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A Tri-County Paper
One Year $1.00
Six Months ..SOcents
No three months subscriptions taken.
Entered at the P: O., at Hatesburg,
S, C , as second-class matter,
Feb 14, 1901.
All Copy sent In must be written
on one side only.
When changing address always
g've old post office otherwise change
will not be made.
Advertising Pates
Jne Inch One Year . . ... $5.00
One Inch Six Months $5.00
One Inch Three Months $2 00
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ers to take run of pap-r 5cts per
FRIDAY. March 19. ltC9 [
It was treely said seven years ago
that it would be a cold day when
Roosevelt voluntarily gave up public
office. And it was!
If the National Congress is able
to back its resolve by deed, the inauguration
day will be changed
from furious and fickle fourth ot
March to the more placid weather
of the last week of April. It is calculated
that there have been over a
hundred and that there will be a
thousand deaths from pneumonia
caused by exposure to the blizzard
on the day of President Taft's inauguration.
President Taft's cabinet is strong
on law and it is suspected that he
knows some law himself. It is said
the new President will make his
own policies and that his cabinet
will act as general counsel to the
administration. It is believed that
it will be in a way quite as much a
one-man affair as was that of the
las! TVcsHer* or different
plan. The Preside:; k: ows what
lie want? io do. He has some verv
clear Ideas c.? si ted In hi.-, .naugural
address and *he eminent ?e .a!
liguts with wr . .. " . .Uiivuhd
ed himself insures as good advice
as the country can afford about the
constitutional and legal questions
that are continually arising.
A few weeks ago Senator Carmack
one of the ablest and most
brilliant men of Tennessee?yea of
the South?was ruthlessly shot
down on a street of Nashville by
the Coopers. The trial of the slayers
is now in progress. In selecting
a jury over 3,000 jurors from several
counties were examined before
the panel was complete. The jury
as it stands now is composed of 12
of the most ignorant men in Ten-'
nessee. Four of them can not even
read, two can scarcely understand
English and not one of them has
read a newspaper since before the
killing. "The jury of his peers"?
what a mockery! A case requiring]
the best trained minds and the
clearest knowledge in order to be
able to sift out the nuggets of the
truth from the mass of evidence to
be passed upon by a jury, the only
recommendation of which is that it
is composed of ignorant and illit-j
erate men, is a travesty upon intell-:
igent justice!
A few cases like this and our
much boasted jury system will fall
and rightly so. If the selection of
this jury is lawful?and it is?then
the law is at fault and if it be not
speedily remedied our jury system
will fall.?Branchville Jury.
The Advocate
$1.00 I
Per Year.
' By Thomas Cobb.>
[Continued from last issue. I .(
tation auoui ner sympatny, and she nun
hud never been more in earnest than '(
tonight?except perhaps during her interview
with Wray on Monday afternoon.
'You always seemed so exactly can
in your place at Horsemere,' said '
Pauline. sm
'Then if I am not contented. It will Phi
be my own fault.' ner
'Or?or mine,' sho murmured.
At this point they were interrupted, tin
and (iilbert did not lind an opportunl- Pa:
ty to speak to Pauline again. It, was hea
almost impossible not to feel some
faint Puttering of hope; ho began to uo>
attach greater importance to Joan's mm
advice, and at least determined to 'i
spare no opportunity of putting him- l.<>
self in Pauline's way. sai<
He saw her next on Sunday afternoon.
She was walking with Mrs. i
Cathcart near the statuo of Achilles n
in Hyde Park, Amabel following with j i
Bernard. But as well as Pauline, in.;
Gilbert recognized Wray Waterhouse i
a yard or two in advance of himself. s\.
Gilbert saw the flush ol' recognition uu.
on her face, saw her step away from
Mrs. Cathcart's side, holding forth her ma
right hand with every appearance of cat
cordiality. Gilbert pressed Ids lips no;
together, passing on, himself unseen,
whilst Wray walked by Paulino's side, a i
and Mrs. Cathcart fell hack to Amabel i> ,
and Bernard. not
'I wondered whether she would i,:h
speak to the Johnny,' whispered Bern- I
aid. tat
'Pauline always keeps her most gra- p, ,
clous manners for the rejected,' said i
Amabel. hoc
'Still, she hasn't rejected Water- p?,
house, don't you know.' Bernard re- ,
torted, hopefully. .\m
'You are staying in London, then.' ^p,,
said Pauline, after one or two casual I
remarks. OU(.
'Oh. yes??'
'My sister said something about , 'n.
your taking up politics.' ?u,
'It's the only game worth playing.' jj,,
lie rejoined. lo
'Bather serious game!' said Pauline
'The whole of life's a game,' he ox- .
claimed, 'and we arc the pawns.' ^
'No, no.' site protested. jm
'I should have said that you were
the Queen.' lie insisted. (l,
'You must remember we are living
pieces. Wray.'
'Wo might be inanimate for all the
influence we have on our destinies.' lie
'I am afraid,' site answered, 'you are M
becoming a pessimist. Oli. I know how ^
sorely you have been tried. Hut you
mustn't lot. it spoil you. Wray. There
are things it is diflicult to talk .
about ' fl|,
j '1 wish I wen- alv ;?> ?tt
I 1' 1'v. h -i :
I eyes, hut Prr-lir i"n<- v
sir .i.u. .it
lily" oie of tho: < ' r<
tho pledge to live rauoliuiiy n
then in one day break out and spoil
'The breaking out must lie an im
raenso relief,' he answered.
.Ah, but when one returns to her
senses again, think of the remorse; ^ ?
and the mischief may be irrevocable.'
'You have not allowed anything you
have done to be irrevocable,' said i~1"
Wray, and they were brought to a
standstill by tho throng.
"(Jond afternoon. Mr. Waterhouse,'
cried Amabel, offering her hand,
whilst Bernard curtly nodded. 'We
meet in a crowd,' she added. v'c
'It's pleasant to meet anywhere,'
Wray answered, lowering his voice. '
I shouldn't have imagined you
thought that!' t>x<
'Why not?' he demanded.
'You never come to see us,' she said. '? 1
'Yon forget I was at your house s'?on
Monday,' Wray suggested.
'Well, 1 didn't see you,' she re- tor
turned, with a laugh.
'Shall I come?' lie asked. a t
'Why, of course,' Amabel answered,
whilst Bernard gnawed his lower lip sai
and walked on with Pauline. t>"
On reaching home. Paulino accompanied
Amabel to the drawing-room. del
"Why did you bother Wray to come
here?' she asked. ho
'I didn't know you could hear me.'
said Amabel. at<
'Bernard heard too.' An
'Anyhow, Mr. Waterhouse didn't require
much persuasion,' Amabel re- tin
torted. ovi
'1 don't understand you, unless '
'We are mutually mysterious, my rid
dear. I certainly don't understand
you.' said Amabel
'I suppose you are playing with
Wray to torment Bernard,' Pauline <"<
suggested. 'What pleasure can it :,li
give you to make the poor fellow miserable?'
Amabel laughed aloud. nil
1 'If it comes to poor fellows.' she
said, 'how about Gilbert?' bll
'No one is moro sorry for him than if
I,' answered Pauline. erl
'Are you sorry for Wray Water- t''1
liuiiBv iuu. nsni'ii nuiuui'i. *
'I am sincerely sorry for liim.'
'Oh, t!iin is wicked waste!' Amabel
exclaimed. 'You should cultivate n s''
judicious parsimony. Nobody can say ,l"
that Mr. Watcrhouso needs much :m
pity.' ,l|i
'He looked melancholy enough,' said
Paulino, gravely. cln
'A man can't always be grinning w''
like a Cheshire cat!' 1
'We were talking about Bernard,' :I
Pauline continued. 'I used to admire msi
your solitary discretion when Bernard
had nothing but his pay.' ?'n<
'Now ho has found salvation on a 'ol
thousand pounds a year.' tin
'Isn't it sufficient?' asked Pauline "!'
Amabel's face flushed vividly. *"<
Thai isn't fojr'' <li.e exclaimed.
a hi
i! know I don't care about ___
a' ver may be my faults.'
ol'8 excitement subsided a
led again. besides.' sbo "*&?*.
rnard will have over so mm
U a thousand a year.' . ^
low is that?' asked Paulli I. f!l -'<
ut interest. '
iVhen Mrs. Venables marri
iW,' said Amabel mlschievo 41^1' ESQ s
don't think she will marrj f '*-&' -
Jh. but indeed she will!'
. suppose you can tell nie t'l . ' o-M
lie.' said Pauline skepiie.i I
tYalorliouso,' said Amabel. ^
i you be so blind?' ffl , M
I really think tlial is t.i it ? ' ?? V
<1 idea I ever hetril.' ? '"tv;'/!
iline. and in her st.ue'.ie ' , i w?|
she walked to the door. ? ?' ?
ho passed Mrs. Cat heart a"A
eshold, and her uiothei o l|
line's angry expression, wl ir,
til Amabel's gleeful laugh , j
Y.'hat have you been sayin? Tj|
your sister?' Mrs Cnllu 'm ^ jl
riie most ridiculous Idea; j *'\- /! ' ^
heal t iiiM. 'od. 'You h; , 1 |l ;' ?/ ;2l]
lit to sax tch a thing e \ ;< V\ . -> ' J ' >'' 'j|j
VS,"iiy .,<i ..mi imag.iii Mr. ' 1':t w\;-' "Jf {'
is* is coming here?' fc j V; jS
>h. I sup, ?so be lik'.s to ? ? * ti i
>i. d \n rather \ M ' ., .
. * Mm ' ' "i 1 '1
\ mlrf'k-Y .A....V* '-j
i'.inline i is given up an ex " > { '/
tcli for his sake.' said Mrs Ti^r <?
,. 'and no wonder she wi
ltd." ^ ^
CM colli st*. no one likes to ' v ' V
nan ?ic. t'l care f??r li"r. A -r;.?ar:
it, 11 ! u . ether she want - it j-''V. .ie:d9v?P?l
i won't say Paulino dot u'<
alter that Suinla\ evening '? >' :,i 1*1; it v
heart ilisenssed the mat tor ' 1 "'to i liing, 1
husband. >1. used i-> \ yo
lYo met Mt. Waterhouse this u iliinK \i>u n:i ?.1
in,' she explained, and ho I and 11< '
conversation with Pauline. oul. i can't !
ins on such oxcelioiit terms too !? ily un era!
abel too. She suggested tin ' ' t?.'??y lie . in
mhl call.' his: || j y; i 11. then.''
ll'in," ejaculated Alt' I'm heart U><ni such an
ily. ' lie cried
There enn be no doubt about wis then
it .In1 continued. "Pauline h< v. a. tin re I
liorsoll talhod about a.;<vin. lie ui?to von?'
only possible solution : for nioo oiio , _:i, s:
iiiitrrj the mail.' o. iliai. Ian tin
Al> drat.' said .Mr. t'allienrt, ni< . to <n i .)
i an opportunist.'
iVray cunio on Wednesday. when n? in pa i inulai ?
uid lloriiaid V enables and mi cag.i
i> othei guests in Mrs. ('allien atcihoiis? b sai
iwing loom. Mis reception co u u onh
L have been more cordial i "la
I Httppoae,' said Pauline, 'you a the house wltit
jewing many old friendship.
it see much ?>i Airs. Venahles?' t<> .? P dim
ller garden is delightfully shm u do. lie nr.
's*' glowing afternoons.' answer
my. urged.
To say nothing oi AmnrvPis' inu
I roil Amnbol. ?m i h#a-??n I.-:;
I>111.* Wrny continued, I Imve m
d>n mlvniilix'o of it siiifo l nn "I resist -i
r' *?1 11 !i w 11' all *:!
Oli. I can loll you how to win his Gilbert at Mrs |
rnal gratitialo!' cried Amabel. u'' ' asked .loan.
Wonlil the game be worth the can- Yes, answered Bernard, an
.? last inu to red a smile
A matter of laste,' said Amabel. >lou did I'atiliuo tn ,>i i
ii have only to marry his aunt, you 11 ! 1 ,<t' tlUI"1' 11
()W/ Wat* "lion .' lie cried Ii
You discuss serious ma iters with 1 ''' 1 very woman cat
>ckink flippancy, Wray retorted. team Pon my word, I si
I'm bound to do tliat." she said. kl,ovv which to hack Thc> TWhy?"
nock and n< ok.'
To maintain a happy medium in my . ^ '" that's. i
ally,* 'M little more dlfllcult t"
Anyhow.' lie suggested, 'your ad- X("'
e is hardly disinterested.' Anyhow, I enn i stand her
Indeed it is.' as alio did last night. I3v.
le looked at Iter with a smilo-Isn't
Venables engaged in the vain u" " Just a little to<
rcise of kicking against Kate?' " 1 l,:,v" "nl> .vonr.selt to
I daresay you haven't heard.' said
label 'Mrs. Vonnblei does bji good : : hyself/ In in
aH), HaVi you a: l,<-d Amabel
Well. I t It in I. (lint's the tint. in , : ' exactly asked In
ted. ;'a,1I
She has endowed her nephew with .. ' "" " ' 11 1 >'il ! i.
nnai r< nnnr ntion?' .loan mi:
hoiisaml pounds a year. .....
4 .. . i aK?* it.\ a?i\ ir. a h<?r
Let me hasten to felicitate you, h .. ,
wnciiici two will bo youi ife
il Wrny. loaning lowiiuls hoi. not
nb?ev\etl by Bernard. |iM ^ ' 1\ st
What a moan return for my coiill '
tic*'' stir exclaimed. ,ol
Isn't it a matter nl congratulation? j ! . "" 1 '
oh! 'i' don't know, i think thing* \ con |,,, v, ,u v""'
IniiiK'Hsolv nice as tli? > aro. said .
isonioiinn s .-lit h?vin> to i
, _ piano Jmsi time she out In
But. vnu see, they won t continuous
.... ,i over my lips.
?v arc. The world moves on, and
ii it ....... What a curious method!
n vo i will grow old .sonic day
, ... . , very sob-111111\
IMoas o don t suggest anything hoi
, . ill I < ' 11 1 ma !>' A Ilia ? I out.
. she pleaded. . .
It points a moral; lie answered claimed f>h< .mm-as lv
I deies. stories with a moni|. | il?'1
oiiRb.* Amabel added, 'one may per- ; '11,11 1'' Vl
ive ., .coral in Mrs. Venatdes' liber- ' ni"' :i ,m><;
^ . j m is to Ik1 hoped sin1 tlo<
Her object no doubt is to facilitate ! I""'" ,',"m ?" ?h? *'*
. . retort* *1.
nahles marriage, said \\ ray. sig,
I can i stand it. cried B--i i
icat.t ly.
But it seems to remove all proba- *hJ? C ' ^ reglmonl am
ity of her own marriage. You see. ?' ' ?' *?' ?<; I'ght.i.g so,new),
she intended to marry, nil her prop- ,'1'1 ' ' '1"' "1' 1
y would pass to Bernard as a mat- , . , 1'
of course, and the allowance would 1''" 1 " ' 4 "
. ... Am! vo l may accept it is a f
quite iiiniecessaty
ClI M'TKIt XX " n I nnIItie t
Although .loan had paid the piper v " .
e found that she could not call the W1 h '' I V
?- This sounded ratle . discordant ?? <? '< '''.'*-<l 'But In ndde,
d it required an effort to take any " ^ v '
,,g like a cheerful view of life , Ami\h? ? ' hitrmiiig g.
. , . i ,. . ... .loan, but she doesn t possess
-?h* lia*l oil her hands two hi Ian ... , , ....
, . , , .... - wisdom in the world In on
rjlv. discontented, bop* I m*-.i .
tion is whet hoi I'ntihnc wil
ii st the third held stiidlon I .il.io
ternard afforded a tin? tud> "? .
.... ., , . I if following afternoon . oni
ilnusv. Micro was n-?tl?i?> a < l .
. iii ... i. ., .1 \od a visit from Cilbert, whom
it ii ilf world about lb maul \ < u
. . ,. , ,, not soon tor nior< ihan a wt
0.- save lib rlollif Ins o\|. n
. looked ?|u11< a di con :o a a
?-, wore ol I lie narrow I order. 1
. . .... done dial I'M nine when she }
he had never bestowed an 1 naior>
i . , \ ...|...| od him to her pit eiice; am
nieht on any woman Inn Amabel 1 '
, nowneed tlint he had called
on her lie bestowed a ureal man> j i v
h ihoiiKtits. hut once more the rmil
his love we hitter in the " 1 "" <"
You know. Ilernard. said .loan
outfr tortnighV ?fter Wrav's second
If You ;
? Should Find
a Suii that is fashionod like
111?* <?no shown liciv, would
\ imi 11 <?t I i k t i! y
if ^b| * \?- toniid thorn ami
/ '" ('11" ! 1' 1 1' '11 11' t * > I o 1111 > i a
m \ nn 11 - - < 5 h?> 111: t i i? \ ;iiv
IJI In ;,nl i! u 11 \ I u i 1 o re (| and
trim in I iii t'nv, oiMdi's '
' S ' ' '^ ' :,n<' SL'< ).<)<?
11 4 Wo Li l:i? I to show you. j
f';;f M, !Kinard
1523 Alain Street.
illt" i. > . ai.it mu 1
1''1 'I itiisik I laailii a lns-taki' in stay.
II Hill!, i?m - j?, s;lj,| I Ihivi' oiilv '
'tlir aiiDiiy.'
i is ii yon ;h know1 jl'i yi?t?rs?'lf
i"' hi Men?' .loan suggested.
'Yes.' Iu> returned. 'Mosiilof . my
j presence is an annoyunco to I'.inline.'
How <io's sin' show her annoyning
in j
She doesn't show it- I'h,
n how do yon know ii exists?'
;,;,i | .loan -manded.
'You ;ee," ho erieil abruptly. '\v are
a I way .i ; .,j\. ;l\ meeting I ami Walerhonso,
s I an Ill
"\i .\li- IV>i Chester's, for in .a;. <
'Ah. Itenai'l lohl yon!" said till- i
as!;. <1 I | 1
I!, 111; (Is was a very different ;
sun .' -ho answered. 'Acording to
hiii. il i w'lh A ma 1 that Wray
11 "t'ev i j i; t < i c hi'" 11 I i 111 * eolispic- t
it i'n l- nous.' j
i'erhao; h< <li ' tPli it admined. 1
.' .loan j 'Qui \,,n ; njw what Amabel is." i
velii.n?' -i ill. W'ra;. .. .. a ? ' ' facility 1
in adapting hi s it to i moods.' (
i"In iai .' .i.i t rt I don't |
ov. lh" lane: lie fellow is very Iowa
iiion io 'How happy could he he with i
eiiIn r' < ri? .i Joan, i at n i ' " folly , ,
. (iitti twin" j
'Will yon take my advice?" she cried i
a little excitedly. 'Will you forestall |
"I In at him?"
11 * shook li: - lit :ui decidedly,
i have dun. . Iii -aid. 'Only?
then a cin-sedness about lhings
' Mll!l?'ll()\v '
v. ... i li. 11 i..' she ailiuii led.
V. .! 11a\( found that out loo?" ho
i-tiiunn^ S11:. ., u>(1
1 idcasi don't bring me into the
* * vorii lie cried, with a laugh.
' ' i'iii i understand what tin- women
n th? n llow inn11 rod (lilbort,
,<iin? on button i: coal and rising.
! a : o i I.; '.9 unite derided to rotill
n I!.eniel
' 1 liirk. , . .
i. nail low iiun niii.e I have been
B8e' nog I in.a i.i. nftaii'H It's time I
loo! i (I .tl'ti i i Iii-in.'
v 1 On in ioi i,. gate, (lilbort
no t Bernard and -lopping, explained
iliai lie was illumine to Horsemeniln
n -xt day.
l the by. lie added. 'you might
' ' " run down. My mot her ?\iii be very
pi, a .,1 Why not eonie oil Frl'
uiiinv ,
I 1m day alter tomorrow.' asked
I e. my till Tiii .lav oi ;.n much
"II . V oil 1
long) i is yon can I liere h a good . ,
train at i\ o'clock '
r Ucd ,. , , . I.
la maid 1 ! He i'ii in n, and having |]
. ( > accompanied ({iilieft to tlto gate, be i]
u entered the home in o-U Joan. who.
'''"1 in met. fell rallu i pleased at the '<
in. peel of a few (lavs' relict Iron)
' i .loan,
i.i -aicK ty .
, S! bad not s<? 11 W ray since the
all. rtn in win li In bad h aid of (illIn
dismissal by Pauline. t'ntil
'I' ,l iii..; day lie luid been frequently at
I l.otni but In- bad In-Ill p< rststont
ly a loof ever sint e.
sn i si- ...
I _ .No doubt Joan eould easily have
! n i 11i111 In- could easily have
i In i. ii in his way Bui bis
, i a a ma ed hei . and far from 1
' 'ry to . . , , >
In 'o cio. bis path, she as
! 1, i .i-ll' ibat die would go out
oi i- eo'irse to avoid liiiii, and site
nil inn . . .
I. id' d linn from - - ery point rd view
iy 1-aUe.
act thai " v' 1,1 !'"""
<> I)C llis i - . - - ,
Cnt ill lied Next Week.
I.' Hi I II- :
A NVuuderfu Paint
! ]. said wi;;' e your paint and save manu-j
< ail the farmers profit. vou can make!
ly que*. j.a"i:t at the least co * wiien you mix i
I accept $ | of ;j ^ii'.lon >. 1 . ; > d 0 I cost- |
in? -t;. cents with a pa don of L. & M i
1 ,ot; ?v- : make 1 .< ? palsho
had ii , i ,
.. on ot * rent i .v ' lrn nd try ,
BK. lie ' , I
: haf, t. no ' \ n-w : , k it not
amnion- uiind so ! i.c I.. M. Paid has
I h< an ' eiai used o n e rs. i has
to say ec orated m re h ui two million
American) d. ).y Holman
ui'' she ( ullum Hd\ e. o ih.'rsVjurjf.
tMNMBMBti g?^???????I???????i
Town Lots ; Farm Lands.
Throe eleyai.t lannHV
One nice house K
1 I J -II ? ; st'.at e of eillti Vlltio1.
and lot?1. acres * * spunhi ui w ater |?<iwcr (
T-A . ,. 1I le Yelopet l oil Olll'.
m liatesbarg tori Tract No. 1 contains 33 ac
, *n . ! ;a 4-room house.
sale or will trade Tract No. 2 contains 172 ac
/. j* i new dwelling.
TOr farm land. ' Tract No. 3 contains 125 ac
comfortable house.
Terms ol sale (hie-K
t~a ('ASl I, balance on tin
rrompt bervice. ??y mortwa^Mifi
With us it is a quick sale and a cheap price.
It* you want to buy, let us know what you >
we'll j?c it.
If you want to sell, see us, we'll sell it.
Baitsburg Rea' Estate C
^ I AlcCAIiniA, Manu>rer
C1KO OliLl. TlAlAlliRMAN, Attori
Batesburg, S. C.
J} Hoosier Pumps.
J; Pumps, A
Pumps, jjp\
? Pumps. (Xj|_
I" o . q q r
tut / /te rn ///>/?/// I ,?
* #. 4Mk+-^ -V 4
M MM-zVU^vlAW vlLfl*#- vM?.-. ^%ryV*?-V*>V**Mv ^54^^38^'
1 It'll! i'Ci LlllZitjl 5
? X
We .uc no'.v reulv to make shipment of all tirades of Mannfactured
Fertilizers. The proper Fertilizers for every Crop.
^ Ask for
hnil line of Kainit, Muriate of Potash and Nitrate of Soda.
Ammomate;! Fertilizers, manufactured from Blood and Tankage
Cotton Seed Meal.
Prices and terms ri^ht. Send us your orders.
| Palmetto Fertilizer Co.
IPi:Df:LL .IONUS. dp.. Manager,
H Ninth I'loor Skyscraper. t'o'limhia, S, C.
i -.mm*
Wilie Jones, Prest J. P. Matthews Cashier.
r.J Scihels Vi. e-Prest. W. Al. (lit bes, Jr. Asst Ca'sl
hos. 'I aylor 2ml Vice-Prest.
of Columbia, S. C
United State; (loverument, State of South Carolina. County of Oi. iii,
and City Depository "
CAPITAL $250,000.00 ASSP.TS $2,0,SO,7.S.S.
Solicits Accounts of Dunks, Firms, Corporations and Individuals for eit
Commercial or Savings Accounts
Tin: Palmetto National Bank ol Oolninaia, S. C.
iMny Mill, 1008.
I ,,|iS $
l ^ |> ,|k) ; kmux> ( .*l>iial Mock paid in * 2"?o,00i
?C r.onds. >??en?ith's. i?ic 2(i"i,^-lKH Surpu< and I*r<>(ith H9,(>l>7
1 ::i 1 '-w ' ^ _ (Jircnlai ion 2:i7,r>oi
1?%11 * ft j i| | ; ?i.? !' N i ? ill). i.ii ? , ?
I I . Payable and Ke( -,'
I ? I n. - discounts 9">,1B0
2Ki,:ii:i.;i!? Deposits t,44?,(?or)

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