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I'l'blisiiku kvkuy wkdki?iut.
"Generally speaking, n woman is
generaly speaking"
Every-body should ro to the "City
by the Sea" on July 20tli. Special
car* for white people.
Mr. I?. D. Culloni went to Springfield
Monday on a buisines* trip.
Cotton is bringing 0 cents here.
Watermelons are becoming plmti
Mrs. J anders is in Sylvester, Ga.,
taking her annual \atatii 11.
Mr. E. W. McJ.enna, is getting: on'
:v?ral of llie famous Clouds C.e?.*
mill rock. Mr. McLenna is a veteran
newspaper man and lakes a kindly interest
in his younger brothers.
Miss Emmie Haw I has been quite
auk for several days.
Mr. W. F. Harris, one of Suluda
county's most substantial citizens, who
resides near Wards, was in town Monday.
Dr. Kneeceand Mr. Copeland of 15nxter,
were on our streets Saturday.
Mr. Charlie Kneece dropped in to
see us Monday.
Messrs. Ruff llaltiwangcr, Wig
Fox, Buck Culluiu and the Advocate
tiad-abo|it, will take in the Lexington
picnic at Barr\s upper Mill Thursday.
Miss Ida Norris, of Edgefield, is the
beautiful and attractive guest of her
friend, M iss Ruth Cooner. Miss Ida
lias a host of friends in the city who
are always delighted to see her.
Prof. IIayr.es of Leesville, was in the
city, Sajurdap, on a business trip.
Senator Caiighman of Saluda, crossed
tl.? line to see his friends over on the
Lexington side, Friday.
Mr. Adrian Barr, of Atlanta, is
v'siting his father's family at Steadman's.
KhorifT .1 A nf S'lliulu u' tt.
in town Friday, wearing a jolly broad
grin aa is his custom.
Mr. Bert Yarborougli, of Florida, i?
visiting his aunt, Mrs. J C. Cullum.
Mr. Joliu Fox went down to Columbia.
on a business trip Friday.
Mr. Will Cooner is on the road
Miss Snlomo Timmertnan is visiting
relatives in Johnston.
Mr. Stringfellow spent several da>s
in town. He stopped over with hi
college mnte George Bell Timmertnan
Sunday and Monday. He is traveling
in the interest of the S. C. College.
Misses Eva Jones and Eva Ulover returned
from Spartanburg, last Thursday.
They are much in love with Converse
and ' school out-lit.
Miss Henrietta Towill left for Middlesex
county, Virginia, Friday afternocn.
A delightful visit she wili have
with kith and bin in the Old Dominion.
Mrs E R. Steadman has returned
Ihotne after a pleasant visit to Iter sister
in Lancaster.
Mrs. E. Jones, who has been quite
tsick for the past week, is improving
Miss Louise Monte, of Spaita, Gu., is
visiting Mrs. K. A. Bates.
Mr. Frank West, of Augusta, made
bis regular visit to our town Sunday
and Monday. We are always glad to
?ee his face among us.
Mr. El 11 ore Rankins of Samaria, I
lias tiie honor of lo'.dmg the first car
of melons here this season.
Mr. and Mrs Willingham with their
accomplished little daughter, Miss Auoie,
have been stopping at tin Hatesburg
Hotel for several days. Mr. Wila
? a 9 a
milium is me popular represent itive
of the Home Life Insurance Company.
Mr J no, T. Hullinan of near Huxter,
was hers last week on business.
To inuke it interesting we will give
one year's subscription, to the person
who brings the largest watermelon to
The Advocate oflice during the season.
Mrs. J. D Stokes i ml tlie little to k>
are home nguin, after an extended
visit to relatives at Seivern ami Aiken.
Jfiss Ruby Glover and little Miss Mil
sired, are visiting relatives in Granite
P. vllle.
I Jtobt. iturgess, colored, while atfi
tending church Sunday a few miles
below Samaria in Lexington county
became involved in a difficulty with
his son Ned Iturgess, where- upon
the latter shot his father three time*
with a pistol killing him almost instantly.
The fruit growers around Kidge
Spring last week realized over $7.0o0
from the sales of their fruit. The
fridge sretion is the finest for fruit
^ growing in the state.
Mr. J. W. Cooner's home was the
scone of a delightful reception on Tuesday,
July, 16th. The Misses Conner
had delightfully nriangvd every thing
calculat:d to add to the pleunur* of
the giusts. In n game of 'Anagram,''
Mrs. Fred Ciilliun won the prize.
A big crowd should go from Itatesburg
and Leesyille to til? Iielmnr Jte- j
H union. That i* n line e iiintry up
#3 there, and the Reunion will lie interH
eating. Aug. 8th i* the time,
gn On Monday eaening last Miss Ruth!
5? Cooner gave a sociable in Jionnr of'
sS^ Iter friend Mirs Ida Norris of Kdge$3?
Held. Bliss Itutli is a rno*t excellent
III hostess ai.d well, does she know how
to entertain her guest.
ggji Kev. II. It. Murcliiaon occupied the!
pulpit of our Baptist church, Sunday
morning. A large audience greeted
Si him an J Hum who wont to h.> heniflt M
*<I, were amply repaid. He preached
sffe fin aide sermon, which was li tened to
with profound interest. Mr. lfurclli-I
Zft f son has made many friends here
Baa jwho will be glad to hear him again. |
|H% Mr. Mack Matthews ??f Lersvillc, was
BSSr 4n town Fiitlay, and while here gave'
us a pleasant and most profitable rail.
? Mr. Matthew* is connected with the
,popular and enterprising firm of Matthws
and Bouknight. Well does lie dek^^^Bervo
the est (em and confidence inijgfflgf^Bustrd
to linn by (lie peopla of this
?8 Bi i h section.
3S We Are
That are coming to
victions. We 1
32 Batesburg
y Investr
v y I.amis bouulit, solil and rxclian
y j
y,y different parts of town for sale;
lions. Any of this property sold
easy installments. We will deal
p S. F. PERR
Lost Makes, ^
Lowest l?ri
Peter A.
1)37 liroi
_^_"CLg"UL S??
Save your Money
And keep it in tlie Savings Depart
HANK of Batesburg. Four (1) per.
cent interest on deposit. Dividends
semi-annually. Both large and small
accounts solicited.
\V. W. Watson,
Col. Jas. C. Fort of l'elion was in tin
city Tu;sday on business and gnv? us
a pleasant call.
Mr. D. Peyton Hartley wentjto Trenton
Sunday. We know, however,
that some one from Edgefield wa- present.
Nothing like renewing old love!!
Right loo!!
The genial face of Uupt. J. Feaster
I.yles, of the lower portion of l.exington
aounty, was seen on our streets'
yesterday. The ('apt., is a man of
good judgement and no man is more
worthy of imitation than he.
Our frierd, Mr. P. I. Hawl of Iloyleston,
sent us n clipping to be published
in this issue, but it has been misplaced.
We are very sorry indeed, but Wt hope
to bo honored with an srtiele from
him. Mr. Rawl is one of the leading
men in the county.
I?r. and Mrs. 1'nger, from Saluda,
were in town Tuesday.
lion . W. II. Timmerman went down
to Columbia on business, List Tuesday.
Mrs. Kula Bruce and Iter daughter.
M iss Kditll, vi-ited her brother, Mr.
Torn lju; 11lebsiiin, last week.
I.andon uattlehauin paid his regular
lar visit to Wards, last Sunday.
Mr. .1. Frank Kneeee spent Sunday
afternoon in Ridge Sp'ing.
The Steadmnn people gave their anar-tiual
Picnic last Saturday. It was
la gely attended and a most orderly
crowd it was. The people gathered
together, to enjoy themselves and it
was evident that every one present endeavored
to have a pleasant time and
in s > doing, tiny made others do likewise.
There will he a ' picnic at t^uattlej
buiim's mill, Saturday. We are in receipt
of an invitation, hut it will be impossible
for us to be present.
Rev. J. I>. O'rout is spending his vacation
in Anderson County.
Miss Tullie Itrnncli is
aiiter, airs. Wiiilten.
u Don't Bel:
Selling Our Enormous Stoc
our Store and We'll knock yoi
lave been busy waiting on cu:
TLEY and C
: Closes Saturday At Sun
Land And %
nent Co.
v ^
Red: Dwelli iir and Sto:e lots in v *
also some well improved plantafor
one fourth cash; balance on
in lands in any part of South , >
i r / S
' ??????????#
^' m.
X- Jf "X"
cos Known. 0 0
ul Street,
| Money to I.eml,
At Tin* First National Hank of Batesburff.
Kvery accomodation consistent
with sound banking guaranteed to oi.r
patrons. Your account solicited.
\V. W. Watson,
i'irs i nomas Dualllebnum of Aiken,
is on a visit to her ?on, Mr. Tom
Mr. Charlie Kueece sold a car of nice
watermelons tyr $1(0.
The Columbia District Conference,
will convene with our Methodist
church, next Wednesday evening.
Our people will give the Methodist
brethcren a 'hearty welcome It i?
Batesburg's custom to do so. I.et every
one in town open wide their
Master Lorenzo Cullum has been on
a visit to his grandfather, Itev. N. N.
That advertising in the columns of
The Advocate, is a pr itltalde investment,can
he shown by the fact, Dial
Batesborg Land and Investment Co.,
sold a lot ton gentleman, who livemany
miles from here, lie -aw their
"ad," came forth-with ami planked
down the cn-hand received the desired
lot. These gentlemen have tunny others
and tin sein need can h.?\e otic at
their own price.
I On last Wednesday morning the gentle
spirit of Mrs. N. A ltnrii.*"
W '!" ??
ly i? away at her home iiear I.eesville.
Hill' had been a great sufferer
from rheumatism for several months,
hut she bore her afflictions with
Christian fortitude. Hlic leaves a husband
nod two small children with a
host of friends to mourn her loss.
To them we extend our sincere sympathy.
M easrs. Mark and l'ress Sliealy
hroiight 8everal loads of cotton to
town and sold it for nine cents Tuecday.
There are no more cntergetic and
progressive farmers in all the land
than these gentlemen. We wisli we
had their like by the hundred.
Kev C. (.?, Itradford, of Johnston
spent Tuesday with his old friend, 1 ?r,
Timmcrman. Mr. liradford is the father
of Tult, who is very popular wit!
all of our people.
I vBfci
ieve II I
:k Of Goods At jP
ur doubt's into constomers
this week.
Down. Come Running!
The beautiful and attractive Miss
Blanche Oaughman, of Mt Willing,
[ passed through the city Friday enrout
to her home. Miss Blanche has
| been on an extended visit to Lexington,
Chester and other places.
Our ball team, accompanied by a
host of their admirers and "rooters,"
went down to Trenton Friday afternoon
and as was expected, proceed*!
to wallop the Trent unites in a becoming
manner. The players and people
of Trenton treated us in royul style.
Nothing but words of praise could be
heard, concerning the treatment accorded
us, by these hospitable people.
While they can't play ball, they assuredly
know how to treut the stranger
within their gates. Our hoys will b*
glHd to go back again. The scor. stood
19 to 0.
Locsville l.< cal.s.
Some our people weie very much dis
apointed when they awoke Sunday
morning and saw that it was still dry
and dusty.
Mrs. H. S. GroucL and her sou Gary
have been very sick with fever fur
sometime, but we are glad to say they
are improving.
Miss Sallie Matthews who has ber u
uite illto.' the past wees, is rapidly
Mr. J. E. Smith is on a visit to li's
a inly.
Capt F. I?. Derrick, ProtTessor of
Mulht mattes ami \f
? j latnta ill
Leesvi le colleg , lus ben iu very
poor health lor some t me, but we arc
gla I to say that lie is improving.
The young folks < f our town had a
moat enjoyat le last Tuesday evening
at a sociable, given by Mrs. J. R. Bonk- t|
l ight iu honor of Miss Katie ililler of y
Ga" se
Witherspoon vi
Yesterday Col. Thomas F. Brantley 1,1
f Orangeburg, who was iu the race P*
three years ago, and whose iriends have ^
strongly urged him to run thia time, 81
was iu the city. When asked about the 111
race he spoke of the loss that the dis- so
trict had sustained in the death of Dr. S)l
Stokes, and when asked about his own !
candidacy he said: "Yes, I will be h ,r
candidate. As is well known by many j
people of my district I have been in- j
timately and actively associated with
:he principles of the national Demo- ^
:racy for some years past. At the re- ,j.
ipiest of the national Democratic ex- .
. bi
eciitive committee 1 have twice been
actively engaged in canvassing and (
speaking in doubtful States for Democracy.
1 have once made a canvass of
my district on national issues, ail l
since then have been elected to the _
teglslat ure and the State senile from] _
my county. For these and other rea-i '
sous my friends urge that I am en- I
titled to comidtration and that logically
I must run. Yet 1 approach the **
coming canvass w ith some hesitatioh, "
knowing that should 1 succeed 1 am t
follow one who has been entirely satisfactory
to bis constituents. 1 know _
that it will require bard and persistent y
work to carrv on t!? ilntiau
j ' ,V" MV ? Wl ? 111^
upon lite oflioe with the march and
progress of the times, but as it has
been my ambition in life to represent 01
my people in the national affairs of v
our government, anil as I have worked
faithfully anil persistently to that end, '
I see no reason now when the time t(
seems opportune that t should not 81
make the raee. To measure up to the c
high standard of the requirements of ^
this exalted position and win the 'well K
done' of a grateful constituency is the
sum of my ambition." fi
When asked as to who would likely
he his opponents Senator Itrantley said: p!
"I do not know ; they seem too mimer- i
ous to mention." Asked as to his hi
chance he modestly replied: "Why
they are, of course, 'gooJ.' Did you s,
ever see a candidate who did not have y
'good chances?'"?The State. v
Th" above is an interview taken o
from Monday's State. .Mr. Urantley is h
pleasantly remembered in bur town e
an;' section, having stayed here severa t!
days, dur ng his campaign about three e
years ago. He made many friends d
here. He will make a most formidatde o
candidate and If elected, a most excel- t
lent Representative.
Our Clubbing Offer. E
The State (semi-weekly edition) and '
The Advocate for f'J.tio a yrnr, fl.Sfi *
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1 papers ftl.OOa year fl.fiO for six months.
The Thrice-a-Week World and The
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Kaithem, m frfit M J
1 The
3 Shelton
| Mills,
^5 Manufacturers of
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2 Write to
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The foliage of
tree. The old
stocks of two so;
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In this deparl
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It goes for i pr
Yours for red
Mew "
It I>azzles The World.
No Discovery in medicine lias ever
eated one quarter of the excitement
lat has be-;n cutised by I>r. King's
ew Discovery for Consumption. It's
verest tests have been on hopeless
ctims of Consumption, 1*< eumoni i,
emorrage, Pleurisy and Bronchitis,
lOiisands of whom it has restored to
rfect health.' For Cough*, Colds,
sthma, Croup, Hay Fever, lloarsness
nl Whooping Cough it is the quickest
nl surest cure in the world. It is
ild by F. II Cunter, win guarantees
tisfact'on or refund money. Large
ittles "?0c and sfl.Oo. Trial bottles
We will furnish one of our wellnown
barbecues nt Dtlmar, S. C., on
hursday July 25, ItMil. SpeaKers will
; present to entertain ttie crowd,
ates for dinner reasonable. C?"ne
ie and a11 and s[>etid a pleasant day
ith us.
Haberdasher, Shirt maker will.
no ) our man oruers prompt anu nireil
attention, at
14:12 Main Street.
Columbia, S. C.
t'urds, Huh lan?| F prings and
t nr?li*.
Having visited these sections in the
"tier named above, 1 furnish The Allocate
a few dots.
In view of crops generally, I must say
was agreeably surprised to tiliJ cotin
and corn much b jtter tlia i in other
actions. As a rule crops liaye been
leaned, are green ami growing nicely
I'ith good seasons the e people liavt
ratifying prosper ts.
Around Sardis the crops are wonderill)
good. Most ?>f our laruu r's cot/ii
Inp high and Ihoirishj g and ot ei
lant. r.s' cotton doing nearly as well
'orn is spotted, hut the best corn I
uve seen, is in these sections.
I.ast Sunday was a red 1-tter day at
urdis Church. Veneralile brother B.
Ci rley, eighty-three years of age
isited lus native lie it Ii, At the clou
f a proliiahle sermon, he snoW>> nf tin
m<; ago, il e old inhabitants ami ?tc.
ntersperscd with touching a;.peals t?
lie yo'itii of today ami the whole audi
nee seemed spell-bound. Il wits won
ePfnl toheirltro ( orley tell of tiling)
eeurring neventy-^ix years ego arotuu
lie cht.ie'i.
The writer spoke of his acqoaintai < i
> it It Pro. <'orley in Fairfield county
Irother Muhlon Padgett wound theoe
usioii up hy telling what a grand am
loriotis day il was to Inui and all tin
ardis people.
It certainly was an occasion long ti
e remembered and we hope will hi
ruitful of good remits.
C. (I. Hradford.
' JB"1; * The regular comniunica
tion of the Katesburg l.odgt
No. !!>&, A. F. M will con
cue Friday evening, dull
"th \\ oil in the first de
free. Take noticeiand govern your
lelwj^u-eordingly .1
KI '.( - Secy
; HAHl
3 W? have a full line of Shoes am
? Dry >ods that are Up-to-date in t
* ery particular.
^ When we try to describe our bar
gains in this departiuent, we don'
? know where to begin. It's like try
^ ing to God the commencement of i
* circle.
two seasons cannot p
must make way for
asons cannot dwell t<
must be made for 1
Is if you fail to secur
are offering in even
ts a clean sweep and
y allow us the opport
UHinmi sftftttmn
tment we still have a
i tilings. It's 110 Ion
hot bargains, 12 1110
fork Rackel
Clou J s Creak Clipplu^ii.
We are still moving along the road
of progress. O.ir f*r.n.?rs have their
crop-t in good condition and with r .in
they will begin growing.
Threshing is goin? on and grain is
turnin * out well. It tiler mills are in
operation and we can have our wheat
changed into II tur ai.d with a little
lard, baking powder, soda and our
good house wives will soon prepare it
for table use.
Mr. Lee Whittle has a beautiful
field of eott on .
Messrs J. K. Forrest and J. -*>. Temples
visited your city a few days ago,
they report a pleasant trip.
We are sorry to note the serious illness
of our friend T ots. Rolgers. We
hope he will, ere long recover.
We had the pleasure of traveling in
the Southern part of our county last
Sunday. We found the crops spotted
in some places and in others they were
speckled, but with rain they will
The squash crop is shott in our community.
We observe that some of our neighbors
have nice cucumbers.
Mr. Marion Walton of Dysons, is visiting
in our community.
We wish some one would inform us
how to get promoted to the squires office.
We believe lh-re will be good
money in that olliee next fall.
n..? --i-i i ?- ? - *
vrui uiu uariitior irienu says lie
would like to marry once in life. We
think it an excellent idea and would
render liim our assistance if our case
were not on the "tnttle.
W. Me.
From MtWilling.
Our farmers are doing their pari
now. Hut if the dry spell lasts Ionk
tIio land will get hard and plowing wil
coash. The old adage appears to hold
good. "One extreme brings about another."
some of our Ian's are getting
very bird both from heavy rams and
the need of rain.
The cotton crop ,wli?re it lias been
worked, is doing all it can. We have
some excellent erops, som i not so gnu
some "mall ami red, some no crop al
[ all.
The corn crop will not under tin
most favorable circumstances exceed
| one-half of a crop.
The general outlook for the fnrmei
is more favorable than two weeks ago,
I'o some extent that blue appearand
I lias passed oil" and a brighter expression
is observed on every lace.
Tliui-i. I.I.O I... ? :-i-- ' - "
ut. ii iiiiit-u Mimifni lor III*
last month uml Dr. Buster ha* be<.u til
. must constantly on the road.
M rs. Joe Culbrcalh of Tampa Flu
s visiting relatives in our section.
Mra.Corley, Mrs. Buster and Mr
1 Finest f'orley wenc to Trenton ci
Monday, to visit their uutit, M."i, Till
man Clark, who is very ill.
Itev. B. F. CJorley of Chappel.s, om
of the old land-markt of this county
* Ipreached a sermon at Sardis on la.-i
Sunday, that will lung he reinemberet
( by us. Fifty srvenmuMii lie taughi
idi nha'
I'LL IE3I3l33-CL1
> Snaps, Even for Bargain
j Wt have a full line of TRUNKS
tnat w- will close out at prices that
ill move tliem quick
Sewing Machines!
IV ?
iium| mm ((ri jour win* that Sewiog
Machine before present lot is
- soldout. Several stylesto pick from.
I You pay less than one half of Agents
- prices; and saute teruis if desired,
a Special inducements on a limited
quunity?to the first twihty Hvj.
tS, The Unc
> i
" i
;row on the same
the new. The
igetlier in unity,
the new. It is
c your share of
^ I
f department of
we will convince
good stock and
ger useful to us.
lit lis in the year,
; Store. -1
Miss Johnson, of Ridge Spring:, if
visiting: friends in this locality.
M ss l.uba and Mande Edwards oil
Iiidgc Spring, spent a few days visiting
relat ives.
M iS3 BlancheCaughman has returned
fro.n a protracted visit to friends in
Chester and other place*.
Mr Mose Long is now in a state of
ecstacy. Its a boy, a bouncer too!
Well, Mo.se is a good fe'low anyway.
We have not lud the p'easure of
! making K. 1). a visit recently, hut we
I are sure of one fact, that the latch
string lungs on th ' outside and a genial
friend and always a welcome, from
within greets us. May his four-score
yetr.s hi lengthened into the live if not
longer, and that he may always enjoy
the best of h ilth and b.' able to oocu
i py his old place at the upper left hand
corner of the table near the good tnad'
aine, and that much loved blackberry
I pie, that so often confronts i.im and
I that he may always maintain that agil
j ity that enables him to kick out of bar- i
| iicss when ploughing the garden, especially
if it is hard and grassy,
i Mr. M. L. Riley is doing a good mer
Icantile business.
I Mrs. Joel Minick and her charming
(laughter, Miss Mila,spent the day at
I Ml Willing with Mrs. Raster, a few
'days ago.
! "Chip." i
> llarheciic at Sninnria.
| On last Saturday the l'almetto Brass
I Band Mv'w ? fiwi-clnj. -
n.. . . -- v v i??JJ tilt* Hi Oil""
ijin iria. There gutheid early in Iht
> day a large crowd who came to heal
representative Lever and I>r. 1>. M.
Crosson. About eleven o'clock the
meeting was called to order and
Kepresen ative Lever was introduced:
In opening, he referred to the death
' of Dr. Stokes in beautiful and pathetic
1 language and was at times visibly uf- <
1 fected. He denied being a candidate
1 for Congress, and said that lie cams t< '<
address the people of Samaria in answer
to a special invitation; and to show
1 his high appreciation of the unanimous
support he received in the last prii
mary. lie then discussed forcibly our
relative duties between u State f.nd its
people and branched oir into a discus- (
siun of the National issues which are ^
most likely to <onfront the people (
. within the nextjfew years, llis argueI
meiit was clear and to the point At ,
the rondos on of Mr. Lever's remark*
. lie was urged by the audience to become
n Congressional candidate; but
lie would not pledge himself that he
would, and thanked the crowd for the
confidance placed in him. lie sat
down amid loud a <1 continued applause.
After adjourning for dinner, I
Itr. D. M CrosaoH, a Congressional can
lidatc, was introduced* The Dcotor <
was greitid villi lit* ral npphiusi
lie discoursed at length, State and Na.
linnal issues . nd 'eft lii.s hearers under
i the iin|Tension that ,,e would be a can
didate for Congress to/fill the \ acanoj
caused by the deuthjof |)r. .ttokos. lie
P received a most corjflial hearing nnd
was applauded tln/nigoul. Thus ended
i what might hp/Trrmed as the opening
t campaign dRourcounty,
i Spectator.
, ^Tni^^^t your money 'a worth wh4H|
flSB for The Advocate.
.e l?oney. \
I \ 5
Stoves! Stoves!! ^
Now in tl tiio.i to buy! TV# art
over stocked and they are going cheap I
Any Size?Any price. Uood cooking
means good eating?and you stay
healthy. We guarantee them.
Groceries! I
We have on hand alwajB. a fnl' md
complete line of the choicest Groceries.
The Celehratod "Himgariau
Purity" Flour always in Stock.
Office over Harris' Drug Store.
Money to Loan.
On farming lands. Kasy payments.
So commissions charged. Borrower
lays actual.cost of perfecting loan.
John B. Palmer A Son.
Columbia, S. O.
Euoenk W. Able, Alty.,
Saluda, 8. C.
Attorney at La\<.
Lef.sville ' SC.
Practice in all Courts. Bumusbs solicited.
AW * I
Restuarant for (1 r s t-c 1 *
Watson <?"Towill.
IFire Ins., -A-grontsTown
and Country Risk.
OJJict in AI) rOCATE Building.
P, B. Asrill
Watches.'.ClOcks, and
Jewelrv Re 'airing.
McLana Building:,
J as. W. Pitts,
(aroffice at Ethered^e Building
SALUDA, - - - a C.
Eugene W. Able
Offices at
Prompt Attention, Given to All Buiices?.
Edgefield, S C. Saluda, A. C.
All business intrusted to our cars
ectives prompt attention.
?d^"Ofllce up stairs in Etheredgt
Office at Home.
'G. L. Trotter,.
Offers his Professional Services to the
woplc of Ilatesluirg and vicinity.
A rich Intly, cured of her Deafness
md Noise* in the Head by Dr. Nicholson's
Artificial Kar Drums, gave JjflO900
lo his Institute, so that deaf |>eol?le
unable to procure the Ear Drums
nay have them free. Address No
llWMO?<t. The Nicholson Institute, T80
Eighth Avenue, New York, iJ. S. A.
jgj^s^Bring us your Job
Work.?? There is no demand
1 oo small and no
order too large for OUR
"Hungarian Purity"
Flour at L. C.
Hartley & Go's,

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