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The Batesburg advocate. [volume] (Batesburg, S.C.) 1901-1911, March 18, 1910, Image 8

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' ? ;*
;: t n J
I uranc
| Fine mi
! \ hats. Thu
- %
|. 5
* You are COR
? It is an exhibit
? glance. Novelty u
? but the best is he
\t ??
reasonable as to c
I Whltten
f y& *
/';... /. von cv
V- J. ? '(i f' >'.n t
S J? '' vi ' /
v 7vjt icre
"= ^ and as
int cc.lt, gun metal and
^ .,fe.)t and Heavy soles.
f* Patent, gun metal, blight
four eyelet ties. Si.so, %
' ma f"* m 11"? /\ v/ r* / \ i
iTkLli> 3 UArUK
? HDWIH Cl.APP, Patent I
two eyelet pumps, $7Gun
Metal, glazed kid ;
Blik her Oxfords, Soft-*.
WALK-OVER patent colt b
f WALK-OVER Gun metal k
call oxfords, $3.50 and $4.00
^ t Metal and Kid biucher oxfords,
Jr 1 ittle Miss King's Slippers
Boy's oxfords $1.50 to $3.
When you buy here you cai
given the very best attention, 2
by the most expert shoe litters
& In I
I ?i I ???mm???? iohmmi-W
forth & uiret
Gurmany, tt
Special -Notice. 555
* tfontlomihn
1 have moved m>' barbci Bonueu* ltv
7 pOSGi".
>'.1 >p and pool room at the - s-o,' h*
?ld National Bank building ^0*!^
Two barbers, no waiting. Rn
, ... , . people J' "?
Everything up-to-date.
Thos. Murray, i>roP.
that ?von I
Oarlyle on Muvlclima. ^ei ?
_ .. .. ... In Jtuan a\
wnen Joaoyh Jonehlin, the ranvout j :r "'r"! "
t lolinlut, visited thin country In the ujate(1 jyj<)
.'0? ho wuh takenby o frlond to Car- un'i^
Ivlo's house In Chelsea nnd Intro- jn
troducod to a well known musician
. tr??i are ?u
I leading an cnKagemont elsewhere, w,
lho friend then loft, and Carlylo, |Q (>1^
Who WHS juat then starting for hla
' ' " -Honal beKRod the But |Q c
any htm. which he
... . China ham
>K walk In Hy4. ? ?
.in. whan r.t.tln, ln ,hu
Mtraphkr An<W. A?du?
f ("helmm noured
I C Yvmn K A? AtiiTi
i opriug upturn!
llinery and Pat
rsday & Friday Mi
17 and 18th.
that will give you an idea wit
3 triumphant! not only the newes
re and not only all that but price
:ause wonders.
Dry Goods Gompi
Batesburg, S. C.
h4* *#?4?*& &<& &'$ '?>'%!>?
* i
aster Oxfords. 4" i
?.? ^ ,
up your mind that this season von arp * *
. . ,%\ ' ' : ' | ^ .'-Vffc
t! i v : . and ft el iro? *jr !.
^Tflr i <
a e j f v -s i . *:: :h;,t '.r "4* ,
)d looking as they are comfortable. 4)*
i neat as they are stylish. -V
dull kid ankle and instep strap slip- "?J*
$2.00, $3.00, ?3.so, $4.00 and $3.00 ,1l
and dull finished kid, one, two and
2.00, $2.so. $3.go. ?3.so and $4.00
B? J\ X
kid oxlords and J
lucher oxfords $4- OBL
id and Tan Russia Tr
$2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 I
for Misses' and children, ?i.oo to $3 00
00. ;
1 rest assured of one thing you will be
uid have the satisfaction of being* fitted ?J
;, whether you buy a $.150 or $7- pair iff
111) Ul toil Vet MUllUii Auoui fU| UIMI/kUT A/yyf
xe King oT Pinnule, Pis- *
ka, (he war, etc. At laut _. . . _ T~ _ .. !
otl.hl 10 My .omMhln,. To" ?*? "?
itly ruiketl the Irascible clnostK? BmIa?m Cent**If
he knew 8t?rudale A erkmttfte twtmtijUj* In CUneJne
famous English comi>?Xl
has Peru trying tt> tav?**> U a
answered* abruptly, and definite k**i of tb? mootrflK df soot
r a paueo: 'I can't bear dcpoettod tn tfle City fa the course o<
ta a rule; they are eorh a year One of hie teets wtw tt> piaes
iadsd, w-tod-baggy s<* of two bucket*, tb roe-ftmrthg Ailed wttb
I-ondon Tlt-Blta. water, on 11 roufh in diflermt [>a.rtJ
I of the city. At the end of thres
* Lund of Hllk. months a careful analysts at the coobo
well suited by natural fetus of the huefcota to seccrtAln la*
or the production of silk agnount of carlHWiaceotts matter. *Th<
ho moat antiquated and flngi <\>(uputat>eu Is that to the downmethods
CA"nol deprive town area the falling **wt Amounts to
rat rank in that Irtugtry. M1 toUft R |non,K ? ? tonfl
rorythlng eonneeted wtth .w ,, . '
itneaa U scientifically reg a ?"* <jf ch' *e J 1
? silkworm Is allowed to ?H 171 l<>n:1 * noatb. or *<46,
m the egg has passed a 8 pounds, an average at several
jrpeetion. The mulberry p* hi ode to eaiti hvhabftant. In ont
Itlvated on scientific prln- {>t th? suburbs the *oot in the bucket
Hilar methods ars pof- was 464 grams to the square foot foe
r countries where silk 1* a period of 30 dayev t\>Fr the same
Lime the deposit at acetitral point In
bina these things are at- the city wus 211,531) groan* to the
sly disregarded, and yet square foot
? near the head in pro
ter undeveloped resources Long Distance Repeater,
stry are so enormous that , navid r. St f'hailes un engineer ol
ion our consul at Amov.
tern j|
arch 2
;h every w
t is here IP
;s are so W
my, I
RrJ?t Um ? ctl\*s "nnAff h?s
Nm tor UUfrMfaf *t Qlm idreotton,
S) * *MT fefc 40Q? j
tor tixB telephone Tb# dDotoUng of
b* ecby to nature with tor trending
wa of ft vtoHn toiwbtoift tb otow
O the
. j
A A*r? |j?.fc?.r
-** >> Mortar }..'j V< ??etltA*Ni? C4
UuJ~^ eU? if i * ? ?^0+ i A
*S * Wit|J3fiHDv ?!>;' *" > ( , ***U '-<
_w m odco a eeuaad war mad ror a
speech. She wu it ftrgt abaehd, but
ascended the steps end madt what
was described aa *>e pretty orate."
... i .. .. i
Hertoet* pester4* CH0#H?4.
When Herbert Bpenesr ?u| boy
hie father eent htm away froubome
to school. The youngster kc?me
homesick. and. wHh I sbiUlngsn his
pockets. made hte way home. o*r ltO
miles, tn three dare. waiktmr iut nf
tb? way. Be did 48 kUm tb first
day and 47 oft the second. C the
third day a friendly coach drtvetook
hits most of the way (or nothlc
The Recerd af Te-Oay.
Nino years ago. hy actual ohrvutlorx,
there wore 1.3*47 bicycle* aticd
the Junction of Broadway and 8er.ty-acxoid
street, Mow York, be^en
sunrise and euneet oa a lata Scomber
day. and not one autoeotbtle. Me
according to a careful record ado
ooa day last week. too? bicycles svod
the same point and 843 aoteotniea."
Opportunity Hr Baggar*.
A Par?e newspaper to tha orgaiwr
beggars. One of the advertisers*
of business opportunities off ere "m
dtauatkm in a rdby popular wlnterv
*ort for a one-armed even or pihftbljr
with no armt Reference* gi|
and required. ?asb deposit also quired."
Distributing Charity.
At a meeting of the central body
the Loiudoa unemployed the other dt
It was found that a colony establish*
r.eor London bad resulted In the di
tribution of |38.1t36 among Che nt
?mployod. but that the cool of dl.ft iJ
button had been |7<79d.
fallowed by Mia Pvta.
Tbe body ot Oeetnpe Nft, a Uotwlo
dog fancier, was followed to the grut
by fouT fine bull tairiesa. Vbey wot
bia<*fc coat a, ?? whtdh Vans the wort1
lp whit* letters: TtolfcwRng ota ma:
ter to hfcs last resting piece."
Penally af Pnsog.
OhNfornHi rejoices hi a lady tna!
lug fhe riroolafion at fraudulent r
poets regarding the *ah? of the etos.
A a 001 poritf ion formed fn tbo B(a
ft Monr punlKHabV# by two yuar
ttnprl eon moot or $S,00d free or tx?th
to th* New Yarn loo.
The New York authorities are rt
rytng oot a eoheme for gtviag oa>
ciaae of animal* a eeenic baehgroui
reminieomt of it* native habitat 6
by ajnd by. the *x> vtii be not on
a menagerie, but an art gallery
Oem##eille#xe fa Orber,
A bureau ha* beeo eetab.ieheO
Oqdapeal for eopplying aehooi bo
Willi ready-erHMan eeeays and pre
and varee compoeitlop* ar i traneJ
tlona ta mut laujcuaae at h. cepu
(I V 1. " "
t'i&lfM4*?1'** ' *V* '
FRIDAY* M?CH. ism a
Big A
tuesday, b
All Colored
Mount Olive Ba
the Batesburg Fai
Hill, Dr. W. P. Co;
speBk. All persons
iumswill get their
All whith citizens;
atJ7.30 p. m. Eight
Fair, and it will be
I j)&M IMiH4 to life'. OX'
4 aKuaumiJt' c. 2?
#1 *<*?w<c4Ki?Mi of SngtfteKe.
-*. L. JtUiC
he* oopehxled that an wipnw to noi
Justified to acting on the preouauptloc
that a child of fonder year* on a raflroad
track wit) appreciate Ha danger
and oae the discretion at an adult to
getting out of the way of an approaching
A Young Shoplifter.
A woman has boon trreotea m rai-'.s
caitylng to her r me a 4-year-old
child which had >eea tmlaed to
snatch we tehee ari ecarf-plne aa Its
mother carried It through the streets
The Infant was seen to grab two
watches and seven pins to lead tl.au
half an hour.
aiDGElpRiiur HEWS
Rev W T Hundley delivered i
most impressive sermon replete ii
IoiDiicai lore, spiritual uplift anc
missionary inspiration that wa
much appreciated by an attentivi
congregation last Sunday morning
It was the annual missionary ser
mon to the W. M. U. Society of tl i
Baptist church and they deemei
themselves fortunate in securing th
services of such an eloquent divin
on so auspicious an occasion.
A mission to be held in the Epis
copal church by Arch Deacon We
ber at an early day is being looket
forward to with much interest.
Mrs M H Cogburn delightful!}
entertained the W M Society o
Bethel Baptist church Thursday
afternoon last.
? Miss Blaoche Smith of Ward un
^ortunately hurt by a run-awas tean
latere last Monday is suffering fron
* dislocated shoulder and sever
erveus shock.
Dr L J Smith moved into th
? prsonage Moaday.
h |On Saturday the veteran* ;<
^ * school auditorium and after ap
tpriate exerc ises Intersperse*
h music by Mrs LJ Smith an
Is Grwnne. The E W Horm
Cap of U. C. V. was organized a:
iuJ f?ws:
to. rdimander. T D Villard; Is
** Lt Commander, J W Seigler; 2nc
I Lit Commander, Lewis Claxton
I Atant, Monroe Gantt; Chaplain
11 RN N Little; Treasuier, I ewi:
^ Ye; Color Sergeant, J M Hawls
la- , Vtte, John Hair. 22 member
'" I ~
lass Mf
1 ? w
atesburg, S. 1
i Citizens ar<
his big Mass
March 22nd i
iptest Church Bate:
r Association.-Dr. E.
nolind, Richard Carr
who nave not been
money on the 22nd.
at the Opi
p. m. same
are urged to meet ir
; counties will unite i
s a big thing- Come r
111 omais
Chaplain Rev. Joa
_tc*vu?e was prest
Broc ks ot Columb
whoir. the U D C :Um*a- r*d to
* i honor by their presence mu ut aiVA |
i * of the occasion. His address was
! highly appreciated and reminiscenj
ces concerning the "Knights of the
, i White Camelia' intensely""enjoyed.
The farmer." of this section are
well organized and w:L b i d for
' ..?. r .
. lucu Lie <t uic y>ioli warenouse
I here in the town of Wagener this
| summer.
J There has been about 2,500 tons
of gua: o cani:d away frcm this)
1 point already this season and the
1 indications are that there wi'.l be
* 500 more tons moved. This shows
5 that the farmers are trying to enrich
c their lands.
Business with the merchants here
seems to be exceptionally good.
C Inapecao** In Constant Attendance
and Rigidly Enforce Law.
There aro In Paris three prlncii>aJ
abattoirs. the largest of which. "la
j Vileue," u In the northern quarter ol
| the city; "Vaugirard," which was
J opened in 1898, and replaced the old
f! slough ter house of Greuelie, and "Vilf
j lijuif," where horsee are slain foi
f i food Auy butcher may slaughter
animals at these abattoirs on payment
of a taa of i francs (40 cents) a l.uu
daed kilograms (220 pounds) ou the
^ meat so prepared. Butchers of the
^ nkore Important class anu specially
Uoensed are permitted to sell the
e meat which they have thus provided
directly to the smaller dealers who
fteep retail meat etoroe tnroughout the
e ?4ty. Inspectors are in constant attendance
and any meat found infe I
M with disease or otherwise unfit for
n food is saturated with petroleum and
- ooadecuned. Prior to tne year 1810
j ttie botchers of Paris slaughtered cnl,
male In toe streets and publle squaies,
but at that times municipal saiughtor
C booses -ef?utolr??were established.
Earnings of Novelists.
Anthors earn much less In France
* than in England. The late Sir Walter
1 Beaant ten years ago estimated that
.' there were 60 novelist* In England
| who earned upward of a thousand a
year. There are now probably nearer
s a hundred and fifty; while In Frame
>; there are almost certainly no more
s than fifty who make a living at all.
j An English novelist of standing will
receive olahtesn n?ni* on ?"?-v <*>nv
e Urged to
at 11 a. m. j, riS
sburg to organist jttlfl
D. White of Rock WjjK*
oil and others frill\?M
paid their prem- f^lp
ra House tj
>-day. 1 Ij
i the Opera House
n the Batesburg K&,
ain or shine. f|||
t iii . *M
; D. WHITE |!
i .
. u dock tmOKi. some novaisis reikhnilMt-u
T.-ti.'lA 7^1a tL-hn ' M
j touched high water mar* in France,
tenpence. Seven pence halfpenny is
considered excellent pay, and fourpence
andflve pence are common.?T.
P.'s Weekly. j
America,s Chioken Population. ,
The non-vegetarian citizen will rejoice
In the knowledge that the chicken
imputation of the United States In
1900 was 230.000,000, and at prensent '
approaches 300,000,000. Turkeys nunc '
herod more than 600,000, duck* more ' i*
than 6,000,000 and geese as many, 1 ^
though that seems an underestimate
for geese, evrythiag considered. 'The |
yearly consumption of chickens la
more than 300,000,000. though not a
few, It appears, are carried over from '
year to year Indefinitely in cold ator- j
age for the ultimate benefit of the >
i.-..,? ^?...
uapjooo uuuruer.'?cm 1 urn ore ?un.
Plraoy in Chin*.
Piracy in China 1b no now thing in '
the waters around Hongkong. As long 1
ago as the thirteenth century the isl- *
and of Hongkong was a piratical <
j stronghold, and for centuries the '
I Chinee^ Government was unable to J
I drive the sea bobbers out. All craft j
I passing what is now Hongkong bar- '
bor were compelled to pay tribute, j
The higher elevations of the Island j 1
served as lookout stations and no '
boat that approached was permitted 1 ]
to leave until it had paid toil. j
Disposition of Lost Mall. 4
More than 11,000,000 pieces of mail
went astray in the United States last 1
year because they were not directed j
even well enough for the experts to j
decipher the names and addresses. J
Minions of this Immenso total went '
to the Dead letter Office, where a lot ]
of it was opened, the addresses c>f the t
writers ascertained and the letters or .
package* returned. But in a great
many cases the writer's address is
never found and the letter Is really J
"dead." jj
Coal a Modern Production.
Coal is comparatively a modern 1
product. History shows that it was ;
first used in England during the ninth i
century. In 1318 the King prohibited j
its use on the ground thai It wsa in- |
Jurlous to health, but the high price J
of wood finally ccttupellod the London- J
era to use it again. s "J
An Expensive Kodak,
it Is fl?.ld that the Sultan of Turkey |j
ha? a kodak that coet approximately 5
$8000. It waa made by an American I
Arm and the metal work t* of gold, j
the framework ivory, while the whole 1
Is enclosed In a case of white moroc- I
co with a gold lock and key.
pronicts |nat wnen unm?
modern methods, she will givo a now
turn to the silk business of the

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