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E. A. WEBSTER, Editor and Proprietor.
A Weekly Paper Devoted to Temperance, Litefatuie and Politio?:.
ON?". of ibo many Rood pointu of tho
now constitution of Arkansas, adopted
less thau ii year URO, is tho provision for
tho payment of tho state debt. Thia
provision io now being carried out under
tiio means provided by tho last legisla
ture. _
Jared lt. Buoll, of Indianapolis, and
Susan D. Gilbert, of Athol, Mass., have
"married" themselves by a written, con
tract, which is to "bo in "for'co during
our physical lives, provided our mutual
love natures ever blend na "now-but to
terminate without prejudice by tho wish
of oil lier party, if love shall ever coaso
to bo mutual,"
IN 1870, New York city bad a popula
tion bf 912,292, nud a municipal debt of
8122,800,780. In 1871, London had a
population of '3,200,987, and a city debt
of $25,918,000. These figures aro im
posing. .Tho city and county debts of
tho whole union uro estimated tp bo to
day $35,000,000 ; but as this estimate is
only for thoso having ono million and
over of liabilities, the total may bc sot"
down afc a thousand million. Add tho
stale and national debts and thero re
sults a heavy load for posterity. ..? 1
JT ia quito discouraging to know that
tho importation of Uro crackers for
fourth of July purposes tliis year will
amount to .'100,000 boxes-^DTIargo CXCOBS
over the rocoiptu of last year, owing
doubtless to. tho centennial typhoid.
Thc Chinese and Japanese ihhk? a good
thing out of tho squibH, ns they alono
can manufacturo snob explosives, the
attempts to reproduce them in this
country having failed. The invention,
however; is deemed by many pco2ilc,
not highly creditable to. Juhu. China
man's civilization.
THE inundations in Southern Franco
have called forth the ready sympathy of
Ibo F. euell pcoplo, for tho sufferers,
and relief funds, rp familiar to Ameri
can ears of lato, aro being raised evory
^V-?.. JS&SL??x.tjyJi* To?lM?eev,wh'ich
has Buifored so terribly, is very nnoivint,
having been a loading city of tho Gauls
when tho Hornaus conquered their coun
try. Massivo walls'of Hornau.'work
manship have been broken down by the
recent Hoods from tho river Garonne,
on whoso landis tho city is built. Tho
loss of property is now placed at &G0,
000,000. '
LATER advices from Franco confirm
previous reports of tho frightful einmie
tet- of tho inundation a-ong tho river
Garouuc. Many towns have been sub
merged aud wholo sections of country
overflowed. More than a thousand Iwes
wero lost, over two hundred dead bodies
being found in ono villngo. Twenty
thousand people aro homeless and suf
fering. President MacMahou has de
parted for tho scene of desolation to
render such asBistunco as may bo nec
essary. Tho Garonne rises in tho
Pyrenees, on tho confines of Spain, and
is subject to overflow, on account of tho
general Hat ness of ita banks.
PEOX?LE seo things differently. For
instance, tho terrible earthquake that
recently destroyed San Joso do Cuenta,
in Columbia. When .tho catastrophe
began, most of tho inhabitants went
down upon their knees and prayed for
relief and mercy. Yet, in tho midst of
tho scene, when tho earth wno heaving,
buildings falling, and tho dying groans
and shrieks of men, women and children
lllliug tho air; a wild bordo of demoni
acal thieves and robbers swarmed into
tho towns, sacking housos, pillaging
bank vaults, and plundering tho dead,
and even murdering. If an earthquake
will not quioken a man's conscience,
there is no tolling what will.
THE NOW York World makes tho
establish nient*pf a zoological gardon in
Philadelphia tho oceasion for tho pro
secution of somo interesting facts con
cern i.jg tba f?mctis Tipudyii zoological
gardens. Tho London collection in
187a included 590 quadrupeds, 1,227
birds and 225 reptiles,, and was at that
time, as yet, the largest in existence.
Tho first lhinoceros "cost Xl,000; thc
four giraffes ?700, and their carringa ni
additional ?700; the olophahtnnd a calf,
X800, and tho hippopotamus, though i
gift, was not brought homo and houaci
for less thnn .?1,000,_Tho cost o
maintaining tho London gardens is vor:
great, but tho receipts aro ampio t<
meet it.
TUB Amerieon rifle team bas achiovei
great viotory in Ireland over tho oracl
shots of that country. A match wa
shot last week betwoen tho two teams
In tho first bont, at eight hundre
yards, tho Americans wei o . beaten (tb,
'?no point, tut in the two Biicccedin
bouts, at nine huudred -and a thbasan
ys^i-j resjpcetively, tho Americana cam
out abend, thus winning tho mat eb.
Tho victory of tho Americana was re
ceived with tromeudouB enthusiasm, and
thoy wore the r?cipients of tho moat
distinguished honors from tho populace
and their competitors. The contest hnB
beon marked by the most fraternal feel
ing on all sides. The American rillo
Eien have been treated with tho utmost
consideration bj* their hosts, and even
tho sting of defeat has not 'caused any
suspension of tho friendly intercourse.
A rnrvATE soldier of Prof. Jenney's
escort, in his geological survey of the
Black Hills, writes that ho found gold
by means of a pick and a ?hovel, while
the geologists were trying to lind it by
scientific principles. His advice is that
those desirous of going gold-hnntiug
cbould hold themselves iu readiness,
and tho instant tho Indian troaty is an
nulled to hasten on. The party bad
encountered threo mining camps on
French crook. They were panning ont
about S10 a day,.each, ami. wore of the
opinion that, when they get their work
ing apparatus ju good order, they will
.bo abl'O to inako $50 a day. Tho soldier
had washed four pans of dirt and g.-;t
about live cents to tho pan of scale gold,
sordo of tho pieces hoing a little larger
than a juli's head. Ho did not have to
dig a foot down for tho dirt, and rlccloies
that all that Costar'told concerning tho
treasures of tlie country was strictly
THE statistical reports just published
by tho -agricultural bureau indicate
wido-spread disaster td tho fruit-grow
ing interest, as will bo seen from the
following notes : Insect depredations
aro recorded only in Maine, in some
counties of which cater pillars were
troublesome. In ' New England gene
rally tho erops wore lato, ami m some
parts a tendency to simultaneous
blooming excited remark. In tho
middle, southern and western states
generally, tho climatic ebullitions wore
very unfavorable. Tho severity, of the
winter has not only destroyed tho fruit
gormti, but also the trees. Tlie cold
BhU|i iLi . nu By?Uxj? xului^ua 'ttiu nuuj.v,
of this injury, and heavy lato frost? in
many places destroyed what had sur
vived tho winter. In somo cases it is
noted that the plnmH stood tho sovority
of tho season bettor than other sorts of
fruit. Grapes in many cases escaped
on account of lato blooming, but thc
vinoyards of several sections were
greatly depleted by tho extreme cold.
Small fruits were loss sovorely affected
and' aro reported as producing very
COL. BOUDINOT. who has just returned
from tho Indian Territory, says twenty
seven murder casos luivo just boen dis?
posod of by tho United States district
eonrt at Fort Smith, Ark., boforo whioh
all criminal business from tho Indian
nation comos. Out of this number
there wore oight convictions for murder
in tho first degree. Soven of those
convicted, including two boys, ono
oeveuteon, the other nineteen years,
both aro to bo hanged together on the
3d of September next. Tho eight h one,
a negro, was killed after conviction
while attempting to escape. Much out
lawry prevails in tho Indian Territory,
and ten mon havo beon killed in the
vicinity of Fort Smith within a fow
months. A very bitter contest is 'how
going on in tho Cherokee nation for tho
position of chiof of tho nation between
tho Koss and Downing parties, and it is
alleged conspiracy and secret assassina
tion aro rife. Cel. W. P. Hose, present
chief, is a candidate for re-election, and
a man named Thompson ia. tho caudi
date of tho Downing party.
Capt. Jas. B. Eadcs has- writton n
lotter to President Grant and secretary
of war Bolknup, advising "them of the
progress of tho jetties at tho South Pass.
Tho main point in tho lotter is that pro
visional works, ono thousand feet long,
aro already constructed on the line ol
tho east jetty, and being pushed seaward
at the rato of two hundred feet per day,
' Two hundred mechanics and laborer?
and four pilodriving machines aro al
1 work and a largo quantity of mono am
1 other material aro ready at hand; 'Ad
I ditioual accommodations are being pro
1 pared, and in nhort the working forci
' will bo largely increased. Telegraph^
' Communication has been established be
t tween New Orleans and tho hoad of tin
? Pass, and the lino is being extended li
tho works at tho mouth of tho PUSH
1 Capt. Eada haya the provisional worl
?t mentioned is what ?B 'known as Bheot
a piling, and while it is only preliminar,
? in character, it will temporarily porv
fl the fane purpose and produce tho sam
y resultas permanent jotticB. Tho car.
g tain is quito BU re that there will b
fl twentyfeet of water on. tho bar, at th
9 South i'fw, hy Mi* int of /february,
In tiH'ir rnugcd.regimental*
Hi.xxl 'li? oki c>nlmenial.-',
Yielding mil ;
While Hie grenadiers were lunging,
Alni like hail fell III? plunging
Cannon-shot ;
When Hie files
(If Hie l-l,- -
From Hie M mi ?ky night encampment
lloro the bander ol' the raoii>aut
Amt crummer, crummer, gruiiuiicr,
Rolled the roll of Hut ?limumer
Through tho muru !
Then with eyes ?r? (lie froill all,
Amt with ulina hori/.onta',
Stood our siren ;
While Ihe halls whistle.I deadly,
And in streams Mushing reilly,
dazed Hie lins;
As the roar
Un thc shore
S wu) il tho strong batHc-brciikcro
o'er t!"< urcrii-snddtd acred
Or the plain ;
At-.l louder, louder, louder.
Cracked tko blaelc gunpowder.
Cracking aumin !
Now HBO UH- FI n I tba al lin ir forgea
Worked Hi- n il Ki. Ouoigu'tt
.'ummiieers ;
?Mut Ile- " villainous Halt ucl re "
Hang, a lieree tlit-contaul metic
Itouml our ears.
As Hie sivifi,
Will- liol tm. , ping anger
Olino the hone-guards, clanger
On our Hanks ;
Theil higher, blither, higher.
Humed th? old-rashtoned Uro
Through th? ranks !
'flinn the iKtrtsheaded colonel
ti.dlopeii ibroueh Hi" whit? infernal
l'o\. .I.-r-clourt ;
Ami his broadsword was Bwtngliig,
And his bra-/..-ii thront was ringing
Trumpet loud.
Then th? binn
I li il tel s flow ;
Anil Ibo Irooper-tiu-l.-els reddcuod
At the lOIICll ol' the leaden
KHlc-hi catii; .
Ami roi ndrr, rouudur, rounder
Roared Hie iron slx-pouniler,
Jiu lim;: th nth !
- Guy Humphr^v M?Manter.
Itcport fit ?lie ?Vow OrleniiH Cotton ICx
utiuujic-Vita Crop Kcpoitcil lu lix
collent Condition.
Tho Committee on luforniation nud
Statistics of the New Orlenos Cotton Ex
ehnnge, to whom lins been entrusted tho
duty of compiling ti nntionnl crop ro
uort, mado up from returns of various
Rxcbangos appointed therefor by tho
National Exchange, stibniib tho follow
ing for tho mouth of Juno :
New Orleans, Department of Liouis
>una-Wo have 83 letters from 37 par
ishes, which unite in reporting generally
favorable weather. There has been no
additional acreage put in cotton nineo
tho 15th of May, but thoro han been
snmn.rnnliiiitir.or_w,b?ro.ln.iulH warn aver- :
tlowed amtfo pcrieot the stands. Tho
plant has been better cultivated than
for many years, and is growiug and
forming well. Miiuy blooms aro ro
ported. Tho stands tire represented os
very good to excellent, and tho present
condition of the crop is most flattering,
much better and about ono week earlier
when compared with lust year.
MiEsist-ippi-103 replies received.
Averngo dato about the 15th. Weather
nearly universally represented as very
favorable. Stauda lino and tho plant
forming well, though too early for many
blooms. Tho present condition is
stated as very good, aud much bettor
when compared with last yoar. No Ad
ditional acreago put in cotton. Re
planting bas been donowhero thepliuits
were imperfect. Labor plenty and ef
Arkansas-50 correspondents send in
their answers from 22 counties. Since
the first of .Tuno the weather has beon
hot, and most onougb to promote rapid
growth aud cause tho plant to form and
squaro w?ll? Tho stands uro vo>y good,
and no re]diluting has boen needed, ex
cept in a fow exceptional cases. Brad
loy county reports tho llrst bloom on
tho 8th inst., but it is only exceptional,
and as a rulo blooming bad not begun
at tho dato of our auswer and cories
pomlonts aro nnnhimouB in represent
ing tho condition us exceedingly promis
ing nud far superior to that of last
.year. Planters aro encouraged by the
prospoct, ono of tho finest over known.
Considerable attention and ciro hus
been devoted to tho cultivot.ion of
cereals, ?nd owing to tho excolleut
hnrvost, a feeling of independence is
verv noticeable in our correspondence.
Charleston, Department of South Car
olin?-1)7 answers received from 21
counties, reporting weather since Muy
15 as generally favorable. Sumo com
plaints of cofi'l-nights. Very littlo ad
ditional -intuiting. Stand? represented
as good. 31 answers say forming well ;
39, Hay fow forum, and 9 no forms. All
agreo iu stating, no blooms up to (lute
of answers. Present condition good,
I bough small, being clean of grasn and
somo parts comparo favorably with last
year. Heavy storms of wind mid hail
uro reported in six counties sineo Juno
7, doing much real damage. Lico aro
reported in four countios.
Auguata Department, covering that
portion of tho stato of Georgia not in
cluded iu tho Savannah report -Weather
favorable ; no additional planting ; sotno
littlo replanting ; stands good ; forming
well but. no blooms. Goneral condition
good. Crops generally very clean. La
bor plentiful and good.
Savannah Department-Savannah Cot
ton Exchange, covoring Northern, Mid
dle and Southwestern Georgia and tho
State of Florida-Weather dry and gen
erally favorable ; no additional planting
of ?ny consequenco ; stamin good ; plant
vigorous ; gu orally forming well, but
no blooms except in tho southern por
tion of tho state ; condition good ; crop
clean and well worked ; plant somewhat
souiller nnd a few days lu'er, but rather
better than at the sniue time last yonr.
Florida-Dry and favorablo weather
clearing 'ho Holds of grass; stands good;
pinn* forming well and commenoiiig to
bloom ; condition good and compares
favorably with last year, though small
from dry weather und nomowlmt tatet
Mia? Itai y?nr, rirpDllHCfJ U? by willi,.
fruited, nt tho bottom, which in tho
principal part of the crop.
Mobile, Department of Alabama
From fifty-two counties), 1215 replica :
Tho weather has been generally favor
able, rather too dry in nomo pinces, but
not ei'ough so to iujuro tho plant.
There ano boon very littlo replanting or
additional planting. Thc utanda are
good nod th? plant is forming well ;
very fer blooms ; tho condition us com
pared Ifith last year is reported from as
good t" much bettor ; there nro scarcely
any uu'ttvornblo eircumstanees relativo
to growth or condition of the crop ; only
a few V'iports of lien and grasshoppers,
and complaints of cold nights and
drouth. Tho crop is clean, in good
condition and better cultivated than last
Missouri-Nineteen count ?es, GC re
plies. The weather bas been generally
fav?ratrt?, needing rain in some eon li
tios, iii' 1 uome complaints of cold nights,
prodm og bee. There has been very
little replanting or additional planting ;
stands .:re good and plant forming well;
only n lew blooms ; pl cseu t condition of
crop is better than last year at sumo
period tho only unfavorable cheam
H buiron! uro those noted above; the
favorable circumstances nro, tho orop
is delmor, hot'er cultivated and more
advnuc-d than Inst year at same time.
Norfolk mid I'ortsmouth Department
-Fifly.five replies from 29 counties in
North Carolina, six replies from two
counties in Virginia. Forty-'ivo replies
report, weather dry and cold ; l-l say
favorable, and only two represent tho
woathe* wet and cold. Fifty-four an
swers leport tho stund as good ; some
fow complaints on stiff lauds ; sonto
forms ;_uo blooms. Soven roplies from
seven cuant?es in enstern Carolina rep
resent I ho stand as below tho average ;
condition very generally ntntcd as good ;
crop will cultivated und freo from grass
and we His ; plant .smaller thou at tho
samo timo last yenr, mid from eight to
fifteen dovB Inter. Five numrers from
fivo counties in enstern Carolina repo t
conditi'.a bad. Correspondents state
that tho weather since the lGth of May
hus bcfu too cool for rapid growth, but
with warm and Beaeonable weather a
groat improvement is looked for.
Memphis Department-115 answers
receive.'. Weather gencrnlly repre
sented m favorable ; no additional acre
age putin cotton since May 15; stands
good and satisfactory ; plaut generally
squaring' and forming freely ; 12 reports
ot bloij-is dating from 18th to 20th;
o?ndt','MT vgood : lie'lds free of gross and
? v?t??-vrHBj?T?v? u ,' luiuu romffiianxrar arywt
cold nights, lico, etc., dating from May
15th to June 5th, mostly remedied by
subFequent favorable weather.
Galveston Department, Texan- We
havo received 120 reports from UU coun
ties, embracing the period between
May 16th and June 20th ; weather very
genorally said to havo bcon favorable ;
no udilition to acreage in cotton since
Muy 15th ; some little replanting where
seed tailed to como up ; stamin repre
sented as good, and in the eoac<t runge
reported to bo forming and blooming
A largo majority of our reports ngroo
in tho statement that tho season is from
oue to threo weeks Inter than last year,
and that the plant is generally small,
but is clent of grass and in good con
dition. Bains uro needed. Tho cater
pillar is reported in threo counties, but
so far hus done no matorinl damngo.
How He Caught Thom.
Some yours ago, an eccentric genius,
tho Kev. Thornes P. Hunt, used to give
tompentuce lectures. Ono night he an
nounced that ho would lecture m Easton.
Now, tempor?neo was not in favor
among the malo portion of tho burg.
The women, however, wero nil in for the
pledge, nntl consequently, on Hunt's
first night not n mau showed himself in
tho hall. The benches were pretty well
tilled with women, though, and Hunt
commenced; but, instead of temperance,
ho put them through on tho vanities of
dress, oto. Thoy wore great puffed
feather sleeves thou. They-the sleeves
-caught it, then their tight lacing, and
so on through tho whole catalogue of
female follies; not n word about temper
ance. And tho ladies went homo bop
ping mad, told thoir hmdmuds about it,
and voted old Hunt down to tho lowest,
He had anuonnood that bo would lec
ture nt tho same placo tho next night.
Long before tho timo appointed thoy
commenced to como, mid when Hunt
hobbled down ibo nielo tho building was
comfortably well filled with men. The
old fellow looked about, chuckled, und
muttered : " Hogs, I've got you now !"
Tho andienen stnrod. " Ahn," hogs, I've
got you now I"
Alter the orowd had got. quiet, a little,
Ibo irothrer said : "Friends, you
wanted to know what. I meant by say
big, hogs, I've got you now, and I'll tod
you. Out went tho hogs run wild ; and
when folks got out of meat thoy catch a
yoting pig, put a stoop under bia body,
nnd hitch him to ii young sapling that
will jast swing bim from tho ground
nicely. Of course ho squeals and mines
a rumpus, when nil tho obi hogs gather
round to sec what is tho mutter, una
?hen tlioy shoot thom nt their leisure.
IJ.ISI night I hung n pig up ; I hurt it n
little, and it squealed. Tho old hogs
hnvo turned out to night to seo ibo fun,
und I'll roast you." And so ho did,
pitching into their favorito vice with
relish and gusto.
-"9ir,"eoid a littlo blustering mau
to R religions opponent, " to what peet
do you snpposo I bolong? "Well, I
don't oxnotly know," repliid bvn '.vpo'i
noni, "but to ju Ino frort j ..* i r. .
appearance, nod conviant ?
should think yon belonged to lb? pl o-.-1
generally oollc-d i..nvol, *?
New Orleans Picayune, June '28.
Recent revolutions havu excited au
intenso and growing interest in tho fate
of tho fifteen or twenty men who, more
than a quarter of a century ago, char
tered the sohoouer Florinda and p.et sail
for tho golden shores of California.
For twenty-nix years tho familioj of tho
adventureT have mourned thom as lo?t.
Tho last liewa of tho Florinda WUH re
ceived lute iu tho year 1810 from Rio
Janeiro. Sim hud put in ut that port
some timo previous and then procoedod
ou her way, leaking badly, it was Haid.
A vessel touching nt Rio Janeiro short
ly afterward, reported having spoken
t he Florinda in the Pacific, just beyond
Cape Horn. From that time forward
nothing more wau over heiird of tho
Florinda, and it became nu accepted
theory that Bbc bao! been cast away
and her crew lost somewhere on the
?South I'aoitic coast. No tidings reached
the families of the ill fated argonauts,
and twenty six yours slipped by without
.1 waif or whisper to disturb tho mel
ancholy conviction which hail sealed the
record of their lives. Their children
huvo grown to mun hood and woman
hood without tho knowledge, with
scarcely the memory of a father's love,
The hopes that clustered around them
have long ago been transferred to that
other world in which they were bo
lieved to be.
Snell is the story as it has passed cur
rent all this lime, with tho general pub
lic and with the greator uuuibor of tho
relatives of tho Florinda company. At
lirst, of course, thero were doubts and
fears and expectations, moro or less re
luctantly resigned for certainty, but to
Ulis conclusion all eventually carno and
tho loss of thu schooner with all on
board hay, for fully a quarter of a cen
tury, been regarded as a fact about
which there could bc no sort of ques
tion. The uufortuuiito men have been
as utterly given up as though their
burials had taken place in proBoncc of
tho whole community, and to have told
any of their families that they were
(dill alive would have been to ask them
to behove that tho dead had risen after
twenty-five yoarii of sepulture and
walked forth once more among tho
Within tho past fow days, however,
precisely this proposition has in effect
ticen made. The strange aud startling
statement has transpired that Harmon
Jones and bis fellow voyagers were not
lost as we have thought, but aro now
.eiivo 'o?. nuuK ..^.v... -...
anhuowu island in tho lower Pacific.
About a mouth aao a friend of Mrs.
Harmon Joues road in an English paper
in account of some British vessel having
been driven out of her course in a storm
and sighted an unknown island. Much
to tho surprise of the crow tho island
turned out to bo inhabited, aud still
more astonishing, by men who spoke
ho English language. Tho rest of tho
story, IIB given in tho paper referred to,
is that tho castaways told the ship's
Qompany that they were the Florinda
par'y who had sailed from New Orleans
in 1810 bound for Califoruia, that tboy
had been wrecked on tho island and had
dwelt there over since, it being then
moro than twinty-livo years that they
had not st en a human face or a nigu of
tho world from which they wore so
utterly eliminated. Tho paper gave tho
names of several, all of whom atc
known to htivo been of Florinda's crow,
and iu many other ways, uecordiug to tho
version of Mrs. Jones' friend, tho iden
tity of the party was established as none
but t hemselves could have estr.bliahcd
it. lt was further stated that tho British
VCSBOI offered to take tho men on board,
but they declined, saying they had been
lost for a quarter of a century ; that
they knew not in what situation they
would liud ibo families they liad left,
and that they preferred staying and
ending their days there rather than
venturo back to such a doubtful and
uncertain future. This paper was four
months old when Mrs. Jones' friend saw
it, ono month ago, and the events nar
rated were d#setibed as having occurred
four mouths previous to tho issue of
tin' paper. It is just nine months then
since tho island was discovered by tho
British vessel, and at that limo all, or
nearly all, of the Florinda party appear
to have been alive.
lt need not l e said thal this news has
aroused tho deepest interest. To the
Community at large if recalls (he famil
iar occurrence of tim Florinda's sailing
from New Orleans with its iidvonturoilH
company. To tho families of tho ill
fated men it comes like a message from
anot her world, and is as t hou di it were
the announcement of ll resurrection.
Within tho past, few duya the relatives
have been living in a slate of constant
excitement, and many of them, espo
chilly the sons of Harmon Jones, Jab,
A. Sidney, and Capt. Kenmore, tho
skipper of the Florinda, have devoted
themselves to the task of following thc
clue given by thc fri* nd who saw the
English paper. Extensivo inquiries are
now on foot, and the Britieh consul has
kindly interested himself ie. the (dlair
so fm as to agre i io forward to the war
office in Loudon a full slaloment of the
circumstances so that tho name of the
vessel which touched at thc castaway's
homo can he ascertained and tho bear
iugu of the ??laud taken from her lopy
It, would greatly facilit?t this enif,
however, if a copy of the paper giving
the original account, were found, and it
is illili boped that some one who secs
this publication may have noticed tho
paper and be able to toll na whero a
number oan bo had. On that contin
gency depend? much that will simplify
and expedite thc quest, but it is ceri un
that iu any'.iain thc friends of Florind i's
crew wil\ buyer it sf. ag?.'u until tho
mystery .? (??thbm?d to Mi utt*?rmo??t
-Mr.-;. Cl i i obles bas great ideas of
her husband's military powers. " For
two years," Hays she, "be was a lieuten
ant iu tbe horse-marines, after wbiob he
was promoter! to the captaincy of a reg
ular squad of sap-heads and miners."
-Out of 296,000 of the last levy of
conscripts in Franco 25,000 have been
declared exempted from both aotive and
passive duties in the military line. It
looks bad when so many men are not
even fit to bo food for gunnowdbr,
though tho fact should be considered as
a good sigu in behalf of peace.
-Only two hundred years ago tho old
moss-back who was governor or Virginia
got up and paid : "I thank God that
wo havo no freo schools nor printing
presses, and I hopo wo shall not havo
any for a hundred years ; for learning
has brought disobedience' and heresy
and sects into tho world, aud printing
has divulged, them and libeled govern
ments. God keep us from both V
-It is well thnt apurent should khoW
tho peculiarity of the pulse of each
child. The pulso of a healthy adult
bents seventy times in a minute, though
good health may bo enjoyed with fewer
pulsations. But if tho pulse always
exceeds seventy, it indicates disease, tho
human munhino is working itself ont
thuro is fovor or inflammation some,
where, and the body is feeding on itself.
-Tho college orator is now abroad in.
tho land. His voice is heard from the
four quarters of tho earth, tolling ot
tho efforts ho has mude for distinction
in the past, mid his hones and aspira
tions for the future. He is sanguine
fur moro sanguine, thau he will bo a
few years hence, when ho shall have
encountered and boen conquered by
nomo of tho stern realitiesof life. Thus
fur his education has been only theoret
ical ; in tho futuro it will bo praotical.
Whether tho former shall flt tho sub
jects for the latter, tho future alone can
-Tf a man wr.nts to go anywhere in a
brief space of timo ho must walk fast,
but he loses his popularity in propor
tion to bis rapidity. Balzao, who
seems to havo thought it worth while to
notice this contemptible fact, says :
" Violent gesturo or quick movement
iuspires involuntary disrespect. One
lookB for a moment at a cascade, bnt
>no sitB for hours lost in thought and
gazing upon the still waterB of a lake.
\ deliberato gait, gentle manners and a
uinionso ad/outage over those vastly
luperior to him."
-All good men should live in Areh
tugol ; all angry mon in Ireland; all
nurderors in Kildare ; oil circus-men in
?Somerset ; all brokers in Stockholm ; all
.old men in Chili ; all geometricians in
Juba ; till fools in Folly Island ; all
lortieitliiinsts in Botany Bay ; all wags
in tho Bay of Fundy ; all perfumers m
Muscat or Cologne ; all brewers in
Malta ; all gluttons in Turkey ;
ill beggars in Hungary; all laconic
:nen in Lae mia; all mourners in Siberia
.r Wides; all confectioners in Candia ;
ill o' ildrc-K in the Crimea ; all oil speo
ih.ioiT; lr; Gre:ce ; all gamblers in tho
Fcxoo Inlands; all stumblers in Tripoli ;
ill enrievjs men in Pekin ; all shoe
makers in Iiootnu ; aUooldiers in Arme
iia or Warsaw.
-A Brussels paper gives a painful
iceouut of the ex Empress Charlotte of
Mexico. Her physical condition is good,
mt her mental condition is boneless.
?5ho lives iii constant communication
ivith imaginary boingn, and dislikes the
sreserco of any living person. She
.ponies only when obliged to do BO, and
^ivts orders to her attendants in writ
ng. Sho dressos hoiself without per
mitting assihtance, takes a fixed walk in
'.ho pork every morning when find, fre
juently ploys on tho piano-forte, and
lometimes draws and paiuts with de
eded tasto. Slio recognizes no visitors,
:iot even her brother, King Leopold or
,ho queen. Tho latter always accom
panied the physician on hiB monthly .
yisit, whoo, in reply to his inquiries as
lo her health, the empress ooldly soys
dio is well, and immediately rotires.
?iilio hus become stouter, and shows a
tendency to corpulency, lint at present'
it is Btated that this has only iucressed
lier beauty, which is now truly strikiug.
-It has boen justly Biiid that tho
greatest discovery of our lives is that
Ibo world is not so bad as, iu tho flrst
3i; appointment of youth's extravagant,
expectations, we aro disposed to regard
it. The passage from boyhood to man
hood is "over tue bridge of sighs ;" and
our first experiences of lifo as it is,
resemble tho flavor of tho forbiddon
apple-we aro enlightened and misera
ble. Gladly would wc command the
secret of feeling ?ts w*J once did ; but,
alas, every doy takes from us somo
happy error-some charming illusion
never to return. Wo ore reasoned or
ridiculed out of all our jocund mistaken,
till wo aro just wise enough to be miser
ai )lo, and we exclaim with Lady Mary
Worlley Montague, "To my extreme
mortification I find myself growing
wiser and wiser overy day." But a
time conn s, at length, when our views
aro moro just. Wo leave our imaginary
Eden w?h " solemn step and slow," and
begin to appreciate tho good qualities
bf those whoso friendship wo thought
hollow, and tho necessity of that labor
which ?re deemed a curso. Wo ex
cbango ecstasy for content, and, "for
getting the four rivers of our ideal
heaven, open our oyes to the manifold
beauties of earth-its skios islanded
Htnrs, and its oceans starred by islands,
its sunshines and enlms, and the good
ncss of its preot heart, wbiob Rends
forth trees nuil flowers and fruits for
our benofit and exultation."-Profctfvr

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