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Social Activities-Comments-Education - Churches
Mr*. Mary Jone», School teacher of Birmingham, Al
abama and her Grand Niece, Karen of New York, visit
ed our plant on Wednesday. Mrs. Jones, was here on
vacation visiting her sister, Mrs. Queen K. Taylor of
729 Pingree, who is also a school teacher.
Mr*. Jones, expressed
great pleasure of having
had the opportunity to see
the entire printing depart
ment in action.
And she is an old friend
of ours.
Mrs. Ashley Cain, school
niarm, formerly of Detroit,
was among our disting
uished visitors on Thurs
day of last week.
Mrs. Cain, now residing
in Palo Alto, California,
was an acting delegate to
the NAACP National Con
vention held here. And the
house guest of he* son, and
daughter-in-law, Attorney
and Mrs. Wm. Cain of 5065
Greenway. Many courte
sies were shown Mrs. Cain
to greet and welcome her
visit back to Detroit.
We are glad to have all
oit friends here and ev
erywhere visit us at 970
Gratiot. See the printing
press in action Wednes
day, Thursday and Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
Ball spent their vacation
in Chicago and at his fa
ther’s country cottage on
Rondoau Bay. Baby Mau
rice enjoyed the country &
outside in the open air
with his parents for a
How To Make Iced Tea
~A . “ V iiifTflWf Mi ’ i n| W'-
something special if you fol
low the rec ; pe provided below
by the Home Service Depart
ment of Michigan Consoli
dated Gas Company. Modern
homemakers use plenty of
Iced tea is an ideal summer drink . . . that deserves to be
made correctly. When prepared according to a few simple rules,
iced tea can be so much better-so much more sparkling and
flavorful—than when made "just any old way.
Why not try the method below, which ha* been tested and
approved by the Home Service Department of the Michigan
Consolidated Ga« Company. Your iced tea will be a delight to
serve— and *o refreshing!
I.—Rinse the teapot with boiling water. To make < ight g asses
of iced tea, measure four tablespoons of loose tea into the pot.
Or use 12 tea bags.
2,—Pour thre© cups of fresh, vigorously boiling wafer over
the leaves. Just "hot" water won t do if you want the best iced
possible. .
3. —Replace teapot cover and let tea stand three mmu os o
bring out the full flavor. Be sure to use automatic *imer on your
Ras range. This is important because tea will cloud if »t is over
brewed. Stir briefly. .. , .
4. — Poud the brew off the tea leaves iniincc 'a c>. . ra
through tea strainer into a glass, earthenware or cnumelware
Pitcher. . A .
5. —Add three cups of cold water to the hot tea. ts an n
loom temperature (do not refrigerate) uniil you an rt.uy ‘
serve it. Poud tea into tall icc-filled glasses. Pass with lemon ant
If you are in a big hurry, iced tea can br mide the me Asa
Braw taa double stiangth and staep. Then slmin and P our
ice while hot. However, tea mada this method may beco e
Wt cloudy. .
To avoid sugar at the bottom to tea glasses, use simp e
made of equal parts of sugar and water.
For . d..h of clo, u.o lon, curl. o« lomon. or.n». or 11m.
pool (mod. liko on opplo pel), or o low cruih.d min p*
week. They have returned
to their beautifully furn
ished apartment where
they are now housekeep
Cot a whim for a swim?
The Young Adult Club
of Central Branch YWCA
has planned a Swim and
Sports Day at Metropoli
tan Beach Sunday, July 28
and any interested adults
are invited to go along.
The group will meet at
Central Branch YW, 2230
Witherell St. at Montcalm
«t 1 p.m. on Sunday. The
trip to Metropolitan Beach
will be made by automo
bile, and following an af
ternoon of swimming, soft
ball, and volleyball, there
will be a picnic supper.
Young adults do not
have to be YWCA mem
bers of the Young Adult
Club to take part in the
Swim; and Sports Day.
Reservations should be
made by Friday afternoon,
July 26, so that transpor
tation may be arranged.
For resen tations telephone
Jane McCall, WO 1-9220.
A charge of 75 cents for
club members, SI.OO for
non-members will cover
transportation and the pic
nic supper.
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hard frosen ice "circles" from
an automatic ice-making gas
refrigerator, plus lemon slices
and sprigs of mint to add to
the refreshing flavor and eye
The Young Women’s
Christian Association of
Metropolitan Detroit, a
Torch Drive service ( is
moving rapidly to meet the
problems of suburban city
At the same time, its
program of n>eetings, clubs
and recreation are being
continued within the City
of Detroit at an accelerat*
ed pace.
This is reflected by fig
ures showing that 15,397
members, or about 60 per
cent of the total member
ship last year, were resi
dents of Detroit.
They were among 26,-
878 YWCA members in
the metropolitan area.
Miss Annetta B. Eld
ridge, Meetropolitan Ex
ecutive Director, pointed
out that the YWCA is not
buildings nor facilities. It
is people.
The “YW” program,
therefore, is aimed at help
ing people. Employed
adults are people, famdies
are people, teen-agers are
people, children are peo
ple, . and . volunteers . are
The YWCA services in
the suburbs, Miss Eidrid„e
said, are especially design
ed to meet the needs of
young mothers with small
“Baby sitters are hard
to budget for, and not al
ways available,” she said.
“In the communities of
South Oakland and South
Macomb counties, we have
enthusiastistic Ladies’ Day
Out and YW wives groups,
where young mothers may
get together and spend the
day, inexpensively, enjoy
ing various activities while
their pre? school children
are cared for in YW-super
vised nurseries.”
Family program, includ
ing square dancing, swim
ming, hayrides, which the
entire family can enjoy to
gether, is directed also by
the Downriver YWCA. . . .
Y-Teen clubs are active
in intermediate and high
schools in many of these
suburban communities.
Altogether, the YWCA
served 36,035 people last
year, in clubs, cam'ping, in
terest groups, special activi
ties for ch.ldren and teen
agers, employed adults,
YW-wives, couples and co
eds, and families, through
services to individuals, and
through service to the com
munity. Total attendance
at YWCA events and ser\ -
ices was 745,728.
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To Feature Prof.
On Program Here
Professor Theodore R. Frye
will be featured in a special
musical program observing the
dedication of a book of songs to
Rev. C. L. Franklin at New
Bethel Baptist Church on Friday
night. August 9.
Professor Frye, noted com
poser of gosper music, has dedi
cated the book of songs to Rev.
Franklin in honor of the con
tribution he has made to the
field of sacred music.
Rav. Clay Evans, pastor of
Fellowship Baptist Church.
Chicago, and noted radio
preacher, will deliver the ser
mon during the services with
selections sung by the Martin
Singers and the Bradford
In conjunction with the serv
ices a showing of Fall Fashions
will be displayed under direc
tion of Miss Marie Perry.
the Young Matrons of Greater
New Mt. Moriah Baptist
Church, located at 2627 Blaine.
Seated left to right, are: Dan
nie Robinson, president of the
Matrons; Norman Lewis, di
rector of Young People; Willie
Society Doings —
Jennie M. Davis and Gerald
W. Crittendon spoke their wed.
ding vows Saturday, July 22, in
a candlelight service at 7 p.m.
at Second Baptist Church with
Dr. A. A. Banks Jr., officiating.
The bride's gown was white
Italian Peau-dc-soie styled
with a Grecian neckline and
the fashion look of a bus'le
back, tied with th ee white
velvet bows in the back.
The gown was accented with
seuins and pearls also studded
satin rosebuds. From a cap of
lace and pearls a finger tip veil
was attached.
She carried a cascade of roses,
stcphanotis with streamers of
ivy. She was given in marriage
by her father.
Genivie Bellamy was maid o r
honor and wore a white tulle
and lace gown with a fitted
bodice, light red cumberban
belt with streamers to the hem
of her full skiit. Her head piece
was of red lace and was carry
ing white roses wi*h streamers
of ivy. Best man was Luther
Mrs. E iith Davis (mother''
wore a silver qrcv n David-
I evine style with pink accesso
Mr and Mrs. Robert TV>v«s a r e
♦ v e bride’s narrnts and Mr. ?md
Mrs Samuel Crittendon. parents
of *he groom.
TVw, reconfirm was at 4 *-o
bride’s nar«*n*«' homo on I?*h
street. Some f»r.o folios T crw
u-nrp Mr '*”« An
drew. Mr. and Mr* fH'f’n
V''V Mr. and Mrs. Ao*»»»**
hams M s A ,w *’ rt M ’Fall Mr*
Marv O’er,-, «s. WhPe. Mr
Foivc” Thomas Mrs
F r v. Mr I v'm M"* J \ Mrs M
Simrn. M ; ‘*s E. Terr’’. M : s<
D«r-*fhy Robinson ar.d many
Mis c e* Rf>ttv Pov and a
nd Rolhmr gave to
the bride-to-be w' 4 h a k i4 chen
shower and nvndt'r dinner.
• • •
The annual hroak f ast given bv
members of 67-6800 block club of
Seot 4 en Sundav morning 8:30 at
the homo of M>s. Irene Nichol
son and Mrs. Russeau brought
many friends as well as neigh
bors together to hear of their
accomplishments as to the com
munity in the past and plans
for the future.
Social & Civic
♦ Round-U p ♦
A raffle and whiz party will
bo given August 3rd bv the
Worthy Matrons of the Rising
Sun Grand Chapter at 8 p m.,
at 8839 Oakland. The lucky tic
ket holder will take heme a
lovely Hi-Fi record player.
• • •
The El-Capacans of the Free
and Accepted International Ma
sons, Junior Department, had
evening at the Masonic Hull lo
their going away party Saturday
cated at Gratiot and St. Aubin.
The party also included a floor
show’. The Juniors ranging ir.
ages from 10 to 20 years, left
Sunday. August 21st, to attend
the Supreme Grand Session of
the lodge, convening in Newark.
New Jersey through July 27th.
National plana will ba mad*
B. Roz’er, counselor cf Young
Matrons; Beatrice Bowdry,
first vice pres dent of Mis
sionary Society, and little Lin
da Fulton.
Standing left to right: Jimmie
Spiller, recording secretary:
Connie Sheppard. Annie Ruth
S'mply a delicicus break
fast was served to the 30 mem
bers w : ih Mesdames N'chol
son, Russeau, Heard, Sanders,
Mixon and Holiday were host
Officers arc: Messrs. Ross
Taylor, president; Heibert Mar
tin. secretary; Griflin Causey,
financial secretary,, and Ralph
McDonald, treasurer.
* * *
Mis. William Harvey and chil
dren of Pittsburgh, the sis'er of
Mrs. Thelma Hancock, was the
breakfast guest of M s. Gwen
dolyn Harrison of Ironwo id St..
Tuesday morning A iflost palat
able breakfast was served.
Mrs. Jessie Drayton of Chicago
and Mrs. Othelia Daniels of
Pa., are visiting Mss. Margaret
Mays of South Ethel, and wa
tin- dinner geust of Mrs. Els c
Young of Roowvelt St.
w • *
Eta Phi Beta held their initi
ation at the home of M;s. Blan h
Whisonant of Belmont avenue
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■ >^h|
a ;, .' (
V 'km&tiMK 7 * 7 r rjr .'; \iWw
wpnr 1
\ *g:
V ~ J'.^w
A .
.•-■• • ’••*: " W 7
& :'■' •' «■ I »
Ll ■ ijl' »
! •hV wn v. *.
BLOCK CLUB lawn social
held recently. Left to right:
Mrs. Bertha Glenn, hostess.
at this session as well as plans
for the next session to be held
in Chicago during the month
of August.
This Junior Department of
which there are approximately
175 meet twice a month, and
has been a very effective pa't
ol the General Division since
2-1 boys brought in by Sonny
P.oy Newman (.smallest child
and only one of bis race of the
Carmen Jones Opera for two
years, who brings out all the
stars during the Emanrpat»on
each year in Canada, under the
direction of Mr. Walk, r Periy)
hr came organ zed as a part of
the Free and Accepted Interna
tional Masons. Sonny Boy New
man, as inspiration to the youth
of this organization, was dis
covered by Duke Ellington and
(Continued On Page 7)
Mattison, Lucille Spiller, treas
urer; Ruby Jean Evans, M 1-
dred Fulton, Thelma Price,
chairman of 3'ck Committee:
Catherine Parker, finar»c ; al
secretary. Marguerite .Mu'.n.
ZV * Wy . /
Cp * ▼
caught this happy couple, Elo
ween Sawyer and R'chard Car
son, following their wedeing
Leonard Czarniecki. Detroit
Ccmm. foi neighborhood c?n
scrvat on and improved hous
ing; Francena Hughes, first
prize winner tor having the
wBL j
State Fair
to Honor Youth
The Michigan iiit • Fair,
August 30 through C, will honor
l'(> young p* opic of Michigan
for leaden sh p in you h activities
it a Farm-Ci’y Youth Awards
L'iniu r to b«* held on Labor Day,
September 2.
Ths youth event, ine first of
it; iyp? crgan’zed in Mchigan.
i its b r CJ r.rvr.q a»t year two
farm rnd city youths wire re
~*n>zed for lradersh p during
- -«• shoring of Junior Exhibitors
a ihc Sta*e Fair.
“la. t. year's < xpcrionce was
so succ s‘ful in focusing at en«
,a i in luirn-city youth leaders
n I their interdependency that
\v<- *■ .v a It rea* r.eod to expand
the event this veal. said
Donald L Swanson, Slate Fair
gent tal manager.
“It was the fir.' t opportunity
enjoyed by many farm and ei'y
young people to meet each oth
r. to discover that their pro
blems are similar and that there
is little difference, if any. in
their ambitions and ou look. ’
Each ot 20 Michigan youth
groups will nomiate its own
member to receive the tSa*e
i air youth lea iership honors.
Engiaved plaques will be pre
son-ed to the winners.
recen’ly at Bethany Taber
nacle Church with the Rev.
B. M Cottage reading the cere
most beauti'ul flower garden;
Celeste Jones, second prize
winner. Albena Sturghili. third
prize winner.

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