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Second Section
Hiss. Colonel Inflicts Revenge On Officer
till Matney Flies As Radio
)perator With Mixed Crews
U young Negroes, on,. of iliifiu
at Victorville Aruiv
ficl.l, t alif. are among the
, divim live members of their
, today. These men ar* the
. radio operators fly
’hi four-engined bomber* as
t 0 ( mixed views today. And
r h»'e been doing It /or the
t ipun month*.
be mm arc: Cpl. William
Df v, fits Holbrook, Detroit;
Charles Williams, 26b Co
ibia avenue, Itochester, X. V.;
Marshall Dew is. Do\. HU,
r»iville, Vo ; » pi- Marion
ptheri. H Oliver Bt., Aslie
f y iar t pi. Samuel S.
,tu. ]i.; Maple St . Lcwiahuig.
Vi . and Cpl. Aiolyea Mul
-24i« tireen St., Portsmouth.
hit? six non were among the
v Negroes dropped from the
v Aviation Cadet program
and that program was cut buck
June, i tt. After being told
thev timid no longer train
i< pilot., navagatot's and bom
m, tlie men wer® sent to
it Field till.,i Technical
uiiK school lo train as radio
»ior*. There ihey received a
ity-seek couiStj covering ail
nos iiidio; International
it Code: AO and DO electrl
rirruits. receivers and trans
ers teach man built a receiv
ing t ansniitter that really
ted * Very High Frequency
Pi set*; and finally airborne
» »c;s. To graduate, each
hid to be able to receive
it the rat,, of JS words per
It* ami pass proficiency
it* in every subject he had
M. of Die six men now at
TANARUS, t»o graduated from Scott
ASSAM. India -Cpl.
W*il D. Newton, non of Mr*.
B Parmer of 113 .North 4 1 li
Saginaw. Mich., recently
h trip over the Sti 1 -
B Roail from India to China in
Hontov rallying supplies to
Bl'hlnese. Me Is a member of
n.iiMter outfit.
*itu,. American Army on
' oinpieteci tlie great high
fl * aM January, trucking com-
Personnel and volunteers
f'th< i- mills throughout the
Burma Theater have been
B n * tflr 1079-mile trip from
B I n< lia. to Kunming. China.
B ,h " ' l l a 1 war materiel no-
B r V to rout the Jap*.
B i envoy a make the trip
Bui In tweivp day* along one
Hf n J , '>t picturesque routes
BJ f Ear Hast. Some of the
B' hu 't-est mountains, thlck
■Jun*Us and deepest gorges
B>>'*'ersed. Ancient Hindu ani
B ,M temples nnd Chinese
B da * of beauty are some
sues along the ever-chang-
Bt'oiighout ih,, journey there
time to rest, sleep and
B*‘ n "P m Army-operated hos
fl ' p " n <ouipletlon of the trip
■ neUvery of sh „ vehitlf>K
B 1 * to the Chinese Govern-
B An "' r ’'snsport planes take
*“tt i,ark j 0 i n ,j| a
over the
DH'N liiitnp” route above the
B* la,a mountain*.
KA tt i F -«nui*i®o help* too* up lh*
fA *2 '■'».*x>iM*Uinin;».*n*Tfyand
U.S LT;? Un f»»'henyouf«.rdr»««*rf
■7 r !*" rundown-and your diet
U ?“" «**• "•rural AAD Vitamin*
■I !Iu ,h * • n « r *> buiWkif natural
■ T*r nu m »A. Rememh*r-ma*y
■* c_~” r *""mtn4 gnodtatt ing
today-all dn»«*..t<.
yn\ *+X *« awiw®£ «
l/iO ok « A :xjx vttrgj&Sr-
Il9d—* 24-Hour Telephone
“wake-up” service
■ *>gw r inaitso* net
CALL cHmr 22,4
Field .is honor student*.
Finally, the six men were as
signed to VAAF, and put oil fly
it.g status a* aerial radio op
«t utors, drawing jo percent more
than their base i>hv for flying
Here at Victory tile the men flv
regular five-hour mission*, send
ing in position reports every
hour and copying weather re-
By Bil l. MM
flow closely have you been
leading your Detroit Tribune
during tile past three weeks?
This lirtle test should determine
how math attention you Ac given
the many it-nts of news-interest
which have been featured lately.
See how many of the following
ten questions you call answer
correctly. Store eti points foi
each correct answer.
¥**WifPjv _ r' -
1. The man in the above pho
to. a mlnl*ier, was nominated for
the Detroit council. What Is hia
nu me?
The Cnited Stales refused a
billion-dollar loan to what Car
Kastern country?
S. Who was tlie pretty young
lady who won first pla< e »s Miss
Detroit' in a Windsor. Out.,
beauty contest?
4. Who was the 17-year-old
girl held for investigation In tlie
murder of a prominent Detroit
lloriat ?
R. What Detroit minister, fa
miliarly known as “The Prophet,
returned to this city after a West
Coast tour?
C. What popular woman edu
cator was invited to become the
C of D*. first Negro instructor?
7. Miss Barbara Watson, pop
ular west side girl, was appoint
ed to what position with Dc
troil s police department?
y. What New England city has
held news-interest for adopting
anew interracial educate >al
ft. New York City police were
reportedly warning whites not to
frequent what section of the city
after dark’
10 Strict discipline at Godimin
Field. Ky.i was promised by what
well known Negro colonel-com
manding offiier?
(Answers on Page 16)
Wh»n your ttomtch it J *** r ’ “T"
•aay anrf upaef, be gontlo with it.
Taka soothing PEFTO-eiSMOL. It
helps to calm and quiet t rtomach dI -
tree*. Non-la«ative. Non-alkaline.
Plaaaant to tha taste Nott
stomach it uptot. toothing
rerro bismol.
ports a s a uia i ter of routine.
They were recently commended 1
lor their part in the training of
tadar operators, who played such
an important role in the defeat
ol tin Herman* and Jupuuese.
Alihough tlie country is no
longer at war and reconversion
is the top topic in most spots,
\ ivtomlle Army Air Field, which,
n a station of the Army Air
Force* Western Flying Training
Command, will continue to tram
radar operators for the tim ( . be
in., and these Negro radio op
erator- will continue to play a
vita! i ole in tlie training pro*
gi a m.
IMAIU.KSTOX, S. i'.-(A.M’)-
Mis# Viola Louise Duvall who in
February of 1044 brought eiiual
|»;i y to • lihiU-Moii teachers in a
lederul court \ictory which op*
t n«-i| ,i state wide campaign of
court < tines. ha s resigned from
her post at the Hurke Industrial
school, it was learned Monday.
Miss Duvall Kitve up her four
yi ur ohi joh following her mar
tiaKe to I.t. Nathaniel Htewart
of South t'arolina and IMiiladel
t hia. who i* stationed at the
Walterboro, S. C . Army Air Hasp,
ConfirmiuK her resignation from
Atlantic t'itv. where she is on it
honeymoon with her husband. the
Hew’ Mis. Stewart, who had heeti
a avnthol of organized action hy
pi ofesalunal associate* throughr
out the state, det hired like other
young women, she had achieved
her greatest happiness in settl
ing down in her own home.
LANGSTON, <>Kin -(ANf'i In
ail impressive exercise tinging the
l!*tr» session of Langston univer- 1
n\ Dr. G. I.an;i r Harrison.
Ii t-sitlt ut. awarded Mr*. Carrie
M. Watson Tucker. Haskell.
Ok In . a H. S degree in rle- j
mental y education.
The university audience roared
its applause in recognition of
tlie fact that Mrs Tin ker has (
two sons serving in the armed |
services overseas, and two oth-j
.!„ cligih’a for military Indue-1
The awardee is the w ife of j
Principal N. J. Tucker. Booker
T. Washington• High school, Has- !
W pirin faster-ncting. Clinically, as your
‘ doctor judges aspirin, no aspirin
n,nr< * f°r you. Why pay more.’
BA w W Demand fit. Joseph Aspirin, world's
* largest seller at 10c. 100 tablets only
ready w lien that warning pain strikes.
nBL ) SR
1930 West Grand Boulevard Detroit, Michigan
Rooms $1.50 to $3.50
Make this YOUR Hotel. Call TY. 4-BK<>B for Reservations To- I
day - Spacious Lobby - Beautiful Appointments-Fine Scenery
SUSIE MAE WOODS, Chef and Supervisor
3) tix df!ssfc£33rrily xmz
(pi. William Matney, the «on (
of Mr. and Mr*. William Mat
ney, Sr., his Holbrook, who is \
By (ONIt t It Cl. IRK
(.VMM— Fast becoming a ' ghost
town in comparison to what
it was five to six months, this
! base here in the Netherlands
Lust Indies now lias two Negro
female Alt' workers remaining to
tak,, charge of a canteen, locat
ed near the do< l?s, with the is
land's only "all-Negro staffed
club closing.
Tlie remaining workers are
! MesdameS Ossie ftoiintree. De
troit, and Gloria Harris of llous-
I lon. alt others being either trans-
I 1. rred to tlie Philippines or re-
I turned hack to America,
i Those having left within the
1 past two to three weeks were:
S\N FRANCISCO, Calif-Three
Women* Army Corps members
who were funner resilient sos
Detroit. Michigan. recently re
ported for duty :it lu'itd«|millers I
of the Sim Francisco Port o(
Embarkation ns ntemhers of the
newly activated ItMitli WAC de-I
dichment. They were assigned to
Camp John T Knight. (mated
in Oakland. California. tin Instal
lation of Die San Francisco port.
The> are: Privut,. Ist Class
Lois Floyd flreene of .'*o7 Mcdhurg
in Detroit, daughter of Mrs. I.e- '
I'.mna Henderson of Kansas City,
Kansas: Private Mozelle llros
well, whose lionip is at IS4 7
Fleming street; and Private Mar
garet Harris, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Elia* Harris of 20175 Green
lawn in Det/oit. i’rivate Harris'
hrother, Coroporal Curtis Harris,
is also in the armv.
stationed at Victorville Army
\ir Held, Calif. Ills statu* Is
that of aerial radio operator.
Alice Warren, New Orleans; Kll
z.ihdli Gilliam. Columbus, O. Kil
lian Irby, Pittsburgh, and Ellen
Torrence, I,a Orange. Ore.
Work -rs of tlie only all-Negro
ARC dub here wer,, Misses Im-z
Ferguson. Fayetteville, N. C.; Ks
telln Wheatley, Baltimore. Saia
'I Morrell. Foyett. Mo. and Lil
lian Irby, who also left for the
Philippines a few days ago.
Redlining back to America
were Miss Mary Howard, Wash
ington. who has been in the Pa
«ific more than 1" months and Al
berta Dawson. !ai« Angeles, who
has been here less than four
months overseas.
Among the workers that have
1 ecu at thi H bn*<* within the pasi
three to four months and have
since either returned home or
transferred to bases in the
Philippines and in New Guinea
wer,. Ollie Hooker. Toledo. O.;
Marie Collins, Washington; Doro
thy Mason Chicago; Estelle
Linghan, Providence, R. T. Mil
lie Reed. Pittsburgh: Kosvlnn
Miller. Philadelphia. Ernestine
Puryear. X. t : Clara Wells. Mar
shall. Tex., attended the
l'nlversHv of .Michigan, and pri
or to Joining the Red Cross,
lixed in Detroit: Willie C l’owc.
New Orleans; My mi a It Hall. To
ledo. o Norman 'I Wanl*w
Asheville, and T.eelin Ycarwood,
New York nnd Marguerite Davis,
Those returning home were
Eleanor Calloway, Ossining,
hack io civilian life.
Sell, Rent, Find a Job or
Secure Help Through The
Detroit Tribune.
Victory Loan
Invent Cos.
4864 Beaubien
At Warren Ar«.
SIO.OO TO $300.00
Monthly Itafc on halancrg
of SIOO or lev* nn'l on
Thnt I’art of the In pa lit Hn lance
Orer flftO.
TEMPLE 1 0759
Carlton ». Oilnrs Prealdeat
Ain. tint: of the features of th*
feu it li Hiiuiv*‘i sai y of Tusk* '-i*
Army Air Field. *'iis h* -* i (iioi
annual nil exhibition ami nails
display which has been liraw in;
iron'll** to 111*' son in* dub ;t '
TAAF sin* tin official observ
ance of tl' l aiinlvei *»itiy oil Au
gust S. Cunt inuiun so. i hi* mail*.'
week. Iho show was planned h
Ll Tod C'anoll la:u*‘d New York
commercial artist and national!:
known sports car.ionist, ami
Cecil D. Nelson, Ir promi
nent pri/e-w inning artist *>f fain
pa is n. Illinois.
In addition to outstanding oil*
hv Sr:. Nelson, this wcll-plauued
• liow included water colors, him a
and whites ceramics. t.'Xti •
prints. ui>*t a I craft and photo-
Riaplir -V series of lila* k ami
white portrait,, hv M. Cairoll in
clude such well known cotnhat
pilot returnees ns Captains liar-,
old Sawyer. Joseph Klsliei ry
• harles M* tiee. Arnold t is*.*
John Daniels, Samuel Curtis.
Woodrow Crockett. Henry l,*r
lv. Fred Hutchins, and Mel'ln
Jackson. The exhibit also in*
, hides works hv Sat Mill Chase.
Sut. Khan Ward, Cpl. Jacob
lteant. FSgt. John Hamilton. Lt.
and Mrs. Harold C Haves. Cpl.
Alonzo ' hamellor mow stationed
in the Southwest Pacific • and
Sri Hoy K LaGrone. ex-TAAF
artist who K *uit liis entry a!! the
way from Rome. Italy
A til on R those vislthiß the e\-
hibit on opening day wei> Ih'lß.
Den. Clinton It. Vinson 10111-
mander of the 2»th Flylmt Train
ing Wins. KFTC and col. Noel
>\ Parrish. TAAF eomoiundinc
officer, who were commendable hi
their praise*. Gen. Vinson wa* a
'3<s classmate at West Point of
Col. ft, O. Davis, Jr . < omnianrfing
officer of (iodnian Field, K v . and j
the 477th Composite croup
Wac From Flint
To Go Overseas
Private Ist (lass Mamie T
Wright whose home is at vin
Parkland Street, Flint. Michigan,
| reported recently for duty at the
i San Francisco Port of Kmharka
tion. Army Transportation • oi p*
i installation. She was assigned to
cutv nt Camp John T. Knißlit n
Port installation 1 mated In Oak
land. Calif., c« a member of the
new I v activated IftHth WAC Pe
! ia< hmeiit.
Now Open
The John R. Manor
119 GARFIELD, at John R
This is one of the modern suites at the John R. Manor,
available to permanent and transient patrons. 20
up-to-date rooms, hot and cold water, maid’s service,
private baths and other facilities. Newly decorated
throughout. Prices reasonable.
Turner Matchett, proprietor of the John R. Manor
is also owner of the Pelican Case, noted as the home of
good food..
Phone TEmple 2-8154
2146 St. Antoine Street, Corner Columbia—CLifford 2924
Army Tries To Induct Him As Private
After Hazing And Discharge
i UIC.\C.O lAM' f.» Julian *
Dawson Fr. <.f Mil* * itv former
i.ffiv r in 11m *»*•♦'.*ii Bp lil Artil
lery battalion "f * «ii • !♦.’ dl
vision wlio served ".1 months in
the army. 14 month'- In Gufidal
c.mal Douuaiir ill* «• n*l Nov
;uin*a t.« fai <(l »i'ii r* induction
into the army as a private
1/ Dawson sun of l*r Julian
Da w >on Sr. widely kmnui Provi
dent hospital summon nmi former
f .(loll* I of til,. ‘‘lll Illinois Na
tional guard of this i iiy re< •■ivi-ii
i -tralchi din liarge from Up
army after disciplinary servic in
tli. Smith west (No ifii ’lit** lona
arm of tin arnv has followed
li.ih tliroui’li. how*'et ami what
amount, and o dir>c*ive is said
to ha'i hi <ii Js-u**d to i »•« tlve
r'i'i i > i' 'iru him lo the arm;
wlihh tio'iM i las'iify him as a
I.t Daw-on wa« ut;. >■' " N
gro offii*r« in tit.* r *^r<I division
who unit* m and t ondition*
v. hicli were unfair i’t the divis
ion. Their '<>• ha I pio’* st. is*
HO rod. ho croup signed a round
ichin letter « 1 f protest to hich* i
' authorities thtouch chaune]" Tic
|. ttrr i* said never to li.iv.
reached higher than their divis
ion. The rn-im**ntal commander,
th*- man tlie offt«< is accuae. l*t.
Col Leigh from Mississippi. »a'
surrounded liy stuff and line of*
ficer* from ho south Tlu 1 !*•.'*• of
fi,. lit t. ii< o and *,f their com
mand* and synt to a small island
ott New (', uinea for what was
termed e*! raining. There they
taught hell. Though artillery of
liters thev were given the stif*
; ( st hmd of infantry duty. Forced
i mart lies of front 12 to la tnilr'
a day through the steaming Jan*
; plea and similar stunta wlmh on
ly the physically strong could
withstatiri were their lot
At the end of that period they
were offeied an opportunity to
let tint to their posts if they
would scree to."stop agitating.
A few officer* accepted Others
did not and like 1/ Da w son.
were tllst lunged. Returning to
Chicago lie reentered civil life
a a ati employe of the Bow-man
Dairy company but almost im
mediately revolved wot el to report
to his draft hoard for reindti* tion*
The hoard, an nll-Ncgio body,
ic reported to have felt severe
pleasure from Washington Se
lective Service officials who in
turn w« te prcssuied bv tlie at my.
T.t Dawson asked fo r * re
her rn.c before a r my authorities
at.d appealed futn the ruling of
t|i«> board win* b then reluctantly
a'< him ,( it day*.
Attv. .lame* * uphill represent*
I.t, Dawson This wc k t h«• y * era
advised that the army would hold
it heading Sept. Hit . Ugh th*
intervention Os -\tt>. A. M. Bur*
roughs, appeal ofU<*r the lo*al
, oard gianted an additional 4S
days. Hr. Dawson went to Spring*
In id Wednesday and saw th*
-tat, dirci mu who promised that
) i untoward action would b* t*K*
,II by itl* Slate selective boa and
In l.i-. answers before the r**
classification board I.t Dawson
• .timid tun- the colored officet*
j|. th, 't'.rd were grossly (iis
< - nniti.it' and against Mom of th*
v bite offlc. i> wort men who had
I recbisslfied and sent to th*
:• Td. Cashiered out of »h*i <wn
(• ;Tft* - th* ■ did not w ish to <cm •
in lo Negro division and at*
tempted, he said, to tak* ' ( 'n*
geam e upon the men.
As an example of dlft*-renee ill
treatment, he told of « white of*
rit er i aurht stealitig seven under*
.huts from a military bo\ on th*
beach. Caught in the ae- hr was
courtmartialed and ordered dis
charged. The sHme lieutenant
colonel held up Up order, fined
tlie white captain *10" and re
tained him to dute. Not one of
the ”.1 Negro tiff ic* vs disciplined
had any moral charge against
hint lie said.
I.t. Daw-son reported also that
.. whit- officer went through th*
men s fox holes while they wer*
on man'ir. ers and 'ook down
; I of U*ri* pin-up picture*
where th** girls were white )l*
sc id he did not want white girls*
1 rii I*l m Negro soldier* poa
■ session
Negro WANDs Aid
Community Groups
nuteer woik by 11»Women s Ar*
my National Defense. ill AND)
an organization of Negro women,
lias been effective in aitllng such
groups as the American I’.ed
j Cross. th< Infantile I’aralysla
Drive Russian War Relief, and
! mam Communitv chests. Chap
ters ar> a«ttve in :!> state* and
; a iunlor *i|\ilta:y also cooperate*
with the laiger humanitarian or

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