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046 St Antofcw Street Comer Colombia—Clifford 2924
From ...
its hippy day, knowing »o many
,* neuplf and going to so many
,fl| auaiis makes a very lnter
ii.nr week.
I'rftiy Aide'll Stevens, from way
neitli > n S , * n,on * 18 *imply
Kunt a nine of her life . . . before
Itiurniug t<> J- C. college in Grand
lipius. Mi* 0.
Frank Cannon is quite a nice per
и, u io kno>\ , ....although he is uu
iMded whether to make the Mo
fj City his home ... or return to
Francisco. Calif. . . . “Every
к, depend on you.”
propped out to the farm recent*
r and *aw Lucille Baines riding a
loue . . . Oh: pardon me . . the
jg|sf was riding her . . . maybe!
Alberta I.iehtfoot in recuperat-
U ( r om a minor operation.. hurry
ad get well, kiddo. we misa you.
Nicirenia Week is rolling around
ad many hue pleasures are in
tores for you and you ... so get
irspared on the 16th ... ends on
h* 24th.
Its just a matter of time before
;dn» Patton and Alyre Evans will
* trucking down the aisle. Edna
ri« given several showers this
reek bv Edith Anderson. Alyce Ev
ils and her sister. Katie Anderson,
nd received a ton of lovely gifts.
Bessie Spivey gave a shower in
onor of Alyce last week and all
he kids brought gifts and had a
nod time.
Ann Janies is all wrapped up In
miles . . . cause she's wearing a
it diamond from . . .
Robert Lewis, a graduate of Lane
nllete in Tennessee, is amazingly
ilented with beautiful poetry . . .
iy! Why not contribute some to
Opened mv mail box today, and
r(t»* should slip out htit a card
rrm Ruth McCrary, reporting a
nod time in the dear ole south
and* of Alabama.
Also received a letter from Ber*
ire Dickerson. replying, that she
* getting «nme needed rest and will
stunt home the last of August orj
t least in time for school . . .
nd to he sure to tell all the girls
ttdbov. HELLO.
Tnmtn. Williams traded in his
>!" on a later model car
. now he is getting around.
Frank Laughing Boy. Cleveland,
a* decided to "Keep Cool" for a
pell . . . he prcbiihly needs to.
If you want to see a heart do a
ntiMe hr at. merely mention the
me "Billingsly,' to Clarissa Har
bru. mw
A* ' If we could find one person
a possess all these characters, he
Wild b<- a perfect man: Height of
•Ivin Hugheß . . . Physique of
le«»e Liglytoot . . . Hair like Carol
'•nv . . . Eyes like F'rank Can
fn . . . .Nose like Hunter Battle-
Wt» . . . Mouth like Billy Moßay
..Mustache like Billy Mcßay . . .
sice like Walter Cannon . . . Wear
!ethr» !:ke Wnymou Rivers
'•rmnalitv just like Stanford
Icks . . . tiood sense of humor
As Eehx Griffin .... As under
■cnding .1 Kenneth Stonestreet
. An Innocent expression like
r»nk Cleveland . . . Smile like
' A Ist a . , i Good hearted-
M * cf Ovariotis Jackson . . . Jol
■ * !i Howard Goolsby ... Oh Boy,
>h Ray'
*HU ihi \o| TMINKI
t h* iina walked up to me the oth
r ll ®>' and "Hid. “Goldie, you aren't
•uppovii lo Wrar your corsage on
, r t i *bi >ide. it's always the left.’’
’ | said, "1 always appreciate
caring mtne on tlte right side he-
[ lu? “ it will last longer. For ex
•ffiPb: if j were dancing with a
PfltleDian and my corsage wns on
“ left side, after a couple of
Mixes niy flowers would be so
one wouldn't be able to
•wnguish the kind of flowers.
J® ° nlv ,hR >. hut they are easier
nn ,he r, * ht * idp - How
r. this is only my opinion,
Kho should speak first, the boy
*>!■ How many times have llt
•• que>uou» like these arisen in
L f D11,, d ; »nd puzzled you? No
l» ,h “n»». However, it
* 1 girl* place to speak tirst.
in n|f| < °ld custom but still
’ f O new.
m 'I I mhoiise was jumping with
(i‘ / lassies and lads dancing to
tune* of Mathew Rucker who
r *_ 5 "p a breeze. Merely to
lZ n " ffw down in
swank slacks outfits were:
o-drow Winston. Howard Qools
ii»ii J, n Louise Pe'rry. Ar
ru ‘ r ' v, ' n * of Stanton, Mich.;
Eirt .T. ~rn * nos Augusta. Ga..
W»h-./, 1,01 ne °f B®uth Carolina,
p,. ( ; ,n,, "n. Dora Miller. Frank
it aw, ’ ‘'''lce Miller. Elmo Wade.
Fran " n *4l v «*ns, Jesse Llghtfoot.
Clnri'J ln,nV ' Charles Dickson,
p r .J err,,t "- Barton Drew.
F B si«„ n,, n, Doris Ann Shivers.
Jttnl A,m " K«rl. Hank ,
ij or . . RJchardsnn. Thco-
J V m i r *' Betty Tate. Ted Rob
others Am * flve ns end loads of
The Joneses
h Ohio
'■•'nlnsnua s Mr ! lMtc jone *. ® c *
Hr P .«!. „ hjr Mr*. Jones’ parents,
ini h n A Jnhn T. Gilliam. Sr.,
Jr. nf Jf,h " T. Gilliam,
t# Serin./. A ,ap,# *»reet, motored
spr.ngneM. Ohio. Saturday,
•Si oVTh*V.v nd th * r,o * , •**-
Ohio st , * f hr lstlan Churches of
‘■*o »s5. tb k n r?«nn. The party
*»tl. * * v, aH lo Clncln
the r JL" and Mr -*‘ ,M * f Joa*» are
p«oy - J* Jonee-Jon*s com
rn *eem Co#,n * tlo nanufacturlug
Club News
■'• w /.v '*£&! ir;.r fi :v>: : ;
• <oHH mA N|
V" *"
i-...:. I . HHL i ’■HI
In altendanre at the Naelremn Club’s Stark Party at Jee’s farm last week weret Dora Miller, leftt file*
rla Drew, Luclte Simnt«, Eranres Finley, Gloria Merritt, Agatha Kersey and John Banks. The crowd wns
huge and everyone had a swell time dnnrlng In the open pavllllon. Read ahont the rontest on this page.
Amazing Styles Seen at
Nacirema Slack Dance
“The Naciremas have a word for it, more bo than even
the Greeks, for they know what it takes to entertain folks.”
They gave a “slack party” at Spring-hill Farms, and
nearly everybody attended, Saturday, Aupr. 2.
Dancinp was delayed because of the late departure
i of the orchestra from the city. But.'
soon after 10 p.m.. mellow music
I wa« wafted over the breezes and
guests of the Narlremas. at one of
the seasonal affairs, danced far
into the morning.
Spring Hill affords a fine locale
for such an affair, with its white
Interior, natural hardwood floor,
bar and guests’ tables all about.
| The night was clear too, the air
fresh and cool, giving the dancers
lan opportunity to enjoy every
: number without rest. The orches
tra "went to town." too, stretching
out into a medley of four selec
tions at one time.
President Marshall and his gen
ial coworkers were on hand to see
that everything ‘'clicked." Ladies
assisted with "charm and beauty."
Award Prizes
The feature event of the evening
was the contest and the awarding
of prizes. Three Judges gave their
opinions, first, when during the
grand "slack and sport suit"
march they chose from the hun
dreds present, men and women
who seemed to be best attird.
Mrs. Carmen Murphy came away
with top honors in the women's di
vision. She wore a white, semi-mili
tary style, suit, decorated with gold
on the sleeves, and made a capti
vating figure.
Second prize went to Miss Isabel
Wasa, who. in an old rose suit,
with a contracting neckpiece
seemed to know what to wear to
bring out the beauty of her cop
per-colored complexion.
Equally difficult, even with few
er to chose, was it to select the
winning man. onlv one prize be
ing given. However, applause as in
Ihe other Instances, pointed to
Bernle smith as the winner. Smith
wore brown.
Approximately fifty couples Join
ed In the grand march.
Much credit for ideas must be
given Nacirenias in general. Their
week of festivities, which is fast
approaching, gives them a unique
distinction. There Is no group of
its sort tn the country which pro
motes such general hospitality for
the city. The setup stresses mem
bership of workers from all pro
ductive sphere* of life, who bend
every effort toward success for
the club.
A capacity crowd greeted Naclre
mas last Saturday, a capacity
crowd ■ remained to the very end.
And doubtless, when the final
"good-by" number waR played at
2 a.m., dance lovers. Jitterbugs,
waiter* and * ‘aittartcuter*’’ were
singing the praises of Naclremas
and will look forward to another
such pleasant e\ening
Judges were Samuel P. Bills,
of the Detroit Tribune. Miss Marion
McClain, a local scribe end Miss
Emmerel Smith. Presiding over
the contest proper was Clifton
Among the celebrities end famed
characters present was World
Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis.
T ravcloquc
Miss Corsetta Boyd, of Selma.
Ala., Is the house guest of her aunt.
Mrs. P. B. Pettlford. and cousins.
Mrs. A. C. Robinson and Walter
Pettlford. of M2d Hertford avenue.
Mrs. Thomas Tucker, of Chica
go. and her granddaughter. Mar
garet Louise, wer# week sad guests
of the Murphys At IMI Dubois
Mr. and Mr#. William Taylor. A2A
Euclid, have returnAd from A fort*
nighl’A vacation. They visited rela
tives and friends in Greenville and
Tuskegee, Ala. and Atlanta. Oa.
Miss Thelma Msrtln, of 11>»5 *•
Philadelphia, is visiting relatives
and friends In South Carolina.
Mrs. Ida Postles, of Parker ave
nue, accompanied by her slater.
Mrs. Mary HAllum. arrived in the
city Monday from Dallas, Tex*#,
where Mrs. Postles hsd spent the
winter wtth the latter. Leaving De
troit Wed. montng wer# Dr.
and Mrs. William L Postlea. who
ara planning to apand their vaca-
Lydians Held Tea
and Music In
Club House
Many gursts and friends of the
Lydian Musical association attend
ed its tea Sunday afternon. July
27, at the home of the Detroit
Federation of Women's clubs, 5461
Brush street.
An interesting program had been
arranged by Mrs. Sadie Johnson,
chairman of the educational com
mlttrc, and her eo-workers. Parti
cipants on the list of officers were:
Cathryn Harberd. pianist; Frank
Foster, soloist; Mrs. Elizabeth
Woodley, pianist; Frances Harberd.
dramatic render and Mrs. Rosanna
McDowell, who extended the wel
come. Mrs. McDowell Is president
of the association. Miss Dorothy
Quarker also gave a reading, while
Mrs. Josephine Boyden outlined
the high points hi the history of the
Members on the committee of ar
rangement, besides Mrs. Hirtlean
Harberd and Mra, Sadie Johnson,
chairmen, were: MPsdaroes Mary
Poole. Montana Smith. Ruth Sims.
Leona Carr. Ethel Massenburgh,
Minnie Chlsohltn, Sarah Groae,
Madalnm Fisher, Martha Bacon.
Charlotte Hillard and Miss F.thel
Johnson. All, in the gracious appre
ciation for the fine support given,
have promised that the near future
will bring another gala event.
Hon in Minnesota with relatives and
Conies a card to the Tribune this
week from Robert Crump. After
spending a few days in Pittsburgh.
Mr. Crump Journeyed on to Wash
ington. D. C. to visit his son, who
is attending summer school at How
ard university. From Washington,
he will visit Richmond, Va. his
former home. Commenting on the
Washington weather. Mr. Crump
said "It's too hot here for word*.”
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Martin .of
76.72 Central street, left the city
Wednesday for an extended trip
throughout the Southeast. They
will visit Columbia and Florence.
S. c.. Hampton and Richmond. Va.
and New York City. On thia three
week a trip, they were accompanied
by their three small children—
Dorothy. Eddie Wade. Jr. and Le
roy. The Martins are the parent* of
the late Cornelius Martin, who lost
hit life last week in an automobile
accident near Jackson. Mich.
Miss Doris Moreland, a teacher
of Atlanta. Oa and Mr. and Mrs
Smith, of Birmingham. Ala., are
among the pleasant visitors in our
Mr. and Mrs. John Kelsey, their
daughter and grandson, of Spring
field. Ohio, spept a few days in the
city last week, as house guest* of
Mr. and Mr*. Gales, of R47S Twen
t. -fourth street. Mr. Kelsey Is the
cousin of Sam H. Russell and Mrs.
Lillian E. Johnson, of the Motor
» ty.
Mr*. Lucy Jone*. of Woodland
avenue, ia raratloning *f Harrow.
Horn* ItiYtH oeg». C*r»aptfa« C®
Cut out thla ledp* tmd pa* It m U lor Y"« »<*»* &>»
Qreen Pastures
Has Open House
Green Pastures Camp will have
its llth annual Open house on Sun
day. August 10. Exhibitions in
handicraft, athletics, swimming,
nature study, music and dramatics
v ill be displayed.
The boy's program is as follows:
11 a m . church; 12:70 p.m.. dinner;
3:00 p.m., athletic demonstrations;
5:15 p m.. Flag lowering; 5:30 p.m..
supper; 7:30 p.m. play and 8:30 p.
camp fire.
Green Pastures can be reached
hy taking any road to Ann Arbor,
then go 25 miles on V S. 12 to the
camp signs. Everyone is cordially
invitfd to come out and spend the
d'.y. No food is available at the
camp (or visitors so it is suggested
that you bring your lunch and eat
it picnic style out under the trees.
Swimming will also he available
for visitors after the water carni
Green Pastures Camp '* operated
by the Detroit Crban League. John
C. Dancy, director. The camp is
under the direction and manage
ment of Lloyd M. Cofer.
Honor Son
on Birthday
At the home of Mr. and Mra.
Johnson Flanagan. Sunday. Aug. 3.
a birthday dinnfr was given for
their son Johnson, Jr., who cele
brated his 21 st birthday.
A delicious dinner was indulged
in hv his many guest*, who included
Lucille Rosemond, Ida Mae Flan
agan and George Irwin, Helen and
Byron Banklhead. Elverton Ford.
Leonard Wiggins and Ethel Dan
iels, Lawrence and Gladys Banks
and eon. Many beautiful present*
were received.
President .
Fetes Club
The Hiawatha ChHrity Raving
club met at the home of the presi
dent, Mrs. Marie King. Iftn7 Jos.
Campau, at 8 pm. Thursday, July
31. Mrs. Jackson, vice president
After the business session, a deli
cious repast was served by the
The club will meet again Augut
7 at 8:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs
Rowena Taylor. 3170 Madison.
Seven Orchids Qo
To Atlantic City
The Seven Orchid club of De
troit is vacationing in Atlantic City.
Mrs. I. Rodgefs, president; Mrs. A.
Busch, vice-president; Mrs. B.
Cunningham. secretary; Mr*.
Ophelia May*, treasurer.
Ontario. She aaya It'* nice and cool
Mr*. 8. F. Grigsby, of Seyburn
avenue, her daughter, Gloria, and
young son. Freddie, left this week
to spend a two week's vacation
in Idlewild and Woodland. Mich
Mr. Orlgaby left ln*t Saturday for
Columbus. Ohio, where he deliver
ed an address Sunday.
Mr*. E. Smith. 6.»50 Hartford, will
leave thla Saturday for a month’s
visit with her parents and friends
in the vicinity of Ashville. N. C.
1 I ary* Mw
iims vine- elili* cherries
peart »411ew*
Droit snd evt the trait*. Che* the
awM eed rat the •or»a*ollnw»
with a wet eeteeer*. Make the
leUewiag eeeked diieetaq:
14 rap Cenattea Twice el t leaMa
MOk. uedtlui () leaspooa
• and mustard
Yetke *t 4 etft
Ceok thla ever hot water ustU II
thlrken* Coll. Fold H tale I cup*
Cereal lee Milk, whipped. Ceeeble*
with the iruit. which hoe heea well
drained, add the aute add teid la
the atanhaMllowf earetullr, Rut
hi refriooroter evemtaht. and whea
eervlnq. euneund with erlep let
■ Jr- .JBte p -
Ay _. Jf A *V rf*. - -jJ
These rhurnilng lio*kt«*fc».f»* and guest* were present at the membership ten glren hj the Housenlres League
of Detroit Junior I nit >o. W at the Women’* Federation rlnb hon»e, Sunday. Aug. X. The guest speaker
*»« Mr*. Josephine Terrell, who spoke on **l pllftlng Womanhood.” Seated at the left I* Ml** I’aula
Itean Rodgers president and at right. MU* Marie I’arrUh, tire president, standing, left. I* Mr*. Mad?*
Arnold, the most efflrlent matron of the Junior*. Tea na« poured hj Mi** Rodger* and Mi** Margaret
Boone. Other guests were: Mr*. C. Fuqua, president of < entral Housewife* league: Mr*. >annle Hlark,
president of | nit I and Mr*. Manle Boone, president In It 9.
By EvHjn C. Pop*
Staying here in the city while
everyone else hies away to points
south and west is beginning to
chafe us. But. to u» a vacation is
just another "passing fancy"—you
know, it looked fancy. So we pass
ed light by!! Listen, or we should
say read on!! No matter how lor.
rid the weather becomes, there's
always a great demand for news
whit It concerns:
Mrs. Julia Hampton, who is en
tertaining her aunt whom she
hasn't seen in sixteen years,
namely. Mrs, Mary Ellis Wilkes,
Forrest City. Ark. Such another
embracing and welcoming you
never saw when Mrs. Walker set
foor upon Detroit soil. Another
hnusegupet in the Hampton house
hold is the si.-ter-in-law of Mr*.
Hampton. Shp is the very talen'ed
Mrs. Elenora Salne, wife of Da\e
Same Mrs. Saine is a teacher in
tile school sysiem at Memphis.
A lovely day heralded the ap
proach of two laige buses Satur
day. 'Twaa the date for the pienic
given by ihe Sunday school of Lo
max Temple Present, climbing
trees, nibbling sandwiches and
partaking of cold drinks were:
Janie Thomas. Cora Nalls. Hula
Mae Walker. Dorothy Love. Irene
Ivory. Theolia Singleton. Muriel
Williams. Helen Williams. Emma
Montgomery. Juliet Tatum. Hazel
Haywood. Ella Mae Hill, Rev. and
Mrs I). P Thomas and (heir sons.
Henrv and Joe, Fred Claik. Willi
am Newton. Fred Watson, Johnnie
Haiwood. Nathan. Flozell and
Johnnie N* Is. William Walker.
Charles Greenlee. Sanford Mont
gomery. Thaddeu* Crosby and
Thurman Love.
Death was the reason for the
hurried packing of Sylvester Brown
and Deris Maxwell. They were
railed to Atlanta C.a to bury their
sister. Mrs Lottie Starks. Accom
panying wa« < ora L. Taylor.
Doesn't a four-room cottage in
the country hraxenb? It
does to us and must have sounded
very fne t„ Mrs. Henrietta Wil
son. formerlj of Fleming street,
for site "up and" purchased a
four-room cottage in Flat Rock,
Mich, it a too lovely for words!
Our young folks reallv do them
selves Justice when given the op
portunity. Ruth Jackson not o.Hv
saw the "shining raft’’ hut did
somethng about it. Asa result she
ia now clerking nt the Johnson
airy. Miss Jackson is a graduate
of Northeastern «tid Is noted for
aggressiveness in any field. The
salary that goes with this Job —to
us—ls really fabulous. Congrats.
A train bound for Atlanta, Ga .
will hear at least one passenger
whom we all know. Mrs. Ernes
tine Thompkin* She will Stop
with her sister. ”"s. Ethel Beilis,
then travsl to LaGrange to *ee her
mother. Mrs. Mattie Hill, Mr*.
Thompson plans to stay a month.
Another southbound traveler Is
Mra. Ruth Rougs. sister of Mrs.
Anna Alexandria hf Goddard
•treet, who is accompanied hv her
niece. Rosemary Alexandria. First
stop fo r Mrs. Rouge Is North Car
olina. where she will visit her
mother. Mrs Mary Gardner, and
Mr*. William* ani
Mrs. Mattie Venson. Her next stop
will he in Georgia, where Mrs.
Rouge will visit her grandmother
and other relatives
Wish we could take that Eastern
trip with Mrs Amelia Hill. She
plan* to covet New York New Or
leans and Phlladelph'a He r aim is
to aee all ber relative and friends.
Henry Clay of Maple street Is
one of the new men In Camp Cus
Did you know that F.thel Rosa
■nd Rubv Jackson went touring to
Flint and Toledo last week.
Those are oniv two of the places
the girls plan lo ’ sight'’ before the
Summer ts over.
Leaving Detroit, Tuesday, for
Birmingham. Ala. are Mra. Alice
Amo*, of Modern street, and h*r
alater. Moll!# Walker. They will
vacation at the home of thetr
mother and eleter. Mr*. Olive
wa'ker and Mr* Suite Lomat
Glad tilings’ Mr* Florence
•urkett of •‘laming *tre#t. *ho
baa been do terribly 111 for the past
Now it the time to paint-up and brighten-up
Buy Direct From the Factory
Drop in at Our Plant
few weeks, is doing much better
Mery Lundy has three of the
most handsome trailing bags
wove ever seen. They are the
Samsonite brand, washable Eng
lish tan, brown-satin lined. Theie
is a hat and shoe bag. two othei
piet.es are a week-end bag and a
wardrobe bag. And boy, ate iney
heavy! A thoughtiul friend knew
Maty was anticipating a trip south
this month, so, on ner birthday,
mere came the present.
Robert Gunn spent two weeks
in Birmingham, Ala. He is super
intendent ot the Great Lakes ln
..trance company.
‘Such a good time was had by
ah the liitie tout who attended the
eighth birthday party ot Annie
Pearl Hill, oi :tM)4 Heming. It wan
given at the home ot her parents,
.wr. and Mi*. Leo.iaul nul. t-aiiug
ue-tveam and take and indulging
in games were; Dorothy Wells,
E>riyn and Doris Dai is, Gloria
.lean Well*, Rebecca Latt. Pauline
Lloyd, Charlotte, Irvine and Don
ald Brew, Hazel Phillips, 'Jer
aldilie Coleman and bailie Mae
i anieis.
Marion Greenlee accompanied by
her mother. Mrs. Roe# Greenlee
and mother, marie* spout two
weeks in Woodland Park.
Reception honoring the marriage
of liMi. v Dtir,. to illi'O’.v Bank..,
ill ie given Saturday at the home
of the grooms aunt, Mis. Daisy
iitillip>. at loSla Goddard street,
ine.v wcic niHiiiPu .11 toiedo.
Very shortly Aua Bell Pott*
dad will motor to luskegee whet*
she is a ."(Ui.cut and wip return
mine with her.
Ehis Lunday, of Lumpkin street
U in the Euyth K. Thomas hospi
tal. where he recently underwent
a minor operation. Lundy is rest
ting wen at this writing.
Great Lake* Insurance com
pany * picnics are swell, so you and
net’er be at the next one, August
j... at Put-in-Bay.
Local talent got together Sun
day and had a little pnnic at R.v
er Rouge. They were; Elois* Rur
r>. :*ybil Kennedy, Mary Gunny.
'lhomas Artisou Leonatd aud Bill
Margaret White and E. D. Wat
son, whose engagement was an
nounced la*t month, plan to lie
married on August :’,u at the lovely
home of the biide-elects aunt. Mr*
Kcva Mongram.. at c’67l Burrell
place. Mrs. Hyacinth Rogers will h*>
her only maid and Phillip Boiden
will he the best man. The time is
» p.m.
Closing their sea-on for social
activities was the Progressive
clubs "•final" on July 3" at the
home of Mrs. Marguerite Young of
St. ‘ Aubin street. Present were
President Betty Plpens, Treasurer
M Young; Financial Secretary
Daisy Phillips; Recording Secre
tary Mamie Pipens; Vice-president
Eienora Stein and Alice Amos,
treasurer of the sinking fund A
lovely luncheon was served. Re
mark* were made by Mrs. Georgia
Lunday and Mrs. E. Stein. The dub
will resume it* activities the rtr*t
week in September.
Mr*. Gevotta Gray, of St. Aubin
street, vialted Chicago last week.
While there. »h# wa* the guest of
jjer aunt and cousin. Mrs. Bertha
Oliver and Sani Johnaon. of 5000
Prairie street.
Another fine picnic was that
given bv the Junior Sunday school
of First Baptist institutional
church at Elizabeth park Saturday
Folk* scampering around, playing
game* and *kinning *hiti* were;
Elisabeth Wright. Rev. and Mr*.
B H. Wright. Howard Wadlow.
Emma Ware. Bernice Mitchell and
her out-of-town guest, Emma Mary
Weatherspoon of St. Loul* and
mother, Mra. Mary Wentherapoon;
Harold. Herman and There*a Pil
i lard. Charlea George and Alice
Hudaon; Beatrice King Rev. P.
R. Pate. Crawford Wright and too
i many othera.
Remember what w# aaid about
*adn*»a always coming b*for* or
! after gladness* 11**11. a roung man
who was enlisted i« Ragimant P. at
Fort Sill. (Mil#., proved thl» k
fine person Robert e TlMtni waa
railed id death luddealy Ht* wa* *
watery grave funeral aerrlrea
Club News
wrr f a» the home »f his mother.
Mr«. Lola Tippen* of St Auhin
la*t Thura. H a captain, H. A. Cal
siman, highly piai*ed th* s ounac j
man’* ability in lead other young!
mnt Thomas Vwa* hoi n in Chatta-I
nnoga in 1912. H" died a! Port Si 1 * I
on July 2.1 in earlier life ho spent I
tv.ll y ais at Fillmore high »< honl
in Port Huron. May «♦. he
married the former Mary Lee Har-!
ri*. - I
Along with other youth in hit*
regiment. Robert went swimming
during a picnic at East Lake , ctkin *
Thev were coming out of the water
to dinner when he suffered a
heart attack and drowned. He
leases a widow. Mary Lee hi*
mother. Mr*. Lola Tippon*-; five sis
ter*. Margaret Parker. Grace Mc-
Cray. Julia Mae Turner, Ruth Ter
r|e. Lucille Hynes, and a brother
Milton, two unde*, three cousins
two niece*; five brother-in-laws,
and other*.
M s. He**le William* of Scotten
1* reported ill. Mr. and Mrv C lin
ton Pope, Sr of St. Auhm street,
I'.hvc as week-end house guests
from Port Huron. Mich . his sister,
Mrs. Christine Pope, her mother.
Mrs H. Lons, and daughtei-
Thelma and Morothy and her grand
daughter, Betty.
Laura Whitby of 1 :;f»54 St.
Auhin motored to Atlanta tin
where she vieited her maternal
grandmother. Mrs. Laura Burney.
With Laura were her parent* Mr
and Mrs. Nathaniel Jack-on
While in Atlanta Mrs. Jack*r>n was
shocked h\- the death of her brother
Nathaniel Byrney.
Came between the Homestead
Gray* and the Baltimore Elite
Giants was a success from
every angle. Sighted at the ecent
were. Mrs Lula Kirby Mrs Mar'
Colquitt. Willis and Henry < ol
quitf. Grant < urnan "Slim" John
son. Mamie Robinson
The Jolly Stroller* club No. J t*
sponsoring its annual picnic on
August l‘i.
Teachzr Sees
Old Mexico
Mrs Helene M Wilson p. pnlai
Detroit school teacher has jus* re
tinned from a tw * month* tour of
the south and southea*t Olnufi.n
Texas, the scene of th
N’AACP concent ion was one of l».
first stops Mr* Wilson seen got
as fa r as Mexico «h*tr *he pur
chased some lovely souvenir*
Mexican pofterv and the like flhr
had planned to stay only one month
hut the southern hospitality got
the host of her and she had a hard
time forcing herself to come home
aft»r two month*
Mr*. Wilson Is the wife of Dr
John P Wilson While Mrs. Wilson
was away. Dr. Wilson visited in
Chicago and Gary, Ind with
Clyde Hendley.
Gii Mi hv
Hear Detroit's New Talent Discovered in
Voice and Piano
Cnrnrr liru*l: Mini Willi*
Knr Information Call Trinity ?-40iS
POI'I I.AR I’MII I! AI»MISMO> : t » * t* I E>T*
rffifh TAJ Hl**rh I'rrßrti
and TAJ Yanlthlnr < rmni jjgjjjp'
Xtfi 1 %•''*' IW»t»l# n« W>|lln Run V jAl'-
?.'r uiMtui <*» P i.,i«n -0,,. > wr ~,:
I Rio < nnp»n k
Jun* mall < onpon Ml*-,,,. Saif« Y«0 1
dartn* non jar nt TAJ AlUrh 7.V 4f
Oram ana ana Jar IVI vanrw-vv a|
Annulling ranm < PrW M akl 'Mtllll -illk B t'i Vll
en< It. Wes Tatal PHra a( |Mh i
—*l Mi a> will aanri ran 1 JARtll. AMMTAR. pro aidant.
Ikrw iwa Ana .mama— nM In TAJ ivrfama laagaai,
addition. TRICK. «# will aand IMI Wrath* Am.. Ualralt. Mtrh.
.tan nna Mr Roll la of TAJ *a*d ana TRICK BAa alra t»MI a Raaa
Whlta Raw Parfnma amt ana Parfnm anal TRa aHa (atnplatlaa Aaap.
Mr «aka at TAJ (omplaalan «»•> a>r nrdar la* Mr Jar «f Ma*ak
nod Baaot* Maap *and lha t raam and Mr Jar Vania Hint (main
foniMia ROW. TWa la an la- aand t.0.1t. I will par tka Pool naan RIM
tmdaataajr afar and want laai awl Ik# k* rant# pa*a|a.
farwa rr. , >ama
Art** raaa
(Rt Mata
* i
JIN* I’oxlellu {>iv<ihini. nlm man
h bridal attendant in (hr wedding
«>f MhMc HU imp and trank La*
telle of I’itfshnrgh ln»t month,
*ee the story on thi* page.
Poslc.Ua Is
Mias poaiolia ('ii-pshitni. charming
deb. and daughter us Mr. and Mr*.
James Gresham. nf Detroit. arrived
m Vittsbuigh Thursday July 24 by
train to im a bridesmaid tn tha
wedding of Mabel K Hishop and
Fiank LaVelle. o' Pittsburgh. Pos
t'll* i« the niece nf Mr. and Mra.
Benjamin Frazer. nf ".'ifi.'i Webster
street. Pittsburgh. with whom «h#
resided during bar stay Tha wed
dire wa« -ft* ! y 2F Mis* Gresham
i« a Vnfver«itv nf Detroit coed,
and a member nf tha lota Phi
l.amhda sorority
Girls’ Camp
Has Guests
Tim C<n»ury of Progress club
hal’d it* annual outog Sun July
27, at lamp .Nnrinm where tha
•toady breeze from tha laka raada
those present .unaware of tha in
tense hens that’sent tha mercury up
to inn m Detroit.
Entertainment tnrludad a bingo
gem* in which each lattar in Lamp
nnm «n- fornjad in rotation
and sh« parson who "bingoed" got
a prize daintily dona up in club
colors. Anotha,. game brought each
w inner mnd avarybody was a win
nari a bar of rnastad p»anut* Be
side* these game* thara wara swim
ming. boating and a shooting con
test tn which many parttcipa'ed.
At two o'clock a vary daliciou*
chicken dinner »«« sarvad on tha
spariou* scraanad rorch of fh#
dining hall.
Among tha club* guest* war#
Mrs. Estelle Abercrombie of Mont
gomery Alabama. Mrs Fanni#
\ tiprcrombio, Mrs E\* Williams,
Mrs. Jennie Turner Mrs Sarah
t iMf\ Mr* Archie Reaves Missa*
Dal*y and Alice Turner. Mrs. Lorai
nrtie Lußon Miss Marjorie Rob
inson M"*s Sarah Loutae ('assay,
Mr snd Mr* Psu! Simmon*. Mr#.
Simmon • mother, Mr* Hamilton nf
| Talladega. Ala Miss Vary Fran
-1 ~ s mmnn- Mr* Charje* Adams,
I M;*» Mrirette reierson of Atlanta,
Ha Mis* Pauline Cloud Walter
Matson I" Rodney Williams,
It * id reran '0 and Little Mif*
att.H Ruth Mhre
The Tribune
I hr jm.io Twelve club bat been
doing excellent work thi* »ea*on.
The i ]ub met a* the home of the
president. 4.'T Beau Men street, at
their last * r *»lon
The members extended a vote of
thank* to the Detroit Tribune for
the nr e write-up of the club news
and pledged to urte their friend* 18
other organisations to support thia
I progressive home town paper at
I 211*5 St. Antoine strict

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