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" * Jul*
A Tri-County Paper.
, i
One Year *1??,
Six Months ... no vents I
No three uiouth mibncrlptions taken,
Eentered at the P. O.. at ButesburK. S. . .. an
second class matter, Feb. 14, 11)01.
All tX>py aent in in list be written on one aide
When chuniciuK adtlreas always Rive old poet
office, otherwise change will not bo made.
Ono Inch One Year ffkOO
One Inch Six Months .... $8.tU
One Inch Throe Months . . $><?(
First page double the above amounts. ?
Local Innertions gl-taper iueh. First Pag >
Headers llkitsper line. Headers to take run f
paper 5cta per line.
FRIDAY, May 7. IVi.9
All hail this ]M>int and do not tarry.
Improve the times now passing by.
If a laiuk account you wish to carry I
Hutcshurgs the place to make your try. !
Everybody talks baseball nowdays.
Eight dwellings now going up in
Spring is taking it very cool considering
that she is so close to summer.
The freight receipts at Batesburg
go up into the thousands every
It is brick and concrete that is
used for building mercantile houses
in Batesburg.
Batesburg's business men ' re pu.ling
together. That means a greater
Cotton continues to come in and
termers appear to be satisfied with
uic price paid.
than government n is. i
se3 in value n re icllv.
ORP..U 1 K B \ i i >t P'.
Batesburg is on its regular spring
building boom. There is now in
course of erection not less than eight
dwellings, all of which are beyond
the ordinary and two or three promise
to be quite an addition to the
towns residential abodes. The saw
and hammer are to be heard on ev
ery side and building material is
coming into town by the solid car
'n.. Is.
Besides the dwellings are two or
ti.rce large store buildings now in
the course of erection which also
promises to be quite an addition to
the business portion of the little
The strides that Batesburg has
ta';en in the past few years is almost
unprecedented; for what was but a
s r.all hamlet a few years ago is today
a growing, thriving city with
wide awake and energetic business
men making the most of every opp
)rtunity that presents itself. The
t-.wn of Batesburg a few years back
was but a dot on the map. In the
eyes of the business world today it
is the largest point between Columbia
and Augusta from a freight and
passenger standpoint. On the other
hand the town is almost free from
all lawlessness and the whiskey
traffic is a thing of the past. We
have no loafers and every man who
is able to work has an occupation.
Our streets and roads leading to the
main arteries of commerce, (the
Planter) are rapidly oeing
clayed and otherwise improved.
But a year or so ago it was a
burden for four mules to haul three
bales of cotton, the same quantity
now comes to town drawn by half
the number. Batesburg's future is
all that can be wished for, and with
the new enterprises coming in rapidly
she cannot but forge ahead
with the great strides of the twent"
r turv methods.
Nairobi, M a j 3 .?Theodore
Roosevelt bagged one more lion f
yesterday at Wami, near Kapiti*
Th's gives him a totdl of three lions ?
and one lioness on the present ix- <
pedition. Ktrmit Roosevrlt sue i
ceeded in bunging down a cheetah.
The hunting was exciting and both i
marksmen did excellent work
The lion killed by Mr. R ^oseve't
yesterday was biought down at
close range. His quick work with ;
the rifle saved the lives of some of (
his mounted escort, who had nar- (
rowly escaped from the infuriated
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nANGPnniiK v\uv \k
1'illlVJUlbUUtJ 1 11(. U lit
am? *f-.T ?? .. A
1 kik'Xy KJ% A A. jl?A V.
threatened serious damage to the
business section of Aiken started in
age is estimated at from $2,000 to
$3,000, understood to be fully covered
by insurance.
Col. Henry C. Thompson of Columbia
is in Aiken attending a meeting
of the Pythians in the interest of
the uniform rank. He occupied one
of the rooms damaged by the fire
ana lost practically all ot nis baggage,
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The U. D. C. entertained Friday
ast for the benefit of the Old Solliers
Home and though the wind
ind rain fore-stalled the moonlight
>icnic they realized a handsome sum
rom their sales of refreshments.
Ridge Spring Chapter of the
J. D. C. will observe Decoration
Jay on May 12, with the following |
I H f* mpmKofc r\ f Ml '
...V>uu\.ia Uk 1.11c l^llrtpici Will1
issemble at Col. R. B. Watson's at i
?.30 a. m., where they will be joined
oy the students of the Ridge Spring
II "h School and will march to tht
Cem tery where the grv. es of the
J >: federate dead v. id be decorated,
ifte. w: *ch all will repair to the
schsol house where an appropriate
address will be delivered at 11
o'clock by Miss Grace Lumpkin of
Columbia, S. C., followed by music
and presentation of crosses of honor
by Col. R. B. Watson. At 12:30 a
basket picnic will be served at the
spring. Everybody is cordially invited
to attend and bring a basket,
Veterans earnestly urged to attend.
Mrs. J. R. Timmerman,
Miss C. B. Watson,
Chloe Nicholson,
Minrie Villard.
The Anti Tuberculosis League of
Saluda county, Dr. D. B. Frontis of
Ridge Spring organizer, with the
full complement of officers present
assisted by Supt. Sample, selected
the following executive cctimittee:
Saluda? Mrs. Ida Crouch.
Mt. Willing? " E. E. Buster
Corinth? Miss Mary Lester.
Germanville? " Ola Derrick.
Delmar? Mr. Henry Hare.
Holston's X R'ds? " W. K. Shealy.
Ridge Spring?Miss Elise Carwile.
Bethany? Mrs. Kemp.
Fruit Hill?Mr. W. Floyd Whittle.
Celestia? Mr. T. P. Johnson.
Good Hope?Mrs. Addie Mason.
Coleman? " Mamie Ellis.
Denny?Mesdames J. C. Mickler
and Charlie Carson.
A point well taken was to urge
the county authorities to set apart
at the COnntv poor farm a honce
where poor tuberculosis patients may
be provided for and have the privilife
and mid-summer meeting is being
planned for.
Mrs. Fannie Wright, of Caddo
Mills, Texas, who has enjoyed several
weeks here amid relatives re
turned home accompanied by her
sister, Miss Perth Noble. Miss
Noble will make an indefinite stay
Rev. J. H. Edwards, pastor of
Ridge Spring Baptist church, received
at the hands of his appreciative
people a delightful pounding last
F. D. P.
There will be an entertainment at
the school auditorium on Friday
evening, May 7, at 8.30 for the
benefit of the Episcopal Orphanage.
Dr. Edwin L. Green, of the S. C.
University, will give his interesting
lecture, "A Trip Through Greece."
The lecture will be illustrated by
some beautiful pictures. A small
admission fee will be charged and
the patronage of the people is so
Lexington, May 4.?Countv Commissioner
S. Rufus Smith, who resides
in the Black Creek section of
the county, was here yesterday and
told of a veiy severe hailstorm
which visited that entire section on
last Friday evening about dark. Mr.
Smith stated that the whole earth
was covered and in many places the
stones were as large as turkey eggs.
Shingles on the housetops were
cracked, window panes knocked
out and small farm truck and gardens
were badly damaged. The
area over which the storm passed
was about a mile wide. A heavy
downpour of rain accompanied the
i 1
? ?'kik K'.a.ttinlM'":k'.kIWi? wi*uk.?:?
Tho young man had a glass eyo,
which was by no moans a perfect
lit, a position In life as assistant to a
grocer In Fulhatn, which was extremely
distasteful to him, and a
passion for a girl called Annie, which
seemed absolutely hopeless. The
young man himself was fully conscious
of tho tragedy of the situation.
Ho knew that It was from
such a furnace as this that tho pure
gold of poetry was extracted. Ho
took to doing a little poetry In his
leisure hours.
It was very much like other poetry;
that la to say. It was neither very
bad nor very good. Tho leisure
hours were limited, and this limited
the supply of the poetry. There was
uot enough for a volume. Perhaps
there never would he. That which
was already written did not entirely
satisfy the young man's nice and
critical taste. Ho would have recast
It again and again if he had the
money. Much meditation on tho
poignancy of this situation led him
to tho decision that when he was
dead, with the green grass growing
over him, after his name, carved In
a simple headstone, should conn* the
effective words, 'Who died unexpressed."
It was some regret to him
that ho could never live to see It.
Most of his poems were addressed
to Annie, who was a practical young
lady. A girl who Is called Annie Is
almost certain to be practical. He
would, without much encouragement
read these poems to her. Then she
would say "Thank you," and look
very doubtful. He did not like tho
look. He went so far as to ask her
If she did not think ho was right In
using tho one talent that heaven had
given him.
"Well, I don't know about that,"
said Annie. "It's nothing to mo, and
you've got to suit yourself. Of
course. It's better that you should
spend your time over this writing
than If you stopped boozing In the
public house all night- same as
some do. My two brothers make pic- i
turo frames In the evening and sell
them, too. It's not for me to advise,
but why don't you try tho picture
frames? Besides, ought you to go
on writing poems about me when
you know perfectly well there's
nothing In It? 1 like you well
enough so far as you go, but If ever
t tn I/n .1 I * ' 11 So ,
In a fur different posit Ion than you.
Just think about that."
At that moment he was extremely
unnnyoft mill linit to tin nulled tip hv
Annie with a sharp Jerk. Afterwards
he did go away and think
uhout It nuH till the wlille he was
position. Annie reeeivoo tne ue>. ,
from liiin in a brief and extremely
business like note. Her mother
agreed that It was clearly her duty
to go round and seo about It. She
would be able to cateh him at the
shop in Fulham on her way to work.
He was not ?t tljo shop, and she was
informed that he had resigned his
post. She had Just time to go on to
hi > lodgings. But he was not there
either. He was at the moment engaged
in the purchase of one of t lie
very hest glass eyes that money
could buy. It was a triumph. He
himself could only tell the difference
between the real eye and the artlilclal
b> shutting first one lid an i then
the oilier. His self-respect grew tiv
Annie, who, as I have said, was<11110'
practical, did not forget that
August was his birthday and sent
hint a pali of slippers which she had
worked \ ith her own hands. SM"
thought the acknowledgment which
she re eived of her gift was a 1??11
loo formal. She was driven so fat
toward desperation that in a ;< :
fectly needless letter of reply >'<<
aske 1 hit i to send iter any poetry
that he had been doii.g lately A I
post card reached her front Margate j
hearing ; ?" simple statement thai
he ha<l not been doing any lately.
Annie's charm had been the charm
of the unattainable. That was gone
now. and his eye showed him that
there were other prettier girls The
other eye. the glass article, was so
complete that he no longer suffered
from any feeling of physical deformity.
ilo was free front the long
hours of work at ?t business whl h
bad never pleased him. He had >
heaps of time to write poetry and to
recast what ho had already written,
and he never wrote a single line.
Jnst once, an he enjoyed his afterluncheon
cigarette, ho did roculi the
simple headstone and the proposed
inscription. "Who died with nothing
to express" occurred to him !
Hut he did not worry about It. He !
had promised to take a girl out on '
the water that afteruoon, a remark- j
ably pretty girl, too. He went In 1
search of her, whistling as ho went.
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No 1 On ! . .i N ' 1" - V !l
N.. :'(I|| . r , t No. ' 1 or M. 11
No. it On uie lows No. i (inKlieuir.at.cn.
Pirates of the Air
"They come like thieves In
the night, dropping hundreds
of feet from high up in the sky,
catch themselves, circle once
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he Advocate. i
Town Lots | Larm Lands.
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One nice house 1^,'i ^?mYr i'^Tko'ki
t i j -i \ state of cultivation. A
and lOt 11'aCl 0b splendid water power can in
t~> i. "u ? developed on one.
Ill l^atesbarg XOT Tract No. 1 contains 33 acres anc
. iii t a 4-room house.
sate 01' Will trade Tract No. 2contains 172acres anc
it new dwelling
xur iavin iana. I Tract No. 3 contains 125 acres anc
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