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If you will take tin
find that the
Exquisite Waists for Sp:
We received last week a shipment of Opera Wai
styles. They are beautifully made of embrou
certainly swell. Prices $6.00 to $10.00
We have a beautifu' line of the newest Lingerie '
' These Waists have the new style Mousequetaire sle<
effect collar. They are lace and embroider, trimi
the advanced Spring styles and are certainly lovel
Wc are selling many beautiful Tailored Waists,
ing because the} are strictly new, well made of e
the prices are right. The Waists are made of Lint
excellent values at $1.25. $1.75 and $3.50.
An extremely new Waist is the Net waists we art
emiroidered dots and Persian Band. The sleevt
quetaire. l he colors are white and ecru. Th<
Great Skirt Sale at $4
'Monda y and all this week we offer Ladies' Pana
regular $(>,-50. $7.50 an;J $8.50 values?every one o
winte? style special sale price, each
One week more to bu
Banister Shoes for $4.2
This is positively the last week you can buy Bai
$5.50 and $0.oo Shoes for $4.25. And this price i
I Genuine
:g /
% i$$t ,*?i !
? ' "jV
Wf I*?* V ? WWW* I WW'WWf mlam mm W
/ '\
"f": SBatesSurg
Sts *
r i a mhh
y\ ^Yon> YYrepd
1 Bread, !
/ a /
' \
' * 5L
/ a wk J
f a
*' a
;fr In An
- 1
f s
| H. A. MEV
* %
Uy Good Val
le to read this ad you will
; prices are much less that
ring Wear "LOYSly Sprfl
sts in the latest Spring ^he reahy economical women wil
iery and laces and ate ceived rather than buy a winter garme
leading styles that will be worn this sp
- t OVIM Y skirts are mostly fclain with high Dire
shorter than the winter garments. Anc
Waists?the Monogram . .
ordinary winter suit: The suits are ma
eves and high Directoire
T , t sell them to you the same way. Price
Tied. In fact, they are one.third more m0ney elsewhere.
y. Prices range from
$5.00 to $10.00 Beautif
IODEL We are showing one piece Lingerie
.. ... . . ? ,, in the Princess and Empire styles
Many Waists are sell- , . ? * 7
lovely creations. These Dresses are
excellent matena s anc beautiful inserted bands of Filet and Ii
;n and Linene and are colors are white and all leading shade:
range from $lo.oo 1
! T The new one-pieee Rep Dresses are
swell. The waists in part are hand en
: showing in the colored ed. The sleeves are Mousquetaire,
*s are the new Mous" tucked. Skirts are made with the nei
,, . . front. We have these dresses in the n
t are excellent value
$3.50 to $5.00
1.98. two big
Some of these Suits are not exactly
una and Voile Skirts* values are bona fide. Come and look
f , , . , ever had the advantage of better.
f the very latest mid$4.98
At $lo.oo we offer Tailored Co;
really g?od ones, very desirable; form
vt $2o, 25, $30, and $35. and they sol<
V at those prices.
5 a pair Russian pony
We have a few of those handsome I
lister Celebrated $5.oo at actual cost. This is a great offer.
over from season to season, if you desi
s spot cash.
Peruvian Gt
Untouched by the Chemist or the cM<
Peruvian Guano C or|
I " ""
Zt.. certain
TH C juices I<
i nti m that is
gexter t
'^tloc/e/ SBakeru ij (V*TVu
'red to fUeceivm Orc/ers for ^ ant to t;
Ralls, 3akes 1
' v-v
\y nij
nd Piss |
y (Quantity. 3;
vy At HU
sake a v ^nectoltij vl; lts??
v> healing.
????????????? y > es H:I(I s
'BR, Proprietor. ^ Tjj
lues at Mi
no doubt find some 1
i you would pay for cl
ig Suits mm swei
1 buy one of these lovely Spring Suits we have recenl;
nt at "reduced price." In the first place, these Suits art
'ring. They are tailored perfectly and fit to exactness,
ctoire belt. The coats have straight line effects an3 are it
I best of all, you can buy one of these suits at the price o
nufacturer's samples. We bought them at one-third off.
:s are $20, $25, $30, and $40. and you couldn't get better
ul Evening Dresses.
; Dresses Then there are those beautiful Dress*
that are Habutai Silk. The materials of these Dr<
made of are excellent. They are exquisitely trim
rish. The with lace inserted. And the lace is o3
?, Prices newest patterns. There are very near
to $3o.oo shades in stock. These dresses are the j
certainly tiest and best values ever offered for $3
nbroider- Then we have a beautiful assortment
lace and Messaline Dresses. The styles are leading
v Painer making the best that can be had. They
ewest at, simply the newest thing for spring wear.
$2o.oo price is each $3
right up to now in cut, but they are very desirable,
them over. We never offered better values; wedoubt if
it Suits, At $3.98 we offer Tailored Coat Suits
ierly sold sold formerly at $lo, $15 and $18. They
d rapidly worth double the price we offer them for
Russian Pony Skin Coats left. We offer every one of tl
These coats will last forever. You can have them wor
ire. just as you can seal skin coats. Get one before they al
V T f K % If 'H >4
'if v
* IS ? ? <%
& X..JB k. &
Ca >- U
'n contact with his name?
phia Inquirer.
jano ?j1 j Hcsidis 9o lmpe C?i s fruui
package of lir. Shcou'.s II.' i!
1 MOW put in O 2"?c. clever
?* '"No-Drip" Coffee Strainer
Look for it. Tlte satlsf;
~ Health Cotl'ee is, besides, i
3 nafacturer I feet. Made only fr<m pure
23 cereals, malt, nuts, etc.
^ Dreher Hros.
\ 3
I 3 ^r- Wiley will probably
3 : available for the next few c
S3 is testing 30 samples of wl
3 Cleveland Leader.
J VjISL 3 7.
3 Croup positively stopped ii
^3 utes, with I>r. Shoop's Jrou|
2 One test alone will surely ]
3 truth. No vomiting, no dis
i f 3 safe and pleasing syrup?Soc.
23 Gunter's Drug Store.
3 This 'possum business 1
, 3 to believe that some Sout
2^ I lect expert will get the job
luuuuuuiuiuuumurc 'i'aurea"-New York Worl
Hnr For health and happiness
juires a proper combination of Clttle Early Risers?small,
acids with natural digestive easy- pleasant little liver ]
3 perfect, a dyspepsia cure. And best made. Sold by Dr. F.
what Kodol is? a perfect di- tersDrug Store,
hat digests all the food you
you will take Kodol for a lit- With Carnegie, Roose
ejou will no loiger have in- Rockefeller all in the game.
?n. You then couldn t have ^le professional writer wil
,!on. llow could you have in- . KT
. , , ,. .. step lively.?Chicago News
n, if yeur food were to digest?! 3
igeats all you eat. Itis pleas-! ~
ike, acts promptly. Sold by President Helps Orph
' Ouster's Dm* Store. Hundreds ot or,bans I.;
helped by the Piesident of r
trial and Orphan's Home at
Cla. who writes: *' vVe liave ui
\ | A 11/ AT^/vm
?i. s\. vvn I aui> trie Miners in this Instltu
nine years. It has proved a
Dkntiht, cellent medicine for Storaat
and Kidney troubles We
Itatesburg, S. 0. as oiie of t l?e best family meri
:e in Telepnone Kuildlng. earth ' It invigorates the
jrans, purities the blood, ai
Ige Sprint? Every Thursday tion, creates appetite. To sti
aii(i build up tliin. pale, wen
ren (?r run-down people li
equal, llest for female co:
i bes pain, it is cool'ng and Only Soc at all druggists
(?o< d for cuts, burns brui-ieratehet.
lint especially rec- I , 7 !
Ud for piles?r>eWitt\? r?;ir- | the main reason a girl o
iVit'ii lli/.?i ^av. Sold by being kissed is the wrong
I Ounter' O'U^ Sioic Atlanta Constitution.
thing; you want,
he same goods e
ri Dress Goods;
We are offering next week the
y re- and Silks. We don't believe you
> the elsewhere at as low drices.
We offer Pretty Dress Patterns
at $l.oo; this week
Striped Prunella in all leading s
* an this weekWe
Beautiful Patterns for Coat Suil
{or from
Beautiful Serges tn all colors si
special price, the yard
Excellent quality Broadcloth, a
es of the yard
5sses 45-inch Mohair, in all colors, r<
?h Beautifully quality Panamas.
ajj yard, 5oc, 65c and
iret- All colors in 36-inch Colored a
0.00 $1.25; offered this week, the yard
of 27-inch Messalines, all colors fo
anc* this week, the yard
' are
The soo
We have just received a beautif
The designs, in figured Scrim Umitatioi
you ported Eish Nets in white, ecru, r<
material and you will be pleased v
tnat y?iu
t^js 50 pair Nottingham Lace Curtai
regular 75c pair; our price, special
50 pair Swiss Spipped White G
lem want, find value at $1.00 pair; spec
[j 25 doz Window Shades,?3x6 fee
green, tan and blue; special price, i
Mail <
i * t ? T"i
rz Jowal-j js difficult to decide whicl
ave come the greatest menace to a ma
1 h-ladel-: Christianity?slush or ice-eak
pavements?Cumberland Eveni
ta' i' --h 'fliero i- no Quinine, nothing wh:
i < uHee, t ver harfth or ,sicke.;iing iii Preventi
m\ih .. .p jlCSft j j, t ,ie ca,ifi? Co'fi Cure TabW
loupon ac( as by nuigie A few hours?a
.ciioii <; VOUr tlireaie- irgCold is broken. Ca
most per- f| v j j jce in taste Preventics please L
oasted children?and they break the feve
'0t -v i.siiness, always. And least, of all
economy. A large lx>x ? 48 Preventi
?25 cents. Ask your druggist,
not be knows' Sold by Gunter's Drug Sti
lays. He In case of doubt, every Senai
liskey.?' takes a crack at the President.
I MemDhis Commercial-Anneal
You may eat all the good sensil
i 2d mlu- food y?u like if you will let Kodol
p Remedy Kest 11 for jr(Ml Don't w<ryy a I*
prove this dyspepsia or indigestion, f? r wor
tress A | only tends lo make you mare nervo
Sold by Besides you don't have to worry a
more about what you eat, hecau
Kodol for Dyspepsia and Indli'np
will digest any and all food at a
eacls one gitim>s Kolj' Is guiriu
hern dia- g 5'-rompt relief. Sold by Dr.
ot poet P. G vi tei's Drug Store.
Little I^ester Livermore?pap
' what is the difference between av
'g ^itl'e *?n anC^ a *'2ht? this book says?
[ ills the Mr Livermore?The differen
B. Gun- ; between a girl before and after si
: is married.? Puck.
vejt ancj Paint Ready for Use.
the hum- i St M. PURF. PAI NT semi-mixi
1 have to is sold for *t f>5 per gallon. Linse
oil is sold from the barrel for (iO veil
i a gallon. Buy 4 gallons L & M PUF
fcA I NT and mix witii it :t gall'ins li
ans seed oil, and you then make ' gallo
ave been of paint at a co8t of only 20 per Si
he Indus-1 ,on* Uonc in 5 miuuLe9- Molmai
Macon ^ul,utn Ildwe. Co., Hatesburg L. A ]
;ed Elec- Palnt AKel^
Lion for "Whv lc it tV><nt
. ? .j ii mai iiuitis ate
most ex- , . ,
h Liver muc" more popular with worm
regard It than with the men?"
Ilclnes on "In a novel the fellow invariab
vital or as^s the girl to be his wife."?CI
(is diges c Q Recorci_Herald.
rengthen .
.k child- A h TER 33 Y EA RS experience mi
t lias no ions of users of L. & M. PAINT
mplaints. claim;- First, tt wears lo to 15 yean
Second, It only oosts $l.2o a gallon
I Third, Its ih? bast they have a?
bjects to Fourth, sixteen thousand i
_ gents certify to these facts, flolma
man-" cullum Hdwe, Co.. Rateshurg, L.
M Paint Agents.
k %%* 1 ' ?lj&
And you
lsewhere. ' ?
? y?-im
and Silk Values.
following special values in Dress Goods
t can find the fame quality of goods
, 8-yard lengths, sold readily heretofore
hades, regular $1.25 value; special price
:s, ex clicra u . ,'.:y ar: j ^oc-1 values at
-* '10.00 to $12.50 a pattern
lifraK* r <-V. ...1 .4.^, .......
, . v. v?i o jvuv/vi
11 colors, regular $1.25 and $1.50 values
igular 65c, quality, this week, yard, 50c
all colors; special values at, the
nd Black Taffeta Silk, sold formerly at
r evening dresses; special good values
ul new line of striped Madras, new
l of stained glass), domestic aud im?d
and green colors. This is all Curtain
vhcn you see it. Price, special, the
25c to 60
ns, 2 3-4 yards long, nice designs, worth
, price 39c
urtalns, three yards long, just what you
ial price, pair 69c
t, all cloth and goo ' t
each 25c
rirders frilled
x -s j Clarence (at the races) J-The f*
>? vuiiic won i run toaay. rie's been
n s
, scratched.
' * Clarice?Must be a prett bad scratch
n*' to keep him from running.?Chicago
cs This is just the time ef the year
when you are most likely to contract
nfl a severe cold, and you should always
M" have Kennedy's Laxative Cough Syr*
,IC up handy, especially fer the children.
!I* It tastes nearly as good as maple sug's
ar. i.t cures the cold by gently movlcs
ing the bowels through its laxative
l,e principlo, and at the same time it is
"re soothing fur throat irritation, thereby
tor stepping the cough. Sold by Dr. F
B. (iunter'8 Lrug Store.
"She thinks men are fools."
^ "Did she say so?"
ou Not in those words, but she said she
ry could marry any man she wanted to.?
U3 Houston Post.
"The railroads are discharging all
ny men with gray hair."
1 "Most of the married men will be
F. safe."
"How so?"
a "The majority of them are bald."
js. Houston Post.
<J*o. Bki.i.Timmxkman.
J. Wm. Thurmond.
Thurmond & Timmerman
?f\ Will practice in all the State and U
S. Courts.
e(' C itizens RankHldg., Batesburg, S. C
A Horrible Hold Up.
Ds *' Al?out ten years ago iny brother
il- was "held up ' in his work, health and
-j- happiness by what was believed to be
M. hopeless Consumption," writes W, R.
Lipscoaab, of Washington, N. C. "Ha
too* all kinds of remedies and treatso
ment from several doctors, but found
en no help till nc used Dr. King's New
Discovery and was wholly cured by six
, bottles. He is a well man today." It's
quick to relieve and the surest care
u" j for weak or sore lungs. Hemorrhages,
i Coughs, and Colds, bronchitis, La.
1 Crippe. Asthma, and all Bronchial affections
50cand$l,oo. friftl battle
' tree. Guaranteed by all druggist*.
#r Blobbs?Is he rich?"
a Slobbs-He has mote money than
n- he knows what to do with.
& Blobbs? Ah, then, he has no wifelPhiladelephia

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