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Rookie Bill Bruton Bats, Fields Jethroe to Minors
Rookie Slipped By
Phillies, Athletics
MILWAUKEE, Wise.— (C) All Milwaukee Is just
iild itl>out 23 year old Hill Bruton, the Negi’o rookie sensa-
H ti»ii of the recently transplanted Boston Braves. And
jjfhtly so for he practically sinjflehandedly won the club’s
.) two hall jrames.
This is the kid whom tha
en Boston Bravos bought to
ing up as a roommata for
i m Jcthroa. Tha youngster
oved so brilliant a center
>lder • that ha complataly ra
aced Jelhroa this year and
m has bean sent back to tha
!i]>. the background of Bill
iion. Thich leads up to this
i;i ,n* beginning in the major
-that’s what is equally
In Wilmington. Del..
. Bill went to Parker High
.. Hr played ball for the
andlot teams only he
- ( a look from any 'trout,
t ’ , a relative of the family
eh Johnson—who took him
[Philadelphia where he was
• i hi both the A’s and tha
M . Both turned him down.
I 1 Hurry M Jenkins, head of
p i' i’v’ farm system. didn’t.
y j Bill started way down
(.‘ (’ with Eau Clair of the
t ■ m League. He batted onlv
'• he set a record fni the
h‘ stealing bases. In
A Denver, he raided his
to .303
He got his first major league
lance in '52 but Tommy .
dimes, then manager of the
raves, didn't think Bill could
it. He sent him to Milwaukee
here he batted .325.
\! ii Charlie Grimm, man
s the Milwaukee club, and
' villager of the Milwaukee
ranic i d Billion tn center
,, ng “He ran plav cen
‘ lie hits only .2f)o ”
V If the club played
• Dodgers during ex
rs. Bill robbed the
gees of homers with
i • • f case. Hut the best
Mpn. comes from
I v.i An tch'TS.
h AV ri"i Spahn and Max
ii i ’ • > |>:T< i)c‘d in both of
m t Milwaukee victories:
, ’ ie same kind of ball
a’ ' ue nuld have lost
It' ea'iies nfi the long hits off
I •' right and left center. Biu
p caught the halls He ha* made
p different • ’
ord Story
f 50 Years
>ff Press
•' -» great industry and
‘ 'tuic- an industry which
1! ' • indirectly provides
with one out of every
Ir, bs in the country—has
1,1 ’"'d ;i words and picluies
' nn>. hook, “Ford at Fifty."
Ford anniversary story
1,1 produced editorially by
etur# Press, Inc., of New
° lats was headed hy Jo
* Thorndike. Jr., formei
i'K <ditor of Life insßa
• and 'he text was written
arthy. managing edi
the Army weekly
' - f >ild War 11. and now
■ ‘ for leading magazines,
Lde and the Saturday
'•fmny Post.
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Grand River Corner of I.Kemoii
Gilliam Seen As
Top Rookie of Year
NEW YORK.—Negro baseball
stars Junior Gilliam of the
Brooklyn Dodgers, Bill Bruton
and Jim Pendleton ot the Mil
waukee Braves and Dave Hos
kirus and Don Dope of the Cleve
land Indians aie named by ace
sportseaster A1 Heifer among the
rookies “most likely to succeed'’
in major league baseball this
season, in an article in the cur
rent issue of Real Magazine
Gilliam. Heifer declares, is
the "best prospect in the Dodg
er camp." The Nashville-born
infielder played at Montreal
last yaar where he came up
with a .301 batting averaga.
"Gilliam may well be one of
the National League sleepers,"
Heifer reports, "although he
started -off the year as a mem
bar of the Montreal roster. ’
Heller tabs the Braves’ 23-year
old Bruton a * fine outlield pros
i pect in any man's language lie
| ha' three years of organized ball
behind him and last year he
topped the American Association
jin total hits and runs scored ”
I Pendleton, whom the Biaves gut
! fiom the Dodgers, rates special
attention too. says Heller in
Real. He was "just short of spec -
tacular'’ in his winter-time ten
ure in Cuba.
| Marble Tourney
At Northwestern
THp Department of Pai ks and
Recreation announces that it
12nd annual marble tournament
v 1 11 be held at Northwestern
Field Saturday, Mav 2. starting
at l pm.
Valuable prizes and models
will ba donated by the Veterans
of Foreign Wars, sponsor* of
j the event.
Competition is limited to boys
15 years old and under who have
won championships at one of the
• more than 100 local parks and
The winner will be presented
with a bicycle, and a radio will
go to the runner-up.
The VFW will pav the ex
penses of the winner who will
represent the City of Detroit in
| the State tourney at at<>n Rapid'
[on May 24 Detroit will ho trying
I to repeat last year’s fine perform*
lance when it won both first and
second places,
Michigan Normal
Wayne Diamond Foe
A baseball game with Michi
gan State Normal College on
Tuesday. April 28 at .1 pm. at
Northwestern Field is the only
local activity for W'avne Univer
sity’s spring sports teams this
week as the golf, tennis and
track squad compete away from
Robinson Edits New Sports Magazine
. * lklaraE
\ JlJi v
CLID PROTESTS NEGRO BAN The Deep South Cotton State
bane boll league ha* given lta Hot Spring*. Ark. member the boot be
cauae the club Insisted on keeping two Negro pitchers, Jim and Grand
er Tugerson, shown here. league president Ai Haraway said the
Bathers’ franchise was withdrawn at a recent meeting because they
violated a 52-year-old league baa against Negroes. (Newspress Photo.)
ke\ To Success
Take Care of Yourself
NEW YORK (lilnbal) There
is much about Jer*e\ Joe Wal
cott that deserves our admira
tion and respect. Me knows how
to take" care of himself.
Born with supc mr physical
stamina, he has lived in mic h a
way as to piVserve Inmscll Wal
: cot is at least 40 veins old. Most
I athletes retire from stiff compe
tition long belnre they reach that
There is no record of any
man fighting for the world's
heavyweight championship at
such an age. Many times those
with great physical strength,
abuse themselves so much in
their youth that they are physi
cal wrecks long before they
reach 40.
This is not the case with Wal
cott He has taken care of him
self physically so well that he is
still a contender for the world's
greatest athletic honor. He de
serves respect for his clean liv
ing and self-preservation. He has
been a source of inspiration to
Millions of boys will be en
couraged to live clean lives so
they will be able to emulate
him. Many other individuals
who may have been inclined to
think that all people of Wal
cott's hue are undeserving and
worthless, have to change their
minds when they consider the
life of this unusual person.
However, their is another in
teresting phase of Walcotts hie
He has proved he can take' care
of himself out of the ring also.
On the New Jersey Turnpike , not
too fnr from his home. Walcott
and his manager aie construct
dodge assr
W# Will Dalivar This Modal Complata With A-l Accessory
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zz <S(§m zz\
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Disco Ooko • Herd Cool • Slokor Cool
Fuel Oil For Stores and Furnaces
Wo Solly Install, Service Stokers and
Oil Furnaces
Doasvßoa soai &®oil
fMi M Cmkrn Doit. (HI ■imilltktr l*m I
WAlnut HMO WAlnu* I>M2O |
itikor r»»i r»*i on d*m
WAlnut 1-SSS4 WAlnut 1-SSSS
ing a 50-unit motel and filling
This project is costing around
•400.000 and will net Jersey Joe
•bout 5450 a week when it
begins operating. So. regardless
of the outcome of any fight,
he will be able to live com
forlably for the res! of his life.
I One of the tragedies that lias
belallen many prize fighters is
that they h.«ve been broken
when their fighting days came
to an end. For a man to make a
fortune' in his voulh. squander
it, and be left virtually penniless
in his mature years, reflect* on
his judgment. If the man belongs
to a group that is struggling to
! gam first rlct'S citizenship, it is
even worse.
Those who would deny us
full integration into American
life can cite such examples of
carelessness and improvidence
and say "they are not ready."
Jack Johnson made a fortune
in the ring, but wound up work
ing in a flea cirrus for a pit
tance. Sam Langford was an ob
ject of charity for years Beau
Jack drew over $1,000,000 in
gates at Madison Square Clarden
The last I heard of him. he was
NEW YURK. N. Y—The first
issue of OUR SPORTS, the only
magazine devoted exclusively to
the activities of Negro athletes,
was released for sale throughout
the country this week according
to an announcement fiom Jackie
Robinson, editor of the monthly
In the initial issua Robinson
sticks his neck out by writing
• provocative article in which
he picks the major leagua pen
»•':«< winner for 1953.
Olir Sport* rings the bell its
fiiM time out In its rookie
roundup, Junior Gilliam of the
Dodgei* and Bill Bruton of the
MituMiikee Biaves who cirated
a sensation at start of the
baseball season, receive feature
co\ei ige.
"Why Can't Negroes Wrestle
In The Nation's Capital?" Thia
strange paradox and hushed
hushed topic is discussed for
the first time.
The cover of Our Sports fea
ture* a portrait of Larry Dobv,
singling centerfielder of the
Cleveland Indians. In the accom
pain mg story "Can Dobv Chal-
Spo 's’ selection of the first Ne
gro All-American College Bas
ketball team by Haskell Cohen.
A foi mer correspondent of the
leng> Ruth’* record?”
S. W. Garlingion discusses
from an objective viewpoint the
chances of Doby cracking this
26 year-old legendary standard.
Garlington. formerly of Color
thimng shoes in Georgia
Men of that ilk contribute
very little toward the eleva
tion of the race. In fact, they
degrade. They have a spotlight
turned on their stupidity. That
is all the bigots want in order
to claim some justification for
allowing Negroes to be ex
There hove. •>*■< n outstanding
example.-. of fighters knowing
how to take rare of themselves
outside of the ring as well as in
t. Harry Wills is one. He has
laige real esta!< holdings in New
York. Theie never has been a
benefit pei form.mre foi him.
Os course, the most outstand
ing example of a prize tightei
• care of himself outside the
nog as well as in it. is Sugar
Hay Robinson What Walcott
hopes to earn from his venture.
Robinson has been earning for
veara. Besides owning some high
income-producing reil estate.
Robinson owns some veiy luc
rative businesses,
Individuals like Rav Robinson. |
Harry Wills and Joe Walcott add
to the stature of the Negio taie
They know how to take care of
themselves and the* only people
who are respected in this world 1
an thost* who have w hat is take*
to care for themselves.
We salute Jersey Joe and wish '
lion well in his life as a business I
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Magasine and tha Naw York
Amstardam News, is executive
editor of the new magasine.
Another big feature is Our
Pittsburgh Courier and now pub
licity director of the National
Basketball Association. Cohen is
also managing editor of Our
Robinson says Our Sports will
chronicle the activities of Negro
athletes in all sport* profes
sional. amateur and teereational,
w'ith special emphasis on Negro
schools and colleges. ‘To accom
plish this.’’ he concludes “the
leading sports authorities will
be engaged.”
Tatum New
Ring Champ
GREENSBORO. N (.’.-Arthur
“Ait" Statum, A. and T College
heavyweight, punched his wav
to the national collegiate title
in the National Collegiate Ath
letic* Association boxing cham
pionship* held at Idaho Sta»e
College at Pocatello, last week
with a decision ovet George
Peyton of Louisiana State Uni
Th« 190-pound Aggie star,
who wan! undefeated in regular
season competition for the past
two years, and CIAA champion
for three years, lost In a first
round match in the NCAA
tournament held last year at
the University of Wisconsin.
This time the Bethlehem Pa.
native, who scored a sensational
knockout win over Joe Show of
California Tech in the semi
finals the night before, was not
to be denied. He had a tough
lime with Peyton, but was a clea:
winner on the decision.
A and T tied tor Ihe fourth
place in the tournament with
Michigan Stale and San Jose
State, behind Idaho Stale. Wis
consin and 1 Louisiana Slate, in
that order.
Two other Aggie fighters, all
CIAA champions. Roland Wal
ton Norfolk, Va . and Donald
Quarles. Baltimore Md.. partici
pated in the meet
Quarles lost in the semi-finals
to Mike Guerrero of San Jose
Slate and Walton lost his firs*
Rav Zale of Wisconsin.
| Halts No-Hitter
lie. the Giants’ top pitcher. vvas
on his wav to no-hitting the
Brooklyn Dodgers in the opener
between the two teams, when
Jackie Robinson got the first h.t
in the seventh inning.
Spring Practice
Spring piactice continue* for
the Tartar F''Otbal squad as the
team pnepares to enter its third
week of drills.
Woikouts will cud on Thurs
day. May 7. with the Yaisity-Old
Timer game at Tartar Field.
- nwft
BATTER l : P!!—-No, we're not talking • -out bakln * eake: Junl
our way of introducing Toni Stone. flrat X yro woman to crack tno
lineup of a Negrn American league team. She I* *h mti enma- to
Norfolk, where aha Joined the lndlanapoda Clovrna a« a second* ha*e.
man (no kidding*. The Clown* became the ftrat Negro teem to play
a Piedmont League team in their home city, when they played the
Portamoath Merrtmac* SJUuiiunt laat week. <New«preoa
Gate City Open
Set For Greensboro
GREENSBORO. N.C. Entries for th«- i.-Vd Gaf* rjty
Open Golf Tournament to Le held here at :he N ho Park
Golf ('ours** .May ll* In continued t<> pour in'thi* week a
-to a statement iriven reporters I»y Arthur !,♦•<»,
president <d’ the Gate Gitv (Pdf Associnti»*p, the «pnn«<>r-
mjr orjramzat ion.
"W« have reason to believe
that the event for this year
will far exceed our registration
for last year." Lee continued.
More than 100 golfers turned
out for the 1952 event, the first
tournament sponsored by the
Ca'h prizes of SI,OOO w. 11 he
Baptists Eye NYC
BROOKLYN N Y —Officials
of the National Sunday School
and B. T. I’ Connies' meeting
in the Empire State. June 22
28. announce Mat the Local En
tertainment Committee have
completed arrangements of the
housing of more than 1.000 m r.-
lsteis who will attend the five
seminars of the Pastor's Con
ference. I)r T S Boom*, pa'loi
of Kina Solomon Baptist Church,
will he h speaker during the
week-ions program.
Bar City
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B'tfxoo* job uU lb.
us Knight ha t Jr i
». I
rtgUVftJ htMT NW^MMMf
0 co«M<uhv« y**r«
Aik sot Konpokne M
••f drug Monr I
U«r oahr m Uhei <W«m /
New YOtK, N. r.
awarded p: if*-** onal golfera v th
* top nf $350.00 to tiir onr goiter
who Min* :n the low n eda! jerore
ovet the - tren herous Nn ho
Am strut s will vie for IQ ’ o
i phie« and mivt ’lane,,us prizes,
| oil on a medal basis of a g: ’telling
?2 hole competition, 36 on e<uh
Tuskegee Journeys
To Xavier University
The x avion University GnM
■ Ru'h base wall team will engage
i the Tuskegee Institute Tigeis at
(PHI an S’ id um .\p’c 24’h at
:B.ofl pm
Ttie Xa\ r Nine dropped the r
| lust content to Southern Cm\er
isj tv but previously had defeated
’Florida A and M on successive
‘du\« in Tallahassee
Willie Watkins

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