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Safe May Be Most
[religious in U.S.
Minister Warns
IaYTO.Y Ohio—a warning
■ the Sen° may become the
L i,religious group in Amer-
L,* voiced in the Founder*
I ,dd:f'S for the McKinley
Ldist Church by Avery Wat-
Ijr, last Sunday night.
Hyition « graduate of
Kqhton College, Houghton.
By jnd asjjslant superin
ld«nl c' ,h * McKinley Church
Kool quoted Dr. Benjamin
K, a itating that "ih lino
B. recent trend* it i* highly
Kabie that the Negro will
Beme the most irreligiouc
■pie in the United State* in
Bears. • • "from the moil re-
B„« to the most irroligiou*
■o years.'
n: i Mr. Walson. 15
K as,, t!i. p< i ient ano of Ne-
K church was less
I that of whites. He pointed
that tfv- was betore the Ne
had the great opportunities
p.,i iMfe in labor unions
otln’i " idtii/ationa.
!m w th commercialized rec
on and other (actors there
teat ■ petition to church
l on fbe pint of Negroes.”
gn<,: f dur ng the Founders’
i iv i e were six mem-
MFrcd M. Alger at Secretary of State has
14 braich offices in Detroit. One is com
■pletely staffed by Negroes. 25 % of these
■Republican offices for 10 % of the people.
Ine is completely
Itaffed by negroes
1 'ML ' m
Fred M. Alger
Fred M. Alger and his mother, Mrs. Fred
Murphy have always been helpful to and
unseffish with Negroes.
If you are voting Democratic and wish to
vote for Fred Alger, put an “X” at the
head of the Democratic ticket and an “X”
in front of the name of Fred M. Alger.
Democratic for Alger Committee ,
; ber* who have been members of
| the McKinley Church lor more
than fifty years. Also honored
were membeis who had been
members more than :i5 and 25
years respectively.
Housewives Slate
2-Day Trade Fair
Detroit's branch of the Na-
I tional Housewives’ League Sun
day formally announced plans
of their trade week campaign
to be accentuated bi a two-day
fan Nov. 13-14.
Mr*. Helen Malloy, president,
state* that the fair will be
held at 1722 Oakland, open to
the public from 2 p.m. ‘til II
pm. each day.
To Give Prizes
Mi« Naomi Jefferie-. chair
man of the Housewives' League
fair, announced this week that
pi i/es swill be given each nieht.
Another important date on the
league’s fall campaign calendar
is a 'Get Acquainted’’ tea Sun
day. Nov fl. at 313 Hague, and
an intensive membership drive
to recruit new members.
pi .
Alf E. Thomas Jr.. 308 Jose
phine, who was elected to
membership on the Detroit
Board of Commerce on Oct.
17th as the only member of
his race on the board. Dr. Thom
as is director of Haynes Me
morial and president of Thomas
company. In addition to being
active in business affairs. Dr.
Thomas is co-chairman with
John S. Bugas, vice president
of Ford Motor Company, in the
1952 special gifts division jf
United Foundation's Torch
Drive. Married to the former
Marion Turner Stubbs, daugh
ter of Dr. and Mrs. John P.
Turner of Philadelphia, Dr. and
Mrs. Thomas have three daugh
ters, Patsy. Rikki and Linda.
Progress of Race Farmers
Lauded by USDA Official
piogiess being made by colored
farmer** in climbing nto owner
ship and raising tbt ir level of
living was praised hde Oet. 22
by Assistant Secretary of Ami
culture Knox T llutchin*un in
an address before the Conference
of Presidents of Negm L..nd
Grant colleges.
The address was delivered
in a conference room of the
Federal Security Agency where
23 heads of Land-Grant col
leges and associate institutions
ft and their directors of agricul
ture held a three-day meeting
Oct. 21-23.
Describing how the V S De
partment of Agriculture is pro
the. People,
That U a cardinal principle
in the political creed of Fred
M. Alger, the crusading Re
publican candidate for- gover
nor. He makes no secret of his
deep distrust of the Democratic
tendency to concentrate more
and more power in the hands
of the Federal and state gov
He ha.* repratedlv emphasized
his belief that local citizens
-hould be given the chance to
solve their own problems when
thev can. He holds that inter
vention of the Federal and state
governments should be held to
a minimum
He has exposed the sinister
growth of the centralization of
government in which huge bu
reaucracies are supported through
taxes that are hidden in almost
every expenditure a person
"I am fm giv.ng the people
mote authority in the manage
ment of Iheir own affairs—not
less, Alger assert* “I am unal
terable opposed to the tendency
of both state and national gov
■ M I

r ■ ; ~~
Democratic Rally
Sponged b\
Sunday, November 2, 1952 - 2 to 6 p.m.
Com* and Hear
Gov. G. Mennrn William* • Senator Moody
Cong. Machrowicz • Cong. George O'Brien
(County and S*at* Candida!**
2113 Gratiot Av*. (Entranc* Gratiot at St. Aubin)
(Formorly Mqt. Midi. Federated Democratic Club)
Free Refreahment*
'lnvestment Field Held
I Example of Democracy
Norman L. McGhee, head of a
brokerage firm, in an address
j Tuesday before the Frontiers of
' Cleveland, declared that “the Ne>
l gro in America will do much
toward* achieving the status of
full citizenship by acquiring
through the investment in Amer
ican Industry a laigei interest
in its economic affairs "
The avenues of financial de
mocracy are less difficult to
travel and lead more directly
to equal consideration and ac
ceptance than any other read,
he proclaimed at the Phillis
Wheatley Association.
McGhee spoke on the subject
Ike Visits Harlem
NEW YuRK (CNS) Having
been boned up on the facts of
He—that Harlem vote is needed
to sw.ng vital New York State—
General Dwight D. Eisenhower,
boldly turned his crusade on
11 ailoin
He I i-t t:jed a breakfast at
Hotel Theresa in a surprise move
on Oct. 22nd. Emboldened by
that stroke. Ike agreed to a pa
rade and speech in front of
Hotel Theresa with W. C. Handy,
Bishop Rubeit C. Lawson, Har
old Burton all at his side.
muting the ownership of family*
type farms, the Assistant Secre* <
t;iiy said the Farmers Home Ad
| ministrat on has helped 46.000
white and coloied farmers in the
> South to buy farm? of their own.
| Also he pointed to the work
j of colored farm and home dem-
I onstration agents and supervis
tois, who are expanding their
program of providing farm peo
ple with better methods of farm
-1 mg and homemaking.
Hutchinson sad since 1041.
roloicd Extension workers
more tli;<n tnoled their coverage
of farm families with demonstra
tions. distribution of laun bulle
' tins, and farm visit*
1 He added that I!ip participation
Belongs to
Says Alger
ernments to take governmental
at fairs out of the hands of total
people This is the old isiip of
centralized versus local govern
ment. Government monev— and
therefore government control—
plays an important part in almost
everything we do on local levels.
‘And when we wondei why
our cities, villages, towns and
counties don't have enough money
to meet their own urgent needs,
that's where we have to look
foi our answer.
“That is all wrong For the
aveiage American community can
govern itself better than the
Washington power grabbers can
do by remote control.”
Free Movie* at Alt?er
Free movies will be shown at
the Utlev Branch Library,
Woodward a? Alger, November
3 at 730 p m.
They will be: Stars and S'ipes
(in color! “Stain” and ‘Stripes’
perform acrobatics to the tune
of the John Philip Sousa march
General Flection— Traces the
A Strong Supporter of All
Civil Rights Legislation
‘The Negro as an Investor." His
bioketage firm is said to be the
first investment securities com
pany headed bv a Negro licensed
as a broker-dealer and authorized
to deal in general securities.
stirs i/ for kids
Witches, goblins and clowns,
radio and television stars
will all be on hand Friday for
the second annual children's Hal
loween Party sponsored by the
Association of Women Students,
campus-wide women's group at
Wavne University
Starting at 6:30 p.m. on Put
nam between Second and Cass,
the festivities will continue un
til 11 p.m.
All of the children hi the vi
cinity of Wayne University are
invited to come and eniov the
food, prizes and movies. A street
dance lor teen-agers, an added
feature of the evening, will be
gin at R p m.
Police from Detroit's piecincf
will provide three clowns to add
to the gaiety.
of Negio fann families in Kx*
I tension activities had increased
ten-fold during the 20-year period.
And he cited seveial examples
to indicate the quality of pin
cress be.ng made.
<-.i' 1
T- ' -
i ■■
man of tha Slat* Central Com
mittee of the Republican Party,
if a candidate for Secretary of
State. In addition to hit many
civie activities. General Cleary
it president of Cleary Business
College. Ypsilanti, Mich. Cleary
College has a raputation for
being a very fair and impartial
school. As president of the col
lege. Cleary has been able to
combat discrimination against
Negro students practiced by
tome establishments in Ypsi
lanti. He has been endorsed
by many Negro leaders for his
stand on civil rights.
machinery of a General Election
in Britain from nomination*
through campaigning to Polling
Tuesday in November The
story of one of the most import
ant privileges of democ: acy. Fol-
To United States Senate
because he haa supported FEPC Legislation ....
has a consistant record on Civil R ; ehts . : .
has distinguished himself in his effort to
root out Communism ....
Dr. Artion (.'. Toodle Di Julius Fianks
j George A. Isabel I • Fredonck K Byrd
John Roxborough 11 l'l>sses W. Boykin
an equal VOTE |
The Michigan Conference. NAACP. joins many oti.wr civic groups
including the AFL and CIO in supporting Proposal No. 2. spon
Speaker In Damand
Since the opening of this firm.
McGhee has been in demand as
a speaker before various groups
in connection wuth his plan to
bring to the attention of the
Negro she vast field of Invent
ment opportumtv afforded in the
American industrial system.
Recently McGhee attended the
Investment Dealers Conference
on Mutual Funds held under the
auspices of the Investment Deal
er* Digest in New York City.
Only Ract Delegate
At fhi* conference :t was of
l particular significance that he
j was the only Negro broker among
j the nearly 800 heads and repie
*entativc* of brokerage house.-
fiom the section of the United
States east of the MissisMpp
fivai- and including the state* of
Louisiana. Oklahoma and Tex,.
Considerable intercut has be t
exhibited on the part of the
heads of the larger investment
brokerage homes and mutual
i fund companies throughout the
I countrv in the progress which
• McGhee is making in the secur
ities field.
Civic Group Urges
Re-Election Os
Milton, Babcock
In an exten.'ivp advertising
progiam including new papers,
radio and hour t > house media,
ithe Citizens Non-Partisan Com
|m it tee tor Bette 1 Government
| went on record a> endorsing the
| candidacy ol both Dr. Llovj K.
] Babcock. Republican and D .
j Samuel B. Milton Den .rr«t. in
their bid for >•-elect.on to the
Wayne County Cot oner's p i.'.
Alfied W. R.i\ km chairman of
the group reported that he be
, lievfs there will be real hamiony
jin the Coroner* olfue and much
t monov and time > ivd by elect-
I ing two vrn li.gh' qualified
J men suc h a* Dr Milt" and Dr.
Babcock. This ran he done be
marking an Xhv bo ,: i t : >p names
, of Dr. M.lton and D . Bi bcock.
Boykin pointed on' that both
j men arc expo onccd and have
promi.'Cd *o eliminate many of
the duplication* now :n effebt in
the oft ice at pie-ent. Tin* can be
I done hv the tv o men working
; together.
In addition i-> tin . public of
fice both men en.iov a large
practice. D Babcock a mem
ber of the Wavne Countv Board
of Health, and Dr M lton i« head
of tlie Sumb.v Hospda’. River
GOP Could Stop:
Korean War, Graft
I Gregory M Pillov Republican
j nominee to: Cm. re * in thr
i Fifteenth Cong i nm.d District
—W> d< 10. 12. 14 and IH—said
th s week "Im proud tha l In
•on Eisenhowe s team
, "Ike a* Pir-ideiV. head* a
Republican Congress. It i- time
I for a change"
Pillon sii.v > that Il»< and the
Republicans can really stop in
j Ration—the ,/vci ri-mg cost of
things—grafr. corruption and end
the Korean War.
- r taflK*lppj^^pr ; .
I J^|
A GRE\T DAT The loaf-awaited day of liulfpendmo* tor tk»
former Italian colony of Eritroa »u celebrated with yuato. and him
ahrddlny of Iran lad month. The I’nltrd Notions woe indnimrntai
in helping Eritrra attain autonomy in federation with Ethiopia. LN
Commieeioner and nation Eritrean* are ehowa celebrating the hUteri*
event (Newepreea Photo.)
y >n ji|V r
Isa&e:Valii*t to 49.50
SPORT cor* s^,
'll |||
59 50 .... "7^
Valuet to 59 50 PRESS
I 0050 ,A,Y
solo that
comes |ust ] III* j 1 I l]
need s now LCt?* 1 ?3o,tNiws]
warm, winter 229 Gratiot Ave.
COOt! At Broadway, 2nd Floor—
pryjywfrnp, wwienffTn
11 Op!n«*.m to6p.ni. Monday 8 am. to <» pm.
7812 Vernor Highway, West
7754 Harper Avenue
940-1 Jo.9 P h C.m,.. • • •
3041 Biddle Avenum • Vt yondol *
320 South Main Street * Roy * °*
35 Ea.t Front St. • • ■ Monroe, M»ch.
TRIBUNE—Satui day, November 1, 1952

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