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SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1875.
City Directory.
MAYOR. - - J?ab W. Moseley;
CLERK. - T. I?. Wolfe.
TREASURER, B William son . ?
ALOKUMKN,-Henry Washington. J P. I
Harley, li. Williamson. T. D. Wolfe i
POSTMASTER. - A. Webster. !
Thomas Phillips, pastor. Services, (mim
ing, afternoon und evening.
BAPTIST.-Kev. Mr. Nnrri?. pastor
Services, lirgt Sunday evening, ami Mic
second and fourth Sundays, morning,
and evening
METHODIST (south).-Kev. Mr. Cam
pbell, pastor. Service? mnridug and
evening. Sunday-school, 9 A. M.
evangelist. Scr\ ices, mor td nu* and after,
tioon. Sunday-school. 9 1-2 A. M.
EPISCOPAL -First and third Sundays.
Morning and afternoon.
pastor. .Services, morning IO 1-2. even
lng at 7 o'clock.
The passenger trains on Hie S. C.
R. R. will pass through Orangeburg
as follows :
Day, from Charleston, 9.-48 a. m.
41 from Columbia, 7.30 p. m.
Night, from Columbia, 11.53 p. m.
" from Charleston, 2 20 a.m.
TOW r*i CllIEll.
From 8 o'clock A. M. to 2 P. M.
From 3 o'clock P. M. to G P. M.
Goods received and delivered only
in office hours.
March 12, 1875.
Teachers and all other parties who
hold legitimate school claims against
this county, due prior to November,
IH73, will please report them imme
diately at my office, for registration.
School Commissioner.
-Florida killed 10,000 alligators
for their hides last year.
-We arc gratified to notice that
Capt. Izlar is again able to attend to
to his professional duties.
-Mrs. Mortimer Glover died ver}'
suddenly yesterday morning. Tho
afllicted family have the heartfelt
sympathies of their many frieuds.
-Thc crops arc suffering terribly
from thc severe drougth, anti, un
less we have rain very soon, will
prove a faiiure.
-S. R. Mellichamp and family re
turned yesterday from a short visit
to the country, where they have been
da3-s at the Saratoga regutta, were
made of paper, and these were
the only contesting boats built of that
-Thc books of the Auditor's oflke
are closed anti those who have failed
to make their tax returns will stiller
to the amount of fifty per cent, pen
-The old flag of Orr's Rifles,
which was in the Public Library at
Atlanta, has been returned by Capt.
Herbst, its faithful guardian, to Col.
Miller, of that regimint.
-Mr. Carrington, who was for
many years secretary and auditor of
the Greenville ond Columbia Rail
road, died in Columbia at the age of
sixty years.
-Mrs. Lizzie Pettit Cutler de
clared in a recent lecture on 'Flirts of
Modern Society,' that 'it is always
the noblest and best men who are
ruined by the flirt."
-Flics arc the scavengers of vitia
ted air, where they fatten on thc par
asites that settle upon them in myri
ads ; while they grow lean and starve
in a pure atmosphere where their fa
vorite game is scarce.
-Wc hear conflicting accounts
with reference to the condition of J.
Felder Meyers. Some say he is bet
ter, and some say worse. From all
accounts we judge that with due pru
dence on his part, and good care, he
will recover.
-The Cotton States Congress at
Raleigh make, a sensible recommen
dation to planters: To raiso thci
own provision. It is now well de
monstrated that no planter can buy
his corn and meat and keep out oi
thu la nd Li of thc blieri?'.
-There's no longer any use in
talking war talk, north or south. The
people have discovered that there is j
something else ami something better
to do, and they are giving their at
tention to thc better work. It is hu
miliating to the prophets of evil, bul j
there is no help for them.-Boston
A d vert isa r ( Rep u bl (ai n ) .
-Terrible floods have occured in
France during the last ten days. The
loss of a thousand persons is report
ed, and the loss to property estimated
at 875 000.000. Inundations have
also occured in Uolluinia, Moravia,'
Ty roi ami tiamat, with considerable
lusa of life and property.
-A game of baseball, the third
of the aeries, was played at Lewis
ville on Monday, between the Rattle
snakes of that plt.ee and thu Blue
stockings of Orangeburg. Our buys
were bailly beaten, ami think they
did not receive very magnanimous
treatment from the victors.
- Mr. James ll. Sitnonson, ol
Union, om* of the Ko Klux prisoner5,
arrived in Columbia, Friday, on his
way home, from an imprisonment of
three years and a half i ii the Albany
-Rowell's Newspaper Directory
shows the failure ol' one thousand
newspapers in this country during
thc last year, the loss to publishers,
subscribers and advertisers amount
ing to over a million dollars, the
Republic of New York, ?dune losing
halla million.
Capt. Vuse's and Mr. Blackwood's
stores were both robbed on Wednes
day night. Capt. Vosc lost about
sixty dol?ais in change, nothing else
having been disturbed. Mr. Black
wood lost some money and a consid
erable amount in slock.
-The postmaster requests us to
state that letters Btaniped with a
stamp, cut from government-stamped
envelopes aro unniailuble. But if
the envelope has been spoiled in di
recting they will be redeemed, if they
appear to have never been sent
though the mail.
-An arrangement has been made
to unite the Anderson Intelligencer
and Anderson Conservator under the
name of the Anderson Intelligencer.
The new firm promise to enlarge and
improve the paper, and, working
double team, they can make it at
least the equal of any other weekly
news-paper in thc Stale. We pre
sume that Cul. Hoyt and Mr. Mur
ray will be the editors.
-We have had a fearful spell ol
weather during the past week, tin
thermometer ranging among the nine
ties every dav, ami hap gone up as
high as 102" in the shade. Tin
News and Times of last week stall?
it had been as high as 900 J. This
probably was in the vicinity of tin
oilice of the Nws and Times, am
conclusively shows that its devil ol
i i s editor must occupy ? place of con
venient conference willi his Satauit
-Mr. G. W. Whitehead, the for
mer proprietor of thc Orangehnri
Times, died at this place on Sunday
morning last. It will he remcmherei
that Mr. Whitehead gave up thc pa
per on account of ill-health, and lu
bas for some time lieen quite low will
consumption. Tlic funeral services!
took place last Sunday at the Bap
tist Church, and many wore presen
to pay this last tribu te to the mein
ory of thc deceased, who was highly
esteemed in our community.
-Last monday the jury in tin
Fin ker case rendered a verdict o
875,000 for the PlantilT. Judge Car
penter in his charge to thc jury, pni<
the following tribute to the frei
press : Free speach and a free pres
are inseparable from free government
and though both arc liable to b
abused, and honest men to he unjust
ly denounced, yet that is not only :
part of the price puni for liberty, bu
necessary for securing honest nm
and competent ot?lcials, and the prop
er expenditure of the trust fund raisci
from thc labor of thc masses for pull
lie uses.
-List of letters held for postage
and remaining in Orangeburg Pusl
office, July 24, 1875 :
Dr. W. B. Atkinson, Philadelphia
Pa.; Rev. A. Boyd, Orangeburg
Amie Branch, Orangeburg ; Mr. Pi
ter Cook, Orangeburg ; R. M. Cool
Augusta, Ga. ; Mra. Martha T)ur?u!
Lynchburg, S. U. ; M'as Harriet
Fiederick, Orangehurg ; Mr. David
Fink, Kingsville, S. C. ; Mr. John. C.
Goggins, Silver Street S. C. ; ?los.
W. Hilberts. Orangeburg; Mrs. N.
A. Harris, Guyton No. 3, C. R. R. ;
H. ii. Hooker, Burzela, Ga. ; Mr. A.
G. Hough, Oraiigeburg ; Miss Ada
line Jackson, Branchville, S. C. :
Aaron Kinsay, Branchville, S. C. ; j
Mr. Frank Luous, care David Fogle,
Fort Motte, S. C.; S. M. Peasoti,
artist, Lyle's Ford P. O. ; Misti Mat
lie Paddon. Greenville, S. C. ; Mr.
Danie) Quuulebnuui, Mrs. Mina Sim
son, J. F. Vernnee, Charleston, S. j
C. ; Mr. Cap?is Suv Inf, Orangehutg ;!
Mr. James Williams, Oxford, Ala.;
H. lt. Wainii.de & Co., l'liil: delphi:-, j
Pa ; Mr. Tin:. K Watiatuaker, Dar
lington, S. C. ; Mr John Wienges,
Fori Motu-, S. C.
- Mrs. Jane T. Butler, who died !
in Green villi; a lew days ago, had in
her veins truly hobie American blood.
She was Ibu daughter of Commodore ,
C. Il Perry und the sister ol' the rc-j
nowned Cotninodote O. li. Perry, of
the hattie ol L ike Fib* and "we have
met the enemy and they are ours"
lame; the mother of General M. C.
lintier, and a relative ol' many of thu
most distinguished families of Souih
Carolina. She had reached the great
age of eighty-four. She was boru in
Rhode Island.
changes-beautiful designs are just
out. ..Smith's Illustrated Pattern
Bazaar" is just out, and it is full ol'
the most brilliant illustrations of im
ported Pans and Vienna styles. As
Smith's Bazaar is the acknowledged
..authority" upon everything relating
to styles, those of our readers who j
have not subscribed for it ought to -
at once while they can do so, and get
the large premium now ottered. Send
only one dollar and ten cents to A,
way, New Yolk City, and he will j
mail his ..Bazaar" to you for one
year without postage, ami give you
One Dollar's worth of such patterns
as yon wish to select from his book.
FREE, as youi premium, or he will
give you your choice of one of his
beautiful chromos.
Smith's Bazaar is worth much
more than he asks for it without the
premium he oilers.
Literary Gem is a larne eight-paged
literary and family paper, devoted to
choice stoties. sketches, poetry, sen-!
timctit, wit, huno', &c, &C Every:
person soil''ing us ?Oc's, will receive j
the paper for one year, and as a pre-'
miintlin, we will send by tn:.il. post
paid, one of otir "Gein" premium
packets, contai tiing 12 sheets writing
paper ; 1*2 envelopes ; one penholder ;
one lead pencil ; one blank book ; two
steel pens, and a gift of ladies' or
gents' jewelry. Tlie articles are of
good quality, and cannot, be bought
at retail for tho price of both paper
and packet-in fad. I he prize is of
ten worth more than oOcts. Any
person Rending a doh of four and
two dollars, will receive the paper
and paeke< free. Remember, the pa
per a wlu le year, and premium
(with elegant prize) for ?O cunt?,
(and six cents for pi ?st as? e.) subscrib?'
umn. Address *'LITERARY GEM," St.
Louis, Mo. Agents wauled.
Complete Pictorial History of the.
Times"-The best, cheapest,
and most successful Family Pa
pev in the Union
Harper's Week ly.
Not icu oi the Press.
Th? Weekly i- thc littlest und most pow
erful illustrated periodical published in
ilii< country. Its editorials ure scholar!;,'
and convincing, and carry much wehrhr.
Its illustrations nf current twins ure lull
and fresh, and are prepared by our liest
desiirners. With u circulation ol 150.0(10.
i he WEEKLY is read hy al least half II
million imitions, and its influence us an
oi i;an of opinion ?> simply tremendous,
Tin* WEEKLY maintains a po-iiive posi
tion, expresses decided views itu political
anil social problems.-Louisville Chin it r
Its articles are models of hi h-toncd
discussion, and its pictorial illustrations
are often corro?i?ralivu arguments of no
small force.-.V. Y Examiner and Chron
Its papers upon existent questions and
its inimitable cartoons help to mould rle
sentiments of thu country.- Pittsburgh
T 10 IC M r-4 :
Postage free to nil Subscribers in the. U. S.
tiARPKK'n WKKKI.T, one year . . . ** '?
14.IM) iucltulcH prepayment ol U. S. poMage by
the piililisliera.
SitttHcrl|itii>nH to Harper'n Magazine Weekly,
timi Itazar, lo one iirlrlraMB for one y eur, ilO.OU;
or, mool Harper'* Periodical*, loone for ono
year, *7.00: i>oi?tago free.
An K\tra Copy "fcitl. -r tho Mntoizino, Weekly
or Itajnr will mi MU|ipllcii gratin for every ('lull
of Five Snb-rrihei n nt S .CH) each, in one remit
nineo; or, Six Copien for }.''M<1. without cxtia
copy. pitalnga freu,
flack Numbers can tieftVtnitlleti aunv time.
The Annuul Volume ol li irperV Weekly, in
neat cloth Mailing, will lui sent hy rxpriW, for
ol c-p-nn!. for 17.0t< ouch. A complete Mt.
omprining Eight**' n Volumen, sent on receipt
ol caul) ut lb? rato bf #5.*I6 per vol., freight nt ex
penne of purent*--er.
New. papern arv. not to cony thin a?lvciif>imicnl
?ritbnut diu cxprei-e orders ot IIAIO'KH Jt
Ui<urm ii. Addi t??
tl.Uirvit ?ltOTHrKH. y. ... y.'jh
190 King Street. Ch Heaton, S. C..
A N 1) I M PO ti IE itS OF
General Merchandise.
Nit Freight to Pay!
No freight to Pay!
Our prices arr below those of any oilier deni
er in thc t'nitrd Stater. No extra charges for
(lrayagc, boxing or freight
Wc prepay freight- und deliver pood* free nt
nny ill-pot on Hu- line ot the Yardi Kartern WU?
iningtun ami Columbia, Smith Carolina and
Charleston Billi Savannah Rilli Roads; also, to
all points in Smith Carolina, Georgia and Klori
ila having dirc.-t water communication with
Charleston. !
Terms-Srild rash or P. ri monoy order willi :
order, (?nolls shipped L. I). I). Alway enri?se ,
this advertisement with order il convenient,
Finest quality Vonnie Hyson Tea-quality un
Bur papped, C wpiisitc flavor, and HI length, il On j
per tb. Tni-? Tea ^penally reeoniineded. Finest I
quality Oolong Soilchoiig, Gnii|iowder, and j
I ly Killi Tens, s> I .O'* pei lb, Second quality Tens
S'"e. per lb. Third quill!ty Tens sold hy other
deniers nt >i per lb, you "can have delivered by I
us at Siic. per lb. Crushed .Sugar H'? lbs ; Pow
dered Silgar M', lbs ; Gi Mu Juted A illgar!'lbs.: j
Hilra C Migar, 9 lbs.; derided Itrown Sugar, ?
I"1, His.: and Crown Sugar. 1 lbs, lor ?I. I.in
ley's Peerless Family Kluiir, our own brand j
made frumpiest \ n gillin Wheat-and elegant i
article-"?o lbs, far ? f ur f'J per barrel, Goad I
Family Flour. .'I for jil, or I'.ftii per barrel, j
Extra ("huie Flllllilj Kliirore,) Ragged Hams,
. i;e; Go.ul limns, 13c, per lb. F.-tra L'h?icj
Itreaktnst Strips, IO'?c. per lb. Choir. Tumbler I
Jellies, large si/e, V? e. eaeh. -1 lb' Canned
Tomatoes, 13c eaeh; :{ lb Canned Tomntoes, 16c. \
each. I lb. Sal mun lKc. per can; -llb. Canned j
Pine Apple. Pearlies, Damsons, and Pears, "j:?c
per cati-fi nins for i,;to., Pest Ritality Mixed!
vineg-ir Pickles-pints, I7c. quarts, 27c eaeh; ?
gallons. 50e eaeh < oi.di-nseil Milk Kn-j
rekn, anti Ka?le I!ru nd. 25c. each Gantz
-?eufoani. 1-2 Hi- 25c.; per lbs. 50c. per
cnn Lemon Siigiil\ 4<k*. per can. Doo
ley's Yeast Powder. I Be.. 25c per can.
P.uglish Conking Soda, or Package Smlti.
I Ur. per lb. \ Boxes Sardines. 10c? 1-2
boxes Sardines. 35? eaeh. Sardines. 1-2
boxes. 25c. each. Cox's SparkMn tiela-!
tine. 20e. per pack. Dupers. 40c.; Olive.? j
50c; Woiehe.-tershire. Walinu audi
Mushroom Sauce?, ".cutline imported -Kb: j
per bottle. Imitaihiii Kreuch Mustard. I
20c. Genuine Kreuch Mustard, 25c.,
French Pi une-. 15c h'ai.-ins. 4Uc Cit- j
ron. 40. Curran H. 10c. Cheese 20c |
Kuil weight t'uiiilles. lirst quality. 23c> j
peilb. Maker's Chocolate. 45c per lb!
(.'..cm. "nie. per lb. Umina. OOo. per lh '
(Jernian Chocolute. 30c. per lb Ordi-i
nary H'm ( 'olli e. 1| lbs for ?1 ; choice Kio I
i oliee. I lili?, tor ?1; ehoicc Kaguaru
Coffee 3 1-2 lbs. lor ?1; Old Govern
ment .lava Coft'ee. 3 lbs. tor SI ; Koastetl
ami Ground ( oilVes, Tn:, additional, eaeh
tirade. Duryea'.* Starch, ii 1-2 lbs. for
SI Salin Gloss Si areli. 75c per box.
Corn Starch, 13 c per pack, box lt I uc
la;;. Xi>-. pei doZeli barley. 1.*) 1 2e per
Mi. Durhams Smoking Tobacco, 05. per
lb. Martin's Celebrated Gill Kdgo lfui
ter. ldc per lb. Gimlets Goshen Uniter.
'130 per lb. Good l'aide limier, 30c. per
lb. Cooking butter. 4 lbs. ?lbs., and ?
lbs. Inr SI
Ri-euit.s- Soda 12 lbs. for SI ; Kxtra
IMo*, 10c; Lemon. Wi.ie, Ginger and
hillier, ill 15c per lb.; Nie Xacs, 18c.;
Fancy ' likes. 25c per lb. black Pep
per., " 30e. pur lb ; Nutmegs, 13c. per
ounce; Mace. 130. per ounce ; Ginger.35c I
per ih. lioso ami Vanilla Flat Slick Gainly. ?
a line article' 25c per lb; Ordinary .-tick !
. audy. pure. 20c per lb; Kock ('audy
any color. 22e. per lb. Colgate's Toilet I
Soap-(ill ditl'ei ent kind-, u speciality of
ours, ?it manufactures prices- from 25c. j
to SI UU per do/.en cakes. Colgate's
Handkerchief Extracts, 50c per bottle, j
Cashmere lioquel Powder. 25?*. per box. i
( UcVelaiid's Pomade Vusuline. a Postura- j
live um-qualled for the hair. 20c per;
hollie. Old i urn Wli-kev. $1.8(1 per ?al- j
lon Pye Whiskeys. SI.nd. $3.00. andi
$4.00. per gallon, Blackberry and (.her-?
ry Cordial*, a p'e saut drink. SI .SH peri
''alloii. Table I*i?rl and Sherry Wine. ?
$2.50 pi?:. ?allon. Kine Old Madeira. SI. j
tit) per ?allon. Kn?li-h .I Scotch Ale. ;
porter: botiled. 2;30 pei- dozen, Bremen j
Lauer Beer, bon h il, S2.70 per dozen, j
Demijohns for Liquors, extra 1-2 ?allon j
30c; ?allon. 55c : 2 gallons. (Juc ; 3 gal- ?
gallon-. 7.">.; 5 ?r?lions, $1.00 each"
A very Kxien-ive Assortment of< 'rock
cry and (ila.--w.tre always on hand.
Plate:-Dinner - /.e. S 1.50 per dozmi ; j
Break lase SI 23; Deseii S LOU: Tea. 75c.
per doZeli. ? 'up- and Sliaecrs. SI 00 per j
set. Covered Di-hcs. 05c . 75o" and SI. I
00 eaeh Tlliulilui's. ?0.. 75.. $1.00. $1.23
ami SI 50 per dozen. Table Goblets.$| |
20. SI.50 82.00. .52 50. and $3.00 per
dozen. Wine Glasses SI.nu per dozen I
Kamp Chimney's Sun O ami A's. 1 for
25c ; B's 3 for 25c Sludeut or Argaud j
Cb hutleys 3 for 25e. Numberles articles I
iltllileulioiied. I nfornialion chetU'fullv I
?iveii- Our Una was established in I
1807 and our business reputation andi
facilities arc. of the highest onler WV
will dn all we premise. All ordeisj
should bc addressed lo
(.Key Box 184 ) 100 King Street j
< "II A it I.HUTON. S. C. j
. ?
CllA1tt.KSI.ON, S. C., Dee. a, IK"I.
On and aller this d i'e Ti ams on this Road
carrying thc C. S. Mails will I ? run, dully, ai
lollmvs .
Leave Charleston at 7 A. M. and fi P.M.
Arrive ut Chm lesion at il l"> A. M. and 7 P. M
On Sunda*. H no Trains ? ill leave at 7 A. M oi
ai rive at 7 P. M.
Passengers tor ChcraiV and Darlington Rail
road will leave at 7 \. M., and ari ive at 7 P. M. I
Passengers lor Columbia can leave li.? either'
Train, nr. iring at Columbia, hy Day Train, at
.VIO P. M and hy SLfhl Train ?it I \. M
I'ilSfl'llgera fur Ute Nm lb ran leave hy either
Tram, and will make rinse connections al r'lor
euee willi all Trains for thu Northern nn'i West?
ci n ("ines.
Sleeping Cars wil! br lound on thr Night Trains
foi Columbia and all points not tit of Mnrence.
March?7. General Ticket Agent.
Orangeburg County, May "?H,l?7?. )
the various townships of thit> county
arc requesterl lo meet at my offlee oil
thc Kith ol'June, 187?, at 11 o'elnck
A. M. precisely, aa lhere is business
ol'importance to be Irasacter).
Scliool C'otDUtissioncr.
AD VE RT 1 S K M ? IS T S .
There is soon to he a paper entitled ns
above, issued from this office, ?nd pub
lished in the hiterestsof the M. E.Church
in this portion of our work.
Since thc unwise removal of Hie
Charleston Advocate, our work has been
enlarging and extending lu this section,
and demands multiplying for a local or
gan. The Charleston Advocate was for
two years published in Charleston. It
was during this eventful period in the
history of our cause in the South, one ol
the most important auxiliaries of our
work. Its removal left a vacant place
here which has not since been filled. It
is an old saying, "that blessings brighten
as they take their flight." This was cm
phatically true ht reference to our lisper
t or this coast. Many were taken hy sur
prise at its sudden removal and were
anxious for its return. If we had been
as fully advertised of the wants and
wishes of the people in this section, be
fore the transfer of Unit paper to Atlanta.
(Ja., as wc were after it was done, lt
would never have gone from us. The
Methodist Advocate is a good paper and
ably conducted, but it ls too distant from
the Atlantic coast to meet our local wants
in this section. Our work on this coast
differs in some particulars from our work
in the section of Atlanta, or the valley of
the Mississippi. Its peculiar phases can
not bc met b}- those who live at a dis
tance from us, and are not conversant
willi thu exigencies and demands of this
section. The people will have greater
interest lor
Their Own Paper,
that lives and sympathizes with I hem I hun*
cnn be awakeded for one coming to them j
from a distance, and managed by colu-,
parat.ve strangers.
lt w'di be larger than thc FttEE CITI
ZEN, will be
Issued Ri-weekly,
at the low price of
Payment in advance.
Some of the ablest writers of our church
in this section will contribute to ils col
umns. Methodist Ministers of the M E.
Church, traveling and local arc atrents
tor this paper. Let those who read this
notice act at once in getting up a list of
All communications for the -litrocafe
should be directed to us. at this place,
Aug. 1S74. Orangeburg. Q. C.
Unquestionably the best sustained
work of tho kind ra tho W-rld."
Harper's Magazine.
Notices of thc Press.
The ever-increasing circulation of Ibis
excellent monthly proves its continued
adaptation to popular desire.* and needs.
Indeed, when wc think into how many
humes it penetrates every month, we
must consider it as one ol* the educators
as well as entertainers of the public mimi,
for its vast popularity has been won by
no appeal to stupid prejudices or deprav
ed tastes.-Button Gl?he,
The character which this MAGAZINE
posesses fur variety, enterprise, artistic
wealth, ami literary culture that has kept
pace with, if it has not led the times,
should eau-e its conductors to regard it
iviili justifiable complacency. It also en
tit les them to a meat claim upon the pub
lic gratitude. The Magazine bas done
irbnd and not evil ail the days of its life
Brooklyn Kugle.
Postage free tn ntl Subscriber* in the United
HAI KU'S MAGAZINE, one vrar . . . ft 00
il no includes prepayment of L'. S. poMngc by
die ptihliscrs.
Subscriptions to Hoper?* Magazine, Wceklv,
anil Itaziuir, lo nu*! aildrcas for mic year,SID (Mi;
or. two ol' Harper'* Perin.heals, to one address
for one year, $7.un: postage free.
An Extra Copy o' miller the Magazine, Week
ly, or Itnzttr win' be supplied gratia tor every
( lui. ut Five Sub?c.ribern at St.00 each, in o: c
remittance, or, .six (,'npiea for (30.00 without
extra copy : portage tree*
itack NiuniiciH can be Niipplieil nt anytime.
A Complete Sel m Harper'* Magazined now
rnmprUiUK io Volumes, in neat cloth binding,
will he sent by exprens, freight al e\pcn?e
ol' purc.luifcc.ri, lor S.VJ* per volume, single vol
ume-, by mail, postpuiiI, f:i. o. dolli CHM?, lor
binding) S! cents, by mail, postpaid.
Newspapers ate not lo copy (his advertise
nient without the express uniera of IIAIO-KII A
ItitoritEii*. Aihlreax
ll A PE It A UltOTIlEKS, New York.
Attorneys at Law,
Offices at Charleston and Orangebug.
S?r**Speclal attention given to tko col
lection of claims ami prompt return
Orangebnrg, March 20, 1875.
Commissioner Phillips has his office
days on Thursdays and Fridays of
each week. His examinations are on 1
the first Monday of euch mouth.
.ian. 3<Mf
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Land. -Argent,
Tbc undesigned has opened an office for th?
Prrnons having REAL ESTATE to dispose of
will do well to register the ?ame for ?air.
Large fa rut? subdivided and nold in either
large or entail parcel?.
Good tarni.? Tor aale at from two to five dollars
per acre, on easy terms.
l.tf Ornngcburg C. H., S. C.
Business faithfully and promptly at
tended to.
f??T OFFICE for (he present in with A. B.
Orangcburg. Jan. 23, 1875.
Merchant Tailors,
208 KINO STREET, Corner of Went
worth, CHARLESTON, S. C.
W EIt ST E it S ? N A BK I DG Eb
10,000 Words and Meanings not in
other Dictionaries..
3000 Ellura Vings; 1810 Pages Quarto.
PRICE 812.00.
WR commend it as a splendid specimen
ot learning, taste and labor.
[Montgomery Ledger.
Every scholar and especially every
minister should have this work.
[West. Pr es h.. Louisville.]
Best beok tor every hotly that the press
has produced in thc present century.
[Golden Era.J
toupet ior. incomparably, to all others,
in its definitions.
[lt. W. McDonold. Pres. Comb. Univ'y.]
Thc reputation of this work ls not con
tlned to America.
[Richmond Whig.}
Every family in thc United States
should have this work.
[Gallatin Rep.]
Remarkable compendium of human
[W. S. Clark, Prcs't Agrie.nl. Col.
1010 Pages Octavo. 600 Engravings.
Price 85.
??O TO 1.
The sales ot Webster's Dletionarle*
throughout the country in 1S73 were 20
times as large as thc stiles of any other
Dictionaries, in proof ol this wc will
send to any person, ott application, the
statement or more than 100 Booksellers
from every section of the conntry. " -
Springfield. Maus.
Publishers Webster's Unabridged.
Webster's Primary School Dictionary,
204 Engravings.
Webster's Common School Dictionary,
271 Engravings.
Webster's High School Dictionary,
207 Engravings,
Webster's Academic Dictionary, 344
Engravings. 4
Webster's Counting House Dictionary
with numerous illustrations anti many*
valuable tables not to be found elsttWiiere.
Published by 1VISON. BLAKEMAN?
TAYLOR & CO., New York.
Nov. 7 tf
( ll.Vltl.KBTON. S. C., Feb. IS, 1S7.V
On and after Titeada)', Keb rim ry U'th, thc fol
lowing chaiiK'ca in Schedule of this Road tail)
go into elici t :
Leave Charleston . . . ?.4-*> A M
Arrive at Columbia . . . l-'.'S I* M
Leave Columbia . . . 4.SO P Ai
Arrive nt Charleston . . . 11.45 I* M
Leave Charleston . . . Leo P M
Arrive at Charleston . . . 6.S5 A M
(Sundayn excepted.)
Leave Charleston . - . 7.?o r M
Arrive nt Columbia . . . fi 3" A M
Leave Columbia . . . 7.1ft I? Al
Arrive nt Charleston . . . 6.S5 A Al
Leave Charleston . . . S..10 P M
Ai rive at Charleston . . . a.So A M
The Columbia Dav Passenger Train?, which
leave at 7 A. M. and arrive at 11.30 P. M. wilt
(between Chai lexton and lira nen vi Ile) ?top only
at Summerville ami George*?. Tblb applies both
to the u)> and down tripa.
By thin new Se.he.iutc. a r.1ot>c connection will
be niado with the Chai lotte, CnlninMa and An
gusta Railroad at their Grouting near Columbia,
which will avoid the ttansfer through Columbia
and givu ti a? quick a nohedulo to Washington
and points North as bv tho other mute.
Sleeping Cars on it?l night train?. Baggage
checker, through. 57t>. SOLOMONS.
S. lt. PiCKEMH, G. T. A. Supctiatendeot.
rei?, r.

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