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E. A. WEBSTER. Editor and Proprietor. A Weekly Paper Devoted to Temperance, Literature and Polities #. J
CTIIUB FU?TJD wants tho modest sum
of ten million dollars from tho British
government for his Pacific caldo, and
tho probabilities are that ho will got it
Boonor or later.
THE United States has now become
tho greatest silver producing country in
tho world, tabing precedence of oven
Mexico, which has heretoforo been sup
posed to fnrnish two-thirds of tho total
supply. _
A "WHITER in Blackwoods Magazine
conclusively calcul?t cn that if tho pub
lic debt of tho civilized world goos on
increasing at ifs present rate, in a quar
ter of a century tho entire rovcnuoH of
all thc nations will bo insufficient to
pay tho interest thereon.
Fou sonic reason, best kno wn to them
solves, tho English riflemen will not let
tho American team competo for tho
Elcho shield at "Wimbledon. Tho dis
patch says ihoy aro willing . to Jiavo a
sp?eial match, to bo shot between tho
Americans aud eight selected from thc
throe Euglish teams.
IT is feared that tho new direct
cable is a failure. Though some time
has elapsed since ita completion was
aunouuco.1, it cannot bo learned that
any aigmds havo boon transmitted.
This would provo a great misfortune, as
tho othor can hardly do moro than half
tho businoss offered.
TnB government of tho little kingdom
of Greece, being without money, has
hit upon an oxccllent means of defray
ing the exponscB of its foroigu diplo
matic service It has sent a letter to
each of its legations abroad, informing
the honda of thoso legations that thoy
aro at liberty to ormtiuno to manage
affairs as heretofore, provided they de
it at their own expense !
FRENCH journalists maintain thal
England must raiso a bigger army il
who wants to exert any influence iu
European affairs. A hundred thousand
regular troopB aro a mero bagatelle
compared with tho immouso armies ol
tho present day. England is too neal
tho continent, thej' think, td bo indif.
fereut to complications iu Europear
ANOTIIKR American shootist is loose
iu England. Wo refer to Bogardus, ol
Illinois, tho champion pigeon slayer,
Ho yesterday boat au unhappy English
man matched to shoot with him, auc
now, of course, ho challenges all Eng
land, twirling his doublo-barrcled shot
gun in tho faeo and rubbing it nndei
tho nose, as it were, of John Bull. W<
wish Bogardus would como home. Hi
is rather rubbing it in.-Cincinnat
Tun Guolphs end Uhibbelines of tin
Cherokee nation havo succeeded in get
ting up twenty-seven murdor cases
which were recently tried before th
United States district court at For
Smith, Ark. Aa a result of tho trial
seven of tho semi-civilized will b
hanged in a batch on tho third day o
September. This will bo tho larges
wholesale hanging since tho excoiitio:
of tho thirty-three Sioux Indians ri
Maiikato, Minn., in 1862.
THE recent abrogation of thre
articles of tho constitution of tho Gel
mau empire which brings tho Boma
Catholic church in Germany iu com
plete subjection to the government, an
tho severity of the Falck laws passe
in 1873 are showing results in tho High
of German ecclesiastics to tho Unite
Stntcf?. The telegraph announces th
arrival in New York of a largo numbc
of priests and nunn, who proposo t
Bottle in Illinois, where Bismarck au
Dr. Falck eau not curtail their eccles
nstical freedom. Tho Prussian ?coles
nstical bills, in eflect, bnnish ever
Bonum Catholic from Germany.
THE ravages of tho small-pox aro ii
crossing in New York, and it is also ri
ported that there is greator duuger tim
usual this summer of a visitai ion <
yeilow fever. | Tin's disease is said to I
racing with great virulence throughoi
tho West Indies, and many capes hn\
been takcu to Key -West, Fla. Tl
Reason has boon peculiarly adapted I
Ibo spread of yellow fever in Cuba, i
there hoy? been none of tho usual coli
heavy galen called " Northers," whit
have acted as a cheek to th? spread i
the disease. VCHKOIS aro now duo
New York from ports where yellow fov
is known to be raging.
TUE San Francisco Chroniclo predie
a heavy Italian immigration into tl
United States, and a consequent acer
feion to tho number of orgnn-grinde
and plaster-cast vendors. Hithorto t]
Italians havo been'pouring intoUrrigin
. 'md tho Argentine Republic, lim Itnlii
population tbore now numbering a half
million aouls, and constitutiug the chief
bnsinesB element. Tho unsettled stato
of affairs, however, in these countries,
has led tho emigrants to turn their at
tention to tho United States. And tho
Chroniclo cites tho fact that an Italirtu
agent has recently been buying largo
tracts of laud in California for his coun
trymen to settle upon during this year.
THE postoffico dopartment is muck
pleased with tho system of demanding
tho prepayment of newspaper postage,
and will, at tho beginning of thc next
congress, at ouco endeavor to secure
tho repeal of the law in rolation to
poBtago on transient matter in tho
mails. Tho law rogulatiug tho pay
ment of postago, will, howoycr, bo r?
tuinod. It has been found that, al
though the rat? has been reduced, tho
department now receives aa much as it
did^wlien it' had "a higher rato, but col
lected tho postago at tho oflice of de
livery, which leads to tho melancholy
conolusion that BOUIO of tho postmas
ters are not as puro and honest in tho
dischargo of their duty as they should
be. _
THE death of General F. I\ Blair,
which occurred last week, was not un
expected. Ho had been iu ill health
for two years, and was recently sup
posed to havo received somo benefit
from transfusion of blood, but bis
friendB had litClo hope of his ultimate
recovery. As a soldier he made con
siderable reputation during tho war,
and was tho domooratio candidate for
tho Vioe-Prc8idenoy in 18G8 on tho
ticket with Horatio Seymour. Ho. fig
nrcd little in politics afterward, though
no appeared in tho Cincinnati conven
tion of 1872 to nominate Horace
Grooley. At tho timo of his death, ho
was Btate iusuraueo commissioner* of
Tnn American rifle team will prob
ably shoot at Wimbledon range, near
London, beforo their return.' If - they
succeed there as at Dollymouut, there
will bo a growl from John Uull, for hw
hates to be beaten. Wimbledon wns
established about fifteen years ago'
and at tho grand opening Queen Vic
toria fired tho first shot, and put her
bullet through tho bull's eyo at 100
yards. But then any womau could
havj done tho same thing, as tho queen
sat cosily in a luxurious arm chair, and
pullod n silver cord which pulled a
riflo trigger, sixty yards off, tho rifle
it?elf haviug been sighted for her and
fixed immovably in a viso for this
especial occasion.
THE Toxans of tho border will cer
tainly enjoy a briof respite from deso
lating cattle raids just now while tho
Mexicans on tho Rio Graodo aro at
loggerheads about tho arrest; and incar
ceration of Cortina. Tho dispatches
iudicato a high d?greo of oxcitemont in
Matamoras, which doubtless extends
measurably throughout tho stato of
Tamaulipas. Tho capturo of their
leader is regarded is an undue inter
ruption to thoir smuggling operations
by tho peoplo of Matamoras and vicin
ity, and President Lerdo evidently has
an insurrection ou his hands which will
require tho preseuco of moro troops.
Matamoras, where tho troubles now
center, is immediately opposite Browns
ville, Texas, and contains a population
of about 12,000. As an effort will bo
made to carry Cortina to Vera Cruz, n
conflict between tho citizens and tho
Mexican troops is probable.
DISPATCHES from thc Black Hills
geological expedition indicate that near
Hamey's Peak gold has really been
found iu paying quantities. Tho cor
respondent of tho. Now "^ork Tribuno
accompanying tho expedition writes
that, after tho party entered tho unex
plored region from the e?flt. they struck
a . granite formation and gold-bearing
quartz) besides Unding gold in flakes in
tho gulches. Prof. Jenny, Lieut. Mor
ton and 3*>r. Laue, of tho government
expedition, aro said to bd satisfied that
gold, exists thero. Whether it will bo
found in suflioient quantities to fill tho
pockets of tho thoiiHauds who aro wait
ing to crowd info tho hills, makes no
difforence. The peoplo will go, in spite
of restrictions, and possess tho laud ou
the" mero intim?t iou that gold is there.
If Gen. GuHtar had never rambled in
that vioiuity, ,tlm Indians to day might
bo resting in secure possession of this
refreshing and rich oasip.
-Our rillomon did not figure to po
gdod advantago in tho contest for the
all-Ireland ohallengo shield, as in tho
international match. In tho former
ouly four of each team were engaged.
It seems moro and moro probablo that
tho anccoss of our team last -Tuesday is
duo to tho equality (n capacity of the
members. As -a whole, tho tenm will
bo hard to beat, but theie are four or
five Irish marksmen who aro fully tl o
equals ol our bose.-.Mew York Tfilmno,
Where, whore Bro ?ill tho bints (hot faUR
A hundred years aqo?
Tim Rowen that all In beauly l|iraug
A hundred year* BRO 7
Tho f i j . ; that smiled.
Tho oj ci Unit wild
Tn Hashes aliono
Sufi eves ll poll :
Wliero, O where uro lip? and eyes.
Tho maiden's smiles, the lover's ??nhs,
That lived HO IOIIR aj?o ?
Who peopled all tho city HlrootH
A hundred yearn nun 7
Who Ulled tho chip ch with faces mock,
A hundred years npn?
Tho Mieerlni: tale
or slPter Trail ;
Tho plot that worked
A brother's hurt .
Where, O whero aro plots and sneer",
Tho poor man's hopea, the rieh ma i's fears,
That lived so IOIIR BRO?
IJcvlcc of Two (.lever Swindlers.
lu Morell, 1850, thoro arrived nt Con
stantinople, by tho Austrian Lloyd's
stearjier Vorw?rts, a nobleman styling
himself Count Steffano Perrngi.
He took a suit of rooms at Mesirio's
faBhiouablo hotel in Porn, and by Iiis
lavish stylo of living soon became thu
contre of attraction. Ho said that he
wan a colonel of tho Austrian Imperial
Guards aud a member of the Diet. Ho
had come to Turkey on private govern
ment affairs, and was furnished with
numerous introductions to tho different
foreign ambassadors and morchant
A month after his arrival, ho headed
a rubscription list with tho sum of
.{.'5,000, piastores, in aid "of Madame
Sophio Cartenagg, tho widow of tho lute-,
M. Cartenagg, formerly banker of Ber
lin, who, by tho sudden death of her
husband, found herself in n strange
laud, with her three youug children,
destitute of support." Tn some such
nimmer ran the heading of tho subscrip
tion list.
Count Porragi humanely took upon
hiiusolf tho task of solioiting the sub
scriptions, and, incredible ns it may
seem, collected the sum of .C5,000 in
about twenty days !
Ono morning Perragi suddenly disap
peared. Suspicions having arisen, the
police authorities were instructed to
lind out M'mo Cartenagg. But, alas
for humau credulity ! the police swore,
by the board of Mohammed, thnt M?
dame was a myth, ned tho Crescent
City knew her not I Done, by Jove !
Dono to the tuno of ?5,000 ! Thus cudi;
the brat net in this strnuge dratau.
Now for the second act. Not far from
tho Cafo do Paris stands the shop of
MM. Degrnnt Brothers, diamond brok
ers to his imperial majestv the Bultan.
Opposite to this extensivo depot of pre
cious stones stood tho pharmacy of Dr.
Jacob Valpnss. Five minutes' walk
from these two establishments stands
tho Hotel do l'Europe.
In tho latter placo, M'mo Estollo
i Dourest and her sickly ron, Albert,
had hired a magnificent suito of rooms
for tho wiutor. She was a quito
melancholy sort of a Indy, and about
thirty. All her thoughts seemed cen
tered in her boy. But oh ! bow sur
passingly lovely she was ! They say
that tho waiters of the Europe made
quito a handsome thing out of her by
allowing sundry "sparks" to peep nt
madame through tho kcy-holo, us she
sat in her elegant morning costume nt
breakfast. She paid her bills regularly,
saw no visitorp, and received no letters.
So muoh for mndnme.
M.. Degrauti junior (tho jeweler),
was n rnthcr fnst young fellow, very
rich, aud very fond of boises. Tho
elder brother, at tins time, WAS absent
in Puris.
. Dr. Jacob Valpass was a mau of
thirty-two, and considered very clever.
His father lind loft him some consider
able property, but, as lie was passion
ately devoted to his profession, ho still
continued in prnctice. Wo havo now
Btiflioiontly describid tho four principal
actors in the drama.
It was after ton o'clock ono night,
cud Dr. Valpass sat in Iiis study. A
person requested to seo him. A tall,
deeply veiled Indy entered. Dr. Vnl
pues politely offered lier n chair, and
asked her tho nature of her business.
With a deep sigh, sho threw back her
veil, and tho doctor's weaker human
half surveyed that dazzling beauty in
bewilderment. She told her story in
a quiet, brief manner. t3ho had un only
son on whom she doted passionately.
Ho was subject to tits of monomania.
And, most extraordinary as it might
seem, his desires to lay in tho fact Unit
nothing but diamonds placed about
him would satisfy his craviugs. She
had consulted the best medical men in
Europe, aud they prescribed chango of
scene. Sho had traveled a grout deni,
but without any.salutary effect upon
her boy. Hbo had boen advised to cou
suit Dr. Valpass, and, ns her son had
jiibt recovered from one of those pe
riodical ti's, slio earnestly requested
liiin to visit bor nt tho Hotel de l'Eu
Dr. Valpnss took charge of this curi
ous caso, and soon became very inti
mate with Madame Dourest. To be
brief, poor Vulpast. fell deeply in love,
and a month niter their ncquaiutnnce he
proposed to her, and was accepted.
Thus stood matters in Deeembir, 1851,
and so closes the second act.
Tho last scone onons on tho 4th day ot
January, 1852. Dr. Vfdpass was put
ting on his gloves preparatory to enter
ing hia enrriugo, when bo saw Iiis afli
ancell brido rushiug madly toward him.
Ile ran ont and met hor.
" What is t:io matter. Estollo ? "
"Oh, ho is worse ! Oh, como to him !
como to him!" cried tho frantic
" Ono momont ; step into tho oariago;
I will bo with yon immediately."
He crossed over to tho establishment
I of Messrs. Degrauti,
" Let ino have that diamond nook
lac?, these brncolotH, thin brooch ?iud
these rings. Quick, Degrauti ! I ara
in. n burry. I only want them for un
44 But doctor, theso uro worth mil
! lions, and-" returned thc jeweler,
I l uther at a loss what to do.
! . 14 Qivo me peu, ink and paper. Herr
I ?H my note of baud for tho articles,
j How much aro they worth ? "
" At a rough calculalion, live mil
? lions of francs."
44 Very well ; hero you ara Now,
I quick, the articles."
Ten minutes after tho doctor and tho
madame reached tho hotol, and fonud
Albert in tho arms of two domestics,
i-Tho medical man took charge of the
lyolling boy nud dismissed tho servants.
Ho drew forth his treusures and placed
, them about tho boy. It was wonderful !
. Tho boy duneed with glee, clapped his
? hundt), and gradually became pacified.
Ho then slowly loft the room with dowu
; cast head. Tho enraptured mother
: flung herself into the arms of her savior,
and, with tears, in her beautiful eyes,
(hanked hjm from her h ?art. Thon fol
lowod ono long, delicious kies, and tho
doctor was in tho Beveuth heaven of
happiness ! Madame excused herself
; for a moment and loft Valpass.
Half an hour elapsed ; un hour ; then
i tho doctor became iidge'y. Ho ap
proached tho door ; it was locked. For
another hour did tho dootor romain
quietly in tho room ; then a suspicion
(lashed Uko lightning across hi? brain.
He thundered at tho door, tho servants
cami: running up, the door was forced
open, madamo's sleeping room visited ;
but lo 1 tho birds had down !
Two years after Valpass recoived the
following noto :
441 think you for all your kindness.
And more so beoanso you wero tho vic
tim ! Kisses aro dear, yet the only one
I ever Bold brought a fair prico. It
took us nearly two years to mature our
plans. How well wo had calculated on
all things is manifest by our ultimate
; success. My husband, Count Steffane
; Perragi, desires to be remembered to
j all bin dear friendH nt Constantinople,
j and hopes that this second surprise may
bo of some value to them. Your ilia
: monds brought me live million france.
; Adieu I"
There waH no signature or date,
i And this was tho last of tho "Dia
mond Robbery." The thieves were
i never captured.
Making No Money.
Whilo tho eastern cotton manufactur
ers aro sutlbring seriously from tho gen
oral depression of business, the milla
! hero and at Augusta, Columbus and
? other southern points are also feeling
j its ( fi'ectB to a very noticeable degree.
Tho Augusta factory, which has been
paying regularly sinco the war dividends
of twenty por cent., and whose stock
j has sold for moro than $200 per share,
I has beou compelled to roduco its divi
idond first to sixteen per couf., then to
twelvo per cent., and on Wednesday of
last, week the board could only authorize
a dividend of oight por cent. Its gross
earnings for tho past six months aro
stated in tho report at $i>(>,00(), whilo its
expense account, taxes, interests, ro
pairs, and dividends amount to 307,000.
It is true tho company has a surplus of
$234,000 invested in a new mill, which
really represents tho profits made by
the corporation since it has been doing
business, in addition to tho enormous
dividends directly paid to tho stockhold
ers, and it is equally as truo that, with
a capital stock of 3000,000, tho company
has a properly which is valued at S8??H,
000. These ligures show that the cor
poration is in a prosperous condition,
but they also show that it has not found
much profit in manufacturing during
tho past twelve months. Orauitevillo
factory, which has been paying quar
terly dividends of four per cent., has
reduced them to two per cent. This
factory is also in a nourishing condition,
as its recent reports have shown, but it
cannot pay dividends whioh it does not
earn. Tho Langley factory, tho young
est of three, but ono which has been
most skillfully and successfully managed
since it commenced operations, takes
tho bull by tho horns and laconically
announces that 44 No dividend has been
declared by tho Langley Manufacturing
1 company for the past quurter as c tton
manufacturing luis been unprofitable."
-Nashville Union and American.
oughly three pints of corn meal, add a
half i 'int of molasses and water or milk
enough to make a thin batter ; into this
stir a quart of pifted ryo meal (not ryfl
flour) in ; whioh two teaspoonfuls of
yoast powder have boen mixed, add salt,
and do not hayo thc dough very stiff.
Pitt in a pudding pan with a tight cover;
sot into ii kettle of boiling water and
boil three, hours, meowing tho water
a-? fast as it wastes and keeping it
constantly at 212 dog. If yeast is used to
r.iibo tho bread instead of yeast powder
? or soda and cream tartar, tho dough
' must set till it begins to rise. Sour
! milk or buttermilk and soda may be
used instead of yeast. Thus boiled or
steamed, it hus no crust, and is a most
delicious dish for a hungry man.
-Tho Prince of Wales, tired of the
dull routine of English public dinners,
with the same bills of fare, the mono
tonous toasts and prolix Speeches, in
troduced smoking into tho programme.
Ho set tho fashion at tho last dinner of
tho Agriculturists, lighting his cigar
; almost us soon as tho feasting was over.
Of courte, he did not lack a following,
and soon tho prince's party wero whif
1 fing away contentedly, and proof against
i tho stupidest speeches that could bo
(made. Henceforth the postprandial
cigar will tie a feature of English public
I dinners.
Tho .Munnin liiisett? Connell Say Ho fiin.it
Swing-Par I lentara ot Hin Horrible
Atrocities Wlmt Conic or Heimln^
lilinc Novela.
?oslon Corrcupomlcuco of tti<> N. Y. Hornill.
Tho council yesterday, by a vote o?
live tt> four, authorized tho governor of
Massachusetts to issue bis warrant for
the execution of tho boy murderer,
JeBso Pomeroy.
Tho facts of the two murders com
mitted by this boy aro only too well
known. For months an immense presa
uro has been brought to bear on tho
governor and members of the council,
by parties in favor of meeting out to
Pomeroy tho full extent of the law
i. e. hnnging instead of commutation
of sentence to imprisonment for life.
.Delegation after delegation of ladies
(mothers in noarly all casos) have waited
upon mombers of the oounoil at
their homos, oflicos, on tho atroot,
at tho hotels while dining, nud even
iu etoreB when making necessary
purchases have they been besieged
by ladieR as soon as recognized as mem
bers of the governor's council, to cast
their votos in favor of hanging wlion
over his caso should como before tho
council for dual disposition. Hearings
to tho public havo been given at the
stato liouso before tho governor and
council on tho question of commutation
of sontonce, and most able arguments
have boon made, on both sidos, and yes
terday tho decision was made. In view
of this, I am committing no broach of
confidence whou I write you of certain
facts connected with this caso. Jesse
Pomoroy. is a moral monstrosity. IIo
murdered two small children for no
cause whatever. Ho did not rob them
of even a piu ; ho had no quarrol
with them, whereby his passions might
havo beon oxcitod ; he suffered no. re
vengeful feelings towards tho parents of
tho victims. Tho children and their
families were porfect strangers to him.
No cause for theso murders aro known.
Ho was visittd at tho jail where bo
hus been confined sinco Iris conviction
by members of tho council, who con
versed with him on tho subject of hi"
crimes. They found him to bo an un
usually bright and intelligent lad ; Ina
answers were given with promptness
and decision ; there was no wavering or
hesitation in thom, but right to tho
point. When asked how many murders
he had committed his quick reply was,
"Two, sir !" Ho was asked why ho
killed tho little boy, and replied that
"ho did not know." Ho said that "ho
was standing with others looking at tho
working o? a lire engine, when ho
noticed a pretty looking little boy
standing near. Ho suddenly asked the
little fellow if ho wouldn't take a walk
with him, and upon consenting, he was
led across marshes a distance of at least
a mile, when suddenly ho felt a flutter
ing in his head and mechanically he
tonk his pocket, knifo from his pocket,
rapidly opened it, and stabbed, stabbed,
atabbed it into his ?ilt?o victim, having
no consciousness of what he wns doing
at tho time, and never that day fully
realizing what ho had doue. That in
all tho time he was walking with the
boy bo did not have it in his mind to
injure him, his only notion in having
him with him was for companionship,
and it was only when Suddenly seized
with this uncontrollable imnulso that
bo did tho. deed, and it all occurred
within a minuto. Tho boy was a pretty
child and that wus what attracted him
toward him."
THU MURDER OF rm: nrrrnK <r?ii
When asked about tho circumstances
of his killing tho little girl in Booth
Boston, ho said that "that morning his
mother und brother wero away or ou
gnged, and ho was obliged to attend to
the periodical store. Ho sat roading
awhile when a pretty littlo giri, whom
ho had never seen before, carno in and
asked for some papers. As soon as she
sjuko this terrible feeling all through
him, with tho Muttering in his head,
came over him, and he replied, "they're
down.cellar,". Unsuspectingly she opon
ed tho door and passed down the stairs,
Pomeioy immediately following, draw
ing bis knifo as he went. As BOOU as
tho bottom was reached he placed his
left hand over her mouth, drew her head
back toward his shoulder, and with the
kuife in bis light, hand euther throat
aud she. was dead in a minute. Nol
three minutes had expired from the
time he first laid eyes on tbe little girl
beforo she was dead.
Pomeroy luis boen a close- reader pf
dime nov?is and; yellow-covered litera
turo until, as ono of thc gentleman
slated in his argument beforo the coun
cil,- " his brain was turned, aud bib
highest ambition was to bo tho 'Texas
Jack'of South Boston."
of thia city received from a brother
physician, in a neighboring city, a few
days since, a human hoart, which has
attached to it a most rcmarkablo story.
The mau from whoso body tho heart
was taken attempted to commit suicido
by stabbing himself with a knife. Tho
weapon penetrated the heart and eut a
gash entirely through it. Notwith
standing this tho mau lived for thirty
days af ter wards, and would probably
havo survivi d for many years had he
not risen from his bed and got on a
drunk. While in an intoxicated con
dition ho diod. Tho hoart is now in the
museum of tho Georgia medical college.
-Augusta (On.) Chronicle..
-Tho Ni igara hackman hasoneomoro
como to ? ho surface. Ho drovo a young
couple to a clergyman's house, officiated
as "best man" for tho bridegroom,
drove tho pair buck to their hotel, and
thou called upon tho clergyman to di
vido tho fee with him.
My bird lot IOOHO in far-off slues,
Whon haat'ning fondly homo,
No'or stoona to earth her whig, nor fiioa
Whoro imo warblora roam.
Hut high Him alioota through air and light,
Above all low delay.
Whoro nothing earthly boanda her flight,
Nor shadow di mn her way. |
So grant mo, God, from overy care
And Btaln of passion froo, '
Aloft through virtue's purer air,
To hold my ooureo to theo !
No am to cloud, no luro to stay
My noni as homo eho BpringB ;
Thy aunshino on hor joyful way.
Thy f roodom on her winga.
-At Middletown, Del., an immense
peach refrigerator is to be built, capable
of holding 200,000 baskets of fruit,
which the projector guarantees to keep
by a peculiar freezing process for six
-The first femalo lawyer adiuitted to
the bar of Ohio has proved a dismal
legal f ai luro. The baby is doing well
however, and if the clients can wait,
their cases may possibly come around
all right.
-Aftor all tho street-oar conductors
who havo committed suicide because
their honesty was doubted, the .New-.-.
York companies now find that they have
saved over a million dollars by the use
of the boll-punch.
-Tho Tennessee river went through
tho Btrange freak of rising some
eighteen inohes and then ebbing uhd
flowing like the ocean for about four
honrs, at London, Tenn., the other day,
and nobody can tell what was tho matter
with it.
Timo Floodom* topsido gloat big hill
Spload out him pidgin-lag on wing,
linn lip-hang-alani blue night-dless spile,
And hull clowd tip-top flooceman hiing.
ON HAMO, Olalk etloet.
*Fleodom alla nam bin-la Chinen ; alla hamo,
mako whatploasoe.
-Honey comes originally from the
roots of plants, and undergoes processes
during the formation of tho flower, and
that which is gathered np by the bees
is an excesa, and not essential to the
development of tho fruit or flower. If
not saved by tho hoe it would waste its
sweotnoss on the desert air.
-The present rage in Paris for floral
decorations ns a part of femalo embel
lishment is such, that to look at some of
the ladies as they move along, one would
imagin? that they had poked their head
and waist through a bed of garden flow
ers, and wore bearing off the spoils over
half thoir persons. '
-A Salt Lake City Mormon gives to
the world tho following remedy : "If
yon have children with red hair, give
them warm, fresh milk from a Texas
cow. It will euro it for certain to a
black." If somebody will lend -us*?
Texas cow and a baby with rod hair we
should like to try it.
ly Mr LOVE.- ?
If my lovo andie :
DO twinkie Btarp, through nights by moona
made gold ;
Ho lamisc?nos beam 'noath Bummer suns un
If my love langh : . 1
Ko i lav in aong glad waves along white BandB ;
So harps bf loaves laugh 'noath .'Eolian hands.
If my lovo apeak : \ . j
So ring tho morry voicoa of the wood?,
Thal choor aliko sunshine and solitudes.
If my love blush :
So rcorriing (IUBIIOH ap the dimpled skies ;
So ovo'u carnation with tho twilight dies.
If my lovo woop :
So fall tho crvHtai toars of night in dew.
Skien woop that earth may bloom more fair
and new.
If my lovo lovo:
Sn bliHH leaps gladly from blost heart to heart ;
Nor lifo nor death shall find oar sonia apart.
-At the Central market yesterday a
long-haired man mounted a box and
commenced: "My friends, who hath
redness of eyes ? The drunkard. Who
hath woo ? The drunkard. The Lord
sent us pure cold water. There's noth
ing like w-." At that moment a boy
who was throwing water from tho gar
den-hoso used around there noeidently
turned the stream against the stranger's
back, and ho jumped down and said it
was a cas? of assault, and ran after a
warrant. He said that no human being
could throw cold water over him with
out being mad o to suffer for it.-Detroit
free Prc an.
-If yon dre" well, lot yourself alone.
Ono of the great errors of tho age is, we
medicate the body too mnoh. More
persons are destroyed by eating too
mnoh. Gluttony kills moro than drunk
enness in civilized society. Tho best
gynmasinm is a wood yard, a clearing,
or a coru field. A hearty langh is known,
the world over, to be a health,pfbmoter;
it elevates tho spirit, enlivens the circu
lation, and is marvelously contagoous in
a good sense. Bodily activity and
bodily health aro inseparable. If the
bowols are lose, lie down in bed, remain
thero and eat nothing tmtil you are well.
Tlio three best modroines in the world
aro warmth, abstinence and repose.
i-" Is this tho post-office ?" inquired
a stranger tho other day as ho approach
ed tho stamp derk's window. " It is,'-'
wai tho reply. " And yon have stamps
hero?" "Y?s, sir." " Will you-be flo
kind as to please sell mp one?" "I
will." "I'm very sorry to have t?
bother you," continued* the stranger
while the olerk was testing off the
stamp, " Vint I want to send a letter out,
and I hope yom'll excuse me." " That's
all right,** rushed the olerk. " Yes, I
bolievo rt is all right," said the stranger.
" I'm a th o na und times obliged for your
courtesy, and now I want to beg one
moro favor. 'Can I mail this letter
hero ?" " Why of course." " Can I?
Hero, give me your hand, young man I
I've lived, around and about for over
forty years, and I've seen hard times.
I ain't used to this sort o' kindness, it
goes right, to my heart 1"-Free Pre**,

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