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^ 4
.x, ? r-??
Published Kvkuy Wfdkkhday.
The "devil and a real one too," I
at last arrived at our ottlce. Li is nai
is Wave. Truth too!!
Mr. E. W. McLenoa of Johnston li
been in town several days.
Mr. W. P. Hoof was here last \ve?
Mr. Hoof is Pres. of our factory and
bn? cf the leading factory men in o
Ex mayor Flckeiwof JharUston spe
Thursday in our town. This Kent
man lias faith iu Ilatesburg, as 'lie 1
good money invested here.
The grain irop is .looking finely, I
poor muli s and horses ai.out with j.
as they think of the line when th
shall have a good square meal.
Mr. M. L. Fox is doing a go
business at Monnetta, called to see
last w? ek,always g ad to see our frien
come in town.
Miss Adeline Kushton, who has be
teachir ggin excellent school at "Wi
Creet, has returned to her home
Augusta tia. The Advocate will gi
her the Carolina news.
Mr. J. S. Addy of Prieeville railed
see us Saturday. Mr. Addy is one oft
livext liouiu farmers and II ey >re t
ues that succeed. The Advocate w
pay him a weekly visit hereafter.
llr. Dan Boatwriglit ?-f the Mt. El
sect ion, was in town last wiek. J
iioatw right is a good friend of ours a
Deputy Sheriff Corley of Lexingt
was in town last week on business.
John Fi x Fins he intended douni
hik Easter suit last Sunday, but t
weather was a little '-previous", I
John always has Easter suits.
Miss Maud Kernaghnn is home for
few days, from the Columbia Femi
Mr. Charley Cannon of Lewieda
Was in town Sunday.
Mrs. Timmcrman was called to t
bedside of a sick friend, near the ?
home. She left Sunday afternoon.
This wtather we have been ! avit
strikes us as rather cool.
Prof P. Cortex Culluni, who 1
been in charge of a llournishing sch<
in Nirth Carolina, is home again.
Mr. J. C. Goodlet, and old room an
at the 1*. M. I. of Jthe Advocate, U
bout, is putting iti sonic machinery
the Middlburg Mill, Mr. Coodlet is
expert mnchiuist nod a jolly good I
low as well.
Mrs. Clarence Asbil went to ltid
JJ Spring Saturday, to visit her mothui
I Mrs. E. K, Hard in lias return
p home, after an extended visit *to re
J tives in tl e upper p: rt of the Sta
Mrs. Hardin, Doctor's mother, acco
^^^^BM^to?tf>*nied her and will spend some time
troubled a digcsif|^fch
to. an
lx>Vid dealer of Charleston,
liere Thursday. Always glad to lw
auoh vi.itors.
Mr. M. T. Wright took in the S.
C. I. Caro'ina liail game at Kdglie
H? reports the E.igefield boys first el
Mr. L. 8. Wutkins of the Kit
Section, was in town Monday and p
n visit to our shack, a most profita
| 'visit it was?at least to us.
L! "Had piles so hat! I could got no r
nor find a cure until I tried DeWi
A "Vvitch Hazel Salve. After using
B oriel forgot lever had anything 1
B Piles."-F. L. Boice, Somer* Poi
Eook out for imitation*. Ke sure <
Bff tttk for DeWilt's. F. B. Gunter.
Mr. A.I. Bedenbaiigh last baiur
for Newberry, where he goes to arc
pesition on the Lutheran Visit
|H Mr. Bidenbangh has made m;
B| friends here and the Advocate wis
Liai success in his new field.
BB Mr. Willard Quattlchauin pahl
BBSS liome folks in Edgetield a visit
NB "week.
j^H Never have we seen so much r.iin
|9^B bo short a tunc as fell in our town
BBg piiday morning. The streets prcs?
RHH ad the appearance of young rivers.
HH ....... <!..? <>A..,u/.|iunir. tlill
IAltnj nnj um , osi??v v
be made in tbe drainage of the to
Tbiu is of great importance and slio
bnve like earnest atteuliort of our t
.Rev. X X. Burton, of Grarntevi
ppent two days Willi his daughter A
I>, iJ.Cuilum, last week. Mr. Bur
l? one >f our pilgrims, but neveri
le-n one of us. No man is more hi
iy regarded to our people than lie.
"Last winter I was eon fined to
bed with a very lad cold on the In
Nothing gk*e gave n.e relief. X-1n:
my wife bought a qottle o' On? R
Ute Cough Cure t liat"y fleeted a sp*
cure. I cannot speak too highly
that excellent remedy."?Mr. '1'.
Houseman, Tanataney, I'a. F. It. (i
Editor Terrell of the Monitor, ea
to see us Saturday, Bro. Terrell i
bustling newspaper man and n gen
man, who recognizes the ethic
journal sm. We were favorably
pressed with our Brother arid hope
e? the light of his countenance in
Shack at no distant day. lie is tat
steps to inaiigurattf a moveiueiit i
%iB be a great help to Jikuston
this sutire section as well. We s
so Operate with him. as far as is
Several commitment i#ns were ere
d out last week. We endeavor
serve our friends the best we can,
tveryone knows that it is imposih!
pet every thing sent in on all oecaai
We will do our best, so keep seni!
jour phucts.
ToCuro a Cold in One Daj
Take I.axative Bromo Quinine '
lets. All druggists refund tin* un
If it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's
is on each box. Mo.
Ml Mr. Kit Garvin of near Wngensr
town Monday. Mr. (Jurvin is a
jaaHWHBHMSanKaasful farmer and a most [estim
Money to Lend,
At The First National Dank of Rates?
burg. Every accomodation consistent
with sound banking guaranteed to our
? patrons. Your account solicited.
VV. W. Watson,
An I ngenous Treatment by which
as Drunkards nre^ Itelng
Cared Daily in spite of
as No Ndxous Coses. No Weakening
of the nerves. A Pleasant aud
i r* a si... H.kls
>k lM?>i mi* w u ro iur iiiu uquur iiuun.
i.? It is noK generally known and under?r
stood that Drunkenness is u dUerne
aud not weakness. Ahoily filled with
poison, and nerwv completely "shatte nt
ed l?y deriodieal or constant use of it.le
toxtouting liquors, requires an anting
dote capable of neutralizing and eradioat
114: this poison, and destroying ti e
craving lor intoxicants, i-'i ffere h
he may now cure ihemsilws at home
without publicity or loss of time from
' business bv this this wonderful
-HOME GOLD CURE" which ha; been
perfected niter utany years of close
ll() study ai d treaiuent of inebriates.
The faithful use according to directions
ot this wonderful di-covery is
id positive y guttranleed to dure the most
obstinate cage, no matter how hard a
drittkc. Our records show.the ninrvelen
ous transformation of tliuUsrnds ol
rst Drunkarks into sober, industrious and
in upright men.
This rentt ds is in no sense a
t? nostrum but is a specific for "this dtshe
ease only, and is so skillfully devised
I and prepared that it is thoroughly solubleand
pleasant to Jtlie taste, so that
" it ttan he given in a cup of tea or coffee
without the knowledge of the per,
. son taking it. Thousands of Drunk**
ards have cure ] themselves with this
'r- pi ice I ess remedy, and ts many more
ud have be- 11 cured and made temperate
men by having the "Cl'KE" admiiui0,1
tcred by loving friends uttd relatives
wihout their knowledge in coffee or tea
?jr and believe today that they disooutin,
ued drinking of their own free wi.l.
DO NOT WAIT. Do not be deluded
>"f by apparent and misleading "improvement."
Drive out the disease at once
and for all time, The "HOME COLD
8 Cure*' is sold at the extretiiel low price
of One Dollar, thus placing it within
rea'h of everybody a treatment more
effectual than others costing$25 to $50.
,e' Full directions at company each package.
Special advice by skilled physicjt
ians when requested without extra
chargh. Sent prepaid to tiny part of
the world on rcce'it of One Dollar.
Address Dept. 1 Edwin B.Giles A Cumpatty,
2330 and 2352 Market Street,
AII correspondence strictly conlideutias
Tlic Best Blootl Purifier.
ite The blood is constantly being puriad
fieil hv the lungs, liver and kidneys,
at Keep these organs in a healthy condian
lionjand th? bowels regular and you
el- will have 110 need of a blood j i.rifl'er
For this purpose there is nothing
equal to Chumborlnin's Stomach and
Liver Tablets, one dose of t em will do
. more good than a dollar bottle of Did
I best blood p trifu r. Price, 25 cents.
Samples free at F. M. ( miter's.
opt ^
z li? st Makes, *
ll" Lowest Vv
Pc tc r A.
'ii tWr
1)37 Bro
u 111
Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. T. Rhodes of I'er
I ' ry have sent out t arda announceinj
(OM the marriage ol llu-ir daughter Allot
11,P. Keen, to Mr. Clarence W oodwart
jr|,_ Moblcy. This happy etjeii ocourred on
the 9"inst. Miss Alice is pleasentlj
(n remembered by many of our people
and has a noniher of friends who wish
r|U v I ior ner niiK ii ii.i|>|tuir>- hi inc. i iic
Jin. ; Ail\oc:?t i xIcihIs congratulations am
(1 v hope Ili?-ir 1 i\ os will be one long swee
r of I *ol,K* Tiny wi 1 make their home a
; White Oak, S CV
mi-j Miss Rerlh.i Able of Lcefcville was ii
I town some days ago.
I!e Mr. J. A.Whiltcn, the hustling Jta-ke
is a Store man, has been sick several days
111e- ! NVe are gl.id to say he is improving
s Of Mr. NVhiiteii Is a popular gentleniai
?> I >r. W. p. Tiniticrmaii of Kdgefleh
to j.ouiity visited his father Mondav. W
our j ,?ill wager a |hat wi.li any one tha
>ing i'lico knows as many people as an;
thai other man in tne slat and in every re
and spert, there i.- no more clever fello*
hull living tiian lie.
Cauglit a Dreadful Cold.
! Marion Kooke, manager for T. M
( Thompson, a large importer of fin<
millinery at 16'8 Milwaukee A* untie
hut .
I i lueago,say s: "During the late sever
weather I (aught a dreadful cold whirl
kept me awake at night and made in
unlit to attend my work during the da,
j One of my milliners was taking ('ham
I berlnill's Cough Remedy for a sevea
I'ab cold at that time, which seemed to re
>ticj |ie\ e her ao quickly t hat I bought soin
?'g- for myself. It acted like magic no
I began to improve at once. I am noi
was entirely well and IVe? very pleased t
sue- acknowledge its merits." For sale b
able K. Ii. tinier.
Save your Money
Ami keep Ik in the Savings Depart*
BANK of Batesburg. Four (4) per.
cent interest on deposit*. Dividends '
semi-annually. Both large and small ,
accounts so'icited.
W. W. Watson, Cashier.
4 Something New Under The Sua"
All Doctors hu"e tried to cure CATAKllII
by the use of powders, acid
cases, inhalersand drugs in paste form, a
Their powders dry up in the mucous s
iiiembraiiesciiiising them to crack open .
and bleed. The powerful ucids used "
in the inhalers Wave entirely eaten I
away the same membranes that their t
makers Wave aimed to eure, while pastes j
and .ointments cannot reach the dis- .
ense. And old and experienced practitioner
who lias f.-r many years made a
close study and specialty of tlie treat.......
..f Calnr.1. It'll! at la.l IIH r fee1 Pll
it Treatment which when faithfully "sed
II t only relieves at once, but | eroiantly
cures Catarrh, by removing the (
cause, stooping the discharges, and f
curing nil inflammation. It isthe only
remedy known to science that a<-tiiall.v
r. ac! a ed pa Is. This wolide u 3
remedv is Known as "SNUFFLES, the
and is sold at the extremely low price
oT One Dollar, etch package containing
internal and external medicine
sufficient for a full month's treatment I
and everything necessary tolls perfect
use. f
"SNUFF.LES" is the only CATAKItll
CUKE ever made and is now ?
recognized as the only safe and positive
cure ft r that annoying and disgusting
disease. It cure* Sail inflauiatiou
quickly and pcrmantly and is ulso ]
wonderfully quick tu relieve llay
FEVFK or COLD in tne HEAD.
CATARKll when neglected often
leads to CONSUMTION?"hfc* UF
FLKS" will save you it you use it at
once. It is 110 ordinary remedy, but a I
complete ticatment which it> posit irely t
guaranteed to cure cure CATARRH *
in any form or stage if used according
to the directions which accompany
each package. Don't delay, but semi
for it atonic, and write full particulars
as to your condition, and you will
receive specal advice from the discoverer
of this wonderful remedy regarding
your case without cost to you he
yotid the regular price if SNUFFLES'"
Sent prepaid to any address in the
United States or Canada on receipt of
One Dollnr. Address Dept. 1 EDWIN *
B. GILES & COMPANY, 2880 anil 2532
Market Street. Phil idelphia.
Prices subject to change without
otice and corrected by W. C. Cartldge
Low Midling 7 5-8.
Strict 41 4 7 3-4 i
Middling 7 7-8.
4 4 4 8 1-18
Good 4 4 8 1-4.
Tone ol market quiet.
I>cnfness, Noises hi the Heiul, &c,
Positively cured by it aktlky's ka* Lottos.
This new Kenieily goes light to the actual seat
of the disease, anil has effected such remarkable
cures that the greatest hope is held out to all
sufferers no matter how had or long-standing
the esse Inay he. Osk Hon lk will Ccaa anv
ordlnSPTtase. and will he seut securely trucker)
and |>c-t with full dlrectiotis ami testimonials
upon <rceeiiit of $1 uo. Order direct
from JAM>8 k\IIARLKY, V3. Stockdale Hoa>\
Mouth l-amlreth,y-ondon, ENGLAND.
f Pi:
* -xices
Known. 0 0
a (I Street,
3-, - - O-SLlie
Kept Ins Lei;.
Twelve t ears ago J. W. Sullivan, of
I Hartford, Conn., 'scratched his ' If
with a rusty wirj. Iofloinmatioo and
t blood |M)isir)f sot in. For two yearn
he sutrered intensely. Then the best
doctors urged amputation' ''but," I e
writes, "1 use.I one-bottle of Klrctric
I Hitters and 1 i-2 boxes of Ilurklen'e
( Arnica Salve and my leg was sound
t and well ..s ever.'" For Eruptions,
Eczema. Tetter, Salt Klieum, Sores
and all blood disorders Electric bittern
' lias no rival on earth. Try tbein F. B(iunter
wtll guarantee satisfaction or
1 refund money. Only M) cents.
You will waste time if you try to
' cure indigestion or indigestien or dys'
pepsia by starving yourself. Thaton
I ly makes it worse when you do est
e h"?rti!y. You alway* need plenty of
1 good food properly digested. Kodol
y Dyspepsia Cure in the result of year*
" or scientific research for something
* that would digest not oniy some elements
of food hut every kind. And it
is the one remedy that will doit.
"I have been t?oubled with indigestion
for ten years, have tried many
things and spent much money to no
e purpose until 1 tried Kodol Dyspesia
I, Cure, 1 have taken two bottles and gotr
ten more relief from thein than sll
y other medicines taken. 1 feel more
. like a hoy than I have felt in twenty
e years." "Anderson Kiggs of Sunny
I.aue, Tex. Thousand* have testified
t, as did Mr. Itiggs.
v Stops the Cough and Works off
0 the Cold.
v Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No
Pay. Price 26 cents.
. I
-.,-T '
flpggj?.Bring us your .
Work.JJ There is no <
mand loo small and
order too large for Ol
A rich lady, c?.rea of her Deaf
ind Noises in the Ileai* by Dr. Nic
Kin's Artificial Kar Drums, gave $
KK) to his Institute, so that deaf
>le unable to procure the Eur Dr
nay have them free. Address
,lW80-c. The Nicholson Institute,
eighth Avonte, New York, J. 8. J
HaberJasher, Shirt maker \
five your mailorders prompt and c
'ul attention, at
1432 Main Street.
l-18-'0l. Columbia. S.
i ?
Jones & Hardin
Laundry Agents t
sundry mint be left at E. JO>
tore by Monday after noon . I>eli
d every Saturday.
Kdgaflald, S O. Saluda, !
All buaineaa intrusted to our <
eceives prompt attention.
D^^OHlce up stairs iu Ethere
e. k hardin
Office at Home,
;0. l. Trotter.
)ffers his Professional Services to
leople of Batesburg and vicinity.
P. B. Asbili
Watches. IClOekn, an
J>-velrv. Re * airing,
ilcLena Building,
J as. W. Pitt
lyOflTce at Elheredge Luildii
Eugene W. Able
^ EXHI Kriai.D
Prompt Attan^^n Given to A11
I n uau ^
Attorney at La\.
Llbkvii.ijc I * * :
Practice in all Courts, Busicas!
Restuarant for fi r s t-c 1 ;
meals, at all hours.
3Tir? Xxib.. -A-g:?23.
Town and Country Risk.
Office in ADVOCATE Buildii
Office over Harris' Drug S
Money to Loan
On farming lands, Kasy pay 111
No commissions charged. Bon
pays actual cost of perfecting loa
John. B. Pai.mek A So:
? t.:. o
vuiuiuuia, o,
Kiuim W . Able, At
Saluda. S
W anted!
Everybody to Kr
That I bave for aal? a lar??aam!
ful lectioB'',; of framed Picture
griTingt aii? Paintings.
Call and iff and bp convinced.
Saluda, S.
| TBI* alfaatara la on f*?ry hoi of tbo |
Laid live Bromo-Quinioe t<
|bo i?a*4i l|tl riiraa a co!4 If %|
Kodol i
ur Dyspepsia Cure
s Digests what you eat. W ag?n?r*sHiq;h G
It.artificially digests the food and aids ? AND
Naiuro In strengthening and recon- Capital Cotton Fertilizers /
struct log the exhausted digestive organs.
It lathe latestdiscovereddigest- ___
aut and tonic. No other preparation
??? can approach it In efficiency. It in- Juat received 1,500 gallons line SYKl
hoi- "UQtly relieves and permanently cure? olle of our Hoe Excelsior, New Leo or Little
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn aud prices.
Flatuleuce, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Oii? Horse Wagons?Russell make?Ste
peo- Sick Headache, Gastralgla.Crampsand Hewing Machines for f;i2.60. Astonislii
um^ all other results of imperfect digestion. Hi^- Lin? of Clothing, Pant*, Dry Good*
Vn Price 50c. and II. Lar*? size contains times Guarantee * to nlease you. I want
ifooKaurouuiayspcpsi&mHueaire? -v,, "
780 Pr?par?d by E. C. D?WIT'T ACO . C<?1sgo? I ll?rcnasin<',
are- *f
_ ;
Tor- *
!t>. We are too busy to write an "ad" J
this week, but will say that our :
tY. J ri
s c- stock has nevr been more complete. *
Every Department Is
Bubbling Over With Bargains!! j
? This week we are showing New ;
Under wear for Men and Women,
l' Silks, Handkerchiefs, Corsets, Dress I
Goods, Towels, Millinery, &c. t
Come in and see us and if we fail to I
satisfy you, that we save you mon- *
ey in buying from us, that's our I
the fault, if you go elsewhere and pay =
more for goods of inferior quality, ii
? that's your fault. \
<l J. "Written., Prop. j
Money back if yon arc not sat Died. \
?_ I Free Trip :
.. . i r
During ]>I K ]{ K ^ M A Iv K K S >\ KK K, APr,?
R- pay your railroad fare both ways. The only coudi-j Y
tion is that mi buySlo^X) worth
Bun Look
over this list and see if there isn't several arth'les you need. If so,
? come to us, and we guarantee the prices will be the lowest
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Our $15 00 Solid Oak Bedroom Suits, Our $1*2 00 Solid Oak Sideboards.
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ng. The following reputable salesman will take pleasure in serving you : W. I,. Piatt
J. I. Palmer K. B. Cibson, W. K. Latimer, F. T.Cody, L. F. Piatt, K. B.Pileher.
| Insurance Company
Y. Of New York.
jj ltichard A. MeCurdy, President.
M C? rii p /.//# ///? w*/ W f*/i ji cin v*/ up T ? #V? / n oh > - I
? #1 ?. ? (/Ul ; *w/l r ?/OI ; VUI/UI -? I KJ ' ! !/ > >? I V I j V I f( OH /
toro mice Comjmn in the World.
?? Paid to Policy holders in UKX). . . $20,301,803.83
Total Income in 1900 . ... 00,582,802.31
Assets December 31, 1900 .* . . . 1325,753,152.61
Insurance and Annuities in force . . 1,141,497,888.20 o
And it Leads Again in South Carolina. <
From the reports of twelve leading companion, on file in the Comptroller's
ofllce, it i<t shown
That Toe Mutual Fife of New Yojk paid for forty-nine per cent, business
in South Carolina in l'JUO than any other coiupany. an
Gained fifty-eight per cent, more ^insurance in force than 'any other
Om company.
? Coll-cteu in ca.h premiums $?9,!i2i.R! .noretlian nny other company. _
"J* II.- 4si UOT n?? I...... r - * J
ni?ir ..iniionw m wire 111 juiiui i.iiroinia IIIHII any otlier 1 wtl
Tlu* Mutual Life is now nulling a Singh* Premium Guaranteed Three ami
One-Half Per CVnt. Bond, which Joes not require an examination. ^
The Five PerCent. Twenty Year Bond policy cannot be equaled. Better
than a Government Bond.
No impaired or \ icious risks solicited or accepted for insurance in'this ?
A few first-class agents can secure desirable contracts. ??
IOW For particulars as to plans, rates, etc., apply toj I
?kt? Special Agent, Columbia, S. xC. ?
g# Testimonials from Old Bay land. xia Easy to reel Good. ?>f
.'onsidar t hambcrlaiiis < ough Countless thousands have found a n.
Remedy the l?est in the world for blessing to the body in I>r. King's sr
bronchitis, says Mr, \N 111iam Savory, ^(w I.ife Pills, whick positively cure ni
^ of Harrington, hngland. "It has Constipation, Sick Headache, Diizi- 1,1
saved my wifes life, she having lieeu a Jaundice, Malaria, Fever and tn
[ nnta* martyr to bronchitis for over s!X years A(fup and a? Livor ftml stomach f
?buu being most of the time confined to her troubUr. Purely vegetable, never
9 bed. She is now quite well.' b-ld by grj(,e or wee ken. Only 20c ut F. B.
F. ^inter. Hunter's. .
6T K H y \ ** V jiff* / .?
|. by^js'm? these Brand*.
^cids andlKainits. I Prepared to auit yott.
Ti'S in Mnall packages?10. 15 and 21 gallon ke?*; simply delicious. Buy
i Dandy Cook Stows an 1 please your wife. Hvndle otlur kinds, ull si am
el Axle and Tltiuible Skein.
tig is it not ? Aho a linn or hi'llor g;railM.
and Stoves ju"t arrived. Brick, Lime ami Cement a specialty.
your trade. Get mv prices anU terms before
ter to deliver and collect In SoutB Carolina far
* ' fJ' i ?1 ; K. 1 a | otalilliliod UKinufaOturlnc wboles^U h*aM.
~ i >? ^ ^ i K*" I mom *'J0Onyear, rore par. ll.nie.tjr mar* tk.a ax r
^ ^2 * i N-* ' III pcrlem-c rroulicil. Our reference, aar biak la
2 *mj i ?+* : -* * I cnr city. Enclose aelf-aihlreaaea Maauti aa
?. *?> i _k O I rulope. M inufucturrra, ThlrU Flour, XM Deal
/ ? 5^ I **> ai torn St.. Chicago.
S | ^ S I ?: f\ - HH
L 3- r!S = ? U M. MITCHELL/ IBB
j S. if M i 2 i m Office Hours?
n-. i-rt E2 I'J i ^BB^^|
55 P C> ~ ? j ^ 2 to 8 p. in.
+j ^ ri ^ ^ l- n 7:80 to 9 p. ta
!*! % ! C IrQ ENGINES I
= I 2. i i BOILERS B
- Jr. {3 ^ 51 V7 GINS and PRESSES. ^B
-* * ^ *" a a '^Complete Cotton,Saw,Uri?t.OU mad
j i ? ^ ?+ K LaaJ Fertilizer Mill Outfits; aUo Oin Press
J.I m " C " III Cane Mill and Shingle Outfits. Build- IB
"7 : ^ 5 ^ , | ||l injf. Hi i-ljfe, Factory, Fcrnara and Rail
^ ; e? <F^| m* i road Casting; Railroad, Mill, Factory,
'?* j M C | 55 ^ M < and Machinists' Supplies. Belting,
! ^ 1 S -/ w ! Packing. Inj ?ctors. Pipe Fitting*.
3 25 : ?1. ^ I I Saws, Files, Oilers, Etc., cast s?srf
~ I ?? i ^ 3 | |T| ^aJ*' work 150 hands.
[|;| pi* J J||M Lonbanl Iron; Works Supply Co. .
iz X ? j E ?5 I ft I I I AUGUSTA, GEORGIA.
' i.Tj ^ ! 2^ ^J".l a\j Foundry, Machine. Boiler and Gin
!*| - i 1Z, ~ Ji.: C Works. Repairing Promptly Dor?.
; Ei ?" ~ i * n ! 3^ LJ ly-J?-,-u ; WB
if { ^!r- cijiPl ?? ?
1 * ^*1 - ; 1 aMH^^^I
!jr|=|i'3 M G.P.COBB ^
5 JJl ^ j a j ' Dealer 1 a ^^Bi
r^pg isl^S -i.l BBI
r?! ^ I ^ H -STTG-GIES, xMi
LSI 5' 2, q 5 5 |j W^C3-03STS
i!j 2 Sti X 23Z-A.^3STES l|H
[71 2. 51 - ^ s M ^XT^Z-TITXriSE
'J5 B C.! BS ! i f SBPMB
t| 5 g.| m X ; fc| COFFINS. orii...j.
' ~ 5. % 5 TA CASKETS and O.NI fl
' jL?!F7 ~*|TT MEI'ALIC CASES' Tu.a.i 1
Johnston. 3 3 1 T^S. C,' I
Staple and Fancy
Ton a ceo WH
We have our candy|made by reliable'people especially for our trade. Guar.
teed to be fresh. '
Dry Goods Low as the Lowest.
New Crop garden SelMjfl
Cigars, Tobacco,|Gigarettes.'
111 fl* tA 1\A r/M1 ta/1 1 tl n ^ /w - m
V V* V bUlUg wv 17 V, IV/llUU 111 il UI9b L 1 11
Store, we have. V&SBS
Hartley & Quattlebaum.
It May be Shameful7
But every chance we ?et, we jump on
ur prices and tread them down. H
Ha tsl SXouttfT 1
Straw and Felt jlist received at prices never before offered, and quality ?35
ual to any.
Shoes! Shoes!! B
We have a line Ladies niid.Childrens Slippers that is yours for economy
d solid satisfaction.
IDress Goods S
I. ami Imbfoderies at 'ill prices that equal any on the market in price "rglpsH
id quality. Come to-dav, don't wait 'till to-morrow." ^^^B
riu'.t Boys Started in Business Strikes a iCieli Fiud. A
The puflltahera of the famous big illuanratvd "I A'as troubled for several years ;Jg
?kiy iiow?i>M?r, i'KNN?inon ?.kit, :?r?- jjwi11) < lironlc mdijestion ?nd nervous 9
,w pucinc repre^tttlvee ewry POM O?oe debJ|,ty,'? writes F. J. Green "of Lan- 9
South Carolina and they desire to secure the * ' Xjja
rvicea <>f capaldo hustling agents In each of '"aster. N. II,, No remedy helped pa
e following towns of Salads county: me until I began using Kleetric BitIlldge
(Spring, Saluda and Ward*, and a* ten, which did me more good than all
any other town. a. a.e not already .up,died. t|u, medicineg { ev,.r ugeJ> Th ^
10 work is profitable and pleasant. A portion ...
Saturday only I* required. Over .1.000 a^cnt* , kept my wife in excellent health
o doing splendidly. No money whatever l. ! for year ;. She says Kleotrie Bitters
quired Everything la furnished free. Station' are just splendid for female troubles;
y. ruldter .tamp, ink and , ad. ?dvertl.lng t ^ # ^ ^ j(
latter, .ample copier, etc- Popera ore shipped "
be paid for the end of each month. Those not ? tor for weak, rundown women. No
id are not charged for. write to tirlt Publish- other medicine can take its place in
|0?S WHIla?pert, Pa., la* WMW til oor family." Try tbem. Only { 60c.
dtocatk. . Satisfaction guaranteed bv f. B. Gun- .||Sp

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