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| "ALL1
t You Tt
The reputation of the Bui
9" ing good. Though you m,
"take you there and bring yo
Regardless of price, hors<
^ world's stock records in 1909
3L The doctor, tourist, evei
^ pleased with a buick. It's a <.
9^ car, but a car in reach of ev<
la Buick. It's not wise to pay
| What's
tik. Un-nrlvndc! nf !-?
XlUllUi^UO U1 JJ
vouch for the reliability, spt
l Qr<
P :
Q ADVOCA ? ? hh>? wit! t.
jnty Paper, j :rv 1
m. . . fLY, ! ? AND I'Rfcl* P'" V":
BATESBURU, S. C. are not much in <
' Governor. Num
TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. wjn haye tQ bfi fi
' Od? Year $1.00
Six Mouths ... . . co coots v -- N?
thru month aufwriutiims taken.
?We wish to ca
B?nt?r?d*t th? p. o.. at Batoaburg, s. c., ixa our readers to th
aooond-cltM matter, 'eb. 14, 1901. ber of guanQ fj
All C?pysent In must b? written on on? side their product 3S
only farmers of Salud
Whtn changing address always give ?)d post field and Aiken
?fllo>, ?therwis? chang? will not bo nmde. best aCfe of CQtt<
? , and exhibited ;
t i. Fair at Batesbu
On? Inch On? Year $.?dO
n# Inch Six Months .... $fi.00 hope to See
One Inch Thre? Months .... ?1.00
First pag? dottbl? th? abov? amount*. lhoSC wishing 31
Lo.nl Insertions 25cts por inch. First Pngo . , (,
Renders loots per lin?. Readers to take run f mation, Ilirtner
piper Bet? por line. - advertising colui
. . ? secretary of th
FRIDAY, MARCH II 1910 Walter J. McCar
- - ' "MOONS JIN
Soon will be time for Eister eggs. a wholly incr
from New York
Congress is still after Peary for (ha, Kem|ine
more proofs of discovering the pole. been discovered
Has the pole ever been found any- tric(s in 0,(, bui,
*ay? and Brooklyn.
_ . , Since the tale
Preparations have already com.
, . reputable corres
menced tor a royal welcome to ex- , ,
.. _ . , we shall have to
president Roosevelt. My but won t
. , ... . . , tation to use the
he keep things humming when he ^
gets back and in close touch with
, .... Constructively
the political powers. . .
__ the metropolis is
TyCobb the Augusta baseball ?well, that is qi
player has been signed up for twen- From time imi
seven thousand dollars. Th< con- Deen taught that
tract is for three years at ninethous- settings for an ill
and per year. ot a picturesque
Just think of it $9,000.00 a year. of a mountain in
. 1 Ridge, a lanky n
The labor Unions in Philadelphia barrelled gun ?
are having a warm time of it. We that could draw
Kare glad to state that up to the rels eye at 100
present time, but little blood has Now, imagine
been shed. It is hoped that a com- land stream trirl
promise may be arrived at and thus down the dell,"
end tne serious matter pleasantly. Graves would s
' \ v s . Mrm 9 ' * #
/^nSii. D 1
agj^^yi^ t5 k
ike No Chance
ick is established. Buick people are not experime
ay not be looking lor a racing car, yet you nuist
>u back."
2 power c r number of cylinders, Buick cars have
than all other cars combined. Consider this recc
n; /I'll/ ivion lu/ui \ ll/\/l\/ \i/l"w*\ i wontp o n i it/-?ni/\l
y-v.wiy 1 lid i i~a. v v_ i y y wiiu Wciuio .111 .lun/miu
:ar of power, grace, ease and elegance. Not a
irybody. You can pay more but you cannot buy
less for something inferior.
> Good for Ur
:uick cars are in daily use that b
;ed and power of their cars. Let us demostrate th<
' r >< * ' hancrr: jnoons : :>* * . v< .
i : to rn*:-.' I throvp a \i: n,- en. <t
4;:. iS n C. . , !. 1 t r .Mfc * ?
- I a. 1 W? I i > - , , : '!(>; -Ji .
^rror there arc sev- make defiance of the revenue of- ^
sr their services for ficer almost a virtue. co
erous small offices But tell us that moonshine whiskpi
lied this year. ey can be made under the murky oc
1 skies ?f New York city, amid an en11
the attention o vironment of taxicabs, deep-sea- ""
e fact that a num- going autos, Charles F. Murphy,
irms have offered Jerome, Gaynor, "Fingy" Conners
a premium to the an(J Bob Adamson
a, Lexington, Edge- Well, here is where we reach for
counties for the the salt-cellar! Atlanta ConstituDn
and corn made tlonat
the Tri-County
rg next fall. We SICK?WHY PAY
many contestants. Dnless Health First Returns
ay additional infor- Ilore Is what should and can bo done!
Now you would not willingly pay for lood 1
than stated, in our worthioss-wouid you?
Thon wliy pay for medicineuntil lliut lncdlsuill
tttriip tV\p Cln? first proves to you its actual worth ' <
Tins Will write tne Positively knowing what l>r. 81n>op's Kt- ,
sterntive can do for the sick. 1 say to nil 'Mon t
e association, Mr. pay unless health first r. turns". And I hack my
Rostoratlvo with a signed and scaled ao day "No
tha at BateshurP help. No pay" contrnct.
Uia at x ai su K- I positively pledge to the sirk ovotywherc
that "Dr. Stioop's lies font t i cr is a hsnlu '# ly
fl'fiO if it fails". Let others do the same? ,
I-'' IN GOTHAM or elso pass their prescriptions by. .
It you need more strength, more vitality,
pHIVMp ctrirv rnmp<; more vigor or moro vim. use my Iteston ?ro a t
eclirjir Siui> comes fow fayg and note the immediate improvement.
, rr . When the Stomach. Heart, or Kidney* go
City, to the ettect wrong, then test Dr.Shoop's Restorative. I do not ?
aose mflMomocn nor simmiatetiii' Monrt or Kto-1
mnnnshincrs" have Wi for that Is wrong. Yoarsagoleastawny ilint i
muuusuiuciu nave ln medicine. Tim hooks below will J .
tr. ^nnnocturl rli'c best tell yOU hOW 1 ain Succeeding,
in congested CllS- These books also tell of a tiny hidden "In- J
side nervo." no larger than a silicon thread. They
dings in Manhattan toll how that norvo. until it fails, actually gives ,
to the Heart it.* power, its tone, its never-ending
action or hnpnlso.
Thoso books will open dp new and helpful 1
u j c i- Idea* to thoso who itro not v.ll. They tell how
IS VOUChed tor by a thoStomach,nndKldncys'-iichhavethclr"insido"
or power nerves. They t-11 how the Restorative
DOlldent we assunfie wft8 especially made to reach and rovituli/utlicsa
h ' * wonkor failing inside nerves. All of thoso facts
ennorccc tVto tpmn 4011 w,iy 1 nm a,,1? to "It is freo if it fails". I
suppress tne temp- 1)lJs ,s why x ^y ,.t(lkc 1lo ,./?in<.e on a *
eVinrter nrd nalhr fntdidnS Whose timkfr (lUVt tiot bde/t It
shortei ana ugnei Just as r dQ hy (/i-v r(mnrkahle oJj,(
8o write mo today for tho order. I
I have appointed honest and responsible
. mr?r-?nch!riintr in drnitgists In nearly every community to issue iny
, niouusuiiitn^ medicines to the sick.
I. A ,.?,,ol1e But wrlto me first for the order.
pOSSlDIC. /YClUdl.y All druggists soil I?r. Shoop's Restorative.
bat all are not authorized to give the :so day test, j
lite anotner Story. 80 drop rne a linn Please?and thus siivc ' ?
disappointment and delays. Tell tne also which
memorial, we have book you noo<i.
A postal will <lo.
?Vi#? t-?rr?n#?r cfntrp Resides. you urv freo to constilt me as yon
' 1 *" would your home physician. My advice and the
1' t'U nn cictprl book bolow are yours-and without cost.
UClt Still COliSlSieu Perhaps a word or two from rne will clear f)j
.... op sogne serious ailment. I have helped thousands r.
pocket in the Side upon thousands by my private prescription or W-!
personal adyico plan. My best efTort Is surely
1 tVip <;mi*hern Tthip worth your simple rcumst. 80 write now whils CJ
' ' " ' ' you hftvo It fresh in mind, for tomorrow never at
mountaineer, along- ?? H
rnd marksmanship jg: J ? ;<JSfST"
, No. 8 On Lb* Kidneys No. 6 On Ithomuotlsm. b(
a bead on a f.quiryards.
a sparkling high- Pneumonia follows a cold but nev f
kling musically "a- 01 f,?'lows ',h? "se o( Fol<?'s Hon7
and Tar which stops the cough,
as .John 1 emple heals the lungs and expels the cold
ay, and a glorious from the system.Gunter's Drugstore. J$1
L, B/ G, 3. C? FRIDAY, MARCH, 11th, 1
? A\7CC A
,1 a_,v/ v / m
- CK1
S hen You I
ntii s expense. The car has won its way
adi arthat wins all the time in al! classe
wc xntant STOCK CAR Hill-Climbing,
>rd my a car.
^je Three Buick cars purchased about
j1j( d passengers over the trails of the ha
, n|"( ;w Mexico, have covered no miles;
0,000 miles, they are still in service a
u Sam, is G<
a\ >ver sixty thousand mile
? Bi u peisnnalh. New cars are here. 'I he
i Mule C01
^ jl x jl jl jl .jl a a* jl .a.
cc e\ Ei. Pre vi .1- j - - '*<>'.
. it-. 'X' 1/ '<e a tit/ft
"feguard. Pre- <ts
ntice tr. stage" will as ' \ 0f ?
ill, also .. . iff all common ^ >
Ids. But ;all important.
_ tt . s w.1.11. JoM.s, I'ursii.K.x
eep Prev ' pocket or jao.bskibkls. !??
irse for i ->x of 48 for ^*s tiiuma^
?c. Sold I Drug Store. Ms
- Ms - 01
? Ms I in Pai.mitto N
r' a
? ^ i:r.s< iiui-k.x
H / L I & l' ::',,,,.
\ | rT> s i.mK S. uri t las. i-tir
S Ifc.ukiiiK llinis.r'
S Vault. Fur: tl \ t ill'.-s
I Mi.- ir ? KiiiiIi- ami
kr m.*> |
Sw _ United Slates Gov
?x^c rMI ^ i
*g||y ^s Uountv oi
JpiS&y &1&M} (- AI TI AI S2SO,Oi
W'- ^ s ,, ,
^ j :u
Stan ^ t? j
Type> %Jr<Ls' i
The A< dlXiHl) I ^^322SK??3S?:
stan! iodav i 03
//ill turr t perfectly f{^ \ r i
iglined \ effort and !! j?e( u
vith les s working jiLn ^
TEWRiT-jjgj crossor
Vou C. tore Hut C|3
V'ou C iv More
i m ibbes | cm
jeneral / h Carolina ?3 \TT TM) T
Xepairinj. ies for all feSJ A u I; 1/lv.l
Typewrit \ Machines WE 1114
Ma nbia, S. C.
gj Presciipti
WoriP tl i of fire af . W
ght is the ;h of croup.' EBSESEE3SB3S
areful mot >!ey's Hon- ,,
r and Tar aud give it
the first s r. Foley,s No Substitute
0"eyaniJ many lit- Accept no substitute (or
!V.e V ' Hot'ey and Tar. It is the I
aid by Gur ore. , ,
i safest remedy for co- ^hs,
m throat and lunj^ trou )les. (
fOLEYI JAR no opiates and no 'u-nfu
Cures Ool? noumonla
Remember the name, Folej
Subscribe acatc now ey and Tar, and accept no ;
.00 per yet . tes
Buy a Buick
to the hearts of those automobile-wise b>
s of events is the car you can depend up
spood and endurance contests, and mad
three and a half years ago to carry U. S.
ill desert country between Roswell and Toi
a day for too da\ s a year, each car has ri
nd expect t?> run s years in Uncle Sam's ei
ood for You.
:s. Over 30,000 Buiek owner
demand is heavy. Better not wait too long
i njjai ij
a. * * 1 ?
(iltonal C/OunU 'J4ty."
viy tervic
'ottimbia, *S. (?. v a. ]'
Officer* ^ b'a?d
* vy eral w
t j. p. matthews. casuikk v, y ,, ,
vi<*i* l*iv*i?lo?t w. m. uibbks, j u , Anbt. cu?hier k ^ ^
i TAYI.OR, 5Jd Vk k Phkhiuknt ^ ^ i Stai
STATKM knt My Pills.
t Condensed . I y TV11 r
'Tin: condition of y^y rills i
iai i. Bank Of Columbia, S. C. ache,
lanuarv >i loio viy suP?.r
yr* voidir
Si* I ".() Ciijiitul Stock Paid in p..>I.UKI.IO ' m~... l
till wli.iitl Surpluf ami Profits (ia.aiT 01 Vl^ 1NOW J
:*.x.C>ii HI ( roulation S50.0U0.00 Fnlpv
T'.i.H2"? 111 Demand .\uteH Sn.UOO.UO Vu,c'
si i:u m sm?o,,8*?,;o vj> perce
.'(8"i.!i:ui ; ? $2,0**0 30.71 v / with r
v.' l v C*
eminent, State of South Caro- p;ns ?
Richland. and City Depository ^ to my
DO.oi) ASSHTS $2.0S5,000.00 vy Gui
and I'koi 11 $05,000.01) vy
t Bunks, l:iiins, Corporations and vy
icr (Commercial or Savings Acc't. vy
My army
fHrK?? '*&*&&'&&&&&& >
&3S&S3S3S.Z3 S&8& SS3w cs,
BSI >>y
w , upon 1
P r P I I IP H "iia 01
1 I I I 11j l'lc'u
l^4 are 111i
1 Drug Do. $r
jlJ fW wi,i 11
Ivj Old pr
( )jP K4 cloanl
ty4 made
IV I FPU, K. C. ?j ^
a complete line of gj ST*
UN DRIES. & 2S.1
be in<
ons a Specialty. t$>*? <
S logic*
" comfo
Stubborn As Mules
Foley's are liver arul bowels someti mes Mai
jest and seem to balk without cause. Then Ma
colds, there's trouble?loss of appetite--In- one w
'on'ains digestion, nervousness, despondency
' i; v,crs headache Rut such troubles fly be- manU
| fore Dr. King's New Life Pills, the i00k i
| world's best Stomach and Liver Get it
5 ibs'itu- remedy. So easy. 25c at
AM dr uRgists.
' mak- *^1
on t o M
le more "^1
'ranee, ^
mover ^
? 4
' . *
swill -4
sc i
I . . *
is at Lincoln, lit. Recently inwed,
he says:?"I have sufferon^
time with kidney and
er trouble and have used sevell
known kidney medicines
which gave me no relief until
ted taking Foley's Kidney
Before I used Foley's Kidney
was subjected to severe backind
pains in my kidneys with
ession and oftentimes a cloudy
lg. While upon arising in the
ng I would get dull headaches
1 have taken three bottles of
's Kidney Pills and feel 100
rnt better. I am never bothered
ny kinneys or bladder and
more feel like my own self.All
owe solety to Foley's Kidney
tnd always recommend thtm
' fellow sufferers."
nter's Drug Store.
Modern Therapeutic*.
seed and linseed meal have bees
ed from ariny medicines, anil the
phyisicians have been notified
t is the opinion of the surgcOn
tl's office that poultices have ne
in modern therapeutics, all tie'
results obtainable from thei..
got. in a much more cleanly wav
t wet compresses. This question
which the surgeon general's oflb <
(Qcially pronounced, is a debut
ne. and as a matter of fact, then
any in and out of the army who
elieve that this is a little ha-1
are conditions constantly uri 1
which nothing but a poultice
a the opinion of many not very
nctitionors, sufllce. It is not uuy
if properly applied, and can be
antiseptic as well as aacepth1,
>t. wet com presses are often morn
It to apply, and even with the
st care, are apt to moisten the
ud cause more bother than they
forth. The prohibition of the
tiifi/irrwl 1 Inoorol hoki I * t Kin
ial for poultices, seems to intcr*lth
a method practiced by a
number of j>hysicluus, who would
lined to testify that without it
oldlers would uot receive the
~>r caro. There Is surely much
said on both sides. Tip,- psycho*
1 effect at least of a poultice is
ly too groat for a successful faiulyslclan
to Ignore, and why detho
soldier of this old-fashloued
rt7>?New York Medical Record.
ntels,-Doors-Small Rooms,
y be quickly painted by any
ith a small can of our Domesints
in all colors put up in open
i cans, will make a door, or a
:1 or any small interior work
is bright as when first painted,
Holman-Cullum lidwe. Co.

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