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E. A. WEBSTER. Editor and Proprietor. A Weekly Paper Devoted to Temperance, Literature and Polition.
THU rceent Ticean flood is swelling i
th? streams in a manaor calculated to
do much damago through the country.
MOODY and Saukey concluded not to
go to Paris, and will probably bo back
in tho United States by tho middlo of
EMIOIIATION to California foll off
uoarly throe-fourths in tho month of
June, which was lucky for tho stay-at
THE Baltimore American says tho
grasshoppers have mad o their appear
ance in Frederick county, Md., whore
clover and ryo crops aro particularly
THE Chincso have, for tho first time,
whipped tho Formosan savages. These
aborigines number 20,000 only, and yet
they havo kopt io terror about two
millions of Chinese settlers.
THE revenue officials have abandoned
tho idea of placing a revenue stamp no
every cigar, and smokers can still inhale
tho dreamful vapor without tho dis
comfort of tho burnt paper taste.
JAY GOULD intends to remain king of
Wall street. Ho proclaims his power
by allowing tho New York Tribuno to
publish the facts that ho owns 100,000
shares of tho Union Pacific stock. Tho
present vnluo of this amount of stock is
$7,500,000 ; bnt no doubt much of it is
bought with borrowed money, and hold
on n margin. Gould is of Jersey birth,
and ?B now past sixty. He was brought
up a leather dealer in what is called
"The Swamp."
OKDEUS havo been sent by Gen. Terrv
to the commander at Fort Randall, to
expedite thc departure of a cavalry
force at that point, under orders to
proceed direct to tho Black Hills, and
bring out all persons found thero with
out authority. Meantime, so far ns we
can observe, thc goid excitement seems
to have almost entirely died out.
THE monument for Edgar Allan Pro's
hitherto neglected gravo will bo com
pleted in October. A smnll stono half
a foot high and three inches square now
marks the poet's resting placo in tho
Balt'moro graveyard. The now monu
ment will be surmounted by a bust of
Poo, which is saul ' to bo an accurate
IN addition to tho shortago in tho
United States treasury caused by the
thoft of tho S-i.7,500 package, thero is a
81,050 shortago in tho redemption di
vision, which was discovered in January.
This was reported by treasurer Now
when ho took charge. Otherwise tho
funds aro all straight, and Spinner is to
bo congratulated.
APROPOS of tho recent shipment of
Florida fruit direct to Chicago, tho
Mobile Ilcgister says that, with some
improvement in railroad facilities and
proper co operation among the ship
pers, prudent and industrious farmers
,eonld realize moro from vegetable
gardens in Alabama in six weeks than
they could make in a twelve-month
upon au Iowa or Illinois farm.
THE British government lins fulfilled
its pledge to appoint a royal commission
to inquire into tho subject of vivisec
tional experiments. Tho instructions
; to tho commission aro to inquire into
the practico of subjecting livo animals
to experiments for s?ientiflo purposes,
and to consider and report what mens
ures, if any, it may be desirable to take
in respect to any such practice
Mn. JOHN Bmoirr writes thus sensi
bly to a Glasgow workingman : "A
. book, and not a small ote, might be
mado up of tho strange doings of the
trado unions. Monopoly is hurd to
tench, and I fear tho workingmen will
only loam through suffering, and they
may do mischief which cannot after
ward bo repaired.?' The advice applies
rquallywell in this country, and tho
recent Pennsylvania coal iro odes afford
an apt illustration of its truth.
KINO GEORGE, of Greece, seems to bo
in an unhappy predicament. His kiug
I dom is threatened with a revolution ; he
is unpopular, and nobody takes bis
hat off to him on tho stieets; tho
queen lins been insulted, and he is
afraid to go to the Hellenic Long
Branch, at Dckeleia, because be thinks
it "juito probable ho will not be able to
. get back into his capital again. Two
Kassian ships aro ready at tho Pirens
1 to carry him away in enso of a revolu
TnE trial of tho notorious John I)
Lee for complicity in tho Mountain
Meadow massacre of 1857 will not como
off until tho 15th inst. Tho difficulty
in this caso will bo that of obtaining a
proper jury, us tho Mormon element is
very strong and "''"prejudiced in Lee's
favor. Leo was indicted last Oetobor,
and tho witnesses against him will bo
persons who witnessed tho massacro
when children, soveuteen years ago, Leo
and his fellow-murderers having spared
that number. Tho Mormons claim that
tho Indians did tho killing, but this.it
is said, can be entirely refuted.
ON ASCOUH?OU Day there was a horri
ble row in .Terusalom between sumo
Greek and Armenian priests who had
boon allowed by tho Latins to malo;
uso of a chapel built over what is bo
lioved to bo tho Savior's footprint.
Tho quarrel aroso on a question of
precedence, and ended iu a light, Tho
priests went at it "tooth aud nail,"
lighting up und down tho sacred odiQco
with such fury that thoy had to bo sep
arated by Turkish soldiers. Two
Greek priests were wounded, and one
of tho sold ?ors, in trying to restore
peace, lost his eye. The 'Mussulman
population look upon tho.<o sectarian
shindies itt Jerusalem as peculiar illus
trations of the brotherly love which is
tho distinguishing mark of their Chris
Han fellow subjects.
Tun statue of Lafayette, tho gift of
tho French government to tho city of
Now York, reached that port on Wed
nesday. It is tho work of Frederick
Bartholdi, a native of Alsace, and. is
seven feet high exclusivo of tho pedi
ment. Thc project of its presentation
to New York originated with tho Thiers
governmont and nearly $30,000, gold,
was appropriated for its execution in
bronze, Tho Tribuno says tho design
of tho sculptor represents Gen. Lafay
ette in his twentieth year, at tho time
when ho joined tho continental army.
Ho stands upon a ship as if in tho act of
speaking, Iiis right arm is extended,
and tho left is thrown across his chest,
with tho limul grasping tho pommel of
his sword and a mass of drapery which
falls at his foot. Tho body is firmly
posed upon tho right foot, while the
left log ?8 extended, '."he head is
slightly turned to tho right. Tho statue
will bo placed in Central Tark, and tho
unvailiug will probably tako placo early
in the fall.
Mus. BEAVER is, or was, a materializ
ing spiritualistic medium. She gave eo
ancea in Boston of the Eddy and Katy
King kind, and was making dollars in
gror.t numbers. One night thero was
an unusually largo audience, and the
exhibition was uncommonly startling.
In tho dim light forms emerged from
tho cabinet, and some of them were at
onco recognized by persons present as
reanimations of dead relatives. At
length tho form of a child appeared at
tho doorway of the cabinet, and a woman
said that ?ho readily recognized it as
her baby that had died a few weeks be
fore. Then a young follow, full of
earthly realism, sprang forwnrd and
grabbed tho infantile form, and was
promptly knocked down by tho miin
who conducted thu show. Tho investi
gator held fast to tho baby, however,
which, upon examination, proved to
have oon materialized with rags and a
LOOK ont or moro earthquakes. An
examination of tho history of tbeso sub
terranean disturbfices shows that ouch
great earthquake-sny of tho dimen
sions of tho recent ono at Coonta, in
which ten thousand lives were lost,
has been followed for a certain period
by innumerable lesser ones. In tho
summer of 18(18, the const of Chili and
rent were shaken by terrible earth
quakes, in which ninny lives and a vast
amount of property wore lost, and, just
two months later, on October 21, San
Francisco was shaken so violently thnt
buildings cracked from top to founda
tion, and tissures throwing forth ?els of
water opened in tho streets, lu the
sumo year tho Hawaiian volcanoes had
violent erupt ions, and tho subjects of
Kamehameha were rando sea sick by tho
continued swaying of their islands. In
tho snme year Vesuvius opened out
with a fresh eruption. Tho great
earthquakes of Caracas, in Venezuela,
mid Now Madrid, in tho United States,
occurred just six months apart. If
wo aro lo regard these precedents, an
other great upheaval may bo expected
soinewhcro on the American continent
between this time and tho 1st of Janu
ary. Tico has booked us for cata
clysms, cyclones, and earthquakes, and
similar lively occurrences during tho
montli of October, Taking it altogether,
tho prospect for tho remainder of 1875
is dcoidoly uncomfortable for everybody
except Elder Thurman and his fol
From leafy Eti?lnnd far away,
I UH hours util laid ;
Not where Hie lark salutes tho ?by,
Nor whoro while lambs in meadows l'lay,
In thu green Bbaclc.
Ho HCH within a Ira ACM land,
In tin1 cold nnow ;
Where no kimi font or kindlier hand
Can visll liiin, or weave a limul
To Holton woo.
Tho white ?trift whirling all around
On Koa ami phoro ;
They tonk him from the tdilp l<-c-lymtid,
AMI InUI him gently in tho rj ?lind
Cot ovcrniorc.
Ami IhpilRli no English larks s?mil Ihmni:,
Aliovo his (?rave,
To pootha his plumber with (hoir mug,
]Ii> lies Pocnro from mortal wr.'iipr -
O sweet anil brovri!
Tho Heerel of tho l>i>lac Sea
I? yoi concealed ;
Ital to thy vit-ion. puro anil free.
The KPCrCl Of eternity
Ihm been revealed !
Titree 'riimiNniMl Monson Down-Sl*?y
nillHoMfl ot Dollars In Property Known
(o llnvr HOCK Lost.
From Hie London Cost (editorial), Juno 20.
Tho geographical position of Franco,
alt hough in many respects highly fa
vorcil, is such ns to entail npon iorgo
districts of tho country a liability to ho
suddenly deluged liv tho overflow of
flooded rivers. At Toulouse, such in
undations havo occurred every twenty
years-or, at least, in 1 Sin, 1835 sud
1855-although never before to tho
sumo extent as at present, or with tho
calamitous consequences to lifo and
property which wo aro now called upon
to record. Tn 1856 tho wholo valley of
Ibo Illume was visited in a similar man
ner. The streets of ITrons were For
many days traversed by bonis, and not
only trees and cattlo, but bridges,
churches, houses, even wholo villages,
were swept away, and groat numbers of
people wore either drowned or buried
amid fallen ruins. l?tit when
compared with tho inundation which
has uf.w, we hope, subsided, nil others
sink ir to comparative insignificance.
A week URO to-diiv. our correspondent
tells us tho river Onronno, at Tonlose,
was unusually high, but no serious
ilauger was apprehended, and no pre
cautionary measures woro taken. On
Wednesday the waters roso rapidly,
and by ton o'clock in the morning thoy
had reached tho level of the flood of
1855. At two o'clock two arches of a
bridgo and twenty houses were swept
away, and tho floating swimming baths
and lavofories were torn from their
moorings and hurried down tito torrent.^
At iivo the water overflowed thc parapi"
pet which protects tho populous quar
ter of St. Cyprieu ; at 6 it was ten feet
deep in tho streets, and boforo night
this quarter was cut oft" from tho rest of
tho town, tho threo bridges of commu
nication hoing destroyed. All night
tho crash of falling bonnes nud tho
cries and shrieks of sufferers were
heard. On Thursday tho flood begau
to abate, and the water had fallen six
feot by tho evening. In the town of
Toulouse alone, it is said, niue bnndrod
persons have perished and '20,000 aro
loft destitute. Nearly threo thousand
houses havo fallon, and tho destruction
of property is rou gb Iv estimated at
from .C12.0?0.000, to ?16,000,000, ster
ling. Tho wholo valley of thoGiironno
is said to resomblo a vast luke, covered
with fragments of tho rains of tho
town, as well us with wreck brought
down from higher districts, and dotted
with corpses, somo of them wearing tho
costume of places twenty leagues away.
Although it is upon this particular
district that tho calamity bas fallen
with thc greatest force, yet tho neigh
boring departments havo niuo been ter
rible suf?erors. In Ando tho crops havo
beon extensively destroyed. At Bog
nieres de Bigorro tho Adour bas car
ried away bridges aud cottages. At
Verdun (Ariogo) moro than fifty houses
havo fallen, and manv persons have
boen drowned. In Turn-ot-Garonne
crops havo perished ; and at Eerenonil
let. a village six kilometres from Tou
louse, only threo houses ont of four
hundred aro left standbier. Tho railway
between Bordeaux and Toulouse is out
in a dozen places, and ike wholo coun
try is submerged. The power of tho
surrounding districts to assist tho
greatest RU florera is crippled by their
own losses, and the communication
with distant parts o? Hid country is
greatly impeded. It is doubtful wheth
er tho description of what bus actually
happened will include oven the greater
part of tho calamity. As tho waters
recede n surface saturated with mois
ture will be oxposed, und this surface
will bo strewn with the corpses of men
and animals in every slago of decom
position. Exposed tn tho exhalations
hence arising thero will bea large pop
nlatiou reduced to absoluto want-de
pendent upon charity for all tho neces
saries of life, destitute alike of clothes,
of food, of sheltor and of employment.
To communities thus situated diseuse
comes with footstep;? that aro neither
tardy nor uncertain, and it is only by
tho "most prompt and energetic: aid
from external sources that ino inhab
itants of Toulouse can bo saved from
even greater ills, if such bo possible,
? han tlioso which havo already befallen
In order to form an ideo of tho causes
of the inundation it in only ...icossory tr?
glance at tho physical geography of tho
departments in whioh it has occurred.
Thoy lio on tho northern slopes of the
Pyrenees, and aro intersected by mi
merons and rapid rivers, of whioh at.
least four n-.iito to form tho Garonne
before it reaches Tonloneo. There lins
been heavy sud continuous rains nvr
the whole of thc mountain muge, nud a
fall of snow at Tum, where it would di
rectly ?well Ibo lund waters of tho Ci?
roiine. It ?H said that at least a con
tributory causo is furnished by tho
great destruction of timber in tho dis
trict during tho last contnry. Trees
not only absorb water largely from the
soil, but they also prevent the surface
from being bakjd and bardoued by tho
sun, aud they check the rapidity and
abruptness with which rain would
otherwise reach tho ground. When it
falls unimpeded upon dry and barren
hillsides, it will run from them almost
US freely ns from tho sloping roofs of
houses, and a few boura will carry the
w*ter of the mountain storm to swell
tho volume of tho nearest river. It is
ou*.y to bo wiso after tho ovent ; but in
a district so situ?t ed thero ?B great room
for mensures of prevention, and tho
riparian authorities, whoover they may
ba, should be intrusted with powers
commensurate to the maguitudo of tho
roenrriug evils, which, by wiso precau
tions, they might do much to tnitiguto
cr avert. Even the tiny floods which
sometimes occur in this country nro
often greatly aggravated by local neg
lect, by sonic silting up of the channel
of a stream, or by some ill-placed
bridge, which forms an obstuelo to the
passage of an unusual body of water.
In rivers in whioh aro liable to be
swollon by mountain torrents the chan
nels should IMI made tho objects of
unceasing solicitude, and t he span and
construction of bridger, should be de
(ermined l>y other than purely local
South America.
Ailviees from Salvador state a dread
ful riot took place at San Miguel, a town
of forty thousand inhabitants, in tho
southern part of tho republic. A great
deni of discontent has been excited
against the government by its refusal
to allow a pastoral of tho bishop of
Salvador, written in a touo hostile to
tho lnw^, to bo read in the churches.
Thoro had also been considerable hos
tile feeling among tho lower clnsses,
owing to sonto regulations requiring
dealers lo uso a new market place.
While malters woro in this condition, n
priest named Palaeois, preached n
violent sermon against tho constituted
authorities, on Sunday, tho Lilith
ult. That evening tho mob arose,
attacked tho Cabilao, and liberated
some two hundred prisoners. They
then proceeded to assault tho Brnnil
garrison, and took tho Cuartel, killed
Clouerais Espinosa and Castro, out thc
former to pieces and threw tho pieces
at each other, split tho skull of Gem
Castro, and throw him over a wall,
where lie was picacd np by Ids mother
aud died in three days. Tho garrison
woro nearly all assassinated, aud m an Y
prominent citizens killed. After this
thc fanatic mob sot tiro to some sixteen
houses with korosouo. Before tho towu
was entirely destroyed, it fortunately
happened that her Britannic majesty's
ship Fantomo was at La Union, when
sho lauded hor marines, which allowed
tho garrison thoro, unitod with some
troops from Am?nala, in llandnrtiR, tr
march to tho reliof of San Miguel ami
put dowu tho mob.
Tho Curato Palacios, at last accounts,
was arrested, with others that had par
ticipated in tho outbreak, and a gooi:
many of tho inferior rioters had beet
shot by au order of President Gonzales
who had arrived with troops. With thc
houses destroyed and pillaged, tin
ilamago is estimated at SI,OOO,OOO, anc
commercial failures aro looked for ii
consequence. Tho country has bcei
declared in a state of siege, and Presi
dent Gonzales is taking measures t<
establish order and bring tho perpetra
tors of this disgraceful outbreak ti
punishment. The Diario, the oflicin
organ of tho state, and all public prints
nbouud in indignation against titi
priests, who were tho instigators o
this savage amt sanguine nflhir. Th
Capitular Vicar of tho district pub
lishod his order appointing Jos
Manuel Palacios celebrant of the cn
thedral of San Salvador. Tho munici
pality of this city asked to have sai
Palacios removed, but tho Curia Keck
sinsticn paid no attention to tho pet
tion. Ho was continually excitin
hatred between lower aud woll-to-d
classes, and the result has boen di
scribed. Ono curions and tucrcdibl
discovery was made nftor the murderer
nflair was over, and that was that o
thc persons ot tho dead reli?is wei
found passports which read, whe
translated, " Poter, open to the henri
tho gates of heaven, who has died fi
religion." Signed, "George, Kislu:
of San Salvador," and sealed with tl
seid of tho Bishopric of Sun Salvado
A nitoon maro heavy in foal, ownc
on Long Island, broke her hind leg, nt
instead of destroying ber, ?is is tl
almost universal custom, a yolorinai
surgeon p'aced her in slings, set the le
aud in six weeks tho maro was turin
out all right and none tho worse for tl
accident. Many valuable horses th
aro killed bocauso they have tho IU?B?I
tune to break a limb might bo saved 1
following this humano and sensib
-It has been generally supposed Iii
tho wings of u grasshopper are gnu
at a certain stage of its growth, b
this theory is now shown to bo erroi
ons. Mr. Knight, mayor of St. Pai
Minn., has observed a groat ma
grasshoppers' nkiuu supposed to
dead hoppers. Ho caught n nilly i
vcloped hopper with wings and watch
it. in a little time it crawled out of
sLin, legs and all. Tho new hopper
born " bad ii full set of wings, a
was quite lively, but not enough to !
Mr. Knight is of the opinion that nfl
this ch ingo lakes place ono day is til
o tough to accustom it i >r ita now exi
[ euee and fit it fo>- emigration,
\ Band of IC olivers non.nl an Kxprcsi
Trula lu llltnoU~Th? Kiiglitcer Sliot
IJearl, a nd Undine amt Kxprcao Car Do>
Illa Car SiivncH?tulljr>
Oue of tho moat high-handed attempts
nt robbery that has over oconrred iu
Illinois took placo at Lioug Point, a
station on the Vandalia railroad, on the
night of tho 8th inst. Tho dispatches
to tho Chicago papers Rive the follow
ing particulars of tho altair :
AH train No. G, eastward bound, in
clmrgo of Conductor Fraloy and En
gineer Milo Ames, carno up to Doug
Point station for water, two men boarded
tho locomotive, ono from each side, and
said to tho cngincor : Pull ont 1" The
engineer was nt first somewhat bewild
ered, when they said again, "Pnll out !"
At this ho, seeming to comprehend the
situation, said : "All right, I'll pull
out." Tho men then said : "Wo will
run tho thing ourselves," and at that
both of tho robbers fired. Ono of tho
shots killed tho engineer instantly, and
tho othor lodged in tho eal). Tho tiro
nui n, who was on tho tank, taking in
water, immediately jumped and ran to
tho rear of tho trniu, to notify the train
men, ho having heard the conversation
and comprehending tho situation.
During those proceedings at the
engine, a confederate had detached the
Adams Express car, and they then, pull
ing the engine wide open, ran hor about
two miles east and stopped, blowing
"off brakes" to deceive the express
They then carno to tho door of the
oar and said : ''Let me in Jack." flo
replied to thom: "You s-s of b-s,
I'm ready for you ! If you over como
in here, you aro dead men ! " Tho rob
bers then commenced (iring into tho
ear. Tho messenger, Burke, said it
seemed to him that thero were a dozen
of thom, as tho shots ssemed to como
from all directions.
Too conductor of tho train-men, after
tho shots were fired, saw tho situation
of affairs, and at once set about to pur
sue tho robbers. They could only
find ono revolver on tho train, but found
two soldiers on board a car, who were
nrmod with carbines. With theso
weapons tho train-men and the soldiers
started in pursuit of tho train and rob
bers, but when they carno np to tho
train all was quiet, tho robbers hnving
hod. They found tho engineer in tho
bottom of his cab, cold and stiff.
Thero chanced to be a freight engin
eer, Jack Vaucleve, on tho train, and
ho, with tho fireman, immediately ron
tho cugino back to tho train and brought
it in.
Tho robbers' failed to got any entrance
whatever into the express car, it being
ono of the close kind, and having no
windows, and very strong ovory way.
Had!they detached tho American ox
press car also, whioh was immediately
in the rear of tho Adams, they
would undoubtedly have accomplished
their object, as it was an open car, hav
ing windows, and doors not very strong.
Engineer Ames was ono o? thc bout
enginoors on tho road, about thirty-five
years old, and had been married but a
short time.
Tho robbers who boarded tho locomo
tivo woro long linen dusters.
Conductor Fraloy, and all tho train
men, in fact, did all they could under
the circumstances.
An Ohio Narrow Gauge Experiment.
The Paiuesville mid Youngstown
narrow gauge railroad, in Ohio, is nearly
completed to tho latter place, and has
already begun transporting coal to its
northern terminus at Fairport, on
Lake Erie. It will soon bo in full op
eration and tho tost it will afford of the
relativo economy of tho threo-feot and
ordinary gaiigeB will bo watched with
interest. Tho lino is about sixty miles
long, and runs nearly a little wost of
north from Youngstown to tho lake. It
will have in tho coal traffic the aotivo
competition of threu roads of tho usual
gauge of livo foot. According to tho
claims of its officers, tho advantage of
tho narrow-gauge is that on a car weigh
ing only four tons it can carry eight
tons of coal, while tho live-feet gunge
roads transport only ten tons on a car
weighing ten. Thus tho narrow gauge
gets poy for four tons os freight on oooh
car which its competitors must haul for
nothing in tho shape of rolling stock.
Tho cost of building tho lino was about
$20,000, probably one-fourth less than a
wide gouge road would have cost.
Thero is not much saving iu operating
expenses, n?i it takes just as many hands
to run a narrow tram as a wide ono.
Considerable Raving is effected, however,
in the equipment. As n passenger
road tho line answers all fhn require
ments of tho country it traverses, ils
cars mo comfortable, and ns soon ns tho
road-bed becomes firm the trains will
run with as much steadiness os on
othor reads.
BONK tunos.-Tho London Lancet
-very high authority-gives tho follow
ing remedy for tho euro of this very
painful malady : " As soon os tho pul
sation whioh indicates tho diseoso is
foll, put directly over tho spot a fly
blister about tho sizo of your thumb
nail and lot it remain for H?X hours ; at
the expiration of which time, directly
under tho surface of tho blister may be
seen tho felon, which cen bo easily
taken out with the. point of a needle or
1? ncet."
-Sometimes people write n postal
card full, ond then turn over and finish
what they hove to say upon tho face.
They ought, to know that in such casor.
tho party to whom the card is addressed
hus to pay six cents postage. Cheaper
lo uso o three-cent stomp in tho first
-" Gently tho duos are o'er me steal
ing," as the man said when he had
thirteen bills presented to him in one
-A darkey called at Owensboro, Ky.,
the other day, and wanted to know
"Does dis postor ?B keep stamped ante
lopes ?"
-Perkins suggests that the raoing
crews of our boat clubs might balance
their shells better ? they parted their
hair in the middle.
-Precocious boy, munching the fruit
of the date tree : " Mamma, if I eat
dates enough, shall I grow np to be au
almanac ?"
-" I go through my work," as the
noedlo said to the idle boy. M But not
until you aro pushed ahead," as the idle
boy Baid to the needle.
-A market house philosopher says :
"The race is not always to the strong,"
because if it was, tho onion would be
a-head instead of cabbage.
-Tho Columbus Journal, describir?
au Ohio politician, says: "He JV
honest man by profession, and he
rps bread by tho sweat of his jp-*"
-Tho people of Georgia*
cited a few days ago over th?
discovery of a gold mino. T
ward fouud that tho dopos
of gold foil stuck around tL
-A test was recently made of L.
buoyant power of a leaf of a water lil^
known as tho Victoria Peoria, in th?
botanic garden at Ghent. Bricks were
heaped over its entire aroa, and before
it wu s submerged in tho water a weight
of 701 pounds was floated.
-" Fred Douglas, in a fourth of July
address at Hillsdale, Pa., advised his
raco to cultivate independence." The
cultivation of independence is well
enough, but they should not make it a
specialty. They should reserve a mero
gardon-spot for independence, and de
voto tho far greater amount of their
acreage to the* cultivation of corn, cot
ton, and cabbage.
--Feathers are shooting all over the
toilets. The gossips Bay feather fans,
feather parasols, and feather hats are all
tho go. Feather trimmings are now
arranged with so mnch lightness and
beauty that they are considered as suit
able for summer as well as winter wear.
They are mounted with fringe as well as
bands, though as bands they are used
for tho trimmings of bonnets and para
-To bo read by moonlight only :
" On the Erie railroad, between Port
Jorvis and Buffalo, there is a conductor
known as tho 1 Rosobnd Conductor.'
Many years ago he was engaged to a
beautiful girl, and their wedding day
was Hied. She was taken ill and died
a few days before she was to become a
bride. ?n her deathbed she said to her
lover : 'Ii you will alwayB oarry a rosobnd
in your button-hole, no accident will ever
befall yon.' He has carried a rosebud
aver since, and no ill baa befallen him.
Ho is ?till a single man."
-Thomas Carlyle has numerous ad
mirers on this side of the Atlantic,
but probably California does not take
much stock in his philosophy. He
blurted ont to a lady of that State, the
other day : " You are doing no good
service there ; you ara harming the
world. Cover over your mines, leavo
your gold in the earth, and go to plant
ing potatoes. Every mau who gives a
potato to the world is tho benefactor of
Iris raco ; but you, with your gold, are
overturning sooiet**. making tba inmoble
prominent, increasing everywhere the
expenses of living, and confusing all
Our Riflemen in Old Ireland.
Tho account of the dinner given "by
tho faculty of Trinity College, Dublin,
to the members of the American .team
will bo found full of interest. "Nothing
could bettor illustrate the profound
friendship all ol a ss PH cf the Irish peo
ple feel towards AmerioanB, than this
banquet offered to our riflemen. Among
all the conservative institutions of Ire
land, old Trinity has ever been the
most rigid and exclusive, and that fel
lows of that institution ?bonld-throw
opon their banqueting halb' to a num
ber of republican Amarioan riflemen
shows that tho kindly feeling entertained
by tho mosses of tho Irish people townid
our institutions begin to bo shared even
by tho most conservativo element in
Ireland. Tho banquet itself gave occa
sion for a display of aftor-dinner elo
quence at once grocoful and enectivo.
Toasts were drunk to tho health of tho
president of tho United States, an honor
never boforo paid to any foroign rulev.
The value o? aii this is in the Tesson ot
unity and good fellowship it teaches.
1 f these peaceful contests at Creodmoor
and Dollymount should do no other
good they will have removed many in
grained prejudices from tho minds of
many persons. Irish gentlemen will
learn from tho testimony of mon of their
own caste that tho American people do
not at all resemble tho typiool Yankee,
and Americans who have been drawn to
Ireland will find that the stage Irishman
lias no existence except in the fertile
braius of dramatisai- Their vi-.it-will,
also demonstrate to thom the existence
of a cultured and refined Irish society,
aa distinct from tho whisky-drinking,
riot-loving creaturos piotured by for
eign caricaturists as could wei! be
imagined. With tho disappearance of
thoso and kindred prejudices wo may
hope that tho bonds of sympathy be
tween the irish and American people
will continue to multiply. And if those
frequent visita and interchanges of sen
timents do no more than this, they will
have amply repaid tho time and atten
tion devoted to thora.

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