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I y. *Vl f n? ?^DK^HRB%
MK^^EgX-^Rlri^ 4
Poet?In winter I write poems to
ittn ihtt anlf fmm tha <lnnp
IStelrtn* Friend?Yes?
Potfe?And In summer I hare t?
keep oV? writing poems so the iceman
^*111 stSp at the door.
It is\QUite possible for a man t<
:e hot-Ukeaded and still *et cold feet
"* - ?tss
pdia E.Pinkhara'<
-"I cannot exprws
jh during the changi
of life before I trie<
Lydia E. Pinkham'i
Vegetable Com
pound. I was in sucf
a nervous conditio:
I could not keei
still. Mv limbi
were cola, I hac
creepy sensations
and 1 could not slee]
nights. Iwasflnall;
told by two phvs
icians that I als<
had a tumor. I rea<
i/B aay 01 me wonaerrui cures madi
m Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetabli
CSnpound and decided to try it
nac it has made me a well woman
i- y neighbors and friends declare i
id worked a miracle for me. Lydii
. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound i:
orth its weight In gold for womei
iring this period of life. If it wil
?lp others you may publish m;
tt?;r."?Mrs. Nathan B. Greaton
i-i N. Main Street, Natick, Mass.
"Hhs Change of Life i? the most critl
terlod of a woman's existence
'<< en everywhere should remembe
there is no other remedy knowi
idicine that will so successfull;
iv! women through this tryini
1 as Lydia E.1 Pinkham's Vege
vbi< Compound.
vn "Wor.T^ Wr Hn1 K1"1'"
W'our cnso 'ivriL'* \eonti<len
IMnki a'u, a
'lor rtdvlce 1* 1'rtic
> Yields to
Read The Proof:
drmer U. S. Postmastei
i Recommends Milam.
\ leAUenien.-?My nloeo suffered fur many yeai
tblii trouble pronounced by her physician* a
Ic/Acld Knaunmiiaui. and although ha treat*
r.fche never obtuimd relief.
trftng wall acquainted wt.il MILAM and knowtn
hkd been used successfully vary frequently I
illar cases. I determined to pat her on It. Sh
^Irlx bottles with tha happiest results. I regar
J- being entirely relieved, and will alwnys talc
'Mure in recommending MILAM for Uric Acl
(r utiles.
f Yours truly.
1 0. T. UARK9DAL1
V-.. Jul- 18.191P.
Spent $3,000 on RheuH
I matism.
lA. I Nrtrfnllr Vf> TmW ot mm
flm weeks ago I was Induced to take 5! liar
aggravated cuso of Hhnmntlun. for which
^PBKjtSnHpcntovcr S3.000 for all known remedies an
many doctors. wont to Hot Springs, but re
no bene tits whatever. fc'or fifteen years
been a sufferer. each spring 1 huro been In be
j^j^wlR^Hncarltated for work until this spring, which.
36 ^Rlnd to soy. I have been attending to my busl
hwMWSW^R feel One. splendid appetite, and foe I conOder
US^gMW will be a cured man from rheumatism.
to soy that Milam hasdono all you claim I
HM lii!nm>('?M<.sof.'\r. and I look forward to
KBMaSBs-^Kly recovery, and would not tako live times th
ESKMktS^Vnt "f the price of the medicine for what It ha
tor me so far.
H Yonrs very truly, C. H. WAX)I
HHfflWicu. Cor. Church and Let St reets
HBHHheum>ti?m Entirely
HffiBlKHne a great sufferer from Rheumatism and d
to try MIUAM. X bought tlx bottles, and ar
$^ %"ztv5u no* on my fourth bot
AmmA tie. I can truthfully sa
that I have never take
4^tiKrjr?aByt RlM * medicine that hi
V Hfl done mo as much goot
WmjjjijWy 3 [ HOC My Rheumatism Is ei
' .?^?S ' MM tlrely gone, my eon
N y ?t MjM plexlon greatly In
^>2 proved and my appetii
good - in fact, I havo ni
iT&ftSyjyWTion^Jtn i *?11 80 wo" ln 11 101
^EflSSSga|^V^OHHS90L time. I would not tal
BlBiRMjullll' nK- K|l|aMmjEc $40.00 for the good yo\
S03EjSS89B$i ? kmuNvIB^H medicine has dono m
i i butln order to be sai
HOI lug TV ss ss I that the tmublo is or
miAwAIwl I tlrely eradicated. I wi
Brfii55fiifi?? takn tho lwo remainln
h9K U*ET bottles.
Cf-L>1g-^ I voluntarily give thl
ISwwPra^Hu1" RVnRSn I testimonial, una chum
RfraH UUhIII fully recommend Mllat
S3C5wKj?8 pKiSral to anyono stifferlc
f^BtSXuidBa I wLiyl from UhoumatUm.
|S I ? M, I (signed)
I Danville, Vt
Bra8BSH**^xxATTvs ro?ee II _ 3
?. WM 11 IT'S
ffjEfflK \mm$& Ask the Druggia
IIRI C Agents to sell Si Ik Hosiery ami Neck
HWn^RIHDItl, wear. We manufacture men's an
|9i^D9^Hen's silk hosiery, neckwear, dress silks, etc.an
BflM^ES^Blrect. Agents making (10 U? 836 weekly. Writ
BUBH- I Wirit ?Tty Silk t o., DrpM H. N. Maia*? ? Swaatea, r
^HQSH 111 a J Oood paying pmpos
BCBMHentt yianil'd lion. County right
' ",u given, htspte goods.
H|^MH^Hw*nt titur home county, write us at one
gkktVs) 11 HfkW CO.. 4IIK. Is<h St., lataIlly, g
Ha. ARflDCY TRMATR**tftJllve quick
H 1 "l klnwrv I iisii ^ '( s we
Hog and short broatl^flkfrew days
V9HB<2r cnti.o relief in N 44d^^prlal treatme
ThoWpfts Eye Waft
ji i an nrwimgg&MOBgrT-. ulfl
fr*+ V,,*yrjrr-1? f?c'. ~i ~ &
|||, | ?.. ^ -
' > 1
Pennsylvania Sehoolma'm In
Lonely House Wigwagged
a Passing Teamster.
Glri While Preparing for Opening of
the Term Accidentally Locked Up
With Brute, Which Had Been Foraging
Among Dinner Palle.
Galeton, Pa.?A teamster driving
along the lonely Kettle Creek road the
other day had his attention attracted
L by the frantic waving of a pair of human
arms that were thrust out of the
attlo window of a little schoolhouse
> which sets back from the road near
- Oleona, and In one of the mo9t plc
turesque but Isolated sections of all
that rather wild part of Potter county.
Stopping his horses so that the
rattle of the harness chains was
stilled, his ears were greeted by pitiful
calls for help, In an unmistakably
feminine voice, and then, looking
sharply at the little opening at the
gable end of the schoolhouse, he could
distinguish the face of a woman back
In the shadow of the building, for the
window was not large enough to permit
bother her head and arms to protrude
at the same time.
Holding a conversation from his position
on the ground, the teamster
| was affrlghtedly informed that there
was a bear on the first floor of the
schoolhouse and the woman advised
I him to run for a gun before he at- *
5 tempted to open the door. 1
I The woman was Miss Crlssle Roper, o
9 the appointed teacher at the Oleona 1
" school, and in the forenoon she bad fi
| gone to the schoolhouse alone to ar- f
j range some things preparatory to" the r
j opening of tho term and to get ac- 1
| , .
Teacher "Tikes to Attic
quairiteo with ti'.c !< ?. ivC?,
] ed to had some < I'pcnt at work . ,
5 viking repairs upon iv'?- ntertor o! j
J 1 . _ } O '1 .. I V , I ,V 1 !
| i^w MWfc-s.-/* / > .
of the building was unlocked and ajar <
there were no workmen about, they
* having, as sho subsequently learned,
gone to another schoolhouse down the
pike several miles to attend to some
work, expecting to return to the Oieona
school In the afternoon. The men
bad left their dinner pails there.
p When Miss Roper entered the room
and found It deserted she decided that
^ she would turn her attention to sweep*
lng the floor, and swung the door shut'
4 In order to get the broom which she
* thought must be behind It. The door
0 clanged shut and fast, for the spring
4 lock had made her a prisoner without
4 any key with which to unlock it.
Realizing her predicament, the young !
1 woman set about to find a wny by j
which she might release herself irom
her lonely prison. The only wny she
Could accomplish this, as she saw. was
n to take a small ladder with which the !
t workmen had reached the attic, and
which still stood In that position, with
? Its upper rung reaching the opening jj
I Into the dark apartment, where extra 5
? books and other accouterments were
j kept, and which looked to the timid
a new teacher as though It was a very
? likely place for bats to roost, and If
she could move It to one of the win- !
dows It would afford her an opportunl- |
' ty to get down to thq ground.
Just then she heard a sound In a lit- ?
tie room ofT from the main apartment.
?- and at the next Instant she was over>
j whelmed with fear at the sight of a
J full grown black bear that came sbuf- ii
? fling out toward her. The animal had u
i- eviueuuy neen attracted Into the t
|* schoolroom through tho open door, c
t? and. finding the workmen's dinner <
buckets, had been Indulging his nppetlte
in cake and other toothsome del c
a, leaeies.
But the sight of the young woman ii
'J and the piercing shriek she uttered as
1 she beheld tho animal and recognized
that she was locked in the building L
n with him rather startled Bruin, and he
41 retired to the other apartment. In the s
i meantime Miss Roper, seeing a way of
escape up the ladder into the attic,
^ ' climbed up there, bats or not bats,
j* and once up on the rickety floor she
drew the ladder up to her, so the bear _
I; would have no chance of getting her. ?
She struggled with the little attic win- e
1 dow until she got it open, and then r
began her vigil for help. 0
a " f
Sagging Wire Saves Baby. B
Z I Conahohocken, Pa. Because chick
_ en wire on the premises of Patrick v
' Harklns sagged William Rorlck be- ^
I lleves his baby's life was saved. The
* child leaned from a third-story win- n
~ dow to watch Harkins' chickens and
ti- pitched out. In falling the child struck j
^ the top of tho wire fence, and be ]
cause of its sagging It acted as a net, 3
? and aside from bruises and a pair of 3
if black eyes the baby was not hurt. ,
Dies of Rattlesnake Bite.
I St Joseph. Mo.?Mrs Elizabeth ,
Scbmelebeck. 35 years old. died as tbe ,
result of a bite of a rattlesnake, \
I which attacked bsr in her garden. 1
r" " '
- * *; ." '"'
Lofty ]
?hoto by Underwood A T'ndorwood, N. !
In spite or the efforts of the Audu
on society on this side of the Atlan
lc, and kindred organizations on th<
ther, there Is a very decided returi
o plumage decorations In the Intes
well autumn millinery. And whei
Ickle fashion calls, sense and Bentl
nent have to give way, as Is shown li
his Instance.
In the picture above Is seen one o
-ong Strings of Black Velvet An
Seen on Little Bonnets
This Season.
"Straws show which way the wln<
>low8." So, also, do the little bonneti
)f tulle, coquettlBhly set upon thi
vaved and puffed coiffure and engar
anded with myosotls, and the larg<
agals lined with felt, that have qulti
aken the place of almost all othe
'orms of headgear during the last fev
Every one of them have loni
itrlngs of black velvet which are tle<
it the aide and at the back and hav.
:bln long ends floating, or caught will
i Jeweled pin high over the bust am
)n the left side.
TM-* n **fi lont'o" * A r? 1 TV* r*U? o *?o?"
ong loop of Lron 1 velvet r' 1? r
h rough which tbo nrm >:> '. i '1
tangs U oc.'.'ly on left .!? un. i
Tlr i s ir'ck 1 ntllll'.ert * ft?5
m* .-ot a J'* !' . i?>n r rlfng 1'
[>rob bio pop -.Jarl> , . wlf';. 1 <c- : i
'O ' ' .a I Lj lt>C Uk k4.
;ruly great dictators of style*
This useful coat might well be mad
a tweed or rough serge. It has th
ipper part set to the basque unde
he waist-band, which Is of materia
ut the reverse way, as also are th
lifts and collar.
The cap Is of the same mnterlal a
Materials required: 2 yards 4
riches wide.
Isw Patterns of Irish Lace Are Mad
Into Pretty Yokes and
Especially lovely are the sheer lace
-the filmy, cobwebby weaves whlcl
pell many hours?days and year
ven?of patient, painstaking worl
)oes a woman possess several piece
f rare needle point, rose point o
Irussels lace so much the better, fo
he will find It useful Indeed.
And the heavier laces, too?the a
vays lovely filet, the fascinatin
renlse, creamy of tone and lovely c
eslgn, and the real Valenciennes lace
B well hh i ne uucniiHBft unci Hruges.
This year there are new patterns 1
rish laee?baby Irish and the crochc
aces in the heavier patterns. Whu
vith the vokuo for collars and littl
rokes the clever Irish have kept pac
vith fashions and made laces in man
tew ways. In addition to the alwaj
J8oful stock collars and cuffs there ai
sailor collars which make it but a
f>asy matter to transform gown c
blouse from plainness into smartnes
' '? I yT- ^
Plumage !
' !
i- these latest hats. The feathers are
i* those of the ordinary rooster, shaped
0 and trimmed to a height that is In
1 direct contrast to the broad, low cont
lection of last year. There Is appar3
ently no limit to the lofty altitudes to
[ which these hats may reach. The
3 body of the hat Is of bronze-brown
velvet, with an upturned brim that
f rises front and rear.
e Among Prettiest Corset Covers Ar?
Those That Fit Into Peplum
at Waist.
The busy "bachelor maid," who has
no one to look after the little details
9 of h ' 3, but must attend tc
then ta and edges of timt
aftei lours when she would
1 he | 'tch out and relax lu
1 blac g with tapes and rib
^ bom . to buy or make hei
cors and "combinations'
wltt >r casings at waist and
;j uecl which ribbons must be
run ) to be worn with an>
^ Y he prettiest corset cov
ers sent day (are those thai
tit urn at thfc waist lino, r
! ' ' }
. once an for a!'., ut
*.1 .. * o ' r?
Reference is not made to the close
fitting corset cover, which remind)
one of a fitted lining. These peplun
corset covers have a slight fullness a
the waist line, gathered into the band
and almost as much at the uppei
edges, before linlshing, as if the bead
ing were to he used, with baby ribboi
to draw It close. And they yield notli
ing to the other style, either in pretti
ness of appearance or perfection o
finish. Moreover, they quite elimi
nate all unnecessary "bunching" a
the waist line, which advantage, con
sldering the present stylos, is recom
mending tlieni more and more t<
"those who know "
Angora Wool.
Angora wool, ever so beautiful, sof
and fleecy, is made up in many at
tractive forms. A dull green swoatei
coat is $22. but it is the loveliest tlilnf
of its kind. Unlike all the nwkwarc
things that are accustomed to helm
crowded under coats and make tlx
wearer entirely miserable, this one is
soft and pliable, clinging to the t!gur<
in nice lines It has pockets and bob
nna is iinisueu ciov.n mc iroiu will
small smoked pear) buttons. Ther<
are scarves, too. of this fleecy Angori
yarn, long and soft and loosely woven
though warm as toast. They conn
either in pure white or with a purph
striped border.
White Gaiters Are Worn.
0 The woman who has pumps am
r does not wish to get high shoes untl
it late in the winter can now use he:
e cloth gaiters and be very much ii
style.. White ones are quite the fash
s ion. and their rivals are pearl gray
i These are worn with the black shoe
8 ' with all kinds of gowns that are shor
j and for the street.
' Round collars there are too, some witl
cuffs and some without.
e Little yokes and chemisettes of Iris]
lace are most useful in mademoiselle'
accessory box for they are very prat
tieal indeed. They may be worn witl
s many gowns "r mouses, may b
washed quite frequently and do no
g object to the soap and water treatmen
c In the least.
8 A Good Hint.
T In an emergency, where one has t
r evolve a "fancy" coBtuuie with littl
time and apparently less materia
something very lovely can be made c
K several of the beautiful evening scarf}
if either the Spangled ones or plain one}
? Nearly every woman will possess
scarf of one kind or another and thes
n can be borrowed, as no dainngo nee
>t be done to them. Over n white dros
it hang two or more of the silver spat
e gled ones, so that they fall from th
o shoulders down as far as possible o
y either side. Then wind others aboi;
tho hips and around tho head, crosi
e jng a pleco over the forehead and ai
n other over tho chin and lower part c
)r the faco. The eastern effect If gram
s. ful and usually very becoming.
Grabs Blacksmith by Seat of
Pants and Throws Him i
Across the Shop.
Linton, lnd.?E. B. Marttndale's j
estate. Incorporated, is made defendant
lu a suit for damages brought by
James 13. Dillon, on a chargo that Is
not of the ordinary. Clayton Baker,
who Is employod on the Martlndale
farm of 1,200 acres, located southeast
of Linton, took a mule to Dillon, who
Is a blacksmith, to bo shod.
Baker knew the animal was vicious,
according to the allegations of the
complaint, but said nothing to Dillon
Mule Tosses Shoer.
about It. Dillon proceeded with tils
; work, and while stooping over shoeing
a lore foot the animal seized hlni
I by the pants with Its teeth and threw
him twenty feet. He alighted on an
Iron (loot with such violence that the
tendons of one leg were torn loose
and his left knee was Iractured so
that he is still compelled to walk on
crutches though the injuries were sustained
Inst May. He alleges he will
be a cripple for life and asks damages
1 In the sum of $0,000. The defendant
Is the estate of the late Elijah B.
' Martindnle of Indianapolis.
Huge Ourang-Outang Broke From His
Cage on Ship and Had to
! Be Killed.
' ! Cliarlostown. Mass.?A thrilling llgut |
| between a giant ourang-outang and
half a dozen men was described by the i
' officers of the British steamship Pai
.. ?i?j i. .- - ?
? . . iuip?.iiuuih
- danger. Stealthily the animal ap- j
3 proaohed and in a moment was on the j
1 purser's back, its paws closing on his
r throat. Mr. Pedday's screams brought
the second officer. Mr. Wilcox, and scvr
oral sailors to thr scene. Mr. Wilcox
picked up a heavy belaying pin and
' ' M \ Ig|l
j Ape Attacks Officer.
1 ifter a sharp struggle ended the exls1
lenco of the purser's savnge assallant.
Queer Religious Sect in Indianapolis
Wanted to Boll Backsliding
^ Member in Oil.
Indianapolis. Iml.?Wandering In a
s dazed condition. Nick Moore, thirty
nine years old, was picked up by the
h police here recently. Me said that he
p had been living with a strange band
1 of spiritualists, who call themselves
f Yea Yeas. Me Joined them, he declared.
agreeing to their code that If
he made two mistakes he would be
n put to death
Rolling in oil was the penalty lor
breaking rules. Things went along
s ;<>othly for Moore until one day he
happened to call two of his associates
' by their Inst names. Moore says that
' . on Tuesday the Yen Yeas decided that
^ j he should be put to death on that ac(j
; count. They were Rett Inn ready for j
s | the mortuary cercmonh s when h>
says he found a chance to escape.
n Roy Strapped to So.ard, Recovers.
,, Chi ago.?After heltiR strapped to a
^ curved board for nearly a year, Olle
Mniitylle, five years old, was rel> ased
j, pnd walked flvo steps. H?. has been
a an Inmate of a hospital here and will
tpend anothor year on the board to
ho cured of tuberculous of the spine.
V? ' ' 4. \ : r I
WK * s; - . I
Quick Action ! jca m If
"They tell me you took a flyer lu Kgffl jMffl 4P?*
"Yes." replied Mr. Lambkin. "For H HI %lr ^*ry&8
a little while I was considerably ^ . .
'^;mucr Sarsaparma
^ Z'inXrJ. To?Z"Z So combines the great cura.
wiped mo out." *lve principles of Roots, Barks
??- and Herbs as to raise them
serious Bu?ines?. ^ to their highest efficiency*
.M?uBe-wa?1W,,U# wuu* hence its unequaled cures/'
N?MarJCKie?G racdoiw, I hope not! (J,>t !' .in us"n[ ^uid form ?'
Why. 1 accepted him.-Upptnoptt'i. chocolated tablet, called Sarea^be.
I |fil Rheumatic Painsl! ,
I quickly relieved I
I Vv Sloan's Liniment is good for pain of 11
? jlfllvVJiX \L 1& any sort. It penetrates, without rubbing, J1
E {BbTV through the muscular tissue right to the III
G bone?relieves the congestion and gives |||
^ " I^'had rheumatism for five years. 1 tried |j8
H Gtr^t B W I doctor, and several different remedies but II
I || .slo.iji's l.uiiment which did me ao^murh IR
9 writes:??* * 1 have''found Sloan's Lin- IK
| inert par excellence. I have us -d it for broken sinews above the knee IH
H can caused by a fall, and to my great satisfaction 1 was able to resume ID
^ ray duties in less than three weeks after the accident.
|j is an ? \i I'cnt rein-. <Iy for sprains, bruises, sore throat, asthma. ?
| luuumg necessary?you can apply wun a uiusu. ra
!? Ai at! dealers. Price, 25c., DOe. & $1.00. ^
9 Sloan'.* Book on Horses, Cattle, Sl.eep and Poultry sent free. Address
I Ft&Vo LE mif a"d
The strong, steady light.
Rayo lamps and lanterns give most light for the oil they burn.
Do not flicker. Will not blow or jar out.
Simple, reliable and durable?and sold at a price that will surprise you.
Ask your Scaler to show you his lineof Rayo l imps, and lanterns, or write to any agency of
Standard Oil Company
.?.. ?..j\
This Time for a Fr.
" 'Tis a wise man." said
;on "who knows when tt
RTl'RV 1 li fl ?
- Y:-r
1 ' ' ' ; ,
/ . J* V [ '
ive minutes apt),' 1 aid. '1 know it," ii'u?ulncss'1 Si pilTtS. !
:to answered cheerfully, "bat it's not I flcJB I
tie th't wants to know this time. It's Hjzzi- J
s. ii h iki 01 mine ouisuie mi lias to ness, and Indigestion. They do their duty,
o watch his horses mid can t come in SMAI.I. PILL. SMALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE
- V,""1K'8 Ccnuine ir.ust bear Signature
riin.i.s \m) kkvimi am> vta'K S
Rapidly disappear on using1 Kllslr
!"r ?> Malarial
TOE ".US SCome to Florida and
::^L!ir b*?r a,i.?..'rv BWork in a Nursery
icross your \Von(l?'l*ful medicine. Call I Tierltmatet,?li'.l ' If il.'hp work lulets 4SXttofuB&Ni
trulv say it has cured me."?< leorgc In- B ?iinu.the s.ur -m .m.: .:ii:uuouU j? >>r>^Y.L'
0 . unjtia.iv tuth Hat itiio.i
! -1? \ i r finite li dO < i llts. .11 (11 IIV? I S tH O T 9 v ith every ?It.-. It .vi .\n fiticuL >/li '^1
Kloczewskft ? Co. hius;t >n L). C. ?. :y cf >}
The Awakening. I o .ti'Yi* ' !' r ."tV
1 i: ;nit:.*?i mother of prospective n ? M-'r< ' ' .! 7'.'' VoL^5^47
br!.! (i'j so- 'i?l editor) -And littli Bi.c uCieu; ..v \j
Doiofha. hist er or the bride, who is to H 1 l! ',r*rl^ lll^re> Vc^tA3fv56iVX#l\ ?
iVcstJch ' rhepi^nUs. I
fW m the .-t h v ~ jjUt? f.t. C!?. S.int M^TTwidT | f I
Ma. where Is tiie washrap??Judge.
Slmwinit u Is simply yiiin'ii" uiiJ In.n in .i fastci. ss
I?> nil, ami th?? most olTnctual form. For jnnvn r ?t
pcuplu untl children. U) cvnii. K '' K ^ tjj | \y H ic-*?'5 i'-'O c?$C
burden in tiie cart.?Thomas Fuller. ACTS LIKE MAGIC. |
jtt VVl.ri. attack ol' Rheumatism in the ucct jjf
A dollar saved is often a dollar ?>? shoulders,
loaned. H 25c. 50c. $1 abottle at Dru? & Gen'l Stores B
If You Have a Sickly j
Youngster Try This Free ^
The family with young children that is | In* out the bowel nn.i strengthening the 1
v,iti ut in tin' houso now and llttlo Bioinach muscles, win immediately
then and It Is Important that 'l'.1 trouble
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A child with a serious ailment needs a successfully and of Mrs. J. It. Waiting V
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Inst.m 03 as any doeior knows, the child dre ami takes it herself. It Is old la
sufois from some intestinal trouble, ; rty ei.t mi l one dollar bottles at every
ii i .i!v constipation. urug store. but If you want to test it In
There is no sense In giving It a pill i>r your family before you buy It send your
a remedy eontalulng an opiate, nor i- ,!.! .us to I >r. Caldwell and he wlll'forIht.shlng
of the bowels to be always rec ward a supply free of ehargo.
ominei led. Rnther give It a small dose | ,,r t|,, s;l,nple uddress' Dr W. B
of a mild, gentle laxative, tonic like | >r. Caldwell. Caldwell building, MontiCaldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, which, by clean i m Ho, 111.
I P17^>17ET dT""ir Er\T SMOKFJ.F.^ 1
'very cold weather emergency you rood n Perfection
y Smokeless Oil Heater. I* your bedroom cold when you dress
V-flv"k>Vi'< or ""dress ? Do your w.itei pipes freeze in the cellar ? Is it
chilly when the wind whistles around the exposed corners of
' a! *"""t/ A Perfection Smokeless Oil I Icater brings romplete com- J
^ot*- Can be carried anywhere. Always ready for user? I
glowing heat from tic minute it is lighted.
w1 *" A Ask your dealer to show jrou Perfection Smoltelea Oil Hsalsr; or
11 - i write for desuipnv* corcular lo any agency of
\ ( Standard Oil Company
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