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Q *i#sburg | Advocate i
*" , sHHtf' ' PublUtMd W?kly.
^ V'!^[ ^ BATE?BURQ.t^ o. ^
Farmers are baring a glorious ploelc
Winter would not be so bad if the
cantaloupe would stick around.
8peed has its victims whether of
the air, the rail, th<~ race track or fast
Speaking of speed records, there is
the bandit who robbed two restaurants
In to minutes.
JV _
The chap who sips his coffee at
Is sal fee I behind a newspaper is now
els seed with the end-seat hog.
Atwood says he is not going to fly
any more. Maybe there is one man
who knows when he has had enough.
A St. Louis man committed suicide
because his wife was too affectionate.
In other words, she loved him to
An Akron (O.) man was found walking
in his sleep with baby in his
arins. That's our notion of a model
A physician flndc that there Is another
standard life prolonger?sauerkraut.
The discovery was made in
A London girl smoked a calabash
pipe on the streets of that city. And
still they say over there that American
girls are forward.
"Avlatrice" is the new word for the
woman aviator. As there is only one
ao far we needn't bother our heads
about what the plural of "avlatrlce"
Forty years ago this fall a cow in
Chicago kicked over a lamp and
burned the town down. It has. however,
picked up remarkably well ever
Within ten minutes after landing in
New York a Toledo citizen had been
robbed twice. New York may keep
that record for Bpeed as long as it
The samples of ice cream containing
400,000 bacteria to the cubic centimeter
seem to be minor leaguers
compared to those containing 3,000,000.
Now a physician rises to remark
that there is really no such thing as
seasickness. The imitation, however,
is so good as to deceive the most experienced.
temperance society In Cleveland
Is trying to find out what a highball
is. It may be unnecessary to state
that the society in question Is a strictly
feminine one.
(ie^nw < > no*. kr.
h ph o <? r r h I,? i; .. o ? t \ % . ?
with 1 cot ho cv-jr, ; ?
quue sopnisticated.
' With the wife of one "model husband"
committing suicide and the
of another suing for divorce, the common
everyday kind of husband may
be better thought of.
It Is reported that Egyptian coats
are the latest in woman's garb. After 1
viewing chromos portraying Cleopatra
we gather that a miscvoscope will be
needed to find the coats.
The Pennsylvania man who, while
intoxicated, took out a marriage license,
thinking it was a dog license,
well deserves the dog's life that his
marriage is apparently leading him.
Boston has the distinction of having
the first mortgaged aeroplane. But,
then, on an airship it ought to be easy
to raise a mortgage.
Elated, apparently, at the addition
of an "h" to its name, Pittsburgh is
to have a 40-story bank building. The
Smoky City is feeling the uplifting
tendencies of the times.
Sandwiches made of finely chopped
violets spread over thin slices of buttered
bread are being sold in New
York grill rooms. Evidently cloves 1
are too plebeian for some of the New
Yorkers. '
It Is announced that Russian caviar 1
to a cure for tho cholera. Probably (
It works on the principle that anyone '
who knows he would have to eat Rub- {
sian caviar will refuse to have tho (
cholera. ? t
In a duel between two Hungarian j I
counts the other day the right ear of 1 '
one of them was slashed in twc If 1
Hungarian duels are going to bo as | I
sanguinary as that they will have to
be stopped.
An eastern young woman wants
every young woman in tho country
to sign a pledge not to tnarry a man
who smokes. This, however, will
hardly affect the smoke habit either
one way or the other.
History is repeating itself. A demand
Is forming for the regulation
of aviation because the birdmen in
their machines frighten horses Later
on automobiles in their turn will be
complaining of aeroplanes, biplanes
airigimc oniioons ana omur aircrwi
running them down.
A Massachusetts girl in a fall
wrecked Ave glass floors in a public
library building, landed on a marble
floor in the basement and then walked
away. That the average Maasaehu
setts girl is not impressionable has
long been asserted. This proves it.
After having walked 1,000 mile:
across country from Kansas City a
man and hiB wife are in Huston,
greatly improved in health and in
creased In weight Walking alwnw
did beat strap hanging as a deal l.
I; ^
the representatives of the
farmers' union form an
It i? Expected That a Local Associa
tfon Will be Perfected In Each
County of the State?List of the
Representatives Given.
Couniba.?In response to a call Issued
from the Btate secretary's office
for a meeting of Farmers' Union county
business agents, 17 counties were
represented at the meeting.
The Farmers' Union Association of
County Business Agents was organized.
J. Whltaor Rold, secretary of
the state Farmers' Union, was mude
president. It. E. Burriss of Anderson
waB elected secretary. This is intended
to be a permanent organization,
which will meet at least once in
each quarter for business purposes.
It Ib expected that each county
business agent will orgauize in his
county an association of local business
agents on a similar plant to meet regularly
for business purposes, and in
this way develop a system of cooperative
buying and selling.
J. Whitner Iteid, \V. S. Barton, Jr.
and James A. Lewis were appointed
as a committee to prepare by-laws
and rules for the government of the
association to be reported at the next
meeting, which will be held in Columbia
Wednesday, November 1, at 4
p. m.
The following is a list of the county
business agents or representatives
in attendance upon the organization
Anderson, R. E. Burriss; Bamberg,
J. P. O'Quinn; Calhoun, D. S. Murph;
Chester, J. S. McKeown; Chesterfield.
D. P. Douglas; Colleton, It. M.
O'Quinn; Dorchester, J. B. Whetseli;
Georgetown, W. H. Curry; Hampton,
J. H. Adams; Horry, James A. Lewis;
Lancaster, W. P. Caskey; Laurens. J.
Wade Anderson; Lexington. S. C. Epting;
Oconee, M. G. Holland; Orangeburg,
W. S. Barton, Jr.; Sumter. J. M. i
Brogdon; Union, W. F. Farr.
At the night session C. Fitzsimtnons ,
came before the association by invi
tation and made a talk on cotton seed
County Auditors Send In Reports.
Auditors of four counties, Pickens,
Spartanburg, Saluda and Bamberg
have made report to the comptroller
general, A. W. Jones, as to the taxable
1910 1911
Pickens $1,452,857 $1,452,839
1910 1911
Pickens $2,348,181 $2,502,657
Saluda 992,021 996,642
Spartanburg ... 9,320,734 9,480,385
Bamberg 1,598.420 1,622,400
Total Taxable Property.
1910 1911
Pckens $ 3.380,039 $ 4,016,596
Saluda 2,591,801 2,603,162
Spartanburg ...W,614,173 18,982,469
Bamberg .. .. 3,004,400 3,040,930
The returns of Spartanburg county
show an Increase of $368,276 for taxation.
The increase for the other
counties are: Pickens, $214,557; Sa'uda,
$11,361, and Bamberg, $36,530.
The returns from the auditors of all
counties are expected to show an increase
of several million dollars.
Programme For Colleton Fair.
The programme committee of the
Colleton County Fair Association, at
its meeting arranged a tentative programme
which will be carried out at
tne Fair, November 7-10. Several
very distinguished speakers will he
Invited to address the audiences during
the three days and a programme
full of interest and pleasurable entertainment
has been provided. It
was decided to have the four days'
programme a little different from
those ast year.
^bout Ready for "Label Cases."
J. Fraser Lyon, attorney general,
las about completed all details and
jxpects to be able to go to trial with
he "lahel cases" in the Richland
sounty court of general session. Sev>ral
witnesses have been summoned
o appear for the state, and it is exacted
that all will be present. John
Jell Towill, L. W. Boykin, \V. C).
Tatum, M. A. floodman and Dennis
CVolskopf will be called to answer
the charge of conspiracy to defraud
(he state of South Carolina to the extent
of $22,600.
A New Forecaster Is Coming.
Mr. J. H. Scott has been ordered
to Charleston to supersede Forecaster
H. S. Cole, who has been transferred
to Yankton. South Dakota. TJie
change of officials i8 ordered to take
effect at once. The change in the
Charleston office was brought about
as a result of an investigation made
by Inspector Conger, who was sent to
Charleston by Chief Willis L. Moore
to look into the charges made against
Mr. Cole to the effect that he misinformed
tho people of Charleston on
the eve of the hurricane of August.
For the Good of Clarendon County.
Prof. E. J. Browne, county superintendent
of education, has called a
convention of the school teachers and
trustees of Clarendon county to nicot
at Manning to discuss matters of Interest
relative to school work. Prof.
W. K. Tate, state supervisor of rural
schools, will attend the meeting and
fake part In the discussions. It is expected
that all the teachers in ttie
county will respond to the call. A
Us of interesting questions has t een
prepared for consideration, and many
more subjects will be presented.
executive Intimates That the Present '
Commissioner May bs Retained in i
Office When Term Expires. 1
Coumbin.?"There certainly will be
no change In the office until after the
expiration of Mr. Watson's term, and
I doubt very much if there will be
any then," said Governor I31ease when
asked about the rumor that has been
afloat in official circles during the last ?
few days that Mr. Jnmes Norton, of
Mullius, would be appointed coin mis- r
sioner of agriculture, commerce and
industries, to succeed Col. E. J. Watson,
who has held the oillce since
\t loru
>uni V II, AtfVli I
"I do not even know tlint Mr. No^ j(
ton is an applicant for tho position," ?:
said Governor Please. "He was in *'
my office a few days ago, but merely 11
shook hands with me, and the office
was not mentioned at that time. 1 j]
really know nothing whatever of the
accounts which have been sent out ^
about the appointment of Mr. Norton
to the office. Mr. Watson has been 1
doing very good work in his present 1
position, and I do not know that there '
will be any change at all. so far as 11
I can tell at present, when Mr. Wat- 11
son's term expires."
Governor Please said alHo that he "
had thought of offering this position
to Mr. John G. Richards. Jr.. but that
the latter had been appointed rail- 11
road commissioner, and he had not
done so. I ?
Mr. Norton has been in Columbia
for the past few days and his pros- i J
ence appears to have awakened ru- | '
mors which were afloat some months j'
ago, that he would be appointed by '
Governor Please to succeed Col. Watson
when the latter's term expires in !'
the early part of next year. Mr. Nor- ; s
ton is a former member of Congress
and was for seven years Comptroller , 11
General of St. atli Carolina. When j'1
asked concerning the rumros Mr. c
Norton said he thought it best for w
him not to say anything for puhlica- j *
tion at this time, and that the rumors
which were in circulalon did not
originate from him. n
Orangeburg Jurors Drawn.
The October term of common pleas '
for Orangeurg county will convene
on the first Monday in October with k
Judge J. W. DeVore of Edgefield presiding.
The docket of this court is
full with cases and the court will go
into the second week. There arc | s
enough cases on the civil docket for s
three weeks of court, but only two j1
week's Jury will be drawn.
The jurors for the first week are: | n
City?Adam W. Cherry. Isaac 13. I n
Slater. M. Pern Smoak; Cow Castle? , 1
J. M. Weathers. W. F. P. Riser, W. T. , 1
Traxler, F. P. Shuler; Cordova?H. A. j
Gibson: Elizabeth?G .P. Reed, J. D. j
McCormick; Ellorce?H. W. Herbert;
Ooodland?13. F. Foglo, L. E. Phillips, j a
W. H. Porter: Holly Hill?J. M. 11
I \
Hlnkle, J. L. Murphy. C. I). Hydride; "
Orange?C. A. Stronian, Geo. H. Mill- s
ler: Providence?Hugh F. Dantzler. .T. r
Willoughby Shuler; Rocky Grove?L. p
P. Inabinet; TTnion?S. P. Cope; v
Vance?S. F. Dantzler; Willow?D. ^
W. Houck, C. C. Kinard; Zion?H. L.
A Suit Has Been Instituted.
Upon instructions from the Clem- 1
son college fertilizer board, suit has ^
been instituted in the Hampton conn- *
ty court charging a fertilizer com- 1
pany of Savannah with "short-weight- '
ing" to the extent of 26,000 pounds of 1
fertilizer out of a sale of 320,000 '
pounds to the farmers' union of that '
county. This action was decided up- ' r
on at a meeting of the board. W. E. j
West, the chief fertilizer inspector,
was instructed to place all evidence
in the hands of the solicitor of tho
second circuit and to employ counsel 1
if necessary. Testimony was pre- j '
sented to the board to show that the j fl
Savannah Company had shipped 320.- '
000 pounds of fertilizer to the liamp- *
ton County Farmers' Union. The fer- n
tilizer was distributed. Inspectors of (
the fertilizer department of Clemson
college weighed 1,702 sacks anl ?
found, according to their testimony , 0
that the full weight was given.
Three Candidates For Mayor.
Much interest is being aroused in !
Gaffney over the approaching mu
niripal campaign and, considering the t :
fact that no one yet knows just t
when the election is to be held, it ,
may he said that the candidates are ?
displaying great zeal. An effort was , (
made to find out just how soon steps ; t
would be taken towards setting the (
day for tlie election, but nothing deli- i .
nito could be learned. Already j
three candidates have been announced j
for mayor, while there ha vp also been ,
several for aldermen of the town. 1 j
A Definite Announcement Soon.
A definite announcement as to the
programme for the cotton exposition
will be made shortly bj lit' \V. Wil 1
liams, state agent of the United l
States farm demon (ration work, who <
has the matter in charge. The exposi- <
tion will be given for the purpose of i <
interesting the farmers of the state I
in the growth of long staple cotton, j
Many of the mills are forced to bring
all cotton consumed from the Delta
district. It is proposed to show that
a good grade of long staple cotton
can be grown in this state.
Poster To Be Put Up All Over State.
Large posters, telling of the wonders
to he seen this year at the
South Carolina state fair and of the
automobile races to be held under the
rules of the American Automohilo asaA/.loi;nn
A... t-i-:-.-- . ~ .
t-wv..?. lu.. uii r nutty ami rsmuruny or
the fame week, will be put tip nil
over South Carolina and In Atlanta
Charlotte, Savannah and other riti\~
Olittldo the state. The poster-* hat
been carefully prepare !. They call a'
tijntion to the many charms of a
visit to Columbia, the capital city, ar.-l
the delightful time to be had.
lames Reached and Exploded Magazines
on France's Newest and
Biggest Warship.
Toulon, France-?The battleship
Iberte was tern apart and totally
estroyed by an explosion of her magsine.
Between three hundred and
fty and four hundred oflicers and
ten were killed. The battleship lteLtbliquc
was badly damaged and the
irttleships Democratie and Verlte
Iso suffered severely from the massi
of twisted iron and armor plate
rnt were hurled upon their decks.
This is the greatest disaster that >
as ever fallen upon the French navy, .
ud in magnitude is almost without
recedent in the annals of the world s
ghtlng ships. The grief which pros- (
ates the fleet and nation is madi j
i/m*a hit tltn Itwunni'v nf flit
ecent review here, a i otahie display
f France's naval greatness, in which
ne doomed ship was one of the finest <
gures. | ,
The explosion, which wiped out one (
f France's newest and most powerill
battleships, was the result of an '
uthreuk of fire. The flames spread I
lipidIy in spite of all efforts to mas
?r them and reached the magazines
efore there was time to Hood them,
he magazines exploded with tremenous
violence, strewing death and do(ruction
in every direction.
While the naval authorities estilate
the fatalities at three hundred
nd fifty to four hundred, it is expectd
this figure will be exceeded. It
ill be necessary to go through the
hip muster rolls, a task of some days,
efore a full list of the victims can
e prepared. A number of men aleady
have been extricated alive from
lie fantastically torn and twisted
tass of wreckage which once was
lie Liberte, and the hope is strong
hat there are others within the br<v ;
en hulk who can he reached.
Kxactly front what cause or when
lie lire broke out has not been cs
iblislied, but it is believed it had
mouldered for hours. Of the vcs
el's full complement of 7 112 men, Cap.
lin Jaure, brother of the Socialist
?nder and the second officer in comland,
were both ashore on leave, as
ell as 14<i officers and men. The
ommand of the ship devolved upon
le senior lieutenant, who perished.
Novel Method cf Smuggling.
New York.?A rubber stocking and
petticoat with twenty-five pockets
l it are the means by which Rudolph
lewman. a Chicago jeweler, and his
mall children. Newman, when araigned
before Fnited States Conimisioncr
ltuss, furnished ji.oo buii.
rhile .Mrs. Newman was paroled on
ler own recognizance.
Another Aviator Killed.
Nassau Roulevard, L. 1.? The inter
lational aviation meet was marred by
he tragic fall of Dr. .1. ('. Clarke of
few York, an amateur, who was to
Iv for his license, lie fell i'mi feet
n his Queen I'.leriot monoplane, sus
aitiing such injuries that he died.
)octor Clarke had not intended to fly
11 his machine, which is numbered
hirteen. He had flown only 5;i;> yards,
ising rapidly, when lie seemed to
nso control and was dashed to the
American Killed by Filipnos.
Washington.? Knsign Charles K.
iovev, commanding the little guuhont
mpagna, was killed hv hostile tinives
at the Yucans isla.uls, which
orm part of the Philippine archlpeligo.
Drief reports reaching the navy
lepartment s.iid there had been an
ictlon between the froce from the
tunboat I'anipanpa and hostile Yu an?
011 the Hasilian islands, just
louth of the town of Zamboango and
jetween Mindanao and the .lolo group.
Save the Soil, Taft's Plea.
Kansas City, Mo.?Upturning to
llissourl, President Tnft ad<!ressed
he third annual National Conservaion
congress, in convention hall here,
rhe president's speech was statistical
in its nature and called attention
o the urgent need of conservation of
he farm land. Mo predicted that the
'hack to the land" movement would
ie larger in the next ten years. I in movement
of agricultural education
ivns urged ;s a sob lion of the probem
of increasing the food supply.
Tore $100 Bills to Shreds.
Wnycross, la. '1 ?i i*i: hundred,
ifty and smaller denominations of
ills into shreds and throwing silver
join aliout the express ear as if the
join was nothing more than trash,
G. P. Radford, messenger for the
Southern Express company on the At
Ian tie Coast Line train No. 1'1 from
Savannah, created much excitement
and landed in jail at Wnycross. Had
ford contended when arrested that
lie Just drank and <1 id not know any
tiling of the affair.
Will Investigate Stephenson's Electior
Milwaukee, Wis. -"The state o
Wisconsin will not hnv an attorney
in tlie investigation of the elec'ion o
I'nited States. Senator Isa; Stephen
son by the I'nited States senate e on
mittee," said Senator W. It. licybnrii
chairman of the cominitteo. "Thi
hearing is under the jurisdiction o
the i nited States aenate, which do
not recognize the state as a part;
to the investigation. This is j.n ;i
vestigatlon, not a trial," sal.I II >
burn. Senator Stephenson will h
represented by three attorney.^.
r~< ^,^Vr^top: j?p
Igpl lyju
(Copyright. 19IM
Corporation Will Advance the Farmers
Up to 74 Per Cent, of Vaiue
of Cotton.
Macon, Ga.?An organization of a
? 4,000 concern, known as the Soutr
rn Cotton Corporation, with an eye
o controlling the marketing oi th**
rot ton from the IS. nth, was anounced
!iere by George IVle Wad ley of How:ing
lirooke, one of the wealthiest
men in Georgia, and controlling l'.nan
rial interests of great extent. Asso
muted with Mr. Wadlev, who will bo
president, are John 10. Wadley oT
Waycross and John T. Moore, Leon
S. Dure, Jesse 11. ltall, John T. McKay
and \V. 10. Dunwody of Macon.
The concern will work in connection
with a string of banks operated
by the National liank Audit company,
of which William Barrett lildgely, foimer
comptroller of currency, is presiil?
nt. The Southern Cotton Corporation
will advance farmers money up
to 74 per cent.-of the normal price on
cotton deposited in warehouses. This
cotton will be held and when the
time arrives each year when a carreer
stimate will nxed and the cotton
held until such price is paid.
Organization work, it was stated by
Mr. Wadlev, had started in 1,000 coua
lies throughout the cotton licit. In
each county will he advisory hoard,
all stockholders in the corporation,
composed of business men and hank
rs and twenty farmers. This countv
hoard will watch the crop and repor;
w> the main oftices, which will he in
Macon. Mr. Wadley announces that
Hastem capital has already been so
cured to insure success, l'ropagand i
will start at once.
in their beds by some person as ye,,
unknown, who used an ax, the odi \of
si.\ persons, three in each of tw
neighboring houses, were found here.
The heads of all the victims had been
j mashed in and the appearance of the
bodies Indicated that they had been
dmd for several days and that Pea.',,
came while they slept.
An ax which had been loaned tc
Mis. ii< 1.1 y F. Wayne, one of tlie Victims.
by .1. It. Kvans. a neighbor, last
week, was found, blood-stained, ny
Mrs. Kvans near the back door of tho
\V;t\i.e home. No attention was paid
to this fact, however, as it w"s
thought the ax had been used in ki'ling
chickt us.
Discovery of the bodies wat by a
t elehhor, who called :it the Dura' e.n,
home to spend the aft' moon. Not rc t
ting atiy response ami noticing very
strong odor, she forced an cut ranee
The hoilies of Mrs. Muruham anl
thos<> of her two children were fonp i
m their leds, which were covered
with t iood and the walls and coiling
were also spattered.
The wor.iitn rushed to the street and
eave the alarm. A dozen persons 'nstantly
went to the Wayne house,
where there had been no signs of 111
slifce Sunday, and tlie same ter< ible
-"" '"I c.ivr>r< <1 in hen
i'Ct'lH' W it ! inroi'llii u, ...
On Verge of a Revolution.
Kicff. Russia.?Intense excitement
pi (^vailed in Kieff over the death of
Premier Stolvpin and it need 1 l>ut
a single spark to set off a bloodv r.iu
aster. Flues fluttered ;it ha', mast
ox er all the public buildings an J ovei
many of the private buildinRs, whil.
thousands of Cossacks and foo* ml
diers patrolled the streets to pi .
! older. More than 2"?0 arrests I n,
I lx en made, mine for polit: al < s
others nu relx on suspicion, ! .it a'l re
lating to the intense situation.
John L. Sullivan for Coivjrltotdon.?if
pre-ent plan . > }.<,
miscarry, the stentorian n
! John P. Sullivan, the for:. v.oi'i'
c liatnipi >n heavyweight, v. \ lua.-i
'ringing 111 the lower ha: . f oaereir
! within ft year or two. 1 candtdnc;
" of the one-time champ;o eavywc ;;n
1 prize tighter of the v i i,i fms Feci
liiuneiied hy a nuni i i ol In ; lienn
' erotic neighbor*!, and Mr. Salliva
\v j11 make a formal :iiiiiouneeinen
from his Masnschu. r;; farm xvitiiin
few days, it is said.
1 Warship Rams Liner Olympic.
Southampton With a big ho e i
f her starboard quartor, the oiympii
proud" t < I the \YL Star eoinnany
" fans Mladic in i and the I>is
pa li. . f > < >*l a float. returned i
s ti.is port four hours after she ira
1 ailed, for New York. Her more tli.
j,i iio pas.si i l'it: Were uiiharnu i Ij;
1 they had an . \eitit: story to tell of
collision with the Mritish cruisi
' liawke off the isle of Wight, j:
l! steamer took conslderahle xvat??r, l:
there was never much danger.
" T . v"
) * V
' ( ' '
X V ... ^ ^<\?& tl?
gK-* jjg 1 :
Premier Laurier and the Liberal Par- tei
xy Defeated by Borden and the an
Conservative Party. Cli
Montreal, Canada.?The I^aurler
government and reciprocity suffered let
an overw helming defeat in the Cana- tri
dian elections. a
By a veritable political landslide, cr;
the Liberal majority of Id was swept so
away and the Conservative party se- wj
cured one of the heaviest majorities? cl<
upwards of oti?that any Canadian
party has ever had. Seven cabinet dii
ministers, who have served with l're- th
tnier Laurier, were among the defeat- cr
ed candidates. j w<
The Liberals lost ground in prac- : ty
tically every province of the Domin- lit
ion. Where they won, their majori- 1**1
ties were small. Where the Conserv- SI
ittives won, their majorities were tre of
mendous. Ontario, the leading prov- ov
nice of La 11 ad a, declared almost unait- "t
imously against the administration
and reciprocity. ra
Robert L. Borden, leader of the -if1
Conservative party, will shortly be ve
come prime minister of Canada. He ha
will be supported in parliament by a th
working majority of far more than
ample for this purpose. J
The government defeat means that !
the Pieldlng-Knox reciprocity agree- i do
ment ratified by the American con- I ro
gress in extra session, will not be in-I bo
troduced when the twelfth parliament ' T1
assembles next month, and that a re- I si!
vised basis of trade with the I'nited i
States, looking to a closer commer- j br
eial relation, will not be possible in , lH
the immediate future. The Conserv- |
encies in Quebec, the ueieat 01 me >?
Liberal party also means the retirement
from public life of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. who, for nearly two decades,!
'has directed the destinies of the Dominion.
Several times during the bit- P:
tor campaign which preceded the elec- '1:
tion, the venerable premier said that j f:i
defeat of his party at tiie polls meant !'1
the end of his career. j
Spurred on by appeals to patriotism i
and tlte cry that reciprocity was the | ,r
j entering wedge for annexation, the a!
Conservatives swept nearly every- j 11
, thing before them.
! /.(
Fifty-Eight Men Indicted in Lincoln
County, Mississippi. 1 s
Brook Haven, Miss.?After a spe- ' n
eial session of fourteen days, in which
aid witnesses were examined, the
Lincoln county grand jury, which lias
been investigating the alleged vote- n
selling scandal of the August Demo- ^
cratic primary, finally adjourned, hav- : ;i
ing turned in 56 true bills, not all of h
| which, however, charge vote -trafflck- [ p
1 ing. Seven arrests have been made. p
The names of many prominent per- t
! sons, both in church and politics, have j n
been connected with the affair. It
Two Aviators Killed.
Troy. Ohio.?Two lives wore the
, toll paid by the world of aviation, j
Frand Miller, a daring young bird* t
) man, was cremated in mid-air, at j
Troy, Ohio, and "Hare Devil" Cnstel- t
1 1 lane lost his life in an accident that (
" j befell him throe-quarters of a mile <
above ten thousand spectators at 101* ?
mini, X. Y. In another accident. Van- j ,
..-ie l.udwig was severely bruised when j (
bis aeroplane failed to work and land- i
. ed in the midst of a yard of horses, i
causing fort> runaways into a crowd <
of thousands of people. ,
Steel Combine May Dissolve.
New York.?it was reported on excellent
authority that the matter of '
dissolving and reorganizing the UnitI
ed States St< el Corporation is receivs
ing tiie earnest attention of the tiey
partinent of justice and legal repret
sentatives of the so-called "billion tloln
lar trust." There is ground also for
>- the assertion that the steel corpora
n tion is making a strenuous effort to
t meet the demands of the government,
.i but little headway has yet been
I r r 1/%A^O
I cSl v I O uivwi..; .
ii Peoria, III-?President Tnft had a
l?, heart-to-heart talk lien* v. ), rh.. i,.JU:
v- era of the different Hopui lican factlons
in Illinois, h n ! his status as
i) to Progressi vone i 'abed guilty to
.! being tt poor po i. ,1:1, acknowledged
n again his am a 1 i lain in the di
n reed ion of tie < i of chief justice
a rather i! h > <1 ney, admitted
r tlmt lie l .tl ndoiil tedly made tutie
takes, but .> . rted as president lie
.it had tried to do what lie thought to lo
mless, Legless and Headless Bo
Were Scattered Along the
Vocnaii, Wis.?Sixteen deaths r
ly will result from a mile-a-mi; 1
ssenger train crashing into u p
thirty-one merry young pe
iled upon a hay rack here.
\. big billboard obscured from i
} locomotive as well as from
goti. Mist and fog did the r<
rwelve persons on the hay ;
re instantly killed, one has s
>d, and three out of eight ot
mod, are believed to be fai
rt. Nine of the thirty-one per
the wagon escaped without
ratch and so did both horses,
dy on the train suffered.
The collision occurred on the
go and Northwestern railway
jssing here.
The victims were returning fro
p to the country where they
uled the celebration of a wed
niversary. All but two, who ,
ticago men, were residents of i
Armless, legless and headless
i covered the right of way as
tin of nine coaches was brougl
spot 800 feet from the scene of
ash. Several of the bodies i
badly mutilated that identifica
is possible only by fragments
Six of the victims, all dead, v
scovered on the engine pilot, wl
ey lay until removed by the t
ew and passengers. Two otl
re hurled through a flagman's si
with such force as to overturn
tie structure. One of these. .\
nn, was still alive when picked
le died a few hours later. Anot
the victims killed was thrown h
or a barn fifty feet from the r
ly right of way.
Among the occupants of the 1
rk who escaped were Mr. and M
iseph rtrizinski and child of t
ars. They were seated in the fr<
ilf of the rack, the mother hold;
e child in her lap.
About half way back In the wag
t Mary Sell wartzbauer. The lat
is hurled about fifty feet and r<
red unconscious. When found
setters the Hrizinskl child was
>r arms, having escaped unscatlu
lie parents of the child were on
ightly injured.
Teter Hanson, driver, managed
mg to the reins and was the on
>rson aboard who was not tempoi
ly stunned. He declares he mat
National Divorce Law Favored.
Chicago.?According to a poll c
jvernors taken by a Chicago nowi
iper, nine state executives, all wh
ive been heard from so far, are i
ivor of ji national divorce law o
nifortn divorce laws. The sympt
um was token as a direct result o
le Astor-Foree wedding and the agi
it ion against divorce caused by tha
ITalr. Those wlio have replied tha
icy favor uniform laws are Govet
ors Foss, Massachusetts; Mann, Vii
inia; Hooper. Tennessee; Deneei
linois; Carroll, Iowa; Osborne, Micl
;au; Johnson, California; Sloan, Ar
ona, and Fberliardt, Minnesota. Se\
ral of the governors praised tli
tand taken by President Taft in tl?
landing a national divorce law.
Militia to Run Street Cars.
Spartanburg, S. C.?Three comp
ies of state militia ? Greenvil
partanlnirg and Clifton?are umh
rms by order of Governor Mlease i
old themselves in readiness to a
ist in the operation of the city
treet car system, which has bee
ied up for several days on accoui
if a strike of motormen and condu
Italy to Seize Tripoli.
Koine. Italy The Italian gover
nent is moving rapidly and with d
ermination in the matter of an Its
an protectorate over Tripoli, its i
itnde is favored by nil classes (
opt the advanced section of the S
ialists, who threatend to call a gc
ral strike in the event c?f hostillth
\ceording to the information in o!
Mai circles, the government st
lopes to effect an amicable arrant
men twith Turkey whereby it will
are a lease of Tripoli under the si
eroignty of Turkey.
Madero Is Unopposed.
Mexioe City. \fter the withdrav
of Iternan lo Heves, interest in t
presidential election now centers
the election of the vie president. 'I
election of Francisco I. Madero, .
to the presidency is a foregone c?
elusion, although in spite of his
fus I to accept the honor, there i
persons who persist in booming t
candidacy of Francisco L. do I.a B
ra. provisional president. In n t\
column pica to its readers, EI Din
attain Insisted that the only salvatl
of the nation is do la Bnrra in offr
Trust Profits Due to Monopoly.
Washington.?The intricate fin;
rial aide of the American Tobac
company, known as tin* 'tobac
trust," an<l which is now in proce
of dissolution by order < r Hie .w
preine court of tho 1 nit . S'ates I
cause it was a combination in t
straint of trade in violation of ti
Sherman anti-trust l.i , \>as set fort
in a report of the omimiuk uoner <
corporations, liei:<rt Knox Smitl
which was sent to the president,
was the second pan of a report

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