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Taxicab Drivers Get Salary Increase After Calling Strike
Girl Sitting
In Car At Gas
Jealous Wife
Tosses Acid In
Rival's Face
Mr*. Wilma Manuel. r,6. 41« t
Calmer, was held in Jail pending
Mias Clara overtree, 24. ::m4 Med
bury. last Thursday.
Mrs. Manuel had been accusing
Overtree of "running around
w:’h her husband." .lames M.?nuel.
so when Mrs. Manuel mu Mins
O'ertree sitting In an automobile at
the qa* station where her husband
employed she walked over to the
ear and tossed sonm < arbolic a< id
In Miss Overtrees face and on her
The burn* were severe enough
for Miss Overfire to be taken to
Receiving hn*p*al while M ,-R Man
uel was taken to Police Headntiar
*ers and lodised r*n the eigh'h floor
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striking h - head attil breaking his
rerk. He died almos; instantly.
This wr - on .June Jh. about 1 p.
Lincoln student
Herhe .1 w.i a student a -
Linmin lush K* rnda >. and would
hav- *• r.. • eh the it; :n .linuary of.
yen He was ~ member of
the v-lrd , >v\ and was popular
with s he ro.irger srt.
Elder L. H Bland and KJdfr T. |
Jin sen n id’ remarks. M. Rrown
acu M:s« HI nd -.uu. Ui'."v tele, t
gram* atitl « indolent es were an-;
n-"»jwed H,. n . many sections o' ’he 1
• •our.*’", a fiota; wreath came
Kresge company, where the
elder ("opening has worked many
Pallbearers were friends of the
tie *as>ert. as were power bearers
Ov-t f-’ow;. .rirridapts a * 'he fun
eral were Herbert s lr • licr-in-■'
ia v and » <ter. Mr. and M. Paul
<'*x ofrievehmd, trd their daugtr*!
u M-> Mabel Holder of Chat
ta.nonga a-.n* of the young man.’
aau r>* Wayne Beniamin. a .‘riend. j
cow a- r ,mp Custer.
* were ■ Mr.,
a.vi Mi - ''opening, pa-ent* Mr.'
*rd M - Pa ;i iox M ■ prrn'hy
1 opt-n r.c-r.v k at;d M. t ji Copen
ai »a* ir R • «e; .1 w n rems.
’ t
mm s9***'' , * 4sT liSfiSjFM
Hue-'f/-,m*4* *
,' ’Pi* l *" ?l«wV' t-^.Kvft?^ 4 *''>*'■
'. ? *n *sr * g||RHHHEj|ji&:&**
ipinajto^feyfa. - ,-■ MjJ/mrW v:aß^Wßa«ftt,
' ; "»■■ > .^uflfL
•••• rmr
* i
Mr*. James llenry Iturres was,
before her rerent mtrrlaar. Miss
I IflntH Jean Thomas, she Is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ||ii«
lierf Thomas. *J|.».*» >, ( apltol
avenue, Indianapolis. Mr. Iturres
Is the son of Mrs. Kulton Itank*.
%h Inidana avenue.
Child Injured When
She Falls Two Floors
Three-year-old Eraie Freailey.
1344 Theodore, fell from the aerond
floor of her h«me Sunday afternoon.
Tha child wan taken to children a
hospital hr her mother whera ex
amining phyalriana deported her
condition aa aerioua.
The mother aald the child had
been playing in the houae when ahe
t >
I Offjc* PHONE! Peetdenre I
' ( i. »ti# to e-ana 1
ff«r*r*v »rd tneuranta
>«4ar? PnMi# filth heal
Ml fte*fmla«ter M.
Ml Ora lint at M. Aatelaa DeteaM /
Terrorist Who Shot 2 And Wounded
2 Is Captured By Toledo Policemen
Henry Campbell, 41 years old. 653 Orleans, held as
a suspect in the shooting of Paul K. Hopan, Detroit Edi
s< n company service man and holdup of Mrs. Alice Arm
strong. 139 E. Jefferson, last Monday, may gain his free
dom this week.
Mr*. Armstrong identified C*mp-«
hell. When Campbell was taken be
fore HogHti in Rebelling hospital
j tne wounded man was not positive
;n hi* identification of the suspect.
Rut the < loud surrounding t'imp
tU’VM 'leaved ISnnHay w th fhf
j arrest in Toledo of Thomas Willi
-1 Hm«. .16 Williams, ac«ording to
Inspector John O Whitman, of
'he Homicide Squad confessed to
Toledo police that he shot and
i wounded a man in Petroit last
j Monday after he had fired a shot
at a woman.
William* was arrested aft*r he
had terrorised Toledo last Friday,
killing two men and wounding a
Tim killing occurred during a
i h"ldup of an it e and coal company
office in the downtown district.'
William* taking $1"0 from the rash
register. The cashier struggled
1 v t-Williams and was shot in the
The two men were shot in a cai :
William evidently had faken Both
1 died later in a hospital. Williams
wa* captured by three rooky po
9-Year-Old Boy Dies
Under Wheel Os Car
Frank Holdway. !■ of 3.195 K.
I.ained. was killed Tuesday when
l.e w as hit bv an antomohile di ive'n
by Rarn-.v Mycejt. 27. of 6156 Park- ;
wood, a 1 Mt. Klimt! and K Jeffer
son. The bov according to police,
ran 'rrm behind a parked car.
Mvi ek wa« taken to the station
where he w«« questioned by police I
and rc><«Q(J
Youth Assembly Unit
Wants Social Security
And Regulater Hours
The Household Employee's Or*
gantring committee, a seetlon of
the Young Women* Institute of
' :<■ Itetmit youth Assembly, w'll
holii a meeting * Thursday nigh’.
Aug s .it «r: K. Warren, accord
ing !n E\n Campbell, chairman.
The committee i* staging a cum
,gn f r '■filial security, regulated
wM'kmg hours and standard scale
f •.< iges. according to duties. The
meeting open to the public, js
.-chedtiled tn start at s p nt
All Sew furniture— Detnxa
f nitnm-hnllt Davenport and
Chair, Ore. 4 hair, Room Slae
Hor. End Table. Mag. Rack, I
Keautlfnl Matched Lamp* Smok
er. Reantlfal Plctnre, Pair Book
Enda, g.piece Matched Wal. Kin
lah Bedroom Set, Red, Cheat*
llgeaaer or Vaalty. Coll Spring,
Mai Ire* a, Pr. pillow*, .vpc Solid
Onk Dinette. Kitchen Stool and
(TaDa. Rreakfnat Set. Room Site
Hog. Electrle Iron, Toaater and
Set of Dl«he*.
1305 Gratiot
Open ETery Evening Till •
Hit With A Bottle,
Loses Her Hearing;
Assailant Is Held
Clyde Robertson 40. 679 E.
Congress was held for trial
Tuesday by Recorder's Judge
Arthur K. Gordon after his ex
amination on a felonious as
sault charge brought aganst
him by Mis* Lucille Roberts.
22. of 650 E Kllpobcth.
The complaining witness said
Robertson had hit her on the
head with a bottle alter making
improper advances to her in a
garage. She testified that as a
result of the blow on the head
her ear drums were injured,
causing deafness.
(Continued from luige 1)
Speaks, New Ynrk. were here for
the funeral.
Born n Petersburg. Va.. the
third child of Robert and France*
Pelham Mias Pelham wa.« brought
to Detroit in 1*59. She was edu
rate.| in the publis schools here.
graduating from Detroit High
• « hoc! i na ilas* with three other
i !omcl students the firs' colored
graduate* from the Detroit public
school *\ftem.
Adopting teaching as her pro
fession. Miss Telharn started her
career in the public school |n Han
nibal. Mo. where her elder broth
er wa* principal She returned to
Detroit after <-everal rear* in Han
nibal. and upon Insistence of
friends continued her education
at Michigan State Normal college.
Ypeilantl. Following her gradua
t on from this institution of learn
ing. she was appointed to a pn*l.
Don in the school system of De
troit and for many years wa* a
successful teacher.
She added to her edueation by
taking po»t graduate work at Col
umbia university
In addition to her educational
work, Mi** Pelham ardently pur
sued activities with many of the
outstanding clubs of the country.
Her club affiliation* included
memberships in the Original Will
ing Wnrk*t*. of which her sis»er,
the late Mrs. Delia Barrier, was
president for more that 40 years.
She was past president of the
State Association of Colored Wom
en's. past president of Detroit
Study club and was a life trustee
and custodian of funds of the
Fredrick Douglass Memorial asso
Mies Pdhan Is survived by two
brothers. Renjamin Felham. Wayne
County accountant, and Robert A
Pelham, of Washington. D. C.;
Pieces; Miss Hattie Binder. Mis
H. Peyton Johnson. Mrs. Norine
Thompson. Mrs. Gladys Roscoe of
Detroit; Mrs. Dorothy Bedklev of
Washington, D. C . and Mrs. Sarah
Speaks, New Ynrk City. Mrs Ma
hle Moore. Flint; nephews—Alfred
Pelhatn. Dr. R. D Pelhattr and Al
ger Pelham, all of Detroit.
Wife Tosses Boiling Water On Her Hubby
In nn argument with hi* wife
last Thursday evening Dempsey
Maddox. .17. of t*>l4 Tireman, was
burned on the fair and rhest when
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Lowest Down Payment In Town Long Easy Terms
l»KI\ |; ’EM HOME
1939 PONTIAS 2SE KilftSKS $435
1939 ma\ss&.yg£'™* 445
1939 FORD S^r" or, ' w . 385
1939 CHEVROLET &!,?>* *£**• TRr>K 395
1939 DOME&’KS'te*.™?*" 410
1939 PLYMOUTHKK.“ T "'*“ 365
1939 PACKARD SSE RJJ." TK1 ...... 375
1938 FORD XK TKI >K . . 260
1938 CHEVROLET 3rK?.V«!J* 285
1938 DODGE Sf&VttKT TK, ' k 275
1938 KAmr T,l ' K 260
1938 PONTIAC m,M ' 315
1940 MERCURY SSS*HBkf ra rorptV 585
1940 FORD ISSP" for,>l - 625
1940 CHRYSLER f# ™!! 640
1940 BUICK r XL r .V.iI» 685
Open Evenings I'ntll 11 P.H. gOO far* to rhoose Prom
9800 Grand Riper Cor. Livernoit
NOrthlawn 9200
Cabbies Leave
Cars Sunday At
Busiest Time
Operators Grant
Demands For Raise
In Percentage
Taxicab drivers of all colored
| cab companies operating in l)e
--• IWMt went out oh *- strike early
Sunday morning, and it was a little
I over two hours before the opeia-
I tors and drivers arrived at a set
The drivers demanded forty ceuts
| on each dollar, a rate similiar to
• that paid drivers of other cabs in
j the city They had been receiving 33
i centß and fl\e cents on each trip, or
| the equivalent to 3S cents on a
j dollar.
The drivers went out on a strike
at seven in the morning, refusing
to move the cab* until their de
mands hsd been met. A hurried
conference was arranged, snd. after
more than two hours of conferring
with the drivers, the owners finally
agreed to pay the 40 cent on the
The drivers selected the most op
portune time to go out on strike.
They knew there would be g large
derj}sn<l for cabs because of the hall
game at Briggs Starium and t he
Patriotic Celebration at Belle
Isle. Even while the operators and
drivers were conferring, hundreds
of calls for cabs were made by
prospective fares.
Owners Istrr said Sunday was!
one of the best days drivers have
had in more than se\rn yeara.
Mrs. Johnson
Hostess To Club
Are Named
Mrs. Lillian E Johnson wa« ,
hostess to the Non Pareil club of i
the Presbyterian church at her!
home on Alger avenue on Tuesday
evening. Aug. 5.
The Sunshine committee of
which Mrs. Gertrude Henderson Is
chairman, reported Mrs. Nellie
Thompson, chairman of the Ways
and Means committee, recovering j
from an ankle ; pnuned several
wepics ago. and that thev had s»yit
card* nnd flowers to the aick
memhers of the churrh.
Reports were made for the re
cent concert by the Ford Dixie
Eight from which a good sum was
realized. Mrs. Searcy and Mrs.
Henderson each turning In over
twenty dollars for tickets they I
The president. Mrs. bulu Rog
ers. sppolnted the standing com
mittees for the year.
The program for the evening in
charge of Mrs. Sarah Orler. con
sisted of favorite songs being sung
by the group.
Ice cream and cake was served
to the twenty members and frinds
hv the hostees.
Special guests were: Mrs. F E.
Itezon, president of the Alpha t'ltib
and Mr. and Mrs. Webster Harris,
hix wife threw xo boiling water on
him in their home. Maddox did not
tell police what caused the argu*
Mr*. Mary Hunker, elected wor.
Mm grand deputy matron at the
fifty-second annual session of
Wolverine Grind Chapter. OES
I’H 4. Mr*. Booker raised the
largest amount of money of all
district* In .Michigan.
((ontinned from page 1)
must be taught "discipline. man
ners. and how to work." Dr. Me-
Clembn emphasized that the local
government authority might place
sttees 0 n "minding one's own husi
nt-s." Senator Diggs and McClen
don also promised that race mem
bers would he cautioned, too. as to
involving themselves in any fur
ther outbursts.
It wh« brought out that Denson
K< hols, 16-vear-old boy, was being
held in the Wayne county detention
home on a charge of disturbance of
the peace. The naval officer prom
ised to look into that. Senator
Dicgs and Dr. McClendon urged
that the boy be released. Dr. Mc
t'lendon said the hoy alleges that
he was brutally treated by officers
who took him to the police station.
In k special statement to The
Tribune. McClendon and Diggs
•sid: "We had a conference* with
Capiain Rroadhead. He made a
statement as to punishment and
promised to see to it that nothing
happens of this oort again. We al
so should like to have our people
understand that the most peaceful
relations can exist only where all
«oncerned refrain from outbursts
and disagreements of any kind."
Kentuckians On Visit
With Relatives Here
Mrs. Fannie Koxborough and
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wilson, of
Louisville, Ky.. arrived in the city
Saturday. Aug 2. for a visit of a
few clays. Mrs. Roxborough. pro-i
prletor of a |ob printing shop in
her city, wa* the guest of her cous-|
in. Mrs. Gertrude Smith, 614 E. j
Elizabeth. The Wilsons were house '
guests of Mrs. William Jones. S3B
Melbourne. They left Wednesdav
evening for Cleveland. Buffalo and
Niagara Falls before returning
New Vice President
Ada Dement, prominent Texas
club woman, la the new president
of the National Association of Club
Women, which held lta biennial
meet here last week. She was for
merly chairman of the executive
Mrs. Christine S. Smith of De
troit ia national vicy-president
Other offices are distributed
through the South and Widwest.
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V-“* \mi? Wl I ■ HAIR Cototift?
0 Ml: j II jl oopmoY mso. co„ aaio oitvi tr., it. iom*> *°
.Mrs. Agnes Bristol, Detroit, was
elected for the tenth consecutive
time a* worthy grand matron of
Wolverine Grand (hapter. OES.
PHA, at the flfty-second annual
session held In Ann Arbor, Mich.,
Jnly 27. 2*. 29.
Dr. Leach’s Damage Suit
(Continued from Pare 1)
leal association. Dr. Giles, accord
ing to reliable sources, was among
the leaders who opposed Leach
and campaigned vigorously for his
In hts bill Dr. Leach accuses Dr.
Giles of making the following re
marks during the National Medical
asoclatlon meeting in New York in
August: "Dr. West told me that
Leach was a rascal, that he had
been convicted in the Federal
Courts for bootlegging end viola
tion of the Federal Narcotic law
and was a n unlit person to serve
as president of any scientific body
and that while there may he rascals
in the American Medical associa
tion. when they the American
Medical association—found rascals
In their organization, they put them
out. but when we. the National Med
ical association, had rascals In
our organization, we elevated them
to the presidency."
Heard By Board Members
These remarks, according to Dr.
Leach, were made in a school
building io New York City on Aug.
13, 1939. and in the presence of the
following members of the Executive
Board of the National Medical as
sociation: Dr. 8. H. C. Owen, De
trrolt; Dr., J. J. Hoover, Terre
Haute, Ind.; Dr. C Whittier, Texas:
Dr. S. H. Freeman. Meharry Medi
cal college. Nashville. Tenn.: Dr.
W. A. Young. St. Louis; Dr. L. M.
Defendant Held After
Slashing Girl’s Face
Five Years Before
(Contlaaed from page 1)
At Covington's examination be
fore Recorder's judge Arthur E.
Gordon. Mrs. Clarke testified that
Covington had come to her apart
ment door at 2223 Brush and ask
ed for his mail and then slashed
her with a razor. Leo Maybury, i
who heard Mrs. Clarke's screams
and rushed to her assistance, wa«
also cut by Covington.
Mrs. Clarke, under crosa exam-'
ination by Attorney Joseph Brown,
counsel for Covington. admitted
she had been going with the defen
dant prior to the cutting.
2146 9t. Antoine Street, Corner Columbia— ’
Vj. , . •
F r r<jMpA
Attorney ( harles AYllliams. 33rd
deffree, of Detroit, succeeded
himself as worthy grand patron
of Wolverine Grand Chapter.
Hill, Atlanta. and Dr. W. 8. Mar*
tin, Tennessee.
In the second count Dr. Leach ac
cuses Dr. Giles of publishing a
false report. This rufort, accord
ing to the bill of complaint, was
written Aug 15 in the same school
building In New York City after a
"conference held by defendant and
Dr. West, of Chicago."
In addition to making the same
allegations alleged to have been
made by Dr. Giles in the presence
of the Executive Board two days
before, the report also said: "That
wr have as our president a man in
Flint, Michigan who was guilty of
that crime for which he should
have been expelled from organised
medicine and we. National Medical
association, made him president,
but that we are not alone in our
dereliction, because twenty white
members of the American Medical
association had reprimanded these
men for iheir action.*
Dr. Leach charges that because
of these slanderous remarks and
the defamatory report, he has ’ suf
fered a lo*s of practice In his pro
fession and has lost the confidence,
respect and esteem. In particular
among those of the National Med
ical association officers and mem
bers who heard read and read
themselves the report that was
circulated by Dr. Giles.*’
Dr. Leach. In his hill, points nut
that he Is a member of the Wol
verine Medical society, Detroit
Medical society. Genesee County
Medlcsl society. Michigan M»dica!
society, and National Medical so
ciety. He Is a member of the staffs
of Hurley, at Joseph and Women's
hospitals In Flint.
ctMID/; c o*minor curs, burns,Enjtsttnjß
Real Estate Salesmen
Mslf or Female. Good rrmml«.
•Ion: plenty of auto*
mobile urn Ire.
WM E. Hancock, corner Reanhlen
An Old Case
Unravels %ta]
Around Slayiw
Reveals Nlme
Os “Heat Victim"
WhfD 21 - *Tr •o 1 d~Rj ymr>n4
th«w«. 652 Hendn*. W|l *
for The BlllrtWr cf Harold Wru
white, last month. Matth#*, M
the officers he wan no, the on**
■truck the dead man. but he ■
unable to name hi* comjwniuii
the crime.
But Detective* Thomai
end Arthur Allard, of the Sm
Investigation Squad who hid,
reated Matthew*. be ean Mar*
their brain* for a wav to fi*
thla punlina problem. And th.
It iiHwritti.
The detectmea recalled **
three or four year* hark Mattha*
waa a defendant in a court »
*o they viaited the rn m pl»in»i,i
the caae and asked him who n
In court with him at the time i
the trial. A ahort time later hrth
William*. 21. of 9Vn n.rifion *
erreated by rickina. and Allardi
the eccompllce of Mathew*, j
had aat with the complainant.
Matthew* told Detective Delbi
Raymond, of the Homicide sw
that Walker* car had (tilled
front of 271« Ha«»ine* and he*
trying to pet eomrone to tire hi
a puah. Matthew* aaid willlm
wrapped a handkerchief aroundM
hand and hit Walker in the tin))
knocking him down Walker'iha
hit the aide of th* car. rau«ing hi
A poat-mortem performed btD
Thomaa Love, medira! eximtM
for the coroner'* office fixed It
cauee of death as heat proetratio
However a eubeequent au'np
ahowed Walker had died of a bio
on the head


Jot Campau
Detroit, Michigan

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