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Insurance Company 1
Premiums $62,735.85 g?
Interest 7 463.20 g
$70,196.05 jg
disbursements R
Death Claims less reinsurance $ 7,000.00 **
Notes Voided 3,722.04 K
Commission & Ag'cy lixpenscs 23,5 48.81 ?i
Medical Lees and Inspections 3.427.50 ?
Adv., Itin.v:, Sia'ry. 3.704.62 |
Home Office Expenses 8,659.62
faxes and Licenses 2,006.37 jf
d otal dishursements $52,068 6 6 ?
Lxcess of Receipts E
over disbursement 18,130.06 K
$70,166.05 , p
assists m
Mortgage Loans $8(>,79O.O0
Cash at Int. <S: other
Int. Hearing Assets 27.761.08 R
Cash in Office and in Hanks I 1,881.86 IS
Due from Agents 6,160.62 n
Due and Accrued Int. 2,465.04 H
Due and I)eferred Premiums 5,781.61
$140,840.81 R
Policy-Reserve (net) $36,838.00
Int. Raid in Advance 4-18.70
Accrued I Expenses 875.00 ^
Capital Stock 100,000.00 S
Surplus 2,676.11 m
$140,840.81 1
N<> AMdl'NT
Policies i.i force Dec. 31. 1606 674 $1,268,175 jjj
Issued and Revived 725 1,171,150 wt
dotal 1366 2,436,325 g|
^,\Tcl>CU itv? OV4,Oi1W R*;
Policies in Force Dee. 31, '07, \\5b $2,044,475 jjfc
$3.70 to Assets lor every $1.00 of Liability
A.M. 1'wiclicll S. J Simpson Kr
Jno B. Clcv; land Aug \\ Smith
Jno. A Law A. I. White
\V. S. Montgomery I.. Ii Curringtoit Wk
lilliut listes
Oi l ICI RS.
hlhoi i:sies, president Jno. B. Cleveland 2nd Vice-Pros g?
A. 11. Twiche'l, Vice President Wm. It. Valentine, Sec -Treas
..? . ^. i?h? retndft bp
LOO i</\ I U 1 ILAvh, I is tl.N itr
500 A1ILI: STATli FAA1ILV .JCKCl . $11.25 good over the
Southern Railway in South Carolina I'or the head or dope de it f
niembers of a family. Limited one year from date of sale.
1000 AM LI; IN I l-RCII \\<il VBI.l; INDIA 11)1 VI. 1 ICKI.IS >20 j
00?good over the S.iuLiern Railway ami thirty other roads in
the Southeast aggregating d ?,000 ni<!es. l imited one year from ryS
date of s. I -.
2000 Alll.l; IN I i;RCII.\Mii;ABLI: I'IRfl l lCKl;l' $ 4 i. al go .d
over the Southern Railway and thirty other roads in the S milleast
aggregating J ".000 miles lor a Manager, the lie t ! of a firm
or employe. Limited to five but goo i for only one o. such persons
at one time. Limned ate year from date of sale.
$25.<h? gooil over the Southern Railway and soyenty live liter j",
roads inth* South asl aggrcgatin I -11,00 miles. I.imitcyl one *
year front date of sale.
On and after April Is'. I1' IS all mileage tickets \\ i:i ot he
honored lor passage on trains nor in clii\ Vi i; . except 5.
from non-agency stations and stat? ms not open i.?r the sale >1
tickets, l>nt must he presented at ticket onic and there
exchanged lor continuous ticket
V i!
*loney saved in passage tare by purchasing ticket. from '*
S ntliern Railway agents, i are paid o : ti en- w.il lie at a )
higher rate.
Calll 011 Southern Rail\va> ticket agents for inileae t' keis, ^
passage tlckotsand detailed informat on ' ;x ,
1 BCd*
l{. NV, 111 N , V-sislant (ieneral Passenger \gent. \tlanta, fit .
S K -iC
. C. 1.1 Sk, Division Passenger Vgent, Charleston S. C
mt -M &k mw
f f f . > ^ ?>> > ? * ^ * "* S * *. > ' S S W '
V1 c T/ i * 4 * J </>>>??'/ ' * > * * * * > * * * * * * *?
r \
' >
t >
! I it
\ M i i ||
r|: |W|
% WW
1 _"
tfc " ^gaim
v y
r r f,\> <> ?* k ?% '?* * >
m ON
Wf! - >n
lJjHA ^
* We have a full lin<
? Furniture that will
w of the poorest to th<
P Everything Nec
Fi the Furnishir
0 h o m
i iiiw in? ww iniii hi ^flnanf.?ckbkearaa
U You can buy or
rj e*,n ? by p xvin
fi cash and cc
p mints till p
in urn
U gy.u/'juv.-',jur4tf?a mwimvag* hituiimii
r ? I 1 11 p
M .
"I leal Lit Collco' i reullv the c.osestj
oflfee Imitation ever yet produced. rostop&ny piln, At
This clever C >To Subs'itu wa, minutes simply take
eenlly pro.h; cl by Or. Sli mp Ra. Slumps Pink I'.iin
ne, Wis. Nut a grain of real CotVee t means congestion?bio
i it either. Dr. shoop's Health that is all. Dr. Shoop
olTee is ma : front pure toasted <>r Pink Pain Tablets
rains, with a ,n :e. Really coax blood pressure aw
would tooi i ex, i t Wirt nrght j centers. After that,
rink it for C< V . N > d i or twin- ; Headache, Neuralgia, |
its tediousb .. i)K "Mad in a a n with women etc. get ins
. u" says the ! >'tor. '"Li 1 i?y D ie r tablet s Joe Sold by
ros. Store.
DP.MNGSMLWoistovEHY Advocate $
'E?' Purely Slop lhai Couuh.
emmmm, eu.. t u m.mmm inrsj. tiltf ?a w- ?i bummmm - a . ?hmmi *mmm
^ \ N\%\\ \\ I! * y\? N \ vx - \\? \\ ^
> * * a'A - A / A ~2 - * A A A A J . V ' A A A A A > A 0 ' A' A ' A A ~jt
4 ?.\D LOADs U/\f
* r
^ n- iiic u '\! f>') days wo off01
prices | hat will please y<
1 Car Mi I hum Wagons.
I C ir Virginia Wagons.
lie sure to see us before bu.
S \ % ? % % % % ^ \ H V ?
mmv aaaa 1
ruRE I
2 of Furniture. fill
the wants K
2 richest. p
essary For e
lg of the g
aHBHMaaBHBiaHa|BM rj
i your own p
i? a little B
isy pay? S*
% ? /% WW
aid for. |
' IP
ds co., d
) PP
rv. Indigestion
V.J I w # Stomach trouble is but a symptom of. and not
lii itself a true disease. We think of Dyspepsia.
| Heartburn, and Indigestion us real diseases, yet
' they are symptoms only of a certain specific
] Norve sickness?nothing else.
It was this fact that first correctly led Dr. Shoor
????? in the creation of that tow very popular Stomach
\ Remedy?Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Going direct
I to the stomach nerves, alone brought that success
lvwhoro in O/v ' and favor to Dr. Shooi? and his Restorative. With
111 i t>ui that original and highly vital principle, nc
i net nn.. Af ii,. such lasting accomplishments w re ever to be had
01 "l For stomach distress, bloating, biliousness. ba<!
i'tlble' s Pain breath and sallow complex. ), try Dr. Shoop'i
Restorative?Tablets or Liquid?and see for your
dil p roSSUro,? self what it can and will do. Wo sell aud cheer
's H .cad ache - tully
will t|uictc!y jpv "L 9
ay fr,m pain JJj*, vJITlOOT^ S
pain is mc. i *
painful niriotls a a
i.di,.. Restorative
j Subscribe to The
'Cr V ear Advocate.
1. 4 fci I I I I MM I- . K.MI t I
/ i \r J! Tl -I 4 T i%m 1 r v r? o
?ii i . \ I iVi U ^ I DC
l' t In4 folio *kviHi!? Wilson< on en
1 Car Studt ;baUer Wagons.
I Car One i lorsu Wagons, i'norniiil
V'ing can. give y,?u any si/
bham Co,, ^
* * ?? ' ? .? ? ? >> > * i < \ ?> \ v>\ *A>\V
Thinks It uvtd his Ills. 1
Lester M. Nelson, ol Naples, Maine, '
says in a recent letter: "I have used Scholarship
Dr. Kings N?rw Discovery many years. Exaitl
for coughs and oolds. and I tlilnk it __
saved my life. I have found it reliable The ex&mlnatto
remedy for throat and lung complants. vacant scholars!
and would no more be without a bottle
lhau J would!* without food." for College and for th
nearly forty years New Discovery has 'students will be 1
stood at the head of throat and lunK Court Houac on P
I remedies As a preventive of pneumonia,
and healer of weak lungs it has * m* Applicant
no equal. Sold uuder guarantee at than fifteen yea
all Druggist.?.r>0c aud 100. Trial bot* Scholarships are i
tie free. tlley wjjj ^ awar<
Jm the highest aver&i
Yeast I'o you notice an, sign ol tl ldcd th,
returning confidence?
Crlmsonbeak?Oh, yes; my wife lets tlon8 governing f
me carry a night key now!?Yonkers cants for Scholarsl
Statesmen. President Johnson
nation for Schol
stomach troubles rre very common in blanks.
the summer time aud you should not Scholarships are
only baTO-jyrernl about what you Tbe net
rut jusi ijuw. uui more truiu jvu i
should be careful not to allow your I September 16, 180
stomach to become disordered, and formation and
when the stomach goes wrong take pres. d.b. j>hnc
Kodoi. This is the bist known p-e
preration that is offered to the people ?ri*t>a i itti<
today for dyspepsia or indices ton or ^ e 1 * J*
any stomach trouble. Kodoi digests famous little livei
all foods. Ills pleasant to take. It Dr. F. B. Gunter.
is sold here by F. B. C. nter. '
? Marsh?Bagley 1
"lie thinks lie's married an angel." ruptcy?
"She doesn't fly, does she?" Mallow That
"Nope, but she makes his money b?y college??!
fly."?Houston Post. patch.
The best Pills Hver Sold. Kennedy's Laxat
. ? . . , - the one that chil(
"After doctoring 15 years for chronic ^ ^ ,
tastes nearly as g
(.' igestion, and speudiug over two it |s different fro
h. ndred dollars, nothing has done me does not constipal
a* much good as Dr. King's New Life hand acts gently
Ps!sl| I consider them the be3t pills bowels and theret
ever sold:" writes B. F Ayscue, of blood out of the si
lngleside, N.C. Sold under guarantee p. b. Gunter.
at A'.l Drug Stores. 25c.
"Is the pen rea
Bess -Do you really mean to say that dunno as 1
May Is two-faced? country editor.
Jess?Yes plain ana hand-painted, army \ earned $
?Philadelphia Telegraph. ville Courier-Joui
A Grand Family Medicine. If one feels dul
... . . , the spring or earl
"It gives me pleasure to speak a ..s?rin.r Faver.
good word for Electric Bitters," writes * ,, ,
Mr. Frank Conlan ol No. 436 Houston lc^'jr "-uany. i
St.. N. V. "It's a grandfamily mill of our winter hab
cine for dyspepsia and li ver complied 1,1 >' fault,
lions; while for lame back and weak l!,'Mes leaNes? us ^
kidneys it cannot be tuo highly reconi- Nvithuu^ spl 1 01
mended " Electric Hitters regulate of Dr. Shoo
tbe digestive functions, purify the a )su ute y an.
blood, and impart renewed vigor and 1 it>se ( ePrc*smk
vitality to the weak and debilitated ^torat,ve jjf coai
K n, Sold under guarantee f'^k to tull beait
l~J Lia IHj IHJ1HJ
PHTQn,Rr -marpens a failin;
i ion, frees sluggi
Bone Pains, Can- SV
ccr, Scaly Slin, fim* J cauvmccd. ?
Pimples. m>J
Many people suffer from Blood Bo, lier **0'
I'oison and don't know it Read judge she Is a ? .(
Symptoms, Easily cured by B. B. B. the suburbs.?N
For i weuty five year* Botanic Blood
llalm (B. B. B.) lias been curing yearly 1
thousands of sutTerers from Pri- jHORHOUND/l
i n try, .secondary or Tertlar.v Bio id Mi I ]
I I'oison and all forms of Blood Disease. P1ULLFIN
: Wes-ilicit tbe most obstinate cases, flnfi \)
for B. i> B. cures where all else faii.s. ^
1 1t you have exhausted ine old metb- .1 An /<Tc
j ois of treatment and still have aches
i and pains in bones, back or joints. V2?2jy|B
Rheumatism, Mucus Patches in
mouth, Bore Throat, pimples, Copper- . . . Q
j .'olored Spots, Fleers on any part of Arflcnt Su,U)r
I lie b idy. Eiting Sores are run down ?nd want to mar
I or nervous, dalr or eysbrows fa.ting Fond Eather9
-mt. Take B. B B. it kills Die ubAhir While
poison, makes the bio Ki pure and rich.
hca'ing every sore and completely is trying to keep
a changing the entire body into a clean, get out.?Philaflt
healthy condition,
] is pleasant and saf to take: composed "No, l a >n t n
oi pure Bitanic ingredients. It pun- .dared Nuwedd.
ti ^ and i.iriche* the blood. "And why no
DRUGTISTS, 41 PEE L\R<iE <.Sh-'s too bla
i BOTTLE with directions for home ." . ,
1 cin e. Sold in Bitesburg by H arris jt0 sult u'(>a
Cain Drug Co. Cail or write. and necessary.'
mmm ?
SOLD. | ? I
kv I cnn ( at ml
i< | !
II x H i c k. o ry.
'.i y.)j wjnt
t'n Carolina. 15692
AiOA A2.'A3. SAV
4 / / / /> / / / 4 / /? /# /// // X/ X/ / ;
n for tbe award of V
e admission of new
s must be not lee* V*^
/scant after July S, ^
ted to tbose making . ^
jy meet the coodl- ^ ^
tiips should write to
: before tbe examlarship
examination worth
$100 and free
t session will open
For further in
catalogue, address
n. R?c< Hill, S. 0 $||
; Rirly Risers, the
r pills, are sold by
naa gone into bankso
Automobile or
St. Louis Post-DIs,ive
Cough Syup is
lren like to take as it
ood as maple sugar,
m the others as it
te, but on the other
r yet freely on the
>y it drives the cold
stem. It is sold by
lly mightier than the
t is," answered the
"When 1 was in the
18 a month.?Louisnai.
1 and spiritless, in
y summer, they call
" But there is no
t is tlie after effect
its. The nerves are
Tired, worn out
anguid, lifeless, and
r ambition. A few
p's Restorative will
lickly change all of
symptoms. The Re
se won't bring you
li lu a day or two,
spat UruK^Uts
> a* n -. _ e
|i*r ;rs V1
,n any other known
itutional tor.ic. It
g appetite, aids diges
all livers and kidneys,
lie, strength aud am
a few days aud be
ter's Drug Store.
they a bridal couple?
y liis devotion I should
ok lie is taking out to
ew York Sun.
IKtN ^
?I love your daughter
-Take her my boy;
i your mother in-law
you in at night 1 may
ke that woman," denied
sorry for ray wife
is of whit's requsite
1?Louisville < Courierv
V /
V *
V .
V '
V -
a\v\\\<^ T I J|
.. ^

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