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<11. i. ,, i
Dr. Talmage Preaches a Sertaon on
the Story of the Fishermen. 1
! ]
Ckrltl'a Sliolpl?* > I'Ukrn of M?n
Til* Uoaptl !tet mill Ho? It ;
/ ' IbuuJil Do Kept In
t Repair. (
ICopyrtgtat, 1901. by L>ouls Klopsch.l ,
, Washington. Jan. 17. 1
In this discourse Dr. Taim. 30 describes
the Gospel uet and huw it is to (
be repaired after being damaged; ,
text, Matthew 4. 21, "James, the sou of
Zebedee, and Jehu, bis brother, in a
tehlp with Zebedee, their father, meud- ]
ing- their uet?." I
"I go a-fishingl" cried Simon I'cter
to his oeinrades. and the moat of the
Spostles had bands hard from fishing
tackie. The fisheries of tbc world have
lways attracted attention. In the
third century the queen of Egypt bad
tor pin money $470.000. received frcin
the fisheries of Lake Moeris And. if
the time should ever come when the
Immensity of tho world's population
could iiOt be fed by the vegetables and
meats of the laud, tho sea has an
amount of animal lLf? vli.it would feed
nil the population of the earth end futtec
them with u fo il that by its phosphorus
would tuake a generation
brain/ and intellectual beyond nnything'
that the world lies ever imas;lned.
My text takes us among the G
lean fishermen. One day Walter Scott.
' while hunting in an obi drawer, found
mocg tome old fishing tackle the '
[ manuscript of his immortal book.
"'WaTerley," which he had put away
thera as of no worth, and who knows
but that to-day we may find some un
^ known wealth cf thought whila looklog
at tlio fishing tackle In the
It is not u. good day for fishing. and
H V three men are in the boat repairing
| \ the broken fishing nets. Jf you ire
fishing with a hook aud line, and the i
fish will not bite, It is a good time to ,
put the angler's apparat us in to be t * er
condition. Teihaps 1be last fish you
hauled In w,i* ro large that something
napped, or. If you wer e fishing with ? ,
et, there was a mighty flounder'r.'g
of the scales or an exposed nail in the
aide of the boat which broke some of
ths threads end let part 01 a'.l of the
captives of the deep escape Into thejr
aaturul element. And hardly nny?
thing is more provoking than to ut.w ly
" land a score or a hundred trophies I ,
from tho deep, and when you are in the
full glee of hauling in the rpotted
| treasures, through son e on
K af the net they splaoh hack inio the
^L, wave. That is too uch of a trial of
\ patience for mo
I and msjiy n mar i.rdtn ri!y coriect < /
f speech In
| an ataasity of uttcrjrro i <,ti;:a' 'e.
Therefore no
| era the time waned that - in
I meodlrg his ;.i :r.
? and again ie]irc>vnis Cln;, in . v re
as fishers of men. una we arc
weeping through the j< a < f }.uir.iu.i*\
aome lcind of a net. lnderc there hive
been enough nets out and enough lisl.
errnen busv in imu> i,b.>' - -- > >
human race in the kingdom of (>o
long before this. What is the matter? ,
The Oospei is all right, nr. . i- has
a good time for catching souls for t hex: - ,
sands cf years. Why, then, the fa!.- ^
uresj? The trouble is with the jets. j
an #?os t of them need to be mended. I .
propose to show you what i? ti e mat- ,
ter With most of the nets and how to t
Tr ii]-'
r and his two oojr, Junes ard John,
ware doing a good thing wben they sat
In the boat mending their nets.
The trouble with mauy 01 our nets
! that the meshes ore too large. If
a fl?h oan get hla gills one! half his ,
body through the network, lie tears
and renda and works his way out. ami
leaves the placo tbrough which lie
squirmed a tnngle of Lrob-p thteads
3n our desire to make e\erythlnp so
easy we relax, we loo?en, v. a vidru.
AVe 1st meu nftrr they are once in
he Goapel net escape into th? v. rid.
and go into indulgences a: 1 n\':u .
around Galilee, from north ride to
south 6ide, end irorn east, eu.e to wcrf.
ida, expeoting that they will come
back again. We ought t make it < :. y
for tham to gf-j, into the min^ loro of
God -..ail, as far an we -.1, make it
Impossible far them to out. The
poor sdvic# now:....; ..
"Go and do just as sou did bef.uv >
||HbK ere captured for God and Its; \9
The net was not Intended to be
restraint or hi: \ hindrance. What y<
did before you were a do
HBHk now. Go to till styles of amv.-o :ne t.
WOj^m read all the styles of books < ng.n;;e
in all styles of behavior nc btf \ou
were concerted.'' And so, th -h
atcs# zneebes of pe
IV they wriggle out
Bg |ng and that opening. 1 a. g the :.?.t
as they go, and soon
^ we expected to land in Heaven, l.e\
for# we luiow It, ure 1 aok :u the deep
aea of 'he world. Oh. when wr ?.
' a-Gospe! ilshing, let us malt# it as < .; >
as possible for souls to pet in and us
hard ns )>os?ible to pet out
Is the Iltble languag* an uamenn ig
verblago wLeii it talks about ?c f trial,
and keeping the bod> under ai. i
about walking the narrow way ard
entering the strait g<>'? and ch. lit
carrying the cross? Is there to be no
way of telling whether a man is r>
Christian except by hi# taking t}..
communion chalice on s icrar. 'i.'.nl
day? May a mar. be ur reck: 1 . ,
xna anougmsj, rr>r, t :? w
Lis temper, about his nr.. a.cut s
lier converaion us before? /. a.-;, : lt.
words of Christ nre a*> U
when He said; "Whosot-nr doth j.ot
tear hia orosn aud come mt c.n j
trot be my disciple." 'J ho church
BV fast becoming as bad as lha wn.
H *nd wbca it p?ta as bad .if, th<
i It wiu bo worse thau the- vvj lb by bo
h\ sr.uch, <m it trill aud hypocrisy oI a
f fcioert appalling kind to its otbei ...
' feels.
LaOT ?- *? ?" W- ?
Tenia Ai^aiu.
Tesla has jusl annoan :cd tho perfeo
tioD of a system of olecirio illumination '
whioh rivals sunlight in its healthful ' 1
properties aud can be produo.d wiih 1 u
or without wires If it should prove an c
fino a commercial article ?-> Josia j (
claims it to be, it will bs of moro profit * c
than the exobange of distress t-igraii t
with Mara.
. . 4 ??- ? . w
Not NeW.
Tho word Commoner, adopted by j
Bryan as the name of his paper, is not {
a now title. In IbtU William M. Corry, t
an extromoHtato rights I'emoorat, atari- <
ed a weekly paper in Cincinnati whioh (
he oalled The Uominont r. its views wero j
those then deonoiinaicd copperhead. It ,
doomed tho war for the prascrvauon of j
the anion to bo uaooastiiutinal. ,
The president Tuesday bob' a mos- *
eago to congrcfcH ntcomjieading the 1
appropriation of $100,000 Cot the par- c
ment of tho claim of Spain for Sipntu t
ad Coguyau islands iu Urn Philippine , f
k archipelago in accordance with the v
taruis of the treaty roocutly jatified by j '
the senats.
Ihirthermors. man.j mt our nsts ore- t
U?Mi to plecs* by being- sntangl td with 1
other nets. It i? ? sad sight to see
fishermen fighting about sea room
snd pulling in opposite dii eetJon*, each ,
to get bis net, both ueta damaged by ! .
the struggle and losing all the tlsli. 1 ,
In this laud, -where there ure* rridre! ,
than 70,000,000 people, there ' are at ^ ,
least XO,OdO,(X>Q. not in the Sunday !
lehobls and churches. In.ytolt su^t- '
lantlc ocean of opportunity there <Js (
Poom for all the net* and all the boats ,
and all the fishermen and fcnr millions t
more. 'J'here should be no rivaljcy between
ehurchea. K?<-h one does a
work peculiar to itaelF IIut there are
ritiee ia this country w fibre there is
cow going on an uwiul* ripping * and
rending uud t< arioy. c?l li clung %ets. ,
Indeed all over (^hriiteiuloiu at this
time there j* h gcr at war going, oil
bttvveen IKherineu, minister** against
ministers. >, i-',' /
Now, 1 have noticed u man cannot
fi*h and fi<;M at the ?a7n<< t!Tr*r ^
?S t h itr i: biu nit. n r hi a muffle*! I
It is ftmaring how much timr hoitip of
the lisbeitqtfn Lava to Took after.pthe* .>
tleheruien. It is more than T cuu'do
to take care of 111V o?n net. Voir ice
the wind li? just rights and it iavucUw
good time for ll*hing, and the ibh arij
ooming in so rapid!/ that 1 have to
keep inr eyes and hand busy There
bi ? about 200,000,000 aoul? wanting to
g-t into the kingdom of God. and it will
require all the. nets and ail the fishermen
of rhrisleri'iom bo*- ynfclv land
them. Oh, brethren *>?. the 'nhrijslvy.
let us spend our time in fishing- instead
of lighting-. Br.t if f angrily jerk
my net across your net. and you jerk
your net angrily across mine, we will
soon' have two broken nets and no fish.
The 3 i eaeb res u! Jl Ion* vsar'^v Spsl/royed
the 1-i-encti lishnr^e?. and t cdesutsticjil
war is tl P' Trot ?* 1 li tlj Jinc-^b'e whUe I
In tiling souls into the kingdom. My
friend*. 1 notice iu the text that Jaines.
the sou of / ebea'-e, and John, hi*
brother, were busy at mending somebody
else's nets see 1 rather think Ihut I
we wlm aie engaged in Christian vvoilc
lr tltj-s opening century will require,
nil our spare time to titend our own
ricf*. God help us in the important
In this work of repair we t eed to
put into the nets more tlireads of common
sense. When \to can present religion
as a great practlenlity wo will
catch ii hundred souls triicro now we
catch ore. Fie-sent religion as an intellectuality
and we will fat Out in the
fl*herica there are set ncrosa ti e water*
what are called pill nets, nnet tlre
tie) j- t IheirbeadHl hroug I. the mcsl et
aim then cannot withdraw theru .-beouuse
they are caught by the e,.l!t?.
But gill nets onnnot be of tiny service in
religious work. Men urs never caught
for tho truth by *h?ir hcud.s; it is by
the hrait or rot at all. No Higtament
rver s.ived u li.iaeud nr?ke?n ai.aiyeis
ft t r brought * man into tiie kingdom
of God. Heart work, no', head tn ik.
it way with your gill nets! Sympathy,
he'.pfnTtes*. cc-i ? hit n, lov , a:e the
annex ?. f some eif the threat s that we
seed to weave iu our gospe; nets when
ive are met ding them.
When you ure mending your net for
lli.s wide, deep sea of humanity, take
Hit that wire thioun of criticism ami
lhat horsehair thread of harshness
ind j. it. iu a aoft silken tbread of Chrisii.\
uiendiii^r juiir ueta tear out those old J 1
thrc;i<io of gruffuesn and wrave i^;.?u'
few threats of politeness a* a gerAalitv.
n the house of Cod Jh. f'al tliriitisn
'iii es beam w-.Vu h look that means
ivelcou;e^'oajr "good morn to the
asS.i eaters \ on r pewr and at
HTeclose shfikelmliTrr-srm; iiilii and
say; "Iiow did you like the music?" <
Why, you would be to that man a panel
of the door of Heaven; you would be to
him a note of tIto doxOTogr'that *er
aphs sins w hen a new s "u" eYi"*eT11 f5v"
en. 1 have io oilier <fays entered
a pew in church. 'ard the woman
at the other enc! of liio pew J< oiced at
me as uiueti a? tosav: "flfosv dareyou?
This is my pew, an J ] pay the rent for
It!" Well. 1 crouched in 1 he oilier corner
and niro myse i as srnai! as possible
oi.d fi t us though ! had been
stealing something. So there are people
who have p f. a : j edge to their religion,
and they net- *s though they
thr.: at ioi/i t jicpio bud 1 . t-.n ? > teo
to 1 i- cj.tnr.ed .in ! they were glad of it.
Oh, let us brighten up our manner ai.d
appear in gi nt!cmftrr!ln> ?b or ladyho
-A 7 :i n, In n-.ri. iiir.g- our r ets we need
a'.-o to put In the threads of faith and
le.'r rut ail t!> tied meshes of unli.
inf. Our wo: J. .? st|'-ei svfui according
to our faith. The roan who belie
res in only Laii a fiibie or 11 ? Itiole
in spo's. the mac abo U.l 1 lie cni
not pe!>utde vtkeiv, the mini who
halts, d. uhtiujr about til's and doubt
lug about that, will be u failure in
Chticfan work. Show n.e th man who
rather thiuks that.the garden of Ki'en
may havu l.aJ an ailea >ry jind is not
quite certain but th.it there may te
another cliauee after death and dots
r.ut kuovr whether or no: the llib'.e is
inspired, and 1 tell you that n an for
soul saving is a poor stick. I aith in
Cud end in Jesus Christ and tl e iioiy
Chust end the sbenlute. tircou?./y of a
regenerated heart in order to see <?od
in pc.Hce is one tLrrad you must have
in your mendod net, or you will never
he a successful tisJicr for xm-u. Why.
Low can 3011 doubt? The rotlruest
thread to tear out of your net it unlit
lief, and the most iuipo taut thread
that voo are to put in it is faith- faith
in tiod, truuupi uni fait):, everlasting
Oh, this important wirli cf mending
our nets! If we could get our net*
right, we would eocomp ah more ,n
soul saving i 'lie ue.\t yen;- tlian vie
have in the "as" l't). Uti where sliail we
gat them mended ? Just wiiere o'd Zebectce
and >1 is two boys mended their
nets? where you ate. J ititet. ui. . J >iiu ;
bud no tiiue t.j go asl.oiu They were
not fishing for fun. as you - o 4 1 do
in summer time. It waa the r livelihood
nr.! that cf their famiiiev They
mended their nets where they were?
Alfn.itftvrio Burno<l. | 1
: c
With pitiful BcrcauiH of fright and h
;roaas of interna pain, tho 7;*? or more 1
knima's of all description?! confined in
tagos 8t Frank C. Bostook* '"/i-to."
which wan in wintor 'juarti rs in the ol J
je'oraua building, in Baltimore, were t
Oastcd or burned to death Wednesday J
light. The fire probably originated froui
i badly ioitlllted wire on the outside of
he building. The llaajon *pioad so
ipidly that it was impotsiblc for tho ^
UtondnnUs to rescue the helpless t
itiuials and with the exocption of one h
ilopbant, ono camel, two donkeys, and . s
l pack 01 hounds, tho en tiro herd wit I
Ost. The firo was discovered ai lti.4<tp. |
n a few minutes after the evening j
iCrfoTinanee hero ceased. Twenty min- ?
lies after the flro was discovered, the ,
sjtiro building, which was constructed ' ,
ipnosl entirely of wo was a mass of
tames Mr. Bostoek : "timatos his loss I |
lb animals at about $100 000 Boas on ' ^
be building probably i $li> utio. Bart
>f the Bostoek aggregation of animals r
eas at the recent S'ato fair along with j
ho other Borttock side shows. It will !
e romcuibcred that during the Hpar j
I . .
Iii ship. "Ob." 1171 tent ?n?, **T
mean to got wy ott tnanded, and I will <
go down to the public library und 1
wilf tee what the scientists say about |
evolution and at.out the 'survival of the
tittest,' and 1 will read up what the
theologians say about 'advunced
thought.' I will leave the ship awhile,
stid 1 v\ ill go H?horr and stay there
tlU jiy net ta uiem'vd." I>o that. my
brother,and you w il have no net h ft. Instead
of their helping you mend your
Let.jtiiey will steal the pieces thsft'Vb* '
romp. Better stay in the Gospel boat,
where you have nil the means for t^ib 1
ing Jour net. What are they? fie? tkoss '
ask.'. I unswer, all you need you have
where you are?namely, a Bible nnd a
place to pray. The more you study
p volition and adopt what is called adv.mjed
thought, the more useless you
Will be. Stay in the ship and mend
your M(r -That i>-alts?edwmwi. the
sou of /ebedoe, and John, his brother.
st a i J. Thn t ipy* lie re oil v\ ho g t h ir
nets mended stay..f 1
totiec t!iat ?;11 Who leave the Compel
bont and'go fiqhofe to mood tV -lr
rte.lu stay there. Or if they try ug iia
to fish tliey <! > not catch uuytt'.og.
Get out'enff R^'OosjJel boat afift'^o trp
Into the world to get your net mended,
nud you will live to s<"o the tiny
w heti yon will feel'like (he man who.
tug forsaken Christ aaity, sighed: "I
vvoujil give n thousnnd pounds to feel
?? 1 did In 1S20." The time will come
when you would be willing to'jjive a
thousand pounds to feci as yon di'l in
1001, These men v ho bnvc given up
M e!|* religion cannot lieTp von a bit.
These dear brethren > f tt ! denominations.
a filiated -with theological fl tret?.
had better go to mending nets instead
of breaking them, liefrre thev
hre$K up the ojd religion nr.d try to
foist r ri us u v.cvr rcTipi'?r \?t thetn go
through some great > itic* tor God
that v. i i, pr \ e *' eni worth V *"> 4 n'u^h.
i work, takli-g the tot're of TrrPyramd
fo :\ rutin srho vyartrd to itju-et the re
ligitm of JeMt# ( itl ?e-' and ?.1r. rt a new
one when he b*id: "do pt.d be crueitled
ami then raise yourself from the
yr."\e the thjrr dayl" These who
propose .to rriuud tlielr nets by secular
and skeptical .books bit )*k.e the
man who has Just ope week for fishing,
and t.x of the days l;e aptnrie in
reading Iftnhk Walton's "Ootupjeto
Angler" and Wheatley's vilod - iitid, :
! it<e"and Serf t's "I'isblng in N rthern
(Valors," and Pullman's "Vnfle Mtrum
f Kly Fishing "fir TTor.f." nntl then
>n Saturday mornlm-. I N Inst tiuy "Otif-,
pons to the rivet to ply his art,.. But
that boy the fish vi.l not Idte, and
ate ou Saturday night he guts to his
home with empty basket. Alan, aias!.
If when the Saturday nigl t of our
if?3 drops on ns it shall be found that
no have spent our time in the libraries
3f worldly philosophy, trying to mend
jur uetr, and we 1 m' paly a few eouis
to j' jtorf n? brought to ( <1 -kU
ai.r luitrihunmt:viityt wjjile tpm.njiuu.
t)le fisherman, Ir.s library made up ?>?
i Bible ai d en almanac; shall c< me
liocie laden with the results his
troph o a" the .souls liltLir. .16 miles
sf hi* log cabjn rrjeeting house.
In the tim?-of "j?re?>f disfnrbsrtee in
Naples in 1640 Mrtssapi?ilo a barefoot
r<i fishing boy, dropped his IP:shinjr rod |
in5 by strungr uia^fnaiisni.'^buic^Virn:
mand of that city ?#f'h'.to.OOO souls. He
Look cf? hie jacki t and pntioi a
robeyi.', 'gitfu in the presence of howling
n ob*. Lie put his liond on his lip as
ft signal. and they were silent. 1J
waved his hand away from him, anil
they retired to their homes. Armies
passed in review before him. lie became
the nation's idol. The rapid rise
and ?yipnplej.c supremacy of t lin t \ onng |
fisherman, ."-j assaniello. has no para.lei
In ail history. But aoipe'liing < quid to
that and better than tilai K nn ? yvryday
occurrence in Heaven. God tal es,
s^inc of those who in ti ls world wero:
fishers of men and w>io toiled vcrj
huDibly, but because of the waj 1 hoy
inepded ihefr n*ts and employed their
nets after they were mended He .suddenly
hoists them a.id robes thciunnd
eocpters the in at <: crowns them and
make? them rnlci ? over m .i v , it'ns
Mid He marclies armies of saved ones
before them in review.
lint to not sper.d your time li.-hi. g
with look nid line. Why d'ti nut *
James, the ton of Z?-b< :r-e, sit 'in tl o
vrh&rf at Caria. 1 ? feet lr r?.' oVer
(he lake, and with a long p. e and a
worm on the hook dipped ir'o the wave
ivait for sn'ne mullet to ewim up and
he caught? Why did not Zrhe. cc
spend ' i . ' n n t. > it-Sr to oatcli. pne
eel? No, that work w . tco e'bw
These men wero not inei din - a hook
ai'.d line; they were u.endii i; their
net". So l?*t the church of lioti not, be
content, with having licir one to'ul and
next month another soul brought into
the kingdom. .Sweep ail the sea* with
net*?stoop r.tts, seine rets, dragnets,
a'.l encompassing net;*, and take the
treasures in by hundreds and.tboufcal.d*
ai.d iiiil lio ;t *. i?i ci r.e'joai v. i'l t>f.
born ill a day <ii.il liio . 1 witvh-pb At ??
quake with the tread < ' a i ansoming
Hod. Do you know what v. ill De the
two most ti em en clous 1. urs in our
Heavenly existence? Aran: c tht quad
I . i i i u 9 ui w u c:i f ilii i i c.?ti ui:
what two cocasioh* wt'Vbe to us ti
greatest? 'J lie tiny of t urnriivn there
will be to us or.t of the two greatest.
The second grrjiirst, 1 think, trill he
the day when we rha.i have put in
parallel lines before us what Christ did
for t.s and wl.at we t:it! fttrT'lithe
one so g'l-fct, the ot hfT O'litt !e. 'that
vr .1 be the otiiy embarrassment in
Heaven. Mr Lord and m.v (ioi. What
will we do and what wh! v. e sii\ when
on o: e t ido arc j !.k r . the t>? vioi: i'- .
great sacrifices for it- and our sn.a.
iieriliecs for Him; ii . es >. hi laimiiiation.
His ?tjon> < : no hat i no.,
our p or, weak. insutlicLe? : sacrifices
on th* other. To nial t? :h < ?..,tfast
le.-s overwhelming it ; u <; c! met
our neta, and. like the tin. .eat lisl.t i
men, rosy we be divinely he ] > ! lo
them t, the right side of the aliij
Qcrmanj scoured in the American
market in lO^'i ovet 51 .c "a 0 \' >rth of
inaatii'. oil.
anburg carnival one of the cages
taught Gro and the flames were extinguished
by the young won an tamer of
The State Monument.
Tuesday Governor MoSweeney sent
bo following npcoial messago to the
wo houses of the general assembly:
Gentlemen of the general aenombly:
Your commission appointed to crcet
bo mounment and markers to South
Jarolina troops who foucht on the hisorio
battlefield of Chiokauiauga, re
ipr.o'fuily advise tbat the monaiiients
ill be crooked and ready for unveiling
ind uodication May 27, lt'01.
You arc respootfully ajkod to par.ie
pate in the ceremonies, which the
lomuiission have arranged with regard
o tho diginity duo the greal State cT
ijuth (Carolina. Your presence would
argely insure such a desired result,
rhc above date, May 27. IflOl, lias
eon solocted for the unveiling and ihu
cUilcJ arrangements will be aulounoed
through iho press of tho Stato
n duo timo. Kosptotfully,
M. If. MoSwoenoy, Governor.
. / _ ,i
Jf WtaL J/JlW" vi
1041?!<1 in th? Houin on Lx*t
*/.\ 'A'A-WAVA - - J
t hu'sd*y.
*? #.; ?< ; i eilauiT . > ..
iw5S 1 ' *
8T?drgJ: Ai'gumtn's Mad* for
^ j rtjAI ,'Ag^inaf tho Bill, Gx
trac r from Wliich
Wo P. int.
pfiiM ,fal*or l(IH was dtfpalcd jiuj
(he itOuse of llrprehCntativPH nn Thiir4.
eay~"l?y n vote o? ?Tt? to "357" The Tofli
provided ih?t children finder twelve^
years of ogo should network in ,lfaclOrios,
mines' ind toztilo' manufacturing
r .ablit-hinootn."
I ho fight on the bill began when Mr.
v/eston called it up asm special ordsr
Thursday morning. Mr. Hacker ajt v
cd to Btriko out the enacting word^
A tpotion to c? aiiniie the bill was v>
teddowub. a lnjgcrluijority, and the
dobi-le w-.'gt on.
Mf. Ounte-r of Aikon ?aid tha! eoiLC
think wo a o tryinv to inlrodiiuj new
methods ind In it wo fthouidstick to tl o
old. But f is is a progressive age ar.d
S u'b Oaroikma should ?rocp> her far?
to the itont. l'\rt> years ago South
Carolin v suffered u dor negro slavery
Today.* bo m suffering as muipikes a
slavert b7 allowing *? (KM) children under
Ti yftara of ago u? bc? blaves in co''
ton factories. The cotton mill t-tppidpi
tl who are here Gghting the til! ad
mil that tho ignoraDoo cf ifio o. it tort
)ni l!pc?plc < xjicd their uptc a'.iopq.
He n ad from Col Orr's circular lett. r to'
fUMiu bis pomicni >
l*i tho d'souBsion brforo the cow
mittee on eotamercetmd TnaShfaot'n crs.
v ln> rr-y L*rcate<t the eoiton mijls * t)f
tie i if. u went'! UwaHt.be ootjon niiij.
prc-i?1ot.f <?r 'superintendent and one
lUtipprdftOhOf The Operative ten. rot
thtno represented. South Car.Mina is
behind other Sia'et. Sue is lagging b>*
i ind Kusiia, England, Franco and
States in this government. ,
Occ has only to go to the Kiohlar.d
nr theUrauhy mill fu Columbia to s o'
ei i ilrcn working as vjij able slaves 11
hours a day to put' money into the
?t f!??rs of the c< rporation. Ho appeal '
cd t'* r the ohiidreD to be kipt out of
lite noise and the gteaso and frifliug atmo
phcrc of the tuiils. *
Inrcplyto Mr. GsHuohat ho ?aiu
that "dO States in tho Uuion had l?ws
prohibiting children from working iD
the mills unless thoy atteuiud rofiooin
ti\ month a in tjic year. In Mac-achu
hctib a regular ay stem of registration
is i Ui ployed. . . >in<
Mr K B. A. Robinson of Anderson
opposed the btil He said his people
wnit to be let alone. U is cjitiocal
uit It ilt.v r.ornnlo tt K n f e r raw r???t t? an
would work ohi'drtn in the mills.'
There nro & number of widows in cot'a
u mill districts in this vicinity who
teqond upont ho labor of their5 ehil
'.rcn. Ho would be g'ad i/ tho little
its did.not hftvV t<j fco out in th> fros"*
ty' iultd ' eg pick ou.ton.., Hit_ar#pp,
arpy has ho l*Wh." Xobody lias tho
ti>ht to tell hipa w:iat he must dm \^h
( ft own e^j'.dron un'.ef fi ha .-h^uld altf?w
ifiJ'm. Who is making the greatest
-t'idce of tsrogie?c, the old countries
*t>y >1 1
ted Stati rf of Aineri ja;Ij
t f Mr tLihu M'lM^ter rmxl-aaour ;d vW
floer This question oamo up in
laud 10 j-'-nra bc.'uro the Ardcrieju ruvo(uvion,
L When Wa^ta and others men
tioncd machinery to sprri, 6otl:>n,.ia thd
c r.hi of EukIrinI arose wondorful
oist.u a stories. In the course'of ttnte
women aid children were based to the
factories. and tlieoutragcoui way m
which tbe> wero treated led to labor
aciiaticn and labor enaction in 1800
It is a specious iTKumcntto ass "
11 y brother's keeper." 1 Mr. MsM.iVjt'tr
e^rced that Mr. 3*1 Tdon Stuytluxjitad/
aaid i>< fi ro the goiLiuittf e thu} \>! en lie
v Liit to And* r on 20years ago he found
tin people the uust illiterate he 1 ad
ever seen. Dr. Curry in visiting tho
shipyards at Norfolk had inquired who
ire Hq tkillcd ^tbytves who received
tho iiig-^uty aru lt%d *fouud out tint
tiwy wore northern naeii Ad the big
pay uu n in tho n ills come from the
north where they have laws o? this
kaid.{' lie drvasa'l want a class leeisla
ticn. Ho doesn't want a rich cotton
mill owner ela s and a poor p ople
class. Ho wants A J*5opJj? o^ nqy^iud,
afcoplu who can read and write and
rnuke good citizens.
. ^pr. M\tL< #f ii'aatalea favored
41 iv h i I ! > JKvrrt -Awn* b- OJr.d iman is
proud 0'* tho m are s advancement. Hul
wc now* have a groat problem to fioe, a
I'lobitm which every manufaeturiog
Mate has had to fa?c aud to solve Ho
fnk'i 1 artitularlvjiuoh tko t o!:l alas
spoof df the'qicgtloo' ' Th'o r. j-or* of
li e State superintendent shows l iat al
in ugh last jour OOO was sp nt fo.
tlVe i t'u -alion Tr^hTRf-Shrarcti ana
i2MO,0(ii? u,r ihoyNcgroofl there wert
lf?tt,(>OU Negroes in the schools nud but
lL',*>,?? 10 whites. I'odor the kiddi^hip
of thoughtful Negroid, that race i^be
coming educated. The white ohild
must be taught to think of itself or
ctjeatua'ly logo ith oitiz 'pshp Trio orodency
of the thills l^loward coa.nierial
protection and K publioanism. These
people tihouul bo taught upon the prin
ciplis of Democracy. 'l'heso children
arc nt l at work by their o*n will. They
are put thcftS by in lolent parent? who
loaf around through the week and on
Saturday draw their children's pay aud
spend it riotously. Thoso people are to
bo tho fuluro citizens, 1 ho girls to
make the homes, tho bojs to oast the
ballots, and it is tho duty of this a?
Boiobly to legislate for future genera
lions Ah to the portions which had
been circulated litre, thoy amount to
nothing. It would not require TMTch
work to got the operatives to sign them.
Mr. if. LI. McM aster saul that he had
visited tho mills of tho l'lodooiat. Definite
the happy conditions cxhtrng in
tic t'ledmoni now this legislation in
npoestary. It m not to oonsidcr whether
0110 parent in kind and ono is cruel,
but it is to bo determined whether
children barely out of tho o.allo must
bo employed in tho mills. Conditions
in a mill oannot bo healthful and oannot
bo ooaduo'vo to good oititooship.
I'bo older employes are shown by s'.a
tietios to bo uioro ill*tcrato than tho
young. Shall tho disapproval of tho illiterate
nMcm toward this bill bo taken
ay a healthy sentiment.
Mr U 11 A it ?binsori wanted to
kno.v if Mr McMistcr thought the
Piedmont representatives w<ri lyiog
about the attitudo of tho mi 1 operatives.
Mr. McMaslcr replied certainly not.
flo sereod 'with the Piedmont rsprefVnfativcs
that tho conditions there aro
idoal. And it is to diflii90 thoso ideal
conditions among all tho mills of the
8iato that ho was epnaking. Orr,
9 my the and lhokons have written their
names high on tho eoroll of fame. J'hey
)m? doing & grand work for humanity.
Ufo coulu not find it in his heart to
Tikde'.a'e against airtirtt su-h men and
t Ma-would not doit. It was in behalf
| of humanity rather than against cor
. poration*.
Goto I'elzr, he baid. Thero you
i will find. school houses and ehnrahes
i sir fino as any in I'olumbi* or Cbar'eston.
furnished by ti'o owners of tlio
mWltafor the u*e of ?he op'ra*; ve*.
Thero (Japt. Stnytho, glorious bo his
name, has worked auiodk the operatives.
There tu?ov facilities au<i eon
/onfcyes 'and luxuries are furnished
1 tViwj* to tbo operatives by thu mills
Those people desire no legislation, for
they need none. But the question is
shall wo put other tnili communities on
the Karuo plane?
V wc remain in the plane of the
dark ages or shall wo aluanoo as Kqg,
' TftioITttT" done? We are rrjw"*just en
inLft n -? * *
ttoij tbo Qij-erioflico of hlagisqd and
New ij^iglaud tbj.t legislation id uooce
lie closed with an earnest disclaimer
that he would not legislate sgavnst oer
p jrations.
^"jMr/Pribce of Anderson *aH that he
could noi h.j frichtonod by the fhti
matic'U thai witl in two yoars the labor
unions would t.k-i cbargo of tbo 1'ied
uiont amticavo houaou othirs at homo,
lie, r< seating as good pcc.j#la d-t. llora
are ifc'trc face of the earth, Jie is not
ivfraid to do hi ; duty an ! go lark'to
lima. Mr. Prince state i th&t'hta'ho.i c
id in a ward in whijh faciory people
live. There is n< t \ thcVe orderly oom
inuniby anywhere Innpiy to? the
tftntcuient of Mr J*?hn MoMaatcr that
H'.e operatives of the ecu h would
always be sorvantsto n'>rlhtrii -upcrintoml
nti and bosses! "Mr. P.-iiiob stated
that the suieruitotdent ar?d lo?>a* of
the pitll at Anderson arc couu:y hern.
Thcto op-rativis, bo continued, o >nic
frt^utlic mount O- nrVin, Tonne?
d and tbo C*r Tinas. Tiny get uio.'e
in a couple of months out, of tbo mil's
thin fhoy d d in A yar ir tbo tndiln
tbiuP. They arj sturdy |>taoj lo with
gjjoi, 1 arl 6eDHo and uiako good oiti?
-? i aikinrjabcutxai -itig uucfiiuinald.
why Ptlzcrra town of (5,000 p opto,.is
k-Vt e1"ttr of crime by one magist ato
and bis eoftstable (J.nli the same
:bin#r bo'fnid of Columbia or any other*
pkioeV Tito ni'tll children a.e not birder
wp: k?d tbua ihoy wore on liio faruxB
and tboy arc bo.toe fed and boiler
o:6th(,d. Whence canto tbo ignorance
in tbo mills Itoomu from tho country,
Odd bless ihe eiuntr/. 11c was a ooun
uy ratJel boy hitmclf at <1 said this in
no ill fbeiimr to the oountry. Ho thon
defended the II :v T C. Jrgon who
bndttpf.oiou tho bill befcre the com
raittico and who had been referred to
by Mr. tiunter. Juarlir Lignu is noao
of yrur btecplerhasn preaohors. lie is
a mac. God tnudo him a man. Mr.
I'riujc meant oo rtfl-mioo up>a tins
ge'rtUtmcn who had d flcrtd w ih Mr.
Ligon in the public piiut, but Mr. Li
gon liad lircd with the factory jeip'c
and knows them and the other preacnors
had not. The operatives are not allowed
te drink tu ft z.irand other towns
He dited tbo drunkard who takes the
wftgos,of his ohilci m who wot k in stores
atu id i iajhclf a town loa'er :u a charaoter
uuknowu t i well rc.u ate 1 mil; eoaj
uiunitlcs Wc are j is on the ll.r s 1 . 'd
of aSttttit mill building era til ho
wan bed uu lo/is! ion whioh won\i b*
oountry to the??pir t < f t* c times Too
|cop)d<who sro iabosciS but no ilc bo'
h-> -0 the tuills to be built, lit con
tet did ?bit gitis between 14 and 18 uc
HJljuk.j vorsQ t? an cbii'ren
iMr^lranois ll. Wofton. author yf (-hfl,
T?ill uiTTr fi e, was*n? i t cogu z <1 T1q
said that insiiliitiotH had been in ?1
byoOsstdeOr the other about want
Ccotilri 'hdppeo to the p >li tidal future ri
tW inf? who voted for or avainst tho
i-bitii Hi oaiod uot how* it would cileri
his political fmuro, but ho would ud>
vooato,the bill hecyiao be believed it
to ho right ll is true that South Car
olii a nulla employ children under 12
years oT ago. The ou ?fi-ion is, shall
this he Stopped? M'h's c?tmtr* is ruled
by lU'.Ti placed in power by tho b.itjts
fci tho'p< ople The g icsti in is, shall
jtho oountiy be ruiei oy ao ietelligent
Jcousluuouoj V South Carolina, ranks
among the lvwifjl States iu tho Uuion
in t!?c iUi.it r of illiteracy. If ihu ob.U
docs no', get education in hs tender
years, tl|ij opportuniiy is lost fgrevrt
Tho constitution ol S 'U>h Caro'ina
basej t!t<i/.etb-'lnp uron int- ll gone'v "In
triltgeboe AU:0 )g ?h ) * p'Op.o It b^C 'lsasy
'to'tho rvtuion >f hblr y.' Are
we ib lab ?r tonever undiV tlio bhgtmaof
iliitOreyv ( Uul*-a wu take KiK?ie sfcofps
wo ^Ui.(lo,so.( vVhavuu*k.'h Ala^sa :a
settt} Wji roip|ej;y'u-(' U.Uiioe at; pbUdrent
are bpiwi ? i^uca:t'4 aud tl.u tdu
oated' 'ihit'd' pfb'lu tcs the greater results
ifnu flutter. S.liith Carolina has
never 'yVaift-d for any other Miale t >
mark oil the t.athr.C n mul t 1:. nm.
ia ai hand for heiio ;Vjjt m this luaurr.
It "-^il not hurt the nulla.
Ml" Croft jtt Aikjw, t awi that, the
ia rwcifknl** dy-'a n"pr one
Within the )>a?t tuw >*** <? man,- Ihoua
anud of poo;!?-Jtayc Wen iq
tho niiil le.nuciia aud uiauy no* i|>r?ol>
leuia are boitu^fucsonted for aoiutio
-We ytn profit-by tho rxj'o.iinoo of
other Stately, .JEli lite. % kmiUv JeoK' g
for tltojuiyih. l?hcoJ. but a low
ago 1 o" hau on this Hoot ehfiTod ' tu4
IriendaLy for tbein Iv.it tVtifr ia h
<ju ati.'tt of Hither signiliaatifab' llo
wan absolutely gor^'V tr?%< to? J'ropoa.
lion la right. Tttto billi to givh
health cobu wu^itgtuu# to ?lwo ltildo
ones. X^ob t'tafvo ^ jdiO' iwv>
y? '1 ?>?i'J U Ul? ALO?iliioli
ty thioii ai)'i-th|nt opDorwim^;, iV-9 h/forever.
U0410 uf white joutiQipp
ia iU tkernel!^:ceo of fh'c
plo. lie iu-hjv i>^ oMoootiuni ch?
oouoly of AfidpHhn. JA.'n'u flifi nrot(u
oounfyi ajyhs hiH Oottf ' th? Very ' lavy
vfhieh M'C ktMffta* to-adu k ll.yeongratuliujX'AfiM^rnaa
owiufefc voluntary
action ViF itafljjjU. (pMoideu s ,ianM*d*
lishiD/a^^do^ uvbiij*.* tbi* .ViH '
Pdaof lot the ., .a A i '<>
r'4r!^^r!fi \
you 11?oqre4t'U'AW1 'bat aUH'wvX
wouW|iit?lt<lJir5e eeWlc^ it 'vfoufe
clcvilti thi&tl!.-; l'4/aaV?<ft t' i<tf
t nsflid] :?il4fl>wir,'fIf**'?loTtTl hf^lktiofc
Carol: o I torwani ?n.j (Hifaotfhd
tho 1. duiwZ^-Irwd/in e? ??id Vfmt
tho drct|i|4n Hj*;a raiio il " uoX n lflt oii
would i/tw> f ho raiiroaWa vi tUc.Siatqi
tiinoc ujio uupy a>|
* t )J.(u.'i .
I i|o law rrblCQts * tuau.8 yx, ;hu
horse or Ms tffii'cf."' ?hall the feasts
the qcWybo'f^M^ilod a'odh6\ohillftoli/
ItiHcciiVAfcw hiVd*" canttnj tecf*. fcfll&ix.
Tho tWa^d'i* pfhteored,' "btil
ohi 1 lab**.?i*aW(w?wN?{ -??4i^olw-r
.t m?y bl tiaUjfUft W
above alloHiors fn thc-Bfato. Ana Cms
is a n.itl|wl\tcU'Awi Mt jiT^vy -tHsli
lahcf. ,. ' mm m - imm tm
:U^11 |DK- lujjUi jU ILl oI Xiy* 0 i- &**
of- tile in'UtWi M( .' Owr/t u v*s? k fitrilmMobject
k?mja. ...Uta.vluul-itAi-^ajiL-lu
ycare oM My. Uioji ?**?! thai thousands
of ohildrcn of this sixo ?re cxonr
to work etarlight hr tl?o <iori>iu?
and ooiuieg homo hy starlight at nifekt
.tie. #utifd hof challenge the honenty- of
k. ?s
i tho doctor*! w tfc? Htvcvtity <*?; H
] prcaeVcrs, but U uir (jpa&^<;p? C*nn
he but oruiag if tfwiy ^b^ofc' ll?*l
labor in n-iUa benefit* ohndren. J:
call-d t) i.nat .noo in udonU of tho *|
feelingly 0f facto-/ rthiKrod. atid tp!
feelingly of tho effect u,poi* tlie phyS
I oal oouititut ions of children who-hi
! oomo under l?ia obncpvaiKJO. - >(J
Tho factory operatives *tv, as poor si
powrty itself. For generations th?
have been ahut off wonr oduoatiou at
oDlightuji'Dt nodJ^h^' *(,? t?Qi 1
properly tfisc-iatfnate as to Vhu oqoe
hit:<H f?fr theft blfrfbjrib.^''* ' ' .
Ho reoiletfflic hi-tory of cotton tiij
legislation io K)glagl. lo 'It Vbel
IVnl thn nMnr a'irtp/uiiliul ??
1 children under 'S year* of age kept oi
j of tge cottoh mills.' Rtbert I'tol, t!
I younger, and the 1nt#3 <ju?on in "b
{ early reign, extended theeolaws.. (io
many, which leads aM'tno empires'
the world, goes ev?n further and hi
compulsory education.
Marun^hufccts prohibits childroi ui
dc'r 13 from working in mills, and at J
they muBt show thai they hav<; bo<
at Bchool Ovo months the year bofor
And furthermore no woman ot mini
oau bo or-uipoll jd to work more than 1
hours a day.
ThpHo doctors ray ii is healthful f<
ohildron to rVork in mills. Whcro
th'-ir comiuon ?tn?C?
England,- with a'l her labocdaaN, h'
uiait more proerein in the ' last fn
rnoui h? \ hvu too *foat onoituoD-vcali
of A mono*, Jdo <pj von pu editor!
from 'Tac ?.~t. i > cilegt,
lly tioroi t'oed thi! grandeur of A ;n.?
iea and, claimed that, iby wLjlg mf
iuub he supreme. , Thja, cea-jus ojt ,1c!
allowed that iu this. S-aU\. there wo^
Gc'J 1 11 negroes add bu TijihtH wfutc
i'tuB was one of tho States f^rocd i
ttdvpi p.uil.a.u q Aaliti^vi^u^
to prce'cr/e.to the' white *uian bis ui
... J / 1 u
pr< mkcy.
lo le'M there w< rr T3 7fll wTafe'pc
pie i r Alke'a iud ISiUOl) .'Kg bci*. ^Ihi
that ?h?eccotton uiilis haVe bo cm hut
in Aiken oounty and tho population i
tiic lacos ia about ovoo, yet .tho w
groot liav.? 1 300 store ohilorcu I
sob >oi tuau have tho white people.
l'vooaste-r rafe y has a white/.m
jonty as to popu'autD, but asjiJ
seh)el population the N igroos sx oe
1 hero is no grsudoY' dodnty in this St a
thau Laurent*, and to i/uinbers tho two
thoro are about oY'm. hut thoro ai
4 7711 Negto otuldioa &t, school thoi
and out 1^378 whites. What Ji igian
and tho enlightened world have cj
d ?rsod, Siuth Carolina mist ondor.to
eavo the supremacy of tho whii
At this juncture there was a par rl t
for utoro time. The motion to adj tor
was rrotcd down and Mr. Hanks ca'.lt
the prov((.ui'|UOBtion Tins, if adoptr
by the house, w u'd = hu' oui all uuion.
meat* except as such as hud a ro*c
fioOu sent up and wou'd ?hut iff deba
The hou'e jy a vote of .*>!> to 33 cat!?
for tho porviou> ?j lusuon which wi
the motion to s r.ko out the e"naotic
words of the li i. This motion jtrevai
t-d aud hy a vote of titi to Hli the bill i
WoSLOU. alone with tin; inhstnatn w,
ki.lud. Following .s the vote on th
aio'ion to strikeout the emoting word
Yew ? AsliUy, Auil Aus.ia, Biaki
Bemugtij-cl, iiitc'na, Bolts. Brook
Brow a', Batlfr ' ampin! I, Cogcshal
D.ag, iir[/)x'ju. D-nnis. I>>i 1. Djuv
titoii, l)orro , Dunbar, Darautj K dc
fcLn,ricge, Fox, Frahi-r, Krrvinao, (ia
lueluat, limit', Hardin, 11 11, lloili
llaiiiybr^v, .1*0.0, Johnson, Ktblc
Iviuard, bun soy, Lido, Latjr, Ljmai
Lyios, I'liuiuiu, 1\ ?uu, Un-'v'v., V.
-'L-.ol, '-*l itivwAO, j >li?noc, ' Morga
Nrvliols, 1* itjoe, Fyati, Bunt in," lli>
ftH'-D, ttnDiuson, 0 K Ll.biuson, ft. J
A J1 t.Acr, S;a iibon^, ciandtfrs, S till
Ssrom, Thompson, Vinoent, WiUiaa
Vi'Soo, Wiogo, Wood*aid"t>J
Nays?S-.t V2LS03, Bp'jbkcr; Bate
BLa->', Bryan,* Carter, Croft. FSr
Gastia, Gourdio, Gunter, .J arnica
L ver, L?> '?*!?'d, L Hon, Mo-L'ra
MeL tughim, Me tli t; , J no.,.Moi no
Mo;f, .Murobisoo, JVcba/o#, KiiiUi;
son, ^ei?.cr Smith, M. L b.roma
Camjq,'Hi a i, Thomas, Wobb; Wc:
Weskoti, Woods? J J
jlr. lb Bruhl who wehikl t-aVo wh
qoy whs paired with Mr- W. K P?
kcr, ao?i Mr. J. Caldwell, lloportBU
wl,o hguiil.il ?vo voted aay w.vi al
paired with an abflQiH Hi&mbqr. ,
ViCfOfill'o li\iJr'LU?ifCfc
t - , I f ' - t
Wat Exerted m Favor t>f tho Mor
Dcriflir the War
1 --i. i ?w rr
TKq tn>>st pri,tic>1 Dmi ia u,r rc;
tibns with the British government du
ing tl^o.^iyil war was in the aflUi,r
the'i'r at, late ip lKtil, when, as t
m my ohituyics o{ the <juc.cn, ^latc
publia?ed ?yivu ' wyi?, .ljcrt| a
jes:> 's pc r 103%! s. ?jfli!*1'
! ; v-sag' ? of Ji.j IvMiaoy probably overt
i war UUIAWJJ urcsn onwau ana i
people of thj North, whose teem
qudnccs woukl fureJV hatfo ibcIuo
i lie V ftnanenl CFtablislvinerrt of t
sm I ru C'oufotkeraojt as ao indepon
,m nation. The ihmh erodn for t
. toning nowa at .1 ihu Um^el
llirhh dUpatah to Laid J^ous oouegi;
the Trom atliit Ui.unt bo gjven
itic 'i j.'ou, aiapq hers wad MVfi/ j?oslt?
of toja! responsibility, yet tie" futu
histoTi&as will' not fortrd'l co awa
sou) - nira4- i"e of applaisototbe qacot
--husband, the jnncu consort, wi
t' wjioiu to r majesty wss in thorou
sjtmpthy, ftcd upon whom she depen
-,-iid largely f r guidance in atlairs
statu, it is well ki.own that hur i?
..JtB ty ami ti o priuoo eorutiniiod in 001
pany Lord HussoH's bellieoso dispato
and that tho \ rinoo drew up the mem
' randum which embodied tho orowi
'Views as to tho changes that ought
- 'hp in a do in its laneua^o. 'Pha quec
!1-d>P w?Uer, made M'ouo . aiViOiitirnoDtu
husbau 1 * draft, whioh was tli
i '.forwarded u> tiio luiuiaLry.. d: wc spei
- W}tli,,eutiru accuracy, tho meuiorandu
W.?B tho work of both minds,
" ( Tho priuoo coufiorl died within
"Di.inth after tho Trout optitodo, ai
!---VliOtoria wan left alfrnd to carry ttio bi
-"tffbsof state, which,-'AS the one
*<?hq Trent had demonstrated, woro t
.-teq of im uouHC woicht, o.voo to
abvoreign of modern Britain. It w
i i highly fortuuato for Aiucrioa that
; ot;Bis of equal aouteneBh ocourred thoi
. a/tor in our relations with the Briti
rptornmont, tor iho queens uimtstei
'ftursoli and Palmers'. sti, Ven aiucd
w?tch for an opi>ortun>'y t<> infi
T-|rt! la the struggle bolttoe* tho Not
p\afcd the South. Not thnt the quo
vvtmid hav i bcou on ly -iofluorwed
"' tnoso plotters against tho I nioq
I \eft?, >?it uudcr tho mournful c
u31^!mice,11,of her stunning douiqsi
Jotonvctucnt, tho loss of tho, condor
"hrkgnotou* ooutmol and no pti, it WhlgV
; tf Job'ahlo that tho mini*tcr(f Would Hn
hid th< ir #ay had tho7' odrne io t
--fwint of inloTTcairi^ in favor of. t
, Ponth. Luckily conditions ucwrfav
cd thorn after tho Trent affair. .
!1 f It wan not dt liaitely kqow.o in tl
tjjunt^y until rcoout y?ars th?t t
"British initiator* ihour oi^i^.war peri
iq i nfUtfht id pi>portuaity to iiuasb tbo,
of T AmibYidafi UriioW.'ei(f'<i0?Vo?Tpou
to, j ^Pdd'bfcfrvfaV^Hiai-eWitif'KSffhetSton'
I-j which' is Iitw- v.illatolo, prove* that
< (liey wero.at boa^t'bujt'io to thn relet
puhiic and <iUHja*i-iottitir oatiooai unity
li- 1 Kvctt tbo Ifuui ntf.ii/i'bord Uui
*d .ill wrote, oo Ob-ober
) \ Ij'jjrd FaimerotOD, c^oo roiug i]JU,O;>IO
>H ioa cT'lhe Ffebeh-minister it Wathldfc-'
y ton, that the blookatfc ehbuta be fuiiwiF
>tj i by outinio toiuf: .? >i.-t!l nl *?JJ
q These t?t iNUoh Kfui eedao iu Morcier'ai
g ob'urvftljnoi*.. it ja we u.udi waitr lam
oersuvk-d tUe.t ii,apyt hi*gat u*u*t.
-jj ni(oa a grand eoafo. ft wil; not dj.i.for
Jfojglaudaud Frarioo to break the b:ock:
a>lo foe the triS.0 tf iJuUlO^CjftfU)..
io Kuropo, I'owora ht?vo /;,'tcjj faifl fq
bettfgorputr, Mate up >'.b-?r quarry la.,
Wo t'TODOSO" to It TO t< rfliS lit nV?IK..
rT tion which wb'tliiuk'fair and
If you accept thorn, well and gujd. Hfc1.0
if yoar fdr?cs%ry ?03C|>?n whom, aw4 t<:
you rtfum liipm, ?ur aiodiaiim i* .at.
an end, and yop^ mutt expect, to.fl^o tif
* i'o'dr.oaenjlo8.( franco , wvttid lie, <414110 ,
rtvfly to IioMtqis language With us. If
!D such a polto'fr were* fo to'adopted <he^
time for It would he the end of fhc'fikr
or or iuimcd'ately bofore1 th<o tootling Ajf'
' parli rnoDt." , .
With th?? fetter 6 foro Os today, *wc
or can moro do'ly 'understand tW enrf,
id p reoilorr, hr<ftia<A* t?"|roteei In'wtiioh
L r<l Kubsaii; abotxi- staJ '.week*' lat? r
a eo'ihU?'4 A*is. 'bo -no u.tiito iber
w n.-uirh, tuinipter. ta? \\'a-d#ing?wi..id?
b u.aid*i. g tie release of Mason and,
it rdi'loth and *h ap3l*>gV f j'r fhb.r ' sV'fc''
uro. <Jiiu'd Kartell Vi.e Peutft'
f, Aif tie-Alee ypfxttiruiity 4*ju ^nn ve>ai 10'
re the, ,?vn-c lj^c Jjaiib. o* ajf oady>-.%;> 1
JU . tioipa'.ing iu iu^TUicrejt >0
rc .With Tj r J Palmc-mon. Aad
& 'ft'ai itio lirillbh cabinet *as" on the
10 Ifl^kcut at th?t b?m*i: Aii\ytt { cdtAi ^"i-'-taa"*'
}r. J olHtfHbf w*? u*n;4*t/-mr carpi* aiiBa' i
i ' the'v,vj'<jiu v? ,Vc-AW?cp> pacifift ,?to?V4<jo?
* id'ro A iLjpg^ic^^u.ti .^.a. di{\i?io^r->-.|
1 ' -1j r-s ihjjti j?;^<r\r ; bad. ] ussc^.a^t 1
{ a linw- f'tcm htfi'ir a ,1 'Uie" iu;ii/n'tcu'ddavii
1. of A\^er\th6 O'jocf ttiicpi'h'ir majesty'ii
r,r ministers Wenr'kgsiti jdeulrfg !oV'tftc
0 Agoing of Ameri -a. On ocfrtembor
ie jU/lbtj'J. the Homier yrutcthis note;,
"My Deal H isscii; T.h* detailed ao
counts givtin in iht Observer, of today
* of tire hauler of Auguib-'.i Ibrd lift be^
twceo 'Joufederates and Federals sfco V
1 tiie lal or get a very cotnp:oio
? smashing, and it scornspot aim^eu cr
' " uulikely tba.* still gr?a,or ^diea&ter s
a*n t the id, 6tid t! i' eWtD WanLing'tVI
r<> err Bafiitnorc ttiay laJl 'intfr'tW^bhuds
1 of ihe-liinfca-erat^s.'-H "this shbnld
1 happa*, wotlid te notdjo tiffi^for Ofl Ud
eotibider whether in . such a mate of
Lc Lbiogs Knglanu ar,d h vance might m ?
aditrcss the coutending parties and re
;? com mend an arrangerccut on t> c pa^is
n of. sCjuiratiotiV v
Ijjpt til*** J hSi'uicde'V tfie?' llVcry
'I splashing dtfVat, are! a-ch pTetnpt to
*' ansNvec ?: : ..i-< ,4., o i.'^i
'i ' My i; ?.r I'a m? rjion:;. Whether the
L'- Ft dotal ax in y id ivfi'rvycii or noi,i.tt la
clear thai it >t . has u>ada. no.r,pr/>18
grcea in hubdung tbe lusurgeiit isiatea
'? ?u?sli being the ca q I agree stun )uu
' thit {tie ti?ir?ia tr ---
- V - ~ vvui-. JUI V.I1.A1UJC U1C
31 di*U?n to fhe (r'jTt >1 States gO'VCTl
l" tiiciit, with a v 'thti ruofcrntioo
10 of tho indepoodenou.ot >thc Cocddiiori:
ates I avren further th^lj i i o*A< of
9? hulure, wo ought ournelvea U>, r,c
^ .iz > tT.c ?outht rh Statca aa hc iud^yeiv,'
Uctt S'ftVo. Kbr tl:p j urj.cbc of ,u*ing
' sv tpi^ortdaf'a I (hint wo u uu'
*? hv*b VP tnecftro* M 'iltd ckWbet. Tho
' 2Ti;o* With would eur mo 'forthe tnt-et;:
flr ir>er Wo ought, thou tf- w<* arreo <co
r* lO' |i atucp, to ptopoie tt first to Ifrso to.
k- *ndj then, on the pari of Knj;'*t.J
w riwti ? tu other
J* . a?lri<?i'ufc 1 u
oUthtWniaWc atirH?lv*M*?afo,i8 b'fcrtada,
' . not joy Hendiac tuoro troops thero, hno
Ln bit ( A*coutiBf)t>f th?vic.5ve have ID,a few
l9< deTpn^iblo posts before witter sets ip.
"'I;ho wholeJscheuio of finally dcetroy'*?
:ng the American Maton' t>y Kuropean
*? intervention wa?. thus irajped out by
?? ihei lirstiih foreign tnianttra n> early
"< h* SiyUinbt r 17, lht>4. i'.limcstoo an
B? a rfoTud tLe-'dd U a;, be . tfi'-u/ht Ra*
^ sell t? tilao "yo botxcelioui. Ijerathir
0', ot.jeoied boVeVti*. 10 siting TTustia to
:l> io.n '.o 4 the offer of mediation,'* be.
oaime rhe would be too favorable to
01 tn'e' North."
iT ' [ho pioitif ? of Ktr'-majesty's minis??
tots was at that point, howovcr, check
-ed by the faj'ura of tlio army of Nor"1
sinki) Virginia t) defetf the forces un
fldorfion Mc(Mellan aPtbe baltle of Aotufam
and the 'cu^cofljo i f the next
jjaectiftg of -fHr > Hntish cabinet was
that the niinittrr-dvel'ii'd'D >t to move
"in fKo*uictror. .Sordid they find' an
rtflai p nnn irtunit v* TUa
w.^vt "| r yi i uuii j > *. iiu J iam. i ncicifipi
' At,Hoic|v.cnt\9fl. T,lj:ch ?au oQyinoqred
* ' Ry ;lV.'uis \jijiOleoQ. met. * Tesojuio oy
ir" po ieDt in /ta^kla, whose'fl :et'\tas-sent
of \v Y/ftk in 1SK3 oi a most Bigniti
fc0' e'tnt mission 'VtelMburfc and 0*tty?i
,j burgs ? w, brombt thfe plotten to a roll
kf ration of the uur r futility of the
wl ojf programme.. .< > .- ? --, -v
I'uo. 'jvoon wa\ . n(ti. w Ul^oul attach
. metit for Ijouis N'apoleon, and especiho
5or 'l s Kug^nio, but thero is
lo ovidotej that she ever* displayed
0 fntbre?t iut- wreven had knowledge of,
l'? ' fh'4 tnteivuation to uirarty. wiiioh. hor
ho ' owp uuni-ura and Napoltoa nursed so
d- dong itnd tenderly. Iier record in tliat
tie entire cri-os was made up in tho Trent
1 s ?tfk r, "which was t"ho turning point in
;o- ,f our dountrj's f reign relations daring
to ^be civil War'-^-Springfield Hefubliean
on ?i ?i? ?
r<2 I 'd i lllti Of It
r 1
i'9 ' The Columbia ltcc >rd says the colth
la^so of the Vesta mills' eij erimcnt
ah w?th negro labor in Charleston is greetj.
ed.with j>y by fahfary h'pVfkt'ves and
0f nt wapaprrs throughout the state. Had
ia. it euocoodcd, the employ moot, of every
jj. white operativo in the state woyil havo
,1, been endangered, for the ohoapcr prioj
,3! of reero lahof wotrld 'have appealed
,nnlf 1st ft > 1 V In fa-ixtairu manoonsj
J o ' ?
tO i i, ..
, I
40 " , ^t . v - , .
??? it' . />,,
lU'-. . . I it. . 4... I ' '
a ? / ' ?? ^
id ' '< ? >1*3*': * 5
Of i v-:;i '# .
- -t<? "? \? - JZ -ft
TNM)? MMtlt
0. . . |4.
?9h. OLD N0HT4 tJTAT^ Plii
on MKNT,, the Great Antiseptic
ir- Healer, cvures. Biles, ?ok?iuu,
1,1 Sore Kyes, Uianulated Eyelids,
||u Carbuncles, Boil?, Cute, Brnis
ea, Old Sores, Btirns, Corns,
vj-, Bunions, Ingrowing Toenails,
p Inflammatory , Rheumatism',
l'rt Aches and, Pains, Chapped
hiatus and Dips, Erysipelas.
h? It: Is sopieXhing everybody
ho seeds. Once used always used.
*" Fpr sale by all druggists and
dealers, i At. wholesale by
ol Columbia, 8. C.
r SawMills, ~
Cpfii iyiiUs,
CaiieMiJlB, -Pea
I Ol Engine*, \'j . Ji>.11 no!yt?"l
r? i\ *1
' ?-JjOJUUCK Sf n ivy. r nr' 91! 10
tf'fcl lYf )M?>!
Planers ami. ,,
l.O: O * ri .1' '.nitQ mini ?
Sll?l fl<? Wr? ?? r r*
I U VT ill^ UriVVS,
.v; ;: JljLX uftWS^ .1 a '.
h.?r _ fi . .#l- i. . ^ 2 r si . ) > ?
and all other kinds ol wood
working machinery. My Ser^^aut
Log Beam Saw mill is
the heaviestx strongest, and
most efficient mill for the
money on the market, quick,
accurate. St^te Agent loir H.
B. Bihrch Machine Company
,Tt>od working machinery,
?Fof high grade engines, plaid*
slide valve?Automatic,. and
?lorliss, write me: Atlas,
.Warertown,' and Siruthers
and Wells.
uif? v c BADUAM;
r\x&K Main St.', ydlanibia. .8. C.
The He w Ball Bearing
Sewing Machine
UlLpadn in Wortnafciti<'b:f), Beauty,
Oipaoify/Stninkth LightB inning.
Kv?r> Woman Waste One.
. i f
'J "* * ,
Attachments, Needles and
Parts for Sewing Mat hiues
of all makes.
When orderiug needles send
sample. Price 27c per dozen,
, i ' i.
' ji *
te Waotod in UBocoapicd Terri
! I'd IS Taylor Street,
Hard to Beat our Lino
of Machinery and
- llUilPplies. 1
?v_ Pfctut aawmllW^^^ i ? . ? " ici
? The Murray Cleaning fitJ Disirihuurg llj: . i
Liddoll Automatic and plain Engines
i i.. * "riiftnx'' (lords* Engines. - <
' New Souih" Brick Machinery. , , , j .
Farquhjtr Thresher* jvn.l Grain Drills.
Disston Saws and files
I'eerlesa Packings, Sievsns Sewer Pipe,
and Supplies generally.
Erie Ci'y Engines and Boilers
Efl-an Woodworking Machinery.
"Qneen of the South'" flrist Mills
ii*lley Duplex Seed Mills
Bandy Traps and Steam Specialties
Magnolia and Columbia Babbett Metala.
W. H. Gibbes & Co.,
804 Uervais'Street,
Ortman Pays
the EXpress
Steam Dyeing of every
description. Steam, Wap.
j tha4 French Dry and
chemical cleaueing. Send
for otir new price list anl
circn'.ar All work gnar
anteed or no charge.
Oilman's Steam Qye Sorts
1310 Main Street
CoirrvRiA H (I
f / ? I
A. L. Ortman. Proprietor.
Whitens the Teeth
Cleanses the Men tit ?
Sweetens the Breath
i fi
1 X lit
Murray:' ' II
Drug Co.,
, . COLUMBIA,8. C,
I *' ' i A ' " 1 ^
Cures La Upppc, dysnepnta, taJizesuon
>, iaid all stcioaoh and bo*el trouble, collo or
i ,o^sler? morbus, tcvihina trochlea with
children, kidney troubles, bad Mood and
all sorts of ssree, risings or felons, cuts and
birds. It is as good autiseptio, when looally
?ipUt*d,' VP anything on the market
T?5 ft and you Will pmiae it to others ' 1
1< your lruggui hwj t leap it, write to
r J '" nOL\tMBU. 9.'0' '

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