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N. It. Bayi v, Associate Editor.
?k* Advocate Publishing Co.,
(Joint btocK.)
liatesbur^, ." . C.
Vka ?ai $1.0
Six mssths 0
IT Transient one dol'.a
j??r inch for Pr-t lifty cent
yer inch for each subsequent in?erti??i
friale, Want, Foui.d and other nolic?
and Business Locals. ien cents for tr
words and one cent for each two wort
additional, each insertion.
Ofioial advertisements at the rat
tllowed by law.
"Special and other rates quoted upo
application to tins oflice.
i|Tho Advocate will publish rent
able letters on any subject, of gener
interest, when accompanied with t)
name an-J address of t ha writer. Anu
v in out and defamatory articles will in
03 noticed. Live corresp <udents wan
d in every section of the county,
ggrwyii. . . . ;
WKDNESDAY March Oth, 1901.
It is currently reported that Sen;
tor Sharpe of Lexington County, wi
be a candidate for Solicitor to succet
Mr. Thurmond. Lexington will hai
a place in the political picture. Kr<
your eve on Lexington.
The last ace in the Talbot ufrair i
McCoruuck was quite a novel one.
Crating and sending by express,
human being is surely a new way i
furnishing transportation. The tow
has most certainly decided to rid i
self of its cumbersome Itepublic*
member, and that two, by the fast#
means possible in this "vontieth cei
turv. In their method cost was n<
considered, for should it boen, tl
crate would have crone bv freiebt ii
stead of by Express, unless they ligu
ed oil what it would have cost to fe<
the consignment to its destinatio
H and us the railroad companies do n<
attach a dinning car to every freigl
traiu it v.ould also have been quite i
convenient. It hoped that win
next try to recapture the gentl
man lie will not prove so ferocious.
Wo sp> lit the fir>t part of the tliri
^^B days at. Butcsbutg. This pi nee lu
thrown aside the swadling clothes of
^HB town a:i 1 Ins made its debut as
^^^B blooming and blushing young city i
regards distance, population and in
1 r ?cedents. I.ike a beautijiil ?lp*ii
H |B elegantly arrayed i > her bridal costun
of the gro-m
J" ing fn shne?s and mi.nv attractioi
extending to capital and labor a war
Aft and hearty welcome within its border
B|H ll lias s nee our last vis t ceirtain'
^^B made many in p *t vements. Hands m
business blocks i.ow a lo-n its tilu
oughfaresand elegant ruiJ?nci8gr<n
its streets. Its institute of Laming
presided over by an r.b'e fa< nltv, tl
Bp memberj of wvieli rank among tii
mo^t pief.uind and advanced rducatoi
of the State. They te.v'i not aim
fertile money attached in so doim
but because they are we tied to tliei
profession. lis churches arc well at
rte-ded and its | eople are refined, cul
tureil and acei-m plished. A factor
is in successful operation and the nea
little fa- t'-ry vii age lends em ban;
intritt to the view . A large volume r
business is done annually ratlin tl.i
respect, it is the nietropol.s of th
Ieountv. Its morel ants are enterprb
lli? ami piogrcs-ing an I husi.nes. per
vulfrsthe whole place. I.exi ngtoi
)>js, at? h.
^ Hro. O . M. Marmun, the genial edito
k rf The Dispatch,concludes h'n "writ
?r up" of his trip lhioU-.li Ilia j|>aud oh
ruuii'y tf I.ei. legion in last v\tsk's is
sue. \V* would he ulnd to publish hi
v J.i tide ill till), hill spare forbids. W<
' publish his estiinate of cur town am
are {.'lad he thinks s > well of us.
A Trip in 'I lie Saiul.
L Many years ago it was our ptivileg*
I "t ?teach the young hlea how to hoot1
iu tl) s s< eliou kno-.vii as "'1'ie Sand.'
We have iu ver hrv-.i more cudialU
treated than l>> these same good pro
l>!e. Tiier "ore, it win with glid
hearts ws li >ar led Mi t ".S.v i n.? It ibbit."
Following the ex nipl of the prop!e
who live i i this seeii >n, this train
is vary area aim idatin so we had a
stop at St ?Jl lill.ltM, w i"ti Ig f u* l fill
car t > I)-* I i d I. that it illic it tie c irried
to Us d-stina ioi. W iila there,
we lud I he pleasure of leei g Wii?o
fJunter an I Haskell (Jjrit/. The e
gentlemen are largely interested iy
inerdini d s>- and i.aval st res. V,e
^lemcinhor Wil oil we!!. Mow **e ,ose
to to >k f.s i fresli from the 10 1 isI? , Hod
li ive r? pas's spread oi a box .hit
w ii 1 tl tickie any cue's liroat.
Kins ly the ear w.ra loade l and we
went on nr way to t'.e pretty town o.'
Wajfriirr Many I in | pv hours ot tnir'.li
> i jiii I in i ri ii nt Icive we *p (t with
^ these f ilka ami Miry h ve n<>t forgotten
IH. ON- vv re soon in the hands of
fri *o s ?>f he days of A old I, ing Sj i g.
It \v is < ir pr.vileg? to stop vs. 11i ,f.
W. I'augb i an, ? l.i. r .us .? llr-- rln ?
hotel, who h i* located iii (In* < filter of
t'if town. Mr Ihtnghmnii a!<o nmc!llcts
a ill < hunlile o sines* ami carri
-s .1 l. rg i:ie of go <!.s.
Afiir ii g> t il breakfast- we started
out "to do lie town," Mr. I>. (1. IIolflto:i
acting h |il Jt. Mr llo'ston bus
b en ban mi? ii ii!< s and horses at
this pli ce foi two year.-, and li.it a liosi
o friends n Ibis < ca it v.
Wecall'd on Gaiitt iV Gantt, who I
have be n .ere for several years aid
carry a large stock replete with tiling- j
needed by '.lit- farmer gen- rally. This
iii lie nl h le? e-1? I llahnif ills in
tli i' t io , m i* n ;e I h.v ni of integrity
and honor.
We i in am our r pects to Sawyer
& UhaiK, this (irin has only been
in business a short time, but are doing at
. an excellent business. These gentleman
do business on the plan, pay as th
. you go. This is a guarantee of their vi
Most ptople know cf J. W. Lybrand, bl
the king merchant not only of Wapener.
but of litis entire section. Mr. Ly- vj.
" bran I came to Wagerer in its infancy
and lias grown in business since, lie
lias two lurge stores, as nicely ar- #
ranged as s'ore* ever seen ?n kiwiir of '
= even larger size. Ilia stock would do
credit to any city. He also lias a roU0
er mill in course of construction, which '
means more i.ome rals?d flour for the di
people of that section. Mr. Lybraud '
_ enjoy a the confidence not on'y of Lis
t to a usiuan, but of the business world
r generally. lie has a number of pnlit "
;9 aiul hustling salesman, with all these
l. things, how could lie b it succeed.
~ We cnlltd to see U. T. Cuuter Jt Co.,
n but none of the firm were there. K
(This Urn, is as firm as (Jihralter.
There Is no man ti ore highly respect- w
* cd than Uncle Mai.ee Cunti-r. He has tl
been honored by l.is people with post- c
>> lions of honor and trust, ar.d in all *
these, he has stood the test of a man. Cl
? Then there is R. H. Olt, dealer in
general merchandise. Ho has also 1
j. been here more than a de< ude and enal
joytf a laige trade. lie is a wide-a>e
wake business man and the citizens of 1
"j the town haves hown their appreciation u
by making him the iutendant. We 11
were glad to shake hands with Dr.
? (iutiter. He use to be the chairman o' v
the boatd of trusties for the school
we endeavored to teach and we can D
= tru ly ruy, that lie locked after the in- j
n- terest of the school better than any
ill trustee with whom we have ever had t|
>d any dcaiirgi. This is saying much,
especially when the Doctor did not
jp have a chi'd.
Let os not forget our old townsman,
Col. C. L. Jones, the district agent for
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co.
The Col. is doing wall and haa.savcral ^
^ agents at work for his excellent Co.
0f We could say more of tins pleasant
.n taip, but this must suffice however we
most return thanks to Waverly Hoim
ston, for much kindness. He had a
goodly number of orders for job work.
n- c
ut Cloud* Creek Items.
,e The health of our community is ^
very good except colds.
r. Th : flouri hing school of Clydes
ptj taught ly Mi.-s Mattie Pieper, closed 1
? last Friday.
Several of our citizens spent a de- f
(l liglilful day at the residence of Mr. A b
n. Mrs. J. R. Crouch last 3rd. Sunday.
,n M isses Kate Wise end Adeline Rush- c
e. ton speut last Sunday afternoon at j
Mr. Claude Wise.s puite a lively time a
fighting snow ball. e
Blue Bird. I j
? ;
Willow Brunch Dots. ,
a 11
n 1 Tlie health of our corr.munty is very ; b
1S good, Willi the exception of colds. w
ii- Miss Bertie and Ollar Chailes visited n
le \1 its Alice Bodie last third Sunday.
10 Mr. W.O. Bodie has purchased a j h
" l voting mule. What does that ui?an? j o
t~ I A la'ge rrop 1 k"1"'
,S Ur. J. II. Whittle from Bstesbarg, |
was through this section, and took the
S .
' photograph of 1 he Willo.v Branch
' 1 Sclio I.
ic v
! The Willow Branch school closed
.p !ast Thursday.
is! I.og rollings and quiltinga are com- B
lc. j iug in st \ 1 ; Mr. It. S.Grander had one '
ip 1 last 1 ridav. Kose Bud.
litlti'reiljfc Ncwh Items. f<
r Mr. J. C. Kinard muv.d recently to j t
r Leesvi.lc. He and hie pleasant family ' L
will be mi.-sid by lis ail. 1
I- Dr. J. S B'atk. nur phys'cinn, is *
y n w located 011 I.is place, near his fath- *
11 et tl
Aunt hlizab th (laugh man, an in'
j valid fi r a long time, is not doing '
i* I well. We are very sorry to repoit ?
c j st.ch in w?. She. Aunt liappy Itisvr,
1 U uncles Juo Bedeiibatigli and Adam ^
' | Kede 11 baogh and Adam Kinurd, are!
11 the oldest people nreui.d here. For <
tl em all we wish long Ife. We could :
1 A1
n.-I s.el on mcII without them.
I w
Max. pi
p ? h.
ii Dots Ironi Del 111 ur High School. w
'i'lir health of our section is very si
* good wi h few exceptions. j tt
Farmers are now hauling gunr.o in w
; run blast. N
Miss lies ie Moore lias been viiitiuy
iier sist .r, Mrs. lfysiiufrr for the ilir m
1 1 few days. 'la
'J Mr. Luther M- ore, of Johnston, i- j .
* be
, . visi.ii g lis full.t-r and family t'.ia
week. *{
The photographer of B tesbury, Mr. | |
Whittle taken the Delinar school | ic >,a
! lur?i lust l*rid.?y. I lie group consist ,.a
of 11)1 faf.-S. (( ]
Master ' liarlie Shea I)' of Delmnr, is ! gh
siek with the fever. i Hh
Mr. S. M. Moore is almost rraly to ' *'
j nivnpv his new reside; ce. j ,,n
Farmer Oir'. j
: i>r
Dots front lloiiknlylit's. "v
We far n?rs are having s nice time j ' ?
. ' Wfl
lor preparing for new crop*.
We are glad to liear that Mr. J. yy. ,
lleihert who I.a- suffered fro n the ef- ;
' feets t.f 'grippe is able to he out a<ain. ' ^
Mr-. A. CI. Willis ami fna.l'y visited j
relatives SumUjr in Newberry. I ^ ,
We notice th.t !-'alu a, C is be- rei
ing netted with 'phone w res. Wont I hi
We talk DOW? let
Mr. Clint Kitvy, if Newt erry Col- | " *
lege, ?'isi|cd home folks Saturday and *n<
Sunday. Come ugsin CI lit. i v'c
We are glad ?o learn 11 at M r. Connie | ^r"
' |)V
i Havird it ab'e to l>e out sixain . '
Mr. aid Mr* J. W. Hcrlcrt i* now j ^(J
viaitinrr in Snlud ! ,
Rev. Counta. pastor ?l Rrthany, \t*t
preached a line sernaon Sunday. j ^
Hope we won't have any m -re, o t
snow Tor I *ai hailed out-. t-ri
\V D . '
Spring t'rceli Do n. ihi
The farmers of thisc inmunitv arc n"!
preparing the soil for another crop of the
t*i <c cent a cotton if ti t providentially ; ',:5
hind ->ed they* < ome out very well Nat j '"an
year, in l if !t is leit torn <n they would lfr
have cotton down to four cents or lrr-a i fr'''
we hope they will take econd thought ('"i
anu put in the corn and let the cottou twe
' Oei\
iv at nine and ten cents. g
Kr, J' C. Kieird baa moved. out of
i? section to thsir new home in sl
lie and Dr. J. ?*. Black 1ms moved on l'
s p'ace near his fathac Mr. J. W. '
lack. | ti
Mr. II. A. Sbealy accidentally rut 1,1
irce of his tinkers with an ax a few r<
MiksMatlie Derrick returned lumen .
w days ago from a week'* vi-it with
iends ai d relatives in liatssburK. (|
Misses Bessie and Ensle Kili.p.iie?
id their little sister spent last Satur- g]
*y night with Mr. J. C. Kinaid and w
inilly. J
Mr. and Urt. J. K. Warts visittd at b
Ir. ti. A. Ilhesly's lust Sunday o?tn* f
)g. Umss AVI.O. 0
Oati fr?tn Monctta. b
Our lommumty teems to b* in very ^
ood health except I aGrippe. c
Spring is on ua again. We have the I
ild flowers, the birds and trees, sucb 1
liiiig? as the Aught ry might not i
jme to see us, but I bold in my heart b
pity tor thtm and thank. God the a
ounlry is for me.
Prof, and Mrs Busby arc confined to
hejr reoni with LaC-rippe. We hope
o see them out again soon. 1
Mr. M. L. Fox has moved from Chinuapin
to our town. He has opened
p a nice line t f General Merchandise r
ii the Gautt old store. <!
The farmers are well up with their s
rork, by leginning early.
Kyery body teems to need one or
nore of Mr. Rutland's hue mules from
our tow n.
Balesburg has everything up-tolate;
Just read over The Advocate.
Best wishes to Advocate.
C. F. '
Summit News.
Well Mr. Editoi, as I do not see any
>ae writing from our town, I will en- ,
leavor to scribble a few lines for lit es
or the Advocate. (
The health of our community ic very I (
;ood at the present and hope it will { .
lontinue to be so. ' ,
Our farmers are very busy hauling ,
^uano and preparing: their lands f*?r i ]
uttivaticn. They are all hoping for I |
;o >d seasons and beautiful harvest. ' I
A good number of our people have j 1
iron attending court at Lexington for <
he paat week. '
Inspector J. hnson has been in town
or the past few daj s inspecting lum- I
ier for our mill men.
The school at this place will soon '
oroe to a close, as woi k lime is coning
near. This term has been quite 1
successful One, being taught by the '
fllcivnt and praiseworthy teacher, Mr. '
I. K. Shealj.
Tin Souths-n Kail road Co., Iiav?
lite recently, built us a waiting shed,
ut this is not w hat we want and what
re ought to have, as we arj badly in
ued or a good depot.
Mrs. II. S. Morgan ^is returned t
ome, after paying a forfhigir.t visit to j ]
er liu lia.id in Mauldiii,:^. C. (
' ni e snow Saturday, ^l?ut it duf not
lit as We would pave liked ti
uve ha.- a p00j rabb t bunt. {
If this dt.., ...?t find its to Ibe I
east la Wet you may again hir from.
Sairsiiin. I
Irotl ?' Niih'a Nice Nacks tfw. n
Nubby Knocks.
I have been asked to write join tl ing j
or The Advocate, There is no lack cii j ,
hinga to w *ite about, how to Kebct ^
hat wl i h will interest the readers < f
in- paper, m quite somelImiir else. 1
t'hen n old friend wlm Imsbte . Ioiij 1 ,
b?ent tel.orns, w* make much of then i j
rturn. The bouse is put in ordei am ,
lie w hole fauiily prepares to give :
enrty welcome. I am lure remind*-!
f something that cccure.l at a country
hnol away back "be fo de wnr, '
moutig the pirls and boys attending
lis school were two brothers, uncotitl 3
it h more than country manner-,
hrjr wvre familiarly kno vn as <'har! e .1
nd Teen. A few l uttdred yards aerooliat
was called a sovaneer, in a dense
n? forc-t, was a little log hut, tie ^
vine of CI at H* and Teen, Now i )
as while the school was in qoiet sea
on. Schools were usually quiet it
ie?e dayr, when hickory switch**
ere plentiful and unsparingly used
ow it was, that Charlie arose and
Idressed tlie teacher asking for | rr i ^
ission to speak to Teen. Perini-sim I
iving been Kianted; being ntnch rx- i .,
ted lie exilaiined "Teen ! Tec n ! I'll .j
1 dingsd if they haint kilt the oM
os'.er. fer I hear him er squalling
nc.e the-e old school days, although f.
Iiave had experenres in tlii gs good,
d i nd indifferent, I have often been
ri i?d back in memory to this old
(tool to memory, I set again with the
rls and b.>ys My! what girls! Not
:e tlie girls of the present day?they 1
ire more natural. They wore no j
ffs, ruffs, and stuffs, or did they wear |
r- modern hat like the girls of tin
eserit dav, which "euriiiuls one of an \
er 'oadad hay-wagonr. No they were
t like girls of to-day, only lhatthry
ire gifU. They coul.l 8ki p, hop, jump
d climb trees just like the boys,
era was not much love making beeen
boys and girls, bul sometimes
pid, the little rascal, wool I slip into
r midst, and when he did, woe to
is? who received his darts. 1 will i
ti?n her having had an experience of
k kind myself. 1 saw li^in before he
ny me ratnl Hliart. He'was beneath
sun-bonnet of h dark eyed lassie (v
i ?h if to tnhtnlize hia defenceless
t iin, he entiled as the arrow flew
in the In w, wild, if I had been hit
an am ienl battery gun, I eon Id not
ie gone to pieces more co ?pletely. V
<1 ii w, after l he la pa of mine 11 an |
t> ) e?ra, during which time I have 0
n trying to gather myself together,
tied that I have utterly fu! eil. and I
-n times cu'ch myself singing : Iler
tin smihs haunts n e still,
tut as I thus dwell with memories of
i act. aim-tig thlngsof pleaaureand
ng< otherwi.e, then conies hack to t
as it had happened but yesterday,
exi ilenient of Charlie over the kil of
he aforesaid old rooster. The
te of or the slaying of the old roos- anl
was doubtless t he coming of Some j
d, or perhaps stranger, for in those
s, there was n?? difTcrenee made been
stranger and friend?all n.en reed
and treated alike. "That the
ood house-wife in the absenA?\>f the
itted calf, or somot liirg beoVrr, bad
ain t he old rooster )he being probably
lelast chick on the little faw) thatie
might keep in line with tie hospislity
always accorded to fndMs and
irangers ? A thing which waslproverb
il throughout all South Cartt^"*But
readers, w hen I began qhis urtile,
I did not have in mind "tfe olden* |
nie," but an up-to-date llioilfht per- s
aded my cranium. rerh&|>4 what I ,
are written may bo taken ns more ,
tinn a prelude to what remains to he (
lid. 1 was thinking of cotirsei as v< u ,
rill presjntly see, about the rutin n i1 .
'lie Advocate nnd Its Kditor i<J Bates- (
urg. The Advocate has gone
rum us so long that fome of^Bdispair J
f ifc-r seeing i.sMgbt in oujloidst a- ,
nln But here it is fat, slee? pure, '
right and clean. Its ap
icaiauvo vcr|icu?B uiv uotirijr ?fiuiii?
accorded it by tbo people of
tatesburg and surrounding Country. (
'ruly I have not heard li?? squall- i
ngof the old rooster, but e melhing *
etter has been offered?tt)<* dollar J
ml tins is lis it should be.
N. G. Conner.
(Continued to Next Issue )
V Good Cougli M:d.'cino for
Children. 1
"I have no hesitancy in reccotnnanding
Chamberlain's Cough Kerne- |
lysays F. I*. Moran, a well known I
md popular bake.-, of Petersburg, Yu.
We have given it lu our children
vlien troubled with bad coughs, also
\ hooping cough, and it has always
;iven perfect sntiifaotii n. It wan reoMtnmendcd
to me by a druggist us the
jest cough inedh Ine for < Inhren as it
contained no opium or other liarinful
irug." S??1J by F. Li. Gunter.
-It is with feelings of peculiur sadness
tliat we record the drA^<>f I). D. |
I), Mithell. For nearly twenty years
jOU9CCUtiV?ly, lie stood at the head of
the educational interest ol**Y>ur town
ind community. In 188I. be was elected
chairman of the^Board of-Triistees
i>f the Leeaville English and C!a*sica
Institute, which position he tilled ur-tiltlia
said Institute was sut ero ded
by the Leeaville College in 1800, when
Its was elected Pr> sident of t lie hoard
jf dhectors of the I.eesville College
Company, which position ho filled
ivith credit to himself and fidelity to
;lie cause of Christian Education, uniil
released by death on the 28th dry
if Jan 1901.
Amid the passing events whit!)
narked his administration i f educational
aflaiis. thoie was always in him
i s e.idiness of purpose and cheerfulness
of spirit, which led on to broader
< 1.1. ....i l..?r.. -
.V... ...? 6.?r?i?r? umiullicg.^
lie stood eyer rsady to help in the
auseof right and counsvl ngaini-t the
Villi!*. j
Much of the success which Leesvilh
iow enjoys in educational matters, is
lite to the life and labor" of I>. D. I\ '
Mitchell, un Pr (1 d's b!rs in* Th re
jie be it resolved: %
Isti Ive I lti.it. we jubmis.-. \ c to J j
?od'? call which has tulw-ii our brother |
sud co-!aboicrer, 1>. I* I), Mit. hell i
torn i s. i
2nd. Hcsolved that, we will cherish 1
lis nicmoiy
3rd. Unsolved tint, a p**e in oui
uiniite book be devot -d to bis memory, i
4ti?. Resolved that, copies of t li ir
.rib = te a solution* bs given to the ,
..exington Pi;j?atch, Summit .New: i
.oiler and B itesburg Advocate f. i
When j on are Li lions, i so tho'c
mnous lilt 1* pi lis known as I)eWitt4?
jitt'e Karly Ki.s- re to cleanse thelivei 1
,nd bo vfU, They never gripe.
I4' It. (.'unter. I
Notice to Debtors and Cr ditors.
All persons owing the Estate f J D. /
ion, wi I make payment to ilie under- .
ign. d, and all persons having o'.nin- '
gainst Lis Es ate prerent ti e same to *
lie undersigned, j ropefv attes'id
kdoiini trator of the of
J. D. S*n, deceased. s
Eeesvtlle, S. (_' , Feb ^28, ltH)l.
Working 124 Hours a Day\
There'., no rest for th se tireless lile
work -r->?Dr. Kin^V New I-i ft* I' i 11 j
lillioliH are a) win s b:i<y, eurinj? Tor
Id Liver, Jaumii.-e. I'.ili noli": >? *-, j
ever an I Ajjii ?. Tli-y hnuish Sick ^
cniulii', drive ovt Malaria. Nev r
ripe or weaken. Dma'', taste nir ,
ork wonaers. Try tlieiu. C5.it F. D. (
unlet'*. ,,
J. C- G I j
Dry Go 'd*.
Shoe--, Itlats,
I Re. dv made G
, I ?
<?roeeriie*, Ilardw ire, Cro
A cire 1 i. e of Collins; i: Caskets al
west. For all go dl;n m ine Give
3. F. tan
I Stai (e and
0. li 0 C E
W? have o!ir rnn l^iia.lc b; roll ible p<
;?eJ to be Ir.'^b, V
Dry Go ods I ow i
> '
StrlkeH it lticli Find.
"I ass troubled for several years
vith chronic indijeslion and nervous
leblhty," \vtites I'. J. (Irc?n."of I.allloster.
N. 1!., "No remedy helped
lie until I b-g;in using Electric Hi';ers,
which did tue more good linn all
lie luct ic'iics I ever used. They have
ilso Kept inv w ife hi excellent health
'uryenr . She siys Klcctrie Hitters
ire j'i"t splendid for* female troubles;
hat the/area grand tonic and invigirat
r for weak, run do v. n women. No
ither medicine can take its place in
Mir family." Try tin in. Only 50c
-atisfaxtioii guaranteed Itv F. LC Guniel*.
Ornithological J
Something entirely] new aim interring.
Itenn what you are to do. You
nay g-*t .C2l)0 cash. Our co test is to
ice who can mat.e the large t list ot
lames (?r kinds) of birds front the iolOW
ng list of letters:
W I) o () C 0 K IJ L I- I A r K T A it
I 1>G ES I' N I i: I. V i: H It l> I M W
A 1> O II T L.
We wtll recognize as a bird anything
belonging to the l'<-at In-red tribe,
whether it he a Hen, Crow,Singer or
my other kind. You can use any letter
as many t ine to make a name as
It appers la he ii-l of letters above;
lor instance Woodcock, !'lov--r, Snow
Ui:d, ic. To any per-nu who r. it in ike
a list of 25 or more tl If rent names of
birds, we will give absn'utely FItKK a
beautiful I'r.ze, value it-00 or le.-s.
When you have made but your lits
till out toe line on the bottom o( this
adv. and send to i.s with Stamped,
Addressed envelope, then iTy- n are itwarded
a prize l?y becoming a subscriber
to Tim Wot/run's World. We
shall awaida prize to every who sends
the name of 25 Ihrds, and our gift will
be as follows: For the besj list received
each day, a Gold Wliatch; fur
tliesacond best solution each day a Inip
rtcd Tea Set; for the seven next best
solutions, ea b day a Konr.iti-Sakih
Diamond and Ituby King, for the next
best solutions a Gold Piece; and fur all
ot her com el solutions, Prize- of Good
Value. Tlie-e | rizes will be forwards
daily,you will not have to wait a long
lime in uncertainty before yuu km w
"lie r?suit. Thtue is no element ?>f lot
tery in our plan, it uiak? s no dilVert-nce I
whether we get your solution hlte or
cm ij in the day. All you need is to
inaii (postage f? t-) this adv t<> us, and
on the da.i it readies us, if your list i.-j
the bc-t.you shall have the Gold
Wiltfli or it se . nd best the beautilul
Tea Set, mid so oe. W ? g un ran tec t b it
we ? i I award you a prize. Ther?* is
atisolnt"lj no *(,pportunity for decep-1
tioii on ? ur | ai t?we cannot atl'otd ii '
We w-nit to gel 1 ,(i!fii,i)' U wi ll sa'isfied
sub-eribers, and for that mason \v
don't want you to send any money until
you know i x id v what prize you
have gained by answering the puzz r-.
As soon al'er I p. in. eaeii day n< pe. -
y ble, the exam iters Will judjre1 lid li-ts
to the oest of their ability, and will j
ile-ij;i ate ! lie prize ?. We Will write to j
yon nt?.(!( enoi ifvitu > ti what prize j
'mw hi en awarded % on. then if you are
'ully st.tislled you e .n send your sub- j
-criptiiii t< 77,0 U". inm's h'l.i'tl an I
your prize will by return of post
[ aretu !y | acker!. Tti a p? rs n of narrow
ideas it -cm in- impossible that we
should lie able to able to iniike sneh a
li igrmit : offerf but we have tie money ,
brains ami re|iulni ion, we know exact- ,
ly what we afe doinp. an I if we ran j
legitimately pla-n a 1:1 11 i> it -:ab cr.b is ,
try this grr.nd*idt .1, we know that tins
mill.en ? t wmI plea e<l .-i b cribers ear
ne iiultieerl to reooutrl 7V:e ll'r.trj.iii'n ;'
W'uhl to all it ienris t here by building tip
jor ?ircubrtioit still In titer. We are
aiilioe ii s; ei.d Szir.tKM in tbi- contest j
in building up a big ssihsco-ip ion list,!
end wlieti ibis money ts sp-at we re
c rvo t he eight to publish a notification
that the cm t's has limn di-eoni
i lied* ! > n *i i lay until its to > late.
I'be e? ti e-l will c ontinue I until Jttlv
ist. r.;?i.
We?nr:i It ttus I'r ize ?*?;) iodej en
lc*nt ol all o' l.er- to t be person who
en's mi tin* I -t gotten up i:i tic b st
no batidsoiuest mantu r. <5;tr Coin
nittie will decide r.nil award pr /.
laily, but the special i"D | r /. will be
iwnrded in >epteuiber. 1 hi! Any
birds nam.- fo nil in tl.e dictionaries'
WHO \vr. ARE.
T/.< ' ll'i ini x Il'or/cl" n thnrowjhy
i i liitl l-' etiiuTi i>, trr arc n iii'irn to c/c?
.i\u tly en ire i:i{>\ t tisc. .l.s la < ir rr
iahilily ire refer hi any .\<I;'rtisi:itj I
Iijcnt or kit*tars* nt to in L nrJail.
VANTK.I?-*<"riVi: MAX Of OOirlr Cll cltACer
In ileltver mat eo!"? el ia South Carolina r??i
i!?l estalilisln it inaiitifaetliriiez Wh ile-ale liousr.
i'JnOa year, sure |>::y. Honesty in ire tlma exe:
at-iit e lejiiin <1. ilnr n lin iiee, ;.ny liank til
ay city, i nclose self-ntlclre* < <1 stamped en-eio|ic>.
Manufacturers, Third Ft >or, ."sit near-!
lorn St., c tiica^o.
A i i?-?i in ly, < : ro.i of her
.ml Noises in till* Ufa'1 ">\ I> . Xieh'd
t.i?*- At tili. i.'.l Km- !) !;? -. $ I U1(h)
to I: i.^ 111 * it II to, -o t!) I ilv'af [:? ?
ile unable to procure tl:<j Ku* Urtisiis
nay It.iVe D'imi free, Adir-^s Nl)
l'.IS - . I i.r Ni.'.ii 11 so i I iiitil lit 7 ; I
'"i-Jilli Av?i.i N \v York, ?'. S. A.
3 V E R .
Notions, R ;?i-,
Caps, It libbers,
lothing. ]
ckery and (iln-s Wi. re.
ways are handy?Prices lo v as th '
,, L ,
me h run u?iore imying el?? '.t rt*. t
.EST & CO. |
I Fancy
R I E S , I
VHE, [
?opU> especially for our (vatic, miliar *
els the Lowest, ]
The Hamilton, llrown Shoe Co., of
St Louis, Mo , will nive your baby,
born during the year 11)01, its llrst ,>ai ^
of Shoes tree. They are made of line K1
Vicl Kid. and wear well.
Ukfctifcf??<"B22}vN ,,3? SHOE
U X. Gunter,
Lu B. Asiill *
^ Cc + y Q
Johnston, S. C.,
New Northern Grown Seed
' 44 44 Onion Sets
4 4 4 4 4 4 Si'Pil Pntutcs
CortiTY ok Lexington.
H. B. Senterfeit, I. F. Senterfeit, XV
B. Senterfeit, Isaiah Senterfeit and
Mrs. Debbie Kennedy, Plaintitl's.
E-telle iluilman, Falh.w anil Julian
Ilallman, Defendants.
I it ohcoiance to the judgrr enl of the
('our* in this ease, I, Samuel B. C-corge
Speiyn 1 Refeiee herein, will sell to the
highest bidder at public outcry, before
the door ot The First Nathional Bank
of Pate-burg. at Bati-sburg, S. dur-j II?
ing the legal hours of sal-*, on Thursday.
the 21-t., day March, next;
All that c?rtain farm or piece of
lain! com aiding one hundred acres situated
in Lexington County and State
aforesaid, on the l'inc Log road, adjoining
!and-? of Juine- M. Jones, No. I.
Estate of John Ixjwman deceased, and.
tract No. f., and hath such representa-'
tionsasa plat or the Mime xxx made
by W E Sawyer D. S., SOtli., January , ?
1>77. will more fully represent.
Terms: One third cash, and the l;a - "M*
a to on credit, in two equal mini al in- ; .Li
stalhiicnts, with interest from day of :
sale, at i ig lit pi r cent per milium, pay- ;
able ai finally, set urtd by bond of the ' '
purchaser and mortgage t f the prem-'
|?es sold. Term- to be complied with J
immediately, or at the exj iration of '
one hour, ?he premises will le resold
ut the risk of the former purchaser.
I'urclia vr l') pay for j apers and reveline
Special Kefcrr.?Clerk of IlieCourt.
I. x iiRti'ii, S. l\?b.,?7, 1901.
Cc itha'. Time ft' >ivii:e nr.l ^nviantb.
Enter i Tirj at Oihor P..ii.-*.
i*clic*lu!o in E.Yeor Jan. 27th, 1!>U.
KOKTiteovvD. No.ru No.jJijjTo.31
(Daily I>any ex bu
Lv. . I". vc-.v-.t II (. (H. te > . .. I N 7S.j&| 7 47 pi-' 'J.rp
" .v.i-iata si?. !>/ ) .. 12 My 12 30m 4U0n
Earnwoil ' cttpi 4 (Hit >
" Xln-k.i . I 480p| 4 -h*| 8lep /
> r ? '. imb.a .. 61fip| 810* ><tp /
I.v I-I io-1'ov. ltj ......j ; u^l'iioop Si.p /
" toipiitviilj :41n'l-04il 6dull
liter, r.ril,.) 8 M* 7: UJg 7 1AI? ,?
' O-Bir- < 0 23* . 4J.A 7 aba \
" fi.vrtiV 10 l.'n' 4 2* 8 47? V"
' " ' umbta _ n oopj ,?? J?a&;i \
f-v- >??. i.). i at>n> >' iiupi a &.{?
v. h -.Mtevii ? a:;<i. ioi:,i,
f,r* A. . 31&V> j 715?
I V. .1 Mtoa 4 02\1-|HKA)
,'ohr. Hon ^4 I;pill
Ar. < 'lain'via. i.r. D.> b&&p 2 k?r
Lv. c > umli.i, {uulj > t flaey' c,no.?
" \\ irtmborn 7 If) 72"nl)3iy _
' "J1 ! July 8 ]:'? 11 24p S"
KovX Hi 1 88fipl H .:,Ja II irri
< r. cm trio 11 I V%IP| 9 4Sa!i281*
Ar. r>iavtl:o 7.. I; .-.In l.tif.j HTfa "
Ar. . ' | ' (>" ilittp'. . ..
lv. w?t !?:.* < ! . " ..... i fivi T;?r? I3T:? ;
" j irni'Da' iPa.RK).... I t? I.Vi 11 .V>p 11 Sin ;
I M'r.ilKjhia . ... . nx.n 2 >ta I ?n
_ -)-.v \ ri.. | .'Uii fl gag 4 l!i I. m
1 ... : l?4.nTL\ta Qta
'' 1 '4"1' E *jJ
Fill':N"o.:a,yo.35 Xo.
|L'in!y Daily ex.- ff7'!
Cv. SH
A-I'TI.I.* !(Mh. 8tt1v HB<
-r: filr.irg II 43a ' rt li?v QCrt
11 aaipl ?aopl......
uv. Nim York . u.i>.i;i : i
I !>: ikI.- I !i.:i II.VAl; 81l>
? : I ... .... x fi ,Vo R i*_ j?
" [email protected]
'' ' _ 111 Uulin|
.. V: ' 1 1 t?Vn I'itsp .S?a ISA'.;
*.- WW* 11 lop fistfn B1
*' iOlta t5 0?!ii MB
\r. < ..e.i..Hid- st . 11 A*. 1 ii'u H
l.v. v. . ii>i i, d-: D.i., il.v-j Fy
I ?o:i ... 1p rtiTOn S5jj?j
1 ton I - Op R 4>n ..... BD
Jr. i A>p 7 SUn 0 4Ja fit*
\r. CTijnit.-vllIo -'l:n> 7 1'n1 i~ .<
\r. \ 2.Vip Kdoa la ? ? K
4 J||. |H
Ol i lire 5JBi> 3 4&u if 41s px'SJ
? I i*n.-hvi .. rtl.lp 4On' 93ua B99
> Tiiim rvl.li- 7 Kip 3 :-7u I? Sha P*>7oo*
ii l.a |B|
>. r > .s.. iij.;, it * ?, iW. To* IB
" !' ir .'w'.'i0 1 ,\t>T 3 57h, 8 8S0I W'J
" bavauuuh 30$ KV"iu20^ %i>
i 7 fup. 0 Jim. 2 Aiy HF|
Slre,>la<5 Car Sorvico.
17-..?'.lent ?'..?!Ij* i immi/ur service lmtween Uft '
lorula nu<t No.v \??rk.
N >*. .1 Hti l 32 7f*A York nod Florida Lim- H
.< 1. I 'ally i>t Hundnv, j,. .^,.,1 excite
oiy <>r Pullman fluent Drawing H<w?m Hleop- BE
i'K. : i tmunt nuil O'eser vatory I'lim l# i
\ . ? ? ! \mv V >r U 4 ' iIm in * im.l V ... '
? 'i i hku?i l ill*. ran I
Pullman sjo.pinr oars kctvcon Au<;'mIm and KSfl
1 Ihm nnd N?-*v York, runs augiisin to hJ ;
JolnmMit via B.a i.. . . .k *
?.<< :? ('h.ir'.oi'..'ii mil 0>iu'n Via. HI'
Num. a i ami .14?New York nail Florida Kv NH
r ri Drawl lu room nloCgiia.' cars bpiwit'ii HB
luir.iitn ind Now \ork. Pullman drawingfh>*'i
inonrs liriwci n Fori Tampa. Jiii-k- MB
onviho >*.iv:?r. anh Washington mid Vow York MM
"o. mail h:c*- lng cars ln:i?i'c:i Charlotte an.| MH
tichin id Pining can botwoon Charlotte
>ii<! Mivitunnh. j HH
N M. i) .ind iK>?U. S. Fast Mail. Through HS
Y.i'.iiin > niv .nif-room Imifn ? cnBlajoftivhiv HI
wii'ii .lilt-!;s< nvillo nnd Now York and Pull- HS
nan a i ;:i/ours Lolwoop A u gun* a an I Ch:i - Kj no.
Dining ,'iir* si-rvi> nil moils enronto ffB
'nliirtun mi (.Inn oars Imtwoou .Iiwkso.ivillo t> )
nd Oommh a f.ii-onto dn.iy liotwoon Jnok.soa- MR :
111c ai d Chioinn.i'.l, via Ashevlllo. PU J
::ank i.haxxon. a. h.hardwick, w
Ti.lrd V P.* Hon. Mgr., < on. Pi s Agt., BV l!
Vuahluxion, D. C. Washington, D. C 1 H i
W. II. t A OR, H.W.Hi NT,
la*l lion, rim* Ag't., Lnv. Pass. Ag'l.. Wy-j
Al iuutn, (>iu i'li rlca'.on, 8. OL
Hl.M ^ - - - - ...
atesburg Buggy and Harness Co. I
fust received a car load of buggies. Best on earth for the I
nicy. fg ^ I
Every Buggy Guaranteed I
Clan sell you a nice Buggy, set of Harness, Lap-Robe and H
hip, from $30.40 up. We also carry iii stock a nice line of I
liars, Pads, Haines, Traces, Bridh s *?nd Horse Clothing H
lerally. Our entire stock of winter Lap-Robes at cost. A
BATESBURC - _ _ - S. C. 1
u. D. CULLUM And CO. 1
'Prices tell: Tf>e People (ell the Prices.' fl
Columbian and 'Continental",i I
Buggies. I
They are as good as the best, and better than the rest- H
'id Hickory-Tennessee I
and P ?dmont I
Wagons, I
Noted for their strength and durability.
-Fertiizers- |
A tull stock of the well known brands: ''Star Br?nd'\^^M
rifts, "Golden Harvest and Cotton King",
"P. cX: F." and "A. D. Bone" ?
st received. G.:|e solid car Nitrate of Soda. "
irdwarc, Stoves, Qrockery, Gin and Saw mill supplies H
-am pipe fitting a specialty Call and see me when you H
- in need of anything in my line. Satisfaction guarau- H
?# $., WbM
ew Northern Crown Seeds. I
Onion Sets. fl
Seed Potafcoes^J
f? (TNMtTriStVWTMaiA ^ |J
PureRjjrsWhiskey IS
[^l mMtmmmm fmrHiiZ 3)3.2Q r
H - TUT UP*irv~ f g3? Wo thlp on approval. In plain boxes, with
^1. f?PSlQdETT, no n;arko tc Indicate content*. Whon you Kagsijjra
30l B"MAO Sv. A!JGUS.TA GA KfciJ rocolvo it ond toot ?t. If It It not oatlofactory ^Eftgra
roturn osponoo roturn
* ? ?? . ?hB9
irfiHii ? MM
r a ? ^ ^EjrawSHSjlS

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