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Petite Pulchritude
| | •i mgi§ l|fa|
!] " J| rr
fl ‘ *' ‘I. v :’.-■ r ?
tr HHSHh B B
■ I , , BE||
Who wooldn’t tike to play
oppoxite pretty Julia Cole,
leading lady In “Death Takes
A Holiday,” which will he pre
(kago Loses Chance To Stage
, Joe-Max Championship Boot
Chicago is definitely out of the
running as a prospective place to
•tags the Louis-Schmellng cham
pionship fight in June.
This was ascertained this week
with the return of John W. Rox
borough, co-manager of heavy
weight champion Joe Louis. from
fticago where he had seen his
protege successfully defend his
Iwrels last Friday night against
the challenge of Harry Thomas.
l*wls Kills Chance
When Nate Lewis, the baldpated
manager of Harry Thomas, leaped
lato the ring with a stool to shove
under the floundering Thomas to
•ate him from a knockout, Chica
*o‘s chances for obtaining the fight
w»nt skipping gaily out the door.
While shoring the stool under
Thomas. Lewis was yelling. "The
toll rang. Davey." "Didn’t you
hear the bell, Davey?" Referee Da
nd Miller stepped in and kept
•cuis from hitting the dated Tho
It was not until the bell actual
!y rang almost 15 seconds later
'bat Lewis’ trick was made known.
Jolson Signs Petition Asking
Bar Os Colored Near His Home
*** Angeles—Although he rose
fa *ne by blackening his face and
•inging mammy songs. A1 Jolson,
amous blackface comedian, does
® ot w “ nt any colored people or
I,v,n K near his home.
Th ,s w»s brought to light last
when it was discovered that
<> son's name was attached to a
Petition filed with the City Goun
which seeks to bar colored
°Dl«*. dogs, horses, cows, and
'‘•is. which had been filed by re
of an Fernando Valley
“ncis X. Bushman, screen star
' another era. was another who
* np<l the petition.
wTV Co,op#d People who have
r * fe,t k,nd, y toward Jol
thnMif 10,, " < ' h * h *« I™* been
Dsn i * r,,>nd, y toward colored
Inr *’ haVO b ** n * K«*ow
kjm w * Ve °I resentment against
since it WM revealed that he
tion T ° f lhe ■ , *** r * tlx* petl
burh i° har co,or *<l from the sn-
l ut ln Knclno. The C«ty Council
m p cfn«ed passage of the
*’ aiding It unconetltu
*? r J 1 no Includes Studio City, and
tfcst nther small settlements
•wiw*. dealrable residence |
t „ t * for cltlsens who wish to
•tons . tJr fro,n oolored sec-1
os encroached up- 1
* * "Retrial plant*. I
sented by Nuclmna Hub at
Detroit Institute of Arts, May
ttf Ten others are In the cast.
The champion had been denied the
opportunity of stopping the chai
lenger in the fourth round.
liouis' managers Hoxborough
and Julian A. Illack, complained to
Joe Triner. boxing commissioner of
Illinois but the commissioner or
dered the fight to continue, not
withstanding Referee Miller's state
ment that Thomas should be dis
Detroit Favored Npot
While the managers have not
stated their position about the fight
going to Chicago, it is known that
they do not feel pleased about
Triner's attitude
The Brown Bomber, accompani
ed by J Levirt Kelly, president of
the Bartenders and Waiters Union,
local 444, A. F of L.. Chicago, ar
rived in town Wednesday night.
The heavyweight champion left the
city early Friday.
The champion appeared in good
condition and showed no marks oi
his recent battle.
Asked where did he think tae
Schmeling fight would be held. Joe
said he though New York would
get it
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White Grocery Owner
Kills Fleeing Man
Charged with paying too much
attention to the wife of a white
grocery store owner. Dun Ander-J
son. 20834 Parkslde avenue, whs
shot and killed In Right Mile Road.
James Rich, who chunged his
name from Vincenzo Hlzzuto, was
charged with the shooting He was
captured after a chase by police
who heard the shot.
Anderson was shot by Rich as
he walked on the Eight Mile Road.
Rich was driving an automobile at)
the time. A shotgun was used In I
the killing
When questioned by police. Rich
stated that Anderson had been '
paying undue attention to his wife.
However, these charges have been
denied by friends of Anderson.
These friends charge that the
shooting was the direct result of an
argument between the two men
about a bill that was owed
A* the shooting occurred In Oak
land County, Rich was turned over
to Oakland authorities
Probe Hospital Discrimination
Fifty-nine Colored
Workers Involved
In Car Strike
A strike involving 3,000 union
members, including "»D colored, ef
fectively tied up the street car
system of Detroit curly Thursday
The strike was called by mem
bers of the Amalgamated Asso
ciation of Street Electric Hallway
and Motor Coach Employees of
America, local 26. an AFI. union.
The f>o colored workers involved
in tilt* strike Include 2S motormen.
21 bus washers, two stock handl
ers. one salvage handler, one track
man. three auto repair helpers, one
junior mechanical engineer, and
one watchman. All belong to the
Motormen Affected
Some of the motormen affected
by the strike which completely
demoralized the street car system,
are: dumpaii Haines. John Kersey.
Louis Bleach, James Wertz. Cecil
Washington. Jackson, and Jean
Anderson, on the Woodward Ave
nue line; Sam Hayden and Brown.
Baker line; McDowell. Trumbull
llnf; Murphy. Orund River.'amt
Ramsey, Hamilton.
Barnea is the oldest colored em
ployee in the system, having work
ed mor e than 30 years. John Ker
sey has more than 25 years to his
credit, and Washington has been
employed 13 years.
Mayor Richard W- Reading an
nounced Thursday afternoon that
he intends to restore transporta
tion service even at the coat of
bloodshed. He said he is determin
ed that the Detroit public shall
have street car accommodation.
The dispute has broken
out sporadically ror a number of
years on the question of system or
line seniority. System seniority,
adopted aa a charter amendment In
April ,1937. is upheld by trolley
union. Line seniority ia backed by
the Motor Coach Operators Asso
Want System He lorlt y
Platform men Insist on system
seniority because it gives a man
prior seniority rights whether he
works on the car or bus, whereas
line seniority would Ax seniority
for bus drivers independently.
Since a great number of plat
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State Conference
I For Youth Convene*
j At Lansing April 30
j More than one hundred delegates
from Youth (tounclls of the Na-
Itional Association for the Advance
ment of Colored People are expect
eri to attend the ninth quarterly
j conference of the Michigan Youth
I Conference which will be held in
I,un*lng. April 30 to May 1.
The discussion at the youth ses
sion of the conference, which will
le held April 30. will center around
Juvenile delinquency, crime, slum
areas, unemployment, industrial
relations, religion, and race pre
Members of youth groups de
siring to attend the conference can
correspond with Mrs. Cleo Taylor.
1214 Allegan street. Lansing, or
Oltwter B. Current, 6525 Beechwood
avenue. Detroit.
Win* High Honor*
James Lawson, of Louisville, at
present doing work on hie doc
tor’s degree in phylct at the Unl
verlty of Michigan, was elected to
Sigma XI last week. Sigma XI Is a
national honorary physic society
Ellender Resolution Passes The Senate
G.O.P. Chairman Confers With Local Republicans
i IMBm
John Hamilton, chalnua of
Ibo National Republican Coni*
mlttee, hold a conference with
a group vt local (■. 0. P. lead*
ora at the Rook ('mdlllae, la at
Friday afternoon, and discus-
Catting ;All Voters For
Big Mass Meeting
Speaks To Employes
Os Great Lakes
Dr. Robert Greenidge, medical
director of Great Lakes Mutual
Inaurance Company, lectured on
health to the general aeaembly of
the entire agency and office force
of the company, Monday morning.
April 4. The meeting was in com
memoration of National Negro
Health Week, and was held in the
home office building of the com
pany, 301 East Warren avenue.
'This week." Dr Greenidge ex
plained. "was Instituted by our be
loved educator. Booker T. Wash
ington. Mortality and morbidity
ran so high that a clean-up cam
paign was started and thus from
such a humble and Insignificant
beginning was born the national
idea of better health program "
"The diseases taking the larger,
toll of our race," declared the
medical director, "were divided in
to three distinct classes; tubercu
losis. organic heart discuses and
infancy mortality. The ikrst of the
three running tba' highest in m »•
tality. Since the instituting of these
health campaigns, the tuberculosis
toll has been cut In almost half and
every year shows a decided de
crease in the death rHte. The ques
tion was asked: why did we us «.
raco seem so ausceptlb r to Him
dreaded disease? Was It due to the
fact that the masses of us were un
Dr. Greenidge then went on to
explain that two theorle were now -
being considered on the subject:
first, the under-privileged idea, and
second, the survival of the Attest.
She Remained Away
From Home Too Long
For Hubby'» Delight
Because she remained awav
from home for two days. Mrs Ruby
Mears Is In Receiving Hospital
with serious stab wounds and her
husband Walter Mears. Is held In
Jail on a charge of assault with
Intent to kill.
Mr. Mears. who is 32 and lives at
3641 Hunt straat. was stabbed Sat- 1
urday night during an argument •
with her husband. He later tooki
har to the hospital
Mod the political situation In
\ Tribune photographer W|N
present and snapped . several
picture* for the pro** after the
meeting, la this group, from
I The Committee On Negro Regis
tration And Voting of which At
i torney Joseph A Craigen Is chair
I man. will sponsor a mammoth masj
I meeting Sunday afternoon at 3
i o’clock at Eenezer A. M. E. Church,
Willis and Brush streets. A num
t her of prominent speakers will
participate on the program in
cluding Jo« Louis and other nota
The purpose of the mass mee -
ing. as announced by the sponsors,
will be to inlist the co-operation of
all local organisations and citizens
In the city-wide effort to arouse
members of the race to register
and become qualified to vote
Fall To Tote
According to the leaders of the
Committee on Negro Registration
And Voting, there are at present
only about thirty-five thousand
registered Negro voters in Detroi’.
although the potential voting
strength of the group In Metropoli
tan Detroit exceeds seventy thou
The Committee, whose person
nel Includes leaders of various ac
tive political organizations. "'Demo
cratic. Republican. Non-parti
san, and other pollti al groups."
have printed and are distributing
100,000 registration questionalres..
and lists of registered and non
legistered colored citizens are be
! Ing prepared and placed on file. At
•the same time, non-reglstered clti
| sens are being visited by field work
ers in the various wards and dis
tricts of the city and urged to re
Prepare Htlcher*
Placards and several thousand
automobile sticker*, calling at-|
tention to the "Negro Registration *
Period.” are alao being prepared
by the Committee
At the regular meeting last Fri
day afternoon, which was held at
the Douglass Civic Club otf E,
Warren avenue. Attorney Charles
Roxborough presided In the ab
sence of Chairman Crnigen.
Attorney Roxborough stated that
It is very necessary that Negroes
register and vote, and he reported
that the workers In his ward are
busy getting all members of the
race over twenty-one years of age
to register.
A general discussion of the tine
progress being made by the Com
mittee on Negro Registration AnJ
Voting was participated in by sev
eral of those present, including Dr.
A. & Toodle. Carlton W Gaines.
Mrs. Beatrice Fleming. Mrs. Rur
(Contlnued on pace 111
left to right an* seen: John
0. Hopkins, Jr* who was chair*
man of the conference; Ally.
Jallan Rodgers, Hon John
Hamilton, Mrs. Essie Shaw,
and Ex*Senator Roxhorougli
Confers With Local
Republican Heads
Hbn. John D. M. Hamilton
chairman of the Republican Na
tional Committee, met with a group
of local Republicans and newspa
per men last Friday afternoon, at
the Book Cadillac Hotel.
A general discussion was held,
concerning why the Negro vote left
the Republican Party in the last
Presidential election and what
steps to take to win back the vote.
Chairman Hamilton received a
general picture of the political
situation In Detroit and Michigan
when asked by the Tribune re
porter us to whom he thought
would be the Republican standard
bearer in the 1940 Presidential
election, the Chairman would not
venture a guess, but expressed the
opinion that the present depression
would continue for some time, and
that the present Democratic Ad
ministration could not continue to
spend at thp present rate. If these
conditions keep up. Chairman
’Hamilton "aid he thought Repub
lican chances would be good in
Among those present at the con
ference were: John O. Hopkins,
Jr., Attorney Julian Rodgers, At
torney Charles Roxborough. Lloyd
Cofer. Mrs. Essie Shaw. Mrs.
Claudia Taylor. Louis Martin, and,
Edward Baker.
Nannie Burroughs Pleads For
New And Courageous Leaders
By R«m J. Cowans
Describing the world aa a place
"wrecked hy war and injustice."
Miss Nannie Burroughs, president
of the National Training Bchool for
Women and Girls. Washington, i).
C.. pleaded for "a leadership that
comes out of nowhere and saya
'we can do It.*" In her address to
a capacity audience at 8t Antoine
Y. M. C. A. Sunday afternoon.
In her speech Miss Burroughs
Superintendent Put
On Hot Spot By
Local Branch
A rt* maud fur ii sweeping inves
tigation of condition* ut Woman's
Hospital will l>e made to the Com
nt >n Council this week l»y the id
eal branch of the National Asso
ciation for the Advancement of
Colored People.
The demand tor the investiga
tion follows rapidly on the heels of
the rejections by the superintend
ent of the Hospital. Miss Sarah
Wardell. of Percy Keys, who was
brutally heuten by police during
the riot near tin* Federal Screw
Works. :;4<ll Martin avenue, a week
Rejects Patient
Tlte hospital had agreed to 5.*-
cept Keys until he arrived at the
hospital and It was discovered that
he was colored. The superintendent
then is alleged to have called po
lice to have Keys removed from
room 307 where he had been plac
ed. The patient, as a result of the
superintendent's action, wag with
out medical aid for an hour and
foty-flvc minutes.
The patient was later removed to
Harper Hospital by officials of lo
cal 174 of the United Automobile
Workers. Keys suffered a broken I
spine, fractured leg. and other in-'
ternal injuries.
The local brauch. In demanding
an investigation of the hospital,
points out that it is tax free, and
that it receives from the
county for treating patients. The
officials of the association said that
colored residents of Detroit help
to pay for the treatment of thoae
patients, and therefore, demand a
right to be given medical aid there.
First Cong. Civic
Club In New Home
The First tlongressional Citric
Club, under the supervision of a
new board of management, has
taken over the management of the
second floor of the building locat
ed at 2113 Chene street, formerly
operated by the Motor City Dodge
of Elks No. 962
At the meeting held Friday. April
1. Emmet 8. Cunningham, the pres
ident. outlined the program which
will be put into effect under the
new regime. He made the following
“It is our desire to co-operate
with an organization, wishing to
hold its regular weekly meetings
in our new home.’’
Orguniations which have ex
pressed desire to co-operate in this
manner include the First Congres
sional Civic Club. Chrysler Em
ployees. Progressive Men's Cluh.
Jolly Strollers Social Club. East
Bide Renters And Consumers Ima
gine. and the Colored Hotelmen’s
The dance hall Is being redeco
rated and will he available for
Special attention is being given
to the Indies Lounge, which will
he available for the accommodation
of small bridge clubs.
ft&ld that the race la In need of
“leaders who will make ua believe
that we can do things” She waa
Introduced by the Hev. Robert L.
Brad by. pastor of Second Baptist
Mrs. Burroughs stated that there
la a treater need for prayers for
the leaders, than for the masses
"Oh jQod, *lve us leaders to match
oar mountains," she pleaded.
Sprint Frem Poverty
tirawlnr from her keen know*
ledire of history, Miss Burroughs
To Investigate All
Federal Cases In
Michigan Area
The Kllcnder Resolution, calling
for a Senate investigation of dis
crimination in the adniinstrntion of
the Federal Civil Service laws was
passed this week by tile Senate
According to reports coming
from Washington, hearing!. will
prohuhiy start this mouth.
Tile resolution, according to Wal
ter White, executive secretary of
the National Association for the
Advancement of Oolored People
was not passed with the intention
of striking at racial discrlmitiatou
but Its language is so broad that
cases of this type can be brought
under it for investigation
Wires Loral Head
Mr. White, in a telegram to Dr.
James J. McClendon, president cf
the Detroit branch, said that the
national office In New York has
requested an opportunity to present
cases of discrimination under the
Federal Civil Service tow against
Negroes Mr. White said that he
I had been assured that these cases
will be heard
In his telegrams which were sent
to ail branches in the United
States, urged the members to start
an immediate drive in their com
munities to uncover all cases of
racial discrimination in the Fed
eral Civil Service during the past
15 years. These cases, he said, will
be brought to the attention of the
investigating committee
Dr. Mcdendou. on receiving
White’s telegram, said "If uny col
ored person has been discriminated
against at any time in Civil Ser
vice in Detroit, or Michigan, they
are advised to contact at once the
president of the Detroit branch ot
the National Association for the
Advancement of Colored People at
my office. 503 Bast Warren avenue
All complaints must be filed as
soon as possible."
According to several lawyers
who had read the Bllender reso
lution. there are a large number of
cases within the Michigan area
which should be Investigated, as to
the violation of the Federal Civil
Service laws.
Civic Rights Group
To Confer With The
Board Os Education
The Detroit Civic Rights Com
mittee, it in announced, will ap
pear before the Detroit Board of
Education. Tuesday. April 12. at
.1:30 p. nt.
It is reported that the Commit
tee is planning to ask the Board
to remove certain school principals
and that thp question of Negro em
ployment will be one of the Issues
The public is Invited to listen t*
the argument on both sides
The conference will be held In the
large board room In the Board of
Education Building, 1366 Broad
pointed out that grsnt leaders have
been spawned from the Horn of
P° Tert y *od a despised group,
emerging, as It wore, overnight to
ascend to unbelievable hetgbta
Miss Burroughs recommended
the shelving of shy qualms about
race or color. "Our chief worry Is
race." she sold "1 want to disabuse
your mind of that There is no need
to worry about soasethlag you have,
and there la no aped to talk about
It. Atop worryn* about being n
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