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~ r ' ' *■'■*'* '■^ l ' * * 11 *W* J,** «•!! 1 1 ■* ''.'* »" n !*'•*' '
■SI ' A
&%<\f A
t* I
m »* v • VsH A mm 3&S m
jS m * 9
Mis lossie Parrish Treasurer ot the Kalph
Bum in l Neuhhorhood (.'ouncd presents a One-
Hundred I>«• JI a i iln k to Mr Mark Hattie, \*>is
t„!ii Pilll tor ot Franklin .Settlement House at
tho i vdiiuil ' general mooting .lul> l<Mh to aid
in >i ml in., ihmircM to ramp at Lake Orion.
Social & ( /lurch /round-1 j) -by Ruby Williams
Ralph Bundle Neighborhood
Council Sends \oulh To Camp
T- did in Miulnij- children ol
tiu c outlet i > boundaries 'to camp
in LaKc mum. Michigan the
Kalt'h K in Iw Ncunnorhood
v iniiml presented a SUH) Contri
button to Mi Mark Ha’.tii \--t
Directut ot Franklin Set! lenient
iioiiM’ liii' presentation was m.mi
b> Mr* Jessie Parrish. 1 n a>ur
»-r at the Cornu. il meeting Juiv
. i'll. ' ■ •
proceed- raised throuyn tlu j'lf
m n tation ol a re otiai ttm nt oi an
actua i oiirt la.-e li> 111. Malt ol
I'ri -< atoi >a:tnii l 01-cn - Cllni
an.l members ol the I'eiruit i’o
lui Department
Ilu pia> promoted a- an civ
ta'ionai program l"r persons uho
ha\i mu r ol)m,tioil court pro
Tht .amp program otter- child
ron iNpiiionn.' m -wiiiinuny
Nature l.oit Mum Art. oral'*.
Dramatic- Athleius and Speiial
Kwnt.- 1 >urin_ the tour campmy
periods from tune 28 to \iuu-t
28 many children a* a result of
tin* contrilnu on will In* able to
enjoy lull c amping expel ioiu t
Tht i bum il pi' ■ni" , o> •• in
project- to help thf children in
the oommuniti -u< h a* -pe< ial
trip' ':;i ■ '..l:m;' •».. Mot'i .ipolrtatt
\l‘t a ale I .i- 'l' m i laa - ' ■
M.V.IU* ot th.' ' in» ;! an hold
iath *i i «>nd I _-ii.il < ! tin 'in'T.i h
a' tin'll ' llln. h< atl.tpta! h - 88 M)
1 harlt 1 u\
Mr* Ma”:< ,f Mn | t . - Mr
<-t or„< 1 a ,i fs an I Mr !• , < .till
1- and 2nd Vm ;■!< - Mr-
Je--je Pain-b. 'll- - Mi- 1...
K* rtha .1' t, • !;< 1 >• Mr
t ,1 hi 1 :n< Km Jo C >■ . ami
Ml - (.ho. lla I'olf. I'll. Mi
Organize New Club
n< ’ ‘I • 1 1 . <<t ' A \TH< »m
A o \'i /)’*’
Rural Homes Launder With Gas
# | 9bHHb
Aut< matic appliances and modern laundering aids hava
eliminated the “i 1) V’~drudgery, dampneM* and disorder
once as.-ociated with wash day.
According to Margaret Spa
der. Hi'rvico consultant to
the Gas Appliance Manufactur
ers Association, sa.es records of
the people who make /as dryers
and combination wa«her-dryers
show that rural home? were
quicker than their city counter
parts to adopt laundry auto
"Laundering is enjoying im
prove statua in moat farm and
suburban homei," aays Miaa
Spader. "It no longer rates
among the least-liked chores
and with up-to-date equipment
doing the job, it no longer re
quires dedicating a whole day
and a (Treat amount of ener(ry
tr» keeping the family in fresh
clothes and linens."
The GAMA consultant points
out that rural homes (rererally
enjoy a spare advantage in set
tin* up a laundry area. This
enables them to set up an ideal
•‘assembly line" for sorting,
trending, washing, drying and
ironing, and a handy ahedi ar
l.r Mrs Beulah Baldwin. Public Relations
(,'lu , Mrs r'laudia Forrest. Financial Secretary.
Mi s .losmo Parrish. Mr Mary Battle. Mrs Mattie
.1 Myers. Prcsid.nt ot Kalph Bunche Neighbor
huotl Coitnc'l. W'lliam> Photo
land Street l'his yroup. a inn
and Charitable organisation lia
alre.idi desiyiiattil ttu it tir>«
protei t to aid mulct pm tiered
Club oiltier- and numbers ate
Doris Mi 11 mealtier. President.
>Ol ala il 1 lo t oi.n 1 .1, a-n lid/
0 1 oin-ponduu Sei retai > ' I.e
Ima Holden Tie a Mini; Muriel
IN vr-un. Publnitv (.hr. Marye
Richardson. Kiiteitdintm nt Chr.
F.-tlnr Livmyston. Program Chr;
I’t.ohaid Chapman. Delores Robin
-oi. Aik ha Stone and JoAnn
Val!< ’ uluh Adi isoi - at e I>r
Ftfulem Crockett. Dr. Ralston
S Mitchell, and Ally. John Coll
1 oi> Jr.
• , .*
Dr James !’• Caycc. pastor
Kliene/ei IJapt mt Churi l». Pitts
-1 .iuh. I'a and tonyreyation were
tin :.c-t oi Second Haptist
Church ot Detroit. Saturday and
soil la> Juli .14 15 Dr Caycc
deiiiered two impressive sermons
m the day- worship services: A
Fatal Hotisinu Shortage,” in the
mommy worship, and "The Dev
il- Failure as a Prophet" in the
*i pm scruc The Rev Dr. A
\ Hanks .It 1- pastor of the
host church
New Mt Monah to Observe
Women's Day
s m,iai tii'i 22 will lie \\<iin« n's
Dai at New Ml Moriah Haptist
< 1 r li. 2 ( '2T Hlaino Mrs Rosa
Kind ot Flint Michigan will do
•' th< principal message in
' 1 • no worship, and Mrs
I’a .1" •. m ph< 11 o| Russell St.
Id’' < hurt h will briny the
d 1 ■ ’ atldri -- .il 8.80 Mi s
I "o il ' 1- chairman. Mis.
! ■ "U ~ s ft Cos (hr Mrs
1 i o V\ lilianis. program Chr .
1 1 lionm.,ll. <d (hr .
A ' ' H Rti/ier Pill)l|s|ty.
o 1 'Mi ID 1 J I Tillman pas
1 \ 20l Second Haptist
rangement for soaps, deter
gents, bleaches, irons, direction
books and stain removal charts.
The "heart” of the modern
laundry, says Miss Spader, is
a trio of appliances: an ade
quate-sire gas water heater, an
automatic washing machine and
a gas clothes dryer (or a com
bination washer-dryer J. There’s
no need these days to have
pipes, ugly faucets or plumbing
protruding from laundry are*
walls. The new appliances fit
so close to walls that they havo
s neat built-in look.
Incidentally, many homrmak*
ers now are installing theig
laundries in bathrooms. After
all. they sty, the hsthroom is
where a good deal of th# family
wash originates. Furthermore,
it has the necessary water
source, and a gas line is simplf
to install, particularly in •
home supplied with LS {bay
Led; gu
1 hiiich ol Detroit will he the
ot St John Haptist Church and
pa-tor. lilt 011 .\iuiiew .1 i.roiiu.
of Indianapolis. Indiana. Sunday,
Young Matrons Sponsor Trip
Around the World
Ihi Vounu Matrons of Second
Haptist Church sponsored A
lup \round the World.’ Satur
day. July 14
The trip bewail at the home of
the president, Mrs. Jeanettu Moore
on Virginia Park, and proceeded
to Hawaii at tile home ot Mrs. He
old Jones of where
c.o h sliest refilled a tropical
flower to pin on the hair, and
on to Italy, at the home oi Mrs
Amanda Simons of Cilendalc,
where the yuests dined in a typ
ical Italian restaurant, and enjoy
cd an Italian menu.
The trip ended at the Fair in
the I.S.A with nuiMic, refresh
ments. and wHere a White Sale
and Uuk'e Sale took place.
Family Re united
-Mrs. fJertha .Nicks ol Detroit,
joined sisters Ha/cl Smith and
Salena Johnson of liastrop. Ka..
Mattie Heller ot Los Anyeles.
Dalit Lmmalean llef.ler ol Mo
lute. Ala. and brotJu'rs Amel
Heller of Hastrop. Host. Cieorye
HelUr ol Hot Springs, Ark . and
a host ot other relatives to form
a lannli reunion. For the family
dinner. Mrs Susie Anderson of
Mobile, Ala provided ihe lowly
floral centerpiece. Alter the
weeks vacation. Mrs. .Nicks re
turned to the Motor City to report
one ol the grandest events ol her
Rev N. Jackson Addresses
Calvary District Women
The Rev. Nathaniel Jackson,
pastor ot Ist. Haptist Church
Southwest delivered the princi
pal message for the t'i'imirn's
Auxiliari of the Calvary District
Association in the Union Haptist
Church. Heethwood Street. River
Rotiye last Wednesday niylr.t. Ju
li 18 The Rei K C Cope land
is pa-tor of the i hureh
Hwl.'.m* •!» ■
So •edime In the klfehen by using
your v.iauum to defrost the
ntor odvl \es loretto Young Aim the
b/ower nozzle »ot the roofing unit ond the
v ocuum's v•arm air will do the job in
Early bird Margaret Chase m
Smith, senator frcm Maine, /, v. \^£
finds she can get much more X. - ' V
if she starts each A. /^o* v /
day ' Vi hours before the morn- - N *-
mg family bustle begins I
/ "Plan your c,|ry in 15 minute
segments," su«’C>ests Robert C.
Shea, Morkef.’v<J Manager of
» the Westcloi Division, Gen
■■l Stf\ eral Time Corp. I “Jobs get done
3L_> (ffrfr foster when tier»’ is organized
giving you » %»or« time for
Tli«‘«l r«*
Hi* I ro i t
tho Lorraine Hansherry drama ot
Negro lift* or people in tho t In
cago .slum It is. of course a
great pleasure to Ik’ working at
the Norlhland IMux house The
part, however, is very small ( •
walk on as a matter of fact» hut
it is worth the brief second to
he on the same static with such
stellar performers as Miss C lau
dia McNeil. Raymond St Jacques,
AI Freeman .It . I'd Hall, and
Mis*. Call Fisher I have in the
past watched their careers from
afar and never in the least felt
that I would over appear on the
same sfa-’e with anv ■ I them
(above all Miss McNeill
A R AISIN IN 11 IK St \ set a
considerable number of thcatri
cal ■'Firsts,'* not the least of
which was the fact that it was
not only the first play ever writ
ten by Lorraine llatisberry but it
also was the first play written
and acted In Negroes to win a
major New York theatrical aword
’ Tlie storv of a Negro family in
Chica.uo who become embroiled
with such problems as housing
and civil rights. I believe RAISIN’
deals with tho problems all peo
ple have in reali/imi their dreams
Miss Ilansberry. whose only
previous literary accomplishment
included the starting and drop
pini; of four other plays—men
tinned recently in the New York
Times—and a considerable num
ber of short stories, won the
Drama Critic Circle Award; the
best American drama of the
Daughter of a prominent Chica
uo real estate figure. Miss Hans
berrv’s only previously success
ful liter.in accomplishment. lam
told, had been an essay on foot
ball which won her two tickets
to a high school name However,
she studied stage designing and
theatre history at the rniversity
nf Wisconsin, but concent raft’d
there on a career in art In New
York, when she came to realize
she never would make a success
ful artist, she switched to writ
Miss Han #>rry intends to con
tinue writing plays. And perhaps,
dear readers, there will be a bin
yer role for yours truly in Miss
Ilansberry's future plays.
The laets reyard in si the oriyi-i
nal ‘‘Molly Drown.” the character
Karen Morrow is portraying in
the Theatre Guild Dore Seharv
musical, "The Unsinkable Molly
Brown" which opened at the
Fisher Theatre for 3 weeks be
yinmny July 17 proved to be
most interesting reading of the
fantastic life in and around Den
ver in the 1820’s.
One of the fables which Mere
dith Wilson and Richard Morris
took advantage of was Molly bid
iny $300.00000 in a stove and
Johnny com iny home on a t old
eveniny. startiny a fire and burn
my the money.
At the time the storv first be
came current, the sum that John
ny was supposed to have burned
up was SIO.OO(MM) By 1053. when
a columnist on the Denver Rocky
Mountain News retold the story
as gospel history, the sum was
$300,000 00.
The truth is.. no paper money
was ever used in a Colorado
mininy tamp until alter World
War 1 The story, as told. is true
except the sum was Irom the
petty cash box. that it was in
yold and silver coins amount iny
to around $75.00. and it belonged
to the company Johnny was work
mg for and they fished it out ot
the ashes after the lire had
burned down.
Society Doings - Mary Belle Rhodes
Miss Carolyn Virginia Baker
Weds Richard Fletcher
Nothing is more flalteriny or
exquisite than the white bridal
gown, and Carolyn Virginia Dak
or woie a beautiful white embroi
dered nylon sheer over silk taf
feta, with a Sabrina neckline of
matching scalloped embroidery
enhancing it's beauty.
The bodice was fitted and
sleeves short 'I * overskirt car
r:ed a princess panel in front
and back with three tiers of cm
iMOiitered rulfies. This beautiful
creation carried a Door length
Her misty veil fell from a
crown of crystals and pearls be
low the shoulders ’lhc bride ear
nod wbite cam.item as she spoke
her wedding vows with Mr. Rich
ard Fletcher. Jr., in a double ring
ceremony. Saturday. July 14. at
430 p in. at St John C M K.
Church with the Rev Isiah Scipio
Carolyn Virginia Raker is the
daughter ot Mr and Mrs Gener
al Gordon Raker. Sr. Richard
Fletcher. Jr , t> the son of Mrs.
Deatrue Fletcher Morris
Bridal Attendants
Janet Raker, bride’s sister, was
the maid of honor. Rridemaids
were Christine Raker. Shirley Mc-
Kinney, Reatriee McDonald. Kate
Conners and Helen Richardson.
Valeria Raker was the flower
girl and Lar> Dixon, ring bearer
Gowns: Maid ol honor wore a pink
nylon gown wi]h fitted bodice,
decollette neckline with seven
open pleats around waist line
forming a slightly full skirt me
dium length A beautiful how
was attached to waist line in
trout making it a special at true
tom A t ape jai ket with a pouf
back was worn.
The hndemairs wore turquoise
nylon gowns fashioned as the hon
or maid 1 'ink slippers and head
pieces were similar. The flower
girl wore a pink nylon dress
with a sash in the hack. White
shoe* and pink socks. All 1 lowers
were pink carnations.
I'shcis Corps James Ribh was
the best man General Maker. .1 .
brother: Hilly Fletcher. Sonny
McDonald and DeWayne Smith
were ushers. -
The bride was given in mar
nage by her lather. General
Gordon Raker. Sr Mrs. Raker
wore a blue lace and silk dress
with matching accessories.
Out of town guests: Mr. Clark
Fletcher. Sr. of Washington !>
C. and Mr and Mrs. Louise
Drown and lamily ol Twinsburg
The reception was at the Nan
rema Club with many people at
tending bringing lovely gilts The
bridal table carried a lour lici
Vacation at Mackinaw:
The Detroit Civic Club and
some friends spent three' lovely
days at Mackinaw City having
3t) in the party, enjoying them
selves immensely at the Ringham
and Dancey Motels and good pa
latahle tood was plentiful
There were many historical
facts to avail themselves ol and
many additional sidetrips they
could partake of adding much to
their pleasure While there, one
ol their club members. Mrs 1.0-vema
vema Yancy. entertained them
at her cottage and they had so
much fun.
The club left tins historic is
land feeling s () relaxed and happy
knowing more about the state in
which we live
Some guests: Mcsdamcs Alberta
President Mike-
Company Head
Meet Mike Davis, President of
Mike Davis Enterprises, Inc. of
Las Vegas, Nevada. He's cur
rently overseeing the introduc
tion of “Happy Brc» th”—the
oral hygiene product for dogs
in the U.S. and Canada.
Mike, a graying hut. distin
guished 14-ycar old English
Cocker Spaniel was instrumental
in the research and development
of the dog dentifrice vt hich cleans
teeth, stops offensive odors and
treats minor mouth sores in dogs.
Mike is the healthy proof that
Happy Breath reduces bacteria
in a dog’s mouth with an appli
cation from its plastic squeeze
bottle, and U completely non
toxir. He urges the masters of
the 40' of dogs in the U.S. that
have offensive mouth odors to
try it.
His paw print on checks, con
tracts and agreements is accepU
•and as official and legal validation!
IP «
« i
l ‘ i lw K.-- i
Carolyn Virginia IJaker and I’lchard llctcher cm 'haunt'd un]
dini; vo\v> in St John OI K. Church. Saturday. July 14th
Williams Photo
McFall. president: Alberta Sewell.
Ryrdic Glenn. Lena Alexander.
May Johnson. Mattie Greenhouse
Rose Johnson. Grace Dennett, liar
net Relton. Sarah Roach. Rcssie
Harden. Sibyl Graham. M Jack
son. Christine’ Bishop. Kstelle
Harris. Kdith Davis, and Bessie
Kv ails
Mcsdamcs Bessie Carson amt
Irma Love are planning a trip
to Washington. 1). C. in the near
Mrs D S N’eusom ol Los An
gelc’s. California i» in the city
visiting relatives and Iricnds be
tore she’ returns to her State
i alilorma
She attended the NAM'D Cull
vent ton that was held in Atlanta.
IV -wise WjF
and Soup Milking
Homemade soup is pood for tho
tfrliole family. Remember to heat
eoup gradually to the simmer
ing point, and simmer slowly for
the reunited cooking time. Ilnil.
tHf/ ifiipitirn the flu for of sump.
Fora pood beef broth for mak
ing various kinds of soup, boil
beef, onions and other Vegetables
and seasonings topether in
enough water to eover. This gives
you a delicious boiled dinner, and
the leftover broth serves as a
base for consomme and other
licher soups.
Add a large can of peeled toma
toe* to beef stock and bnnq to a
mmmer. Add '/> cup of rice and ’/»
teaspoon of l.en & Perrins Worcester
shire, and simmer until rice is cooked.
Excellent soups can be made usinrj
Canned soup as a base. When winter
w.nd chills you to the marrow, heat
canned consomme with tho juice of
a lemon added.
Make Baby Consomme by mixing
n can of tomato juice cocktail with a
can of condensed chicken consomme.
Add 2 teaspoons of Lea & Perms
Worcestershire, sait and pepper to
taste, and qaTßah with lemon slice*
For more soup recipes, jus%
\vi ite‘‘SOUP”on a postcard with
your name and address, end trend
to I.ydia Perris*, 2* West 44th
Street, Room 1010, New York dU,
Itallh'fcY SlmlioH
For Adults and Kiddies ot Pre-age
iNone too old None too Young)
2435 West Grand Avc. (Between Linwood and
LaSalle, TO. 5-4266
Civic League, 1930 West Grand Boulevard 894 9736
Internation Improvement Association,
682 E. Warren
Mmc Young School, 2965 Baldwin, WA. 3-6089,
4012 15th, Ecorse, Michigan. v
S. A. RA i LIFFE " *
(icoiaia. last work and will In
in I >rti nit fur son oral <la\s
Ek-Quecn Carolyn Baker Relin
quishes Crown To Queen
Carolyn Bussey:
It is i ustomary fur tho \a< nvm.i
Cluh to s:i\r a sohularslup iiiadc
a\ailahlo through a Popularit)
Contest oaoh soar fur colli <■ mu
doiits. and tho jtirl havin'.: the
highest numhor of votes, is ( town
od (|iieon and the four runners
up lorm tho court.
hast year Carolyn Hakoi uas
Queen and this year sho crowned
the new Queen. Cai loyn I'.usm \
as tlies cruised up and down the
hctroit l!i\er Monday evenin. :n
a pompils ooremuny Miss I'ae
sex's Court is composed nt tic
followinu Patricia Scotland. Maiv
Couch. Miclial Walker, and I'.nd
eltc McPherson. Theodore Whc< !
or. (hairman and Artie P>ailc\
Aluminum Storm
Door To Each
Wc Work With YOU A-,
fOlf Will S"c On Horn-
Repairs and Things YOU
Stone Fronts, Garages, Fences,
Siding, Gutters, Plumbing,
Cement Work, Room Addi
tions, Heating, Electrical
Anything in I hum.’
Moder'm/iii.-t City Violation*
Corrected No ,Jnl> T'»»i>
l,ai'gc Or Too Small
Deal Direct (YOU SAVE !)
UN. 3 4399 UM. J 4399
Call Now For Free Estimates

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