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Vet 01 the Week
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|ol7xxiv_ NO. 25
Tribune Asks Truman To Speed Jobs
H *
misters And
pen Here
| Sessions
■bt National Baptist Conveu
ft of Am* in a Inc. will hold its
ft mm i.-) session in Detroit,
fti-mbfi a through D. 194N. The
ftnt body will assemble for its
ftiuio in ilie Olympia audito
fti. Dr. I). V. Jamcison is the
Hdtn: of thin great body of
Htlvt* of America.
National linptint eonven
■ ron'ist* of more thun twen-
Hv« thousand chnn lies, with
Htlinn four million Christian*
Horn ted. Ttie convention owns
Hal, and hospitals in Africa.
Hgi and missions in the Ita-
H Islands, a seminary in
Hulls for the training of
Hut r « and a school for wo-
H It also owns a publishing
Ht valued st mur» than a mil-
H diintlnnrd an pace 5)
H Jana* .1 McClendon. presl-
Hos 11»o Detroit NAACP, is-
H a release to the press thi*
H regarding the Hamtrann k
H»u lase. His statement fol
el general interest
ills|in>itioit of the llani
iho.v.na case, the Detroit
NAAt'l’ wishes to slate
Hupnn Honest of the plain
|Blifioy c. White, and the
touimittee. which had
iliarge of the case
the hearing in the
the matter was re
to i io National de-
p' the XAACP review
reiiow bv th t > Legal
Htmi!’ ~f the NAACP which
tiv Thurgood Mamba tl.
'ininso!. determined 11*at
Hi< outiniM-,1 mi |*H«e .It
first (if a system of block
*o lii' organised by the De
l than league In Northwest
t lut, hccn established in
' huudicd block nt Indiana
i* th♦* beginning of a
1 b> organise block club*
hoii the 8-nitle area, to be
n * tf and by a Neighborhood
lb '(imposed of delegates
wh club. The clubs will
on programs determined by
ismbershlp and aimed at
l| ng neighborhood Interest
•°"llnHted effort toward Im
n* nt opportunities, and de
* ing held Wednesday
* »t the home of Mr. and
r «rry Jean*. 2«1«7 Indiana.
* w °re elected, a program
i»<u**ed. and a name, (Sold
*b>b. w a » selected.
t,o ld Hlock club, for Ha
Project, will secure Incin
* f°r each home. The reai
the block recently
r «nd* to have the road
~ *'* r projects discussed by
l° •orlude: neighborhood
'“’’Ping service, sick eom
’ house and
JUhlioihm.d canning, adult
1 B P'o«rsms. health
P** »nd entertainment.
, rln it aubaequently or
wlll consider Its own
lit l ' : ''
He». T. S. Boone, general chair
man of the f nlerfainmenl enne
mittee of the National Baptist
convention which tnerls in Be
troit nest week.
Woman Tricked
Out Os $1731
Finds Suspect
Mrs Henrietta Shelton "!'-4
licidelburg. was arre-ted Friday
on a charge of larceny bv trick.
Tim defendant was accused ot
slim-slamming Mrs. Kvelvu Kel
ly, Pierce, <»ut of ?! •
The complainant said that <>u
June It Mrs Shelton aud anoth
er woman told her that thev
bad found » purse containing a
large sum of money which they
offered to divide with her if she
could give up a sufflilent sum
Os her own as « guarantor «r
good faith
Tlte confidence victim said she
gave the suspect snd the olhcT
woman *17"..4«». which thev took
ami then disappeared
On last Thursday. Mrs Kelly
pointed out the Shelton woman
(I ontlaued on page JD
f program plans on the ’‘ f
I membership intent and »•-<»-•
llev. Iloraee \. MhKe
Rev. Horace A White. WP**'*" \
young Detroit clergymen am
rtvlo leader, who Is doing nped«l
summer teaching a* ° w
lege at Olivet. Michigan
outstanding minister ***
pastor of Plymouth *
tional church for sevr.s
and under his 1-adershtp £
church recently celebrated^
liquidation of •*" "I'm ' ' voung
II la reported 'h" l ' h 4 '
citric la aoon to wed.
2146 St. Antoine St.
President Urged To Push
Action On Re-employment
Alarmed over unemployment
conditions in Detroit, where up
ward of ‘JhO.iMtO workers are Job
less. and believing that Presi
dent Harry S.Truman should take
piompt action to alleviate pre
sent economic condition*. Kdl*
tor J. K. McCall, of tile Detroit
Tribune, sent a telegram to the
President last week urging him
to hasten tit eiiot ttnent of leg
islation to secure full employ
Booker George K. Pan
nier, received a llit-dny sentence in
the Detroit house of correction
.Monday for reiHjrting a fake hold -
Detective Dave Marshall of Hum
street station aaiti ths»f George
called the imlice Sunday titttl re
ported that he had I ecu robbed
of IVOtia at Cltene and Gratiot
avenue, .iust one block from Hunt
street station, lie said that he was
waiting for a street car when a
man came along aud grabbed his
bat In that hat hand. George
claimed was hidden the J.i.utai fit
s.'>(» and f.OO hills.
George went a! length to de
scribe the robber, lie mid Mar
shall of Ids chase and hts failure
to catch him.
The detective mine to the con
clusion George wti* a little too
vague and evasive in his story and
ordered hint detained for further
questioning. *
Tlte defendant then admitted
that he had faked the story- lie
said that he did not have s'.ooo
hut *1". which his wife had given
hint to use a* payment on some
hills, and he spent the money buy
ing drinks.
When he pleaded cuiltv (o mak
ing a false report to the police.
Judge Joseph A Gillis. told him
that a month in tlte House of Cor
rectinii might take the ‘heat off
at home for him
Officers elected **>'
Block Hub an*: Mr*. KlU.ibeth
Jen us. president: Charles IUo« k
lnin. vice-president: Mr*. Kli/a
beth Miller, secretary; Mr*. Lau
ia Prince. assistant 'wrHarv;
Mr*. Romp Deans. treasurer. Oth
, r members an* Ml** Mury Dor
tor. Mr*. L Jeffrie*. Mr. Rncker.
Mr*, .lour*, anil Mr*. Morrl*.
The Irtguf whs aided In the
organisation by Mis* Alice Ma
rl, Day and Ml** Kxle Watson,
student* of Wilberfurce university,
and assigned to the Urban league
by the university for field work
In connection with their studio*.
• The next meeting of the Cold
Block Hub will be hold at the
home of Mr. Blackburn. 20161 In
diana. at 8 o'clock pm. Wednes
day. August 2f.
First meeting* will be held
on Tuesday, August 28. and Fri
day. August SI. by residents of
Roselawn an: Oreenlawn ave
nue*. respectively, at the I iban
league Northwest Center. *0431
Norihtawn street, at *:3«» pm.
Dr. & Mrs. Owen
On Honeymoon
p r ti II r. Owen. Detroit phy
sician. and Miss tlladvs Han I*.
t poke their wedding vow* last
week The couple will leave next
week on their honeymoon trip
meat for all and speedy reconver
sion. The telegram follows:
Excellent Sir;
“Problem., of reco nv e mlon,
particularly of employing total
population, demand speedy ac
tion to avert unemployment and
wide-spread i linos. In the Detroit
area, thousands are already un
employed and the total is mount
ing daily. Tfce Detroit Tribune
| therefore urges immediate action
with Administration backing tin
! I'KPC and the Murruy-Wagner-
Pulmon Full Kmploynieut Bill.
“To insure an orderly recon
version. we urge that you issue
a supplementary Executive Order
extending the Jurisdiction of the
present Fair Employment Pr«f
tice eomntUtee. In order that the
agency will not ceas«. to fur“
Hill. ass result of war qutttrat »
‘T'ntll action is taken on ptnd
it.g legislation Iwfore Congress,
' w« look to your Administration
to keep intact this agency who It
has been in the forefront for
i (lie deiuorrutie right of employ
ment for till, so consistent with
; our war and peace aims.
“Now that the war is won,
t we also urge that steps he tak-
I< n to eliminate Jim ('tow in
the Army aud all other branches
of the armed acrvii es. Cults
serving overseas and on occupa
tional duties should he integrat
A 49-yrar-old tv iff* who refused
remncilatinn with her estranged
liuhand in dt'ad Before her death
I sh<* named her hushand ns her
I killer, in a death bed statement to
the polite.
The deceased woman is Mre Lena
Sewell, .'(.'114 Tillman. The woman
was lirotutbl to the Receiving
hospital on August I'd. at 11 p. in
suffering from gun-shot wounds
Before she died at 3:4." p.m slie
j told nt. Lieut. Charles Mnckholdt
of tlx* homicide sound, that she
was shot by her estranged hus
band Arthur Sewell. !>(. of ."tills
Tillman, when he came to her
room and asked her to drop divor
ce proceedings She said that lie
told her that If sin* did not come
back ntid live with him he would
kill her. She said she refused,
and he drew s pistol anil fired
two shots One struck bet In the
light chest.
The defendant is now being held
by police on charges of first df*
• gree murder.
Tavern Manager
Sought For
Larry Robertson. nt. 146* Theo
dore is in the Receiving hospital
suffering from a gun shot wound in
the I ’ft side of the head
Robertson was shot on August
2* In a bar. at ."(471 Russell
Police were able to learn from
witnesses that Robertson went to
I the bar to get his wife and was
j confronted hv Cecil Thorpe, it",
manager of tile tavern. Both men
beenme Involved In an argument.
Robertson told Thorpe that all be
was trying to do «a* to get his
wife to go home
As lie hacked away with hi*
hand in his right pocket Thnri*e.
according to witnesses drew a *un
and shot Robertson Tie escaped
' and is hein* sought kv wottra
AME Conference
Holds Memorial
For Rev. Peck
Tin* fifty-ninth annual session
nf it**- Michigan C’unti 1 1 ni .■ of
tin* AME I'nnniM lion convened at
St. Paul AME i huri h. in Delray.
».«i*i* Detroit, Tuesday, August "1.
It wan climaxed Sunday. August
with spn ial manorial sen
hes at Hcfhe) AME church. I>e
troit, in tribute to tli«> late Dr.
J|flf || 1,, fli '
William H Ti’ik. form.- pastor
cjf the rhiiiih. who l»» >«*•■*! away
last fall.
lllaliup John !.. Ciregg presided
over tli*' confei cm ••. Ilf pifsont
«.rf his latest book. “Os Mon And
Os Arms.” whioli tolls of hi*
trip to th,. fighting- front.
Piwt-vur plans wore presented
to the coiifufi'ni o t»v Hc\ K. M.
(Continued on I’aue 1(
Has Been Here
For 20 Years
It hus been learned that the
►•late of Arkansas is insisting on
the extradition from Michigan of
Joseph Hill because of his escape
Irom Arkansas penitentiary. Hill
bas been living in Roseville.
Michigan for the past twenty
years. Citizens of Roseville ss
mrt that he has lived a model
life and they are Interested in
preventing extradition to Arkan
sas. The Macomb County Branch 1
of the XAACP ami other organ!- j
rations are interested in the I
t a se.
In a letter to the (Sovernor
of Michigan. Harry K Kelly,
v Hosier R. Current, executive
(Continued on page .1)
New Flim-Flam
Technique Bared
Anew technique used by confi
dence men to slim-slam money out
of their victims was uncovered
this week by the Prosecutor's of
The vhlim of this new twist in
the age-old 'game' was Krttest
Klsa. of 340 ft Kdsel. K»»a told
Chief. Asst. Prosecutor Frank
j Schcmanake that Wade Holmes.
34. came to his home on June 3.
mid told him that his sister had
played a ‘mutual’ number and had
won |44»». but owed him t'.’ft for
the ticket, lie explained that he
had to have the ntottev before he
could collect the S4OO lit* promt*
•*d to return In thirty minutes
with the S4OO llointes did not
return. Kits ramr to the Prose
cutor’s office Monday and reqneat.
cd a warrant for the suspect’* sr-
I real
Itoi ordeiJudge John I’. Sial
lru will got another ihame to
'save fair whin ho Inals anew
i nil rights violation ui ins iimrt
on September
The Reoordet s Court Judge
created lols of controversy two
months ago when lie freed the
operator of a Cadillac square eat
ing place on ii\il rights charges.
Complainant in th,. iase «ns a
Wayne Court juror who said that
site was refused service nu
count of her color.
.The defendant in the new iasi
is I.eo Tierney. 4.1. 1!<lt Colling
wood. Tierney pleaded not guilty
to violating the liigu* ml when
arraigned Tuesday before Judge
Gerald W. flvn.l.
The defendant operates i ham
burger statnl at lstl Puritan,
f( nil till lied on page 1)
Edward Swan
Named Director
Detroit last Saturday. AuguM
"a. became regional headquarters
Committee on Fair Employment
fur Region ft for the President »
Practice. Till* was announced t>\
Fugene Davis assistant director
of field operations, who has hen
In Detroit for the pu*t several
day, supervising the change.
Chairman Malcolm ltoss an
nounced from Washington Satur
day that Kd ward M. Swan had
been appointed director for le
gion ft. comprising the states of
Ohio. Kentuvky and Michigan
Swan was formerly examiner in
Youth Dies From
Blow On Jaw
William Lamhesur. 27.1- Hunt,
is being held by polite in con
nection with Hie death of 17-
1 year-old Henry Collins. 7‘b'o Jos
Tlie Collins youth was brought
to the Receiving hospital last Sat
t unlay by Mrs. Rosa Freeman.
i.*!Mu Charlevoix. She told the
polite that Henry had a fight
three weeks ago with the defend
ant and received an injured jaw.
The Collins bov tiled August !
L\S at It ant. in the hospital.
The Coroner's office will hold
a post mortem to determine the
cause of death, police said.
A fight between two nit n at the
State Fair (grounds, last Saturday
ended In s murder. The dead man
Is John Horton, lit, 2ulo St. An
toine. He died in the Highland
Park (ieiteial hospital from stub
Held for the investigation of the
murder is Janies Brooks. 41, w Ito
lives In the barn at the Race
Inspector John Whitman of the
homicide squad said that the two
men wert In a flxht at Beaumont
and State Fair anti I hat the defen
dant Brttoks was cut on the left
1 leg
Police are queatlonlng witness*
before requesting a warrant for
: ntally charging It took a with the
I nrlmt
Till' long awaited iep!v by the
Rev. J Jr. ,l;i iii«*m i' Prophet"j
JolM'S, T O til* Sllit fol' Mint
fili-d ali• tit iu 'V: ynf> Co'.r
ty i liciiii Court by hi- former
< hUffil associates. .■ ■=» *1 i• • l»*t
Friday l<> th* prelate , allot
!•«*> H.
In a thirteen |»;ine •• sf 'll' 1
Rev. I>i June*- fumed radio
preat l»*• r. asked that the plaln
tilf's bill of lomplaint against
him In* dismissed. and dculed
(hat ha had received any mini
nf inoiitn whatever for lit'' use
of tlo,' Triumph Kingdom of (loti
church. except till**"* Ho *ahl the
tithes were placed bv worshippers
In a tithe box. the* key to which
temained in the custody of Rev
i lit orua T. Ulvors, one of thr
! plaintiff*.
1 Rev. Rivers is dcsi ribed as
(Continued on page
tim".:*- of the Detroit Sub-rp
giolial office. Du** to reduction ill
appropriated funds for FKI’C, of*
11c,*m iu t levi land and Cincinnati
v ere amor; those « lo*cd. Mr.
Swan, who ha* be*» iu i barge
• f Detroit'* Sub-regional office
ior Ui,. |>ast three yeur>. i-aued
the following statement
"The i * al teat a* to w hether or
imi Fair Fin ploy me tit Practices
have been at mpted as a part of
America's democratic putter n
will in* determined in the next
few months. Approximately *n.-
•)"U minority group workers in
this ar 'a have been made idle
by eut-bai ks. l'nle*s these pel -
son* are absorbed in civilian mbs
* onjparalile to tlin.-e held during
the war period, we will undoubt
edly have a loss in our pro
thictive capacity which will be
detrimental to America's peace
time economy.''
Mr. Swan further said that
FKPC Chairman Ross and sev
eral numbers nf the committee
discussed with President Truman
last week the question of the
«\trnt of tlie Committee's contin
uing iiu indiction. A clarification
on this matter is expected soon.
Justice Murphy to
Give Main Address
It is expected that cither Au
gust 31 or September t will bo
proclaimed V-,1 Day.
Detroit ill celebrate offivial
V-J Day with an afternoon pa
rade followed by a program In
front of the City Hall in the eve
ning. Supreme (Yuri * Juatlee
Frank Murphy "ill be the prin
ciple speaker for the program.
Tlev. KI Is worth M. Smith di
rector of War Emergency Sciv
bea of the Detroit Council of
(Trarehea and rhalrman of the
program. has announced that oer
• monies will beteln on the day of
fii tally proclaimed a„ V-J lhy
at 7 p.m. witli a concert by the
72Sth Military Police hHtid and
the Navy band There will be
community singing lead hv Mar*
vln Dupree, director of the Vic
torlHn choir and a number of
short talks Speakers will include
Wnlter I! K Scott. commander
of the Detroit Districts Associa
tion of the American Legion; Kd
ftunl Kolb w ell nresldent of the
Be Sure To Vote
The Home Town
Price 10 cents
PHONE CLifford 2924
Talks To Girl
Who Spurns Him,
Then Kills Self
Despondency nw- being Cixet*
the brush-off lit a.i- sweetheart
wo* Ihe reason advanced by
bomb ole poiiee a- io why Wilbur
Huyre 111. it 1 K Ib'lhune. killed
liilnscif with n shot. gun
The well-known en«t--idc bar
tender shot himself in the right
temple while lie was talkinc oter
the telephon, with Mirs Vivian
Mi rtin. -0. ou August 2,1. at
7 'id 1' in
Miss Martin told poller that sh»
and Boyce had hern sweetheart*
am! that they had an argument
a week print lo the gun tile und
>he b'lt him. She said that ha
had been pleading with hei to
lake him hack. The young "o«
man added ihHt Boyce told tier
‘lie would kill him.-* If if *!>•
did not come ba» k >nd live wi'h
l int '
Tltr crilbally m aired man was
found Ivins: in the vest ibul* on
the first floor o r hi« liome at
444 K. Bethune with a rifle oil
the floor underneath him.
Also in tlie house at the tim#
of the shooting wm*> Walter Fd-
Wind*, f i Ar/.ella Edwards, 75;
(Continued on Page 2i
\ m,itt who was looking for
"i'li,it ley on a Woodward ave
nue cai Sunday is being held for
mental observation on order of
Judge Joseph V tlllli*.
The defendant i< Jame* Ellis
(IT. who according to witnesses
created a disturbance on a Wood
ward street car when he bran
dished a long knife and told ths
(onductor that he wa«. looking
lor a man named **< barley" who
had been trying to harm him.
The defendant's sister told
Judge Clllt* that she thought ha
was losing hi* mind
Judue dills found the defend
ant guilty and sent him to tho
Itecordei s court clinx for ob
Allied Veterans council: Frank X.
Martel, president of the Detroit
and Wayne County Federation of
latbor; li. J. Thomas, president
of the I’AW-CIO: ami Dr. James
J McClendon, president of tha
NatiomW Association for the Ad
vanceraent of Colored F’eople.
Henry Sweeney of the Detroit
City Council will give the official
welcome Samuel Saxe, executive
secretary of the Wayne lounty
CIO council, is chairman of ar
il ontinued on Page Si
60 Day Sentence
For Assailant
A man who made advances and
tried to drag .Vllsa Oenevteve Ste
wart, of M 2 S Michigan, Into
a vacant lot at W Jefferson and
S. fireen. on Auaust 25. was found
guilty Tuesday of assault and 1 at
The defendant. John Zanella. 45,
7722 W. Jefferson, was given a
silty day aenteme in the Detroit
House of Correction of lleoorder •
•Inrif* Intonll a f'.lMis

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