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Mtkei Brief Slop Here
jliks Marlon Martin (Irft)
*|>n niK entertained by Minn
Mildred Howland, MIH Syhen.
Irr aienae, ilnrlnir the form
hS i, r k i hloj* la Itetrvlt Tam.
to,. Ml-M Martin, a ntudent at
H«*»rd t nlvemlty had JaM (
Earned trow India where nhe
ladled on a nlx-wonth ncbnl
Two Gvil Rights Violators
Released On Bond By Court
Holds Court Erred In
Barring Pickett
Washington. D. C.—The right to
picket h chain store as a result
of that concern not hiring color
ed workers in certain stores
where whites are employed, was
upheld by the United States Su
preme Court here last week by a
rote of 6 to 2.
In handing down Its decision
the Supreme Court held that the
District tjourt of Columbia had
erred lit granting an Injuction re.
straining an alliance of colored
workers trom attempts to coerce
the Sanitary tirocery Company by
picketing the store, and other
■ means. v • e .. *
The high tribunal' held that au
unanswered demand upou a chain
store company to give employment
to colored workers in certain
stoiea where only white persons
are employed, constitutes a labor
dispute within the scope of the
.\otris.l.a(ltiardia Act.
A sot late Justices Pier e But
ler iiml James Clark Mcßeynokls,
dlsaenttd. declaring. that "We are
unable to understand how a dis
pute can arise when only one side
Is Involved."
The majority opinion, w'ltten by
Associate Justice Owen J. Roberts,
►aid "Race discrimination by an
employer may reasonably be
deemed more unfair and less ex
cusable than discrimination a
palnst workers on the ground of
union affiliation."
Nannie Burroughs
Speaker at YMCA
Sunday Afternoon
■ "O
MU* Nannie H. Burroughs .pre
sident of the National Training
School for Women and Girls. Wash
*Bßton. IX C, will apeak at the St.
Antoine YM4IA Sunday afternoon,
April 3. The meeting, under thd
auspices of the local branch of the
Ksilonal Association for the Ad
vancement of Colored People, is
scheduled to Htart at three-thirty.
The meeting, according to Dr.
J anie» .1 McClendon, president of
'h** branch, is a part of the educa
tional program which Is preliminary
to the 193 K membership campaign
wh,< h vs ill he launched in May.
Min* Iturroughß has long been a
l r ader in educational activity and
*f*nen - » dub life. She is a dyna
mic personality, and her stirring
SeiMg,.* have made heavy de-
Tn anda on her service.
The National Training School
as done h significant piece of
w °rh sot women and girls. Because
' this work, and her other actlvl
j **' Uurrough Is listed among
•* outstanding women of Ameri
Woodson To Speak
At Bethel Church
Detroit Civic Rights Oom
q Z* announces that Dr. Carter
, * d *° n ’ of Washington. D. C.
Ch r ,Ur ‘‘ “* Be *h«l A. M. E
May IR. The lecture will
Jvu i Verfd under auspices of the
??• ** ,h * Btudy of Negro Life
■« History and the lota Phi Lam
b» Sorority. Zela Chapter.
- "" pub,,c |
He Will NoTTalk
„ r * ( ' nr ner. IS, »9» Illinois
1»T wh ,n reveal to police
<U* » >n> h * W * B " hot ,a *l Thura-
The boy told the
; k c n ,nHn wh,,e (>n h,# w ,o
arnhlp whieh wan won through
her work with Ur. Howard
Thurman. Mina Martin, durlna
the coarfte of the reception,
told of conditions in India, und
also of experience encounter
ed In her wrorld tour. She left
Taenday night for Wanhiagton.
Photo By Theun
Frank Reed, proprietor of the]
Reed Coffee Shop in the Transpor
tation Building, and Mrs. Charlotte
Coulter, waitress in the coffee I
shop, were released under SSOO
bonds Saturday in Recorders Court
Tile two had beeu arraigned be
fore Judge Thomas M. Cotter on a
charge of violating the State Civ'l
Rights Bill. The two were accused
of refusing to serve Attorney
Joseph A. Craigen. deputy labor
commisisoner with offices in the
Transportation Building.
The trial of Reed and Miss Coul
ter is scheduled to be heard April
Refined Sen lee
Craigen charges that he weut
into the restaurant on March 21
and ordered a cup of coffee. He
said that the waitress told htm
that he would have to wait until
she was through with her work.
Mr. Craigen said that he then com
platiiect to ’Reed, hut he refused to
give hfni any assistance.
Craigen has hlbo filed suit in the
circuit court against the owner of
the coffee shop. He is asking
$5,000 damages.
This is the first time that a vio
lator of the State Civil Rights Bill
has faced a criminal charge.
The new Civil Rights Hill was
iiitrodtned in the last session of
the state Legislation by Senator
t^h.ti les (\ Diggs .
2 Lovers Wanted To
Take Her Home
Because two men couldn’t decide
which one should take a young
woman home after a dance, one is
uow in the hospital with his throat
slashed, and the other Is a fugi
tive from Justice.
Jafk Knight. 22. 572 Owen street,
is In the Receiving Hospital, and
his condition Is critical, 'tally Pat
ton. 2245 Clinton street, is being
sought by police as Knight s as
sailant. The cutting occured Mon
day night.
According to witnesses question
ed by police, the two men were in
a beer garden at Chene and Clin
ton streets with .Miss Robbie Hurst
Both men wanted to take Miss
Hurst home, and this provoked an
argument which later developed
Into a light
Patton is alleged to have slushed
Knight with a knife. Inflicting a
wound on his throat that extended
from eur to ear.
Students Enroll
In Essay Contest
It in announced by Ihe Essay
t Contest Committee of the Noonday
Luncheon Club that applications
continue to come In from senior
high school students and January
graduates of 1938 who desire to
enter the big essay coutest being
sponsoied by that organisation
The entrants, it is said, have al
ready exceeded the expectations of
the Essay Contest Oommitteee
The theme of the essays will be
“Why We Should Support the
Booker T. Washington Trade Asso
ciation and Housewives League 1
The essays will be limited to on#
thousand words each and all man
uscripts for the contest must be In
the hands of the Committee not lat
er than Saturday. April 16
The contest will be held u.
Bethel A. M R. Church. Thursday
and Friday. April 28 and 29 Fur
ther information may be obtained
by contacting the Committae. or
calling Te.nple 1-0789
Hospital Bars Injured Rioter
Pablte Library
Woodward * Kirby
Patron’s Head Cut In White Tower Bra wl
Worker* Charge They
Have Not Received
Any Promotions
A serious indictment of racial dis
crimination has been made against
Pus;master Roscoe Hueston. in a
letter the local branch of the Na
tional Alliance of Postal Kmployees
have sent to a number of govern
ment officials, including Postmas
ter General James Farley.
The letter, which was mailed
Monday, was signed hv the secre
tary of the local branch. Mrs. Mary
K. Glenn.
Adopt Kesulitlon
Accompanying the letter was h
resolution adopted by the branch
in which the members accused
Hueaton of making "approximately
thirty promotions to supervisory
positions, and only one colored."
The letter alscy points out that
the 'postmasters/in Chicago. Hr%
York, Cleveland. Cincinnati. Brook
lyn, and Phlladelph*a. have advanc
ed colored employees. They charge
that Hueston promised to do th*
same If they would submit evi
dence. but. with the evidence in bis
hands, they charge that lie has not
done anything.
Tin* letter reads as follows:
Dear Sir:
The Detroit Postmaster promts
ed the National Alliance of Postal
Kmployees that if we could pro
duce authentic Information as to
the preferred assignments of Ne
groes in other cities, he would do
(he same in Detroit. We. in turn,
have submitted the required infor
mation as the inclosed will show,
but to date he has refused to give
us the proper recognition.
During the present administru
lion it has been the pleasure of
our Postmaster to make approxi
mately 28 promotions in various
positions of supervisory character,
but one or these was Colored. In
the same period of time assign
ments to preferred positions, as
you can Imagine in a Metropolis of
tfhis sire, have been many; we
loathe to say none have been Col
ored. Over the same period of time
many promotions to special clerk
ships outside of the quota have
been made and again no colored.
(Continued on Page 4)
Attorney Craigen Stresses
Need Os Exercising Ballot
The Committee On Negro Regis
tration And Voting, of which At-1
I torney Joseph A. CTaigen Is chair,
man. held another succeaaful week
• |y meeting last Friday afternoon, at
the headquarters of the Mlchlgun
j Federated Democratic Clubs. 613
K. Warren avenue. 1
Many new persons attended the
meeting and affiliated with the oi -
ganlsatlon. and all expressed eager
ness to co-operate In the move
ment to get local members of the
race to register and vote In sub
stantial numbers.
Hew Registration* Secured
Several chairmen of district
committees reported that their
helpers are hard at work and that
considerable new registration ares
being secured.
In outlining the alms and objec
tives of the organisation, to newj
adherents. Chairman C r a I K e n i
stressed the necessity for colored
citlsena to register and vote. He
said: "Thousands of dollars are
being spent by the N A A C. P
and other organisations to secure
the franchise for Negroes In the
South, while thoussnds of the Ne
groes In Detroit are content to sit
supinely by and fall to exercise
their privilege of voting.
Banquet Speaker
V’ ■
■BBfc/V ’ ,■ ■:
.■> . '^yßraß^iSfet^M
BpJf H y
Bl ; i M m
mfy&M ■ * *l. d«gß*fo*tt., -^4f
Judge Fail H. King, Eefereo
In Kunkmplcjr of tke Federal
(uirt will briefly aldmi
me in lien, anil fr leads of tke Mt.
Antoine Braaek YM( A at their
liantiuel Thuntdij, April 7.
Guide Right Week To
Start April 18
The Detroit Alumni and Alpha
Beta Chapters of Ivuppu Fraterni
ly are perfhctlng plans for their
annua! “Cubic Right Week" which
•‘ ill he observed from April Is to
The dates for Interview meet
ings between ntudentn. their par
ents. and (.itide Right committe.
will h * April IS. 19 and 21 A Inltch
will he served on the evening of
April 2d The Huai meeting will b-
April 24 to which the publle will
be Invited.
The students' Interviews will be
divided Into three divisions: mime,
lg -edutatonal, vocational. ami
Elaborate Preparations
Klaborate preparations are be
ing made by both chapters of the
Kappa Fraternity to make this
Guide Right Week the most com-'
prehensive and constructive ever
conducted by the fraternity. The
Bcrollers Club, pledgees of the
fraternity, will have a part in most
of the activities
In commenting on the approach
ing meeting, sponsors issued
following statement:
(Continued on Page 4)
m '^^HBS
Moses K. vrh a, prominent
young mortician, who Iff *
member of the CommltHv o«
Negro Registration and T«•!■«•
Left For More Than
An Hour Without
Medical Aid
Percy £eys. 34 years old, of 455
Denton street, was included in the
list of those seriously Injured in
the riot Wednesday afternoon at
tho Federal Screw Works, 3401
Martin avenue.
Keys, alleged by police to be a
strike sympathiser, suffered a
fractured leg. a broken spine and
other injuries. His condition was
reported serious by hospital
Keys, however, stated that he
wan not taking part in the strike
when he was Injured. He refused
to talk to Assistant Prosecutor
William L. Brunner.
tn flu battle In which approxi
mately | &00. men and women en
a* tly• officers
Ti l nCf? ty sifNTk# "breakers friw
*h« plant > " . . ,' X
Brick/ a id jtones were hurled
by (he strike fcympatbizei h as the
police swung clubs. Thirteen police
; were injured In the scuffle.
(Continued on page 10)
Business Girls
Participate In
Big Observance
Business girls from Lucy
Thurman Branch Y. W. C. A.
participated in the 11th. an
nual business girls’ nation
wide observance held at High
land Park Branch Tuesday
evening. March 29. with Miss
Sarah Sheridan, vice-president
of the Detroit Edison Company
speaking on "The Business
Women’s Share In Democracy.”
An important feature of the
program was the reading of
messages and telegrams from
Y. W. C. A. business girls from
all parts of the country and
abroad, where similar obser
vances were being held simul
taneously with the Detroit ban
Fifty thousand questionnaires
are being circulated through the
city, by members of the Committee
On Negro Registration And Voting,
a large number of the question*
nalres were given out for distri
bution. to persons attending the
meeting Friday.
Mass Media
It was decided to hold a monster
mass meeting. Sunday. April 10. at
3 p m. at Bbeneier A. M. E.
Church. in order to help inform
the public aud stimulate city-wide
Interest in the efforts of the orgs-
I neat ion.
The Committee On Negro Regis
tration And Voting also plans to
mail letters to ministers of the
various churches, requesting per
mission to send speakers to the
churches In Interest of the regis
tration and voting movement
Inspirational remarks w/re made
by a number of those present at
the meeting, including Attorney,
Charles Roxborough. Or. A. C
Toodle. Walter House, Miss Nellie I
Watts. Charles F Simmons. Miss
Jessie Simmons. James Harvey,
Mr. West. Paul Paris, Julian
tContlnued on Page 4)
Music Committee Chairman
Mr*. Dolly Brown, rhiilriuun of
the Ebcnezer Masle Committee,
who I* in charge of the sixth
“Hr*! Sunday- Mu*lcale." which
will be presented lit Ebenezer
A. M. E. t liurrh. Sunday cten
Scotlsboro Boy Repudiates
Deal Charges Against Defense
Sixty - Six Members
Win Pin Awards
Sixtv-six award pins were pre
sented to member* of the Garfield
Writers ('lull at the regular meet
i 11 K Wednesday. March SO.
These pins were awarded to the
new members who have secured a
minimum of eight points for ori.
glnal poetry, prose, or drawings
sent in to a local paper that spon
sors this activity The club has
written a total of two hundred
eighteen contributions since feb
ruary 15.
The members that received the
pins were:
Hattie Allen. Dorothy Applimr
Alice Hell. Hernlce Broaden. Zela«.
tine Brock. Bennie Brown. Clodla
Campbell, Rosetta Cavett. Kdlth
Coulter. Christopher Davis. Thel
ma Davis. Thelma Dorsie. Kath
erine Dotson. Kliraheth Edmonson,
Dorothy Evans. Samuel Fitzgerald,
Thelma Ford. Mike Dabich. Helen
Fields. Nellie Floyd. Aeia Frohman.
Doris Gale, t'arl George. Martha
Gordon. Winifred Hanna. Wilfred
Harp. Anna Hegysn, Frak Johann
Helen Jones. Ida Mary Larkina.
Wilson Lindsey. Doris Mclatugh
lln, Gladys Motley. Mnde«ta Mur
ray. Katherine Robinson. Geraldine
Sauls. Joya Sherrill. Ethelyne
Singleton. Lureaner Sheard, Ro
berta Smith. Bessie Snipes. James
Solomon. Jacqueline Spencer. Tal
linn Takser. Herdaclne Taylor,
Dorothy Townsend. Willie Town
send. Christine Tramhle, Florence
Turktia. Joseph W'aller. Elolse
White. Tillman Williams. Michael
Ya*mc. WUhelmlna Carr. Elsie
(Continued on Pare 4)
lug. April :t. The nitislrale will
In* under the title of “April
shower*." o*rar It. Plante,
baritone of the Eord Dixie
Eight, will be the gue*t nrtl*t.
New York—(ANP) —Olen Mont*
gomery, one of the four freed
Scottsboro boys, who lust week
chained the Scottaboro l>efens«*
committee with being a "racket'’
uml not Interested in freeing tin
other five youths, has apologizes
and Is sorry for the statement, the
{committee revealed Tuesday
| According to the committee.
Montgomery in his written apology
says lu has changed his bellet that,
the other youths are being sacri
ficed. and declares that a state
ment left with the Rev. Thoma-
Marten. Brooklyn pastor who had
charge of the lads when they w.ie
llrst brought to New York, "had
word* added" and was released
without his knowledge.
tVtnmentlng on the original
charges, the committee stated:
"The Scottsboro Defense com
mit tee has a signed statement from
Olen Montgomery repudiating the
statement he issued to the press
last wf»k charging «a» that a
‘deal' wan made last wutnmc. hy
whivh four of the ScOltiboUi de
fendant* were freed on co;:dltlo-i
that the other tlve be a lit aed to
remain in prison. (hi that the caae
ha* been conducted a* a racket by
Individual* and organization* and
(ci that he had made a nation-wide
speaking tour for which he .•v’tt /
ed only $lO a week and that he
wa« now out of fund*.
We* Misinformed
"The committee i* gratllhu ‘.hat
Mr. Montgomery has repudiated
this statement because there 1* not
a word of truth in it. and from
certain Information in out
*i«>n we believe that Mr. MooUotn
erv was misinformed hy cetuln
person* and Induced to Issue the
"Th* clearest pi oof that there
never has heed a deal la furnished !
by the fact that appeals have been
filed In the cases of the rcinairlng
(Continued on Page 4)
Victim Charges He
Was Not Served
In Restaurant
When Cnrtteld Williams. 24. 206." 1
North lawn street, walked into a
restaurant at 17348 Woodward ave
nue and ordered some hamburgers,
he did not realise that before he
left the restaurant he would !>s• on
the brink of the valley of death.
There are several con flk ting
stories detailing what occurred
from the time Williams entered
the restaurant uutil he staggered
out with a steel used for sharpen
ing knives buried in his head
Joseph Cooper, white. 24. 54
Grand avenue, was arrested by po
lice and accused of the crime.
Cooper is employed in the White
Tower restaurant where Williams
ordered the hamburgers.
Made T heats
Viioper told ameers that whea
he out serf* Williams linos
dtutJly. the Intter said that he
would cut his throat. He said that
he threw the knife sharpener at
Williams in self-defense.
Eddie Hudson. 27. 21323 Park,
side avenue, who accompanied Wil
liams into tht- restaurant, said tha*
Co< *ier hud r> fused t<» serve them,
ordering them out of the place. H*
said when they refused to leave.
Cooper threw the knife sharpen
at Williams.
The knife sharpener struck Wil
liam* in the head, penetrating live
fmhes. It was extracted by phy
ii ijins .ii Redford Branch of Re
ceiving Hospital He was later re
moved to the main branch of til*
Cooper was arrested, and Is held
pending the outcome of William.,
Birth Os A Nation
Bounced In N. Y.
New York -The Board of Kdu
catlon of the city of New York in
response to a letter from the N. A.
A. C. P.. has decided not to per
mit the showing of the film “The
Birth of A Nation” In the citv
Supei intendent Harold (1 Camp
bell has written the N A A ('. P.
following the protest of the As
sociation that the board members
witnessed a showing of the film
and agreed that it ought not be
shown In the system The N. A. A
C. P. protest was sent after the
Stone Film library had sent cir
culars to principals of the city
schools offering to rent the film
"as an educational feature.”
Mrs. Smith Attends
White House Confab
Mrs. C. 8. Smith, of the Lucy
Thurman Y. W C. A.. Detroit, ha*
been Invited hy Mr*. Mary Mc-
I-eod Rethune to come to Washing
ton. D. C. Monday. April 4. at 2 p.
m. to meet with a selected croup
of women in a conference with Mr<i
Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White
House. The purpose of the confer
ence will he to present the needs
of Negro women and girls In thte
Commits Suicide
e ... .
France* Gilbert. 31. <t7 *7 Cardon la
street, committed suicide Saturday
night h.v drinking lynol. She died
shortly after she had been taken
to Receiving Hospital.

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