Mr. and Mrs C. Atkinson and
family and Mr and Mrs. Dagette
'spent the holiday In Beloit, Wis.
Among the many residents of
Kalamazoo who are visiting out
of-town are Misses Claudia Mae
Atkinson and Della Mae Gordon
who are having a pleasant visit in
Beloit, Wis. and Miss Zells Hayes
of 906 Gull street who is having
a delightful visit in Detroit with
relatives and friends
Mrs. Peter Crawford and daugh
ter, Mary Catherine returned home
last week from Detroit where they
visited Mrs Crawford's mother
who has been seriously ill but is
now well on the way to recovery.
Mrs. Pearl Johnson and daugh
ter. Jackquellne who have been
visiting in Ohio returned home last
Roscoe Washington, distinguish
ed Negro athlete was chosen to
represent Michigan at the National
A A U. meet in Wllwaukee, Wis.
last week.
The writer Is happy to announce
that there Is dancing every Thurs
day. Saturday and Sunday at Gol
conda Beach resort which is locat
ed 7 miles east of Kalamazoo.
The B Y. P t'. of the Second
Baptist church held a lawn social
on the church grounds last Thurs
day evening. Refreshments were
sold and the proceeds will be used
to send a delegate to the B Y. P
1’ Convention which will be held
this week.
Rev Bernis Warfield fulfill
ed a preaching engagement in Al
bion. Mich . last Sunday.
| Rev. and Mrs. Sams of Detroit
were guests in Kalamazoo last
Sunday. Rev. Sams occupied the
pulpit of the Second Baptist church
Sunday evening.
Mrs Warfield spent Sunday af
ternoon in Battle Creek
Rev. and Mrs Jonathan Dames
j nre expected to he visitors here
j this week. Rev. Dames is a pastor
j of St. James Church. Sf. Louts. Mo.
j The A C. E. League conference
"f the A. M E. church is schedul
ed to meet hefe in the near future
Mr. and Mrs John Goodwin of
Prouty street attended the funer
al services of Charles Halthcock
held at Chain Lake last Monday.
Kalamazoo girls are eagerly re
gistering for entrance to Camp
Norcom. A splendid vacation is
anticipated as Camp Norcom is one
1 of the finest Negro girls ramps in
the state The writer having been
a camper at. this camp can say
I that any time spent there will he
I wisely spent. Mrs M J. Thomas.
006 Gull I’reet had among her
guests last week Mrs Fitch of De
Charles Otis Halthcock. 62, dipd
at his home In S2l N Rose street
, last Thursday. Bpm Mr Haith
] cock had been a resident of Kala
j mazoo for 34 yars and w as a moul
, der by trade Surviving the de
| ceased are: a wtdow, Ida; six sons.
Lawrence of Fenton. Mich ; Rob
ert of South Haven: Charles. Jr,
Louis, William and James of Kal
amazoo: 3 brothers. Joseph of
South Bend; Arthur of Cassopolls
and William of this city; a sister
Mrs Melissa Van Dyke also of this
city and one granddaughter
Marybelle Jackson is visiting at
the home of Mrs. Hilda Smith In
Indianapolis. Ind
Rev. Mrs. Mary T Barbour
! of Georgetown. 111., has Just closed
1 a most successful meeting at Fern
i dale. Mich. She is planning to at
j tend the camp meeting of The
I Church of God at Topeka. Kane .
I and while there she will visit her
Nosey News:
What gang of Dusty Dawn
Breakers frequent what newly op
ened lunch stand nightly, only to
cause a musically inclined disturb
ance for those located nearby 7
What gal is determined to break
up what whittling lassie and
truckin’ lad?
What Bobby Boy is boiling over
because of his next door neighbor?
Whet Brown Betty was recently
punished for keeping late hours at
Harrison Street Park?
What hlpelinglng young Jimmy
Boy wae seen at the Capitol last
Sunday during the current show
ing of “The Hit Parade?" Duke
Ellington wae a distinguished
I member of the cast.
(By Mrs. Bertha L. Trails)
Rev. B. R. Rhonenee, the effi
cient pastor of Quinn Chapel A
M. E Church, preached a thrilling
sermon with power to a large au
dience Sunday Morning: taking
for his text "The Doom of Delay."
Together with the spiritual music
given by the Senior Choir of
which Mra. Gwenola Smith 1* or
ganist and Dlrectoress. filled the
church with praises to God ' Too
much praise cannot be given to
our beloved pastor who ia being
led by the Holy spirit, for the
great work he has/lone since com
ing to this city, as pastor of
Quinn Chapel.
He also preached a stirring
sermon Sunday evening Many vis
itor! were present. Quinn Chapel
welcomes all strangers and visi
tors to all services
Dr. Charles S Spivey, Dean of
the Theological Department of
sVilberforce University will be the
guest of Quinn Chapel a. M E
Church and community Sunday,
July l*th
He will preach at the eleven o'-
clock service and will also be the
principle speaker at 3 00 p M
at which time a Rellgioua Educa
tional Program will be sponsored
by the following auxiliaries: The
Flint Civic League, of which Dr.
J 5V Moore is founder and presi
dent; the Recreation Council of
which Attorney M Mallory is
president; Mr. E Simmons is the
director; Mrs. Siegel Bryant, the
president of the Federation of
Clubs of the state of Michigan, and
Mrs Marie Wright, one of the
Counselors and worker In the Edu
cational Forum The Senior Choir
of Quinn Chapel A. M. E Church
will render the music. Mrs L
Lynch, president All churches
and choirs are invited to attend.
Dr. J. 5V Moore, one of Flint's
prominent physicians and ©uts’snd
ing citizen, and one of the high
officers in the Shrine Lodge is al
so expecting to attend the assemb
ly of the Shrines
Mrs M Hendrick. 309 E 12th
Street and Mrs F. Weaver 710 E
55’ellington. faithful members of
Quinn Chapel A. M. E Church
have undergone major operations
at the Hurley Hospital. Their
successful physician Dr. J. L
Leach of our city, assisted hy Dr
S H. C. Owens reported both pa
tients are making a speedy recov
E. W Thompson. 9094 Jamie
son street, who recently under
went a minor operation by their
family physician Dr. J. L Leach Is
reported much improved at his
home. Mr. Thompson is also a
faithful member of this church.
Mrs Gussie Greer, the president
of the Stewardess Board of Quinn
Chapel, is ill at her home 1411
Liberty St. Her condition is re
ported the same.
Miss Annie Johnson, who was
injured In an automobile accident
a few weeks ago, is much improv
ed in the Hurley Hospital G.
Clayton, 770 Jamieson St., was
rushed to Hurley Hospital Satur
day and was operated on by Dr. .1
L Leach His condition is report
ed at this writing improved Mrs
Rebel Kleckley of 902 Parkland
Street was successfully operated
(Continned on Page ft)
STwf *€. «T 5 UJ« f 7 *
I n ‘S.VwM , f’S.K- « T-e
e • lOCR sipfe op
By Arthur Bowman
For the past few months the
members of the Richard SV. Read-
I ing for Mayor Boostera Club have
i serloualy considered candidates for
Mayor of Detroit and have arrived
at the conclusion that it-1' HAftb
55’. READING, the present city
1 clerk, is the man tha citizens of
this city should support. Our deci
sion is based upon our knowledge
of Richard W. Reading's record as
a public servant 55'e feel that Mr
Reading has earned the promo
tion because of his years of faith
ful service to the people of Detroit.
Mr. Reading s qualifications for
the office of Mayor cannot be sur
passed Rtchr.rd 55' Reading has
served the people of Detroit a? a
City Assessor. City Comptroller
and ( ity Clerk. No doubt these
are three of the most Important
posts in our city governmen’ out
side that of mayor A man who
can carry out the duties of these
offices with the success and h©nea
:y that Richard W. Reading has
done can do even grea’er things
for the general welfare of the vot
ers of Detroit
• • ■■■ -ML,
*■ '. fejl -f" -■
Richard W Reading s success
his been brought about by hard
work, square dealing and friend
liness Hi« policy has always been
that of the open door It is always
easy to see him and he is always
eager to assist you in solving your
problems in a kindly way without
thought of race, color or creed
That is why Mr Reading's friends
are found among all kinds of peo
ple for he extends the same fair
and square treatment to all who
4*61 Hast ins* St.—(N,»r W&rrtm) — J*
care to see him A man's past re
cord is the b»s» evidence of what
to expect from him in the future
With his wide knowledge of muni
cipal affair* and the problems of
all of the ritltens we are con
fident 'hat Richard W Reading will
give all Detroit a fair and hone»t
Mrs Lena Holme* returned home
from Ann Arbor, Mich , for the
week-end accompanied by Mrs
Bolden and flare nee Clock Mra
Holmes is attending a summer
: term at the university of Michigan.
Edward Simmons of Pittsburgh.
Pa . spent the week with his par
ents Mr. and Mrs John Simmons
Mrs Lela Eaton and Miss Kath
erine Bray of Lansing. Mich . at
tended a dance in Battle Creek
the week-end of the 4’h. After
the dance they visited friends and
relatives In Albion.
Mrs. Fannie Mae Cook of 816
W Cass street left Sunday morning
to vaca’ion in Morrlafleld. Ohio
with her father. Miss Cook plans
to tour parts of Pennsylvania be
fore returning home
Mr. and Mrs Nathaniel Ewing of
Dayton. Ohio were recent fuea» of
their sister and brother. Mr. and
Mrs Mose Union. North Albion
* (By Mr*. Florin# Bellensoa)
Flr«t Baptist Oinrch
A* usual the services ac First
Baptist church last Sunday were
Inspiring and helpful. Rev. J
D Davis. pastor spoke at the 11:30
a. m. service
The Women * Day ptogram at 3
p m was quite a suoees both fin
ancial and spiritually. The pas
tor and members always wel
come visitors to worship with them
Nannie Jenkins passed away at
Eloise Hospital recently. The de
ceased is survived by a husband:
John Jenkins, and cousins. Mr. and
Mrs. Maurice Morton of Ecorse
Mrs Nichols of Ecorse recently
spont the day In Irsk'er visitin':
Mrs. Ruff of Nash street.
Rer. J K Macon, pastor of King
David Temple of Truth. Petrol*,
was guest speaker at First Bap
tist church last Sundsv ef'ernoot
Mrs. Stella Morrow of 13th
street is on the sick list.

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