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E. A. WE?STER. Editor and Proprietor. A Weekly Paper: Devoted to Temperance, Literature and' Politios.
I ,,. .-? ; . , . . ; ::? . ; ,,.".?, . -. ? ? ... . , .? . ? . - - , ^
A HATiiEit heroic aofc is.that-.o/.^ijain,
dying of internecine' struggles* ""to *go
into tho market, for a loan of 37,000, OOP
to indemnify Porto Ricans for tho IOJS
of their'rm&n?Tp?teil BIBVCF.
THU yt How lever is at Pensacola. ? It
isunusually early for t?saroaaeoman
ifestatioh. In somti jof- the>"m'?rst de-^
vast uti og yellow fever seasons tho dis-v
easo hag not shown. itself .on-tho gulf,
coikt until September.
THE plague,-or-Black Death, haa;
t waked from ita thirty y oars sleep in the;
cast, and ?B reported to be spreading
with rapidity in Asia. About eighty
live years ago, it desolated Russia,"and
one hundred and fifty years have passed
since it ravaged and almost depopu
lated some parts,of' Europe,
Pon young children New York is at_
present ono of the deadliest cities ; at;
no timo do thoy thrive tLero overmuch/
hut last week'a mortality among them
was exceptionally great. Under flvo
yoars/;pf/age they - died; at ?therr?ta of
eighty-six per diom, tho main trouble
being diarrhoeal disease.
Ina poslofiico department has bout
to tho department of justice tho numen
of thirty-niuo mail contractors who aro
to bo prosecuted for failure to perform j
service after their,bjds were accepted.
Tho contracts were relet by tho gov-!
eminent, and tho difference between
Hie amount paid; ami -tuft-bids, foe tho
thirty-nine routoB, waa $-117,087, which,
is thc amount of damages, claimed
against the' delinquont'bidders'. ?
THE German minister of- finance re-,
ports a deficiency i?Hl?e Bttdget'-for thia,,
year of. $5,000,000,; sad,the tax on* beer
is to bo raised-a proceeding wbioh will
bo immensely unpopular" in cGormaby,
where oyorybpdy.-?oneumcg largely ; bf
the ruby liquid. Such a large deficionc)yfj
na $0,000,000 would seem singular, with"
tho millions which have been paid by
Franco, were it not apparent that Ger
THE Boston Journal of Chemistry re
grets thai .the .-nullera uso all their
finest, soundest wheat for fine flour, and'
tho p?ore?t for Graham or brown bread,
4 general, name given tp. mixtures pf
bran and spoile? flour. "What we
need is good, sweety whole wheat flour
finely ground, and put IC up secure
ly for family uso, and any western mil
ler who' witt give his earnest attention
to furnishing such flour will realize a
fortune speedily ;1 Eecriring the most
nutritive prinqiples. tho Creator has
stored up for man's food."
THE substance of Jno. D. Lee's con
fession is that thirty Mormons, with, the
assistance of a large number of Indians,.
decoyed emigrants from their entrench
ment by a flag bf truce"; that all wore
murdered except seventeen children ;
that the deed was done under orders of
tho leaders of tho Mormon Ghqrch ;
that ho took nows of tho massacre to
Brigham Young, who deplored tho
transaction, and' said it would, bring
disaster upon tho Mormon people. The
statement of Lee, so far as known, only
confirms preAious reports in regard tp
the massacre._
SINCB the first, of Juuo, wheat has
advanced thirty-threo ' cents in tho
Chicago market. If tho reports' at hand
ino rozable, the wheat crop of Europe
will bo almost an entire failure, and
consequently -.the demand upon our
products will bo unprecedented. Thia
will enshro the producer Rood paying
prices for tho products of t?i? 'farm for
at least a- year to come.--."While: Groat
Britain'an'd tho continent may suffer,
tho people of America will be" greatly
benefited. "?Justwhon tho nd vaneo in
prices will.cease' i? would bo hazardous
to predict.
Tm" olerippl newspapers "in Franco
speculate on tho causes of tho great
flood with some asperity. It appears
that the municipal council of Toulouse
recently refused to erect a statue to
"tho glorious^nd miraonlous shep
herdess of Pibrao," and one of thecoun
cilor said, "Wp pref or a-fountain.''
Whereupon the Gazette do Nimes now
remarks; "G?ff has fulfilled tho winh of
those honorable councilors and senk a
fountain to the capital of Lngnedno
which they little, expected. Hod the
town voled the roquired nu m Divine"
Providence),*VBuys:. the... editor, .would:
never have treated Toulouse so se
verely!" It ia understood that tho
bishop of Chartres ia of thou eam'o
Delaware Fruit cLwft?.^ to
con fer wijjl \$gpt ll^^RhJp^ompani c: a jin
regard to tho shipment of poaches to
Livorpool have reported that thoy called
upon the authorities of the'American
steamship company, and thoy favored
the project. Tho company would, allow
'clio growers'to flt up the Bteerago for?
war? oabiii .. with . their refrigerators,
whioh caf '-Bo. done. with five Hundred
dollars for each^v?ssel., /This portion of
tho . ship* would ?pitt*25""D00 or 30,000
baskets'^ and a',cqmpartmont'-imnicdi.
diately uudVrWith could ho fitted up
:yliicU' would ! carry G.0?0 additional.
They would charge'tho growers for tho
..shipment of this amount of^'friiit to
Tiivbrp??l' .abp?t tw\>*thousa?d dollar??
"and-givo"thom tho privilege of sending
out an agent'free bf chargo' with oaoh
consignment;A J
THK'Jilly returns to tho. . department
of agriculture shows that the acreage in
cora is.'about three per cont, greater
tfi?m' l?sb' year. Now England haB in
Creased'he*'aoronge about olov?n por
cont, ond tho .Pacific states about ono
per cent. All tho great corn growing
regions have increased acreage-M?d
elo states two per cent., South Atlantic
st?t'?B>;tDre"9: per cent. ; Gulf states,, in
land southern states, twelve per cent.,
states north of Ohio sovon, west of tho
Mississippi3 fourteen p^r c?iit. Tho
condition ot tlio ero]) is' below "au avor
Aig? in tho ?New. England and-South At
lantic states.", fl The minimum' condition,
eighty-two per cent,,-baaing-.in, Rhode
Island, Florida .and Alabama aro also
below tho "average, 'but other Gulf
states aud in?arid southern states aro
about ?i0:mrixir?urn, 112 in Mississippi.
.All other i state's - exe?pt .Missouri,'103
are below th o; ayer^go,- the minimum
eighty-two being in Wisconsin.
THAT most insnfffliablo of all idiots,
tho practical joker, does hot always
?sc?pe on earth*"tho wrath that" is laid
iip"for" him. There" lived and taught
school iu St. James parish, "Louisiana,
recently, a" man ' by"tho narho of Bow
den, a- well-menning porsou, but af
flicted with that pcoui|ar sense ol
humor whioh is sure to'get somebody
or other ihl? ""timible sooner or later.
Ono of his' mdst- 'sncccEsful jokes wa?
.?tarnt vot diGpiaymg navertising bili*
printed in imitation of greenbacks, and
offering to bet hundreds and thonsandt
of dollars* with peoplo who didn't know
that ho was fooling. The other day ai
offensive ' smell coming from on out
house led to a search for the cause, ant
tho corpse of Bowden was fount
beneath tho floor and UDder a coveriiif
of corn husks, where it was rapidb
decaying. A Swedish plantation hand
who had soon him displaying his imita
tion bills, had mistaken him for a per
son of largo and available moans, an(
had murdered him for his monoy. Thi
Swede is now a fugitivo.'nnd he feel
doubly tho weight of the joke, for hi
got no ra on ey,( and the Governor ha
offered $1,000 for his arrest.
Proi\ "jJoNAJiDSON, tho aeronaut, win
IWB been traveling in company witl
Barnum's Hippodrome, and making bal
loon ascensions after tho conclusion o
the afternoon performances, mado hi
second trip frum Chicago ou tho 15th
accompanied by Mr. Newton S. Grim
wood, a reporter of tho Chicago Journal
After ascending into the air tho balloo
took n northeasterly course; sailiu
over tho lako in- tho aireotion of Muf
kegon, Mich. About sovon o'olock i
the evening it was sighted by a scbooue
about thirty miles northeast of Chicogc
at which time tho balloon was skin
ming tho ' surface o? the lako. Th
schooner followed after it until it wi
observed to rise suddenly into the ni:
whou tho chase was given np. A voi
Bovoro gals occurred on tho lal
about,midnight, and, s??-no further th
in gs ha?? beeii received in Chicago fro
thotballoon orita occupants up to tl
morning of tho 17th, gravo npprehe:
BioiiB wero felt for thoir safety. It w?
the opinion of exports that tho ballot
Could not pOBs'bly Bavo ranched, M
Michigan uhore befovo the storm bur
upon it, and that tho aeronauts pe
ishod in -tlio luke. It "s said hy eon
that tho balloon was u rptton, patche
Up affair. ?
r , , ~ j ,
' -An fi ncdishman-travoled, of cour
-relato? that au Amerioan gentlomi
-who hud ut an early age cono tho ove
lund route to California", told him th ii
We crossed tho sandhills near tho, seo:
of the Indian mail robbery and -massae
of 185?, wherein the driver and co
dti?tor 'perislted, and also -'ail; the pi)
songera "but one* But tins must ha
been a mhdako, for at different tim
nf ter ward on - th?- Paoifio coai
I was personally .arnnn'n.tad wi
. i>?"n"?tV?'eA' 3m<t) ^irty-ilir??;
tour iioopl? who" wero wound
during that massacre and hafoJyoscap
with thoir Hf etsi 'Thi/oVfts rio doubt
tho truth of.ib*; I.Bad it from their oi
lips^T And ono-of tho .parties told i
thatli?keptit?mtog^^ hen
in his system for nearly seven yet
after tho massacre.
T-: 7-. . .
O Hopo ! -
No mofe, I implore, 7.
Deceive mo that X mav.belie.vo theo ;
For I know that tito flaSo MUI follow
On tho airy way of tho swallow,
-That tho drift ?hall ile whorotho lily blows - ,
And i tyo jqlolo hang from tuostam of4ho-rosr,
p?nona unSaubreM vO </J Jr. Li di.
ft?A3ffiVJ?fai? Y3WBOTTAJ
?CCplvo ruo pnd l will beliqvqrlljqe,,,. pit
hough I know that tho flaho must' follet?
Ou tb?>alry Way or th'? <mftalIowH'i^
That tho drift must Ho whrro t^a?Uy?blaw?T,
And tho iciclo haut; from tho stem of tho rori',
0 ITop? !-?uco moro I
, H av o i g ?
Vj??UNTAIN:ME?DO.W M?SS?(?rlE.;|
Tcxtknnnil Elirilrd th? Firit Day of thc Trini
JToin thc Butcher wai Planned aiid'Ji^ccillcd.
At the opening of tho trial - of the
Hormona ?mplioated/dn, the- Mountain
Meadow*- Nma8Baore, vatr Beaver, Utah",
Robert Kaya testified as followsCame
to Utah ' October 2, ,1857, 'tlifough
Mountain atealows saW piles pf ,' bodies
of woman and children, 'piled promis
cuously ; th ero ;were .sixty or .soyenty,,
bodies ; tho children wore, from, twp
mqnths^olditortwplvo years ; tho smaller
were tomi by wolve.8 arid crows; some of
tho bodies* were: i?hot, some had their
throats cut, some stabbed, and all were
torn by wolves except ?>ne WDman, who
laid a little way. liff, and appeared ns if
asleep, a ba-Jl bolo in her. loft side; it
upreared tho bodies worq dead fifteen
days; sevenu0'f;n8 sarf it. *PiloB of men's;
bodies wera further on; djdn'fc;gp to see
them; uo clothing on the bodies, except
one Book on tho leg of ono niau; nona
werftjspaiRBd.. g??*\. ?q &,<r%r\ri
Assiitel Bennett "called: 'Was 'flt the
.Meadows .December,". 1857; saw tho
bones there; horrible sight;.skeletons pf
women and children; curls, long grosses
hn?v dried -blood;- children 10/ to 12
years; some skulls had flesh dried
oii; .'thia bodies" had; been; cbft?red
up ; wolves evidently dug them up:
Phill jp Liuger Shn^b, a d?fendent of
San BbrnrmJi, California, called : Pros
ccntion entered nolle prqsequi as to
himself: Iiiy?d-, in Cedar oity from
1852 to-1857". Was at the-massacre in
September, 1857 ; heard of the em
igrantaicoming.' The people were for
bidden to: trade with theni; felt bad
about it ; saw a few of them at Cedar ;
hoard .rumors of trouble S nday. It
was the custom to have meetingB of the
president and C council; bishop and
council and high council. The matter
came np . for discussion as to their de
struction^ Haight, Higbee, Morrill,
?\iitiu, ra?as, . inysen uuu t/t.uwx?-5rr-u?
there. Some brethern opposed their
destruction. I did. Haight jumped
up and broke np the meeting. I asked
what would bo the consequences of
such an act. Then Haight get mad.
The Indians were to df stroy them. On
Monday. Higbee, White and I met ;
same subject again. I opposed the de
struction. Haight relented, and told
White and I to go ahead and toll the
people the emigrants should go.through
safe. Wo did so, and on the rpad we
met John D. Lee. We told whoro wo
were going, and he replied I have
something to say acont that, matter ;
we passed the emigrants at Iron 8prings;
next morning wo pasBed them again ;
ns wo carno back they had twenty or
thirty wagons ; over a hundred people,
old men, middle aged men, old wo
men, l??ddl? aged women, youths and
children ; ' near home I mot Ira
Allen ; ho Baid tho emigrants'
doom was sealed, tho die cast for de
struction ; three days after Haight sent
for me, and said orders had come from
camp ; didn't get along, wanted rein
forcements; that he had been to Prowin,
aud got further orders from Colouol W.
H, Dame to finish tho massacre, to de
coy and spare only small children who
could not tell tho tale. I wont off, met
Allen, cur . first runner, and othors.
Higbeo said : you aro ordered out,
armed and equipped; PO I went; Hop
kins, Higbee, John Willis and SPTO
Purdy went along ; had two baggago
waggons ; got to Hampton's rancho in
tho night, three miles from emigrants;
there met Lee'and others from the gen
eral camp, whore tho largest number of
men woro ; then found the emigrants
not all killed. Bateman or Leo went
ont with a white flag. A man from the
emigrants met them. Leo and a man
set do*vn on tho grass and had a talk ;
don't know what they talked. Lee wont
with the man into tho intrenohments.
Af tor 3omc hours they carno' out and the
emigrants carno ont with their wounded
in wagons ahead. Tho wonuded wore
thoso hurt in tho three days previous
fight. Next came tho w?men, next the
mon. As tho emigrants came up tbo men
halted, and the women on foot and ohil
dren and wounded wont on ahead with
John D. Leo. The soldiers had to be
all ready to shoot at the word. When
tho word halt came tho soldiers fired.
1 fired i meo ; don't kuow if I killed a
man ; net all killod nt tho first fire.
Saw tho women afterward dead, with
their throats cot. I saw, fis I carno np
to thom, a man kill a young girl. Tho
men werb mnrohed in dimble file first,
then thrown in single file, with tho sol
diers along Bide. Tho emigrnnts were
congratulating themselves on their
safety from tho Indians. Afc last John
M. Higbee came and ordered my squad
to fire. Lee, like the rest, had firearms,
No emigrants were allowed to escape ;
saw soldiers on horcc.i to take on wing
thone who rau ; saw a man run ; saw Bill,
start on a horse and kill him, and a
^rounded, mart, beg for lifo. ' Higbeo cut
his throat j I was told to gather up tho
little children. ! I wont, and saw a
woman running toward the men, crying,'
"My husband, my husband!" A
soldier shot lior in tho back, and sho
fell dead. ?
? .-.: : n
-A bollo at Saratoga wears diamonds
on her Bhocs.
??'??'? : '? . ~ "T
^ Post Office Points.
. Tho' following Into ruling's by tho
pret?nico department in regard to mail
mather will bo found of interest ?to
every ono cngagod in mercantile pur
suits - .
When packages of niorohandiso or
samples of merchandise aro wrapi)ed so
ns to nrovent examination, or have any
-writing upon thom except .tho address,
tit fa duty of. tho postmaster terato
thenrrnp with lotter postage.4 to bo col
lected on delivery. Samples may bo
juajrl?d in.pen?il4or ink with letters or
figures by which they aro ,to bo dis
tingro\-hod in ft descriptive letter or in
voice (cooli separately) without subjeot
iuS. V package to Jotter postuge.
. Au .idflress may bo written on a oir
onlaf^bnt any .Other Writing ; thereon
excepj. tho moro.; correction of a typo
graphical error, would , render it sub
ject't> > lett?r postage. 1
i IC hi tho dtityf of a postmaster whon
maU fiiattor is sent to his office through.
miBtnlio, to forward it to its destination!
' Bock manuscript, when so wrapped
ps to,'/dmiy.of examination, is ohargo
ablo jvith prepay mont of postage at
rates of third-olass matter, viz: ono cent
-an. om. co or fraction, thoroof, limited to
four pounds in weight.
Paper with writing on it, should not
be U'B?9 as wrappers for newspapers, as
,this, would, subject the.packages to letter
To liirfcitle 'regular subscribers' to re
?oive? ?iewnpapera froo of postage, tb?y
most R?side iu tho county whoro such
papen- aro printed and published. ?.
Maii mattcV^ihol?sea iu sealed en
velopcrj witl;_J,he-Corners notched, is
subject to letter rates of postage.
. A'postmaster is required to examine
alk-printed matter, or third-olass matter,
passing through his ofiico, to soo that it .
ia charged with proper rates of postage
and to .detect fr audi. Mattor contained
in a i caled onvelppo notched at the"'
c?rnors' cannot bb satisfactorily ex
amined without destroying tho wrapper.
Prepaid Jotters must. be. forwarded
from c-no. postoffice to another at tho re
quest of : tho party addressed without
additional- charge of postage ; but let
ters haying been once.. delivered accord
ing tb' flioir address .require posta^f* \.r.
the pr.paid rate! when returned to tho '
office for forwarding, ?
Packages containing liquids, or any .
otb ei ; .latter liable to dof ace or destroy
the ??! ?tents .of . the. mails, _ or hurt tho
.persoiAbf any-one, connected ,with the'
's?rvi?i^ should be 'excluded' fr?fadiih??
fmailfv"v(vnt sealed packages deposited in
-I^/'OB. -.Af-.B...,j.-y*.?f .-.--r., etyjrp-"'jnyv^n
postage, in the absence of any positive
knowledge of their contents, forwarded
to their destination.
Unsealed circulars deposited iu n
letter-carrier ofiico for local delivery
through the box or general delivery, or by
carriers, are subject to a postage of ono
cent eaoh oironlar, to bo prepaid by
stamp affixed. L. ' and R., pago Ol,
seo. 99. ._
Burning of a Russian Town-200
Lives Lost.
A Petersburg lotter to tho London
Standard says :
The fire which destroyed the town of
Morsohansk bogau about -? o'clock in
tho afternoon in ono of the faubnrgs, at
a distance of nearly half a mile from
tho town proper, and within a few
hours the whole town, over an extent of
fivo Vorsts, was a prey of the flames iu
all directions, causing thom to overlap
all the open squares and eveu tho river.
.As tho fire grow tho wind became a
tempest, and enormous phvuks and
shcots of iron, torn from tho falling
houses, wero hurled as high as tho sec
ond story of houses still standing.
Cases of goods allowed to float along
the river were bnrned on the water.
Spmo of the papers of tho publij oftices
havo boen found at a distRiico of sixty
versts from the town, and ibo glow of
tho fire lighted, up the horizon to a dis)!
tance of ninety versts. Tho fire spared
about a hundred wooden houses nt ono
end of tho town, kat of tho brick build
ings hardly ten have epcuped.
AU tho public ediGCea, with tho oxcop
tion ot the "B?hbol 'and several of tho
churches^ have been .destroyed. The
destruction of property has beeil entire.
Many of tho inhabitants trusted to cel
lars and vaults,.but thoy nearly all foll'
in. As the fire spread, furniture and
other effects wero removed to jrnrdens
and other open-spaces,, but in vain ; the
flames soou reached. tnom and reduced
all to ashes. Only one of tho corn de
pots was saved.
It is calculated that 1,000 buildings
havo been burned, and that the losa
cannot bo tess thou 0.000,000 roubles.
About 200 livos were > lost, and sovornl
thousand persona wero wounded.
Succor, iii tho shape of provisions,
clothes, and money, was instantly for
warded from Tamboff, Riezan, and othor
places, to tho .unfortunate citizens of
Morschansk, literally wandering about
the woods or sheltering under carts,
having lost everything, and the number
of tho homeless* and dostituto oxceeded
10,000. Three days nftor tho firo tho
corporation of the town petitioned tho
government for a loau of 3,000,000
roubles, to bo redeemed in thirty duy?.
Rapid. Development .if 'Cotton Manufacturo in
The, manufacturo of cotton is rapidly,
increasing in British India, and ns con
siderable profits are roalized, tho ton
doney is ioward uuutinned investments .
and the extensi?n of this great indus
try. It is now manifest tbat'Mnnoljes
tor has lost its former control ofj tho
eastern markets. In tho singlo prr-si
donoy'of'Bombay thoro oro tweaty-?iv?
cotton-mills in: full operatics, working
000,000 spindles and 7,000 looms. Tho
spindles produce about 130,000 ponnds
of cotton thread a day, of which abont
50j000 i-pounds, are used, "to produce
cloth. These mills aro chiefly in, the
Bombay island, whero-a new spinning
mill, juBt opened by a wealthy Hindoo^
and working 25,000 spindles, makes 'a"
total of seventeen workinc milln. Up
country thoro aro Bovcral others-ono at
Surat, two at 13roacb, two at Abmedii
bad, ono at.Julgaum, ono in-tko nativo
state of Bhownugger, and ono at Ma
dras. Extensions aro also rapidly going
forward. Eight cxtousions are in courBo
of construction at Bombay, chiefly* ou
shuro capital, ftud these will provide at
least for tho working of 4.0,000 moro
spindles and 1,345 looms". The machine
ry, is always of tho very uowostnnd rn?Ht
approved construction, and no elf or ts
ar? spored on tho part of tho , Indian
producers to ei'ablc their goods to com-'
poto ucccBsfully with the choicest pro
ducta Of .forcig? nianufaot?ro- United
States Economist. ...
' An Incident of the Floods;
Writing of thc disasters of tho in
undations in Prance, a correspondent,
says : At St. Cy prion, tho suburb of
Toulouse, whioh sufferod KO sovbrely, Bli
Maurotto, a woli-kuown sculptor who re
sided- there, but who had his atelier iu
tho town, was at work in tho, latter,
Avh?nho was informed of tho risk to
whioh his. family, whom. he had left W
tho Faubourg, woro exposed. Ho im
mediately bastonea homo, mid began to
pack up ins valuables and 'preparo to':
rotreal. with his wifo, two. girls, oiglit
?nd niuo years old, and a little boy in
his mother's arms. Bnt tho flood had
been too quick for them. In less than
a quarter of au hour it had risen mor?
than four foot, aud their boneo was Sur
rounded before they wero awnro of iii
As-tho water rose higher aud higher
they moved, from stage to stage, until
they reached tho roof along with other'
families, who had? taken, refuge thoro.
Thus they stood, tho father holding his
two littlo girls by tho hand, tho mother
carrying her boy, till darkness sot in,
the flood, still, rising} and tko kous?s
around them giving away before it ono
after'tho other with fearful crash.' At
last their own house bogan to totter
und oraok, and,give other signs that it
wac li? longer a Bafo plac? of refuge.
Another* ! bongo at some l?ttlo distance
off seemed to offer a stouter resistance,
and ono of fheir party, who was a good
B\vimmerj 'threw himself into the1 water,
and by great effort-succeeded iri olinib-'
ing on tp thaother rc-ofi Unfortunately,
in taking his^Bpruig from that on whioh
her arms, and although the former was'
laid hold of and rescued, tho child was
carried away by tho flood, and perished
before tho oyos of its father, who could
only just, save his fainting, wife. By
good luck,- in tho house to which their
companion hod cBcuped a roll, of calico
twenty-tivo yards long was found. On
ono end of this an iron was tied, and,
after many attempts, swung aorofis, and
a communication thus opened with the
other house, . The two litti? girls, wore
sudcoBSfidly made fast to the end of tho
roll and dragged through the water.
Mme. Maurotto was next tied to it and
had also nearly gained tho other roof,
when the strength of those who sup
ported her failed, and sho foll back
into tho water. For a inomont sho
seemed lost, but her husband, throw
ing himself in, in his turu, and swim
ming to her, supported her until a fresh
effort could bo mndo above, when both
wero eventually hoisted up. Tho night
was passed iu cold and we'', expecting
death almost hourly. But tho houso re
sisted, and by inornhig tho wntor had
rall?n suflioiontly to omtblo the party tc
wade ashore.
Rather a Tough Snake Fig at, but a
Good Story.
A fow days since, whilo a youug man
of the vicinity of Middle Grove, whom
wo shall designate as Jcomes, was
shrubbing iu tho field, ho ran up?m fl
black snako ic a cluster of bushes, and,
calling his dog Zip, sot him aftor tin
snake. Whilo ho was intently watching
tho progress of tho ftVht between Bit
snrtkeship and his favorite ennino, some
thing behind took him "whack" upor
tho scat of his trousers, ont! turninf
quickly, ho discovered to his horror i
tremendous horse-racer, full six fcot ii
longth, with hoad erect, hissing tongue
aud glaring eyes, curling himself in tin
fnlloBt attitude for bat-Md, and befon
Jcomes could comprehend the terribh
character of tho situation, "whaok" tin
snako todk him again. Ho fheh lookot
for a troc; but there was nouo to olimb
for a stick, but Mioro was liouo at hand
He theil drew his jaok knife, with tin
determination of soiling his lifo ai
dearly as possible, and tho, moat terribh
battle between mon and snako then >?c
curred that has ever transpired in thohiB
tory of Mooroo county. Tho snako wa
very strong aud native,, and, curliuj
himself around ono of his victim's legs
ho stnok his terrible fangs into bin
with marvelous rapidity, tightening bi
hold and orawliug liri all tho finio, whil
Jcomes plied ^bis "jaok-koife with i
rapidity never equaled by tho sayng
Modoo. Tho btiako was getting th
best of it, and had twisted himself U]
noarly to Jcomes* fn.ee, rind wim abou
to coil his slimy length about his sut
onmbing.antagonist's swan-Iiko turbai
when Zip, tho faithful servant, .havin
finished snako No. 1, carno yelping t
the rosene, and, taking in at a g?anc
the hazardous] position of tho mastoi
ha sprang and grapplod tho monster b
tho-vieok, and hold on with o vioe-lik
grip until Jeemes, by tho tiso of hi
knife, extricated himself from his tei
rib?o predicament, and from an nntimel
nnd premature grave. Tho snako wi
killed, and th.) trusty doc, was /tho lib
preserver of his master.-From tl
Paris Mo., Apj^eal.
-Tho coffee-planters of. Ceylon are
threatened tfith pecuniary ruin, tho
rats Laving seized their 'plantations,
grasshopper style. . Not hoing able to
import Ameriodn, rflllfljc, they aro trying
to frighten off tho invader? with tho
tom-tom, a home instrument. ' ?
-Thorn is. an English paper which
thinks that in case of' war : the" .chief
food produciug nations, by combining
against England, could -conquer- her
without firing a shot or landing a.
soldier by simply declining to deal with
"--Tho old superstitions idea that tho
band of a dead man is a talisman against
evil, onco prevalent among southern ne
groes, seems not to havo died out. A
vault in Green ville, Miss., Wi recently
broken-open and a hand cut from a
corpse. '
- On ono of tho bridges of Paris a
baby sprnDg ont of its mother's arms
and foll in the river, nnd the mother
jumped after it, but; could not. swim.
Another-woman Jumped ? iii who could
swim and brought out both. .Tho
mother was half drowned and tho baby
waa dead. a ba A ,vjti?u\
-Some of .tho clergymen in Kentucky
propose to bang slates in the'church
vestibules, so that young: ladies on en
tering, can register their, names, thus
saving a great expenso- for providing
scats in tho vosfcibulo for youug-mon,
and making a great deal of waiting un
necessary. . ' la! oaf .a ??ri j ui booti
r-" James Brown," of {?}*. .Giles,. Lou
den, claims to bo reckoned among tho
nc bio band of vivisectionists^ bis trade
being tlie catching of cats and ."skin
ning 'em alive." "Th?1 sAnpl?: fact is,"
be says, ."I got an honest .living by
skinning cafs, hud because skins 'taken
from the live ? cats aro! worth sixpenco
apiece moro than tlioso taken from tho
animal whon dead I akin tho cat's alive
wheneyev?L can.;" K 9-T 0A .-i-**?
-If .thero ip a manufacturing oity on
ibis continent which might ^be "called
the, Manchester of America, it is
Lowell, MasB. Thero'arer daily'em
ployed nearly eighteen thoueand'-opora
tives in tho various.mijls. Tho capital
stock of the s?v?ra? corporations is
over,.$16,OOO,OOO, while fcbe^total valua
tion w?hld "foot ?p' six^times sixteen
millions. ,In manyinstanae?;the iorigi
nal stockholders hare, perhaps, moro
than' dcnjbled^their^inv?stm?nts by "mag
nificent dividonthi.;,. .atjd is ja .notable
fad thai "even" in ibe'ao depressed times
puratt?s fl? u?fi?i^:f^^f'?^ ' :rL:v ^r
-This is what a bank "cashier wi*i..o
to Washington when he wanted Vreg
istored bonds" : "I may not havo ex
pressed myself properly, not knowing
niuoh about thi? busiuess of swopping
bonds, but my intentions nre pure abd
innocent. I wish-to have these bonds
in ouch a condition tbnt when burglars
omo to my room at midnight, put a
pistol to my bend, twist my nose, ;tako
me by tho ear, load mo to my bank,
compel ma to unlock my safe, I can
contemplate tho removal of my bonds
with a smilo that is child-liko and
-The work oi excavating tho arena
of the cblisonm at Rome, has been sus
pended eiuco May, as it cannot be.pro
ceeded wif.h until tho discovery of tho
duot or canal used by the old Romans
to drain oft' the water collecting, frons
tho adjacent slopes. The canal bas been
traced in its starting point . near, the
ruins, and in its passage through tho
forum, leading into tho Cloaca Maxima;
but its intermediate course has yet to bo
unearthed, which operation, together
with its proper deaning and repairs,
will be a job of sonio difficulty, time and
expense. In tho meantime the excava
tion in tho coliseum already made, will
havo to bo kept dry, or as freo from
water ns possible, in order that the
foundation of tho building may not bo
seriously damaged.
-A popular theatrical manager says
he has been tho moans of keeping be
tween two and three hundred young
ladies off the st ago within tho space of
tivo years. " Ono reason was," said he,
"because they bad no talent, and an
other was because I knew that boforo
thoy had been in tho profession many
weeks they would bo heartdy sick, and
tired of it. Tho lift! of .111 actor is a
hard one. People come," said lio, "and
seo the actor walkiug around tho. stage,
speaking a few bues, 'dressed in mag
nificent clothes, and .winning the ap
plause of the multitude. 'How de
lightful!' they exclaim. ?Nothing in
tho world to do but to dress well and
look pretty.' They di? nofc Itn?w what a
dog's lifo it is. And traveling through
tho country is the hardest work of all.
Out tilftwelvo and ono o'clock at night,
and out of bed by four or Jive iu tho
morning to take an carly train to tho
next town.. Sometimes thoy do not get
to bed at alL", ^, ^
. THAT SAVED HIM.-It has been geu
orally supposed that a bald head was of
no account, even to tho ow?or, bul
Vioksburg stands up and remarks to tho
contrary. Tho other day a resident of
thin city wont up to Thompson's Lake
to got ? shot at tho big alligator, and
while eating a cold bito ih?the shade a
man jumped over the, lenco, presented
an o?d army musket at. his head and
cried out j&Q*6 ??5t<! r?
Stranger, unkiver yer hoad !
The Vioksburgerwris dnmbfonnded,
but made haste to romovo bis bat and
exhibit a pate which shono hko a newly
polished pilpaw, . ", .. ,
h ii Stranger, that saves ye ! continued
tho man, as bo shouldered Inn musket_;
" f thoughb ve wow the it-1-lu -.ailed ped
dler who Oharged my wife seventy-five
cents for a t?sta'tffont winch basa t go*
a darned picture hi it I"

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