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Suggestions for Using Leftovers
To Give Fo'cy D'evt ts LeF*evr> F- aj Pies -a F-ecce if in Fern cf Ring
Me. 2 o-.d Ft.. Ctr-a , :ii E.ttccc Cancel Peat
Whoever wv- wr.. -* n •■ . ’ c
dish ths* «» r t '.-m '!» t ' •
ably di'ir, •• -• t :*v
sh* rr.a :<• t > F r. <:r . -« t • w
ever ;n t -<■ • t - • • .
present r . * * : tv
leP-< v*'..
•\lth • 'ifcii eve-/ ( <}.-'•* tV :
Idrt rs v 1 ,• 1. 1 .-. h •• v ,
M sh» p.ir/'r nv - •; • ,
in her f-irn h -", .* t - -
i-g r •» i. v \\ -*. r«i . ..-
••Hvh-n !■• m «*' n *••.! f If.
prrj-a-f if» m y r.. <1• . ... V
errite I, ** n ■. j ‘ • , f • i. ‘
crutr • «. f•, an i :■ -o . ..• .: *♦. -t.-
cr ir :ng
I it ' • ■
feash r. i ■ c r arr
fr*r f **'j* fir. I if is i 'TV t
mir." flavor'.! o -».»•* !. ■ I :i t
par'd ur :«r • •• s : *.e .: I I--
nap* a more freer.t a: 1 m b:n rr ■ *!. i
rs using up 1*: • •<: •.•*• r« is ♦ . «..••*-
ri.th. '1 l .*n, * . ti.-- :>' ■■■'■ • ' ’•
and bro> r tno*.-. ■ . i. • -..v
tpe-.al a .-:u ’ i •- •
At f r mi; v: ' » t :
mo** 1. r <■* n.-r • ? •: • c ■ .ii
*•’ <.a*. I" -a {•• •." •
feast* rr
tr.g the h . :v <*■;. •. t ■ p
h'w to he** u“C t.j> 1* ■• - f • ! <
mere *i.ih ..*. TANARUS: > • ■
tv fir ;•*, r> '• Iv, ' : . * > •
me**, a- I -,g ii* *• •
t.-n rv r nt: :i . r: -
tt krr •: r. * • t f ••.•*!•.*
f it
r'* • f
r in i * h r i r * i
♦*>•>• ♦'•Vi • * }■ *• V ' ? . i.”
I-f-r * - • •
Tom Celebrates With
Star Sapphires and Party
• • t • - _• :
»»*•■* • —/ .. r .
ft- - • { .
f J • • •> i
f-- v • . - • l* ", r
, -f ;
n ■ - ~ ; ,• ar. 1
fc*a ;\f
r; ;««•« * ;•, • •. • _ r ■ n
r‘ i '
*Je!,r: ■ >
M-. nr ; *' f; r Mr
*» -<1 .-.'-f !' ■ : He r M
M-*. Had M : !• !t>. , M
V'.-ftft !<■■. • M • !■ r, I
w*rd« Vr *•. . ' II > I ■"! ’
Mr Miri M ft. - id TANARUS! on U: -
Herat e Jr.-; - -f M 'V Mi
Will.am H-.. - .n ■ f V a-r r.
Dr, Mr D"-rr t -a Mr«
A’ r<• P.-r.’x ■ '.!<■ r,| .1 --. Moo
• Mr i- \ |< on « f
Indiar apoi M. >- <T •r« 1 • rn- -
Mr(’;t il, M V . tr. ; M l! Ml -
C }, l l e - lohn-on, Dr ' I* \V !■
**n an ‘I Mi' 1 K:< II: i" A a • »iih
The Hendersons
See The West
Mr and M ■ i, M> n-D on. n
•111'* Th.rt.eth it if 4 o • avlru
Friday ["f a '*n week- \ .t to the
W*-i, in* hiding I/»s Aiurde t'alif
Mr. Henderson will a•:• • n«I the nn
n.al convention of the Technicians
association of v hid. h< i« an off
-- ■ ■ -- o
Hostesses To K.C.
Aitioiitr tlu* loc.it hos'c •" wlm
have rtMiti Hinted l,i the riil*-i ia n
meni of \|-itr»i- during the pad
few weeks arc Mr. Mol Mis
Smith of 1022 Ahi'ot: street, ari'l
Mr anil Mr*. Cardell 11 m»I •• r-<»»n
of 1?.M5 Ahhoif Their jrnests were
Mr. am] Mr*. K|hcr.t Win rm an'l
Mr*. Florence f'amphell of Kan-.f
rity Mo., who lrft fc»r home last
Mrs. K'a A Thoms* pfoprictr***
of th*- (needs Hai *tKpp« located
•t 2022 Chene street. will tprnd two
wiiki In New York. She will re
turn to th« city Aug. 7.
Club News
>*.*-. r * p- j ? example,
• i...;' at ; * p. a* a
c «• i ■ m ti;i rat n
'■ ”i • • • : : f 'r aa • t.inpa
' * t . »!|f • rr: <i
v ' *'i i tv
• ■ . i•« v ,i v. | *-}it t <i»
i-. J'r.e* rr e-j ■•'•:.v l* ■<! i.uy
!•< u*e tj.e r II 11,1? C Oil
'• • I .r.rrv :« < :i : v. :* n few
c ■ .*, I.v r. .. • i r ;.:.y io<,d
>» •• t 1 .■■-i ■ ,i |crn ff n*
• 1 f ht * the
! ■ l n. w p>-« W.H* .&£• afewr.ew
iV* • . t rr . 1" .1 :.:*•» h»*jp f't
*■• v ’• . w a' .i '* * i*> •• f I rar.rie<l
r J ri r ;:! r t r . at w :th
• r- • .*• i- • kn, t'i’r.p'.’
' ■• • ■: ■ r i j 'rk ir. it
: i itw.■ • * at I siTve’hem
tv *h i: art... i<: ; ft.., J. ai.nci peas.
t.*2 Md P;t3*3 t.'tyndl
... r
a- P .I • 0 • • ii. 1 . «• m
• ' »■ ’ i . e « - ■ u*-
*' r j l i ■ i,. j , -
i ‘ •l r: .:«« J i..-•
•«I ’ t *
I t > • • . m '• •.r.[ if.# i
• • if. s'. at; tv ter i
V • ' * • r a '.• • i!re«s ta]i ft
r 1 i .' ■ ; .t *:' I ram j* tn the
: ' r r:v Ri i .a - 1 t..l the crn*fr
v* ‘ I 'I < • i ;>• «. >irver 'li
" h • i ■ . nr r turkey
* p V .*;» T ' . Lrotvn c: »vy,
P cad Dr si -a Rrq
r.• • r- «s* 4t'>* rr
• T . 1 • '.l '*'*
• r .] ; ■ |... r- v-e T
■ •*ll _ i ■ * r .\ r- I
• • r '» ' • t •<»i r .«-
• • ■ . a . • its i » • , t|•!\. «.*■«,!
• • i ! "■■■: • • ? m and »• I
.. - . Vi,..:
\ i■• r. pound. .hi' - o'int r
v 1 w ho; n .1 uiv to m
> u W.i-hmir’<>n, Kay Is *!i*
! I .It,-
»•• • •
V: .Dim l ord is the nio'h'i' of
T-pouii'!. jounce, hah; plrl. ho.n
i! .1 . y Ha by Ford's nan.e will
(i m.r,n r; i ;ii i ,
• • • • •
M M iiuie spent t r i.« the moth
, i ' a iial.y t'li. l>orn July J 7
w ► iil -' .■ t: p'ltinds anil four
*» • r. o‘.r. i Yrrmif Is lirr nair.*-
Ail '.it*!» t n<s were tinrn in
I'. - tic h<.-i ; - rtl. Mothers anil
hiih.es am doinp tin l .
Mrs. Butler
Goes To Chi
Mr- l.uci.le Hutler of r.2H 1101.
. hrook Apt. 11:!, ha- been viaillmi
! ii* ’■ • Dr in chioaßn. She left t'hl-
I • r . Sunday. Aus ". for New York
< f,,; ..a extended \Dit with oth
ft r< Ini ive« hikl friends. Mr*. Bui
lfi i Do hrule of It I) HutU r. Iteil
ii ph' i e New I'entral Ter
lr.mal. Detroit, and also a memhtr
lot the (irlevanee com mlt lee of the
1 I'niirt! Transport Service Km
i pifivets rs America. I.or-al 1002. De
j troif
A I S A. T* l "111 he he|t| at the
Melvmlnt >* house, 'J‘il7 l.ittle
■ iii.i Hurt Huron. Midi.. Sunday
i \iii-. I" at pm. Ml hlks and
(lit ii friends at*- invited
Mrs Rose I/r Dockery 542 K
j Montcalm. U homesn to her sister
I .'nd --tins, who she has not
seen in 11 vears. ‘lhev arr Mrs
i J'nl'ic Dot kery and George and Al
fred. With them is n friend. Kdflie
Matthews, who haila frpm Madi
son. Wise.
(■■k' l£Wt^ttFVSSS£3m
££Bii& F/ ay ; » J«V
mm 4 W I
I hi* i» a «haruling oriel of hostesses who will see to it that everyone has fl tine time at the Nncirema Meek festivities next week.
2,000 Sail With the Deltas
◦n the Steamer St. Clair
Asa result of somo super salesmanship by the Del
tas. Pyramids and Delspritos, a record-breaking crowd of
n.noteen hundred was drawn Monday, Auk- -1 to the so
r ritvs’ second annual moonlight, and the Deltas were
down at the dock early, to jrreet their multitude of puests.
T S'* ;in.i S' c. iir r* maine*l *
la*, up »' iti* ilo* k a li’fle latri'
• n s 4', . 0 pr* rvi ryone nn
i". <! Tii* v rlo*'k< *l * to
tw * i\. it i Jo; k..
'I h* iv w;<s * iw.tnt roaminc
nii it. <v* yui:e enjoying himself
;.• rr.# i.iPiisly. n.ovir.g fr* - ’ keeping
p V i the rolling waves. Jol
an*l frolic is <te along to make
*:i« moonlight qu.'« a s;i«''* s I.e
--v Sitii'li i al y Inokt* things uj,
v*:M •;;« tin** an'l mellow jumping
An 7> "l ih;l*lr*n an*l auto
g Ip; -*•< k> • - «V| I iC*l the life Oil*
o' .1 •> 1 .on;-. xx 1 ■. o *prnt aliouf a c
•I . vi i v< nine as any celebrity
■ .•! w.ib. a Tr.«re t»o thousand
w :iv Ig to **■»• him.
N<\. (.fore ifiulil there have
la • n .i’ll* r ma*lc niore perfeet
ilmn ! - Monday evening. In the
-i kIo" on the tliiid and top decks.
■ up'.*- w*> *• seen silting out
and ir. < - Supp you know - th.it this
even' is non *1 for the birth of new
]own and sometimes the death of'
i id or. Speaking of new- love* i
I‘eggv Rnrrts and .fame* Mark
walked around arm in arm all eve.
nine Ditto Janice Whitby and I.u
*iti« I';*!lawny.
Some o r those seen on the dan** |
flo r we-.'C: R*vse t'amphell and
t'.illv Dunbar. I.oui-e and Barbara
I.onni !.e»nard Haves and Jeanne
Waundlee*. Jemne rarmirhnel. I.u j
I'ille Itosemi ii<l and Johnson T’lnn
ati.ii. rii.nl* « Coviccton. Oliver
Hioome and H«»^** 1. Snipes, Piin
rettn t.raham an*l My/ell Sowell.
K'wnod fotk, Helen Cuzzena nn*l
Bill Igiwsott Iris H*ll nn*l Sonny
I’litmm* r. Aur*lii Walton anil Don
Law-on. Roberta Hill and Calvin
Hut he*. Dom'd Bryant nnd Gladys'
House, k* itnv Williams. Rachel
un*l l.orraine Nutt, Ann Gregory. |
Willie Itryant, lioris Bell, Krneat I
Johnson. I.eona I.u* key. Mary Ann
• !• m iii- nnd Kennit Bailor, Bella j
Clemen, Bill ah*l Klainc Fuller, I,e-j
norc Davis ami Hank Jason, l.eon
t.ne Cole and Henry Krvetter, Billy
c< vington. Raymond Seymour, ller
b* i t anil Harriet Mh* Fadden. Wil
liam Matncy. Doris Ratllffe and
Johnnie Roxhorough. Kdith How
ard, I'eler \Nliittuker nml June
Baldwin. David Heard and Betty
Ann Wheeler. Krnfst Johnson, Vel
ma May, Dorothy Ann Hieka and
Alvin Boyd, Barbara Wheeler, Kr
-1 ni'Mino Fisher, Colson Nutt, Tom
mie Malone. Lucius and Andrew
Calloway, Bernice and Norma
Whitby, I.erov Roquemorc. Kddie
Hylv'st* . t’rlnie M'alker. Sarah
Caseev, Horace Roilgers, Bel*y Cole,
tty Bland. Frank Norman. Dawn
Watson and many, manv others.
Sitting along the sidelines were:
Mamie Alexander, Kdith Watsnn
and llit Im-rt Bland. Mr. and Mrs. '
Ralph Hamilton. Mis. Karl Walton. 1
l<>* Louis mid liin sister, Kulalla. )
VD. and Mis. Samuel 11. Thomas.
Mr (uiio- Monlgonieiy, Mr. mull
Mi M.«v, Mr. mi tl.Wi Kied Joii*'*' !
I.*iw*ll Ciiz/tiis, Je.iiO'ti** Coker.
Mi James D.tvis, Mr. and Mrs.
Chits. * **l* Dr. nml Mr* Che-ter |
Am* . Wiulfietl ami Jimmie Brown
Mi and Mrs. Haywood l.iggons. Mr. ;
.1 It<l Mi Abe Smith. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith. Mr. anil Mrs, Htighes
l'eterson. Dr. and Mrs. Alf Thomas.
Christine Johnson. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Johnson, Mr, and Mrs.
Ralph Alexander. Winifred Rrady,
Freddie Klainc Hunter.
Mrs. Walla*e Fleming, Klalne Lew*
I* .Inn Dunbar. Marjorie and Ma»
non t'aiter, Julia Hradliy. Jun* j
Dickens and at least eighteen hun- j
dred more.
Snazzy Drapes
For The Man
In Yonr Life
n. n,.rii,T.
If you were asked to name fix•
"f the most popular
lor men, the key chain would <■* i
- lml a ranking position or 1
your list. Whether lie has paid t*n
'eats or t*n dollars, almost even
man at sometime lias owncil or
used one of ihe a e useful gadget*.
Craftsmen are constantly ilea gn
ing new styles, ways and means of
holding and releasing a bunch of
, In strolling about town. I ob
served sum** new nifiv numbers
The trend seems* to slant toward
final purpose rhain*. First, trihut* 1
niu*t ho paid to the ole standby
which ha* swung our keys |o thes*
many years, nn accessory with for
mal nnd semi-formal evening wear
and practically n necessity with
casual wear. Smart, In late three
initial style** A (four basel hit
with th<- owls should lie the flash
light nt'a* h*d chain. It contains
one tinv cell an*l can tie carried
in *on *pieu*ms|y in your vest poc
ket. In the light In a silent worker
at the amusement areas, holds
about ten dimes, hidden spring
keeps a coin always in position a
voit go dlspensinrlv on your way
Last, a boon to the bus or subway
rider, prevents one from going to
piece* at the turnstile, dispense*
one dollar in nickels at twenty
prompts of vnnr thumb.
• • • • •
Pcftop: Pee Wee Beale at the
Bih*s Rail, in natural shade Bab
atdine suit white silk shirt, ma
roon tie with blue snd while
figures and brown plus white,
sport shoe*, ilsmtree Harrington
Famous for Ladies’ Fine Silk Hosiery
Full-Fashioned Silk First Quality .
Newest Shades for Your Selection
BV, ll 69c—-$1.60
Miles of Wear With Every Pair
Sub-Deb ( hatter
Roam.'ig around *>ne day. we
happ* )'.(d upon a gypev who would
not r< : 1-e u* until «hc ha*! »1 s
-1 closed wliat tile tcalcavc- foretold
She j r-Lcted that:
1.0 atil Behold: ‘Twould be the
end of Dorothy Ann Hicks! belief
in tiie i-inverb: "Variety is the
spb e *.f life."
Matuev'h hear! would be broken
in t i.u for his breaking so many
heart -
D Br.'ant would either *!» or
di-pix e («f his yellow shoe*.
Dot m B< 11 anil Ernest Johnson
won 1 I lie reconciled.
Marv Berry wou'd become so
atfa* h*"l to the "Detroit Talent
that vim wouldn't wish to return
to s* hool in Baltimore.
Buddv Jones has something
def:nite in mind bv going to \v sh
ington and Baltimore with Kddie
Glenn and Leonard Proctor. The
► oot!t*-aay* ra said Hint bis girl
friend nnd Iter father mich’ make
the return trip with them.
\nv lime For
Any time tor Allan Jones and
Hazel DeZon s Jove affair. Cupid
really hit them hard.
Wilber lluche* who has left his
heartbeat open to a <rrtain talent
in Idlewiid.
Kddie Sylvester nnd DeMoyell
Howell for taking a whole day to
find new talon*.
Klaine Fuller for saving that
she is not that way about a cer
tain northend cat.
Rachell Nutt for pining for
KI wood Took for pining for
Herbert MacFatlden for pining
for Lorraine.
They should gel together there
For Bill Shuford's night shift.
Classified Ad<
Wanted: Speed limit put on
\urutia Philip s batting eve-lashes.
More tack In place of nerve for
Men u Sowell.
rourtige to take Bill Fuller's
line of Jive.
More Southern Fried Talent.
More hoys to believe that their
word is their honor.
Albert. “Dagwnod", Langford
Las returned to his home In Texas.
Andrew Henrv ha* recently ar
rived home from Tennessee, I
know Jean will be glad and I don't
mean Wanndlc-s.
Ann Gregory made a quick
1 'aunt to Idlewiid for the werk
-1 end.
A'ou're Mine, Vou-Sonny Wells
It„ Youletta Mason.
Having a Wonderful Time—lris
Blue* Vyvynn Ma* Fall.
Mv Buddy, Peggy .lenn Burris to
Andrew Waundless. Jr.
Please. Mr. Johnson Lucille
Roseniond to bo.vfriend F’lanag
I Give You Mv Word—Bette Ann
j Wheeler to David Herd.
We Three Bette Bland Alvin
Boyd and shadows of Bella’s ar
• tlcie.
Ktta Barnett, daughter of the
: famed Etta Moten. visited Detroit
l at Braddorks. sporting maroon
' and white pullover, pepper-salt
* slacks snd leather sandals.
quickly last w*-rk
Contrary to gos*i; »>ltv*»r Broome
is nil for Am('l. i Walton.
Met h inks handsome Hill Fuller
has a ‘rush on Bub-D?b Louise
Wonil( r how Ann Or* gory amt
Wi I lie Hryant arc hin r.g it?
Hate \ oil Noticed . . .
Don Law- >n’s striking resem
blance to [ton \niechc?
Leroy Hoc'juenmre’s hcnutiful
blue ryes?
I.ucitis Calloway's enchanting
smile ?
Th .t Arthur ami Charles Vance
nre here from Chicago? Aren’t
they blende and hands.ome, girls?
Is VisJor
Mr. and Mi • U"bi i t Toole Jr
entertained out-of-town gti*«ts at
;i dinner a* Joe i.nuK Sprinchill
Farm last Thursday evening. The
visitors were Mrs. Blanche Austin
and her sisw :\ Mrs. Mary Ogden of
\ircinia. Mrs. Austin is a former
resident of Detroit. They were here
for h two weeks’ vacation and left
the M« ter City Tuesday. other
cue«ts wire Mrs. S. Brcazll. Mrs.
W. It id Mrs (5. Bennett. Mr, Cal
low i\ M end Mrs. Moat and Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas D. Swayne nil of
Detroit. It goes without waving
that everyone spent a lovelv eve
ning at Joe's delightful farmhouse
Musicians Ready
For Confab
At a meeting of the Detroit
! Musicians Ass n, on Monday eve
tung. August •), at Hrewstei Cont
inually ( enter, plans were made fo t
the annual convention of the Na
tional Association of .Negro Musi
cians. Inc. which meets in I’itls
hurgh. August 24 to «!». The follow
i delegates were elected Klt
raheth Woodley, Jereue Maeklln.
Mamie Crimes, alternates Doro
thy Blackwell, Millie llynaon. Mar-
I • ret Turner. Ollier delegates bv
'virtue of their direct, membership
| in the national body are Talmadge
I Turner, president of the DM A
Lillian K. Johnson financial sec-
I retary and Maude Willis.
L 'V'Hf 9K
Wi/d Hair? Use genuine Pluko Black and “Won't Stay put” Hair? Make
White Hair Dressing to soften and beautify it. act better and look better, too.•• tl1
Old-fashioned looking" Hair? Use “Plastered” Hair? Easy to avoid H»‘f jjjjj
Pluko and make it casv to do up in all the latest looks slutd-dou nor stuck because lovely r
hair-fixes. Get rid of old-fashioned look.” Hair Dressing never cakes or harden*-
Cat genuine Block and Whit* Mulro Hair Pressing of all dealers. Largm (whH») 50c. Aml>», 35c.
2146 St. Antoine Street, Corner Columbia—CUttord
v\h m
v *T T >4k •*
• BB|
< f-v&BJBwBBff ' ” lift
v •’•si
\ dinner purl} «a« glten in honor of .lames McNair oi Kaltlmnrs,
Mil., right, who K the h(iusrgtic«t of Mr*. Mclro*p Smith m ;,j| [n|
Barren atentte, Saturday evening ni fi o’clock.
Roxboroughs, Morrises
Fete Guests at Party
Novel invitations were received from Mr. and Mrs.
John Roxboroujrh ;tnd Mr. and Mrs. Radford >1 orris in*
yitinp friends to Joe Louis’ Sprinphill Farm for a dancing
party to meet a number of out-of-town quests. The invi
tations were written on post cards showing a picture of the
farm limine and a map giving <1 i- *
rert ons fn m Detroit. The out-of- J
town guests were Mrs. iiox- ,
borough's hoijsi guests. her sieter,
Mrs. Lillian LeMon, es Imliannpo- ,
li«, Ind . and Mrs. Della Johnson
of Granville, Ohio; Mrs. Horace
Johnson s mother. Mrs. Jennie
Houston of Washington, D. ('..who
is housogur*t of hep daughter.
Mis. France- tiaivn. Mr- Pearl
Curtis, and Mrs Helen Nash of
Washington. I* hotiseguests of
Mis. Walter Harmon; and Mrs'
Olivia Anderson ~f Indianapolis,
lnd , houseguesj of Mrs. Morris.
Palms and coal hiees.es, plu* c •» k
talls and eweet music made a wel
come oas s from the surrounding
citv heat.
(iuest<i seen dancing at flic new (
pavilion were: Dr. and Mrs. (' K
Whitby. Dr. and Mrs. Haley Dell. :
Miss Dot is Dell, Calvin Porter.
John C. Dancy. Mis* Malinda Wells.
Mrs. F.'ia Moten Barnett and
daughter from Ch eago and house- ;
guests of Mise Wells; Mr. and
Mr«. Jap Sneed. Mrs. Katheryn j
Wel|«, Mr. and Mrs. P B Piper. |
Mr. and Mis Roscoe Fuller, Mr.
and Mts Phillip Roberts. Dr. and
Mrs. James Gilliam. Dr. and Mrs I
J. D Martin. Mr. and Mrs, Alva
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. James
Drown, Miss Opal Lyons Hamtl-j
ton. M and Mrs. Monroe Ken
nedy. Mr and Mrs*. Charles Cole.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter ('ole. Mr and
Mrs. Alfred Pelham. Dr. and Mrs
chaster Ames. Mrs. Irene Hunton.
Mr and Mrs. Robert llradbv, Jr ,
Miss Klaine Hunter of Toronto,
Stanton Hunton. Mr. and Mrr*
Clatnle Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Durton. Mrs. llarold Johnson. Mr
and Mr- Walter Harmon. Mr. an rt
Mrs. Horace Johnson. Dr. and Mrs. j
A. ft. Milton, Dr. and Mrs. fill
Ed wards, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes
Club News
Peterson. Mr. and M; lbnrv Ti!*
iaferro. Mr. and M .1 dm Smith,
Freddie Hulibard. I 1 n;:d Mri.
Jamie McClendon, "F'.t-h" llarr.g
of Clevidand; IV ! \. 1 a-isr,
Miss Marion Carter H vard 0r»»*
ham. Mr. and Mr* W. mi Cnldfa,
Mr. and Mrs. (bo g. -'lnr, Pr.
and Mrs D II (i. \b and
Mrs, Fail Conwav. M and Mrt.
• lim b s RoNbormig Kvfrstt
Watson. Mr* It: un -1 I ' k. Pr.
and Mrs. Walter H • Hr and
Mir*. "Red" Brooks. D a- ! Mr*.
Ted White. Mrs K lull Watson
Hubi i t Bland, Mr. m. 1 M: -■ I*’«>'4
Loomis, Dr. and M 'a .1 Al»l*
ander. Mr. and M !’ r '
Miss Jean Cole. “Bud!' Siunisr*.
Den Webster. Mr. at’d Mrs
PniN, Miss Then-a Pa ?• P’ l
Henderson. Dr and V - ‘T*®
Brown, Mr. and M- ' rfW
dee Mrs. Kddle Hobi'i- 1 n snd o
Two Honor
Their Kin
Mrs. Lucy Washington f
burg, 111., is visiting I daughter.
Miss Sarah Cram, an ! her lister.
Mrs. Mary Wilson of Mitcne.i
street, tn Conant Harden
Washington is prominent i" civic
ntnl social circles and * a ' 'st
the women's Huh work >nr *r*
livid in Detroit Jul’• 'id l*
Aug. 4.

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