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111 To the Fanners of Ed
Wo are offering tlie follow^!]# pri
7?ivFZ o-bCh of tho above counties to be tfive
vCi/r. 2 400 lb* of biirli crude truano. 1st
The only condition is that you use ai
Georgia Ciiemioal Works, Augusta, (J
Fertilizer Co., Columbia
No-oue excluded, old and young,
Sjrap^ Everybody get busy show the people
the use of good Fertilizers, and progr
This idea was get ton up to try to i
don't fail to take an interest and try
in addition to the $50.00 cash prize t
alogue.)?Besides you can enter the c<
this same acre. No cost to get in the
Sjgra: your name as a winner and tell him 1
v/y^ to be able to tell how the crop was cu
tereeted parties in your section see th
M. E. RUTLAND, President, W.
I Ye Bargain Set
ome and see
money c
Stretch your dollars
Cash G
Every article in 0111
istible p
Bargains are llei
Stock must go. Thi
^ weight Suits forSpr
I In This Bar
IT i
Men's and Rovs'
v.-flj iffIS . U' : (.
l V
- J a^V/ ?r I
L Girardeau S
The Man Store mi
7 1909.) - '
66 92 }4
T ^ , r 4#? ^ CK Thcie are good rea
Lv. Cola 5.40 a m 4.45 p m 5.35 p m sh0uld buy from us
A Camden 6.35 a in 543 p m 628 p m the largest stock and
A Hamlet 855 a m 805 p m 830 p m ?P4 ^^ment^l
have an assortment t
A Wmton 115pm 12.20 a ra 2nd. We have the la
A Raleigh 1H5 am 1240 am 125 p m up-to-date styles tha
A Portsmth 540 p m 710 . m710 a m j ^^mos. be
A Richmond 505 pm 535 am 425 a m. [ ey; |n other words,
A Washnton 835 pm 850 am 740 am j price than any one el
A NewYork 353 am 245 pm 200 pm class of goods. 4th
all, we have only go<
SOUTHBOUND. erlasting qualities ths
Q, anteed for a life time
ed down. Don't bu
Lv Columbia 1215am 1025am 625am inf! at the stock at
A Savannah 320 a m 145 pm 915 am ' SYLVAN
A .lacksonvle 745 am 610 pm 130pm | Tewolei s ('( ?I A
Tampa 530 p m 630 a m 630 a m Cor. Main iV II
Trains 93 and 84 year round limited,
92 and 81 through express, 66
and 43 rionaa rast Man. DR. J. A. \
92, 81, 66 and 43 make local stops ^
between Hamlet 8nd Jacksonville.
AH trains consist of high class day latesburg,
coaches. Dining Cars and Pullman OfEec in Telephc
sit eping cars. K.:d<*e Spring t
Por detailed information and
? ? . . A Night /
Pullman reservations write ... _
. c . . t u a worst than an i
J. S. Etchberger, T. P. A., night k the metallic
Columbia, S. C. Carcfiil uaothcrs kee
R. II Stansell, A. G. P. A. ey and Tar in the h<
Savannah, Ga. ^ ^ie *'rs\ li?n '
C. B. Ryan, G. P. A. I1Io"cy lar
' . ? tie lives. No opiate;
Portsmouth, Va. |Sold by Outer's D,
gefield, Saluda, Aiken, and
zes for the beet one acre of cotton and one
n away the year of 1910.,
prize. 1000 lbs 2nd prize. 1000 lbs 3rd pri
ly of the following Fertilizers and make an
in October, at Ratesburg.
a.- Virginia Carolina People, Columbia, S.
, S. C.- Ashe poo Fertilizer Co., Charleston, i
, rich atld poor, white and colored have the
what us South Carolinians grow here in thh
essive ideas in farming1.
improve our farming interest as well as impr
one acre of each, cotton and corn and win th
he Fair Association offers for the best farmei
jutest for both the State and County prize ac
race. Write the Secretary a postal and tel
"hkitul nf farUli'/an ; 11 * ,,r- "*
,v. uim/ti jrwu TT1U use. VYC Wdlit
iltivated and amount of fertilizer used, and h
e cotton and corn weighed.
rALR ASSOCIATION, Batesburg. S. C.
J. MCOARTHA, Secretary, J. M. MALPAfl
ikers, Look! |r:
91 time
: what little H Nor
a n d o , B 9
jia i
> to their limit I; inR
: and
(mats I
store at irresrices.
B Thr<
re Our Surplus II"30
11k of it! Li<j>lvt B n
ing wear incluri BiParl
gain Sale 1'soi
C Ir^+l-i 5 u - J : P Q"
; m:? if
I ILCS* I 6:
1 Mprehal I's
. IUU1 UilUl. B sale
UIERS. I jica
The Man Store c v
c r<
^ v - m J. I
y -- (f
Y KuoM i-%
imos- "' Pills t\
Tst .We have Whot They W1? Do 1or You M
you are more They will cure your backache,
want when you strengthen your kidneys, cor- i,K,
oselecvfrom. rect urinary irregularities, build ,)1M
test and most u tj1(J worn out tissues, and ? "
t can be had, ... , . , ',
u/,. eliminate the excess uric acid ,in''
jiu. vvt f,ivc ch?'s
st for the mon- that causes rheumatism. Pre- oU
sell at a lower vent 13right'3 Disease and Dia- Hm
Ise for the same bates, and restore health and p,!*
, And best of strength. Refuse substitutes.
)d, reliable, ev- ^ T> _ un.i
it can be guar-' Gunter s Drug Store.
and then hand- i
y before look- ""I >
BROS, ' Electric
2?&rj RH+ai-A I
> Succeed when everything else fulls. 5.^
ji In nervous prostration and female j [jj
VATSON j I weaknesses th y are the supreme I jjj,
' remedy, as thousands have testified. jn.
It is the beat medicine ever sold _
jne Building. J !
Ivery Thurs lay { ?- _ . ?? /
No Substitute _
ilarm J Accept no substitute for Foley's ;
alarm of fire at Honey and Tar. It is the best and
cough of croup. safest remedy for coughs, colds,
jjse^auc^give'il f^roat and lung troubles. Contains
ilanger. Foley,s no opiates and no harmful drugs
saved many lit-, Remcmber thc name, Foley's Honug
Store. I ey anc* * ar? anc* accePt no substitutes.
* * '
^ Surpass the i
Lexington ^ Clemson College
acre of corn in |i| grade Fertilizers
Exhibit at the MHlgh Qrade BIO<
C.- Palmetto Palmetto Ste
same showing. yOIir 1161 ghbor wl
5 South-land, by 2HJE;
ove the fair, so im For any info
e prize. This is vtak .
[hibit.?(See cat- r6Q\16St#
re of corn with ^
11 him to enter vw^r, 4
each exhibitor I 1^ /v I I I
11 ne r an
S, Treasurer.
???? H Factor
ithern Railway Com- coi
OV 14 1909
. B. These schedule figures show IF SICK-WHY PA
time that trains may be expect- Unless Health First Returns.
. . tiers la what should and can he done I
:o arrive and depart, but the xowyou would not wiuinciypey for
that waa worth law?would touT
S Stated are not guaranteed. Thso why pay for medicine until that n
Stne first proses to you 1U actual worth?
thbound departures from Bates0
pay unless health first returns". And I heel
irg, o. U. Restore live with a ?l*ned and sealed DO day
33 a. rn. No. 8, daily for Colum- k*lP' fmSjfse^ple^ to the etch eseryw
that "Dr. Shoop't Ktitoratix* vt abtol
ind intermediate points connect- ly fr?if it fails". Let others do the ?
~ . , ? . ar alee pass their prescrlpUons by.
at Columbia for Spartanburg If TOO need more strength, n.'re sit#
. . ... . _ , more vigor or mors Tim. use ms IU.-stor??
Ashevllie. Arrive Colum- tew days and note the Immediate lniproyeiu?
. _ _ _ ? , _ When the Stomach, lleart, or Kldnei
L0:50 a. m. Spartanburg 5:15 p. wrona. the? teat Dr.BItoop's ReetpraUse. I d<
dose the Stomach nor stimulate the Heart or
Vsheville 9-1 S n m am. for that lewrona. Yoarsato I castaway
\SnevillC >.10 p. m. mistaken Idea In medicine. Th?' books bolow
IS p. m. No. 130. daily, for Co- ftSVS&'JSEffWfc, k.aa
oia. Washington and the East n%'nV'^'X i
u ^ ,, , . lo thi Hart 111 nnwar lu fnnn Its n??sMn
yiitjii r unman Sleeping | action or Impulse. '
kt _ \7 i a r~ i . These books will open up new and he
:o Mew York. Arrive Columbia idw tothoM wimare not well. Th?>y toil
... ,. . ... ... ' theBtomach. and Kidney seachliave their "lm
p. m., washington 10:40 a. or power nerves. They tell how the Ken tor
was especially made to reach and revitalise)
New York 5*00 D m weak or fall In* ln?lde nerves. AH of these
C J,UU V' m* Ml why I am able to ear. "It la free if it ft
c . . i-. . . Thla la wl?* I aar "take no chance i
or cafe car Augusta-Columbia, medicine whose maker dare not Ixu
just as I do by this remarkable offt
JTHBOND: go write me today for the order.
I hare appointed honest and respon
K . ? *T . < on t?*t? r. a <win'e. i? ?<w J. ivonwimH. te (mi
' ?? ' : "'tmtahai w day
c . >pia>: r ?. a . i i' i ell >
or caie t . b/.-A . avo -* w
.,,, . I wouiu your uuui* pnyaician. My aavice ani
jU p. m. Mo. i, daily, for Augus- hook below are your*?and without coat.
I'orhapa a word or two from me will <
nH intermediate Dninlt Arrive aomeaanouialiuwub. im?*.?hv.p^ltlious
nu lnicrmeuidie poinis. /\rrive b- my prtT?u preacrlptlo
rUSta 8:35 p. m. paraonal ad rice plan. My best effort la at
. ... . worth your simple request. So write uow v
f inter excursion tickets now on you have It fresh In mind, for tomorrow u
' comes. Dr. Shoop. Box 12. Kaclne. Wis.
I Whlsfc let a kali I awl Tsmf
or further information call on U?-1 ?" Rysl?p,J!* ? o.t For women
i No. t On the Heart No. 0 For Men
et agents, or, I Me. t On the Kidneys No. Ou Kheumai
!. Reid, T. A., Batesburg, S. C.
1 Ackert, \ m. MITCHELL
b\?Cary!' M" Washineton' D' C PHYSICIAN AND SURGEO
G. P. A., Washington, D. C. Batcsburg, S. C.
Meek, Office Hours:
A. G. P. A., Atlanta, Ga. a . G . ?
xH. Acker, 8 to 9 *. m.
T. P. A., Augusta, Ga. J to 3 p. m.
7:30 to 9 p. m.
ij (TOV ] | How Good New* Spread*
t, t :i I? 6 I fr J ; ; i "I am 70 years old and tr;
ij8 M 11J! ft ft! f ; I most of the time." writes B. F. '
J c ^ j ILaeJ l * son, of Elizabeth!? am, Ky "Evi
- T> rv T O ATVT if'"* where I go I reco.wr.end Elec
U JLOUi^l Bitters, because I owe my excel
RmiP Por;e Pon 4 health and vitality to them. They
Ipv DUllu laLid, UdlT m/f.. [T\ feet a cure every time." They n<
ccr, My to, j fail to tone the sumach, regu
PilQCifiL rT^hf^-y i Sidneys and bowels, stimu
...... w. . ... *. . | the liver, invigorate the nerves
?? B. Cure* abote troubles, Al- ., ,
. ... ,, ? purify the blood. They work wc
c/ema and klieunattsm. Test Be ,J . . _
5 , ers for weak, ran-covn men
lrRliE ,womrD, restoring strength, \
>rt? onty-"vet year*<>tu> i..d i n and health that sa daily joy.
has b?<:i caring ye i?rV thousands *f suf them. Only 50c. Satisfaction is j
rsfi-.isii i arv, .s-.,oiary *r Tertiary Jtively guaranteed by all druggis
i,l Poison and all form* <t HI o >d t n I kin
iuhos, Cancer, 1! Ii?unuiti?u and Eczeuiu. Ws
it tlis moat olrfitinilt a efces, beeuusa , _
urea whero all else fails If you hara ache* I j "t A Cl \7 C\{* C\ T" &
pains in Hone*, ae k ar faille. Mueus Put- ^ XlCl V UV.CI
i iu 11 >uth, or# Throat* Pimples, Copper
>rod Spots UWraouait J?rt of the body f \
r or eyebrows falling out itchiUK. watery B ft ft n B
teru or open humors, Kl?i%* or Pimples of j ^
eiun. Boils, w.illiuirs. F.atu* ores, take BIt
kills the poison, mat ? tlia bleod pure
rich, completely <*huu?iu| the antira body D/"tve "'V S\fW*
?a eleau. healthy eonditiA, hmliDK trery JL \31 X (_ dl
i or pimples aud stopping til urban. imins
I itcliin*, curing tlia waft rasa af Blood
noli, rheumatism or F.r/.a&i
ota nmc blood balm > i? *.) is plena. A failing tiny nerve-no larger
?nd safa to taw*; composed*f purs iiotnuio the finest silken thread-takes ]
rcdicnt* It iHirifu* and richt* tlia blood . T T ^ i
, strengthens tlia nervs and builds up the Hcart ltS Impulse, itS pOWe
brok-u system dkuihist ?i per regularity. The Stomach also hs
u k bottle, with dir?t>ous for homs hidden or inside nerve. It was
<> I ft t . i i
r. ?, . c.-r t:t?.-L- w ... . onoop wno nrst toia us it was w
iflPLE SLF LRhh b- writing to . j . *
< ()1> balm CO., 16 Bio d Balm to dru^ a *'eaken or failingston
iKilug, Atlanta, (la. A'hen writ Heat or Kidneys. His prescrip
r for sample give none of jour Dr. Shoop's Restorative-is dir<
ublc, if you know.. straight for the cause of these
ments-these weak and faltering ii
nawn nerven; this no doubt, clearly
KILL THE CO'JGH 11 plains why the Restorative ha
IND CURE the LJNC8 late grown so lapidly in populs
- - ? Druggists say that thyse who
MJ J the Restorative even for a few
with P^|(|F 5 soon become fully convinced o
B wonderful merit. Anyway don't
jUmfif IIICPfllAFU the organ. Treating the cause of
llwsii MivlllWw! J ness is the only sensible and sue
FOB /^ouchs ??Sf? 'ul way-Sold by Gimt"'s
run ^olds ttiVfre#! Store.
IK# oo?|b mU kaali Ii
State Braids I
guarantee in every tes1
Bulletin.) And every poi
is made of the best)d,
Tankage & Foreigi
tte Brands are best for ;
10 used them last year.fc
rmation write us. Beaut
metto Fertii
y and
"en beknv'
'L '*scsa- *4 s<i r r;? I.
,' 'rr""-F- "r ~
^ttPPU ink Artemus
i ta? ??
dear Saved a Soldier's Life I ,
^ Facing death from shot and shell as I
rwiu in the civil was more agreeable to J. Per'e*w
A. Stone, of Kemp, Tex., than fac- tro1
ing it from what doctors said was l)lal
consumption. "I contracted a stub- to?'
born cold." he writes. "that rlevelnn
ed a cough, that stuck to me in Fon
spite of all remedies for ytars. My tou|
^ weight ran down to 130 pounds. wh<
' Then I began to use Dr. King's New (e I
Discovery, which completely cured a v
me. I now weigh 178 pounds. For
Coughs, colds, LaGrippe, asthma, quo
hemorrhage, hoarseness, croup,
whooping cough, and lung trouble, nov
fts supreme. 50c. 1.00. Trial bottle "lh
iree, Guaranteed by all druggists. Ho'
, : mot
lent "It's from Clarice," said Mrs. Dill- oye
' ef- worth, as she took off her glasses her
:vcr and folded the letter. "She's been to hal
l|a*c Chicago taking a course of cooking E
ilate lessons, and she's going to stop here v''0'
and j on her way home." we'
>nd- ' "That'6 good'" responded her bus- ?m
and band. "Clarice is a smart girl; al- arc
i TOr ways up to something and doing it hci
Try with all ber might. l>et's see, was R*a
POS- 11 the laf" Urae she was here that she
,^s rebound the Daily News Almanac in 1
green leather with?what was it? Oh, hel
yes?tooling on the edges?" nie
His wife smiled and nodded. Hav- hu
ing no daughters of their own they nw
were very fond of their lively niece, Ahi
and Mrs. DUlworth had always patlently
cleaned up after her.
"The time before that," continued *h?
DUlworth, "she had her new camera. '?li
Remember how funny you looked In nf,i
that picture she took of you getting
out of the buggy?"
"Yes," said Mrst. DUlworth, flush- '?11
lnp nnd alulnir thn Kol t u hlf li POO
than circled her ample waist, a downward
from push, "and this time she's going to ?dJ
r, its give us a sample of what she's learn- ho
IS its ?'d to cook." co]
Da. "Glad to have her!" said Dillworth
rong heartily. "I shouldn't be a bit surtach
prised, Amanda, if she could teach th
tion- you a t,l,n* or ,wo "
, . j "I didn't remember, though, that to
.. Clarice was particularly fond of i y?
.I" housework," said Mrs. Dillworth, as 5 he
isiae ^eJ. husband slammed the screen J al
cx" door. I yc
s An explanation of Clarice's sudden
inty. Interest In domestic science was af- u*
test forded when she arrived by a very hi
days new-looking diamond ring, which to
? its sparkled on her finger. w
drug "I've brought my book of recipes, hr
sick- Aunt Amanda," she announced, "and J"
cess- * ara to stay two weeks and do 'r
Drup l'ie caking while I'm here."
"You're welcome, I'm 8ure, my w'
dear," responded her aunt "I just
get sick and tired thinking wnat to
have for the next meal. It's the
i same thins over and over!" Pj?
i Fish Guano Mm
Si''-' ' 'itji
BM^Hr1'' 7'JJH
iful calendar pn Sptfa
lizer Co. |
Offices * ,
. c. sm
re her away. "I hope Herbert will Si
>prt < iste rny cooking ns much as
?u do "
"Amanda," said 1)111 worth, l.r? mines
later, entering the kitchen where
a wife was puzaling oyer a recipe
r celery au gratln. "I'll tell you
hat 1 would like for dinner. ;'ome
ead?not nut bread nor scones, but
at bread?and boiled potatoes and
iod ham and a big pie?"
"Tou don't mean?" gasped hla
"Yea, I do," said Dlllworth.
"But I thought you liked variety."
"Variety," said Dill worth, "la tha
Ice of life; hut you understand,
foanfltt. that there la such h thin*
\ :. r.tji ?j ' ' '.fig
i |; t
wen, exclaimed Uncle Nathan,
ie pushed back hie chair after ?uj>"that
certainly was a treat! "The
ible with your aunt is," he exned,
"that she lets herself get Ina
\s there are thirty-one ways to
pe potatoes that seems quite unessary."
said Clarice, with jupt a
ch of patronage in her tone. "Then
;n one knows how to make nine- . ^
1 different salads, it's easy to have
'Variety is the spice of life,'"
ted her uncle, oracularly,
rhere are so many dainty desserta
padays, too," continued Clarice,
at pie really has become obsolete,
iv do you like the pineapple
Fine'" declared Dlllwortk. "I'll - ture
to say, Amanda, that you've
er even tried to make a pineapple
Mfl " catr) \f rJ T*\l 11 tunrt V? rv*-\ tv.nAh
reonte to mention the fact that
cup custards were the envy of
f the women In town,
luring the ensiling days Mrs. Dillrth,
whose own culinary successes
re mainly attributable to good
issing often secretly hoped for fail's;
but Clarice measured and timed w
self with what seemed to her aunt
vish precision, and each succeed* j
; meal eclipsed the previous one. m
*oor Mrs. Dillworth was divided m
lween envy of her niece's achieve*
ints and dread of the day win 1 the ??
rden again should fall upon her M
n shoulders. Would Nathan, after 9
s orgy of scientific cooking, ever a
ain be satisfied with her humble |5
nrts? Her owji appetite faded at
> sight of his enjoyment and she
nd it difficult to conceal the hitter- *
is of her mortification.
Getting tired of my cooking. Uncle
te?" inquired Clarice, as she
ind hint one morning reading her
Not by a long sight," he rc'-vtnd* jj
gallantly. "I'm just looking to see "A
w many more good things are to
Hie end of Clarice's visil found her 13
11 preparing new dishes with en- In
usiasni. V :
"Awfully sorry I didn't have time fl
make those three other salads for B
in ' alio oniiixt lin k ak the train Kl

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