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Ihr tn*t ran’f *fnp loir. Front the heart of the South, mm* 1
i •••! o*f t*• «ir so es C,.- •. • V iN- * • *'hi >« an of
r • T.v- :c • « : •• r. -1 "v :• ::« .a v the’wen
(n . ;!i . f J. v ;r Merrr '• ■ T ■ • S'- • •.» * bey w !1 hr at
We are Into in extending good ui*hc* n young and h.ip|*? <’ ,l pl<‘*
... v , v s .u , . . . _ F :;- v .V ! r: ■ o r
Fit o-r rro*’y rr.'“ « n-t r:
y-$• * % 'ho i it-;- g. . ; •
Os •'. -••• rc« ;• w- f ■ -<-r r v .r'.- ,H' * -«
Phyllis t olden r.1n.1 in i ... i< a golf widow rhU wninnier. *iuce
F ' ‘•r- r.'l jo v.: . ■• - • ■ T .s • v "or. ■ r and will
u •ri'fo •« • - . .. ? r . A- *•r. or *w.' af.d «he
••! 1 > »' •>. r•■. c • ! • ; '
Mr.. t.rass * in nklih mi.i ” th h>r good iriend. Dr, Mary
M 1.0. -j Rf i, - x .. ■■■'-.• ho» ye/ion or.
• : - ■ * o c f * n P -
f• V « (trace 1*
■ . ■ - . - w w >'ro
• • ’•‘•p. cr.i. :ou*
• ••!:(!>£ " . • • in •. for the
]ir. - .c - V: « J -hn
Mr.. I, ... i i . hi.rta'. .1 a twilight dinnerparty at Hollo
I x. •' V 1 V * sp' .T.an
I . „• .Vo ■ * i ' ary.
« . - W- ire al
ii . . - • ./• - <r* ■ ■.r H< "f> I*l*
M.. 1 i ...... ~H- '■ r* * .. mo «i hi r iru ml. mi I riilnj
r . . • . T ■ • - o' • - affair
n „► 1 1 t n
; • ? . r. . >e*a -G-Mt*.
• - r i'v* n, Ho
' „ .- ! ■ irr.i,
t.i. * ai. .11: > •J 7. at t | ' »’ir. M ili san. tin l.'i.hort Nolan
c. ':r • ; - ; . • :• ml jr’T.
r. : _ a f.r.o b. Th>
t - ' : »i!«o an-!
c $ , st* I «:r.v*
• v. • < ;n?y. 1)0-
s • . <\ Ito. i
V * n.*
n f ■ ’ • •• • h *n r{ ii: rr\< r*
. : * \\ ff 'f v \V >OO
r 1 ••- -i . . r :p * m N r’CiPvn Hian
; r . ■ - - . ; \K ' . •» ;:nn fi n* F 1 !
■id \ * * *. * * * . ks *. r.* ♦* i' * ?*< li » f vj
r%" rv. ••• ' • a ( *•
• * * * -;«»n * ft,
< ► ; .
• •* ' . . V I'. <i MVim
v '• ,* ■
\ !■! t m* ♦ n; . If t ii • < ii« «»tr« # % mis sh«*fkinc. I»nI Hi* r»*
. * . I 1 • I ... . C '» . •'.'l 4 ft *t‘ 'ol • -
... , ' \ * *\r '
a. ;o. • • - •' o •on,f hr . •,<
r • zt • * ’ ft •* a l»r*o- a; ••
. r '■■ t ir * r r.o • ad'.'i .v '!
| •; - b a-t rarti tah>«.
0 ■ . • ■ n 1 ", J '!' «ri <■. !•••
: r • art) aro h ij.r
s rt. I. V. > 1 !'.. «,i a I • r-1 i• r f r tin- !* Ith I nuim or llatal
. • ■».*! .'p; *"
k ■ .Oj.o t'» f:T.r! Titov
. . ;.- t- ■ Ttto o|. 1 r:'!f r *r.a*
• 1 ■ V \. n |o ’ ,'f>: ’ ia ft
Ho ' I. i r. • . iin r > i,. nr ni *.». a .olioilnlod »Nit. ami ««•
• v ' uti r.ch.t-pounol baby
r y t • •«'. Moithor anti
Ia • • a ii i . I•. • t ii st i • m Intnit, Irllmr rainier, U
0* ; . • , ! \ . c if rtff to IdlewiM
#r. • 1
'lr-. I -it 'it \i.>ror itim, mi. r ipoinlnitr urj pl**«iant noo|>«
j.: 1 v '! *> 'ic« avenue, left
M i o)ri<• a r.f warm
h< '• • • . »<’• - a-i ’ i •>• •• nrli-r. <1 her
fc•. • *, • |-;< > ■ M - M tt'.o Cti aharr.
PiLi .o J , • .i . S.rr.i*! Tho mnaon
• .. - if* u . f ■.« a* a pi. nji civon
| v ti,i- 7no . i ... >■ •. 1 .n M *. Jrnnio- Turner.
.V' •< -1. •. 1 A < * <t !V * K tNV w’t - wo-e ai o epeclal
P .'f *r • • •n.
t threo.ronrip ilinnir *orteil hj Mi*i Millannlte 'linhj, nf Hardin?
*v*n |o - . .. i -n nh'r. <,f ho r f,.. g. H am. a dental etu
d'r.t a - Ho ' • and it; io *i*y Os <r c.< < • p-o » ••• \r<r i*-i Margaret
>i n l.'goi:ijf M: ■» I. ,r.no r o. i , ,'t . i H'.ykin.
r.iim sintlol.iii. ilio loin ii? Isi.iio uh«. 1.... k lioirnit like wild tire,
oft f«.r h-T o.rr.e in B-iffaioi 1 ,*«di • < s *h had horn the houae
r ii-ot <t hor rotn* n« I r. nrd V r ' V .nt I’oa* <• - o.* ParkfmS’enue.
«|r.. .July 4.
Moigi>or« of the M idu o.|« mor* olnh hold llioir r« ir ii In r lortnighllj
v.,. n , ; g. • *r.g. •!.. «• 11,4 IV. ! i if. Sa* ;rday and Sunday.
Ai... n. thn •-•»hu in ~.yo»j im t- (i .t i. • w»ro lir. H'.h Bennett,
\t (iiad;. - m i- aid nfa e t.r rm Luo key. s.,d <• Hfiiitt, Lillian Brown.
|{rtn M'o>l,h. |»r ard Mr- uini'- (> : n- ami dauglitor, Mr. and Mra
till K'twai T--. Mr. sit and Mi- .1 A \l .;>«> Mr. Hiid M Walter llino“<
Senator and Mrs it.rt.s lur |{n- .»t I!.i<i.ii Mi. and Mia. Hnaoi.o
Kulle . Mr. atul M Ki • and ,1. »r. Mi Hint Mi*. Waltt r Maimin, Mr
and Mr*. S|t,. i,'-. If. -it lli\«if Mi Mir. Thero«a Hilley. Krneat Kleli
ir Hen Hondo i-i.ti l.t.v I iMiri. Mi and M * <s‘oii.*- Tnvloir. Hardy
Hart in and Mr. A ( Thom r
<ll her 11. tier, nt Mld-Mo.f oitr the week-end Inoludod Mr. and
Mra. William Reed and t ne I’.ml and Hymn; Mia. t arter and Mra.
Gertrude Smfh, niother* o>f thi R*ed- Mr. and Mra. .1. F.. Mod all, Mr.
•nd Mra. Samuel H. Ihoma-. Mr and Mra Weldon and daughter. Jeanne;
Mi and Mra Hay M»/'.r. .V Harriet Rnhir.gi n. Mr. and Mra. Alva
Carroll, who were vie. or- n* oireen |’a«t irea ramp alaoi rnade a brief
i •» It lo Mid-Weat.
Ml«a Mae Bail* «>t New \«.rk 4 itj wa> the .font hon*e gerif of Hr.
Ud Mra. Toga Brows o t Warreu annua. .
Club News
Summer Ball To Climax Nacirema Week
iiiiii*^CTyjjH^;' immk Sm mm 1
(SggvT 1 ll.Rffllilil; fy—f ' §|jg|g| Jagjpf
V gjgl
Millie di»oii.»ln? current riuiira. •
zinc iirti<-lev nt the |{i.\tior<.ii?h
litthi•- oil l|i>ll.rook. 111.1 week, thi*i
«Imrmintr trio mi* interrupted
mid |(li<.tii?rn|ihed I.t ii Trlhniie
oHinoniriiMii. I.oit to right are:
Mr.. John |{o\h..roiigh mid her
loieli niece*. |iMf Itoxhoroiigh,
of ll*.Hi m.oil. and Mr*. t irele
|{o\tioroiigh If riiiin Ie y, of
i hurlo.t ii, W.Vn. I Lie |* *tlll
keenly iniore.fod in ne»i«|*aper
worl.. nnd before returning fn the
t <>iiif saturdar, paid n friendly
i|*lt to J he 'I rlhnne office.
Play Comp Fire
Girls On hie
>.ru: day exo-n.r.j: that moet
; p dp'.'jtan'e (tub. the Mar- j
jrii. it* firs' outtng. a
w< iti* ; «’ Hel)p lajc.
'llk > un- women and their |
!i!«n** a-so m fill’d at the homo of
1’: ps.r.f m Helen Spivey,. L.-aiing
•ip.- }i.'M p and. on reaching the isle. ,
. made a .amp lire. While met
re *h*■;" w-ircr* they liatened to I
~r. 1 da- .erl hy the latcat swine re
, • orolmgs.
Among ti.p gay orowd" were i
\ f . S'evors E'hpt Daniels. Mil-j
*r F'raz'.pr. Holliday, Henry
Smith, Willa Mae Hurt. Roheit
f’orry. Mary f'ur:y. Johnaon Flana
gan. I.uoillp rtosemond, Thomas
! si.iuKhti Ida Mae F'lanagan.
'•ioi.i ge K* vin. Helen Spivey, War-j
•ti O’ath.-ai th. H'isalia Brown,
N.ttia M- Million. Anne Pearl Jones j
N.i’lim; < ~rr. *«lad\« Barber, John,
lii.i’f. Bi<is|«. Spivey. Tony,
ijuHk< r. Alex Thomas. Oil via Bar-1
) Per, F'r..lri<ka Smith nnd Bpi-;
nard Harri*.
Luncheon Brings Friends
Together; Wedding Nears
Complimenting Freidß Dolores
Bailey, »hn!U' marriage to Walter
F{. (sr**en. Jr, will I>p aolemnired
Auk Ju Mr and Mia Felix Hatrh
<r wito buffer aupper hoats Sunday
night ?n tin' future newlywed* in
th»ii* «<!l appointed homo at fil.Ut
s< <tin n avenue.
fJueat*. upon arrival were arrved
df lii ion* i orktaila and appearing
rajane* in the living mom. whbh
ir.«r> 1 f wa* mufti like a flower gard
on the lung butTet the In
vitee* found a varied array of d*li
i Bring, namely neapolitan chlrken.
ffukiail h*an« rhef aalad, flah
moiisaee. banana. Rnalon brown and
rhera* bread*, and Frrnrh tart
rak*. with rherry rream
Th* h’lde elar-t looked q de
mure In a floral printed voll*
derma n.mmed with whit* evelet
la<* Two boaiitifii 1 gardenia* were
pinned *o her ahould*r.
Among thoa* who came to ron
gratulate Fr*!d» and Walter war*:
Mr and Mr*. Marvin Flaming, Mr
and Mr*. <Jeorge C.aln**, Mr. and
Mr* Hurry furtia, Mr a. floe
Holly, Mi* Eleanor Boykln-Jonaa
who wora white avalat and pique
md yallow and Wlllta gcr***orl**;
Sim* Morton ami .lo«eph I’rnther
i>c il Whittaker and Ply Boykin,
Dorothy Millar and St. flair Mil
lui»* Dorothy looking veiy awed
and rharming In a white tailored
1 frork with gold navy but
| tone.'
Alao preaent were Marjori*
Oiaenidg* and fhlirlra powall,
Helen Rvara and I-Iggena Moora.
Eouia Young tha tall lltheaome
ml**. with Purnel Shelton, and far
ria l.ewia and Roh Raker, .both
radiating happlnaaa on th«ir ap
proaching marrlaga.
IHh UfciKUl i 1 KlhL *Nh, SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, l l J4l
<-ay ni(io<l* were exhlhlled lii't
Saturday night nt Sprlnghill
Karin* at the Summer formal of
the i.ny Forty Mner* by Hester
Ituk.dale, Bernice Finley, Pauline
Brook*. o*lel| Broom. Ruth Lite*.
Fielyn H»p\ins. Haney Mitchell.
Priscilla Tompkins, James Frank
lin. Nathaniel < arr. Hell Fills,
Millia Mae Brunson, John Frank
lin. William Gary, Juanita (arr.
Hose M. Franklin, France* Fin
’ey. lii rolhy 4 amphell and (.lady*
McNeill. iPliolo by Dixon.,
Aliis Rodgerw, Ruby Mormoi
and the latter’* mother. Mrs
•Wright, returned to Detroit Mmi
day. following a pleasant \if*lt It
Heat Rebuffed
At East aiders
Summer Formal
Hast Side Youth Council of
NAACP presented a Manor F.n
semhle at the Women’s Federation
lasi Friday evening Hnd the lads
and lasses were having such a
lovely time they completely forßot
about the tunes.
Jellawskl F'erguann and hi* or
chestra turned out some very
fan. y while the glamorous damsels
swirled In tolerable fashion. During
a bit of intermission, one’s eyes
flashed upon the very charming
Ardel Stevens, from Stanton. Mu h
sweet in a navy blue net with
[iharteuse trimmings; Stanford
Hicks, continuously excusing him
self; Cleopatra Walker, in a white
net with tiny strings of printed
I cotton going around It; Samuel
l/oye, Toni McCrary, who wore a
black taffettn. with riot beige peek
line; Shirley Williams, llob-nther
I Ann ItliSkiiu.ii dressed In a stun
. ning Primes* style peadi Mar
(|tt*leile; Walter fatim.n, Elizabeth
I Williams, who hail picked a baby
! Id tie flow* tod taffeta Mililfn* and ill
pink; Howard Goolsby Dill of fun
; as ever laiuiso Johnson In a sky
I blue taffeta skirt wtlh a while ve|-
j vet jacket; Eugene Hall, Chatline
Rainey in a darling light and dark
emerald chiffon; Eugene Welch.
I Alyee Smooth In white chiffon trim-
I med In while lace; John Apple.
Mabel Jackson In rose taffeta with
j a quilted bolero
Other* present included: Idella
I Hudson Isham Elliott. Alma
I Strong, Aaronett* Crow der, Wood-
■EWj»»*/ T&JfifflKinliT ! Tr K. \^|>^ ; • ' iSvSwB&l f £,'
llm*e who were pretoat «l the l.nffet Inmheon honoring Mr.
nml Mr*.. I hotter Tnlhot on fhelr 2.Mh werl.linir nnnher«nrj Sunday
nrrrs Mr. nml Mr*. Fred Vincent. Mr. H mt Mr*. Arrhle Vann. Mr. nml
Mr*. R. W hilmnn. Mr. nml Mr*.. I*. I , Toi ler*. Mr. nml Mr*. Allen
Unlkor, Mr. nml Mr*. Uillinm 11r..0n. Mr. nml Mr*. Ben Rlrhnrrt*on.
Mr. nn.l Mr*. I. Satterfield, Mr. Hn.l Mr*. M. Jaekfton. Ml«*e* llene
nml l*n line Vlnrent, Mi**e* Hem Ire Klrhnnl*on. Itrendn Vnnn, Man.
fer Hennle Hirhard*on, 4r. ami Hol.erl Perry Satterfield.—(Photo by
row Hunt, Edward Massey, Jark
Tidwell, Dorothy Havre, Vernon
Garrett, Walter Wilton, Jesse
Llghtfoot, Eugene Simmons, Leon
, Muenler. Dori* Redmnn, R. J. Fore
Famous for Ladies’ Fine Silk Hosiery
Full-Fashioned Silk First Quality
Newest Shades for Your Selection
&Vt ll 69c —51.60
Mllet of Wear With Fverr Pair
The Smttrn Avenue hl nk is real
-1 made up of "Yoo-hon" neigh
bors. Las* Sunday they celebrated
their four;h annual sunrise break
fast In the flower-filled back yard 1
of Mrs Jeff’
Mesdarnes S’. Clair Billups and
Rodney williams. co-chairmen. led
the group in singing ’Good Morn
ing. pear Neighbors,' after which
Mrs. Grace Willi inis led the theme
song. The More We Get Together." i
Mi«s Mary Monroe, a teacher in
'‘our block." give a toast to the
men. A. f. i allowav wittingly re
sponded with a toa s i to the women.
Mrs. W. .leftnes and N Walden
kept •ou- neighbors'* smiling with
clever remm k*.
The delicious breakfast was
served with all the beauty of an
indoor affair. Pelirate china,
gleaming silver and glassware, and
cut flnwrr« from the neighborhood
gardens added to the attractive
ness of the table.
Pers u:« present tr<r': Mrs Mary
.Jeffries. Mr and Mr- St. Clan
Rillups. S Mr. and Mrs, Rodnev
Williams, Mr. and Mrs Uo>« Tay
lor. Mrs Irene \b holson. Mrs.
Rogers. Mrs. Hazel May
nard. The j rh i•• Williamses. Mrs.
'(lriffen Ca y and rhughter Flor
en< e Mies V,i! > Monroe. A. C.
Calloway, Fi:n* Mnh. Mr< Aloe
Rousseau. Mrs John Mill. Mr. and
Mrs Brown, Little B iddy and Billy
Taylor. Grace wtlli.itr*. reporter
■ - O —i ■
Mrs. Maggu < .a'* of Jaekson
ville. Fla. is visiting her brother
and sister-iti-l.iw. Mr. and Mrs
Shirley Buik> and family. of War
ten avenue. M -. Clark* arrived on
July 1’ and will r-main in Petrolt
until A tig ust 2.
man. Thelma McGill. Melvin Hub
hard. Mr. and Mr*. Green, Robert
Foster, Muriel Crowder, Clarence
Nelson, Cordelia Crowder, and
seads of others.
2146 St. Antoine Street, Corner Columbia— iLm or <i
Club News
Gents Will Play Hosts
To Hords of Visitors
NAC'IKKM A WEEK, one of Detroit’s mo.* interestint
seven-day jubilees, has been planned for August; 16-2*
This week of gay activities, as in years pa.-:. v. ;.l draw G
itors from far and near, and its sponsors wii! go -he limit
to make the week's stay of any partakers in fun .« mru? »]«.
i ious one. '
Nai irenia Week, this year, will be
*\cn greater than last, according
til those in ch.v ge. A clam e at the
prog; am will prove that.
Those who plan to enjoy the in- ]
imitable hospitality of this fine
group of workers are asked to reg
ister. if they conte from elsewhere
Special plans will be mad* for their
entertainment. >o that they shall
not forget the ‘ genial hosts" of this
beautiful city
on Sunday, Aug. 17. in spa. mus.
wooded and cool Broadway park
Nacirema's annual picnic will be
held. "Come and bring the whole
family" is the general invitation on
th<* attractive folders sent out by
the committee in charge Further
than that, there will he "Panring,
games, sports and refreshments."
All one has to do is to follow Pavi
s n or k-Mlle road t<» Ryan road,
to park. Watch for signs on Ryan
Gala of gala events will be the
dance on,Thursday, Aug. -1 in the
' ih. nmparahle Grays’.one bullri om."
where Leroy Smith and his Victor
Recording orchestra will dispense
tunes. Summer formal* or sport
w*ar will be permitted. This is al
ways one of the most sociable af
faiis of the midsummer season and
its followers number in*, the thou
| "Oh for th*' life of a sailor." will
be gratified somewhat as an ambi
tion bv those who on Sunday, Aug.
24. will set sail on the Steamer Co
lumbia. which, the announe*nient
says, "will i ruise gently over the
tiescrnt waves re the legend-old S*
Clnir River. Ship n!:< \ at !• pni .
f o* of Woodward.
Here i« a tine opportunity for P. -
troit to liter,illy show the country
what hospitality i- wilhout the
Na< ire mas this w uld not lie pos
sible. Many smaller events will b<‘
s. heduled. Hut. remember the big
ones Picnic, Aug. 17. Parne. Aug
21; and Boa* Ride Aug 21 Put the
Na< irema- u n your date list.
M'. and Mrs. Merman Ros. oe, of
Cope la net avenn* hi - coup. inter! hv
their little daughter, .lane, ate still
on their vacation trip, which Is
taking them on vi-its through the
South* rn State- and points out
Ne-t. i,s well ; ,s In obi Mexico
across the Rjn Grande.
Additional social pictures
will ho found on pajre fi of
this issue.
in only a few days..*
Hr Ip* brighten, lighten,
fade freckles, clear off ■ ,
dull akin, loosen black* v",
heads. Join thousands j£ ;l '
now happy with fairer
And more admired
complexion*. A, c .‘
' ' ’U r /' ; >
i"” i■l•'"■ ’> > .ii. 11 .> s ,■«i
be*-" i» 11 h <i* it i".. i v \nfiL ; igß&. »*o3
1 "• i"f. iii.ins , t m,
i"U 1 M .iril' .inil < In- like,
< l»*ii '<>" liaxe 11 real "is.
rri. I.d M." < uminp. N ~,,
possibly I
such creams to light ('lt I e
and soften the wnv' .
at five and ten stores. C
Larger aises, 25* and
Sub-I)eb C hatter
Ny 1.l I 111 -i-i i k
To relievo tin • ~r th*
summer vacate" ;■ i A r “ a .
her of Detroit <• t -• j.*r?otub!»
youna ladies, • furlough,
> n to speak, finiit mm ajij
• urrnulum' ti<nk .e- [j l#
Canada t\ ith M ' n? Co> t 0
hold ihrir first nr'' e ■.« a club.
Those who mad' rt ■ tskittg lj
ihe sun, toastu u - an! it.
liHilir.K Mo iv. .«• : . „ ;r f rna
l.ake Michiear . «• G.^vi
House. Klizahfth I'. . porotby
Stevenson, |)era > l- < phy! ,*
Patterson. Thi> n .» n* th»
i luh is to k"> p ,p w ■ ■ . •; ,n ir^
contra, t bride* ! ' • v ;y '! k«
trouble" for M - t.■ .. - O'htr
memh. rs w*i elt • • A .’k n» »m
Doris Ratliff.
Roses to th>- !.• - for pUa
nine to continue . ; par*>*
during winter • ri >ar.r.i
Waundle-s for ,n- ,r • ; »£» bv
fore love, i V Hi
mini’s ihis.*
About H'.r.K • i: •: ' eir.jt ill
for Velma May
About norf-end k •• sat::*
their allowance for >•; .-.r fare
to travel all the way •< • ■ east «.4«
to \ isi? Ann t! * _
About |[i»i hell • . • \ia;f.
ice Klwood rook W ,' 4 . s «
Up a sharp cat i:,v !• ,v • i'
t V-rrection ; l.a ' «• .« n:4
that Cornelia Hl* • - 1 put
in li* r appli. a’ • ; M.itaty'i
I time. poldsight >•', i »jst
I to?
About John Tr> .'I . hfarti
around the town *.ir.>i <. r-n ?»«•
tun .Ho jvi rnt > .f ■ • r P from
Philadelphia. IVnr. ’ a.
About Karl K'- • z to e»t
a lino on Agio s M* "■ » fOa
for hrr, hook. 1:n■ »r 1 rk*r.
About Colson Nutt -• rj'.’j j»!e*
mu < = on thr f > « <
I lassitied \il»
Want'd: tjwond" .r. • ■'*. Jo?c*
Coupe i\ hai k in Petr, '•om* o*
our talent.
Wan tod ; T. p'b ’he L**-
r<-n«-o Tri hni'.il }C- -ri Maos*
light by AYillie Hy • ir.MtS*
nir Hryant. TheC\o r ! evil
othi'f. iNo kin. no* yc
Wanted; l?v ].u > *»? ter
R« Ila Clemons to r• n « e °t
• her lipstick Ho *■'•? ‘ lf ■■ r01 "f
all right exn pt for •
lost And I "itml
IjOsll lyiSt to Torn' Wr hiTI
with us sonic tino t>i ''tv. ■
on th" West side. Ctrl'
and friond .1. 0.
Friends: Troublo to |,u. .« Call 1 )*
way if ho brine- ; - brother
Andrew alone Hi' 1 ' •
Who rouid n i k f 1 1 n
I,om : Cupid’s stir. ' V"a r *
nt Jeanette Jonrs hii>l Iv. * Proo
for. Another romv f n lion
Finding: Kddio S '
nioylo Howell in i I
Fuilor. are t.ilont !
out, girls, they're r< • .r*-ba
Till llil>
Jaquolino imtii.ip,* 1 *
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