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Lexington dispatch-news. [volume] (Lexington, S.C.) 1917-1919, March 13, 1918, Image 10

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f| ^,mmmmmt"""
Our Anr
j \ 40-inch mill-end lengths of White
| Voile in perfect goods yard 19c
27-inch sheer quality checked and
;| , striped White Dimity for children's
dresses, waists, etc.; 35c values;
f choice, yard..... 25c
. v 36-inch perfect weave, fine check
Pajama Cloth, full bolts; yard....25c
11 40-inch perfect texture white voie
worth 35c; special, yard 25c
40-inch Crepe Voile, sheer quality
I yard 25c
??! WUifn Macrae c/vff finich
t OA'lllCll T TUIVC iuuutoa) uv^v
^; _. assorted stripes and figured effects
I yard 35c
i 36-inch soft finish Nainsook Longcloth,
soft finish for underwear; yard
36-inch Wainsutta Nainsook; yard
s ; * 25c
45-inch very fine Mercerized Nain
sook for making underwear, waists
and children's dresses, yard 50c
38-inch highly Mecerized Batiste;
~ A mi
I yard
ff 44-inch extra fine Mercerized Ba
| tiste; 85c quality; Anniversary Sale
I| price, yard 75c
;t 38-inch White Repp; a beautiful
ft ' quality "white goods for skirts, dres.1
ses and for trmimmings; yard....50c
"I 36-inch White Mercerized Poplin;
I a superior quality; yard 65c
| 36-inch White Mercerized Poplin;
r| yard j 50c
I 27-inch Baby Check Dimity in full
| bolts, two size checks; yard 15c
27inch Dotted Swiss in mill-ends;
| 25c quality, at yard 15c
| 40-inch Nurses' Uniform Cloth;
| looks and wears like linen; yard..45c ,
| 36-inch White Rose Suiting; made
| in England; a perfect substitute for
^ linen; wears and washes perfectly;
s| for nurses' uniforms, skirts, scarfs
I and embroidery purposes; yard....50c
| 44-inch sheer quality Luna Lawn;
| 50c value; Anniversary Sale, yard
I 35c
36-inch Plaid (all white) Voile for
I waists; three size plaids; yard 35c
j? 36-inch fine welt (Pique; perfect
goods for children's coats, skirts, col?
lars, etc., 65c.; made for Anniversary
B r Sale, yard 59c
f 36-inch heavy weave Basket Cloth
. for white sport skirts; Anniversary
fft- Sale, yard... 65c
- - TTTl. . TV
f -V 27-inch perfect weave wmte n|
que in perfect rfuli. pieces, in three
I welts; yard : 25c
| 36_inch Genuine Indianhead Cloth
p " in perfect mill-ends (all branded);
I yard 30c
, I 20x38 perfect Turkish Bath Towff
els, hemmed ends 100 dozen of these
?1 Anniversary Sale, each 35c
H Whole dozen $3.75
H 15-inch Towel Crash Toweling, red
J| border, yard 10c
17-inch heavy Crash Toweling.
jg yard 15c
| 90-inch Linen Finish Sheeting,
S yard 95c
< 72-inch heavy quality Linen Finish
I Damask; yard $1.00
72-inch Mercerized Damask, as'* '
- . . 1 >?e.
I sorted patterns, yara .
It would pay you to buy this serge
and save till next winter. We have
?; in stock several hundred yards of all
" wool Storm Serge, firm, strong
I weave, 48 inches, sponged and
shrunk serge. Colors are navy, prune
:: Copenhagen and deep black. Worth
$2.00 to $2.25; if bought now we offer
this in our Anniversary Sale at
yard $1.75
;' If your eyes need attention or the
\l glasses you are using are not just
;; right, consult Dr. Glaxon. It costs
you nothing and if necessary will fit
I you to the kind of glasses your eyes
require. At this time all prescription
work at half price. Difficult
cases solicited by Dr. Glaxon at
j Tapp's Department Store, Columbia,
Our Premium Department is filled
with many new and handsome premiums,
which are given free in exchangeforpremium
coupons issued
with each cash purchase of 5c or
:;> | tuv&v,
i i
FAPP'S The Grov
dversary Sale
Will Be Continue
To avoid disappointments in buying the Anniversai
Th thrills and joy of a business life comes to a store
cent of patronage from any one who doubts our word o:
This is a strong, robust store with a history of fifteer
supremacy in the mercantile life of Columbia. We ce]
nival week. We have gathered together ample suppli
sold at cut prices for this one week. Of course, we cai
thing we advertise will be on sale while it lasts. Again w
Spring's Brightest and First App
Our own all-sufficient, immense stock of ready-to-v
tive, distinguished new models, and how uplifting they
signs so different from the somber winter goods just p;
skirts, shapely and noisy, but dignified and attractive.
New York. Spring coat suits neatly silk lined to fit the
pany with a modern tailor made suit. Our goods are hi
up. Ladies' dresses of silks or woolens that hang in
picion of belting in at the waist. A wonderful variety
reputation for carrying standard qualities and doing tl
not require much urging for our customers to buy at ou
Of'gingham and percale. Well and stylish made. Anni
versary sale price $i.&u to
Good assortment of colors and sizes; Anniversary Sale
price $1.00
Of silk, wool and satin; plain and fancy models; Anniversary
Sale price $7.50 to $15.00
Regulation styles in all white and with colored collar and
cuffs; sizes 14 to 44; Anniversary Sale price....$1.00 $1.50
MIDDY SUITS?All White with navy or red tie; sizes 6
to 13 year; Anniversary Sale price....... $3.00
.Ladies' tine isainsook under Urarments. uowns, higti
neck and long sleeves. Price 85c to $1.00
Low neck and short sleeves, lace trimmed Gowns; price
each $1.00, $1.25 and $2.00
Nice lace trimmed combination Suits; price $1.00
and $1.25
Children's Pants and Bodies; price, ?ach 15c
A beautiful assortment of high class Blouses; plain, lacetrimmed
and beaded; Colors, flesh and white: Anniversary
Sale price..'. $5.50
A big variety of models to choose from; Anniversry Sale
price... $3.85
You get the utmost for your money when you buy the
Wirthmor or Welworth, because every possible avoidable ex
pense in their production and distribution has been eliminated.
New styles every week, and sold by this store exclusively.
Also silk and serge combination; Anniversary Sale
price $25,00 to $35.00
Big piles of all sorts of printed Per long and short sleev
cales, Kiddy Cloth yi stripes and sol- double seat drawer
ids. Dress Ginghams of all sorts. unbleached; Annivei
striped Madras, Kimono, Crepe, solt the garment
id color Poplins. Men's Dimity Kne
One case 27-inch printed Percales ers and Athletic Ur
light and dark grounds; Anniversary versary Sale price, 1
Sale, yard 21c Men's Knee Lengtl
36-inch light colored Percales, ity Union Suits; An
small figured and striped designs; price the suit
best grade. Yard 25c ,, , Tt o
- Men s Union Suits
36-inch strmed Madras a score of ... -
A . . . , . kle length, closed ci
different stripes to choose from. . , , . ,
Y , 2 waist made of best
o iT"mmiv'"a * * C $1.50 would be a lo
32-inch Mill Ends of? very fine ,
shirt Madras; fast colors. Yard..45c e ^-ari^en ?
niversary Sale price,
Thousands of yards of new bright made of best qualitj
lustrous Silks and Satins to choose price, the garment.,
from. Men's Gauze Wei
40-inch All Silk Crepe de Chine in Suits; Anniversary S
the most wanted shades, for street suit
and evening wear. (Plenty of the Boys' Union Suits,
staple white and deep black, this qual quality dimity; Ai
ity being sold all over the country at price, the suit
$1.75 and $1.85. Our special price Boys' Knit Union
while this lot lasts, yard $1.50 and unbleached; Ai
40-inch Heavy Black Silk Poplin, price, the suit
sold at $2.50. Anniversary Sale, Men's Half Hose;
yard $1.98 reinforced heel and
The James L. 1
Cor. Main and Blanding Sts.
ring Store MEET
Opens T omoi
d for One Week
y advertised goods, you better come early,
through oublic confidence. We do not want nno
r our sincerity.
i years of growth in this city to verify our claim of
tebrate by giving our customers a great bargain cares
of the needed and necessary spring goods to be
mot promise that everything will last a week. Everye
repeat, to avoid disppointments come t once
arel at Anniversary Sale Prices
rear merchandise is included in this sale. Distincare
in the early spring. Their glorious shades and deast.
Blouses of the ultra fashionable types?tailored
Silk skirts are very good, they are a crazy fad in
llguic, aiiu cl wymau nccu ilkju 111 ciiij turnmdsomely
and elborately tailored, braided and fussed
straight line designs from shoulder with only a suaof
dress and sport coats. With our fifteen years'
le largest ready-made business in this city, it should
r Anniversary Sale, for we are giving you new goods'.
Silk Suits in Charming, new models. Wool Suits of
serge, poplin, gabardine, poiret twill; in all the most wanted
shades, including navy blue and black. In the lot you will
find both sport and dressy suits in almost endless variety.
Every suit is of the Tapp high standard and at the price
they will be sold for during the Anniversary Sale is way below
their real worth. You should be here early and select
the suit VOU want at nur snprisil Annivorcnrv
^ ^rvv.W *? VA wv>4. J >^mav
at ; $24.50 to $75.00
Taffeta, Serges, Georgette Combinations, Foulards,
Silk Ginghams
Centralizing efforts on the garment section of our Anniversary
Sale, with this particular purchase of dresses that
are very materially underpriced at $16.75
Charming new spring styles, the overskirts and the draped
effects. Some are braided; all with pretty yoke, collar and
the new sleeves. Dresses with charm and individuality.
The right styles, the right materials and priced in a way to
bring scores to the department. Priced special for our Anniversary
Sale $16.75
Never before were coat styles pfettier or fabrics hand
somer than they are this season. The colors are rich and
becoming?the fabrics include all the new cloths that are be
ing shown in spring coats. We have the best line of spring
coats that we have ever shown in this city. Special Anniversary
Sale price from :. $18.50 to $40.00
A big assortment of beautiful Silk Dresses for stout women;
colors, navy, black, tan and gray; Anniversary Sale
price $19.75
A good assortment of Gingham Dresses; sizes 6 to 14
years; Anniversary Sale price $1.25
Crisp new White lace trimmed Dresses for children;
sizes 4 to 14 years; Anniversary Sale price....$1.50, $2.50
and "*
ND BOYS smooth strong cotton yarn; white,
i Undershirts; black and colors; Anniversary Sale
es, ankle length, P^ce, the pair 25c
s; bleached and Men's Phoenix. Half Hose, silk
'sary Sale price. lisle; Sale price, the pair 35c
..50c Men's Phoenix Half Hose; pure
;e Length Draw- thread silk; the biggest silk sock
idershirts; Anni- value to be found, at price, the pair
the garment..35c 65c and $1.00
l, No-Sleeve Dim Men's Pepperell Jeans Knit Seam
ninversary Sale Drawers; Anniversary Sale price, the
75c pair 75c
; no sleeves, un- Men's Work Shirts, made full and
otch; knit, with ]ong serviceable materials; solid
quality dimity; blue, stripes and brown; Anniversary
w price for this gaje prjce> each 75c
will sell 2,tt A.TL Men's Work Shirts, made of- blue
the suit....$1.25 ^ , _ , . ' .
and Drawers tiin cnamDrayj Anniversary Sale
r dimity; special price' each 65e
50c Men's Percale Shirts, full size.
ght Knit Union we^ "^ade; neat patterns, best colaue
price at the ors? Anniversary Sale price, each75c
$1.00 Men's Shirts, a big stock to select
made of good from, and a big bargian at, special
miversary Sale Anniversary Sale price, each....$1.00
35c Boys' Serge Pants, fast buttons
Suits, bleached anci guaranteed seams; Anniversary
miversary Sale Price. the pair $1.00
35c Boys' iPants; big values at, Annimedium
weight, versary Sale price, the pair....$1.50
toe; made of to $3.50
app Company
rt f Qfrkv*A
S. C.
rrow ana I
"Phoenix" Pure Silk Hosiery, full
fashioned elastic garter top. A most
satisfactory hose for service; a soft. 9
lustrous silk, dyed with the Stay-Fast 0
dye; black and white; Anniversary
Sale price, the pair $1.35
"Phoenix" Silk Hose in the new
spring colors. Fancy stripes in 1
preen, gray, khaki, silver, bronze
black and white; new and smart styles
in Silk Hosiery; Anniversary Sale
price, the pair . li
? - I "Phoenix"
Silk Hosiery in fancy
figures; new colors to match the I
spring wearing apparel; silver, tan. !
champagne, black and white; Anni
versary Sale price, the pair $1.00 h >
Radmoor" Silk Hose in the most ; I ^
wanted colors; full fashioned, high I
spliced heels, double toe, lisle garter
top; Anniversary Sale price, the
pair $1.00 I . i|
Ladies' Pure Silk Hosiery; full
fashioned, double heel and toe; double
garter top; black and r\ white; vj
$1.25 value; Anniversary Sale price I
the pair $1.00
Art Silk Hose, seam up back high I
spliced heel, double sole; worth 75c 1
A "* "
pair; Anniversary Sale price, the pair I 4
Fiber Silk Hose for ladies; lull
fashioned, splendid wearing qualities
sells for 89c pair; Anniversary Sale
price, the pair 75c
- Ladies' Silk Fiber Hose, boot
length; good lisle garter top; worth
75c; Anniversary Sale price, the pair
50c Fiber Silk Hose, slightly imper |
feet, boot length; good quality; black
and white; Anniversary Sale price,
the pair 29o
"Notaseme" Silk Lisle Hose, gauze
weight; ravel barrier garter top; a
unique feature that gives service;
black, white, gray and bronze; Anniversary
Sale price, the pair..., 50c
Silk Lisle Hose, full fashioned dou
ble heel and toe; an unusual fine qual
i-i i- a "
umcK oniy; Anniversary Sale
price, the pair 55c
Ladies' Lisle Hose, medium weight
seamless and even toe; black and
white; Anniversary Sale price, the
pair 35c "h
or three pairs $1.00
"Arrowhead" Lisle Hose for Ladies;
good quality, gauze weight;
black and white; Anniversary Sale
price, the pair 25c v
Ladies' Black Medium Weight - ,
Hose, double heel and toe; regular
25c value; Anniversary Sale price;
the pair 19c
Silk-Lisle Hose in wihte; worth $F
25c; Anniversary Sale price, the pair
Children's Lisle Socks, in white
and white with colored stripped tops;
sizes from 4 up to 9 1-2; Anniversary *
Sale price, the pair 25c
Infants', Misses' and Children's
Socks; artificial silk; black and white
50c value; Anniversary Sale price,
the pair 35c
m -it
^nnaren s r me JLisie bocks in
white only; sizes from 5 1-2 up to 8 j
1-2; Anniversary Sale price, the pair
Infants' Silk Socks in navy, red
and black; crochet hem and plain i
hem; sizes from 4 to 6 1-2; value. ;
50c; Anniversary Sale price 35c
Boys' Heavy Ribbed Hose, all sizes ^
up to 11; double heel and toe, the
pair 25c
Misses' and Children's Hose, "Not- C
aseme" make; medium and heavy rib t
extra reinforced threads where the jj
wear comes, to insure service; sizes
up to 9 1-2; Anniversary Sale price
"35c |
Sizes 10, 10 1-2 and 11; Anniversary
Sale price 40c
Misses' and Children's White Fine
Ribbed Stockings, double heel and ;
toe; fine quality; all sizes; Anniversary
Sale price, the pair....25c, 30c.
and 40c _
Misses' White Silk Lisie Ribbed
Hose, "Arrowhead make;" mercer- ized;
Anniversary Sale price, the
pair 50c |
"We deliver anything anywhere I .
We solicit orders by mail from ev. *1
erywhere, and no matter what yon. 1
order, it will be sent to you free ||
of charge. We're always in the lead p

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