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'These Are They’
" «L^.Wi» ,r V
• Th*>** Ar« Th»> ” -• a r»» '»<-i-<- f. r • * V-'e’re * »r * h .rr
K* ro r*n». hard-»-rk -* r "'■f « <r; ►■! »■••* « «• h, - , -i 1
an 4 ••»rd »• asampl** -f pa- »n -* * #r ■ ,•■ » h . I
f»i*ura Ihia ; « ’ * . h ■ v a ■ - p T ■
F»»*ura Editrr w » *-• rr :rt : •*• • *■«•. ' r* J.»v vi i
Un H. H Harriet'*. m»rr.»l • - rfp
Bv Sl MI N I*. HIM s
"A piece of loaf of your ,*w n- «•■•*•• tr-**-** • n:i all of '"me body |
*!•*> ’’was The humorous mann* r nwh h Mr* U M Herndon. «m l l l n |c
»r.d God-fearing mother. miked w -*h abou’ •'■•>** 2<v yen* of married
h!us. "coinin' this (Vtobe*-.’’ experience by or ,rn«l her husband, the
Rev, H H. Herndon in their comfortable little h>tre at l'»lS Russell'
s’ree* l»«t Friday night.
A cordial ba'’<l«hak'' an *«*r nluctien o« *w .-*. and Rev. Mr.
Herndon, hi* w ife and your wr*er *u ar t 'C'pjed f.-r almo«* -wo h Mira
«* *» had known *a. h "'her 'o- vex « The minister had read The
Tribune arid knew of u«. We ' we env-red everything from crops to
‘ Lord man ’ «aid Mr* Ho-ud n toafillv ‘1 ain't :<> ■ g to marry
every ve»r or 'no T'** n. bo*h »h* a"d 'h° rr ni«*er wen* back 'o l r, lj
to tell o; 1 «n*an • •» h 'i doe." • '*ippen 'brae day. a roman■ • 'hat
ha* «**M d”wn -h* vea * Ri’ m id you Mr* He n, n was hard to
catch, and. now • v «h* ha* bee*. 'tY •-hod "<■ <• ha* V.-n a* fni'hful
• wife and loving * mother «.« any R ‘dr ,-han 'rr.
Tria « and " '•>•;! von* hav«- ro«*ed ’he pa'll* 1 f • *’«e pe p>. Rut
when ’hey p eds»d ':'n*h down in Green w .<«•,. M -- .'■» year* ajo and
w*h»n Evarse «? .» <;. k. yo* ••• ooked them up.’ >y made up their’
mind* ‘ come what may.'* the and go >. cit n.
H*'* « ,K e «• .-v if love. \jr«. Ilerr.d 'n « husband M: M- MiMin. had
died Tha* vft lie; w -*h children anil a arm to t:♦ k■ • • of. She ~o: j
d*w a to t*u«tne»* • m 'ked the <o« ~ fed *he . *i. k-v- .pprd cotton i
«"d riean*d hou*e * ,\nd always won an rvet-wa - ' hn* eve on licr I
ch*Mr*n. ?he -eal'y I In t ha\e tna' v.ng again :i her ’v.r.d. wn*
• ►•a** w daw u»n>r, a: d• ;e Ha. Mr. Herndon p■ wn to her «.«
' rne> had a ready dreamed ’ha’ ««> nld make the !i. Ipmate that lie .•
Pu*. on*- day :• happened. I’ w-y« during the \ ;c• ;i«.rx iation"
o' ’h* an i hurch ‘ha* they met. She wa« jj. ||» wis gijll
‘ t*r e> she didr ’ pay nv Jj .v*ention t > ’urn. I. <• ■:• i anie ilir "pi o.
•rar’ed m*e’ rg Sue ran rvo 1; m aS.iin. i ail’d l.itn "I'nr’.e"; lie
p'SH’ed *o know w y> .e didfi * »ai Hr
’Veil !h« had to he ho«p(raMe. She w ild k.■ • the m* ♦•tine, hut
thi* pa" - ular n• -h* «he go’ on her one * *’ah> I>. .. ’ leaxin; the
■l khoa.d to »ofi,eb. dv • ■< . and j ««l»> to « hut •• She no* him again.
!’• war »and to a*- w w'.eth* r h» <•» t!<l tn« *o iht.m r. Sh” ag’eoil. lie
-d n* h’« 1-ea- She ;ep. n’ed ‘ Th. w.'dd.”g ri.i-e wa* *.•».
T'» r. age w •.* n riiUfl-, • et;*» r Point < hit i* :. iti. Kviingt I.* ,t.
C K‘y« wa* the mm *ter. The h--.dr.to he had *old h< < w and had
-,v '.r’* a u** li"> wedding dret* she go’ if out fop u* while we
• aed. ’• « -f *•»’ w h; 1 e. long w t*h five i|o’h button* il; »n the fiont
*r the w a :• S -o pt p slior’ \ "d’>;’ile fu.e ' p* >pa below the
kr*e« ar 1 ar.«» «»■" continue* to ’lie fi nr v «at:n girdle .»•!.*
eff ’h« • tv. wa: •• "e M v « He - ndon *m insly *aid he -id planned *o
pe bu-ed :*• • ■ :vr and have to :ay o\e r h> r now." \ "wreath”
wa* e« he- -e*d I‘he Reverend wore a bln* k Miit and white shirt and
t e
»’d- ug .ns* wop ui.eii w- -n 'lie (oun’ry in l.m-e days, Mrs. j
Hep-o -p .... a l.r.V .and hefol . ill ~tW ..IV"
T m ft. *. V- Hetndon ”in I pi’ a-'amg n years ,g„. | n Mi.-v-'
• pp: he *l* * * lit pi *1 ho tt.aki g i chur ll a Sllllda' ('huryh
member® ad ' > ip * - ••• .•• • el.g.o*; w a-.- h was replcnislieil each
trie -;e i an® .-• ut I H-* «-- p o’*.' '•'w > year* before he wa* or* *
ri-vned He s.'* a ii h M-* H< ndon joined and oft- npi iyod
a -mind n* • . idttig 1* tad p• •' .• sr: i< k her tlu-ii/fna’ *hf w mild
b* ‘he Rev - ’ He till jo* t< h* s ,ti sp-tr <- In*, na a v-i-. ‘ (ioil
.up rr • , - ind he w.it.t* t«. do all :i*» Mid; ’o p.-me h.< app.-t
X log w.. iHi i». .' n s. 1,00>.' *Tli •i * he h’-lp* •! (U* the
ttnr l 'fr f * : • * • 11.0 yhodv -v .i. ti long i-ticli and 1> hIV'I hi.
a rt( . Aiii! i-• v • four Ti.onihs >,r .y h*d c|(*.*ed for cot’on piikiuc. *
Ku’ he iirar-.h. . every* .nnc Sr. does M■«. H ••»tnl-»r. who hns a tine'
rr nd •• r.d ’■■<* ' >.y i.pa«t>r r 'ic ai.d ynd»us*an<lins.
A ii es ihildnii *fii-..‘ two i -van ja pi.- lnv. k- |.t { uni
hi:' h m a r.d datig* fa tinve j. i— t j ti' * tin g -a* hevond: the '
o*he-« w •*<. io i.n live • <;>m 'ful iiid no. di.-n*. Atjuillrt. It. is youiiK* j
e** and •« maki'is ap.d |.i nsi .- i’ \\ .ytic ‘li ain t.g school S';** i> .
tl.ere wtn t '<* •. • f.» a :.*» M He rndoti fondly told of their j
j> g .-•*« Ti <-e v. • i ,i s•’io v* u . .dli I <a l. |t.jt, we can t<-.*tlly t iat *
they ate n. ■ 'going pl*«e- ' 'he lett<" w, .aw n.< in* anything. The
i -I*.* and i* Mi* Mand' Kl*’• her -f M* mphis. Teiin. Sun. a -on.'
live* n 1 1< 'co.' an<i •>. I- I- >at ill" pound*.
■ l.n: : n>v. ,s,d ’lit- line itio’h* r. wt a n't nrv.-r had a light nor
a fu** Sl* ha* iak ej, oi e t)i* tome du'.i' . The - aren't Interested in
*.’■;* thing* o' 'it" w tid 'lt* Herndon said the* her only *in wa- 1 ‘ha;
ft*e would do i Ir'ie fu**.n . Hut. *aid parties h- ei pni'ties. "canyln'
onN" ndeedv ’
Making end* ni*e* ha* always been a prohl'uii Hut. it s li*-cii done.
M hen th* minister became ill in HOI Mr*. Herndon Mopp'd in and
• vr-ed pulling <*irn The«e two elder p-rsun*. young in jute of y< ir>
a,e happy They j.re “cnrefiil how thrv entertain elraiiKers." They
tr -at everybody light. Sui ir-*, they say. is made up of: J. H»diet and
fel*h n each other; 2. Living right. Interest in what children tit and
• wh'pptng' now and l h**n; t Faith «n Cod and a willingn* ** to for
Tnily, we hated to s.i*. g -odbye. We <on I*l have stayed long’r. Hut.
w» m.ule friend* Sometime*, we ll go again. We il w uit to hear the two
■ ops who «.ng in tile Royal Singci v u. II want to know litoie t* ui
j, gj,pin*-*. or they *< em iii hold the re* ret. Life lias hioiu ht its til- -*■
lug* an*l it* handicap*; it* progree* and il* aetfiaiks'; it.- affliction* and
);« joj*. out of it all. the Rev. and Mi*. M. If. Herndon h.i*e made a
record-year* to otie man- .In yeai* to one woman.
Motor Sales
New & Used Cars of All Makes & Prices
TELEPHONE CLifford 4474
RLWOOD GARVJN, Prop., 2419 St. Antoino cor. Vemor
A icvcption wt* given bv the
Tuscan lodge. No. .'7 F and A
masons July 27 a' Monroe. The
guest of honor was the grand mas
ter, Klmcr L. Wallace and wife ot
A sum of money was given to
Second Baptist church for the
Budding Fund. The presentation
was made by the grand master.
Four graduates pi went also re
ceived il*e sum of |1 each. They
wer* Mt>* Mary V. While, l.eon
tlii- (nine. Haywood t ovingtou,
lan I Eddie Newbie. Seveivl vis
itors were present and many short
talk* were given. The meeting was
dosed by the worshipful master, j
Leonard t ame. A delirious lunch
eon wa- served to fifty guests.
Mrs 11. Edmonds, tnotbpr of Mr*.
L. V t'ovington of Montoe. is j
'spending he summer tn Detroit
visiting hpr sons and relatives, j
Me fit> board will induct "il-j
d-tm —H— I'jiimiuill sun of r. and j
Mrs. t'hailes i ampbell of Monroe.,
i ampbell has been attending I
school at Howard university, i* a
former t nek star at Monroe High,
school. He -*ei ved as assistant i
scout master for Troop 21.
Mrs L. V. t'ovington and Mrs.)
L. Wright have returned from De
troit where they were attending
.Michigan Baptiet associat on lield
at Friendship Baptist church
Mrs. William Chappell ha* re
turned from Putesvli|e. Kentucky,
where she spent a month visiting j
relatives and friends.
Marion Came. Adena Covington
and .luattita Covington; Wsconklja
i am price Girls entertain at a din
ner g ven at tlte honje of their
suatdian. Mr- Virginia Covington
Thursday. July :! Those parent*
attending were: Mr and Mrs Hu
bert Covington, Mr. and Mi* Leo
nard Cline. Mr. and Mr* Haywood
Cm ngton and Mrs. Militant Sn<*li.
i amps i e • \ei-ntivp.
11 Waconktja Camfire girls
a;- 1 I'thc. Helpers and Blue Bird
- .nip will leave for tamp on
\*;gll -1 ** to spend severnl ilays
V til ir guard an. Mr*. Vitgmu
( vi’ig'on and also Mrs. Dlivta
t appe.l.
M*s Joan renlcV and daughter.
CatHei'ine are spending a weeks
V.V anon at I (lew Id «nh friends
fl-om Erie. Ta. and De'toit,
River Rouge
Bv Mr. and Mrs. M. Roe as
|>, r, NR ton head *f the
S-;mhv Memmial ho«pit:R vnd his
\n'.o’o;* and to CaLfornta la*l
v. k They plan to s'J>‘ for a
In-, ii (; Brown, pharmacist at
Tw ;i Cttv Dnig stoic left t-atur-,
,i t> ; , si ip to Fittshtirgh. l'a. j
: i piniit s us'. Dr. Brown will be
fi , a at w ii. k n about ten days.
Mt Ltita Wilts of West H- IMB
A kalis ’- .s v.s-.tiiiK h- r sist*-r and
In,, „ Mi . l’inknc* Bnnkh«-a<l and 1
\;, . ,>; iv li i Stevenson. Mr*. W'-M*
vs.ted’a week with her s»«i**r Mrs.
Ida Mae Hoftman and othor rcla
-1 ives in 1 hi, ago
S .m!'u *1 Daugherty son of M
,nd M Steve Daugherty of s;c*,
jn.lk <•••»-, • left last Friday for a
v .it w.’h relatives in New York
c. • v
M: . n tavia, Jones of Atlanta,
(leo -,.a is here visitin(g with lvet
..in a id daughter-in-1 1 w. Mr. and
Mrs ,|r,i|n D Walthall. 224 Ileeih-
I wo*»,l venue
St’uiday ••vailing August 2 th*
i„. nil"- 1 < of tlie staff * f Beech wood
Community center gave a picnic
Relle Isle \ vpi-v appetlT.log
, m* n i was planned and enjoyed by
.I 1 Th - mum specialty was barbe
cued chicken.
Members of Hip *taff Incßldi*
William It -one. Mi-s Wills Mae
«( vntlimed on page **)
Bv F. |*. II VRIMS
Rev. George W. Bali* |- and choir
of Elien■ /e of D,troii wll wor
ship at Newman A.MK r.iunlt a’
pan August I" in behalf of the
| Stew hi a nd( *s board.
Mis. E.-t-.e Harris of Highland
avenue wa* linste-s to out-of
| low nys Sunday afternoon. Among
: them were Mr.- Maggie Ro-s of
j MaytieM Kentucky Mr*. S Willi**
'am*. Thuiman tfshorne and Mia*
I Man Ifalie, of Detroit.
Mi-.e* Mas OiH*e feeler and
I Cat hei me B ggers <>f Mayfield,
Keiitm kv after visiting Mrs Har
ris of Highland avenue and Mrs.
I.hculih Byrd of <ii ant *treet for
ten werk.- returned t'» their home
in Mayfield. They wet* accom
pan.ed by Mr. ami Mrs. Leslie
(Fov.ler. The group stopped in
Pad in ail. Kentucky to enjoy th**
, cul tncipn:i"n celebration
Charles Hays of Wa-liing'on. D
C. !- v.«i iiik his brother and sis
ter in-law. Mi. and Mr*. Hugh
Hus of Crawford afreet.
Gwendolyn and Darlene Parr,
dauglit o'- of Mr an I Mr.* Sam
’ I’arr of • raw ford street are visit
ing the!r gr iiidinother in 1 o'lini
btv. TentP'sse*’.
) Mrs. Cora t urrv M- uiiied ftoin
.1 va* tion in Chi' ago Jn-t n t lit *
, • ve.s,,| a loi timely program
,'i wmati AMF i linii-h in behalf
of ' tie eooferene* claim*.
Mr. an,l Mrs Robert Hoover of
(aid utia *ti«*e' and family are
| vacationing In Navhville.
T!ie It"v Mr Lu'e of Phoeull.
I Arizona r vi : i»ng his daughter
!,1 Hlao ..t eld avenue
Ih* Rev Mr. Love wa* guest
up#Her »* King Sohmon Baptist
ihurrh rs Petrott last Sund.tv
Rev N.-o.a IS pa -'tor.
J. and H. Cleaners
215 s. |M«il Phono
I’linllar, Mlrh.
Customers Is Our
Slot in
our Murk Ooaranlwil
\V> will appreitat* a trial
firm vou.
.le»Mi|i k l.arnrr, o|»rralors
m w h
fl R ]
Hf r 9' ■ „. ‘ ■
I*. !W#H ollnni. Windsor #l<lfr«
mint. TPtnmTTirjr firsTliFtTTTtT'H+s*
Virginia t.recn, of \\ indsnr as
"Miss International” in the bean*
ly riintf'l held Inst Friday lit the
Tb* laricut* leaufy fturaau %*a» ajtobliU'sd by th* \A /^ S -
Go<M'oy Manufacturing Company to »tudy method* y V^iiP 1 ’ 7
of prei*rving women'* naturol beauty, ond to molt* f
the reiult* of thl* reiearch available to the public.
Keeping cool when the thermome
ter runs its littl*’ red toneue up
to the top tigu: rs is somethin:; that
we all think about a good deal How
to do it? Well, you II feel cooler if
you look too), jOid huv ate lots of
links to mike \ou look as tool as
a frosted lenionad 7 They're beau
ty trii ks whs* h stars w ith soap and
w iter atul end with a final dash of
flowery cologne. .lust as sure as
you manage to look fre«h ami crisp
and your be«t beau tells you so—
well, you'll feel better right away!
So. defy old Sol and try a few of
these. First, a warm or lukewarm
t b or ‘hower. If you prefer the
nth. tos, m one of the delightful
preparations th it turn it into a fla
grant mass of huhbl's. It's fun.
and coding. Tak< vour time, and
relax every must 1* m your body. If
route addicted to firm rubbing whit
a rough towel in the drying-off
process, gne that up for summet
and hint yourself dry as gently ns
possible Next comes the bath pow
der, and if you use a scented on o ,
choose the same seCnt as your bath
I'wbhli s »nd yoi;r cologne. You don't
v ant to finish up with a nrxture
oi perfumes!
Once you're in fresh, tool clothes,
do your make-up carefully. Summer
leak*- up should he lighter than you
ma use m (he cool* r months Vers
♦itll »• rouge, a deft hand with the
powder, and yo.ir gayest ltpMbk
applied sparingly. You want te
Irvog ns fresh and coni as a bower
You ran help create that illusion
f coolness and freshnrss through
a more casual hair-do. Wear voir
hair a little further off your fire
kitp it softly cured rather ’ha:* in
,ii t ; ,nd forr •! coiffure. F > ■>
b.inl toirclt to yot.r hair, wet y > ,r
ir trr* w ith 'rh.gt.c or toile* tin-,
.. i! push ihn curls into p
! impening tlvm very sltgb’l- wr
| the fi agrant ’’quid A lit*.** n
Toledo Police Want
To Extradite Him To
Face Robbery Charge
\ question of identificaliou lc
tenger prints may prove th<> im
i doing of (Jus Saunders, want' and u
Toledo t.» [ace a charge of htvaki: u
and min ing.
Saunders was arrested July _’7 by
officers of the Canfield Station, i I
later Toledo authorities request* and
Ins i xtradition to that city. chir
ging iiiat h° hid been identified by
■lewell Wnd. now serving a pi -on
sen ll need iii Indiana for bank rob.
bury, hi Ills accomplice in the To
ledo robbery.
| Attorney .l imes Jackson, coun- i
fo i* Saunders, wanted to put t»*i«*ll
Whigham on the starrd to te.-iifv
hut Whigham who bail been in the
lourt toom of Recorder's Judge \r
thtir F (!nr«lon. disippeared before
Jacks' n lould call him. Jackson
-aid Whigham would testify that
Saunders was not the man identi
fied by the picture.
n* Mils. U:«M PARKS
Mr. and Mrs Mobley Pnj rr of
Main street and Mrs. James
I,ore of 2750 Hear street motored
to Saludt. Sc, and other put.-
of the state for a two week * vaca
Mr. mid Mr*. Harry Foul of 2*l'
Main afreet arc v.kvil lonlnjr In
If j|| , »h'iro. Springfield. Poor in. Illi
nrl# fur two weak#.
Mr nml Mr*. John 1 f<»t»ry llod
••#r*. ,Ifs**o nml Jam*** Sion# nnd
.Mi* I'hmnro .lnrk**>n motored to
Uhc nh, Kine ton; ' Ktio'V'll**.
Trn*ii for n 'one «MV
Mr and Mr*, lam*'* if. Hotivrf.
, 2TS4 Hour atreet nod TVwi *•
'-'ffwart. Il«*r*rhrl Kina F-rtok I
Hroailav attended the t.mic *<o- I
(warn th** Homestead Orav# and
th# Raltlrrior# Eltta P.lanf* at
Bri7f« *l#dlttm Snnd*v *ft»rn»'i;
■iT'»«*« K'te'la Tark* and Tin*
I ni» |"*r, fhatlnn returned N‘* , m
f r nm thrir laoitlon In Rer*a and
Cleveland. Hht o with melr ml*,
i Ivn# and fr end*
Mr *nd Mr*. William Whit# of
i °7*d n***r «freet and Mra. T.-ieUe
Simn*oM end *on* and Phi>l#a
Stewart were vlHtnm from o*;#
ViPd a I B n ra Ohio ov*»r th*> wv*k
Mr# <’nrollna <''#age of Athi*n*.
Tonne* e** retti. nod fiottt M**' i.
f.hlo, wncrc *he wai v *ltln* *****
daughter Mra R W- h#t#r to <vtr
a whll# with h**r <loirM*r, V**.
i f.iirl'a S<m|v*on of in I** 1 ** Roar*!!?
' V#*r flaxen. ,
I Mr ind Mi# *l*‘*l la Rod** a
and Mt#a Thelma Oetllp of Athene
i Tenn*«#ee are hem \lalUujt thalr
I friend* and relative#.
I mancipation celebration in
.TiTelson Thirl. TVTndsor. In the
renter K Miss Ituby Browning,
seroml. anti Miss Maggie Wilson,
on the hack of vour neck ’nil on
• ur wrists, and a dab on your
hanky and you've ready to go. Tie
,i g tv little beau-catcher ribbon in
jc.r hair, and you’re off for fun
and romanep.
Ju-t as sure as you look as cool
\i ci can. you'll he a refreshing
sight among your sweltering sisters,
and .that's enough to make you feel,
a • i oni as a cucumber.
T ou r now . don't you feel cooler I
all * ady?
Mhiil are your beHtify proh. .
bins; Write: Marie Ituwning.
I.aricine Reality bureau, S.V)9
I Inilcll llluln St. I.onis, Mo„
and she will lie glad to answer
them, lie sure to enclose a
sell-addressed, stamped ell*
1 elope.
By Cornelius Reeve*
Many t harming guests and mem-!
In : s were present Sunday after- ;
liiioti at (am tlhc 11 chapel A.MK
ihunii to hear the sermon by the'
Kw. Mr. Smith. I.ovefcast and;
> mmunion services were also
conducted. j
S'V ial ladies and gents were
i .iib r.' of Geraldine Bryant, who is i
in t ie Howell .sanitarium. Among
tli” visitors were Wanda Smith.'
F'i ti Carter, James, Martha and!
odanlia Ledford,
Mrs. Jossie smith and Mkjorie |
i arter etijoycl themselves at the
Sunday school pimic given m
Huron Park by the ( hutch of God,
in ( hrist of Ypsilmti.
Little Jessie Smith and Majone
Carter enjoyed themselves at a
Sunday school picnic.
Little Miss June Bryant enjoyed
herself among friends and rela
tives in Ann Arbor during the past
w eek.
Many friends and visitors were
entertained at lh*> home of Mrs.
Alexander and Mrs Knnn. Among
those visiting were Mr. and Mrs.
William Alexander , son of Mrs.
Alexander. Also L' Von Walk* r, and
friends of Chicago.
The Rev. and Mrs. Knowles of
Port Huron visited friends here
last week. Dr. Knowles attended
school in Ann Arbor.
Miss Frances Harrison is the
charming gmst of Mr. and Mrs.
Reeves for a brief two weeks.
By Alice I •an I
James Goldsmith aml A. Mc-
Cracken c.f Chicago spent several
flays in Albiou at the home of Mrs.
L. Clark.
Alice 1.. Roach of Pot roll was re
cent guest of Aloe Gant.
James Curtis home for the
week-end front Pet roil ns was Mary
Higgs from Ann Arhor.
Sam Wall passed gway Thursday.
He had been ill for the past two)
yens. Funeral service was held
Saturday at 11 a m. at Bethel AMK
Henry Pixon and James Hawkins
have been transpired to Virginia 1
and Calvin Rigs* 1* stationed at'
Fort Custer.
The NAACP sponsored Kmanct-j
pition Pay in Albion Saturday at
Victory Park. The principal speak
er was Mayor 1,. W. M a rift of the
l<7ih F. A. Fort Custer. Baseball
pinies were featured anil the
Brown Buddies of Jackson enter
tained. Jani n s Curtis, president of
the XAACP. was master of rere
George Crowder and Charles
Parker were beta' 1 for the week
end anti left fur maneuvers In Fort
Rolilns n. .vr’lntisar. They expect to
return In October,
*>cnt colored girl or wonuin.
Good home. I.he In. (ndlllnc Pill!
except Saturday*.*
Furnished room for couple.
Kitchen privileges. Convenient to
rsr«. McGrow nnd Grand River
District. M7»—2tth street.
I,ary .lone* (l.ney Henderson Ity
mgrrlage" rnalrarl your husband
Rnhrrl P. (Ilnnrlnir Httddtf Hand* j
arson, who Ini* lo k*» to the Army,
nf Norther**** Hotel, Room !W, lie
Nlrely furnished room for *|nlet
roii|>le In f'hrUtlan hornet home
nrl»llr*re*t. 7.VWI .Melr***e Atenne,
near May.
MAI estate
“I'd Ilka In ha jour #ala#ma«."
ij. 4. BUhaw, fjler i-TOTO. 1U
snath Morrell.
thlnl in the contest. The relehrn
tinti was sponsored by the \s*«».
elation of < olored Brethren of
Miss Louise Bobbie Perry, pianist
and Miss Kredricka Flack. one of
Detroit's lending young contraltos,
were presented to a large audience
in a recital in the auditorium of St.
Paul AMK 7. ion church. Palmer and
Beauhit n. last Thursday evening
Both a;e students at Livingstone
college, Satilsburv, \.(\
The pretty and versatile Miss
Perry is known in Detroit for hei "
pleasing personality and popularity
among the younger set. Now she is i
showing h r r atrtistie ability as an t
up-and-coming concert pianist. |
One emild not help but notice,
her beautiful attire as she seated
herself at the piano. Some of the I
numbers she rend red are as fol
lows: "Poet and Peasant. ’’ overture
bv Suppe; 'Rustle of Spring by
Sinding; 'Tnf“rmer.zo" by Provost |
and ‘'La s t Spanish Dane®." tvhii his !
one of her own compositions. The
rendition of Last Spanish Pa me'
was beautiful and the audieme was
tense a* she played the composition.
During the intermission of the
splendid program Mls«es Perry and
Fla<k were presented corsages by
the Sunday school, and liter on in
the program Mrs Toodle, member
rs the Delta sorority presented them
! with gifts.
Miss Perry, who intends to en
roll in Wayne university in the Fall
| of 1942. received emmuragement
from the audience in continue her
musical study. It can be truth'ully
said that Iho - who have not heard
Miss Perry play the piano have
missed the Lent of their lives. With
Ihe versatility, beauty, personality
i and musical ability, there should
be nothing to prevent her from at
taining the highest achievement in
i the musical world.
Vacation Trip Cause*
Quarrel And Husband
Gets Shot In The Leg
Ed Shaw. f.t. of 70S Congress
was shot In the left knee last
Thursday afternoon, lie accused,
his common-law w ifc, Mrs. Anne j
Townsend, of tiring the shot.
Shaw said Mrs. Townsend had (
recently returned from a trip to
Gary, Iml. nnd the two were ar
guing. Believing the argument had
ended. Shaw said ho went to the,
hack yard. In the meantime Mrs.
Townsend hail gone to the second,
.nor. loaded a shotgun and fired at
Shaw. Mrs. Townsend escaped aft- j
cr the shooting.
Ally*. lewis. How telle A Hrown
I'.no st. Antoine W.
htvtk "K mic’Hiuax iii in* I'jr.im
< '..1.i L fur tits Count) of VVh)i>« In Chitti-
MKVrill'K JOXKH. risintiff, v»
JAM KS JUNKS | >ef< mlsnl.
NO, .11.V.lit
OItDKK Os I’l Ul lt VTIO.N
At M S. -sum of “»i.I i null held St the
C .UII Mouse 111 the I’ll) of I let I Oil, On
tile le'h 'ls of July, v I>. It'll.
I'rt st nt: lion .luSKPH A. MOYNI-
M AN, < 111 uit Judge
sis* lory proof lie sfftds'-lt shoo
ing Hist It eennnt hs ss'-sristned in
nhil mi. or country Isfendsnt n»w re
sides nnd big prs«snt whsreghnm* Is
..iik now n, that tils las - known restdenee
i‘sr. of Orneisl I'elivery, City of
Mntn>, county «>f Mobile, snd Ststn of i
A In '<siiin
I KTTM * BROWN, Attorneys for
IT IS **R I »HR Kl» thnt the said defen.
dnnt. .lollies .tones, mi.r his »po»«r
--nn.s in «sld isu*e on or before Three
iit i months fr«m th« dste of ih‘s order,
or lhe Bill of Complaint Sled herein
ini' he i,.ken ns . infessed snd Ihsi said
order lie loihlmhi I sod a enjiv Ihereof
sen ei| li|.nn the defendant he registered
! mull ns required tty lew In stub esse
! mints »nd provided
I'treuU J lldge
i V True f'opt t
l ASl’Vtt .1 I.ISdIIMAV, Clerk.
IH* A. II II Kit* IK It.
Iteputje Oteit' * ® J ?#
%tij. Ji*». i*. iff,
•*OIO SI. An Ini in* sf.
«rr VTK fiF Mt' llintN In tha rirrtilt
rvurt fur ihi- ''minty of Wayn* In f'han
m \nmr: «TnAVMr»r.v. Plaintiff, »•
l.t'M #TRAVHonN. nefamUiM.
so. ail.an
(■Hue h or ri m.irATins
M a •'■aalnn nf a. A I'rturt h*lrt 1a th*
raur* Ncrn In Ih* *'l*a nf ttatmit. a.IS
r* 80, nn thl» I n th Say nf July. AT,
1 r*«t
Prcaam Hnn Ar*OI.PH F MAHSCH
\’FP. Ctraul* tOSta
tt aatiafartarll. apn.arin* frnm *h*
affidavit nf th* Plaintiff nn Ota In th*
-Sim. an* It I*4 >ati»* that th* Plaintiff
Afarrl* #trayh«rn. 4o*a not knnnr in
shat #tat* nr fnuntfy (b* aaltf Defan
•'ant nmr rmld**. but that hla ta*t
'•snn n aitdrca la bar tyaa ?1T Bmith Mara
Straat Tt’aann. Arltnna.
IT t* nttnrttrn thM Tam Utravhntn
ao|t#ar amt nnawar, thla Bill nf **nm
■•taint fllail In thla lauan within Ihra*
I month* frnm tha Sal* nf thla cifitcr. nr
! *at<t bill will ha taken a* innfrna.it
| «(iin<t him
ropy nf til* order h* *»nt 1n th* laai
i tinmen aSrtrn.a nf asM Oafanrtant by
j ra*lataraS mall anS In iaa* nn raylatar
rS raturn r*< »lt»t altnaS hr th* trafan*
•lant la ranalyaS. tbn* thla nrSar h* puh
llahas aa r»nuir»«t By l.•
AfxvT.ru r M*n# 'HNFTS
flraull JuSto
I % Trua I'iifH
'""AaPAH .» UVorMAK. Cl*rlt
i Hr A T* WF.HOin.
D#pu*r Clark.
1146 at Antoln* Stmt, Ctnat Columbia—CUJ«#
iTO U RIN’ i
I wonder how many reader* of
this column are In the La bit of
tuning your radio to that comical
program... .“Truth or Conse
quences"... .you know that NBC
Saturday night program... .that’s
nlwavs loaded with a cannon-of
fun and anything is likely to hap
pen...and ladies, and gentlemen!
for *he past several Saturday
nights... .some queer things have
occured on this program... .some
of them were funny enough to make
onp forget about that rent he owed
or that tax bill that had not
been paid anyway....lf you
missed these two particular pro
grams. .. .you probably have some
breath in your hodv now that have
bprn ‘ Gone With The I.aughs”
so here’s a thumb-nail sketch of
what happened to a contestant last
Saturday who appeared on this
He lulled from the bean city ...
you know Boston. After this
gentleman had identified himself...
Ra IphKdwards... .the Quiz master
inquired... ."Bid you hear our pro
i gram last Saturday night?" Well.
! you remember what happened to
William Jones, when he was blind
folded and carried to an unknown
spot in gay New York....put on
, tlie stage ami asked to tell where
lie thought he was and how many
persons wore there? Yes. replied
the contestant... ."I think Mr.
Jones. was a sap.” " Alright.... je
llied Ralph.... don't, you he one.
So. the contestant couldn't answer
the queatjon... .and nodoubt, he
found that laughing was catching.,
he ion was blind folded and driv
en around in New- York... .brought
hack on (he same stage where he
had left....hut through the rear.,
'they had set up all the sound ef
fects of a boat.... with all the trim
mings... .you know.... the boat
caller wa» gelling the destination
of the supposed-to-he-hoat.... the
boys were singing "peanuts and
t oid drinks... and things like
that... .even a fortune teller tis any
sttchi would hav® thought he was'
about to get «ails on the wHter.
A few feet aw : av.... Ralph Kd
ward» through a silver microphone
to make it appear that he was at a
distant ... 1 mean across New York
somewhere. He told th® contestant
to get ready as they would soon he
on the air... asked how did he en
joy the ride....then hrnlo what
probably the sad news....he was
to Ipl| where he thought he was.,
he did... he kn®w he must have
been on the "Albany if
course yours truly doe«nt exactly
know th® destination of that boat
as he has never been to New York
City....hut It Is undouhtly » plea
sure boat like some of those that
sails up and clown the Detroit River
to various pleasure spots.
So getting hack to our subject in
New York.... when the contestant
had completed his "little speech...
the blindfold was released and he
I found himself on the same stage
where thp blindfold was put on just
The Community’s Most Reasonable
Funeral Director
Near Beaubien Street
“Our Telephone Never Sleeps
• Our Funeral charges are less
than most people imagine. \ isit
us and learn the facts. Service to
meet every Purse and Budget.
For 19 years, Anderson’s Service
has received this High Commen
dation from those we have served.
We. are sure our prices will meet
your approval and protect you and
your insurance.
• We do not force inferior ceme
teries on our clients. All prices in
clude grave in Detroit Memorial
Park Cemetery.
545.00 TO 51000.00
• This means that any price within
that range, we have to offer, fco
it will pay you to Visit our New
Show Room and see what we have
to offer before going elsewhere.
Yes, get the price on our Steel
Vault in our Show Room and be
• We have the first CHIME Ml SI
CAL HEARSE in the City.
• You should see our Beautiful
State Room where we lay our
Dead in state until day of Funeral.
No one pushed aside in a corner.
No Deserving Person
before he took that rid# u,
dumb founded until h#
word*....no, the
laugh,.. .they roared ,
after don’t mis* "Truth or £
quences ’... radio station wwj
Saturdays....: 30 to 8 pm
Joyce Veiling
Colored girl was a guest 4
Colgate’s Spotlight j ul » »/«?*
sang "Daddy." and from the tone!?
her voice she has a great f ut " <
the singing world The C011,.' *
had appeared on the A.
oral weeks before ,nd won
the prize* You know ,h# C01t.,.,
Spotlight is something like
Rowes’ program... It |lth „
amattier a chanre ..they ,
selected hv your^ntes... .wT
Includes mine too i am ' mTy
I can't tell you to listen t 0 •*.
program .. he. ante that li »
•’spotlight” that isn’t shj n j nr
more until sometime this (*« '
Ton May He Interested | n
Knowing Thai
Vox Pop will he heard tr.tt
weekly Monday nigh* mere#
Friday night. SRC
Cab Calloway s Qtm progria n
now aired mer 15T stations frog
coast-to-coast. I, mav he heiri n
this srea soon Further d*ta;lg
next week. Until ney week—
« t'* * -tfl
map , 1
-.g&nl A
HfJOta jfw >* I'sl
m m '. j|
F. M. Rrldges, of •>.'» (ifitidt
prominent real e'tnte dealer,
front whom l.«ul* sttd t«‘ii
Walker and their daughter. Ml«»
Kcmh l.ols Woods, a vUitiat
nurse, purchased a nine-rmi
brick residence at MU Lf®"'
bridge street, on lune 11.

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