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Tilt WIFE,
AK you Pay. Colonel, hero it is charming !
C Sweet angel, I boR for a waltz ! ")
Y. ur ilatlery'H really *'"?>''"?; .
I om mire that you know it in ralee.
Hut I'll whirl With yon rouuil for o minuto.
Just to provo how you urrcd itt your hu Ul-,
A ?all* 1? 'pito nico whou you're in lt
Sont noni quito*sd (gm <* ?w.
'.Dear nusband, I'm penning this lotter
lu louonncsa boro at tho Springs ;
Fv?-ry doy makes mo doc per your debtor
' For tho hiud words tho previous moil brings.
But ob I what a void Alls my bosom -
You there, and I here all alone ;
No friends, if I e'en wished to choose 'om
You chaiuctl to your desk Uko a drone." .
Tim nrsn> <.>.
Here, Charley ' help HU t., this haBket ;
Put iu tho champagne and tho iso ;
Never uiiud If von should overtask it
Fill it np with this bric-a-brac nico.
Those Dutch girls will soon moko it lighter
Arter tho dance and tho swings.
Throw lu tbuao cigars. Strop it tightop,
Whilo I write a lino to tho Sprluge.
( Writes.)
" Slowly tho shadows aro falllne,
Alike oil my desk and my life;
Tho plaint of a famished love, calling
Por you, my sweot treasure-my wife ;
I sit hero so wearily thinking,
And wishing my penance wero o'er,
And dreaming our lovo is a-liuking
liv heart witli your heart evermore !"
lltOE is now coming into use for brew
ing pnrposoB. Tho beor produced from
it is said to. be superior in color and
AT Middletown, Delaware, an immense
pouch refrigerator is to bo built, ca
pable of holding 200,000 baskets of
fruit, which tho projector guarantees to
koop by a peculiar freezing process for
six months.
IN ono of tho French departments
thoro is a "society for tho protection of
birds useful to the farmer." All nests
found aro reported to the Bociety and
protected by it. In tho past year tho
society protected 214 nests, from which
carno 90-1 birds.
THERH are two million bee-hiyes in
tho United States. Every hive yields,
on an average, a little over twenty
pounds of honey. The average price at
whioh honey is sold is 25 cents a pound,
Ho that, after paying their own board,
our beos prcsout ns with a revenue of
over 86.800,000.
IT is stated now that tho secret force
which tho Keoly motor operates by is
nothing mero nor less than carbonic
aoid. Tho water is enormously charged
with it, and then it is liberated, by a
simple process, in such quantities and
streugth na the operator may desire.
So that, after all, the basis of the whole
business is nothing but tremendously
strong soda-water.
AN. old lady in Now York particularly
desired that a certain cushion on wbioii
sho sat iu-ohurch should be buried, with
her, and ns there was a difficulty about
getting it into her coffin it was luckily
proposed to cut it, when several thou
sand dollars in greenbacks carno to
light.' The old lady was clearly re
solved that, if she did bring nothing in
to the world, sho wonld at all events,
ns far as possible, take something ont
of it.
GUNS and rifles may easily be cleaned
from )ead_bj the following: If a muzzle
loader, s??p up tho nipple or communi
cation bolo with a little wax, or if a
breech-loader insert a cork in the breech
rather tightly ; next pour some quick
.sillier into tho barrel, and put another
cork in tho muzzle, then proceed to rod
it np and down the barrel, shaking it
about for a fow minutes. The mercury
and load will form and amalgam, and
leave tho barrel as clean and free from
lead as tho first day it oame out of the
shop. Tho samo quicksilver can be
used repeatedly by straining it through
wash-leather ; for tho lead will bo left
behind iu tho leathor, and the quick
silver will bo again fit for use.
TITE Frenoh utilizo chicken feathers
in the following way, which is pro
nounced a decided improvement on the
old method : The plume portion of tho
feathers aro cut from tho Btem by means
of ordinary' baud scissors. These are
placed in quantities' in a course bog,
which, when full, is olos9d and sub
jected to n thorough kneading with tho
hands. At the end of five minutes tho
feathers disaggregated aro felted to
gether, forming a down almost homo
geneous and of great lightness. It is
said to be lighter than natural eider
down, because the latter contains the
ribs of the feathers, which gives extra
weight. About ono and six-tenths troy
ounces can be obtained from ono pullet,
and it gells in Paris fer about two dol
lars a pound.
A VA RAI KU boy in Ohio, observing a
small flock of quail in Lis father's corn
field, resolved to watch their motions.
. . They pursued a very regular course in
bheir foraging, commencing on one side
of tho field, taking about five rows, and |
following them uniformly to tho oppo
' site end, returning in the same manner
over tho nexc fivo rows. They contin
" ned in this course until thoy had ex
Slored tho greater portion of the field,
'ho lad, suspicious that they were pnll
ing up tho corn, fired into the flock,
hilling but one of them, and ho pro
ceeded to oxamine tho ground. In the
whole space over which t ?ey had trav
eled, he found but one ut ulk of corn dis
turbed. This was noarly scratched oui I
of tho ground, but tho ground still od-1
. herod to it, In the craw of tbs quail ho
. found one out-woim, twenty-one striped
vine-bugs, and ono hundred ohinoh
bugs, but hot a single groin of oom.
S -- ' '?' ? v ' --
The Land pf Horse.
A correspondent writes : Tho mo
nsmont you enter tho famous Blue Grass
. region you hear nothing but horse talk.
Tho whole sect ion lives upon pedigrees.
Tho ?tablo-boys banter pedigrees in a
. nomenclature of thoir own. The m?n
'? .utter pedigrees with a volubility like
^tho flowing of a novor-onding stream.
Even the:ladles of polito society will
chatter pedigrees, and talk as fluently
of siro and dom a? if they bsd rccoived
thoir accomplishments in tho precincts
? of tlio breeding portions of the stock
farms/ Everywhere it is horso, maro,
tilly, foal, gelding. Tho stablos aro
- Swarming with them, tho streets aro
; ?live with thom, Mie fiolds are dotted
? with ?hera Uko tho cattlo on a thousand
..hill3 ;'nnd tho visitors, evou though ho
eatoemorely to seo, hos a seorotivuiess
and obstinacy moro profound thnn tho
mystonos of tho Sphinx, if ho does not
bny, before ho comes away, somo little
qnino speoimon for which ho has no
earthly use. There is a certain free
masonry or brotherly love among the
horse-dealers of Kentucky. If ono
breeder has nothing in the horse lino to
answer your demands, he will furnish
you with a Baddie horso and accompany
you for miles around tho neighborhood
to inspect stock which he is BUre will
just suit your fanoy. Their houses aro
thrown open to your . entertainment.
Tho rarest Wino of corn and tho freshest
of mint/and the richest of Alderney
cream ?nd the tenderest of spring
chiokonB aro offered, with a princely
generosity, to feed tho flame of your
horse fever, whioh must not bo allayed
Mil you have left your money behind
you on some of tho Btock farms. That
is tho logia of all the attentions and
pedigrees and horse enthusiasm, and it
is wonderful how tho interest is kept up
year after year, and how the surplus
funds of our wealthy horse fuuoiers aro
poured, with an increasing volume,
into tho coffers of the stock-raiBors of
tho Blue Grass regions.
Stewart's Saratoga Investments.
A correspondent writes from Sara
toga to the Philadelphia Times : A. T.
Steuart is just now our biggest lion,
and a great sensation he is creating
here just at present among tho local
merchants. You see, after spending
$400,000 on hiB big hotel, tho Grand
Union, he found that he had two ele
gant stores to lot. "With characteristic
enterprise he fitted thom up in elegant
style, and is moving in a stock of goods.
Now the storekeepers he-e, notwith
standing that this very day should re
mind them that ours ?B a freo country,
declare that A. T. S. has no business
to come hero to undersoil them and
rule their trade, but the big merchant
does not seo the thing in that light, aud
laughs at tho terribly exercised mer
chants. Stewart is indeed a remark
able man. Ho is a little, thin, wiry
fellow, with a pale, thoughtful face,
light blue, reflective eyes, reddish, gray
short whiskers, and very quiet in man
ner. He dresses in black, and gocB
peering into every nook and corner of
tho store in a way that makes bis em
ployes very nervous. When talking ho
invariably twirls his eyeglass on hiB
finger or pats the palm of his hand
with a black glove. When 3-011 speak
to him bo looks at you searchiugly for
a moment before he replies, as if to
read you through, a habit that ari?es
from his wonderful faculty of reading
human nature. Ho is not so serious
ns be has been painted ; on the con
trary, ho is fond of a joke, and yester
day, while superintending the arranging
of tho goods in his store, bo frequently
laughed at tho idoas presented by his
managing man. Ho carno up on Friday
night and passed tho entire day in his
store. Indeed, I saw him there as late
as half past eleven o'olcck at night.
That is how he got rich, by attending
to his business in person. Stewart
I bought the Union n few years ago for
j 3550,000. Since then ho has spont as
j much moro upon thestrncture in enlarge
ments and improvements, until now it
is the most extensive and perfect car
avansary in tho world. He and his
wife occupy a suite of three rooms in
the hotel directly over the main en
trance. They have been finely but
not lavishly fitted np for him, eaoh
window being provided with a little
balcony, nicely shaded by the fine old
trees that extend along tho entire front
of tho hotel. Mrs. Stowart is a mild,
unpretentious lady, with an exceedingly
amiable countenance, and converses cor
dially with her frieuds. They are, in
fact, tho most undemonstrative couple
hero and one would hardly imagine, to
judge from their manner, that they
were, with ono or two exceptions, the
wealthiest people in America. Mr.
Stewart says he intends expending a
further largo sum on tho improvement
and enlargement of the Union next
winter. It is ono of his pet projects,
and he proposes giving it correspoudiug
I attention. ?
Fish Culture in Tennessee.
The cultivation of shad and salmon
in our rivers is an experiment. If it
Bucceeda it will bo a great benefit to
our people, but whether it succeeds or
fails, wo know that bass and jack will
flourish in our waters, and an effort
should be made to retain a legislative
apporpriation for their propagation.
Nothing can bo dono in this direction,
however, until the professional fisher
men who depend upon what they catch
for their subsistence learn that all
game laws which prevent tho extermin
ation of gamo fish "re in their own
interest ; and that instead of trying to
evade, it will pay them better to prose
cute every violation. For instance,
just after the war, nil tho creeks and
rivers, wero swarming with bass, or
trout, and jack, and tho fishermen Bold
them readily at fifteen and twenty
cents per pound. A few fishermen
placed gill nets at the mouths of tho
creek:! and the consequence is that
scarcely any bass or jack have been
brought to tho market hero this year.
Nothing is seen but catfish and drum
which find a slow sale at eight cents
per pound.
Thus tho fishermen cnn seo that tho
greed of a few who own gill nets, havo
cut off their profits on fishing nearly
ono half.
Those appropriations for stocking
rivers with fish, and tho gamo laws to
pr*veut C?t?kiiig fish during tho spring
season, or exterminating them bv gill
nets, are not for tho benofit of nuglors
or sportsmen only, but for the good of
tho ontiro community and especially
for tho professional fishermon. All
that is neccessary for success is to con
vince tho fishermen of tliis fact, which
their own exporienco in- this country
has already done, and they will bo
ehnuorou? for tho onnctrneut of game
laws and energetio in seeing to their
enforcement.-Chattanooga Thn?s,
-Tho modern school girl must havo
queor ideas. In a conversation with a
New York roportor at a Vassar hop, one
of thom querried, "Aro you single?" an
affirmative answer being given. Thou
she asked thoughtfully, "Do editors
over get rioh?" Tho "pencil heaver"
again replied in tho affirmative, and in
stanced several leading' journalist?\ aud
thon added, "I leave for Now York to
morrow, and it will tnko mo threo days
to pay my taxes nud out tho coupons off
ray bonds !" " Is it possiblo !" replied
the miss, " and you so yonng, too,"
Thc Sudden Departure oj Mint Kate Kino from |
Brooklyn Society,
Mrs. Jennie- Holmes, tho materializ
ing medium of Philadelphia, has re
cently resumed op?rations in Brooklyn,
and tho last issue of thc Spiritualist
Banner of Light contains au aocouut of
her devious and wicked ways, ns ob
served by the Brooklyn sooiety of spir
itualists. A committee of tho sooiety
spends six evenings afc her seances,
furnishing her with the nocessary
cabinet, at tho Rooiety's hall, on Fulton
avenue. Tho "conditions"'woro simply
a muslin bag, loosely stitched together,
which tho medium drow around her,
and its mouth was tied over her
head. Thon she was seated in the
cabinet, and put out the arm of John
King through a hole in the door.
Thou she put out his other arm, and
then hie india-rubber face, with its
black whiskers, well known to Philadel
phia fame. Thou sho put out Katie's
face, being her own, namely ; but no
ono found it ont at tho first seance At
tho second seance two of Bira. Holmes'
black curls hung down ovor Katie's
face, and this "gave rise to tho sus
picions." Therefore the bag Was ex
amined, and was found to have trick
seams which opened and closed by
pulling a thread. It was suggested to
Mrs. Holmes at tho third seance that it
would be well if tho lady present could
hold her hands whilo tho manifesta
tions went on. Another lady offered to
pin her to the floor carpet to seo if
Katio would walk forth materialized
under those oonditionB. airs. Holmes
declined to afford these aids to awak
ened thought. Au extromely skeptical
gentlemi n observed that John King
did not walk forth, aud that his india
rubber face had no breath in its nos
trils, whilo lovely Katie on tho other
hand, always carno forth in a white
muslin bag, and bad a warm human
breath. At the sixth soanco, therefore,
Mrs. Holmes was sought to bo soarched
by a committee of ladies desirous of
discovering spirit-faces concealed about
her person. But to that sho demurred,
and being disencumbered of ber muslin
bag for tho hist time, became suddenly
faint and must have air. Thereforo
she tottered from tho room very sick ;
but the fresh air immediately beyond
tho door so revived hor that she ran
away like the wind, and never was
heard of in that place ngnin. '* "Where
fore," concludes the committee in its
report, "wo think sho was a fraud"-or
words to that effect.
Von Moltke on West Point.
I am asked why neither sido iu tho
civil war in America produced a very
distinguished general. Even their re
spective partisans hardly olaim any
leader of transcendent genius. In so
long a war, and where so many men
fought, does it not imply a lack of
military talent in tho Americans? I
auswer, no. Tho truo reason was bo
cansc their field of selection was so
limited. No officer could hopo to
attain tho supremo command of thoir
armies unless ho had been n student at
thoir military academy, called West
Point,. on the Hndson rivfr^Ai- the
State of New York. Tko nurser of
these Btudents, deserving as they might
be, was and is extremely limited.
The southerners adopted the same per
nicious system of exclusiveness, as
many of these West Point officers had
joined their side, and their president
had also been at tho academy. It was,
perhaps, fortunato for tho north that
tho south did not seek for taleut among
tho mass of its people, lt is said, I
know not how truly, that tho genius of
a civilian, Ericsson, by the invention of
a monitor, nlono saved tho northern
navy from destruction.
It is evident that the chance of ob
taming a distinguished goueral in
creases as tho field of Beleotion widens,
and diminiflhcB as it contracts.
In our army ovory soldier inny aspire
to tho supreme command, but in tho
American armies thc line of debark
ation was drawn as deeply as between
tho former slaves and their masters.
Tho volunteer who represented the
great bulk and strength of the people
might, indeed, attain distinction in a
subordinate position, but tho highest
place of all was forbidden. In reading
tho records of the American civil war,
it really appears as if tho wbolo contest
was between a fow ollicers of West
Point, and the mighty heart of tho
nation had never throbbed. This aris
tocratic system, which tho Americans
still follow, was formorly the practico
in all Europoan armies. In tho revol
ution of 1703, Oarnot, the French min
ister of war, first abandoned it, and wc
havo followed.
For tho sake of example, and not
binding ourselves to any exactness of
figures, oxcept that tho ono is very
small, and its opposite, with which it is
compared, very largo, let us suppose
tho number of Weat Point officers to lu;
five hundred, and tho number of Prus
sian soldiers live hundred thousand.
Evidently, as wo havo a fnud a thou
sand largor to draw upon, to r o udor tho
chances of obtaining a great goncral
equal, each American must possess a
thousand fold tho talent of a Prussian,
which is absurd.
A Desperate Duel With a Bowie
A most frightful and fatal affray oc
curred at Eberhardt City on Saturday
last, at about 5 o'clock v. M., between
two men by tho uamo of Jackson und
Bock. Tho former was recontly from
Arizona, and tho lattor has boon a resi
dent inEborhardt City for the past few
months, cngagod in keeping a saloon.
Tho two had a quarrel somo time, before
tho fatal meotiug, in which Jackson
made an assault upon Bock with a knife,
but was driven off by Bock with a iire
shovol. Somo three or four hours alter
this Jackson roturnod to Beck's saloon,
and. whilo tho latter was standing in
tho doorway, Jackson plunged nu eight
inch bowio-knifo to tho hilt in Bock'n
side, and tho two clinched, and a very
fierce oncouuter ensued, Jackson using
his knifo and fatally stabbing Bock,
who, however, succeeded in freeing him
nolf from Jackson, and ran ns far as
Dana's saloon, a diRtanco of sixty yards,
when ho was overtaken by Jackson, who
wail pursuing his vict im with a bloody
and fiendish intent. Beck nt this place
called for protection, but bofore tho as
tonished bystanders could rondcr biro
assistance, the human fiend had done
his work ; ho had given poor Book five
fatal stabs. At this juncture, a patty
1.- 'Un .?..??.'> nt T>?^?T.,? f.Apin? -?~
U ? VkX\J lilting VTA JL-*.V^'?il, UVU.i.|l^ fIXlUU ll WO
going on, knocked Jackson off from the
porch into tho street with a chair, and
while ho was down, Beck, whilo actually
dying, crawled to Jaokson, and taking
tho knife whioh had been used upon
him, he plunged it into Jackson's breast,
giving him a fatal wound. Bock died
almost immediately after being sepa
rated from Jackson, and the latter was
brought to the conuty jail, where he
lingered until Wednesday last, when
death ended his career. No ono here
abouts knows anything of tho former
career of Jackson ; all that is known is
his statement that he was from Arizona,
Beck was considered a peaceable man,
and loaves an invalid widow to mourn
his untimely end.
The Sacrifice cf Human Life.
Tho sacrifice of human lifo during
tho past six months bas boon simply ap
palling, as will be Bbown by tho statis
tics whioh wo print below. In making
np this record we have mado uso only of
tho great disasters which have been re
ported by telegraph. The minor casu
alties it ?B impossible to estimate. Epi
demics have been tho most severe de
stroyers of lifo, although noithcr tho
oholora nor tho plagno has ravaged any
part of t'.-o world. In the Fiji Islands
alone 50,000 people have perished by
measeis and other oisoases introduced
since tho annexation of those islands to
Great Britain. This unusual fatality
from a comparatively innocuous disease
tho London Times explains upon th_
gronnd that tho European nations have
becomo hardened to it, and that it was
destructive to these islanders because
they were having it for tho first time
and wero not accustomed to this boon of
British civilization. Earthquakes como
second in tho list of destroying elomonts,
having killed over 20,000 people. Wo
have no record of tho loss of life by tho
recent .earthquakes and accompanying
volcanic disturbances in Iceland, but
there have beeu four othor earthquakes
from which tho loss of lifo has been
given approximately as follows: In Now
Granada", 1G.O0O; in Asia Minor, 2,000;
in tho Loyalty Islands where tho earth
quake was accompanied by a terrible
tidal-wave, 2,000 ; and at San Cristobal,
Mex;OD, 70. A famino in Asia Minor dur
ing the early part of tho year swept off
20,000 peoplo beforo relief could reach
tho o filleted region. Floods como next
iv. the disastrous catalogue, thoir rav
ages having been almost exclusively con
fined to Europe. Tho overflow of tho
Garouuo in tho southern part of Franco
destroyed 3,000 lives, and that of tho
Danube in Festh (UH). While our own
country was severoly ravaged by floods
during tho spring, especially in the
southwest and in Pennsylvania, their
destruction was confined to property.
We can find no evidence that more than
six lives were lost by them, although
many of them wore very sudden and
swept everything beforo them, being
accompanied, as they wero, with huge
masses of ice. The marino disasters of
tho past six mouths havo been pecu
liarly destructivo of life. Fifty-four
vessels, nearly all of them stoamors,
havo gone down, taking with them'1,303
porsons, tho most prominent , of which
aro tho following : The Schiller, off
tho Scilly islands, 310 ; tho Gollen
berg, oh" the Australian coaBt, 16G ; the
Cadiz, G2 ; tho Fu Sing, a Chinese
steamer, 50 ; tho American ship Violetta,
.12 ; tho -Vicksburg, collision with ice
bergs, ?0 ; tho "Thoroabia, 20 ; the
Cortes, 2G ; the George Batters, 21 ; tho
Bride, Borar, Borliu (Japanese), and
tho Alice, 20 each; and the Loch
nager, 1G. Thero have boon other
severo disasters on the South
American, Chinese, and English
eoastB which involved a serious
loss of lifo, but it is impossible to osti
niato them, as the telegraph furnishes
no record. Tho season has been un
usually characterized by tornadoes and
hurricanes, and of these there have been
eighteen which havo been accompanied
by logs of lifo, as follows : In Hong
Kong, 500 ; Georgia, 317 ; Chili, 60 ;
Louisiana, 20 ; France, ll ; Missouri,
G ; Mississippi, ll ; Arkansas, 5 ; Mich
igan, 3; Wisconsin, 3; Illinois, 3;
Sonth Carolina, 2, and Kansas, 1 ; total,
911. Thirty-five fires havo been re
ported, by which 30-1 lives havo beon
sacrificed. Only three of theso have
been accompanied by a heavy loss of
life, being the burning of a match fac
tory at Gottenberg, Sweden (50 ;)
steamers at Now Orleans (75); and tho
recant Holvoko (Mass.) church disaster
(92). Explosions, mainly iu thiB coun
try, have killed 207 people, aa follows :
Firo-darap, 122 ; boilers, -18 ; gunpow
der, 21 ; fire works, 9 ; nitro-glycerine,
.1 ; chemicals, 3. Tho railroads^ in this
country at least, have not been BO pro
lific in the destruction of lifo as usual.
Although -17 disasters have boen ro
portod, 4mt 43 peoplo havo been killed,
tho largest number iu any single disas
ter being but 7. Tho list of injured,
however, foots up 218. Last in the list
como snow-slides, whioh havo buried 56.
Tho total list foots np ns follows :
Epidemien. 50,000
EarttiqnakOH. 20.070
Floods. 3,600
Marino dinatjloi'H. 1,303
Tornuuooti. oil
Piros. Wt
Explosiona. 207
Nnow-nlicicK. SO
Railroad accidenta. 43
Total. ?17.173
Largo as theso liguros scorn it must be
remembered that they roproseut but a
small poreontoge of tho destruction of
human lifo from other than natural
causes. They aro only tho largo disas
ters which havo been deemed of suili
cicnt interest to telegraph as item? of
public importance. They do not in
clude the thousands of minor disasters
constantly occurring all ovor the world,
j which would swell tho aggtegato far up
into tho huudredd of thousands, if
not into tho million?. If thoro were
added to theso tho immenoo number
takou oil by suioido, murder, war and
massacre, and other violoni forms of
death which it is impossible to estimate,
tho result would bo frightful to con
template. Increasing this ?tili furthor
by the number who dio from sickness,
it docs not seem that thoro is any danger
tho world will bo overcrowded with pop
ulation.!-O/iiotiffo TMbune.
-Dio Lowia in respectfully alluded
to aa an idiot.
Southern and Northern Cotton Mills.
The St. Louis Republican considers
it a fact worth making a note of, that
while nearly all the New England cotton
mills havo been running on short time
for nearly a year, and several of the
largest of them have been compelled to
suspend work entirely, the mills in the
south have generally been running up
to their full capacity all through tho
dull times, and ?tili in full operation.
It is truo these southern mills are not
declaring tho PO and 40 per cent, divi
dends they declared prior to 1873, but
they are still making a profit and giving
employment to their full complement of
operatives. The fabrics made at tho
southern mills are in Btcady demand,
while those of the New England millB
are heaped up in unsold and unsalable
Btooks-the reason for the closing last
week of the Atlantic mills at Lawrence,
Mass., whereby 1,250 operatives are
thrown ont ot employment, being that
tho company have a surplus of goods on
hand whioh they cannot dispose of. In
addition to this fact, it is stated that the
Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee
goods are driving the northern goods of
the same grade out of the market. They
could not do this unless they are manu
factured at less cost-and this ?B the
seorct of the whole difference between
tho condi Ht i of tho mills in the two
WE have .'often wondered whether
thoro ia a portion in tho country who doon not
know and approciato tho valuo of JoluiHon'H
Anodyno Linimont a? a family niodicino ? It
itt adapted to mont all purponoH, autl ie tho
hOBt pain doatroyer that can bo uood.
FARMERS and stock raisers have fre
quently told un that thoy havo soon very good
roaulta from giving Shoridan'a Cavalry Condi
tion Powdora to cowa and awino boforo and
after thoy drop thoir young. Tho powdorB
nit thom in good condition, and givo thom
strength to caro and provide for tho aueklinga.
Dr. Xutt'B Kxpcctoriaiit permeates tho
lunga and causes thom to throw otT all acrid tuat
ter. It imparts sound and refresbiuR sleep.
A nt li m II mid C'ntlirrli- Soo I). Luncrir* nitv't.
i ho fu t mat live million of
nat s nf
1*11.VKU T1PI?K?
Alices are. made a year. shows
how those who uso thom tool
aboutit. Thoy know Hint th vy
ifsl throe times as long.
Economy ts wealth-tint tlici
host sin <. is the
They never rip leak, or come
apart. I ry itu m. All genuino
goods stamped.
ConHELi.'fl Pius OINTMKNT.-Sold by drug
gists. Wm, ll. Cornell, l'rop'r, St. LOU?B. Mo.
OPIUM cheap.<i?ick. private. feoisuu.
DH. AHMSTHOKO, Dorrien; Mich.
Sold hy agents. Address M. N Lovell,Krle.Pa.
WANTED AG ENTB. aampte* and Outfit fte*
Jletterthnn Gold. A.COOLTKBAOO., Chicago
CHAoClO J>C?r rtV* ^?nd .Vir Ciroino < otnloptio.
U>1U '" ?3) Z O.T. H. liurroBD'sSOKB. Boston. Was*.
A i elf noting trap, to rid out all rat and animal crea
tion. Agenta wanted No trouble to nell. Address
JOHN DIMMNK, I.lmestonevllle, Montonr Co , Pa
XTJSRVOUa DEBILITY-The only cure without
.TN drugs and at t rt lt BUK cost. For particulars ad
cross J i KM.Tii Pull. A n KN cv, Phfiailelphla, Pa.
THIS paper ls printed with lok made by G. B.
Kane tfe Co., 121 Donrborn Street, Chicago,
and for salo by IIB in taree or small quantities.
SOU. NEWSPAPER UNION. Naibville. Tenn.
WANTED. AGENTS-Everywhere for the
Centennial History-noe pages. .Mn engravings.
Fellini; well. Address H. O. HOUGHTON &
co., i fcorurrspt Street. Bunton. Mass.
A MONTH.-Agents wained every
where t Business honorable, and llrst
Class' Particulars sent freo. Ad
dress WORTH dt CO., Kt. Louis, Mo.
Mllltnrr Ae.iideiiiy, Chester. l?n. Opens Sept.
Stn. v.ivll Engineering,thc ulntalc*. English and
Military Art thoroughly taught For Circulais
apply to Coi.. THEO. HYATT, President,
n nur TU I EIC 'or yon. Helli at sight. Oar
? ll tu L I II I fl U agents coln mousy. We havo
work and money for all. men or women, btra or
fIris, whole or snare timo, send sunup for Cata
?cue. Address Frank Qlnck. New Bedford, Mast,
tor the lastest Kelli HR nook ever published. Sonn for
circulars and our ex tra terms to Agents. NATION
AL cr RI.isl i INO CO., (inri n natl or Memphis
TOIbK^UOUq.UUT.fo^ the (omp'ex
lon. Your neater will furnish sample
I1' i< 1'. i'j. Lnrge Mox, Post Free fnr SO Cents.
cn, ALU KGB & Co., Solo Prop'rs Ht: Louis.
druggists. grocers ?fe df alers-Purr. China and Japan
Iras.in souled packages.screw-top cans bo?es or ball
ebe>ts-0rOM>eV*'?ri?-?.Send forciroular. The Wells
Toa Company, Jul i; niton St.. N. Y" P. O. Box lino
Cl AQTIP IfllMT Durable, cheap; easily ap
CLHO I III dill Pl I piled by any one; no nail.
IDflM or frews through tnt. iran; in practical use
InUtl 17 years. Boxed fir shipment to any parr
DnnClilG or tho country. CALDWELL ?fe CO
nUuTiNa |:?1 Went Second street. Cincinnati,O
host soiling Prize Puck
age In Hie world. Ileon
_ tains 1 ft Sheets Paper
IB Enyo'opcs.'go'dcnmit,pen holder,pencil, pat
em. Vard measure anil a Piece of Jewelry. SIIIRIO
package, willi elegant Pr'ze, post-paid , 145 cts. Cir
ciliar free. RHIDK&CO.7Q0 Broadway, Now York
?fcl?i in iCrtfifi Invested In Wall street otten
iDJ-V LU iCJUUi ii ads to fortuno. A 7!<-pnce
hook expiaioing ovcrylhing
and cony or the W AI.DSTRrtSMT REVIEW
Ouil I rrikC. &. Brokers, 7* Broadway, .
PSYOIIO.tlAN OY, or Noni 4'linrmliig
How either ?ox may fnt-cinnte mid gain tho love
and nirections of any pcr.ion thov choose Instautly
This art nil can possess, free, by m ll, Si oems; to
get her with a Marriage Ouldo. Egyptian Orach
l)ro:iins. Ut,Us lo Ladles. ?fee. l.?nu.uui Mild,
?pu-or hook. Address T. WILLI A.MS ?fe CO., Pub
lisliers l'hlTadelphia. Pa.
(Including .l.-e " I,A.S i JOURN A I..->."; miamis
t'irl.l/l/hls .IO y in rs si run ?e. nil ventures, siro
the cttrlotttltn wo ii 11 cr* and wcnlili ol thal
marvelous count r., and Is nlisolntcly ibo only
new. < i. m pto le work. Home lt seilst just
'Oink, tii,U'iO fli'Bt 7 weck?. AHOIIIS'.IHCXM
would nstontsli >ou. wi'?r? wanted Send tor
lenna and positivo liront of uoiiutncness.
IIUuIIAItl) BROS., Pun., HI W. Jill st.. ?.in., li,
WfLlJ IfAVKO?U?OOPi "end aft coots
and ?u will Mind by mail, prepaid, our LAMP
PII.I.KR, willi wnicli you can lill any Keroscr.
/.amp without mnavind chimney or gettlug
t/rriisr oiiftildf, of /.amp At same time wo mau
yon nil our circulars and terms to agenti on
twenty ii'elnl household urtu; C4 with whlci
any p?rsoii can tn ike from Sift to ?)U daily.
Wo want agents everywhere, NATIONAL
Anio S TM ' ?Al PORI UM, Posion, Mass
GEO. p. ROWELL % f>
n. E.AaoKi.A.1) rvr.w ASTHMA
AWI? i:AT,innu ncMEUv.
.niSitiu?rIr, . v,:it) ;c^.8 lo mini lifo ind
Idektti with .WlU.'i.t, I cx|>cilnieuu-.t ty i.>x
|pe?u linc roils ftid borM ar..|tohahnK IMMraV
tlnp. I Icptanalely dlicoTered a wor.di tiul
.mcdy #od ffin^ eVrs f?r>nhmsarid C?tarib.
JW?rt?nlnl lo i rt lr rc Inr tinily un tho pautnlctii
Un iSiwii In ital and idrrp n.uiinrlaiily. Iir?if
Klltaaraaupptlcd u ltli . m ,p i .v. .-, ? fnr raxi
dl?trlbnjl n. Catt ?nd ret one. or addirn
lt. I.V\(.I i r . Applr Crrrh, Ohl?.
Ovid by DrSCCtatt, Tull ?lie pack?!!?, ty .I, il.:*,
/.?".<.../,...'>,. .?.''(../..ii
J- j.r.... afy .Im.-tall/MI
*ir?t. .Mv>i..-wily ;?i
}.'ar^ ....ufSMm'f-'f.Kt
i,;,,,/,,../..IA ,".,,itt?".t.
HlOl 1.1.1. '.,l ll'' I"'
?"~ jti'?S. R<M??klJk ,t-i r il'l.'l.jj: ii I
Ki.?.'. >ti^--1 rSS^WiP" ."tr A|ri.-.?.
?THK BKbT In tn? World.
Whiter. lU'htor.swppter. rlebrr.
KVKKYBODV l'ral.e. lu
T he ladles arc all tn lov<> with lt
_ Ilk? HOT
^WLSL?P*?! alco." ?\ o ti A N-I Z '?"ci >'.''
?UOIhmne st.. New York!
N. T\ Bin ?isr PIyyjvt'3^
.Xs SJ
Was selected, t years ap;o. and put to
work tn nie PatentOUlce. Washing
ton, D C. und ?tun proven tu bu ino
best. 19 alzos made. Prices lower
than any other first-class Wheel.
Pamphlet free. N. F. BURNHAM,
York. l's..
I!.noli uro indorsed try tim
most (initient phyniriniiH iu
the wer li I tor thecurt'of rhea
mut ?HUI, iieiirnlcia.livcrcom
plaint, dyspepsia, kidney diu?
?.a?o,adios, pains, uer vims d is
oTders.ltls.iemaio coiiiplainta
- nervous amt general debility,
and other rlironic diseases of
tho chest, hvail, I iver, stomach
kidneys ami blood. Hook willi
full particulars freo hy VOLTA.
IIELT <'O.. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Wood and teathfr combined [hi
keep the feet dry. \>u>
Save health, save money.WET
Manufactured by newly In-***
vented machinery. Vampira
sent hy maiXnost paid f.ir 75c.
to fl 80 p^r pair, Active men
make money selling thom.
Send for free Illustrated cir
_Movlvillo, Pa.
WV O Itt I TY Ci mo NT II I. Y
Legalized by authority of an act of tho Legislature.
Agents wanted. Send for circulars. Address tho
manager J. M PATTEE, Laramie City, Wyoming,
This new Truss ls worn
with peril ca com tort
night and day. Adapta
itsoir to every motion
of tlie body, retaining
Rupture tindee tho
hardest exercise or se
verest strain until per
manently cured. Bold
cheap oy thu
Elastic Truss Co.,
OHS llronilwnjr, Kew York Cit jr.
Bent br mall. Call or send tor circular and be cured:
For<*MtiilI 'Summer Fever amt ail (ho
complaints generated ny excessive) heat, hy keep
ing iii - li.nod cool and the bowel? free willi
Tnrrant's Effervescent Seltzer Aperient,
at once a most refreshing draught und tho best of
uti regulating medicines.
Trnfnotl for ii suecos.Tul ?tart tn business Ufo tan???fc
how to got a living, make money, and become en
terprising, useful citizens. EASTMAN HIMNT^I
t'OH.XBV, PoeoBKKKPaiK, N. Y.,OII the Hudson
the only institution de. v teil I otb. la especial ly. Thu
olden ?md univ pr.ni. ul i omtnerr'al School,and
only one providing .situations fer Graduate,. Rc
for.s to patrons and graduates lu nearly overy cit v
and town. NKW HIM MU NH NOW OPRN. Applicant.'!
prileranyday Address for particulars and cata
logue of :t,m) graduates in business
H.O. K A BT MAN, LL. D., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Texas Gift Concert Association.
Masonic &I.O.OJ.GranS Temple.*
SElTEltlREU 22, 1875.
First Capital Clft.$50,000
Second Capital Clft.$25,OOO
Besides gifts in propon ion amounting in all to
Price of Whole Ticket, $5.00, which
Consists of five 81 Coupons.
CouroN TICKETS, which will entitle tho holder
lo admission tn tho Grund Concert and to one-fifth
of whatever gift may be awarded to tho wholoticket
Agents who can give good references wanted.
All orders for tickets sent direct promptly filled.
Circulars, Papers, kc, giving full particulars sent
free. In writing be sure and Bign your name,
Town, County and State In full.
Ordern for tickets amounting to ?5 and upwarda
B*nt O. O. D. if desired.
Address all communications and make all remit
tances of money to
AW DCA UER IN ni ? I III III mi ll'
\>N91 a UN. ON ST,
K.\ 617 St. Charles Street, St. Louis, Mo.;
{ttl been toncan axruoir. tn tho trralair n: neall Vena,
real Ubca.e.-Spcrmawrrhf a, Sexual Debility and fmpo.
?">..).-ili-iii any other I'hr.Irtan In Bli Loul?. Ur. WV?
eil ji.ibhment la chartered (>.v ll^c Blain rf .Mi??ourl, wm
foui.ded and ha. been clabiLlKd to accu.-e w(c, certain
ami rrllahls relief. Bci?g a gradu?t.- or laverai medi
cal college, and hiving the experience of a long ale!
luceef.-'ful \ 'o tn hi? tpeciatlfcl li? hin pcrfcetnd re'ra
e that lu ail theo ea?M? HU patlonut
?ra bein? treated by mal! or osnrrii everywhere. No
luudir who I-illed, call or write. Prom the Rrr.it niitn
bri of applleatlcna ho I. enabled lo kop Ms charge*
low. .16 pages, Riving full eymplom?, for two .tampa.
r.'Op.?f?*. a popular t>ook vj ich should bo read by every,
body. No married pair, or per.-on. eoniemrilatlnn mar.
Hage, can afiocd t.. du without lt. ft osataisa the cream .?f
MI ill. al llternture on thia anbjeet, the resalUof Dr. W.'t
lon? experlenco ; alKO tho \?-st thoughts fruin late ivorV.
la Kuropo and America. BsoMWled, |.inl.p.iiil fer jil eta
HKNwriliue, to advertiser.'. idC-tiso mnnllon
tho name ol'this paper. No. lt 1 M.Itu C.
I >? eoftT" IS S WM amt tnrMT.s WANTED to ?1?
LU ??khih??Kb&UhllTHE ?MPROVEC HOfc.B
ksw WWMMttlVtf ISM ?.?. f 8UUTTLI? HewiriR MaflJup
Wl?rc.? Johneon, Clark ft Co., Itoilon. Ma.a-i New XtM
My, 1'lt tn but g li, T.-j Chicago, ll l-l or ?ii. Louis, Ho. 777

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