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City Dirootory.
MAYOR, - - George lioliv?r.
X 'I.KKK, -
ALOKUMKN. -James. P. Tzlar, John M.
Thompson, J. W. Cannon, J. \V.
POSTMASTER, - - - A. Webster.
Thomas Phillips, pastor. Services, mot li
ing, afternoon ano! evening.
P.Al'Tisr. - Rev. .Mr. Norris, pastor. |
Service?, ll rs i Sunday evening, and the
second ami fourth Sundays, morning,
and evening.
METHODIST (south).-Rev. .Mr. Cam
pbell, pastor. Services morning _and
evening. Sunday-school, SJ A.M.
PRESItTTKIt? A.N.-1*CV. Mr. lt row ll
evangelist. Sort iee-, morning and after
noon. Sunday-school, n 1-2 A.M.
Ei'iscoFAI..-first am', third Sunday-.;
Morning ami afternoon.
LUTH tin A s CHU ttcii.-RCV? Mr. Hough,
pastor. Service*, morning 10 1-2, even
lng at 7 o'clock.
The passenger trains on thc S. C.
ll. lt.,on and after Monday next, will
pass through Orangcburg as follows:
Day from Columbia, 11.0(1 a. m.
Day, from Charleston, 2.00 p. m.
"Night, from Columbia, U.?'5 p. m.
" from Charleston, 2.i'd a. in.
From 8 o'clock A. M. to 2 P. M.
From 8 o'clock P. M. to 5 P. M.
Gooda received and delivered only
in oflice hours.
Our local of last week should have
read:-Thc Governor refuses to pardon
Russel Wilson, the murderer of Jcll'rey
J. M. Thompson has started a restau
rant, ami w ill furnish meals at all hours.
That he can get up a splendid oyster
stew, wc can speak of our own knowl
Representatives S. 1.. Duncan and P.
IC. Jones were in town one ?lay during
tin- week, looking well able to discharge
tu ?
iJV ?>.l-. DUI wi.. *wv- ..~.o~ ..;.
very valuable ono and is often the
case we are told that night ol' thc ac
cident was thc ti rsl time thc horse
Md been left in the lot.
There will bea meeting of thc
Agricultural and Mechanical Associa
tion at thc Fair building lo da)'. Wc
understand thc ladies connected willi
thc association will provide an enter
tainment whica may be lilly called
the harvest-feast.
P. C. Cannon believes that his T?rk is
the best advertisement of his business,
...ind it certainly (hies commend the work
man. He is the gun and locksmith ot
ibis thriving burg. Those having lire
Arms to be repaired, or nay job to be i
done requiring in ils execution a display
of mechanical skill should give him a
-Thc postmaster calls attention
to the following from thc postal laws
and regulations :
SEC. 198: Each post-oiliec box or
drawer, in all post-ollices, is restrict
ed to tho usc of one family, (?rm or
company, and thc rent therefor must
bc paid at least one quarter in ad
SKI . 201. A person renting a post
ollicc box is entitled to have thc let
ters of his family, (irai or company
put into il. Leiters addressed lo his
friends stopping temporarily willi him
may also be placed in the box is di
rected to his care or to the number
of Hie box. lint letters addressed to
other persons residing in thc same
place, and living and doing business
separate and apart from a box-holder
should not bc placed in the box.
FIRE!-On Wednesday morning
about H o'clock thc alarm ol' lire was j
sounded, and quickly thc engine,
drawn by firemen and other excited
nod public-spirited citizens, went
thundering through our streets, in
search of tho supposed lire. Tin- lire
bells rang, thc owners of property
ran to see if theirs was Oeing sacri
ficcil lo the lire liend ; bul"no lire
could bc found and, the engine was
.slowly drawn back to its quarters.
This proved to bc a false alarm, hut
??L 'so with alano that was ? i veil
ali.ml lU o'clock Hie sain.- morning. J
and there was no mistaking thc scene
ol thc* conflagration, asa dense vol
nine ol' smoke was visible in the vi- ?
ci ni ty of Riggs' milla.
The lire companies were promptly
at thc scene of action, hui owing tu a >
scanty supply of hose the engine was ?
of little avail. The lire is supposed '
to have caught from a spark from the J1
smoke slack falling on the root'of the
gin house, which, without blazing mi 1 ,
the outside, worked its way through
some crack to the inside which wa- 1
lined with lint thal had heen col- 1
ledi ll" lhere lor a long lime, and in
a Hash the building was wrapped in v
Haines. Il was found impossible lo .
save the building where thc lire orig- I
i nat cd, and the attention of the lite v
department was turned to saving the
oilier buildings, and snell movable^
property as could be saved. Nearly i ,
everything was rescued from the .
blacksmith shop, u:id this was the -
only building consumed save the om; '
where the lire originated. In the
gin house and mil!, very lillie- was
saved from the llames. Hilt the task
ul" all was to save a building about \
-I-' feet flinn the mill, and nearer the
dwelling house of Mr Rig^s. Herc (
tl ie ctlbrls ol' all at last concentrated
as the critical place to slop the .
spreading of thc hie. An unsucess
lui attempt was made to play upon ?
the building with lin; engine, bul as
waler and hose was found necessary
to its successful operation no go-id
was accomplished. The building had
already caught when several luisons
scaled the roof, and waler being
passed to them in buckets, manfully
i - I
fought the lire, while the heal was sn1
intense as to blister their bodies.'
Ned Anderson occupied the most ex
: posctl position on the ruo!', and
j worked heroically until he fainted
, from heat and exhaustion. When
I so many at e worthy ol' notice, we
would not seem to make invidious
distinction by mentioning one to the
j exclusion ol' another. But wc cannot
forbear lo mention this ease and one
I other, that ol'a young niau from lu
j lumbla, Mr. li. li. Lee. Although a
spirit as though the property was his;
own. Certain members ol' the KlU
ott Hook and Ladder Co., are es
pecially worthy ol' notice for their
meritorious dibits al the lire.
Mr. Higgs' loss is estimated at
$0,000, and no insurance. It is an
old saying that misfortunes never
come single, it being only a week
since that Mr. Higgs lost Hie righi
hand thal li}' its skill and cun.iing
i hail, through long years of labor,
i amassed thc handsome properly which
I is so sadly depleted by this misfor
tune. He was out at the Mic, and
although from the recent amputation
ol'his hand he was unable to make
any physical cilbl't, with coolness and
perfect self-possession giving dieoe
lions to others, and apparently the
least excited of any man upon thc
ground. Mr. Higgs is well known as
a skillful and hard-working mechanic
who, by his own industry and honest
labor has acquired the properly which
has been so suddenly reduced to ashes.
Ho has the .sympathy of the public,
but with characteristic pluck he is al
ready preparing to resume the work
in his carriage-shop, which Business
will be carried on without serious in
A CA l M ).
I desire to express my heartfelt
thanks lo the Lire Companies and to
other citizens for the kind and strenu
ous e?brts to save my buildings and
rescue my properly from the jj re.
To their noble ellbrts I air. indebted
for what remains. For tho sympathy
many have expressed to me 1 am
truly grateful beyond expression as
well as for the practical demonstra
tion of their interest toward, myself.
Respect fully,
Mortgage Sale,
Pl ? )TH l-l b hereby given thal I \\ ill
-ell al public auction, for cash, on
ile- lii-i Monda) lu December, lx7">. ai
< 11 ?iligchurg < '. II., al lin- liguai lime and
place ot legal sales, one gray horse mule,
ile- properly ol Toby Jackson, mort
gaged lo (j.'l). Corijohii, and to lu- hold
under -m li mortgage,
,L .1. CANNON,
Agoni ni Mortgagee.
November I'-'. 1S75 1". _'.
jaying of thc Corner S io
Orangcburg Court House.
)n Thursday November 25, 18',
ll)- Vii ! Ile "I a di-p'-ll-a'i'ltl from
josi Worshipful .latin - A ll"'. !. (?i a
histor ol Aliei'-nl 1 'r> e Mnsohrv ol Soi
a m lina. I will pt.e il i<< lay ?lu- <
icr Stone ni the I om i House ai < Iran
iiirjr. nu Thursday next, ii?th inst.
'?'?I?! fullowiiij? program ino will bei
ervin. :
l'lf various lotijios will -bible
he places designated in tlit' ??reuhn 1
ers lierelolore issued, aid. ?is soon
pened. Uley will repair tn lin- lr; ni I
In' Krosbyteri?h < hiirclf. win-rt; lin: !:
lu- formed, ai lOoYJock. A. M.. pi
sisely, under ilirieliou ol' Uro. Ssiuu
libbie. Mardbal, ami lim. 1.. I!, lice
villi ami I!, li.lSt!?<?erassistant Marshal
'l in- procession will mareil at 1" 1
?Vlnck, A. M.. down ?uss?dl stn el
iliihlletoii. dov? II .M iddlctoii lo Ann!';
ip Amelia (?> Church, ami up < li ni ?li I
ipiui Mouse Square, where ile- procc
imi will had. ami opeii ranks, lor tl.
iiirpiisc nt passin;; limier the areli.
Thc order ul' pc.ssion w ill 'ie a - I:i
n\\ - :
I',:>>,. r- Ky Iii v. lin'..I. I>. Campbell
O.O:-..When Karl.i's foundation lil
ia- ia?t?."
liMmteal .S'A*- dh-Hy ilro. Thomas W
?Inver, I'. M.
Addi, ss- Hy Km. Aiitfiistus. li. Knowl
. m.
i:iiisin*r Ol' lim ('orner Stone; ilopnsjl
if coins and ineinoriiils hy the Treasurer.
lin?.'Ti Kulin, and iowcriiiii "' tlc Stent1
H solemn inu-ie; ibu presentation Ot'tile
ivorkiiiji tools hy; i lie ?irehite?l. Iii" K.
Vi. li. Il-- . el --ni. and tin- oerom .">' ?il
lax in- lin- Stone l'.\ ll. VV. I ?. I ?. ( i. M..
I ii iiies I", l/.hir. ?i<sisfcd liv liri?.-?. Oliver
ll. (Mt. I'. M.. l>. W. Ciittinti, 1'. M.. and
lian.el I.iv illiston. 1". M .
Odi -"I.ol lhere I?' Ihiht."
" -"lljill ! Masoiir) I ?iv inc."
Tin- la'lii-s. ililli lin- publi? ...?HIT.illy.
;ii-i;Tcs|icc!fully invited t" atteiid. jlrii.
Theodore Kulin. Tn a-i;nr ..! Shibbnlelh
|.otj?e. Nu. iiS, A. T M.. will reiri'ive
ruin alni Ult-timi ?als l"i dopn.Ml in the
Stout'; until Thursday iimriiui":. S 1 J
o'trloi-k. when the deposil box w ill he
sealed up.
M KS K. l/.I.Ai:.
I ?isl. Dep. v-raml Master.
Sciiooi. COM if ISSI ox nit. Std M ?iii
-"? friend in beeil is a friend
indeed." Such a friend is Dr. Hull's
Cough Syrup, which should bo in
every family ; it only tte ts -J.~> couts a
hollie and may save many a tlocloi
Publisher's Pvlotiees.
-Uev. .Mr. lilakely is an aiithori/.ed
aiieiil foi i hi- i aper.
- .'v. Vi'. l'?li?kVi'?y. "i Iii ali' 'i'? i>!> . iii
an autiinri/.ed abolit for this paper.
List of Advertised Letters for the
Week Ending -
Mr? S M Amar. Warren liaker. .1 I.
l?nseiir. l?iehanl ISrakeliii. ll M Itrowu.
Miss br.esiuda l.ulser,M?ss V I?Kushart.
Mr- Mary Lee. Kachel Mid Millee, Mrs
Mary A Miller. Dave Mitchel. Mrs Catii.
1'iice. Mr Ken jamill l'a r ker, Issi iii I'ar
kif. Mrs Ida I*<?liil*r, Mrs l.erioey Kerry
Mi-- K li Phillip*. A (Merson Kaw I. .1 I
Katt.-ir.-i-. ::. 1 ? li licet!; Mi-- K Ki.-hanl
-?m. Miss hore Smoke Mrs ' casar Step
pe?, S ll Sullivan. Mrs M K Slatey,
Mrs Kihi S?,'. di?an. Martin Sirouso, X
W IViimph. K <; Tull, is, i ?cok w liet
-ini.c Mrs Allen Wilson, .Mi-- I {ea I We
nn. Israel White, Henderson While,
Miss .lain- Washington, Andrew W il
?ams, .Mrs Kranoes Z.-i^lar. J.
Moody and Sankey.
DAILY KKl'i HMS DI-' I in:
G! li 1 CS -V X li I : V I V A I
?tfew York Daily Witness.
#0 \ V'KAIi;
Qr only ?W-cen ls, I'oula yo. /'<//?,,
'KUM NOW i'll l-l JAXl'AliV, IS7<
( im ri.A i ,i>\ m i> vu v Wrixiiss.
.'ol'week embue; Sept. *J."V, i'd..".no. A
erauc daily. I" J.'-n.
'or week endino '?ct. ?IO, |IM;.s KI. A
eraui- dally, I7.7.M?.
Saiiipl.ij?y ol'tinily .'iud weekly ll'
>>s seul lue no appin al jun hv'pns'.a
aid. Address, ,I()H\ DUI'tSAi h.
2 Spruce St. (Traci llou.-e), NT. Y.
Wm. M. liIRD & CO.,
Oils, WJiite Lead,
Zinc, Colors,
Wini ) tV -G-la^s, &o
._'< -1 I'Vnsl 1 hiv.
Cl IA K'l.i'.STON, s.?. Ca.
July I".' IU ..
SW;ff',. .QTIn
Ulli, iii! ?j Uilll/i
A. Nix. ir; C-. Joh 11 <'. I'.l
. ?-t'il IM.v :.U. ?uni other* J.
L'?l ? Iv4| I h<- jilli JfllK'li! llOt'l'ill. I
-eil !'. lin- hi??ic-i bhMor. at i n
?>X ?;. II., mi I|II? Hr-1 Moutlay in
..i next dnriti'i : ic n?iial boin
lin following tract.-: of hnnL viz: '
ni! aiton: ?|:i'.t tuTi-sKU I-..nv lloli'
ai.il houu'teil hy hlllil- ItOW of ;
? nf Mi ' ..ii i.ii?iV. Il' i.ry n.-iiitz
cri .'. hu-.H ami I ir. hate's. 'I'In.
I.-' sohl in pan-el's. |iiat? ol which
hown un tlay ..t -a!.-.
S * ?ii.--:iiii .l en ?li ; balance in
w<> year?, t'rcililor giving .?MIIPJ
ri.iii poi ti.ni ai" I a morl ir?, fri? <.!
,->.- anil to pay fur p ipi t - ami
Villi --. ) K. L CAIN.
t.v i-7.-i. \ siii'iiil X). <'.
.Inn- . . II., iibv.l?O 1". 1
HieriiTs Sales.
1 lukes, ami others. Kugene
X. ami otlb i ? ; P?lifii i> IN m ,
I A l l..
. . ul tin- ?'I l_MI|.-.:?- herein. I
-i ll al I ?ian-.-Inn - : '. H.. on
Momiav ia 1 >...-..m'.- r next,
i- u-nal holli1 <.! -??!** :
. plantation or trad of 'anil 4lt
?.*i-.;iii_i?f????i'lf i-biitity. hoar the I
jt'biirg i'oail h- H?HLT '.o ' 'Ilario
>'.v Ca ?I Iii I'.i'.'ii-liip. i'ouiaiiimg |
ni.>ri. ur i> --. alni houm'.i.-il on I
y lanils >.| '.. W. I!uti*, oil lin- i
ami- of Irv. H t 'minor, smith hy
iii??h Connor, anti on i'm' wi -i
. t I laval lt. Pl uiu 'm ; ml ,}a?:ob
-f).itali fa -h. h.ii.nu ii on a
vvi'ly? months, piii'i'lni -cr iii v.- 1
ml .-tg.-igc "I ! lie !"'-mi-e.? ;
ht- . inlil portion ol' :"u- pur
cy an.I l" juiy for paper.? anti
.Hi.-.-. ) K. I. CAIN.
:. 1 ?7.V \ Sherill' ?.). ;
ur- nii\- J'l- 1 .">-"J'.
Sheriff's Sale,
lover, ailutiiii-lrairix. 'I'. !
I '. 1111 ON io sl:l.i. l.'i vi, Ks-.
I ? UlT N v lisT l't:? " 1 I I .
I I. .i :lir iiitlgim-ni herein. I !
? at < h^iiigcbiirg C. H.. on lin- '
v iii 11. .-, uil.rr li?xt. liming
in - ol -ah? :
o !..; ol" Iud xvii li tin- liuihl
II. in t he town ol i iriiiijrcbiirg.;
H . I. < ui,iainiii- ali..nt I nir
ore Or !. --. ami lioiiiuli.il mi
lau.I of ?VIII. Will ock, mi the '
i--r'i -tin !, ami mi ihe west
y iami ..|-( billin, (late
V "I I'lio... K la -arc.i
a::.! ..?li i \',.. ."i I .:t\\ Lange,
hiircli M.'oei. now occuph.'il
i 'lover A l ? li iver a s a la vv
houmleil lion h hy lot ol' S.
io Ly lol ol .lohtl I), s; ow
y I..! ..I N. A. liuil, and v\ est
-i reel. '1 in- lot measures
t in tleplh, ami about l.i feel
i>;.-.. > sin-riir t >. < ? I
- t \ H.. twv 'M.I-A'i-ri I
i i: \M.i:, Di: ixiuaumo,
it- SliMhoili.-l t hiirch.)
1 1^1 I A A ], Ci.
hy Dr. Bond's
.villi lui! ilireclioiis sent to
lu- wm Pl. Semi for paui
'lieulars. AiMrcss
. IL ITV,.. r.\.\iKii mn
t -tuet. I'hil.-itleipbia. l'a.
N. .1. T. WILSON.
-ale ami Cet ail I ?ealcis
tig st.. Charleston, S. C. >
i..l Ihe |iil.h.- generally, ilia!
iSposcil ol bi- ciilirc
iceibilly solicits a continuance I
ia! rouage, l.y nll'erin? lu Ibein.i
. mott.', i QU ICK SALES
t\ LL PFJOriTS, ?i eom
Ol llll?lll el
.ral Merchandise.
Il\ -Inri, i- H 'I? M M l'.l;o| S
s I H >\. I ii-spi cliully a-k .m III
ol my -.mil- b.-lore buy iu>; rl-c
-l .> \ ii tree of char;>e.
I'Jt ?IIN,
Lnto Of CHARLESTON, S. G.. ?
I ^ l -l-!.. Tl 1 l i.V INKOUM.S THE I'BOIM.K ;
il'Oraiiirchiiry County that he has l?x?tl
np (ho iipprr | art <<? the Ohl Hank' build- j
mg. in n ar ol Itali. Scovill ?S Pike's, with |
?mil i- now prepared willi every conven
ience fur doing good work.
vkC, nl'i'very si/.e, linnie at the lowest
possible pliee-.
s?,in'"! attention patti to copying
. util unlit ry iny from Old pictures.
Tl i eire is now no ueeesshy ol sending
ibis class of WorU away [nun hume to he
neatly itxeeiituil.
W il! remain Itere for the Winter, ami
would respect fully reijneSI the people lo
call. -? e ami indue lortliuiii.sclv.us.
Nbvuiuber Kl, IS7.1-II-Ititi.
s? h?
9 3 3
A N I >
Theodore Kohn & Bro
Walchum Ute niaiket closet vi wei
Dress Goods,
Shawls, Blankets,
Goods for Men and Children
wear, Ready-Made
Clothing, Boots
and Shoes, Ladies', Gents'
and Childrens' Hats,
Ami in fact everything needed by
everybody al this season.
j_?ry Goods Emporium.
o fe fe fe b
Teas! Teas!!
The choicest in the world- Importers'
pri?e--large.?! Company in America
-tapie article pleases everybody -^triidc
cont inna I ly increasing--agents wanted
everywhere- Ins! inducements. - don't
u a's i ? lime send for eireiilar io
ISor.El! I" wm.i.s.
|:| Vesey Street, New York.
Postollh-e box l-JST.
t tulon;:, black . lt?, ;V.?, ill), 1)0*1 TOel
pci pound Mixed, (.rn and Wk-Jo,
.Ml. lill, hesl 70els per Hi. Japan. Uncol
ored ill I, 71?, so. '.ul. |,o?t :?! ";? per lb.
Imperial, t in en cn. Vu. so. '.m. hesl
81.011 1-er lit. \ ouiig llvsou. tireen-."ill.
Ut?. 7(1. Si?, iii), si.nu. h?sl ?|.(C> per lb.
I itiupowder. Cl;cen $1.00. best SI ."(' per
ll?. Englhii P.i'cakl'ast, I Mack-00, 70.
Wi. i n -i .7 1 .! M p?.| ?li,
N. i". .--We have a specially of Garden
tiri.uili Young III. ami Imperial tit
.si.jo, iiiid Oolong K\tra ( hoiee ?1.00.
v.)'- I.ot .mr agent* should call
ripon yon. semi lora pound -ample of
any kind you require, Enclose the
money, ami wc will forward il to you,
piir rel urti mail wit hottt any exi rn elia. rice.
Economy is Wealth.
an ' have lip III worked up a: AK 1*111TIS
II I.EWlNeS, Manufacturer of lltutmn
' Lair cutliliL' a Sp -ei ill v.
[00 King Street. Charleston, S. C.,
A N !> 1 Miroai'ivKits OF
General Merchandise.
Xo Freight to Pay I
No freight io Pay ! '
Our pri?es arc In-low those cf any "other xAeal
jr In thc Hulled Slates. Nt? cxtrn charges l'or
lrayage,boxing ur freight
Wc prepay li eights ami ilelivcr good* fiw at
?my depot on the line ol'the .Verdi Eastern. Wil
mington and Columbia, South Carolina and
Charleston end Savannah Kail Hoad.-: also, to
all points in ?outh Carolina, Georgia and Flori'
da, having tilted water coiiiiiuuiiealion with
All. Goops GUAItANTKI'.O.
Alway- enclose ?iii- udvertUciiieut wHlt order
il convenient.
LIST or Pincus. No KxrrxsE TO At>t>,
Kinesl iinallly Youie-' llypoii Ten-quality tih
siirpusscd, CM?II'IS?IC llavor, and sliongth.'f 1.0(1
per H>. This lea -i.lally rccomiitcilcd. Ktnest
IJII:Ilitv Oolong. Souchong, liunpowiler, and
llvsou Teno, ii,ou pei in, ?*ceoinl itiiuilty Tens
Sae.'per; Ih. Third ijualttyTeas, sold by other
lenhrs al ri per lb, you can have delivered by
ns ut Mic. per ll). Crushed Sugar l.'le. per lb.';
Iiovvdered Sugar Hie per lb : granulated A.
?sugar 1 -J<-. per lb.; extra (' Sugar, Hie. per
b.: cl a ri ll ed I'.rown Sugar, lo i ts per lb. Lin
ey"- Peerless Kuihily Ehiur. our own brand
nade IVom best Virginia Wheat-an elegant
ut ide- -?' lbs, for il, or S'.i per barrel, Good
"".nnilv Elnar, 21 !1>- l'or il, or .*7.r>,i per barrel.
Hxtrn'Choic1 finely Flavored Hagged liam-,
ldc.; <?.I limns. Cc, per ll?. Extra Choice
llreukfasl Strips, Ui.'-?c. per lb. Choice Tumbler
tellies, large size, lii.'eC. en?h. 2 lb' Canned
I'omaloes, Ute each: :'. lb Canned Tomatoes, 10c
? e li. I lb; Salmon, 18c. per cnn; 2 lb. Cmiticd
Pille \pplo, Peaches, Oamsotis, and Pears, 2i'e<
ter enn-fi cutis fdr I .?in., liest Itiiulily Mixed
vinegar Pickles-pints, lie. quarts, 27c each;
Lrallims. 150?! eaeli. Condensed Milk Eu
reka, ami liable Brand. 25e. each. Gantz
?icaloain. 1-2 lb- 25e.; lbs. 50 eents. per
?an. Lemon Sugar, .IOe. pur can. Doo
ley's Yeast Powder, 15, 25. 40c. per 0*0,11.
Kuglish Cooking Soda, or Package Soda,
Hie. per Pi. Boxes Sardines. 20c. ; 1-2
boxes Sardines. :i."ic. cucb. Shadines. 1-4
boxes. ;*5e. eacii. Cox's Sparklln Geh>>
line. 2<>e. pei'pack. Capers. Ide. ; ( Hives
Mie. ; WOrehestershire, Walnut ami
Muslirnoin Sauces, genuine imported 40?
per bottle. Imitation Kreuch Mustard,
20c. Genuine French Mustard, 25c.
l'i euell Prunes. 15c, Raisins, 20c. Cit
ron. io. Currants. IOe. Cheesi?, 20c.
Pu?1 weigbt Camile.--, lust quality, 2:Jc
pc t Hi. linker's Chocolate, Job per lb
Cotiii?, 5dc. per lb. (iron?a, 00c. per lb.
German Chocolat?. Me. per lb. Ordi
nary Uki Cotice; i! lbs lor .$1 ; choice Rio
iidi'ec. 1 lbs. nu- .si; choice Lagiinra
Cullcc. :i 1-2 ll?*, lor ssl ; Old (iovern
tneiit .lava (.'< . (I . o
ami Ground nd each
grade. Dur .'. Ilfor
81. Satin (M ...i-;;. ?"tc. pei1 hex.
Cornstarch poi ) ?ft. Box Bljuef
itiir. . Ita. ey 12 ? '. rr-r
,?i. I -'.ir ! ihg l'obyi.'co. 05, per
lan . . : !. .i 1 ??i ICdgc Bul
l?, t ilt'i i ?oslieti Huller*
... ?. inc. liing- ;
P.utter. at 15e per lb.; Nie Naes. :.
Faney Cakes. 25c. per li?. Black i
per, SO?, per lb.; Nutmegs. 1."). per
ouitcu; Mace. 15c. per ounce; Gingt r,25c
per lb. Hose ami Vanilla Plat Slick t nifty,
a lint! article, 25c. per lb; Ordinary
Candy, pure, 20c per lb; Itock Camij
any color. 22c. per lb. Colgate's
Soap-co dur?rent kinds, a speciality of
.mrs. at manufactures prices-from J.-?. .
lo $(.00 per dozen cakes. Colgate's
Handkerchief Extracts, SOc. per bottle.
Cashmere Bonnet Powder, 25c. per box.
Cleveland's Pomade Vasili hie, a Restora
tive unequalled for tbe hair. 20c. per
bottle, old Corn Whiskey; SI .SO per gal
lon. Rye Wbi.-kcys. $?,?0, $3,00, anti
S 1.00. per gallon. Blackberry and Cher
ry Cordial-, a pleasant th ink, $1,80 per
gallon. Table Port ami Sherri' Wini;,
92.50 per gallon. Fine Obi Madeira, Si,
KO per gallon. English and Scotch Ale,
porter: bottled, 2.70 per dozen. Bremen
Lager P.eer. boll lcd, 82.70 per dozen.
Demijohns for Liquors, extra 1-2 gallon
Soe, ;' gallon. 55e : 2 gallons. (iOc. 3 gal
ga?ons, l'i. ; 5 gallons. $1,00 each*
A very Extensive Assortment of Crock
ery and Glassware always on hand.
P?ales-Dinner s'zc, SI.SO per dozen;
Breakfast' $L25; Desert $l;00;Tea;35c.
per dozen. Cups and Suaeers, St.00 per
-et. Covered Dishes. 05c. 7?c, anti SI.
(il) each. Tumblers, 00., 75.. SI.Ot), $1.25
?iud S 1,50 per dozen. Table Goblets,$1,
2<). $1.50. S2.00. S2.50, ami $3,00 per
dozen. Wine Glasses $1,00 per dozen
Lamp Chimney's Sun () ami A's, 4 *''?r
25c ; B's ?1 for 25o. Stutleiit or Arg
Chimneys3 for 25c. Nuinherlus arti.,
iinineulioiied. Information cheerfully
.riven- Om- linn was established tu
IS07. ami otu business reputation and
facilities aro of the highest order. Wu
will do all wc promise. Al) orders
diould be addressed to
(Rey Lox ISL) I?? King Street
CANVASSER'S wanted for two
superb work.- ot French art. "Little Bull
it jv ay and ber Pets." ami thc pretty pair1
"Thc Dinner, ami the Nap." These
pictures dry worthy nj o place in costly
lemas and inexpensive enough for thc
sif.iplcst. Sc.iliny rapidly; and TAKE ON
SIGHT. Wo gmo antee ready sales, good
pi odis, and quick returns. Any active
person who will take Imbi eau make a
handsome income. Scud fur out best
terms at once.
.1. li. Folio & Co..
27 Bark Place, New York?
Land. -A.gent,
Ttl. undersigned ba- opened an uttlee for thc
SALK ?it I vsn.
Pi r.having UEAI. ESTATE to dispose of
iv i 11 d<< well to register ihr same for sale.
Large t'arnis subdlvidcil and sohl in cither
arge o? small parcel.-.
Gooil farms for .-ale at from two t? five, dollar?
i>ei :'.> rc, on easy terms.
bli' Dinngebuig CH., S.C.

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