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Natural Resources of Egypt.
Egypt has but a siuglo natural ro
Bource-the Nile. There is no other
river in the country; nor bas this ono a
brauch or affluent between its mouth
and tho Nubian desert. Besides tho
almost shelterless date-palms, there aie
no palms, the few wooded parks planted
by order of Mehemet Ali, the ornamental
trees of the cition, of which Caito and
its Bubnrbs contain forty thousand, and
the mulberry trees raised for silk-worms,
scarcely deserving to bo mentioned in
this connection. There is little or no
rain, the agrioulturo of the country
depending nlmost entirely upon tho ir
rigating canals connected with the Nile.
Egypt proper consists of Lower, Mid
dle, and Upper Egypt. It contains ;
160,866,500 acres of area, and a popula- ,
tion, in 1871, of 5,203,405. The arable (
aroa of Egypt is confined substantially j
to tho inundublo portion of tho Valley ,
of tho Nile As tho rivor closely hug? j
tho hills and palisades on its^ right j
bank, this area is noarly altogether on
tho loft. In some plaoos the arabio
lands aro cloven miles wido ; in others
thoy dwindle to a mero Btrip of bank.
For tho most part, howovor, this area
ox tends westward from tho river about
tivo to eight miles, whero it is termin
ated by tho Libyan hills and doeort.
Every year it ia oxtended by the riso of
tho river upon its own bcd. This rise
was found to be, at thc close of tho lnM,
century, ^,960 inches per century. If
tho ostimates worked by the kh?dive
and his relatives, or tho nobles of his
court, be deducted, there will not re
main in Egypt over one-half an acre ot
arable land to each person ; and even
if the land nultivated at present were
divided equally among all, there would
still bo not over nine-tentliB of an aero
per capita. Imagine how Bmall must
be the portion of an Egyptian laborer
who, if all the food products of that
land were kept at home instead of be
iog shipped abroad, as a large pur tion
of them aro, wonld still possess but
one-seventh tho heritage of an American
or Englishman, and but one-fourth that
of a Frenchman !
An Apparent Resurrection.
Tho following is related by tho
Augusta (Maine) Journal :
" A young man in the town of Vas
salboro, in this county, waB Buffering
in the last Btages of consumption, tho
disease which had insidiously and
stealthily brought him to the verge of
the grave. For Beveral weeks he had
been entirely prostrate and unable to
speak, even to articulate a syllable.
He became so oppressed for breath
that he compelled his attendants to
raise the windows in his room, put out
the fires, and resort to every means to
obtain.fresh air. On the 13th inst, the
young man died. Friendly hands pre
pared tho poor, emaciated hody for the
burial; but, jnst as tho attending
friends were arranging the remains for
the casket, there appeared unmistaka
ble evidences of returning life in what
had seemed to them an inanimate mass
of olaj, and it was discovered that tho
heart bad begun again-.ita. clow and
measured palpitations, tho pulso lb rob
bed, and the young man arose from
"fltedea^rl^shrouds, opened his' month,
and spoke in "clear and distinct words to
those who: stood sppallod in the death
chamber. Th* re was no huskiness in
his voice, he appeared lively and active,
said he >elt noe the slightest pain, but,
to HBO his own language, " I feel just as
well OP I over did." At his request the
neighbors were all called in, who crowd
ed the houso for hours, declaring that
the recovery of the man waa equal to
any miracle recorded in, the Scriptures.
He told this startled assemblage of his
friends and neighbors that, us he diod,
all things seemed dark, but only for an
instant ; his eyes snddenly opened to a
now world, the real heaven, which had 1
been so many times in his thoughts and j
had given him so muon comfort in bis ,
Inst week of pain and sorrow. He stood 1
upon an eminenco whioh overlooked a 1
vast aid beautiful plain ; the mngniQ- '
cont plain stretcho l farther than his
enlarg? d vision could penetrate, and ?
he described .it in language whiob, tc
bis moral auditors seemed extravagant
in the extreme. Bnt tho revivified life
of tho yonng man was not to continue
long. Before night ho again resigned
himself to dei tb. Tho boev WAH kept
a reasonable longth of timo and buried
on Sunday last, tho funeral being large
ly attonded."
Pure Expression.
':? Every word that falls from tho lips of
mothers and sisters o^pocially should
be puro and concise and simple ; not
poaris sn eh as fall from the lips of a
princess, but sweet, good words, that
little cbildron oan gather without fear
of Boil, or any regret to pain through all
thoir lifo. Children should bo tnught
the frequent use of good, strong expres
sive words--words that moan exactly
what they should exnress in their
proper places. If a child, or young
person, bas a looso flung-togethor way
of stringing words whon endeavoring to
say something, ho should bo mado to
" tty again" and soo if ho cannot do
bettor. It is paiuf ni to hear many girls'
talk. Tory begin with " My gracious!"
and interlard it with "So sweet I" and
" So queenly !' and so many phrases,
that one is temp od to believe they
have no training at all, or else their
mothers are very, very foolish women.
There is nothing more disgusting than
the twoddle-of ill-bred girls; one is pro
voked often into taking a paper and
reading, and Jetting thom ripple and
gurgle on, like brooks that flow they
know not whither. My heart warms
with love for sensible gills and pure
boys, and, after all, if onr girls and
boys ai e not this, I fear it is not our
own fault-for this great trust rests in
the heart and hands of the wemen of
our land. If wo have a noble, useful
purpose in life, wo shall infuse the
right spirit into those around us.
TflK art of voicing reeds, the most
difficult and important in the manu
facture of cabinet or parlor organ:,
was invented by Mr. Enmone Ham
lin, of the Mason & Hamlin Organ
Co., iu 1849. Io ha? been universally
adopted by American and largely by
Earcpean makers, but none have at
tained that high standard of excel
lence in it whioh is reached in the
Masw & Hamlin Cabinet Organs.
ThiCT''; fact ii universally recognized
by musicians. *
BUDS do cn' form wholly from bark,
nor lrom any special^ part of a plant,
though, of conree, in a general way
considerable regularity in fixed places.
They come ont any where along a willow
6tem : and, although they appear in
the apple from the axil of a leaf, they,
are formed any-where along the surface
of a root of an apple when ihey are
propagated from the roots, 88 by nur
serymen they often are. Again, in the
horso-ohestnut a growth never appears
except from an auxiliary or a terminal
bend in ordinary cases; bnt if a branch
bo cut off between the nodes no im
mense number of young buds will ap
pear from tho new cells which form the
new layer of wood on tho exposed sur
race. Some curious oases aro also re- :
sorded by Dr. Masters, whero bads aro
formed in tho pith of a potato.' In
;omo instances soveral small potatoes
liave been found inside largo ones,
from buds which have developod thore.
EVERY action and emotion depletes
tho physical system. Milk, tho first
food absorbed by mon and animals, is
tho only natnr?l mixture, containing
all the elements of blood eave tho
coloring. "Water constitutes three
fonrths of tho body. To . work well,
either physically or mentally, we must
bo fed judiciously and thoroughly.
Tho worker munt eat mixed-food. Food
properly administered stimulates the
systom as wine doon, only more natu
rally. Tho long night hours empty tho
stomach, deplete tho system, and chill
tho body. On arising tho physical
condition is low, and should be re
cruited. If we IOBG time at carly
morning in bringing the body up to its
natural heat and ttrength, wo cannot
regaia it during tho day. A healthy
mai\ requires about ono pouud of nu
triment per day to keBp him in good
condition. "While a workingman would
need daily fivo pounds of solid mixed
food, two and a half would be enough
for personB who lounge and sleep
Icc In the Arctic Regions.
The preciso object of tho Austrian
Polar expedition was not particularly
ihat of reaching high latitudes, but of
exploring the large unknown Bea north
of Siberia. For a year and a half the
explorers had constant opportunities
closely to observe the behavior and
formation of the packed ice. The phe
nomenon is instructive, as it is the
same in the whole of the Arotio regions.
With the exception of land-ice, which
clings to the coasts and never reaches
far out into the sea, all ice-icebergs as
well as holds-is in constant motion,
winter and summer; and this, as haB
been shown, is through the influence
of winds. The motion, however, is a
different one almost with every field,
and thus a certain pressure results
wherever two fields touch; this natural
ly lends to the breaking np of the fields,
and the contraction of the ice, during
sudden low temperature plays its part
ia a similar way. If one c n?idera the
great extent of fields, sometimes of
many miles, and their enormous masses,
one can easily imagine the colossal
forces whioh are so'ive in these phe
nomena, and the greatness of their ef
foots. When two fields meet, a combat
body to body ensueB, often lasting only
a few mi ii ut OH, but sometimes even for
days and weeks. Tho edges are then
turned up on both sides, upwards and
downwaids, an irregular wall of ice con
sisting of wildly mixed blocks begins to
build itself, the pressure increasi B
more and more, masses of ice eight feet
long and broad are lifted thirty to forty
feet high, and then fall to make room
for others. At last one of the fields
begins to shift itself for some distance
underneath the other one ; often they
Beparate for a while, only to renew the
straggle. But tho end of it always is
that the intense cold unite's them all
into one solid mr.su ; a singlo field re
mits from tho two, and tho next storm
ar quick chango of temperature cracks
the new. field in some other direction,
tho pieces renewing the old struggle.
ThiB is tho erigin of tbo ice-fields,
whioh are quito irregular above and
below, sometimes only consisting of
blocks that have frozen together, and
tilling up the whole arctic region as eo
: idled pack ice.
served that lips booome moro or less
contracted in the course of years, in
proportion as thoy are accustomed to
express good humor and generosity, or
peevishness and a contracted mind.
Remark tho effect whioh a moment of
ill-temper or grudgingness has upon
the lips, and judge what may bo ex
pected for an habitual series of such
movements. Remark the reverse and
make a similar judgment. The month
is tho frankest part of the face; it can't
in the leaf t conceal its sensations. We
jan neither hide ill-temper with it, nor
rood ; wo may affect what wo please,
mt affectation will not help us. In a
vrong causo it will only make our ob
lervora resent the endeavor to impose
tpon them. Tho month is tho seat of
me ol ass of emotions, an the eyes are
if another ; or, rather it expresses the
ame emotions, bnt in greater detail,
nd with a more irrepressible tendency
o be in motion. It ir? thu region of
miles and dimples, and of a trembling
ocdernesB ; a sharp sorrow, or a full
wreathing joy ; of candor, of reserve,
f anxious care, or liberal sympathy.
?he month, out of its many sensibil
ties, may be fancied throwing up one
reat expression into the eye-ns many
ightB in a city refleot a broad lustre
ato tho heavens.-Leigh Hunt.
humed that disease, with a few ex
eptions, has been conquered by the
CBearoh and intellect of enlightened
nen; and yet a noted professor of New
?fork admits that "of all soiences, med
cine is the most uncertain," and that
1 thousands are annually slaughtered
n the sick room." Certain "schooJr"
>f medicine are in existence, one of
vlnch "makes the patient ill," in cr
ier to claim a cure; and another ad
ministers "sugar-coated bread pills,"
dying upon nature to effect her own
ur es. Dr. J. Walker, of California,
n old and respeoted pnysiotan, tried
icth modes of treatment and both
ailed, fie then appealed to nature's
unitive -herbs; and now enjoys rug
fed health. He bas given the benefit:
if his discovery to the world, in the
shape of Vinegar Bitters, and 6ince
its introduction has sold a quantity
almost large enough to make a small
harbor, or to float the "Great Eas
torn." Its curative properties are at
tested by grateful thousands.
The .? Housekeeper ?? ot our Health.
Tho liver ia tho groat depurating or blood
cleansing organ of tho system. Bot the groat
housekeeper of our health at work, aud tho
foul corruptions which gendor in the blood
and rot out, as it were, tho machinery of lifo,
aro gradually expelled from tho Kystom. For
this purpoao Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery, with small daily doses of Dr. Piorco's
Pleasant Purgative Pollets aro pro-eminently
tho article ? neodod. They euro ovory kind of
humor from tho worst scrofula to the common
pimplo, blotch or eruption. Groat eating
ulcers kindly heal under thoir mighty cura'ivo
Infhienco. Virulent blood poison..- that ltr.-k iii
tho system aro hy thom robbed of their ter
rors, and by thoir persevering and somowhat
protracted uso the moat tainted system may
bo completely ronovatod and built up auow.
Enlarged gland*, tumors and BWOII?IIRB dwindle
away and disappear nndor tho inflnenco of
thoir gtcnt rosolvents. Sold by all do&lore in
Clicnp Homes In Toxin.
Tho Groat Texas Peal Estato and Gold Dis
tribution takos place 13th of May, when 64,
000 acres of choice land in tho best portions of
Texas, near tho principle railroads- 15 houses
in Houston (population 20,000) and A,325 prizes
iu Gold. Com will bo given ticket holders. The
ontorpriao id indorsed; by the City Coancil of
Iloaeton. Soud fl to J. E. FOSTER, tho man
ager, at Houston. Toxas, for a tickot, circular,
descriptivo pamphlets and maps of Texa?.
A FRIEND of oura who is chief clerk
in tho Governmental Dispeneary, says that no
medicino choit is now complete without John
son's Anodyne Liniment. Wo always sup
posed it was proscribed I y law ; if it ?B not, it
ought to bo, for certainly thero is nothing in
tho whole materia medica of so mach import
ance to tho soldior aud the sailor as Johnson'B
Anodyne Liniment.
ARE you aware that the premonitories
of consomption aro coughs, colds, bronchitis,
pains in tbo side a -d chcBt, difficulties of
breathinp, eto ? If you pormit those symp
toms to run on tubercles will ho the remit,
and end in consumption. Now, if you want to
cure those diseases, uso AUen'B Lung Balsam
without delay. For Bale by all medicine
VETERINARY surgeons all over the
country aro recommending Sheridan's Cavalry
Condition Powdors for tho following tronbl* in
horses : Loss of appetite, Toughness of tho
hair, stoppago of bowola or wator, thick wator,
coughs and cods, swelling of the*glands,
worms, horse ail, thick wind, and hoavo:\
Patented 1873. Tho best Elastic Trusp.
Made only by Pomeroy ct Co., 744 B'dway, N. Y.
Go TO P?ivor Side Water Cure, Hamilton, DI.
Do not 51 CM pu I r. Your conRh can be cured.
Dr. Tutt's Expectorant ts the remedy. TLOUB?IMIR
attest lt? efficacy
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HAMS-Sugar Cnrod.
Tub washed.
WHISKY - Common.
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Low Middling.
SEEDS -Clovor. t? 80
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i.oms vu.i. rc.
TOBACCO Light Clarksvillo
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Soda Fountains.
$'?0, $?6, $7?, h $?00.
Shipped Bendy for U.-o.
Manufacuired hy OH t PM A N <fc CO.,
Madison. Ind.
?Wsend lor a Catalogue.
Tile Improved Bucees* Washing Klaclilne.
1140.000 wort h not d I n a y oars
aud give universal .satisfac
tion. It washes all nlzen
af clnthlng Including Bed
spreads, < Lac? collars,
withoutInju-y. Half dozen
shirt* are ole vned tn 8 min
utes, In?l?dlnRsotted wrist
hanan. Po- r Machinen for
Laundries to order. Forde
scrlptlve I nmphlet addre n
YORK M'F'O ? o., York, Pa.
A ti.i IU for ex cry American, t-ellB ovtry wheie at
!.ii:ii . Parni?r.i reacbern stu tent?, lawyers, mer
. min H CIHMII directors, manufacturern. mechan
!-.-i KII pp i-i mi I'lrocn, men nf learning-, and men
who can univ read, ola and young, alt want |t for
everyday rerereuce. and use. Shows grund results
?i 101 year* programs. A whole library.-Boston
Gin e. i\ot n luxury. Imtn necessity -?nter Ocean.
M- II selling book published. Good pay. Wain gen.
a\j . in m ery city of lO.OOO. AddrfiM J.G MoOlMlDY
A CO., pub's. Cln. O ?Chicago, III ; or St. Louis. Mo.
suire VJ
For ??rcresslonul and Ana'ctt:
Ifrlntai ?, Si-hooU, Moclutlea, Man.
'.,nUUlHEcr"? MerelmnU, mid olhci? Ills
Mu- DF.31' evi r Invrnlfil- 1.1.0?o In u?e.
Ton style?, Price? from ? 5.00 to S15O.0O
BEN J. O. WOODS S CO. M?mifr??.d
" --deo cr? In all kiud> of Prlntl 18 Mntorlnl,
Sv-iid .tamp for Catalogue.) 40 Fed ?ral 6t"?oBten.
J H. Winslow dt Co.. Bb p
Brokers, Portland, Me., nay:
We honestly mink your Bea
^rE0,'T ?i>P?"or io all otbi-r
Sailing Powders "
West, ?tone A to.. Groceis,
PPTlntHeld. MOBS , SHV :-" Sea
I-oam combines all the quali
ties desired lu a rlrsi-clasi
Baking Powder." Try lt.
" I t Is Jost the thin t tor dyH
PtPUte aud weak persons, und
helier still for the strong aud
Well. Many valuable c toking
teclpen sent ire?. . ?feud for cir
cuiar to Geo F. Gani? A c..
17? Linnie "tn e,. New Y|irk.
TH K L.K wonderful Cardl eu able nay one to per.
form the most astonishing Tricks without de
tection. , Uh them, and with the same cards you
can ? how all eight spots, all deuces, all led ipota
or all black. Ac. The pack ls put np In a neat
wrapper and sent to nay address for onlv 2i i enls.
Adirer? J. M. FOLSOM A io, Box ht. Bristol.
Ten ne.?nee
An Interesting illus
trated work of 760
I paget, containing
Valuable information lor thone who ure mar led i
cnntemplaui rn arr hike. Price xlRy eenie ny mall.
Address Dit. BUTTS' DIBPKNMARY. LT North
Eighth street. St. Louis. Mo,
now superseding all
others being adopted
everywh?-re by the lead
tn? physicians, sur
geons, druggists, army
and navy, hospitals,
gy mnasiums etc.
The success and univer
sal satisfaction they
have given, a:; well as the great number of radical
cure* they have eflected. has demonstrated the fact
that rupture can oe su< ely cured without Bullering
or annovauco, and 'Without thc danger af incurring
Spinal disease, and f ulosis, often caused by the se
vere pressure of Ki Trusses and ttupporters. It
ls the only sure cure soi Hernia, as lt ls the only
Truss In USP hat wilt hold the rupture securely In
all positions in which the bo'ly can be placed. Il
will perform radical cures when all others io.ll. It
can bo worn with ea?eand comfort when nospnng
truss can bc n*cd. Wh?n once ndJuBled nu motton
Of the body or ace'dent cAn ?Isplace ll These In
sttumenlB have the unqualified approval ot the
moat eminent practitioner* I ? I ha profession.
From thc numeralla testimonials in our poises
sion we append tho following:
" After the experience of months, patients tcstl
fy strongly to the efficacy, ns well as ?o tho ease and
freedom froai Inconvenience with which tn?? in
strument ls worn. With superior advantages, the
hlasiic Truss possesses in a high degree ALL ro
nuis?tes aud iiuallllcattons claimed tor other Inven
tiona. I have no hesitation In regarding it ns an
important means Tor tim relief and eurool Her
nia J. ?f. CA KNO'iHAN. M D.
" Ex Health onico of tho Port or Now York nur
geon-ln-Chlef 11 Nnw'York Slate HoplBtal." etc.
Otto. V IIODSB, M, D., Hiiperlniondcnt Elsstlc
Truss Co.
Sear Sir :-& ftcr suffering tor thirty years. In
my own person, from the uso of every form of
Metalle Truss procuran'o in this country and In
Furope. I. two years aco. applied your Klas'ic
Tru>s, and since that lime I > ?veexpenercedcom
fort and satisfaction and been tau ht tho truth
thst the Plastic Truss ls the only Instrument that
Bheutd be used for tne n-lief and cure of Hernia ;
and now after nior?* than thirty y ears', continuons
practice, and having ndJiiKtcd many hundreds o"
Trusses (and for the last twenty months yours ex
elusively ) I gratefully declare li to be my detiber
atc opinion, that Jiotir JUastic Trusx is the only one
entitled to tito confidence of tho nubile ; thal elsa
lcit> is the only power at nit adapted to ttic rc
llrenieiils of a 1 russ or Supporter, and am con
v-lnced that vottr Mastic Tru's actually cures n
large proportion or nil oui? to which lt ls applied,
nntonl. inning children, but In numerous cases
Ithtn nv own kuowfPdgc of pat ifniB from 5.') lo
7.i vears nf me. H. BU R>K* Sf, M. t>
not ol Anatomy and Surgery, N. Y. E. U edi cal
College _
Beware of cheap and worthless Imitation KlaMtc
rrusHcs, which some parties advertir? and Fell.
Iraudulently ref resenting that they are mautifac.
lured hy tho Klasttc 1 russ Co
l hese 1 russes ?re sent by mall to all paru of the
country. Satisfaction guaranteed In nil cases.
flp'forM purchasing any othor, write for Descrlp. Ive
.Ire tar (free) lo the
683. Broadway, New York.
CO H. ILS I'O ND IS NC tfi INVll'fiO
With persons des'rlng lo exchange Sow hern or
Western Lands, tepreclated corporation hom's or
debts of an v kind tor Ht. Louis property Bargains
Rrocurcd for Investors in St. Louis properly, and
ill information aa to value and titles ImpaOed to
'lienta WKKTCOTT. IIKHMIN A RA IN wv. Counsel
ors, are retained lo prosecute all litigation pertnin
ng tn titles corporations, etc. R ll. WADDKI.L,,
nvestlttg Agent, 516 Pine -treet. ?. t Louis. Mu
Rent l is in li Burrrlin*H|>iii
elli* iiii.l.-r-riiiui.-r-., i-uek li.-ad
iiii|N*r-riiMiiers. Tor I'nrni ur
Mi-reliinit sVoi-U. .siij.i
i-liir Mill sion. ? or nil
M iz<-*. <? ? ii H im- llnU-li An
ker Itoltliigr Chilli, Milt
IMckw, lotti Hii-lhrs :in<t
denners, lienriiut, Khaflhiii,
Ptillii-H, Ilruiyi-r-', fie-., ?ll kunU
ol Mill Machinery IM?N Mill, rs*
supplies; Bein) fm- l\iiiiplili-t.
Nlmiii? Mill C'omiMtnjr
lUtx 1 ian. Cincinnati, ?>.
TUB Second Annual Fair of lite A i?ncnl'ural.
dechanlr.il and Ho rt Icu 1 turin Associa'iou of
Mobile, will be held Tuesday, April 27. 1875. and
continue li?-e days. The most beautiful K nuiid
in Hie Sunlit Most delightful drives In ihn World
Kvery arrangement made for the enjoyment ol
visitors No entr/lee charged exhibitors. R?res
each day of the Fair. Railroads and Steamnuuts
carry pas eugera nnd articles Tor exit billon nt
half raif s - end to eereiary for Piemlum List.
Buy an excursion Ticket ant come to the Fair.
VYIlbor'a Cort Liver UH and Lltuu - The
great popularity of this sateand t-fllcactotis prepar
atlon ts alone attributable lo Hs Intrinsic wo. th. In
the cureof coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis.sernf
nious tumors, whooping cough, and all cpnsuinp
live symptoms it lt.? no superior, If equatv. Let no
one neglect tun early ?ymptoms of disease, wli -u
an agent ls tim ? at hand whl h-Alli alleviate all
complaints of the chest, liions or thrntt. Manu
factured only by A B \\ I..BOR. Chemist, Bos
ton, sold by ad druggists.
iicroim SMOKER ?0$4
No. 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, Ile
ronllauee to treat all casca of ohittclea to fbarriato but i
Irajurlilea, e?er? ellra,-m or ?leine? wblch reluit? fri o
IMOattUeo or lm|>rudence. with unparalleled aiiooeet
nr. W.e eatabllibment I* chartered by tbe Rut? DI UI.
?euri, waa fr, u nd id and baa beru enlahllibed io i*m.
taf?, certain and reliable relief. Being * grad-jV-r J
actr.ral mrdlral colleges, and baring the cipcricoo* Q,
1 ?ni auceeaaf jl lifo in bia apeelelilei be baa perli-cU*
r>m<dlra that ard e (Toe lu H I lo all theae ceice. ttl, natlm.ti
?f?..5!n'2 "y,"?? *?; eipreaa everywhere H,
ro uter who filled, call or write. Krom the great ono.
!" ?PPlfoetlona he Ia enablej to keep bia ;hnr??
'ow. 3ft page?, gWIng fall aitnptomi, fer two alampa
KP paree, a pnp.iUr biok whl :h abould he read bj '-.erj
?fj married pair, or parenna contemplating mai
J.'JSl e,'?"*flr"1 ""1o ""hool lt. Iteontalnntbo-ire.n i
U-?i Hiera to ra no thia .i.hjeet. tho reauliaor- Of ?/ i
I. .V'"UV ''" ,hc be,t l*<???SuU rnrn lat? w-rW
UKUIPV ..dAm.,...,s "eat aaaled, |-p?i.pa|j lor ttl nu
Habit Cured
A certain and mm cure, without luconvenience,
and at home. An antidoto that stands pu.-cly on Ita
own meriti. Bend for my quarterly magazlno (?
C04t> you notktno), contaln'nsccrtlflcatee ofbundreda
that have boen permanently eurea. I claim to have
dlacoverea and produced tho TIBST. OBIOINAI. AXV
-n ar SSzJi' B* COLLINS, La Forte, Ind.
D.M. WOOLEY, Sole Ag?. Southern States,
,_ Atlanta, Os.
Publicity. Tenn? moderate
Time short. Four years of un
paralleled SUCCCHS. Describe case.
&0?ttsUr,\onials. Address Dr.K.E.Marsh.Qutncv.Mrch.
?*3lftif\ and expentea a month to agents. Address
9?fi U V A. L. OTODDARD, Jonesville, Mich
Dr. J. Walker's California Vin
egar 'Hitters aro a purely Vegetable
prepara! ion, made chiefly from tho na
tive tiorba found on tho lower rangea ol
tho Siena Novada mountains of Califor
nia, tho mediciual properties of whicn
are extracted therefrom without tho uso
of Alcohol. Tho question is almost
daily asked, '..What is tho cause of tho
unpandleled success of VINEGAR UIT
XKRsf" Our answer is, that they remove
tho causo of disease, and tho patient re
covers his health. They aro tho great
blood puritlorahd a lite-giving principio,
a perfect Renovator and Invigorator
ol' tho system. Never before in tho
history of tho world has a medicine buen
juiiitioiiHtleil possessing tho ruinarkablo
|iiahties ol" VINKOAH BITTRRR in healing thu
sick ol' eve disenso lunn is heir to. They
tr? H gctilh "i -.'alive as well as a Tonic.,
relieving Congestion or Inflammation ol
the Liver ?Hld Visceral Organs, in Biliouo
The properties of pit. WAI.KER'?
VINKOAR B ITTKUs arc Aperient, Diaphoretic,
Carminative, Nutritious, Laxative, Uiurotie
dilative, Counter-Irritant. Sudorific, Altera
ive. and A uti-bilious.
Grateful Thousands proclaim Vo^
EGAR BITTERS the most wonderful In*
vigorant that ever sustained tho sinking
No Person can take these Bitter;
according to directions, and romain lonfc
unwell, provided their boues aro not dt>
Gtroyed by mineral p^'son or othet
means, and vital organs wasted boyo? id
Bilious. Remittent and Inter*
mitteilt Fevers^ which are so preva
lent lu the valleys of our great rivera
throughout the United States, especially
those of tho Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country during tho Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of'unusual heat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied by extensive de?
angements of the stomach and liver,
md other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
ls no cathartic for tho purposo equal to
as they will speedily remove the dark
colored viscid matter with which, the
bowels aro loaded, at the same_.tira?L
stimulating tho secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of tho digestive organs.
Fortify tho body against disease
oy purifying all its fluids with VINEGAR
BITTERS. NO epidemic can tako hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Head
ache,- Pam in the Shoulders, Coughs,
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of tho Stomach, Bad Taste
in tho Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tation of tho Heart, Inflammation of the
Lungs, Pain In the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred ot lier painful symp
toms, aro tho offsprings of Dyspopsia.
One bottle will provo a botter guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
Scrofula, or King's Evil, White
Swellings, Ulcers, Erysipelas, Swollod Nook,
Goitro, Scrofulous Inflammations, Indolent
Inflammations, Mercurial Afieotions, Old
Sores. Eruptions of tho Skin.. Boro Eyes., atc
In those, os in nil other constitutional Dis
shown their great curativo powers in tho
most obstinate and introotablo casos.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
itheumatism, ?out, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevoro, Diseases ol
tho Blood, Liver, Kidneys and Bladder,
tho8o Bitters havo no equal. Such Diseases
aro caused hy Vitiated Blood.
Mechanical Diseases.-Persons en
gaged in Paints and Minerals, such aa
Plnmhers, Typo-setters, Gold-boaters, and
Miners, os thoy advance in life, aro enbjoofe
to paralysis of the Bowels. To guard
against this, take a doso of WALKER'S VUS
BOAR BITTERS occasionally.
For Skin Diseases, Eruptions, Tot
ter, Solt-Khonm, Blotches, Spots, Pimples,
Pustules, BOHB, CaVbnnclen, Ring-worms,
Scald-hoad, Soro Eyos, Erysipelas, Itch,
Scurfs. Discolorations ot tho Skin, Humors
and Disensos of tho Skin of whatever name
or nature, aro literally dog tip and earned
out jf tho ?yidem <n a short timo by the use
of thoso Bitters.
Pin* Tape, and other Worms,
lurking'in tho system of so many thousands,
aro effectually destroyed and removed. tfP
Bystem of medicino, no vermifuges, no an?
t hoi mini tics will freo tho system from worms
Uko theso Bitters.
For Female Complaints, in young
or old, married or single, at tho dawn of wo
manhood, or tho turn of lifo, theso Tonio
Bitters display so decided an influonce thai
improvement is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Yitiated Blood when
ever yon find its impurities bursting thron gb
tho ?kin in Pimples, Eruptions, or Sores;
cleanse it when yon find it obstrue ted ana
sluggish in the veins; el canso it when it ts
font ; yoar feelings will toll you when. Keep
the blood pure, and the health of tho system
will follow.
n. ix. MCDONALD A co.,
Druggists and Gen. Agta., San Franofsoo, California?
ind ocr. of Washington and Charlton Stn.. N. Y.
Hold bv nil ii ra aa 1st.? ind Dealers.
.. ..INE HABIT speedily
cu reit hy Dr. Heck's only
known and suro Remedy.
*r treatment until cured. Cull on or address
113 John Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO.
WHEN wrllleg to advertisers please mention
the name ot this paper. Mo. ir? M, N. ti.
Cor adTorttitna tn ANY newspaper belnreweelna
?ny now ratafnuue. nf over ON lt TI KU'S AM?
i. 8.P.SANBOKN,]]4Monroo-Rt,,OhlcagO,ll),

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