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A Frenchman Contrast* British Me
ode With Ours,
buclen Setr&illler, of Le Perreu
Franco, writing to the London Tim<
says: "The American employer co
tends with lees efficient assistance frc
the rank and file, who blessed wi
a restless temperament, are frequent
prompted to change their alle^ian
to other firms in the hope of bctt<
ment. He is, to a arrester extent th
1 in England, hindered by strong lab
I unions, whilst politics, which affect
largely Industrial conditions, are
(actor of instability unknown in En
K.. Nevertheless he succeeds, and I a
tribute this mainly to the fact that
is willing to take risks. Life, oft
all, is a game of chance, and he w
will not play; unless he is sure to vt
perforce stands by inaative, whi
amounts relatively to falling behlj
H An American is not content with o
_ thriving business, but will specult
W. ! in another enterprise or twenty, rel
Msg1 f lng upon success in one to compen&
V'for failure in another, whereas t
HSR Englishman, with his prejudice agaii
fi novelty and h.ts horror of failure, ru
I B less risk, but at the same time It
I | chance of a brilliant success. WJ
I v him a Qf'w idea stands condemned 1
I . its v^Try virtue, and unless it pi
I it sentb the elements of immediate Sli
I Vf cjss and he can be assured that soi
//one else lias already done it, he si
dom accepts the undertaking.
s-) I once endeavored to introduce
, new machine into England and offer
ir on trial to a leading ilrin in t
i trade, at no expense to themselves a
with no conditions of purchase. Th
refused on the plea that they alrea
had all the most up-to-date machlnt
such a reply from an American firm
inconceivable. Another English ill
refused to book orders because th
had enough work for two years abet
i . An American firm would, I imagii
have risked an extension of plant a
a continuation of orders to recoup t
outlay. These are two typical 1
stances of the method of marking til
which harillv mnotltntoo timoMoii
Another risk the American will ?
suiuo is to sell goods at a loss with
view to create a new market, relyi
upon the force of habit which leads
customer accustomed to a certain s
tide to gradually pay an lncreasi
price for It. until the sale becoir
i . profitable.
Again, the American pays partlcul
t; attention to the selection aud pron
tion of his subordinates, trusting 1
judgment rather than testimonials a
certificates, which play so import*
a role in England, and which are. af
all, only the opinions of third parti
The American employer quickly gai
ea the value of his new assistant ai
11 desirable, will .nromote him over t
heads of s ' i*ni' s : who huv> :ih
v. I*. ciaim ftr ad au<? -c t ly sitiin.
l Kt' ?office ?'to' is for * ; l?*-?*. of ; >. :
f w |PW.: ? ?ev aiau . :-Au*
Ito command is . ilsh which is of'
IuesH inua recognizes tuat me success
an enterprise largely depends up
efficient assistants, and it is his c
deavor to secure the best and atta
them to him by making their interi
common with his own. It is men tli
tell, not systems. The judgment of i
Englishman is liable to be affect
by prejudices of caste, family count
tions, nationality, precedents and pa
h records. A recognition that intel
ij gence and integrity stand before i
Uy7 |other considerations is a wonderl
lubricant to the wheels of progress
Science to the Rescue.
Science has come to the rescue of t
epicure by undertaking to savo t
terrapin from extinction?science
this instance being understood to me
the Bureau of Fisheries of the Depa
ment of Commerce and f^abor. T
experimental terrapin pounds ha
been established, one on the Chopta
river, Maryland, and the other
I Beaufort. North Carolina. For th<
Inclosures large natural marshes wh(
terrapin formerly abounded have be
selected. Each pound includes sevei
acres, inclosed l>y boards driven in
the marsh and surmounted by barb
wire, as a protection against poaclie
A building has been erected for obsei
, crs and guards at each station. T
j .vaters of the marshes have be
> 1 ^cocked with thousands of the luscic
! diamond backs, which have been pi
' \ ided their hearts' full desire of nati
, al food, supplemented regularly
! t rabs, fish and sea weeds, dear
I Br'er Terrapin's stomach. It is t
hope of the scientists in charge tl
by thus rearing a large stock brood
j the luscious reptiles a great numl
of eggs for experimental purposes ni
he annually supplied. These will
artiflclally hatched in boxes filled w
*and and expo.jed to the sun. By th
breeding young terrapins on strlc
scientific principles, the Bureau
Fisheries will he able to teach dealt
proper methods of culture, and to o?
. .Ine legislation for the better prot<
i tion of the species.
Origin of Amende Honorable.
Amende honorable was a form
' punishment that orginlated in Fran
in the ninth rentnrv if moo unioi
' upon murderers, traitors and sac
| liglous persons. The culprit was <
iivered into tho hands of tho haj
' man; his shirt was stripped fri
his back; a halter was placed arou
his neck, and a lighted taper in
! hand. In this condition he v
' brought into court, and then mado
1 ask pardon of God, tho king and 1
' country. Death or banishment soi
j times followed.
As the phrase is now used, it ref
j to any apology or reparation made
an Injured person.
Heata Action on a Monument.
The towering Washington, mOi
ment, aplid as it is, cannot resist i
heat oPlhe sui), poured on its bquI
ern sideon a midsummer's day, twl
out a MtyXit hdbding of the gigaf*
shaft, Wnlfiii is rendered perceptll
I j>y of a COp^r Wire, 174^
' . * x
IP Browi
For Spri
mens' Suits.
terns in these n<
he K
? I Mens' and
e- .
A Novel Function at Which by Their P
llair \'c Shall Know Them.
lic At a novelty in the shape of a ((
coiffuro dinner each guest was re- .
quested to come with his or lier
head dressed to represent some per- ^
^ son or allegorical character.
58? Tho host woro a long white beard
is and white hair and furs which made
rm him Immediately recognizable as a
ey Santa Clans. Tho hostess, in brll- VN
liant colors with a scepter and head ' 1
ao, dress and flowing robe, says What to ,c
ud Eat, was Aurora. A white coiffure P
he siirlnkled with silver dust to ropre- 11
In- sent snow and Icicles was Winter. ti
tno One exceptionally pretty effect f?
was that of Electra. She had an elects
trie battery concealed about her a
. a somewhere in easy reach of her band M
ng and her head and neck were deco- e<
; a rated with tiny electric lights, which o:
ir_ sho could illuminate or put out at it
ng will. a I
ics Among tho other characters do- hi
tected by their head dress was w
^ar Spring, the funny man of the party, (f
lo_ who had a bed spring fastened to his
tljs head, from which violets were ap- jj,
nd >m,'?ntly growing; Autumn, be- jj
int decked with colored leaves; George
Washington wearing a white wig
er and peruke, tied with a black bow;
CS. U..tk? II' t ......
Itiiciiimi u iiniuii^iuu, w uua? |?u w dered
hair was dressed in smooth '
bunds and bedecked with a high
nnmh- Vnxti^nn n-hnw hnlr P
L> j Antroul i u h P.-m . w
Bi' j bl < ,a < ? ' lOCk (It a
oi aowed win aimmu im-. 1nv. ... . ..
on mids and the sphinx are built of U
u- stono made by these animals. They \\
ch are the lowest forms of animal life, s;
>st mere specs of Jelly, some of which
iat have the power of covering themau
selves with shell, yet they are able
C(j to walk without feel, to capture their
;c- prey without hands, and all by means 0
lS(_ of the gelatinous substance of which
jj. they are composed. They throw out
jjl threads of living llosh, which seize
>uj and digest their food- as though wo ,,
3.. could digest a beefsteak by taking it
In our hands! The rock is composed
of their cases or shells, nnd is thus
he full of organized remains. The stone
he ?f which Paris is built is composed
in of these fossil shells. They form
an marble and thus enter into the most
rt_ beautiful forms of sculpture.
wo "
ive Education in Switzerland.
A notable departure In education o
at in being made In Switzerland, whero, e;
?se at Zu,''l'h' an astronomical observa- c<
^re tory for popular uso is under con- j,
e ^ struction, und will be opened this hi
summer. The idea is to extend the tl
ra knowledge of the noblest and most
1 ? ancient of all the sciences hy reveal- ij]
e lng the wonders of the heavens as tl
ra' eeen through a high-power telescope tl
"v~ to any person who pays a small feo, ti
*ie and it is expected that schools and t.l
oa societies will avail themselves fully p,
us of the privilege. The observatory, Cl
ro- whose domo rises to a height of 130 C(
it- reet over tno town or Zurich, is woll
by equipped, the largest telescope havto
iiifr a twelve-Inch anertur*. b
lio ii
ia* A Great Smoker.
Accurate tab has boon kept on Baron
Rosen, the Russian ambassador
y since lie arrived in Washington, and
ith m>,HK,y cver : lw him without ,i cigar "
in his mouth, or in bis hand just
.. ready to put into bis innum. except ' 1
when he was at a state function or
>rs dining, and then he always smoked "
between courses.
,l" . . 1
Saluting the Flag.
Pupils in the English national
schools are being taught the Aineriol
rai custom of saluting the flag, lint I 1
ice they do so in national anniversaries "
Cd only. April 23. St. George's Day. the "
rc- pupils in one of the schools < -ng pat
riot Jo songs .while 50 of the pupils 11
*8" accompanied on the violin,
am t
nd , ^
, , The Laoorer of To dnv.
"as According to many labor leader and
?0 economists workers of today arc bofthe
r ^ald l)y ^roni About 1" to 40 per
nc. cent, and in some cases almost as
high as 70 per cent, than two decades "
erg a"?- Their hours are shorter, and it 11
i to asserted they are bettor fed, better
clothed and better housed; that their ''
children arc better educated; that
their environment is happier, and Hint,
xu- they have more leisure to enjoy the
.hp benefits of all refining influence*
pr When lavender cannot ho obtalnGyp
ed, oil of lavender with a little hot
wator will provide the desire! fraw&i,
g ranee.
Good thick buttermilk is about an
f-ood as green bono for eggs and I
?LJ??Mb T?in i - mni
n's ar
ng, ?n y
-We are she
swest shades, all
ily, come in am
Singing Into a Gramophone.
Part of tho terror inspired by grami
holies--not by all gramophones wlia
ocver, of course?is probably doe I
lie distress of the vocalists who sii
ar them. Few people can have ai
lea of this. Mr. J. IS. Oswald, wl
esterday recovered fees from a mam
icturing company in Glasgow sal
lat ho sang to the accompaniment (
ells on either side of him. and a p
no rattling away for all the planii
as worth. He sang each song sei
1 or eight times to produce a "mai
>r record." As the voice varied i
Itch and intensity, he had to ben
carer or draw back; and he sang ut
1 the perspiration dropped from h
jrohead. First tho dinphram give wa
-the one in the instrument and tho
wax cylinder much to hard was usc<
tr. Oswald had bopnd himself, how
rer, to produce twelve master ret
rds. He would seem to have done i
l the Glasgow sheriff's opinion, ci
. all events to have done enough an
e states that the task was quite th
ell believe it. Some of the very inys
rious sounds which emerge froi
,.u?..?o iim^ iiww ue sysiemaiH
eavlest he has undertaken. One ea
ly interpreted. Pall Mall Oazette.
To Keep Eyes Bright.
Eyes red and oloodsliot l'rom read
ig late at night, haggard and dul
om indulgence in late hours, are no
retty to look at. It doesn't follot
}' *1 !!? '.y \\ ' .> ; v. ; . A * i
\ i'. ' *0
lis respect there are many "don'ts
hich a woman might observe win
itisfaetory results.
Among them are the following:
Never read facing the light.
Do not read with the head lowered
Hold the book wii a level with Lh
Don't read on a moving train.
Don't read while you rock.
Don't tax your eyes when you ar
ircd or hungry.
Don't use your eyes when the
Don't face the wind on dusty day
rithout glasses.
Don't squint; it weakens the eye
Old Time Rate Wars.
There used to he rate wars in th
Id stagecoach days. At one time
arly last century, one stagecoac
mipanv not only cut the price fror
v; n vo iv/ i^williuil IU il VC'i y 1UW I'tll
lit save also other inducements. A
le coach started from Lewes at
>mewhat uncomfortably early hou
i the morning, by way of tiding ove
ic difficulty the proprietors allowe
?e more slothful of their passenger
> go overnight to Brighton, wher
ley were accommodated with goo
eds free of expense and could pre
^ed comfortably to l^mdou by th
impany's morning coach.
You can't always judge a man'
link account by the artistic decora
ons on the front of his olllce safe.
School Gardens in Austria.
It is stated that nearly 8,000 schoo
irdens exist in Austria, not includ
ig the sister kingdom of Hungary
hey are connected with lioth privab
el public schools, and are used foi
urposes of practical instruction 1
irticulturo and tree growing, ant
"ten contain botanical museums ant
Settling Railroad Claims.
According to a recent act of th
cgislnturc of that Stale Florida rail
>ads failing to pay a claim for losi
r damages within 00 days must pa;
r, per cent on the judgment obtain
1 1 the claimant in excess of tht
nin nit offered by the railroad in set
lenient of the claim.
A Prized Statue.
A statue in Wells Cathedral, l'Jng
ind, representing "The Fruit Steal
r." is almost an exact copy of ih
tatures of Sir Henry Campbell-Ban
ertiiun. The statue is carved on i
ipital in the nave ot the hcautifu
iui oh and is about 6(H) years old.
Tliim :ii'i & Tiiiimeniiaii
v I T< KNK V*-A I -T.A W.
. J ?ct if in all the an '
S. ' on ts
iti/.enh Banktildg., Batesburjc, S
e the 1
T /V 4 M ^ ^ ?
wing: some beat
of our spring goods
.1 U ok our stock over.
iirg, S. C.
Suits made to
t* a-,
lo Undesirable Traits That Were Passed w;
't? on to Bismarck's Son. Jet
>y r.
10 Herbert Bismarck has none of Ills
n- father's bright wit tn conversation, '
i, ne
lu but had his overbearing temper and
jf '
( his mother's violent irascibility. She pjj
liad the disposition of the Prankish
/- woman as exemplified in Predegonia,
s* but held in elieek by modern eondi11
tions. Bismarck in anger was a.- teri(t
rible as a ferocious mastiff. Mte. fur ^
ls from restraining him, kept on saying: Gf
v "Good dog; tss-s-ss. Go at him (or fn
n at her); good dog; tss-s-ss," or tau- fo
1. tamount words. The mastiff that lay pi;
uciuw me suriuce in uisntnrck grew 11a
more and more infuriated, esp?i ia 11 > fai
t. if the evening before he had eaten >'?
>r ami drunk copiously. Willi tlicsi
<1 parents Herbert, Jane and Hill His- Vl
e niarck could not be expected t?? have
>- courteous manners. Herbert, who was ?
i J i
" no stranger til Paris and whom the
fond father hoped one day to send
u there as Ambassador, was bulky, sol
len and of a complexion that revealed
an angry state of the blood Gam- arc
betta said of him: "He reminds mo sec
of a limb of the law haruened to the
' work of laying on executions -in short , i
' s of a low class bailiff (recurs). "?i.ou- 1
v | don Truth. he;
credited to him at 21 shillings, it uppears
that on reaching mo mint the
coin was discovered to oo a clever of
counterfeit made of platinum heavily tha
I gilt. At the time at which it is sup- jje
e posed to have been made it was worth SUj
about seven and sixpence, but at the t
present price of platinum a sover- | W )
| eigu'r weight of that ponderous metal ^
e 1 is worth mutli more than a sovereign's
weight of gold.?Amateur Pho'l
T1 (
v tograplier.
3 yes
s Washerwoman's Union.
The latest addition to the labor
h- union family is reported from New
Drunswiek, K. J. It is a washerwomen's
union. It has not a charter at
present or any special officials, hut
(> the members have a mutual under?
standing. 'Jlio rttle is to start work
lj at 8:30 a. m. and quit at 5 p. in., ^
? sharp, no o/ertlme work, wages $1.25 Mi;
e j a day. Evaything must lie ready for
s the womai when she coimes to the
a house. Th> clot lies must be put to
i ' soak Sunifcy night after the family ^P'
i | comes hour from the evening service, salt
d so as to Ifehlcn the work on Monday paj
s moruinr.. .
c bur
d will
o So ir Stomach tha
.Vli-o-ra Puts the Stum- ma1
S ?
ath in F ine Shape in Tic
Fiv< Minutes J-1
If yot stomach is continually
1 kicking ip a disturbance; y u feel
bloatechnd distressed; if you belch
' gas andsour food into the mouth, I.
then ye need Mi-o-na Stomach ^
ij Tablet? the best prescription for in- ... f
j' digestin ever written. , jn,
J Mi-( na stomach tablets give in- in t
stant r.ief, of course, but they do goo
more; hey drive out the poisonous Sol
gasesuat cause fermentation of Hat
^ tr> t r>rt t i nrr\i\er V. 1 \t mrmiolo
?'V? V VI I VIlUVQlt
and s'enj'thcn the stomach fo that
? it cancadily digfst food w to out v
artifi^l ai'!.
e Mb-na stomach tablets arc guar- *
- anted to cure indigestion, ; c ite or
chreic, or mot.ey back. Thisn eans It
tha .ervot:'ntrs, diyzintrs and bi'iousess
wi'l dNa; pc.'-r. Dreigists
" ."verwherc aid . .r.. sell M; o-na
fo. Jc a large br 'T est samples
t! freer m booth's Mi o r.n, buffalo, ]
\T *
fi N,( ' aea
1 ' was under the care of tour dif- i.
fer t doetoi s during nit c months to {
anewts c ire 1 of dyspepsia by Mi- l: t
0 i " Mr. Jo'eph Grond're, 197 'i<
bon'oin Street, Fall River, Mats. >h;<:
bo'hV I'ills for constipation 25c go'
_________ woi
)'- /' K' J icy Remedy will cure .uu
a. care of Kidney or Bladder trou -c
^ b' that is n at b: yon : the reach of ? i
1 licinc. No meclic ine can do men
C Otter's Drug Store.
FRIDAY, MARCH, 18th 19l(
hlrtO* I
| T
is' and i
ilifuI P^it- |
are arriveing E |?e
Measure. f
*tm va?^|'.i J; r\
An Awful Irruption
. r
a volcano excites briet interest,
d your interest in skin eruptions
11 be as she rt, if you use Buck- .. .
i's Arnica Salve, their quickest "11
ic. K\'t n the worst boils, ulcers,
fever sorts arc soon healed by it. Liv
st for Burns. Cuts, bruises, sore vec<
s, chapped handa, chilblains an 1 lon
es. It gives instant relief. at jQV
1 druggists. ?..?
(Jay IMant for an Invalid. 1
From Sweden comes another ronl- 1 ,c
do little wooden affair In the shnpo
a flower pot. It has a high, arched 'ha
>tworU raised on two posts and nel
rmlng a heavy grill above the d a
nit, which I set inside, nil bril [
ntly colored in the gay mixtures vj.j
inlliarlv seen on the peasant's apn.
It deserves to be classed as a '!"
hut-ln" 1 ?11. which, vivid anywhere, *
mid have a particularly brilliant ,ec<
ect against tlio white bed Imckounds
and baro Buncos ??f iiio hn*.
*1 rcv.1
Stubborn As Mules .on
liver and bowel.; so.n ' Mies ;oc
m to balk without enure, Then 'ak
re's trouble--loss of :. \ vin -In "T
[estion. nervousness", d q> >ndrncv ,on
idachc . but such t T:c. fly be
-> TW l<r Inii'i" Mr?tir T f> Pills. the ?t
V Dill d liU / iiJcUitlL v^il ; A Ww^w.
Tests made under the supervision
th painttr; association, proved '
it paint made with metal Zinc Ox
combined w.th White I.ead was ^
> ^rior in lasting quality, to hand
de pure White Lead Paint. This ^je
n a great v:cto y for scientific- w?
chinery-made L. & M. Paint
cry color is bright and lasting ^
1 won't need renewal for 12 to Id Sfc
irs. It wears and covers like ^6
d. Sold by: JP
l:\cursion Rat's Via ^
Southern Railway ?||
\ccount South Atlantic States ^
sic Festival, Spartanburg, S. C., my
ril 13, 14, Id, 1910, the Southern |||
lway announces reduced 'ates to
jrtanburg and return. 1 :ckets on mk
; April 12. 13, an 1 14 and for
n scheduled to arrive Spartan- ~'1(A
g before noon April 15, 1910.
h final limit returning not laVi
n midnight April 16, 1910. Chiln
half fare, hor further infor ^?>
lion, call on Southern Railway
ket Agents or, ?*
.. Meek Alex H. Acker,
G. P. A., T. P. A. Mil
Atlanta, Ga. Augusta. Ga,
. & M. Varnish Stain
Jse it to renew anil make entirelew-old
worn out chairs and old
liture. You can varnish a chair
hirty minutes, and make it as
d as new. Directions on each can ?
d by: Ilolman-Cullum Hdwe. Co
esburg, S. C. ip
ra-OMA I
Cures indigestion ?
ri'li' vos Ftnnincli )ni : y,1-nr HtomI'
! hin', Mini cun .,! I" ? iii i.-|| ili A
: iiiimcy had;. J.u ]. id tali- *?
00 ocnta. Druggi till towns. 5.
)r Strop'.. He. . . ( (ie<- pure
1 h i?l ton t: 1 i is, malt <4
'( . . re > ? i .'eel as 3>1
:'vc i won.lei hi 'necoiffee ^
c !( < and i: ivor. /hi 1 besides
It 1. ( !(. ! tlli I father
any otl < r kind. Yon actual ''
1; > . 1 < ir n. a 25c. 11-2
' i!?aiih Coffee A
m r in te ' Mo 0 to 30 ^
- -.a us boiling :s at 11 ne- r/a
Ar ' csidei '1 ?t" :s not a ^
'i (. real coffee in it.
Sold by Dreher Pros.
R L. T
he Great Liver Medicine & General
>n't take pills apti* violet purgatives. They only make bad
matters worse. They don't cure. - Take R. L. T.
lor Constipation, Biliouness, Indigestion,
and all Liver troubles.-It acts in
rl'ect harmony with nature. It prevents Chills and Fever.
Richardson of Anderson has been presbrlblng
ntinuously for 25 years and says he does not know
any remedy that will give sucfi results as this re*
ma i mi i ??-mm???????tmmmmm-^
Anderson, S. C., Aug. 20, 1909. As a liver medicine and toaic
Whom it May Concern: Richardson's R. L. T. is unsurpassI
have taken R. L. T? and it is ed ]I have fjve." '< ? , thorough trial
, ... .. . t and can unhesitatingly recommend
best tonic and liver medicine I it to the general public.
e ever taken. i recommend it j. r. VANDIVER,
lout reservation. Pres. F. & M. Bank.
A. H. DAGN ALL, Attorney. I have used R. L. T. in my fami
tj t ily for two years and think it is the
have for some years used R. L. ^est ijver medicine and tonic I have
uid as a liver and general tonic I ever tried. We keep a bottle on hand
sider it the best medicine I have all the time. JAS. B. MARSHALL
r tried. J. 1'. S1IUMAIE. I have been using "Richardson's
Cashier Citizens National Bank. Liver Tonic" in my home for some
months past and find it an excellent
quola Drug Co.: preparation. It has served as a subI
have been using Richardson's stitute for calomel, giving the deer
i onic for some time, and can sired effect without the usual nausea
Dinmend it as a most excellent a ^ose ?* calomel, and
. . .... , leaving the liver in normal activity. I
ic loi U^neial debility and a run i recommencj ^ without hesitation.
T . , . . . rrcsiuing iuaer Anderson District.
laving practiced in the lower , . .
t of the state, in the malaria! dis- I always keep on hand a bottle of
ts. for the past eight years, and K. L T. I have used it in my family
ing frequent calls for a liquid with most satisfactory results for lit
would take the place of calo- ver troubles, for indigestion and as a
in torpid livers, and after sever- general tonic. 1 value it very highly
ttempts to substitute one 1 gave an<-l know from experience that it
p. Since 1 became acquainted does all that is claimed for it.
i the powerful effects of K. L. T. (Signed 1 P. 13. WKLLS,
the liver and the pleasant results Castor St. Johns Methodist Church,
ained therefrom, I most heartily Anderson, S. C.
jmmend it as 1 he Ideai I onic. Chiqoola Drug Co.. Anderson, S. C.
L|'" I'n'flwn u t , Dear Sirs: In response to your in..
'- ' MANN' M U' quiry. I cheerfully state that I have
'* . , . used K. L. T. in my family for sev,ome
time ago a friend persuad- cra, ,ars with ve beneficia, re.
me to take R. L. I., and I must suits. f have personally used it rectess
that it has done me more Cntly for its tonic cffects a?d have
>d than any medicine I have ever bccn much be?efitcd. For chronic
en. It is an ideal remedy for con- constipation, indigestion and torpid
lation, indigestion and a line K , , , k ., het,er remedy
Cashier Peoples Bank. JudRC of 10(h Circuit
, 4 ? ' 4 < ? ' V*. > n I .
I \ .3.,
A Guod Pitcher- ^
Knows Ilow to (iivc^ the Hall It8 ^
most effective twirl. lie4 Knows
full w ill he must haveag>*ood hall %
to do t he tick. ifc
Regulation Base Ball**
Outfits S
are here re;ulv lor the lovers ot the sport. Whether yfc
professionals or amateurs, here is the place tor outfits $
Sporting Goods Mont els, lilcs, Etc. vS
1519 Main St., Columbia, S. C. ?|
tove time is here
We carry a complete line of Paints, Oils, Hardware,
ntels, Tiles, Grates, Builders', Hardware, Tools etc.
i et us estimate on your needs,
endi4rson Siiydam Hardware Co.
1 I 1 5 Mai i) Si. ( oI u m l>ia, S. C.
rf- f5 W'W ~f-?
Hoosier Pumps. ^
y -4
* Pumps, J|| jf
* /7> D
rumps, rrXf
>JW Pumps.
l^jjo at hern (ate s *
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