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E. A. WERSTER. Editor am: Proprietor.
A Weekly Paper Devoted to Temperance, Literati*v? snd Politi?
xe M ni;ii 13
T? M IO LY TOiM( s.
\ i .. s -TA . < ?eoigia. * * ! : i i i ? i - tho largest
rut tun factory in tin- south Ko riv
buildings aro in process of erection, arni
houses i.. the value of .*:'.00,OOU have lie? "
completed lhi< year.
AcconniXii to :i Kreuch statistician,
more than M thousand people have per
ished hy lires i?i theatres from th?." I H"gi li
ning of thc nineteenth century up to thc
present date, while the pecuniary loss
amounts io i?i?n,uM0,0?".
Till? report that I ?oral?! Massey, titi*
Kn ?il ish 'poet, han become insane is now
denied hy M personal friend ? >l his, who
say!- that tl at he i- 'iiow engaged - II tin
greatest literary work ol' hi- life.
Tm: St. Louis whisky distillorshavc
vieldod to tlif energetic persistency of
Secretary llristow, and haye withdrawn
their plea "? "not frailty" filed in the
most important counts, ami hy so doing
lia Ve l'?r fei ted thc goods seized.
, TIM: inl!u.en/:i ?>r distemper among th"
h nr.- ..- has hecoine ahuoijt universal
throughout thc country, and, though
not to I.om pared in severity to the
epidemic of two years ago, it is -still the
eau ?.? of considerable inconvenience and
lo --. We begin, aLo, to hear of fatal rc-,
suits from tin- disease; and horse-breed
ers report the whole season unfavorable
to the successful rea ri ii?: ol* celt- from
tho fatal prevalence of the trouble
among '.hem.. ?
Tin? St. Louis Times, in referring to
- t)ji>JatQ visit ol'.lay. ( iould,Sidney I >illon,
< Uiver Ames and other railroad magnates,
say: the mani object ?if their visit wa- to
.perfeet^arraiig?hients to run through ears
from ..here bi San Francisco via the St.
LiUlis ami Kansas City and -jS'iirlhcrik
and Uiiioh'ami Cacilie'railroads without'
chang.*, ?ii?l ultimately from New \HU-1C
viii New Vork ( Volnil through this city.
It is..|'?rtlter ?aid that this project i
do'stiiiod to forestall the action ol* the
iiatkmal railroad convention to he held
., Imo-iicN; month.-an-l -it possible, to kill
.nie- Southern I'aeiiie railroad "project
w'jieii has many strong friends here.
Tin: great power- of western Ku rope
. have exerted their co m bi m >1 influence tu
smother the Servian rebellion and pro
t e! the dominion ol' the Turk :i little
linger, lt. i^ easy to imagine how the
Czar smiles ..in his sleeve ?it their jenh
busy and tin- se? ret intrigues it leads to
. ii ord^r to prevent I'ussia from getting
:i foothoM on tin- Mediterranean, esjico
.?ally as every*year she ?A extending lier
empire to Centra1 Asia ami throwing the
net of her diplomacy down, towards the
ocean and IVrsian i?ulf. These Hank
movehients arc of vast importance, an-!
ii' emil inned a i|iiarter of a century will
malo i: ol' M TV little moment what th.
croat powers say, There i- little u-i in
defending the front door when the enemy
lue captured all the roi ol' thehoiisc.
Wic an- imlehled, says the-New < ?ricans
l ime-, tu thcslatc registrar of Louisiana
for an adv?uce copy ol" a table showing
ile- population of Louisiana, accord mg to
stale eensu? of ,1870. .We present the
toi il i? low, comparing them with tho
li- nv. - ol the Knited Statesconsusol Clio
and l-To. They show a very large in
crease during the live years, l in it is con
? litie.l chiefly to tin- rural parishes, that ot'
< Ml. an-, comprising the city of Ni-w < ?r
loans, being only 12,0-1 :
rum i. \TION 01 -nu: sr.vi
i Stii i. ism. I?;:.
W ion .:;..7, l.'.i; mri |0|,<?|i?
i i.lum! . IN'M: ?'?.I.-.MO r.".?;i 1
Slave-.-..:..:.\:n,7-J>> .
( 'Iii tie-.? ami I milan-. I ii|o j,.*?|"J
Total.:70S',(M? ;?_'<;.?i i.". s."i7,(i:t?.i
J?. * IM MM I Al lo.\ .. I ? S KW m: I. ?ANS.
White i.".l i;?,!M?.*i I lo,'.?._'.'! i i."i,7-i
I'ri i? eoloieil. irt.t?:ai ..0,1.-,.! 17
Glaives.:. H. I-1 .
(.'liineseTiitil Imlimis 171 :,:> 71
ToiitI.17-UiV.i j(H,-I td ._'o:!, I.'.'.I
Tin: 'return io Hie I'?mi lora from an
?ill mininer cxjiedition to the arctic /.one
with nothing discovered In;*, n warm
current, a vessel ol' [foss's expedition
abandoned twenty live years ago ami
? ill stuck in the ice, ami lin- headstones,
,0:' .im." ol' Sir dohn Kranklin's buried
nit ii, i- Mi'- la-i brief ami uninteresting
aci on ni til' .1 brio*'and unromantic cruise
in rather hiiylfiirye'l seas. The I'a miora
expedition weill wiihin about 1,000 milos,
of the po||., or thereabout, and roached
H?o Gestein longitude of lin- I Jed river
seulement, passiug jierhaps oncrlhird of
Ibo. .way _ weat ward Ihroiich the series ol'
straits north of Victoria laud. Lein .' a
* steam, r the l'a udora moVcd rapidly, am!
had the 1101 thorn sea been ibinhsir neted
, by ?er or fugs -he could, ut ,that reduced
eon.pa-- ol' (lie globe, have steamed
?through froiii .l??dlhr? Cay lo thc RifVuuoi
Weo-h-an seas in ihre?.? or tour ?lavs a!
tho utmost. Sin? sailed above seven de
v rec- in twelvi flays, willi all sorts ?.l
embarrassai r?- a.. ! -..opp.ij. K-yeiiJ
ilfjiv- ni?>ro nf -i. aiuiiij over r<pm?ly j
sli .i t parallels wotihl have can'??! !.. r
quit'' through html obstruction- t.. i Ito
?supposititio?sly opiui Kolar -.-a un tie
l<?iitritiulc 'ul'Hilka ami mi<I-1'.-i<-iti<-. Tin:
expedition was Linly franklin's. Iii.
best wc ? an say ni' it is thai ii was so in
Iclligently and humanely dine:..I ilia'.
Capt. Young brought home Iii- \. -..1
and Iii- lin n.
Till-: tragic death of ('liarh-s l?eveiv hy
hi-??wu hand in an uptown deli in New
York i- an..th?'i- illustration of iii?' old
iiinh that tlie way oj tin- transgressor i
liard. le -vero liad beni a sporting cliar
aetev. Iii'drove nisi, played deep, nial
plunged into, all manner >>t Oxivsses.
About t\v?? years ago he formed a Hitisnu
with a wmiian ..ii whom ii i- thought Iii.'
squandered s.'.n.onn. Lately he lia- lia'!
a powerful run of ill-luck, niel with hi
waning fortunes -'?ie began t.. look . .??A i'??r
a well-filled pocket toset her lieu", np-.II.
ll?- beca ni?' ilesper.-ile, an.I aft? r after
noon and night of ?h baueli, at th?' eml ol'
which -!ie re fi i.-..< I ;.. g?? willi hihi L >n.. c.
he struck heron tin- head and then slutt
himself at her feet. The ?li-e<?very of the
self-murder iv yea led a ghastly scene nf
pain,dissipation,ami depravity, and -h< iws
how the pur-u'it bf plcnstire through their
dcvioii-. ?nina.ral way- i- alway- unre
warding and often fatal. The ? xcitcincnt
-L al-away tl:.- lit', of the pleasure.'ami
the delirium i- alway- degrading and
?leath-iuistcuiug. it seems as thoiigh thc
expel imem had beeil tried Often enough
with itiivaring results to warn overyhtxlv
away front -neb perilous course.-.
S'ri :::.?"?.? .Hl'IU'1'ill'?.. Ilse l'-.-iifi le.i' ?fili en
ol' S|tllii'.
The Kreuch g?yresp?ni-lent of the Lon
don Times, inVonie extended comments
bu Spanish politics, weave.-, a sk?'lc!i ?.f
.frincess Mei'cc?los, the youngest ol' the
two daughters of iho 1 hiede Slonpeiisier,
whose engagement to King Alfonso was
recently ann.nine. .! :
. lt is c\ i u nt Iv thought that a mar
riage between lin- King cud the l'i'iners
Mercedes would produce cnjislderui'iii ef
fect in .-(iain, ami re-unite, to the exclu
sion ol tho ('a ri ?st king, whbm civil war
.o?d iii ? blood which has been shed, cul
oil'from the nation, ?ti ..in- ?ind tin- ame
iutercsl. all members of the myal family,
thu naturally this alliance would liol bc
supported by thc pr?'sent cabinet, for i!
would free tile king from the enervating
guardianship of the I luke ofSesto, ami it
i- in tin--ilent struggle; in this hievila
bh) antagonism, that the anticipated ex
planation ?ifevents which will happen in
Spain must besought, lt was with those
rcllcclions thal I spent the timmi uga 11 {a li
lian. I observed the respectful enthusi
asm w ith which the Spaniard- treated tlie
voling Princess, who h:i> hecnnie '.In- ob
ject ni' ih.-ir combination, and i: may bc
said of their hopes, 'flt.- Prime .- liersell
ju-- pa.- ?I fr?.m ehihlhooil, full ..:' grace
and iiig?'iiiousuess, -eeined unaware of the j
myal destinies which perhaps await her,
as, with her eye- lixe?l mi (he Princess
Christina,her sister, -h.- laude d ai thc
awkwardness of 1'ri nee Antonio, lier lilt lo
brother, while tin y ali abandoned thein
sel vc- fu'fi'hi'i' /icusi '?. to thc pleasures ot
croquet mi the -budy terrace nf Kantian.
At the end of the ?hiy thc Due dc Mon
pensicr was surrounded by hi- Spanish
giiCHts, who had all resumed their C'asiil
ian gravity and whose attitude Lo athed
t h. . 1 radii ional respect nf .dd Spain !'??>.
tim-- w tm .-it on the steps of the ihr?nm.
Further bu, th?' duchess, in tin- midst ol
a circle ol' ladie-.- ron versed in a disorc?'t
loni1 of voice, ami raised her head from
I time t <, time to foll? iw the ch ?I? I rei i's game
with a satisfied air and tn .smile ai the
bur-: . of laughter or frequent discussions
entailed by tim rr? iq net, while she i- cnn
detuned In lile -eVelitV nt' SpUlli-ll eti
quette. l b?- Prime-- Mcrcedo- is ?nie ol
j the most graceful personages w ho could
occupy a throne. K.vhleiitly thc Priii
?i - i - vol too yoiiug to !.. come immedi
ately a royal bride for she is not yid I I .
I hut I a.ii -ure that the young king, win.
I knows her and who must have preserved
la rec? ?licet iou bf her, will easily IH-COIIU*
j an a> . unplice of those" who dream of giv
ing to Spain that Princess who to-day
breathes grace, and wlui to-morroiv at thc
wisliedd'or hour will add l?> this grace thc
kindly digliitv bf a ?|U< en and the seduc
tive charms of a woman. .1 do not know
! how far Spain is in a [tosilion lo give up
it.s st rugidos, competition and incessant
war. 1 ?lo imt know bow mr one ought
to wi-h that titi- young prince-- should
I become tin- inst ruinent of this dill'muli
I itudorlakiiig. I d?? not know, should it
I bl'accomplished, if ono day I !..;!! not
think with -idii"- nf '...i- vining haly
whom peppin'are t ry i ug lo thrust into the
Spanish lui iia.e ; but in lea vi mr L'andaii.
and while laughiiiu a' the thought that
I had been assisting al the sup|.lion
siiiralors' least, I was obliged tn ???nfess
that thi marriage hugill w? il I., pleasing
! t.. Spaniards sincerely desirous ol procur
ing a halt fin* their country bu tin- path
pf agitation which it ha- tr???l <> lung. "
j -A merchant who, (rom 1 oiug .! very
j po?tr liny, had risen to weah ii ul re
nown, w'us once asked hy an intimate
I friend to wlial he attributed lc- m ee
lin life "To prompt oltcilicncc to my
'paient-," was tin- reply. "II! the mid I
ol limn y Lad example- of youth of my
'. own ave. I was alway; able to yield a
j ready -ubiiiissioii lo t?a^ w ill of my
j t lei: a hi? -itej lia-, in cn-i qm in c. ri : i
' upnii me and upon all my ellbrt-?
r !-. :> ? it t vr i ?? \ %.
Ti. . ut - .:.
l in ..Ihr Uti.:.nu ?..I l ii- !..
1.tie til. ll I-.. Il- .Ill;
Tlti'v liili-l Iii- iniii.l ??r!i l.iii ..
Th.' ..iin r'~ i v.- ki-iit f lu- ?l"
Oui j : .: i!.-: ?vir. !i !?.- >..-? -il
I'm- mi... eil. liant i nj u (nv lin. li.?-.
'I ii.- ili-ttim wa- .tivtni-ty .lim.
Tlii' liiril- il. ii tliuieriil ..u tli.- '.i. .?/..
Niiilil.il iii. lr i >. n y lil'tiil- tor lum.
Tin- ?>t lier - ai. il y -a'?v lin- llntvi-rs.
Alni ii. ?, r kn.-'v iii?, n. . - ?v. ?.. m uni,
ll.- tllil Inn ...nut iii.' lia} - an.I h...i.-.
Till In- tai :l.t li'iu ii lin' rt..I.ii-''1 laml.
Ami ..rn-, a lllllti Iciilil . tiri --
WmlM t.. a t. ml. r i .lp: ti rem..'.. :
ll" ..III'.' i.liivl Iii- lil- 1? Ml -
I li.- ?....I v. Im -av.- Iiim thins- !.. Invr.
Th. ..th. r imu ne ve. I ..a hi- ??ny,
A Ira 1.1 t.. htiii.li.' ur l..4ini.'li :
ll - '.ni;. ..[. -I lu- I., jii'?y
ll.- lill ;i.i liol !...... a lliitii; t.Hi liiui'li.
Wilt, ii u.i th.- I..-: ' I.'lo ul", . an.
Y . why -lioulil ??it .1?.-i.il' 'twixl ilii-iii,?
WV inti j approve th" in-an nial niau.
Not yi'l t lo-joyful man ...tnlcnin.
H.- i- ti i iir'niitin wli>> lia- fou iii!
Thfil . nth. ti- w. ll i- li.-av. ti. i- -w. t.
Not I. I:- h- ?' h... li. i?, ii-l.ni.
! la -mn m .1 th.- rai iii l*-neath Iii- f.?'i.
iii'?ll'.., ;.
i : i. i . i i:i iii: itv WINI:.
A (-?iiTi's|Miiiiii-ul "I' lin* Mn - a?hils?lts
I'lniighiuan ?rivi's tile following IIM'?|K>.
ti- having Itc?ii used for years with pet
li'ri -tl.r. - : Tn lill a live gallon keg,
loki; liv.- i|u.-irts nf ripe herries pieki'd
froni ila- -lint-, li?, gallons nf water,
'....il titeiii together . ?I i ?--. j un i" t . - r "f an
hour, -train lin- liiplor. a.hi fourteen
pound-nf brown sugar, 1> ul again hail
an li?.nr: put into a Ititi thu o pounds of
raisin-., |mur ii:.- boiling li.?u..r mi them:
win*ti alu.ni milk-warm add hali' a
pim of yeast, ii i ii stand three days.
strain ?ir... ti.ash. If there i- inore
jillu??r i iuiti lill- the e:;i;-. use i: to lill up
willi a- ii -. ttl. - while fermenting: it
there is linne left water will answer. Keep
i: lull about two wceksj When a hon I
.Int.' fernlen ting, eork tin- cask tight: Iel
it -t imi ahnui three months; then .haw
mf int.. bottles.
i OI.OltiNO AI'I'I ,'.s,
lite Sacramento llceord says "Mr.
? liarles l'aine, who own- an extensive
orchard near San .lose, ha- a method of
giving in red, -triped and yidlow apples
a high mlurhig. The fruit i- picket! am!
laid upun the ground in Inti", thu piles,
limier ihe i?:il!' -had. of tin- trie-, lt is
desirable t.. -jive them a- much sunlight
ns they will hear with.mt sunburning.
!n two o ? three weeks the apples "ii the
lop will be richly colored. These an- re
moved, boxed and sent io lite market,
and lin- next layer ex iii ?ed t" the -nu.
Iiis apples thus colored. es|M'cially the
Imldwin, Si...?i.'s filler, and Spit/.en
luirghs, challenge the admiration ol'all
w ho see . In-iti. Hy this priicos apples
that, when picked from the trees, were
almost without t'olorj will h?coinc bril
lianl a- lin' reddest iipple .rn tin-tree,
and Cipially a- tine a- lite liest."
i ri iniiii in!: ST'i it.'K;
I'll.' Western b'ural says: l-'armers i-i
tin- west not having had experience in
feeding cut seed ;<i stock, do not hilly ap
preciate the advantage i" be derived
I':..m ii. lt will I..- ?..'?lid thu! 'In- -ame
amount nf Inn or straw et:: ami inixeil
with :. liitle brail or smash '.'.ill do nearly
doubl.. the ;.uni -?!' good :.- that let]
In.... ?.. linrsi . or ciit i ii-, which are -ta'd
i'ed. When thisjdan I.. .-..me-to lu-more
practiced, the advantage i-f tin- im
proved ci md 11'mn .>:' the stuck will he MI
great, that the cutling-hox will become
.??i indi-peii-il re<|uisile to every
fanner admiring good stock, lt rei|ttircs
...me i rilli hie. lint lite -tuck needs tlii
extra care at a i?III?' when the ordinary
work of the Iii: liter i- m.; pressing; The
ex pi usc i- not great in ihe use ol' a hand
nuit lune, ami if ,i larger machine is used,
the work iiiay be don?' innre tat-idly, ami
'.h. j lower used lo drive il may he used
for ot lu r purposes . .! en, un! advantage iii
th.'- farm ecoiicmy
i or-i ii. li--1 Ni i MICA I IOWS.
'flu results of a -ingie top-dressing on
eight pl"t- ..f nearly hall' an acre each ol'
sandy, warm -nil. ol' ihe Michigan State
Agricultural ' "li' gc farm, exhibited ihe
following lads al ihe > nd nf three year-:
The top-dressing wa.-* applied in I .Sdi, and
lin- grass was cut twice each season in
|Sii-l and ISi??. and once in ISi?i?. The
prod lice i d' cadi entibio and "i each Int
wa- weighi'd separately and a perfect
record kept, l im results fur the four
seasons were a.- follows: < )n Ihe pint in
which u11 manure or fer! ilizer was applied,
l|ie Kital wi ?ghi of hay yielded per neri
wa- s,7!h puund-. W het.- two bushels
of plaster per aere ivas applied, the yield
per acre was b'./JiV. pounds, a gain of
1,17-1 pound-. Wileri' live bushels nf
wood ?ishes were applied, thc yield per
ere wai 1'J."'7 pound.-, a gain of-1,1 li?
pound... Where threi bushels ol': sail
were -own per aere the yield wini l??.?l'?'.i
pound-, a gain per acre of ~>,'2'J7 pound.-.
Where twenty load- "f muck per acre
ivas laid nu, llii' yield per a?re wa |:!.N|I'I
pound-, a rain i if 0,ti7l pound-. Where
iweiiiv load- "I horse manure was laid
..u t!i'eiyii-lil was I l.'.-'i pouiuls, again
of ?.-:'! pound . These are the results
which indicate tba! there arc fertilizers
which will produce a- good results ?is
I. i : t - : i i. Kor instance, the plaster yielded
a gaiii of lifty-one j ter cent, while the
horse manure gavenn iucrea.-e of seventy
one ju i; ccu!. nearly a t m iiiiire"gi'?iss
per acre in t he t hrcc . ar.-.
i" l ui: Tm: w Aibix-nox!
Tlie American \grirulturist Int- du
li.II..wing: When lint ?Il UM- ihe WitgOII
liox i: :t cumbrous thing to -tow awav.
lt i i." costly lube allowed to ho ..nt
anion.-i the plows am) harrows, and too
bulky '.o lind a place ju the tool-hoilsc or
ihe -I' d -. ? ii needly ?I iii- up against
tit.' li !."?. "r M the' hack "f I lie bam.
where ii i- : min li injured in oin- yciir
hy ex|.o-ure us it Woli'd he hy several
y eil is iii u-- \ \ . : . cOuVt-iiiriit pinn i
!.. ? ..i-: it up t.. ihe ceiling of n wagon
?Mci. o VC I' fbi' (>!.:?.. Wileri' i! .? V.;?j.
ii.-U;i?ly -J ill?!?: livre ri eaii alwav- I?itv.
er. 11 ? in. i. i ; lie wogi >ii ia two ni ii ri ?'-. and
it i- out oj tin'way a tiri -ale from. S.n." n ..
lt i< neeos-ary to have lour rings on ila
wag?>n-lio\. One near each cbrurr. t\y??
-lion ropes anil two long ones: anil nv,,
-niall pulley-block- fastened tin- brnins
. i verlieao!. The short ropes are i . . -? 1 to
tho ri nus, ra rh crossing one em! Ol' the
whgoii-liox. Then' should lie a loop in
the middle ol' cacti ?if these -li rt r..pi-.
t/i which the lon- ropes eau he tied or
i.Iced. When thc wagon i- hackcilint?
t he proper plaec t he ropes are fn-teiio?! to
t he wagon-la>x, anti each end of th? b??\
is hu?ste?I a I'. w feet alternately ? it' .
?-"lily one person to pull it it|" Until it
i- high enough. The rojK'ji ai'' inst? in 'i
around cleats li xe? I t" tin wall of the
Tin: (.'nori' AMI II- TI?IIAT.MKXI.
Tlii- disease causes death hv siillbcati<?ii.
The entrance of the windpipe i- very
?niall: (t little cold cause's the lifiilig . .!
the part called the mucous membrane
-well. Thi . ?linii.-hes the opening, w hich
i- made smaller -till hy what i- called
siihniucoiis?till It ration- thai is. this inii
'."II- nie n i Ina i ie. hcing inlhlined, throws
out an extra amount ol'Huid. MK" the
eye. when ii i- intlniiicd. Thi- Huid
hardi n- and forms at length a kimi nf
hiver which i- soinctii.i an ali.t
leathery toughness: "men n-inj in thick
hess until the tiri lice i- sit marly rlo-r?i
that the h rea th i- ol.-t ru ctr I. Nan
si '?it i hg niedieines diluti- titi- formation
and thus aid lo hring it away. A favor
?te prcscri|?tion \><r a i | tia ri er "fa cenitiry
?iinohg eminent physicians was to mix a
teaspoonful of powdered alum w ith a I'it
th'sugar to make it palatahle. The im
uiediate effect i- t" nauseate, giving
great relief in a minute sometime-.
Flannel- dipjied in iee-eold iva ti
'.hanged every I wo mimi tes, ami sq un /''?I
:i little.-?? a- o. drilil.le and wet thi- cloth
ing, is au .'Xcellent remedy. because it
coiijs tin- part- and diminishes th"
amount of hlood sent lhere, and a- the
phlegm is made out of tin- hl"...I a lr
amount i- linnie, and relief i- certain.
Ititi Hamid dipped in water a? hot as eau I
l.e horne and applied to the part,changed i
every two minutes, earrie- oil" the Ina! i
hy evaporation, and. irritating the nir
face, Illings thc Mood away froth the in- I
terior, Mini thu- diminishes the pi legln.
Cond Advice.
'flu- Ailinn- of tlii- i- not known, hut
he or rtiiv. is certainly :i wis? man or wo
niau: Would you show yourself really
gund to your daughters*? Tlu n lie gen
eronsjt them in a truer sense than that
'?. heap llg li inkots on their neck-. Train
them fir indepemlenee first, and then la
lair to give it lo them. Let thom, a?->. ?II
a- ever Uiey are grown Up. have -..tn- Iii
t lr ui"u v. or mean- of making money,
lo la1 their own, and teach them how t,i
deal Willi it. without nee?Iiug every tn.,
m. nt somebody to help them. Calculate
what yoii give them Or will bequeath !?>
ihein, tint as i- usually done, on the
?.hailee-of their making a ru h marring) .
but on the probabilit y ol'their remaining
singh?, and according lo the -eal'- nt' liv
ing to which y "i i ha ve accustomed them.
Suppress their luxury now if need be.
lott do not leave theta with scarcely have
tieecssaiies hereafter, in striking contrast |
t?i their present home \liove all. Ir l),
them to help ihemsclve-. Kit th. II; id
Iii- abie t . i add to their own nu au- nit lier
I liait to he forever pinchhii-; arni rroito
ini/.ing lili their mind- are na rio we? i and
their hearts arr sick, (live all the cul
ture yiai can to every p.iw.r whit '1 ihry
may possess. If they should marry after
all, they will h.- the happier and ile 'u t
ter for it. If they should remain among
the million of the unmarried, th. y will
lil?-- you in your grave, ami say <>f v.u.
wliat cannot lu- -ai?! of many a ?I ?ling
parent hy his surviving chihl: My fsith u"
cared that I should he happy after his
death tis well as while I was hi- pei am!
bi- t?.y.
>Y i i y Professional "Hen are Th rill less.
'I'la- laborer who ha.- saved money i
hetter lilted, perhaps than ??ny one t"
employ t" advantage ihc kimi of labor
in which tie himself is vi i ? ,I. Inn the
lawyer or the author who ha- si veil
nioiiev ha- no way open to him ?if 'uni
in/, at ike same t uno, both hi- knowledge
aiid hi- money !?? ac?-ounl hy ihc suci'i
lui eniployiuclll.s of tin- tah-ul . "t' oilier
lawyers or oilier authors in iind?Tl:ikin?.s
like milo hi- own. I'erhap-. indeed,
something of this kimi happens when >
pi'punir an i hm like I Hckchs turns, editor,
anti collects around him a .-tail' of ?'lever
writer.-, wb" admire hi- genius ami an
even ?lispose?! t<> copy his mannerisms
Hut thc case is exceptional,and a- t t ub
it so seldom turns "Ut that thc very stn
cessful author hajqieiiii tn have the qual
?ties ?if :?. sm"-ful editor and journalist,
that exceptions of this kind may i>?- pm
i aside a- irrelevan;.
No doubl oiieoj the great reason--why
professional incn ari', ?III the whole, sh
I |i ri fl I? ss in proportion to their gain- i
lliis that tia.upation which absorbs
their energies i- nbl One lin* gains of
w bieh can IM' ?. Mended I'V the help of ju
dicious saving ami investment. \ mau
can not be sneers.-li tl Iii commerce, uer,
?mired, wry sneer -ml even a> a skilled
lal inrer. without sinnig imo ive foi" -av
ing in or?l? i I" . ?eui? moir Mirers-,
fit ?iel'Ol' the -aim soil, Ol at lea-i of a
closely ana!"', "i!.t, Ihtt :: ?.nil??
-iona! man who i yen -u?.?--iii!
randy lias a sj rici ly prof? -'..nal
motive Hu" -aviiig. I'll' auu'e his
hrart i-ab?n ind hy iii- ivoik, ?li? '? - li?1
he think - "! providing foi' him ? it iii ii
reel lillis which arr in no way hound up
in hi work.
I III Ml', is lio chaiigi s to ?1 <.! iii the
i'lcclli'tl teiiiin- holli low i. I lt?' !.'? inil
I li? an nnijoi it v is about Hill t \
1 -an?!
ni v. s min - ; r ALI..
??l-l 'MIMI ? iiiilil ll :?v?' lili von au K|?|.
. '?iii- Hail.
-i I....,,. lt. |.i|l.|i. .oi.
? ?n't '?i ;i vvliilo something happen.- in
|!n ivo'hl.-o far remo vc?! from thc natural,
|iii>|ii i ?u-dcr -it" iliin?is. ?n thoroughly ami
awfully almiirmal in it- i|uality. sb rom
plctely preposterous in its ?'??nsequenees,
that thca\vrngc man ran almost we?'p Initti
.-'?'ir wrath at ?in ?vince?! disregard ol' thc
eternal j ?rb i ii* rt k's. They may weep over
ibis -tati-nent nt'an actual fact :
In j sri:* ?ii -j. m li man. whose uanic tx-c'd
.i-.j bc given, closed tip a {iiol?talilc (Ihjii
I nisi ness, .-mil retired upon a d?'.-ervc?I ?'<ini
|.ete?iey. A la-ie HT tin- .I tilings ot"
thc world bad t iii - - ie 11 ?ni I Lu-inc-- man.
?ild win ll lc- ri>tj|'ed ic -elected from lii
-toek ?.! Ii<|m>r- a supply nf-tho best, furl
I n i\ at- e. >i i-i i ni (.! inn. lia !.. I ti n i rbi ii 11 ive ii
ty vi ar- ..!?!. wuscarcfull.v bestowed in l??t
tlesand dtyaiitors; sun ?ot li. oily brandy ?a
?miiil.-irij po; aside: rieh port and brown
'?' rrj and ptveioiis cordials were ??ri -
served willi c?|iijd ea re. and when he final- I
jv wini out <?f business, the ^etitlemaii re
ferred Io had in his |.?-inn a rar- Lit ,
. .I liquors contained in a variety nf
?">;t l> -. '!. canter-, ju irs and other reecp-1
Theil caine a stuhlen death, and lb?'
I tu-ines- man - poi-ses-inns doeetided to
?ii- kinsfolk, fin- bottled liquors wein j
i*i t? near relativ?; whose family were let
in ila- habit ?if looking upon thc wine
when teil m- any (tiber color, or of cou-j
sinning Injinu- in tiny (orin. The bottles
.ind ileeaiitei - and jugs were put away, as
-.. inm-h rubbish, in ile- gsirrct, aid lett
utdi-'.u ii"'l.
There, in thc lonely jr.srn-l, tho injinu
-ttiycii. and the year- pa--..I by. I'la
I tourism grew richer, th?- brandy oilier,
tin- wine- snore hui ty; the cordial more'
like the v iv elixir of lite. 'fi:.eail
cable I teen i ne i t'aet. (lermany look ?sj
-li?e of Krahec and 1e r milliards, Stan
ley found Livingstone, aid other meat
thin ? happened, and still, by days aid
weeks and mouths aid years; in bottle-1
.nd deni ii tera and jugs, hidden away,
half forgotten, in tin- dusty garret, tile
rieh Itourboii grew richer, the oily bandy '
oilier, tin- nutty, wines more nutty, the I
precious cordial more like tin- elixir of
lite. 'fine, ibc irreat distiller was doini:!
hi- liest.
Time -till passes, a- time alway- di tes
?uni in the household win n- tin- liquors
wer . the thrifty lums-ewile aid lier a-i-t- '
.ou ilaughter- kept all things neat aid
?.nlerlv. and furnished a well-provided i
table." They do so .-till. lt lia- alway-'
h. en tin custom of iliese ladies to pm np!
in autumn a large supply! of pickles ami
preserves aid jam- and such delicacies. ]
ami a while ago tiny began the usual
work. Tin \ hail accomplished much,
when at a c.nain stagi with a irreat deal
of fruit mi their hands, tiny found them-,
-?.Ive- without Imttles to hold thc various
essences and extracts aid other doppj'i
tieci'ssaricrt for lin- work. Spine one sjtoKe
"There; a rc a lol ol nhl bot tl?'? and j ii
wit'i nasty li? pu ?rs in them up in th
The suggest ion v?'as enough' '1"' ukasv
wa- i -in -I by the i_'otnl mother, and oiie
wa- --lit tn til kV :?? I tile bottle- aid jugs
'ii th" ga nv I and prepare them for use.
I!.. .. wore al I brought down and thc c<?u-i
I cn I > emptied ?ill thc groll lld in '.he bael,
jard, thai thc vessels might ?ie used for
hbii-ehold purposes!
fin- Lii?li-Ii language i- a vert goo I
language for -am- purposes, hut theil; I
Voil I.now. ii i- totally inadequate tin-the'
purposejitst herc.
The thirst v earth drsiiik up the ph chins
lbj not' aid gay?' lin sigh* but had it lip
it '.von h I have smiicked ihciii; had i: eve
tt would have rolled them. The greedyJ
WI ri li toni. al!, tile lilli I'lOUI-hoU, tile '?ijv
brandy, the nutty wine-, lite cxqui-it<
i-onlials! W hat an amma. ii'. t?? tickle
the niisi ri ls ??f gods upon ? Mynipus, mn t
have ari-eii ! What delicious agon;. "1
exhalation V Thc sweet inaudible wail ot
a I"-! -pilli! I '? un prc hem I it if von eau.
I >? ?II rln ?II huty-t lire?- vea rs old, oilier ner
ta ra- priceless, all east away a- common
-tull', lit liol even I'm beasts thal perish
aid im earl ho, mike, no lighinjiiir from
the sky, im coin ulsions of nature to pun
ish the thing. "Think ol it, drink of il
tim. you can't drink of ii. because ?ts
^oiie),'dissolute man !" Wa- ever stich
an mit rage before".'
This i- mi n tc ie -ketch from thc i maj in
iii ion. tlii- isa -imple statement ot a loi
rible lac.. I- it- knowledge not enough
to make tin- man u ?th orgaiisof taste ami
smell a Uunpoiniv maniac, enough in
make him want to go and dash his head
against a pillar of iron'.' (Mi. ghost of old
Siblin- :
Newest Fashion freaks.
I..i Lu ti tense (the cripple) is the name
thc I'ronch modistes have given an over
skirl thal i- om- -iilcd. er mail.' to look so
c. heing draped higher on thc right side
than on tie- {efl. The over-skirl ilia:
finds most favor hero are those ibu; have
very drep aprons, teaching ?pt i tc to ila
loot nf (lu-skirl beneath. I he- apron
aie now verj much I rim med, sim I tia
te.I-I populni one o. all ba- large ilpridil
lolil- thai meei in tile middle of the
a j ?i bli. ari hehl ilnie liv bows, ami ila
lolil- ti'i li -lope up tl',,- -ide aid ale In-;
iii the ilraperj nf lie- back.
l in ii,int ni cn-ftimes .-. ti.Ljcetivc
|M?iiit foi ila- trimming this -.a-on.
I'a i i-iciuu - have been abandoned tour
nures atnl all I .< m llb ii t ctli'cts. and thc
. M nit o i ? i- nov massed in front or on
tile; sides, .labot-. ti.hi-, low-, tabliers
.-.lal picket- Him itu iii ut ami -iii
abumlaii! ly. yet thc fa-hi<ill nf t'y i IP thc
-kilt back reiuaiii-, and thu-the I'ulltic
i ma -- i I behind,
Sleeve- aie al-o \. iv much Iriiuiiie?!
.h;- ia .!!. lhere i- ji'ss shirring am
pltlblli tl poll llu'lll. hilt tillie i-a taiicv
tm nov - ..t iiori/oiital told- foi irivguhe
. an.: - [lu: whole" front ?il the
. CV . all'! t?.;- -li-rp < lill'- that trim till'
sloeX i.- t.. tllC clholV.
No! W i?l-l ;l IM I ? ll'j' tVilIgt! ?II hlt'OS HIV WI
?shiv used, 'lu i.- ?~ a lilli' style fourni
in the untrimmed ?rarinonts that 111:1 kos
theni popular. Thoi?* aro overs!.-iris and
|M?lona?M's ..f i!. ? richest lYabies that aro
mendy hemmed ur faced, and t'-us the
?uiroliascr ? MM tilford t?. i ny cit nwrv
money in tho material nf her -nit.
.Mull- air made i., match thc how eos
niii. -. l ?ro-.-c-ol'hrueadod wl\-et llll<j
-ii!; iiiivoiiiutis.il' tin- velvet ornamented
xxdth small hoiitpietsol' Howers, r'oathor
?nulls, i-v.i edinglx ?-_rlit. sm : 111 ami wami;
.?ru al-1 shown toimiteh iii- foal lu r hnr
iroi's ol costumes. Wide ruche-are made
? .i li 'a 1 . a * rs thal aro >t ri ?-? ?. ?< I .mu? t li. -
-Lin-, anil so wet I un straight instead of
hoing I'ttrli'il. I ii-n- i- thou .1 iiiiill' tu
inati'li. Titi - ni alls a:u very handsome
in Manual gray ostrich leathers, in
ia.-: ra I-..ti!, ami in thc dark green cooks'
fi at lu i -.
1 if all liai incuts thal have groxvii longer,
'toaks -hoxx tin- most ilooiilo?! uievea-e in
length. Th?"; long pelisses ami hasipiitios,
M. arly littet! t<. tho liguiv.aro rovivod lui"
.[..til oloaks, wtiilo loni; I'reneh sacipios
.villi I. harks aro used for those ul
-ilk that arr liiioil with ?Cuv. Dolmans
uro tilso longer, anti have, ample sloe vos
IVoiii tito oliiows t" tin xx'rist. There ?tnt
.'.lui 1 ir iv wraps thal rc.-cnildc thcdoulil?
iMJM - ..;' . .. ar- ago, Inn v.l.it li haw
tlx fronts luriio.l up m lorin -io.-vos.
Now jacket-- ?,f ligured oainol's hair have
.I?i-etj .-loovos.willi Outside pago sleeves
laiigiug jonir ainl square, ami slioxviiig a
iuinir ?.t"' vol vol.
Now \v?*?lilin*r <lir-.-arr tit'stilt, lustro
? - faille, triiit 11104.1 with a gntlonof white
ii I lo', xvrotight with pearls, anti al-. tvi't'i
lioot tdvpeiissoe, that is nen Hopped ?inti
Hushed with a narrow ''purl edging"
uai'l. Thosedrosses haw. ?..jujiro murt
rain-, elaltorntc talilors, ainl cuirass
1-isipto.s. Tilt'Howers an v l.:to orushoil
osos an.I eglantine. Kiolius scarf
ashes are on other xvoddimr tir? t's, ami
m tho tullo il rosses ol I u i-i?-mai< i
't ho Cut'itisit?es ol" l-'ever (ufccUnu.
Mon ot' soil noe speak ot' epidemic
va vos, alni ? scarlet lever hoing eojn
iiuniciilcd i','.' 1110 few drops ut' mill;
vhieh voil |"inr into your lou, or the
.roam dill'uscd tn a cl ?.-si 1 nf st rn xv horries
in a late occasion at a I'n-liionahle dinner
?arty in London, ..- nitor. eight orton
?iit'StS, ?tiiil seven mom hors t.?!' tht! hoasc
loli.'. took soarlot fivvor, (V.iviously, the
n foot ion must havo liecn 0:1 tight at ino
limier party : hill how was 1! puzzling
natter ol iuoiiiry, for no "?" in tho tiiiu
Iv ..f th'- li..-; \,..- known to have hoon
itli'i t. .i v.iili t!., li-or-l. r. Was tlio.lis
.a-r I untight !.> tin- house hy a wailer'.'
iVas i; - .ikVovi'ii in tin- lablo-hiien from
lu- washerwoman'.' Was il somehow iii
.orpdratod in lt?' cream thal hail hoon
i-.-I in tho de--oil ' Ali investigation
m tiu -r ami ijthor jHiints, ?is wo under
lain!, was imalo, hut mil xxith any salis*
ari.uv result. Tho orra ai va- thought
.. IH; tho nu.-- likojy vchhio Ol' ijitet
i<?ii : luit how multi any out: ht' certain
>n ilio |M>iiii .' 'flu- cronin employed in
a-hioiiahle dessert iii London i- jiossihly
nsido np of half :: dozen ortrams from ?is
liaiiy tiairies, ! ini?iiiry mids univ in
ain ot?njoottir?'. Katlin- a hazardous
:ii om- wtitild say. going ..ut to dinner
. ii you may run tin- chance of living
:iilod in ?i maimer so very mysterious.
'e.r.lr. il. th- il- UltlilOCIICC. ?11*0 liol aWalO
i tho inaiim-r in whit ii contagion- di
?ast - may i>< ouniniiinieat ii hy ptil.ilio
-< .ii vi *va io 'i's, hx articles of iii.--, hy
IWoi?ins?S, l.y ihr v? r\ afvosphen . Wo
isiVe in ' heard an instance of iVe eoni
iiuuieiitinii ot' searhfI ?'eyer hy uioiiiisol
i "kist," iho ?am? usually given in Soot
l:iud !.. a . rvant'- tri!uk. A sorviiiil girl
in Moiav-i.irr i' ll i;! willi soariot foyer
?mil l?i?il. li-; i.i-t.a pailiit'tl xvotitlon
Skixj i-otifaihiiig hoi' worldly gum!-.
Hoi' later clothing; ?nehided, wa- sent
home t" h- r relations, .un! lay for sonic
xvei i;- al a station on lin- Spevside rail
way l..ioi" an u|?port unit \ occur rot I lor
roinoving ii hy a earl lier mother's
cottiigo among ila* hill, huring this in
Iorval the station ma-ler's children, in
romping id iou I. cniidu?tcd their gnnihols
m t'hr ki-t, ivlueh wa- a ivpositiiry o .
ioiiiagioii, and in due roa;-" xx'ero strtiek
l?xvn .\i:!i -rai!. ', l?-vi-r. At length ihe
ata! ki-t was conveyed io it- destination,
ind tho contents wire dispersed nhioiig
friend: mid neighbors. 'l'lio doiiatiohs
?von kintllx liioanl; lui', they proved
fatal. No pi'ioautious had hoon Inki'li lo
likifif.. ; tin itrttolos, ihr rost? lt heing
that wherever tho chit hos'nf the deceased
..iii xvoiv ttikcli in scarlet fever lunn.I
it- viotiius. I'or -owrttl liiont'.is the
fever ragi'd, until ihe wave of it- infec
tion wa- ox pen? loth Nu\x i n-iinl a re
liiarkalile event. lin- outhreiik proved
io |ie au o|.|...-in.: Iiarri<'i to tho spread
of a m.-ir v.iruleiii lype of senrlidin?
ad? ant ing tr..m atiotht r ijtiarter at a hiter
p?rioij of ;':.. year. 'Mi reaching the
former ne ?if ihe disesi-?>? il xvas arri'.-led
for xv a ni ol iiiaii'vi.'i) lo I'eed upon. ..'
-ooo:al iiitack lieiiitr very unusual.-:
C. ./
Vu... company, iniroduein?! ?t novel
tonn of hisiir.'uii'c, lias :..var.-... iii
Next York. 11 i- eiillod tho national
hurglarv insurance com?iany, aie! i hums
a capital ol' .<l;otio.oi?o; pal-', up. lt
titi, s'.iaicit'l?ly iiidhaies its purpitso,
xvhieh i- to iiisiiri oxx norsofj roperly
ofexorx kind and description, in tl wei j?
iiigS. -tot.-, iiiaiiufaeloi'i.'s. churches,
piihlio hiiihlihirs, xvarehouses. etc.. agiiiiiH
I..-- I.-, ihe lieprodatious ul hurglarsi
I h." i ollipailV ail ?ei ii . li a', il Will
?nip'oy ?i special patrol and doti't'ivvc
loir- tn prut oe ! ll . pr??i'?erly Ot ?'?. in
-iiir<i. ami I.? ir tivi i l''?' ino stole;1
it' ii it I'tjeovet ! withiji -ixty oays alter
ii i- -lohn, titrion.; no agree to pay ll
i'?ish xaloe at th- :i???: "I' ?lo tl??

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