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Founded by J E. MrCell
Entered *i Ms a matter at U« P-* >SI Off*.* *t L*.’. ■•*•
Mich<|i.v •'-• t**e A * • "‘'i."l". 3, !: *
One year SS.OC; ux noniru 513 C .-r.onih*. 11-5 C iareign
Su£*£rspnon. $4 30 * Y#*r
Published by 7ne Mad We*t Publishing Cc.. Isc.
* 2144 Si An:o;n« Srr*«: I
CECIL W ' BOYKIN A. :tant Ec.M.-*.r.-Cr... ? f
LYNM7TE PENN A ; - a-•
ISA-A - JERRY .-;OCw A. trt.s^r.» -•
LLTHLR A ESP • ’ • ■
Member cl NNPA
Interstate Urut*d Newspaper* Inc. Nil. Ass. lUpr«MfiUbTH
B. B • R ••-* A- b •«':
Up dar. -r ‘
w«t/ M * : • r p *.• -* - ':-.r > - - ‘
for !>•.:•* « .*.*. • ' • • *• - ; •*’
top <** :r.* ~ K- r •*
only rr. <*r. <t ♦ • ■ '' ‘ *
" •
WAV - ’ V *' ■ ' ••
arc - • ’ . * ’
H;s ,;t.a -• ' -f . . • * t •
-• ' -■ A I • " ■ -A - ■
e-v .
c* -
‘-'*‘ ■> ’ *
««. B ■
• - 1 • ,
Ha?; - " - ‘
*r.' M v ■' : ■ :
r- *
Forecasting the Price Trend
y r - - ■'
N* .• - ■ .* •- - * .•.
- .
u * &* •
a r.: * t: ’ • • • .• * *
ue '
*«■ S ■ ~ . - • - ,
er c
w• •• * • . 7 * *
. - -
tC # ‘ ...
f* -> - - ... - v.
»T. ‘ Sf ' ' ' • e * - ■ • " , -y -
!hr r■■ * - • ' • • <- • -
.*►**> ' j - - • • ■ r
;* * ~r* ;* ’*» >-r -> • «.-#• -•
r*t ■ . • • i *.
• ■
I ' * -
!}• >tr.- "U - r*' - • . - ' '•. • •
How Does Freedom Fare
d— r ■ : ‘ ■ ..
r.."- " * • •
er .
kef..- "
tr* ’*’-■>* '■ : r
t;or ' / . - « . .
pr>t* ; / «'o -
* .. .. j t,
t<iN. • • .
«'«r " f "V
H»r *
«]* '•
•. for *! r .
er r . r ; * * ... *>
ty. a . .*
e' e . '.
a: o • • • • •• ...
f}T* . , ; , .;. r /
; rr n . ‘ - -r r« rr.a'f fa- a •
T** * ljr * *• - r —’C *h e r<* ■ v i-t t *r<i 4 ~( t* .
or r
.. ' .
shoj■. ind*-r r a or,:er n .
Bir-v, -/A /a* .1. • ; . .. .... ;<;r
“t ov ' vrk - *• • ”‘ 'R A'> t h»- •-< r, -vn
na\r* n . "i- *f, • / r. >jr * - r-r. W r
-r, .- r( ■. - f vi , .. . ,'/
■ union • *'• rr • . <.'■ ; ♦ A ,J .• r< n , ,
r xtfr rr. 4 - v • .. *;r.«J a; • ‘her **h 11
' ’ '•N !f ' ■ far a th* i;.,on . -o. -
cerrx-d. hx. r;,- .* r
J To r j jote Mr r>4- .M.. t- or,- *• more, “Tr tr, r. ro o,r
- any ,* *a —or . yr-rr v, •* ,- t > ■ >,* r«. r ;
r it r.\',r : Hr.-- doe ;rd;%.ri-iaJ fr*v-r!«-,m far* ”” It will
f»: v 7 v ‘ ;i - - fcnv on. o- anv kind!
!T r *n tt-ii aw rr,ar v h<-- ran wor}- or r.ot
f Dear Sir:
Speculators 'round here say, "unless the Bums
• leave the second division soon, not only will Jackie
Robinson, but Leo the Lip’ too, will be on the block.”
| W# hear that presently, he’s on the Carp ft.’
I \\<c p*>t >e*r» Near **
• 4 v numerous ;nro*d» in- J
4 ~« Ik-Wj of »o:>: tc wtuc.r.
yj-f '•> 3<vr: fcu.reo
M.rsy t -i A.'t ina Aire »'f the
. . ,- A s.t asd exlt-rs. of ttu* j
•: . --*j Tie do. to eo-.rronuc
_ .tv ,c<er.» .*Jcr *r.d widr
*r •; ' P«*3 I
• i- <a.'t!y «£ ; trial Uter-.
■ • n a ry t.'er.d cl j
; _ ir. «■*?•.*.• ten
•- i.r, vi - ><-a. the
,'t • £■; jrti., *,»tes • and«
. : a c •rs Jf
.. ;t«.n.t.c s presented
v. - : Uit \ et-
»'-• H' i’ - «r. cpportuf.itj
• » - _ «t:etiuo& The
f :N *; t- veto.'ini tB
: • M- 'r tr.e M. —.
-• n p Hy - . *n hen
. a.- *CC, O
v *v. Tv *1 .■ w. five
nt .
• *- t physic*'
*:<rr»TM ft ‘-’ .-.i Qt »-;y
1 . *. aivs-tait 51
e* - *
- . f the M
*> rt.• * e.’.y
-■-- • ■ ;
A.- ■* ; * .ntey* ivti rr*y
•• . ■ \I C ■ S Leen-
V.V ?••
. *« L: ‘ ' * • M. ir. . esiacti
' . ' " T ■ ■ - • ' ;
5* ' “*r* j
; • i i . ; < - .* ( fJ l* j
a*. . - r* -t f
With The
Armed Forces
- • -
I.tfjr'-i v*ts:.:w
T.*t 14:.r Irl*.-.:*:y .» * perl
.1 I*.:.- Ir.i»*:ry T.-.p.: L ;.-.:
L ▼.!.*” terr-arise- zy
y.i .r jtrtri. Cei.'.H L. M.
■.... < *• '. -*. r.
i m « <IC JT. 'i'". -
J- V/ ** .'f* . . •; • *
• .. :. **. •
i ► * *■ -
Pm v: - . **.:*&;«
H.»' t ;.- •
f :• Or a Mu
ses C S:.-.*n V. ; 's
*.*d at .-"0 0:f- Japan
r - * - * v.* V. a TiUr
- . ,'r:• .*. a
a* * 2 TA NARUS.! / y Li 4 yC \
•' --••• -P
t . ' .: r,«r"‘ i
. .ot *r.s . ect.vtc r..s
a.' at * ‘t M'C.O*
« A..« . pa:ted ; : v\e:•
;.t< O tor-tr. 1 >4*
P. • tr.e serv. • T-5
.w - :*o George T.-aue
Ker.r.eir. G.l.ian, n
M Et -i. o'. Detroit
A ' r:.r>e. of V.e 24tr.
Ft ~..ar. .: « 5..-t .r. tr.e
ar.d R- trr« ».v.e
A.-.: -.-rs « .r. . p.«;..r.g
r ** * pd. t iTi
w llh
.- • * entered the Army
.-. ..at I S»4T. »nc . i eived
at P ’ DIX.
J Ht d'oa.tec for overseas
, „* r, January
‘r ♦' w tit pvt
• i L’r.or. Huh
Samuel Harm Jr., v,n
v, K : .• Sos 2664
• D'; , .:o:t. r.a- recently
C '-.parv D,
• a* Cerr.p Gilu
P ' H- entf ied toe A’my
- J A-. Ijt4T am itceived hi*
. tia.ruriti at Fort Dix. N*.
J H* departed 'or overseas duty
or. January #i l'r4?,
Bel' * 'r/'Tinu the *ervire
P * Ha:: * attended Miller High
• V V • Lonnie L.
William* of 5351 St Aubir. is
a r ember of the 55th
O 'i.nar/e Ammunition Company
jo-ated on the outck.rts of thi*
Lobbyist To
Tell Os Work
On Mundt Bill .
A Stop the Mundt Bill'' mass
rr,« < ting and rally has been cal
led by the Michigan Civil Rights
Congress for Friday. May 28th
*nd MiGraw.
The Mundt BilL now before the
S« nat» i: opposed by the Nation*
al CIO. NAACP. National Law*
**rs Guild, and by many promt*
oent ministers, educators and
professionals who fear that its
far-reaching proposals -will de
stroy our constitutional safe
guard a.
Friday's mass' meeting will
hear report* from a delegation
that went to Washington last
week to lobby against the bill.
Among the delegate* was Klvin
Davenport, local attorney.
The Bookshelf
“THE LIVING IS EASY,” by Dorothy W«»t. Hough
ton Mifflin Company, 2 Park Street, Boston 7, Massachu
setts. 347 pp. Price: 53. 50.
b rotr.y Ww> novtj. “The Lairg I* La*y,”
• - *:.** -he :« * :-rorr.>.r.g yc .r.sr no\ei.-t.
A .P' ....*.£ ;V, y .f Cik
:.t.y >v-ng
*• -•* 4** •
~. v '-- si “ .* t r 'a, .«*ri •
r. r.* #7,"
.r: s- il r. v.t lee>
;•» r -' *■ m * ' •• «■?*<•
'•let. *.*“.«*. .* . v «.v.«y«
b«... r .rv .p to **r.*sn.r.f to
rapper. r.ever does
.re c icier a are a the.
K««iiy 3. a .r. with Cleo oc.r.g ,
-r ..r. oe.ie *> * oie.
B •:. r. y<.t*. v :e-ea.fcP
ci .e,.v a? *n * empty
After' '“dec, rr.a.ries Bar’
J '* ' r. S e #• £S •To ft*
r..r.g « rr a* - , r ..ice. trap <
to venerrung to gt*. as x-ch
x. . nev -a.* of r,.rr as p&saiole
aird giving as Ltt!e cf herscl:
.-. eturn at she can manage
He* :*te i married Irvti
a e .. tec '.r.e ov cr.e a- a
tv rave t.v-m w.th her for
c'ixpar.*on tn ip ar.b a s rt of 1
moral support. Cold ar.-l an-
en hi el hi
cannot comprehend anyone. 1
In Detroit
Ir. ca.i.ng Ext. vit s att- r.’,. „n to
It* oUii.nes*es- the cm Ktont- of
the city, there is one verv irr.por
tint item that should r. : be ov« j
e: Kod This ;s an iterr. that can
titr.er make a business :««.i o: sue*
c»*.d—the Keeping of accurate rec
o ' More business failuies are
attributed to .nadequate ana in*
a; -rate lecords than ar.v other
cause. A good bookkeeping sys* I
tem and systematic checks on it
at ;* gular intervals has been the
key to many successful enterpri- ,
Many small businesses, which l
cannot afford to hire full-tirr.e ac* >
countants have found <> solution '
in the seveial tax and accounting i
services that are offered. This is i
a but.ness within itself.
lv CPA (Certified Public Accoun- j
Lantl rates high on the list of ac* |
counting experts in the city. He
has a staff that will rr.axe period* (
! ic visits to your business, prepare 1
tax forms, and check your rec- ]
ords. A quiet, unassuming young
man. he has made a name foi him
; self in the financial woild of Dc
! troit.
To earn the right to put CPA
behind your name as an at count
ant is similar to having to pass
the bai in the law profession
Sometime ago the MHBUNE
attempted a drive to get down
town stores to employ Negroes in
other than menial capacities. It
is the belief of many that people
should be hired on the basis of
their qualifications rather than on
the color of their skin.
We are happy to say there are
a few store owners who do not
have to be foiced to do the right
them. Their policy has been one
of fairness in employment for a
number of years. Todd has em
ployed Negro salesmen along
with his other salesmen. If they
made the grade, then the job was
theirs. One of his oldest and best
known salesmen is Jimmie John
son. He is capable, courteous and
an asset to the store.
Todd's deserves commendation
citv on Northern Honshu Inland.
Entering the Army on May 13.
1948 Pfc Williams completed
his basic training at Aberdeen
Proving Grounds. Md He sailed
for overseas duty in Japan in
Nov 1946. where he was assigned
1o the W»7th Ordnance Ammu
nition Company. Inter being
transferred to the 55th Ord
nance Ammunition Company.
having a happy family
S c- .» cruelly and la ppoiLted
- he: daughter Judy oeir.g
m Cos k i.jce her father
••-. .th 1 Negroid Lite features
«r.-d den.es Bart, the son he
-£« Jr r.
Her daobim* r. the lives
f The Duchess the beauti*
: gaaici.ng queen who long
v be accepted is Negro so
< ety r.er bargaining with
Harvard-bred Simeon. the
mu.-paper editor, to marry
tre bunt--- and rer tolerance
oi Theo. his sister, were only
and means to her more devious
errs—security and a place for
Tire author wno spent her
childhood in Boston. evidently
writes from, a wealth of ex
perience and background It
would oe no surprise if some
of the < haracters weren’t
drawn either from her own
1 fe o' patterned after charac
ters -he knew Os cour-e the
volume .s p;<.ceded by the
usual *’ . . ar.v resemblance
to actual persons is wholly ac
c.der.ta. and unintentional.’
but ‘crr.e of tr.e r.a: acters are
re -! enough to t>e believable.
for his fair ness The best commen- J
dation that we can give him,
would be to spend our dollars
there It is an oid saying that you '
shouldn t -pend your money [
where you cant work. It would
do Detroiters well to revive .t" j
Speaking of worx. and obtain- '
ing work preparation is the bas
ic step. Newly opened is the Mot
or City Trade School, Inc., on Joy
Road near Ltnwood. which will
specialize in practical training in
dry cleaning If you learn a
trade, you hav« a job.
All participants in the Spring
festival were enteitained at the
Beechwood Center Monday at a
weiner mast and movie provid
ed by Mrs. Albertha Pendelton
and Mrs. Rhea Bacchus.
One hundred four youngsters
from the two communities par
ticipated Indoor and outdoor
pictures were taken of the group
Movies were shown by the
Hegeman brothers. Mrs. Mae
Smith assi>tcd in all prepara
tion? Mrs. Postells and Miss Oli
ver assisted in serving the chil
A group of high school girls
will meet with Mrs. Roberts at
the Center on Thursday at 5:30
to organize a Girl Scout Troop.
Ages 13 to 17 years. All girls
interested in scouting should at
tend this meeting to be spon
sored by the P. T. A.
Willow Village
The Ladies Ai t Club will meet
with Mrs Christine Gooden. The
member* art planning to raffle
off a beautiful quilt. The draw-
Jig will be June 11. There will
also be a first, second and third
The. newly .elected officers of
the Simmonds School P T A.
met Monday at their regular
business meeting
I The 4th graders of Simmonds
School are planning a picnic at
Prospect Park June 9. also Sim
monds School is doing its bit
fur the “Crusade for Children”
The school is spnnsonng a fish
pond and movie all for the good
Downriver New*
Elmer Smith Sings
For Sahib Associ ates
The SAHIB Sport Associates presented Elmer Smith, baritone,
ui a recital. Rosa Lee AbelL accompanist, and with Gene Benford. as
guest aitist. on Sunday. May 23. gt 3 p.m.. in the C J. Miller School.
Elmer Smith has a wonderful
voice and the training he has
undergone was fully apparent
as he sang some very difficult
a. .as He sang "AmarU la” by
Caccini. "Avant de Quitter Ces
L.eux." from Faust by Gound,
Psyche bv Paladilhe. Eri Tu.
Verdi the Pilgrim s Song. Tschai
kowskv. LaJour. Speaks. Largo
A1 Factotum Della Citta from
the Barber of Seville
Ger.e Benford
has wonderfu
irarr.atic ability
and the audi
ence cheerta a*
she recited The
Highwayman by
Alirec Noyct
Tne Party B>
Dunbar, also the
News by Dun
bar. Littk Belie
\ i
Bffvjjr ji
tret. a rut Tr.c
Negro «nd the Constitution b>
Mias Benford herself
A medley of Spirituals was
next on the program arranged
by the adept Miss Abell They
were By and By Stand By
Me” ''Nobody Knows.” ana
Sometimes I Feel L.Ke a Moth
erless Child.'
Several other songs were pre
sented by Mr. Smith and we
must g: I .e credit to this young
nroup lor the way in which
they carried out a complete con
cert :a a small town. It was
tally wonderful.
The Sahib Sport Associates will
celebrate then second anniver
-1 sary .r. June and now they have
, fifteen >-. urn; men in tr.fi: group
1 Charles L Tayior. president: M
Jul.us Edmund, vice president;
Robert L Redw.ne sec; etary
Dame. \VL..am? treasure., and
. tr.c other members aie Norman
■■ C. P.cdu .r.e F. ar.k R P« arson.
Aioerl A Biown Enaie Cndei
wood Gene Smith. Ernest John
on Rufus J Pearson, Irving
Petross Jr . John Scares. Arthur
Cash and John Rogers Jr.
i The Down Rap; Businessmen's
Association met Sunday. May 23.
J m the Beechwood Community
'Center Mr. Sabbath, vice ptes
i .dent, reported that letters to
j the two City Councils had been
• sent out askm.g permission to
! display the washing machine that
. the prize in' their contest. The
I contest, which was to be held
I Sunday. May 30. will t>e deiered
I w.sh to thank the many
L.ends and neighbors so: the
kindness and cards of sympathy
during the bereavement of my
sister. Mrs Frar.kie Flemming
The Senior Usher Board No 1
of the First Baptist Church had
their contest Sunday evening
Mrs Pauline Hunter won the
p:iz<:. She raised the largest
amount of monev; thev had a
wonderful proa ram Tne Gospel
chorus and others rendered the
music Mrs. M nme Scott and
her 'ingers were the guests of
the First Baptist Church Sun
dav night in a singing program.
Everyone enjoyed themselves
Mrs Scott i? widely known in
Mrs Frankie Flemming and
. or. Albert, have reutrned from
Dt - Moines. lowa, where she
went to attend the funeral of
hr oniv sister and she wishes
Mr AI Simons of 3430 Walnut
st: cot. La\man delegate for the
Michigan Conference of the AME
Church and his charming wile.
Rose Mary, returned home last
Thursday. May 20th. from Kan
sas City Kans.. where they at-
I tended the general conference
1 Mr. Simons did a good deal of
I constructive work for the AME
; Church while in Kansas City; he
also made a grand report in the
morning service last Sundav.
Mrs. James Kegler. her daugh
i tp f. Ann and son, Donald spent
the weekend with your reporter
at My Log Cabin in Idlewild.
i We went hiking and sight see
ing A goed time was had by all.
We arrived in Detroit at'B 10
p. m. Sunday.
The Young Matrons Club re
ports much success with the
lafflr held last week at the home
of Mrs. Lois Simms of 3577
Henry street. Mi Jdscph Shanan
of Detroit won fu st prize, a love
ly ladio and Mr. Charles Kirkland
won 2nd prize a lovely camera
The president. Mrs. Ruth Me*
Griff and members wishes to ex
press their gratitude to those
who helped to make this affair
the success that it was „
The congregation of the Sec
ond Baptist Church of Inn-ter
wishes to invite their friend*
and well wishers to help them
celebrate their pastor and hi*
wife, the Rev. and Mrs O B
Jones’ sixteenth anniversary
There will be many visiting
churches every night this week
with the closing Sundav after
noon May 30. 1948 Come and
bring all your friends to this
great affair
Rcv. Mr. Waldon of Montgom
ery. Alabama, the newly elect
ed pastor of First Baptist
Church, is conducting a ten dav
meeting The public is invited
to come and hear this great
man of God.
The Social Elite Club wa«
, entertained Saturdav night at a
joint birthday paitv held in the
1 spacious home of Mrs John Dr
1 foe of 353d Ash street Mrs Rose
X 146 St Antoine, cerwee Celwlli fhmmm Clifford 7%2i
to a later date and a committee
is working on the plans for a
future date which will be an
nounccd in this column
The president. Mr Cornwall,
announced that Mis) Celeste
Cole would like to present a
conceit tn our neighborhood
some time soon. A committee was
appointed to handle arrange
ments w ith Mi»s Cole. Mr. Corn
well invited all members to at
tend a social affair in his home
on Thursday on Outer Drive.
Les Jeunesse Club met Fri
day May 21. m the home of
Mrs Sarah Young of 3310 Man
ning street Inkster Mrs. Chuuice.
treasurer, gave a financial report
of the anniversary ball which
the club sponsored and held
in the Urban League. After this
the members held their election
|of officers Newly elected offi*
| cers are Omega Evans, presi
dent. Lutha Thomas, vice-pres
, .dent Pearl Ross, recording sec
retary Mark Clark, financial sec
retary Dussie Criflc tr<'„*urer;
Christiana Black, publicity direc
tor and Sarah Young critic
The new officers will be installed
in the next meeting on June 4.
Immediately following the
meeting, the dub gave a shower
! for Mrs Young who is the new
mother of a baby gir! born on
Wednesday April 14 Many love
, Iv g.fts were received bv the
The Deckettes sponsored *
bricge ar.d whist tournament giv
en Sunday .tfternoon. May 23.
in Rocet s Joy Spot on Yisger
Road The door prize was won
by Mr. Anderson and other
prizes were given to Zack Ben
ford. first p.ize Coilecn Smith,
second prize. Mrs Anderson,
third prize. M. and Mrs. Cleve
Harrington. Mr. and Mrs Judge
Ramsey. Gladys Rymes. Be mice
G:e**n. Ann Booker. Myrtle Royal
Evelyn Gunn, ar.d Lila Washing
ton and the membeis of the
club participated .r, the event.
Mr. and Mrs Corbin Nash
Wilfred Kennedy and t
Sanders of Ecorse were guests
of Mr. and Msr. Ja?pc: Choice
as they motored to Akron. Ohio,
over the week-end. They visited
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wyche,
aunt and uncle of. Mrs Choice,
also visited Cleveland and Ben
ny Mason s farm outside of To
to thank each and every one
who came to her at the time
of her bereavement.
L.ttle Mary Lu Mrhner has
been sick but she is better: she
is gianddaughter of Mrs. Maty
E Jones ol st>4 So. Solvay.
We wish to announce that
M: Nathan Harris of 814 So.
Solvay av< . is celebrating his
82nd birthday on Wednesday. He
is sick but still has a good
Boy Scout Troop 120 left Fri
day evening for a three day
camping t: ip. Thcv returned
Sunoay ev< mr.g and they had a
great time. Even though the
weather was a little rough. Their
Scout Master. Mr Epps, and
some of his committeemen ac
companied them on the tup
Mrs. Martha Williams of 821
So Solvav :s still on the sick
list this week
Mu.tin. Mis Naomi Defoe and
Mrs. Maggie Evans were co
hostesses The guest table was
beautilully centered with white
daisies and pink snapdragons al
so party favors. V anous names
\vere the feature attraction of
the evening and m the wee hour*
of the morning turkev plus all
the trimmings were served. Each
hostess received a lovelv birth
day gift from the club. The guest
list included the social elites
and their escorts and each host
ess had four special guests.
. »* lps were hf> ld for the
' am Thomas Johnson ot
40<1 Springhiil street on Satur
day May 22. at 1 p m Mr John
son had been a resident of Ink
ster for the past 25 years and
was employed at Ford Motor Cos.
.or 16 yea:*. Mr. Johnson retired
from work in 1944. He was ill
for two weeks at his home and
two weeks at Sidney Sumby
Hospital where he passed to the
Wit bevond on Tuesday. Mav
18 at . 30 a m The citizens of
Inkster , will miss Mr Johnson:
he * *°°<i tttizen.
«r T ., death of Mr. Earl
"'ells of 3625 Ash street came
•* * * reat *hock to his relatives
and many friends when he was
stricken with a stroke white at
,'. ork t . Wednesday night at
the Ford factory. Mr. Wells was
rushed to the hospital where
be passed a few hours later Mrs.
Wells was at the bedside of her
husband till the ,nd Misa
KSV Wt who , l * a P a tient
-t the Ford Hospital, was brought
tE ** ds, d'‘ of her father.
hav »* lived In Inkster
[or .3 yearr Mr. Wells leaves
a widow and five children
M-ss Earlene Well* will return
»o the hospital May 25. Miss
Mr Tie T* h ~ to ,hank
Mr. Finley for the gen
erous gesture and her many
friend* for the lovely radio thev
wve her last week We hope it
hr n ,r ,TU t ch ha PP ,r and
snorten the long hours while
’"r ** * >hut In Miss Wells is a
t>olw> victim
» Funeral services were held for
Afhittaker News
The Cosmopolitan Cluo of Y c
silanti held their annual meet
mg for the election of o‘fic»t
on Friday night at the home *
Mrs Mahaiey. After the JLJ
business and elections a d '
licious pot-luck snack was
On Friday night the a m !r
Club of Whittaker wa- enter
tamed by Misses Martha ir .V
Odahlia Ledford Refreshmerm
were served after the bu.|* n
session and then, as usuaj
and games were in orde ’
Dorothy and Milton Cook
Whittaker Road spent Sunday »
Fremont. Ohio. They spent" tn#
day visiting friends ar.d havici
a grand time Weather !. r ;e th*
makes one yen to hit the high
wavs and by-ways.
Don't forget the Few* S nte-,
who will be presented a; Ca~"
j bell Chapel on the firs* Sanjav
m %lune and also th* Children,
1 Day program to be presented fcv
| the Sunday school on the s ffor .
' Sundav in June
Husbands Can
Be Wrong
T 'e
■ *
Husbands have an annoying hab
it of describing housecleanmg at i
“soft touch”.
"It could be— but it isn't,*
claims Dr. Elaine Knowles Wa
ver, noted home economist, whs
checked cleaning habits in a typi
cal group of homes over a four
month period to find that Mrs
America is spending too much
time at her clearing job and d<*>
too many hard jobs by hand
Made at the reque** of tie
manufacturers of Eureka vacuus
cle. ners, the study showed that
women using average methods of
cleaning, includmg oid vacuum
equipment, »pend 5 hours and 41
minutes a week at their cleaning
tasks; remove an average of four
fifths of a pound of dirt fr- m the
horn* weekly and spend To per
cent of their time on job* requir
ing hard hand work
Even with all her hard w.irk,-lx
only remove* one-third of the flirt
possible to remove with moders
elfitncal equipment —two-thirds of
the dirt merely get* pushed from
place to place in the house; thus
increasing the amount of work ti
be done at the next cleaning
When Dr. Weaver introduced i
modern ‘ Complete Heme Cleaning
System”, consisting of *« upright
vacuum cleaner in eombmatmi
with a tank-type cleaner with at
tachments, the women were »N»ti
cut their cleaning tim® 3< pm
cent; cut their hard youth-rabbin
jobs by over 75 per cent and r»-
move a pound and three-quarter*
of dirt from their horrns weckl)-
almost three times as much a
with old methods.
Best result of the test for tin
"r :>bund harried housewives wh'
participated in the test was prw)
that “Spring and other seasNi
housacleaning can practically *
eliminated" if papa will c»ai
through with modern equipment
“Hulih Se*r >• snimiM
►r Sour r*x-l*r at Mwlirtn- M
• • s h»»!lh artirp at 111' awgrStr
Ml-h'r*r St»t» S<x-i»tr
Streptomycin Offer* First Hof*
Against Tuberculou*
Tubei :ulous meningitis. "*r***|
Tore always a fatal disease has»'
a<t been cheated of some nf '*•
rictims, by the “wonder-dr*!.
Ureptomyein. A recent
'rom a large city hospital td*
: low two out of three patients sot*
his diead disease, who wereirrst*
! *d with streptomycin, have li'H
Since 13 survivors out es •*’
ither 32 cases had previously hr*"
•eported, it is evident that
1 :omycin may offer the only hop* of
; ii resting tuberculous meningitis
This same drug ha* al«o prr*n
•ffective in treating other form**'
lacilh-caused meningitis. It J*
leiessary here to distinguish b»
tween the various kinds of meins
?itis. The disease itself mvnlv**
in inflammation of the coverings’
:he hram, but it can be cau‘*d
i number of organisms.
The most common of these
‘-he “coccus** bacteria, such as the
meningicoccu*. and the pneum"
»ccus. Meningitis due to the**
>rgamsm* has been successfully
treated by sulfa and penicillin
Besides these coccus type* •*
meningitis, however, are a numb*"
if other infections caused by *
‘bacillus’* type of bacteria *•*'
ortunately these organisms hi'*
wt responded to sulfa or pent*”
in. Although they do not
is frequently, they are neverth*-
♦ss of great importance becto*
•f their high death rate, snd *
••use of their failure to re«p<' B ®
«ny of the usual treatment*
The bacillus type Infection*, •*
vhicn tuberculous meningitis P
»ne, occur more frequently in **•'
Iren than in adults. • .
• The fact that the *7 eases
•acillus- caused meningitis recently
•ported included only four destm
• a remarkable record in view *
he usually fatal nature of the**
nfertrons. Such figure* offer
hat streptomycin may Anally *
he weapon which doctors of m*®V
tne have beon seeking in
•ver. ending efforta to con»b*»
nrningitia. -
Mr. Wells on Monday. M«' *
at 1 pm. from the Smith Caw
el AME Charrh.

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