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* Del roil Tribune ♦
Representing “Our Father-Mother God:*' our Divine Pub
lisher Crusader For The Invincible Triumphant Divine Rights
of Man. PLEDGED to secure and uphold human and civil
WO. 2-1022, WO. 2-4937
Published every Wednesday by the DETROIT TRIBUNE
Entered as second class matter at the post office at Detroit.
Michigan, under the act of March 3. 1879. SUBSCRIPTIONS:
One Year. $4-50; 6 mos.. 12.50; 3 mos.. $1.25; Foreign, yearly
$5.00 National Advertising Representatives: Interstate United
Andrew F. Fruehauf. C. S.. Owner and Publisher
B. Elisabeth Ellington. General Manager-Managing Editor
"God s liberator of the Bible, the Christian Science
textbook has the necessary wisdom."
Heaven, OUR eternal life, and ALL reality (spiritual,
of course), are found —are discovered —IN human con
"If thou would be blessed! Obey God's Science! and
bless others."—by ANDREW F. FRUEHAUF, C. S.
Civil Rights A Political Football
Millions of words have and are beinjr written about
the controversial civil-rights bill that is now before the
Senate of the United States. This bill long promised hy
the President and liberal Democrat now seems to be
bogged down in the muck of compromise and behind
the scenes bargaining.
To the millions of Negroes in our country these poly
genous arguments of the southerners hold familiar ring.
Beginning with his original defrachisement under slave
status, he has worn the shackles of “white primaries”
and “grand-daddy clauses” to mention only a few of
the legal barriers.

Now. in a modern and ever changing world where our
country has emerged as a world power and leader, our
tan hued brother mired in the abysmal rot of southern
bias is asked “how many bubbles in a bar of soap?"
and similar idiotic questions to qualify for his constitu
tional right to vote

We now have what appears to be a full scale legis
lative battle on civil rights. With those Democrats and
Republicaians alike who have large Negro voting blocks
in Northern, some Midwestern and Coastal states saying
with loud cries and shedding great tears of righteous

Many times before this is as far as our Civil-Rights
Bill has gone. With Ike’s election promises and this Bill
being “his” Bill he has remained strangely silent on
urging its passage and has indicated that “he has not
had time to go into it throughly”. The real maneuvering
behind “tne Hells Canyon Bill passage will soon come to
past as liberal senators vote with Southerns on rights
amendments in repayment to the southern vote for Hells
Canyon. (The Hell* Canyon Bill passed the Senate. It
was a bill dealing with a n.lilti-million dollar erection
of a Federal power project and was the pet project of
many of the so called liberal senators. The bill could
not pass without southern support. Much speculation
has been offered as to the deals certain senators made
with each other in the trading of votes. Its the
of “you help me this time and I’ll help vou next”).

So, to both sides, the rights football is kicked. With
America’s Negro population sitting in the blistering
bleachers of defrachisement and race bias with all eyes
on the ball, hoping that this time their side will score
the touchdown.
Monday, August 12 Last Day To Register
Monday, August 12, 1957 is the last day in which
to register as a voter for the Municipal Primary Klec
tion of September 10, 1957.
All Fire and Police Precinct Stations, excepting
Headquarters in both instances, will bo opened on Fri
day, Saturday and Monday, August 9, in and 12 re
spectively, from 12 noon to 8 p.m. for the purpose of
accepting' registrations and changes of address.
Registrations can also be effected at the Election
Commission Offices in Room 202 of the City-County
Building, any day Monday through Friday, from S a.m.
to 4:30 p.m. and on August 9, 10 and 12 from 8 a.m.
to 8 p.m.
Electors who have registered, voted or transferred
since January 1. 1955 are not required to re-register.
Persons who regittered prior to January 1. 1955, but
have not voted since, should apply for re-registration.
Electors who have registered or voted since January
1, 1955 and have recently moved from one address to
fanother, both within the City of Detroit, may transfer
by listing bheir old and new addresses and signature
on a postal card or on the reverse side of their regis
tration certificate and mailing same to the City ElecHon
Commission, 202 City-County Building, Detroit 26, Mich
. igan.
GOOD THOOG» »t* " •»
“Father, gloify thy name. Then came there a voice from
heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, end will glorify it
“Now Is the judgment of this world: now shall the prr.ice
of this world be cast out.
“And I, If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all
men unto me.
“Then lesus said onto them, Yet a little while is the light
with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come
upon you: for he that welketh in darkness knoweth not
whither he goeth.
“While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may
be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and
departed, and did hide himself from them."—John 12:28,
81, 32, 3S, 34.
.- j. *.• 4
• • • the latest news from Washington
of special interest to Michigan . • .
MAYFLOWER IT. famous replica of the ship which
brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock, may sail the
St. Lawrence Seaway, calling at Michigan ports. Now
being discussed in London is my invitation to bring t. e
historic vessel into Lake waters.
When 1 presented the idea to Captain Alan Yilliors.
world-filmed skipper who sailed the Mayflower across
tht Atlantic, and Mr. Warwick Charlton, founder of the
project, both were » nthusiastic. ‘Certainly the magni
ficent gesture of fritmbhi pwhich you have extended
in tre people of th s nation,” my invitation reads,
"should in* completed by bringing the aMy flower 11 in
to the industrial and spiritual heartland of America.’
Such a voyage would loom
world attention on the Seaway
and the new Mackinac Bridge.
As the Mayllower II anchored
at Detroit. Port Huron. Saginaw
Pay. Muskegon Benton Harbor
and other ports she would he a
spectacular tourist attraction all
the way. Many of her original
crew have dispersed and I hope
that an experienced Great Lakes
crew with a complement ot
Michigan Sea Scouts, would be
recruited to man her.
It's possible, but no! probable,
that plans could be worked out
before the Seaway ices over.
More likely is an early spring
voyages. Right now Mayflower
II is moored in New York Har
bor. attracting thousands of
tourists, as she awaits formal
transfer to Plymouth cn Thanks
giving. Michigan tourist officials
already are visualizing a series
of pageants to greet the fam
ous ship as she sails into our
I expect to be in touch with
Secretary of State Dulles <n
further plans.
CIVIL RIGHTS holds the Sen
ate spotlight. Early and lute,
pros keep a quorum on the flooi
to prevent cons fiom sidetrack
ing the bill. We have moved
cots into our offices to catch
1 will give thanks to the
Lord with my whole heart.—
(Psalm 9,1.)
Thanking God for His abun
dant, bountiful blessings is
not a matter of a formal few
moments or even of hours. It
is thanking Him every mo
ment that we breathe, by
every thought and net and
word it is by living each mo
ment as we know in our hearts
He wunts us to live: filled
with consciousness of His
presence within us. That is
thanking Him with a whole
Slo Down
forty winks between th Inn-;
hours of work. Lari week 1
reived notice that unles. Con
gress enacts an adequate civil
lights bill I will introduce le
irlation exempting in m tl
draft any man of voting age
who is pieveimd from exercis
ing hi? right to vote.
I see no decency and justice*
in asking a man to die for a
country where he is not per
mitted to avail himself rs the
simple demccraiic privi eges of
the bill of rights. I fold lne
Senate that if we do rot ac
cept this honest, straightforward
obligation, we shall have repu
diated everything America
elands for in the eyes of a
world beleaguered by hunger
and oppression. Wo shall have
betrayed those Americans of
dark skin who pay taxes to sup
port this Government end who
gave their lives only a decede
ago for these self same princi
Last week, with one foot on
the plane to speak at the Cap.'c
Centennial Celebration. I report
ed here on my proposed re*
maiks. At the last minum. a
long Saturday Senate session
forced me to cancel the speech
idler the newsletter was in the
mail. I suppose that won’t be
tiie first Mich incident during
the civil rights talkathon.
nose in the Capitol door the
other day to eaten a portion of
the lebiite. Otlv't prominent Am
ericans crowd the galleries rub
bing elbows with obscure folk.,
children, tourists and vi itors
from foreign lands, all rnptly
listening to the hisloric civil
rights discussions. Most of them
have stood in long and patient
line., waiting for gallery seals.
The display of public interest
in the issue we are resolvin •
here is impressive.
handcuff "onion operators’* is
almost won. The Potter bill,
rwkino it illegal 4 o speculate in
onion futures, has been okayed
by agriculture subcommittees
of both Hcuse and Senate. M ch*
igan’s onion farmer*, caught
in a price squeeze brought on
by manipulators who gamb’e
rnd get rich on perishable on
ions. c»n look forward to re*
lief before Icng. On*on specula*
lien as a smelly business and
I use the word edcisedly. Pass
age of my bill will put e stop
to it.
LONG AGO a powerful Tnd : nn
tribe from the Upper Per insula
attacked tv Lower Peninsula
trdM . killing all hut 7 warriors
and retired to he Manitou In
lands. The seven f'dlmvod the
vicu rs and. in the darkness
almost wip'd out their con
querors The slaueh'er was
blamed on evil spirits and no
Indian could be induced to
live on the Manitou* there
Best wishes.
Chrysler Gets
New Executive
Walter E. Foraker has
lieen appointed executive
assistant to C. E. lhiggs.
vice president in charge
of sales. Chrysler Division.
In hi.' new p< st, Mr. Ko
-1 aker will 1 H responsible
for coordinating areas of
the Division's overall sales
program under the supir
vision of the sales vice
Prior to his new ap
pointment. Mr. Foraker
had bten organization and
managing nt dev elopm-Mi.
manager and since Novem
ber, 1 hod, <Ol tlie stall’
the president.
Mr. Koi akt r join ' and
Chr.v sler Cotporation in ld
iP4 .when he joined Dodge
Division’s -distribution d«‘-
paitment. In Id 17, he was
transient and to the staff of
the general sales manager
ol Dodge Division. After a
series of promotions, he
joined Chrysler Division in
1*15:1. He was promoted to
eential sales manager in Id
ol and to executive deve
lopment coojdinator in ld
r 5.
- ». V 4 hU
Things You Should Know
b/i££ta*n £> : H.
Ro&N IN MASS , IN IR7R, 111
Hr LCf T SCHOOL A*i .!!£ GCA'.; »!•$ fATHER,
K' :'i r .l w,\c:g;ji
- nr umic-RFD many y.ii^ly
i •>? ”' rM,> S'-»?o 'P.’O f *i
Fear No Evil—
(Continued from Bock Pogo)
hand, and all oppressors ev
eiywhere shall see and know
that the power of Clod reigns
supreme “over all and all.”
God has spoken through
the prophets of old, and in
all ages lie has given spirit
ual men and women domin
ion. So it is good to he still
and know, even through the
pathway may seem dark and
dismal. Ihe h irmony of Soul
reigns supreme.
And when there is seeming
unrest in human affairs, and
one group is denying another
group their human rights
which the law already pro
vides: and when it is in their
fia ids to- hit the mark; and
make it eligible for all man
hind to be free citizens, mov
ing and having their b ir.g in
God and il appears to be
denied, do no t be dis
couraged. Go 1 has n w av o"t.
l.et thoughts of goodness
instead of bitterness, pass
through consciousness, and
thus proclaiming the sound
ness of the one Mind, which
wis in Christ Jesus, rise in
Spirit and just do not be
human, but spiritual.
Whenever you can. try to
assure yourself that. “Man is
spiritual, not material.” And
mortal, carnal thoughts can
not hold you in anv human
bondage, when you follow the
trim example, and ding to
God through Christ Jesus.
There is a great power
working in the affairs of men
and nations, to make them
face each other, and work out
the so-called problems of life.
And no matter what wrong
thinking may sav, or try to
do. God’s power holds domin
ion to refresh the conscious
ness of men with ideas.
r.*eauf? Spirit knows noth
ing about sQg.’o; ated distinc
tion upon the life of »" .1,
the rat e of man 'aits, uarn
The Governor Speaks
I AX.'IXCi Wlp r.ni !» y inert has now reached
r ol 1 (>o, or 0.7 pricert of our labor froce,
aiul i have declared it a public emergency to he attack
id a.s \i.rorously as po.v idle by the slata government.
. Wo n»c i Ia iou. iy p-inn to i
hampered in (i.r »'ofrts \«»
i;»:st the lev*. lof job oop i uui
tit s by tlit* politic;.l exploiuit.'O
of this is. ue which is it ;w in
progress. The -'t.iiopt to paint
Jos uncmp yn.. nt as the* re
sult i)f state tax policies is a*
bout the iini.4 repreh.ns hie and
cold-kino*. i'ii o\pi<>it::lion ol hu
ll an mi.doiuine I have ever
Those wli> are spre. ding this
story, to the discredit oi their
own state, are mo**o interested
in votes than in jobs.
The first move I made w; s
to ask the Michigan Employ
ee nt Securii Commission to
make a fast survey to deL-nitinc
fiom what sources tins unem
ployment is coining.
We know aliejdy that we are
down about 50,000 industrial
jobs since last November, and
we know that almost 30 000
el those jobs are in the auto
mobile plants and their supply
plan s. eW know also that on
May 15. we had tin highest non
industrial employment for any
comparable period 1
What we C*;.'. knew what
a 1 that means. I asked MESC
to try to tell us ho wmuch un
employment c?n b"* traced to
automation end similar lab^r
the harmony of Spirit. And
now is the time, while the
norms, floods and crashes
ore only the beginning of the
.‘linking oi the land, and the
God’s kingdom being al
ready established for the en
joyment of all mankind mt»«t
be recognized, and rendered
pure in the consciousness of
men. to make room for anew
heaven of harmony.
Science and Health with
Kev to the Scriptures by Mrs.
I’.ddv, teaches:
"The muddv river bed must
b* stirred in order to purify
the stream. In moral chem
icalization, when the symp
toms of evil, illusion, are
aggravated, we may think in
ou r ignorance that the Lord
hath wrought an evil; b it we
ought to know that God's law
uncovers so-called sin and its
effects onlv that Truth m*v
annihilate all sense of evil
and all power to sin."—
Science md Health, p. 540.
“Be vc also patient; stablish
your hearts: for the coming
of the Lord draweth nigh.
“Grudge not one against
another, brethren, lest ye be
condemned: behold, th e
i >dge standeth before the
“Is any among you afflict
ed'.’ let him prav. Is any
merry? lot him sing psalms.
“And the praver of faith
shall save the si:k. and the
Lo’d shall raise him up; and
if he have committed sins,
thev shall be forgiven him.
‘ Brethren, if anv of you do
err from the truth, and one
convert him:
“Let him know, that ,he
which eonverteth the sinner
from the error of his wav,
, rhMl save a soul fiom death.
ml shall hide a multitude of
sins”—James 5:8, 9. 13, 15,
srvirg production techniques;
how much to the seasonal auto
mobile layoffs; how much to
monopoly ironds which caused
the shutdown of Hudson. Kaiser-
Frazer and Packard plants; and
how much of it may be traced
to the effect cf 'hard money
on the home construction in
Maybe MESC does not have
accurate figures on these ques
tions. an we will have to set
lip special task forces to got the
Ir we can get some really de
finite information- we can then
perhaps t.ikc some effort ive
.‘•tops to get people back on the
“A bore is a person who
often keeps you from being
lonely, and at the same time
makes you wish you were!'*

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