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Jl. .ililli I -'- ?????? MM^jr- 1 ----? . |M-1-IT Tl-TITITMMIM III.Ill IIMIIlM ll?lllllMMB ll.I ll ???lilli I -MM
E. A. WEBSTER, Editor and Proprietor. A Weekly Paper Devoted to Temperance, Literature and Polities.
(i MI nomi's romains hsive hoon laid
away in tho gravo, ailor all, unattended
by rioting or.diwmlcr of ?ny kind.
THE Spanish government has opened a
competition for cbuij[iuseni of a national
air. Can it ho possible that all this tillie
Spain has hoon without a national air?
No wonder it is constantly in a slate of
distraction. What would this country
have hoon without Yankee Doodle?
Till', newly arrived daughter of the
duchess of Kdinhtirgh increases (?neen
Victoria's tally ol grandchildren to
twenty-seven, twenty-lour bf whom arc
still alive, and that of her total living
progeny to thirty-three, including three
unmarried children and thc Princess
Louise, who is married, but without
family. _
W u ION you grumble at hard times and
crippled industries, just cast your eyes
Over the big water natl look at France,
with one. .hundred and twenty-three
thousand industrial establishments, and
giving work to about one million eight
hundred men. At least two-thirds of
these are now losing a month's time and
wages in order lo drill for a future war.
THE explosion and destruction of the
ironclad Magenta makes the second vessel
ol this kind lost by thc French govern
ment within two months. Thc sinking
ol' the English vessel Vanguard, within
the same period, by the lap of the spur
of a neighboring vessel, is beginning to
weaken conlitlence in thc durability of
i ronch?is. _
IN Michigan's population of 1,300,000
lhere tire (i(>,:i27 more males than females.
In Massachusetts lhere aro 60,000 more
females than males. Under such circuit!,
stances it would seem eminently projier
for thc Michigan male surplus lo relieve
Massachusetts of her female surplus.
Doubtless the Massachusetts women
would be more thai) willing.
Tun annual report of the commissioner
ol' education contains many interesting
ot _ :i\oT-1Jfc?T^Thdrol?ro jciir?Tleti* in
public schools upwards of S,DO0,U0O pu
pils, with an average daily attendance of
.1,600,000. Thc estimated population be
tween six and sixteen years is 10,500,000.
To support these children in school cost
last year $74,000,000.
TlIE fate of the passengers anti crow of
tho City of Waco is yet unsolved. Thc
theory that the oil stored on deck ignited
from thc lightning and set lire to the
vessel, wrapping her entirely in the
Haines in a lbw moments, giving tho pas
sengers no time lo escape tho awful death,
seems thc most probable. If so, it is one
of thc most terrible catastrophes of ?the
year. _
CANADA has indulged in tho past in
sonic exceedingly lofty boasting as to thc
superiority of her buildings over those
erected on this side of the frontier. Tho
bursting of the grain elevator at Belle
ville, however, is calculated to check
such boasting in tlie future. Thc struc
ture was of thc " cheap and nasty" order
of architecture, and its fall scattered -10,
(5(H) bushels of grain lo the winds anti
the pigs.
A NOTICE A lit JE thing nlxmt the
monthly meeting of thc Massachusetts
Total Abstinence Society, held in Boston,
was a little speech by William B.S|MX>ner
on tho prevalence of drinking among
. clergymen, more than one-half of whom,
lie said, drink wine. A large majority
of thc Kornau Catholic clergy drink; a
majority of tho Episcopalian and of his
own denomination-thc Unitarian, some
of the orthodox and Baptist, but very few
ot thc Methodist or Universalist.*
THE British commissioner to our cen
tennial bas suggested, according lo For
ney, that thc permanent buildings of the.
exhibilioie'should he kept filled with in
teresting objects, contributed each year,
' so that there may he a bi-centennial
ready made in Jt?7i>- This would bc a
good thing for Philadelphia, perhaps, lint
there is no certainty that the rest of the
country would find it cither pleasant or
profitable. The coming centennial would
bc an awful lxire if we had deliberately
liegiiu preparing for it a century ago.
A little matter of dispute bas caused
tho disruption of a powerful Long bland
camp meeting ?association. Thc dispute
arose frofrt thc setting up of a billiard
saloon and howling lilley on the grounds
last suinmcr\ Tho advocates of theso
sinful games nrWd in vain that they
. would attract to\he grounds just thc
class which riccdcuVost thc spirit of ti
camp meeting. Their, opponents would
not listen, but seceded and have formed
another association.
THERE is considerable discussion and
difference of opinion as to how rapidly
fish grow. A recent letter from England
says that a salmon weighing eighteen
pounds was caught in iiic Severn, wear
ing a silver label. This was identified
and proved the tish to bc one which was
caught six months before and returned
tn the water. At tho tillie it weighed
niuo pounds. That is, it lind gained a
pound and a half for a month, or nearly
au ounce a day right along.
VAI.MAKKDA lias origuitinted a new
method of squeezing money out of the
loyal in Cuba in order to provide, one nf
the recently arrived regiments with
horses. He has decreed that a "sacred
contribution" of Ki per cent, on each
individual's taxes in Havana must forth
with he handed in. As all the money
necessary lo pay the bills for thc subju
gation of the Cuban insurgents must
come out of Cuba, Spain contributing
little or nothing, through inability to do
so, the arrival of 8,000 troops must strike
dismay into thc hearts of the most loyal
of Alfonso's subjects and create much
COCOA difiere widely from tea and
collei*, in being a food or I lesli former,
while they are rather condimenta and
stimulants. One-half the weight of co
coa consists of fat, and 20 per cent, of
albuminoid material, whereas milk con
tains 3.5 per cent, of fat, and 1 per cent,
of albuminoid material; beef contains
2.87 per cent, of fat, and 20.75 of album
inoid mittler; and wheat contains 1.2 per
cent of fat, and l l.(5 per cent of album
inoid material. In addition, cocoa con
tains starch,.which is absent in milk and
beef, and present in but a small propor
tion in wheat.
A Huston merchant, who imports near
ly all the gutta percha which enters the
United States, writes to the Scientific
American to say Hutt "the only region
of production thus far discovered is thc
East India islands in the immediate vi
cinity of Singapore." Thc principal use
made of gutta percha is for insulating
-t'?lrftgsoj/,? - ?ix.^K^-ami Mr'~"c^menting.
India rubber is collected in localities all
around the globe between thc tropics.
The best conics from the banks of the
Amazon river. Brazil produces annually
about 14,000,000 pounds, and the Central
American States, Africa, and the E.st
Indies together about 15,000,000 pounds.
The consumption of Bulbi rubber is about
equally divided between the United
States and Europe.
Tl IK report of thc commissioner of ed
ucation furnishes sonic statistics which
are a fair test as showing the activity of
Ihe various religious denominations in"
the .matter of theological education. Thc
Catholic, church leads with 18 seminaries,
144 professors, 1,2.'5S students. Thc Bap
tist denomination has Ki schools, 53 pro
fessors, and G38 students; thc Presby
terian has 15 schools, with 74 professors
and (il7 students; the Lutheran church,
13 schools, 52 professors and 12l> students;
the Protestant Episcopal, 12 schools, 56
professors and 204 students; the Congre
gational has 8 schools, 50 professors and
892 pupils; thc Methodist Episcopal has
7 schools, 58 professors and .'121 scindais;
and the Reformed church has 8 schools,
12,professors and 81? st udents; thc United
Presbyterians, Christians, Free Baptists
and Methodists have 2 schools each ; and
the Unitarians, African Methodist Epis
copal, Cumberland Presbyterian, German
Reformed, Methodist Episcopal South,
Moravian, Swcdenborgian, Union Evan
gelical, United Brethren, and Universal
isis have 1 each.
Respect for Women.
Women are at a discount where there
is no civilization. Tims it is a notorious
fact that among the natives of Africa the
fair sex is more honored in tho respect
which is shown to tho cow than in that
which the heaven-sent companion of
man elicits there. Women have nothing
lo complain of in this on the score of sex,
hut may fairly insist that the particular
members of their sex chosen for special
hom ti* should be of their own species."
The superior respect accorded to cows,
loo, is entirely nt variance, with the spirit
of modern intelligence; and until the
men of Africa reverse, thc present dis
tinction against th'e wives of their bosoms
ill favor of those who hold a less intimate
relation with them, there can he no fa
vorable result of missionary enterprise.
The difference is merely a zoological one
-the difference between a cow and a
horse. IL is exceedingly difficult for the
missionary to persuado a true disciple of
Mohammed that he should degrado his
horse in a position in his family inferior
lo that of a wife; far more difficult, In
fact, than to convince a native African
that ho has transposed the proper rela
tive positions of thc mother of his chil
dren and her too successful rival, the
mother of his calves. In changing his
field of effort, indeed, from the savage
Stupidity of tho negro race to thc keen
intelligence of tho Arabic race, the mis
sionary finds himself further from, rather
than nearer to, the highest civilization.
Full lani ofSciintorw, Beiuwtcnliillvin, ami
i>?-l? jrr.fc?.
Tho regular session of the National
Legislaturewill begin on Monday, Dec;',
0, and tho following list of Senators and
Representatives will l>e convenient for
All the elections lo the Senate have
liceh made, timi thc list published, ami
di seats, except one ( I'inehbaek's) for
Louisiana, disposed of. In thc House
lhere is a vacancy in the Fourth Ternies- j
see District, caused by the death of lion.
Tobit Wi Head. lion. Samuel M. File,
who was then elected lo the seat, died at
Little Kock, Ark., a few weeks since, and
there is still a vacancy; luit as lhere is
no hick of candidates it is expected the
soul will be occupied early in thc session:
Republicans (marked lt.), ll; Demo
crats (D.), 28; Independents (SMALL
KAI'S), 2.
Mnluimii. 1-71 IS77(teo. Uiihllhwiilte. Item.
isils iSTti lien. K. Spencer. Kop.
Arkansas. 1-71 1877 Powell Clayton. Rup.
1873 ls7'.? S. W. DitrMny. Hen.
'utir<iriiitt. 187* Issi Sr.winx HOOTII. hui.
1873 IHTti Aaron A.Snritvnt. Hep.
Uutinecticiit.1ST* Issi Wm. W. Bilton. Dom.
ISA? I87H Orrin S. Korry. Bop.
Delaware..ISfipIlssi Tims, K. llavunl. Item.
I87IH877 KU Snnlnhiiry. Item.
Klorhln.187* issi elia-* W..I.?. Item.
1873 18? S. ll. Conover. Hep.
?enrula. Is71 IS77 Tim.. M. NIHWIUMI.... I.
l.-7:t IS7'.I .I.ihti ll. 0..ni.ni. Dcm
llliimi". 1-71 1-77 .tull li A. I. ll L'un. Hop.
1873 WSW Itlr.lmnl J. nun-shy... Ilnp.
In.liana. Is7.'. ISSI .Ins. K. MoOnliulil. Item.
Isr.7 187'J Oliver I?. Morton. Rfp.
Iowa. 1871 1-77 (iou. (!. Wriithl. Kop.
1-7.". 1*7'.! Wm. H. Allison. Hi p.
Kau-as. !S7.-t ls77 J. M. Harvey. Ilnp.
Is7:t 187V John .1. Inuulls. Hop.
Kentucky. I87HI877 J. W.Stevenson. Orin.
ISAS l-7'.i Timi. c. McOreory.?- n,.,".
Louisiana. 1-71 1-77 j. liiiiiinan Went. Hop.
l.-7:i l-7'.i I', ll. S. I'iiuhl.ack.. Unp.
Maim-. l-l- ISSI llaiinil.al Hamlin. Kop.
ISM 1-77 l.?l M. Morrill. Hep.
MussucliuiiutlH. 1-7:1 1-77 O. s. limit well.Uop.
; I.-7:. I--I Henry li. Hawes. Kop.
Marylaml. 1-7:. ls-1 Wm. I'. Whylo. Orin.
1.-7:1 IS7y Ooo. ll. Dennis. Hom.
Mi.-liiioiii. 1ST:, issi I, p. Clirlrtliiinry. Hep.
I.-71 IS77 Tlnm. W. Korry. Hi p.
Minnesota. 187* l*M S. .1. ll. McMillan. Bop.
1.-71 1*77 Wm. Wlinlom. ll'p.
Mississippi. I87*|1S8I i). K. llnico. Bop.
I.-7I 1-77 .lan. I,. Alcorn. Bop.
Missouri. 187*lissi K. M.Coolooli. Item.
Is7:t!ls7'.i I,. V. Hi ?uv. Hi-Hi.
SotiniHku.W7?UMI A.M. PniMock.Bop.
1.-71 1-77 I?. W. Hitchcock. Bop.
Novuilil. 187* ISSI Wm. Sliiirnn. Bop.
l.-7:i |S7|J .|,,|,n I', .Jones. Ilnp.
N. Hampshire... ?Sfifl ??7 A. ll. Cronin. Bop.
1*73 is,;, n. Wmllciith. Bop.
New Jersey. IS7* Issi T. il. Itamlolpli. Item
Iso-. 1S77 K. Kroliinthuyscii. B?p.
New York. 187* ISSI Krancis Kornau. Hem.
l.si.7 1S7M Ituh.-ni! CiiiikliliK. Bop.
North Carolina. IS? 1*77 M. II. Hansom. Item.
IS7.1 ls?y A. S. Merriman. Item.
Ohio. Isr.'.i I ss I A. tl. Thurman. ?Joni.
IN.I |s7y .lohn Sherman....,. Hoi?.
Or?p.ou.*..m*..W?tU*" "...L-IVJ, Ol in
... IsTniWn ,l"|,u lt. Mitchell...... Jli-p.
Pennsylvania... Is7'>|lss| Wm. A. Wallace. Dom.
Ist:. Is7n Simon Caiiiinin. Rop.
Uh...In Inluml... 187* ISSI A K. llnriirti.ln. Kop.
ISM 187; ll. ll. Anthony. Kop.
South Cnrolilm. IsfVt US7y T. J. Hol.nrtHIMI. Ilnp.
1.-7:1 Is7;i .loh II I". Patterson.... Bop.
Tennessee. ls--.7iis.-l l>. M. Koy. limn
1.-71 1-77 Henry C. r. Hom.
TOXIN. IM7A|IM*||K. H. Mux cy. limn
I.-711 IS77 M. C. 1IA.MII.TON. In.I.
Vormoiii. l.siMllSMltSooritc K. Kilmomls.. Bop.
IST.7 1S7'.i JiisthiS. Mnrrill. Bop.
Virginia. 1*7* ISSI I IL K. Withers. Item.
I.-7II 1-77 .ll.hil W. .lohllr-tnll.... Item.
WON) Virginia...!ls7.Vls-i|A. T. Cupnrtnti. Item.
1IS71 |ls77illoury I!. Davis.,IVin.
Wisconsin.1187*11881 IA IIKIIS Cu moron.1 lin p.
!lsr.||l.-7'.i|Tiniolliv O. Ilowo. Hop.
Bepnhlicans. il
I Inillncrutrt. . St
It?ilop?iiiloiitM. a
Total Sni.nl".'..'. 71
llopiililionn n?Qority. 11
Republicans (marked E.), 107 ; Demo
crats (marked D.), 17S; Independents
(marked I.), (i. One vacancy exists in
Tennessee, caused by death. The aster
isk (*) indicates members of the last
Congress re-elected. Thc G; stands for
I .lorry llaraUon, C ll | * Motin ll. t'nhlwoli, I)
'J .lon- N William-., I) ii i :-.'..!- milli II Unwin,li
3 Tani HrailloMl, ll At I lim u, ll lt howlit, 1)
I 'Cliarln.i Hayn, ll I li. ( Win ll Korney. |)
All KA SSAS-4.
Cliiicinu O Omiso, I) I :i Wm W W?thhii n. 0
'? Wm K HlomuiiH, D I I *Tlnw SI (limier, 1)
f.M.ll-ollNIA - I.
I W A Piper, I> I 3. .1 K l.mi r, ll. |>
.J'll V Pago, lt lil* H \VI?jtitiglon, I)
1 (len M hniMlnrs. I) I :i II W lllair. ll
.hunos Phelps, Ii I I 'Wm II Ilnriium, I)
.laniCH WilliiiliiK, 1).
I *Wm J Puriiiiiii. il I 2 '.Install T Willis, (5 ll
IIKIIllnlA - !?.
I .lillian llnrlriilKO, D rt Mani.'- Il llloiuit, ll
a Wm KSmith, H 7 Wm ll Kollmi, H
:: .Philipfunk, ll s ?Alex II Slophons, li
I -ll. nry li Harris, l> il Minni ll Hill, Ii
f. Milton ll Chandler, 1<
I lill moy O CaiiUinhl. ll ll Sinti Wik.-, II
._' Curler ll Han ison, 1) li* Wm M S pr I inter, l>
3 M'lms ll Kin-well, lt Ci A.llai K SlovetiHi.il. I>
I ?Slep'n A Hui Unit, U ll Mnsepk O C'lililiiill, ll
:. Ml C Hun haul. H l? ?.lohn li Kilon. I)
rt ?TJ llomlorsoii, li in Wm A .1 Kimrks. I)
7 Ai.r.x CAMI'IIKI.L, I 17 'Wm li MorriHiui, l>
8 *<ir.I.ury I, Kori, K IS Williani Hal t/nil, Il
ti Illi li ll Whltlnu, ll pj WM ll ANDRMIOM, l
lil .InllN U llAIIIIV, 1
1 llononi S Kniter, n H'Morion C Hunter, li
'J Jumes li wnii.un . Ii U Titos J Cit son, I'
3 Mle.hnol 0 Kerr, 1) in Wm S Km.ml. I)
I Jopthn H Now , 1> ll .lames K KvniiH, ll
: . W in S Holinaii. I? 13 A ll Hamilton, ll
rt Milton S Rollinson, li 1.1 .lohn II linker. It
7 Kr.-inklin I-amlm-, ll
1 '."f ??2*??5ri,.r.y' 11 Bw.*W SSnmpsoii II
a .John O Tufts ll 7 ?John A Kasmui. It
:i I. Ii AtliKtvorlh. ll s ?J.iiues W Mi Hill, li
I Ml.-iiiy o I'rati, lt y Athlison Oliver, li
.'i Ja- \S ihtoll, ll
I ?Wm A Phillips, lt 3WmIillrown.lt
a John lt Uootlin, I > I
I A ll Hf.e. I? I A Tims li Jonen, ll
- ?! "'"'..V ?,,,r.'.,>; "- D. 7 .' s ,! Hlnckhiirn, li
3 ?lms W Milliken, H | s ?Milt J Ihirlotm. ll
? J 1/Knott, I? -i John li Whit,., u
.. hil i PnrmuiH I) | In John ll Clink. H
I K.uni ill I. (?il.-nu. ll I I Wm M I.nw ll
a I! John KlliH, ll .-. ?Krank .Morey, lt
3 Hi li Uiirrnll, li I rt ?Ohus K Nnsli. o li
1 ?.I?IHI JMIiirleJ?h, ? I i Harris M I'laisle.l, li
i 'Y , B * ?Kntfciio Iluta, n
.( ?Jos li Billilli', li
1 Philip K Tlnuiias. I) I I Thus Sw ann, Il
2 Clin? ll Kolwrts, ii ;, Hil J Henkle, li
\\ m J O' Hi lon, ll i C, Win Walsh, ll
1 W W l ian... ll 7 .lulu, I, WIMIX, ll
2 'Ik'llj W lllirrlR, lt H Wm W Yt arrant, ll
3 'Henry f, Pierce, lt !l ?lloorriu K Hoar, li
i liuinss Krosi li in 'J ii LU'S ll Sr.r.i.Yi:, I
NATIIA'L 1" HANKS. I ll Uhesler W tannin. Il
i: Chas P. Thom piton, H
1 Milli's s Williams, li rt OeorRC ll Ditrniiil. U
2 'Henry Wnhlr.lt 7 .omar IM'onfier ll
:i .Onortre Willaril. U s 'Natlinn II llrmllnv lt
I Allen Potter, 1) :i ' Jay A Hui.lu ll, ft
6 Wm ll WllllnaiH, lt
1 ?Mail; II Diinncll. lt i William S Ki liff, lt
2 llorare ll Strait, lt |
I ?/'m'JFlV," Ur li?mnr> " I 1 P"Ho U Slhftlct?n. It
J (? W \\ e los, lt Clin? K Hooker, ll
.! Hennin.Io ll .Monos, ll | r, 'John lt I.yneh, lt
1 Kilwaril C Kohr, I) j s ll. nj J Krnnkliii, I)
a .Krastns Wells, ll | U llaviil Ilea, Il
'! ?William ll (Mono, I) I in ll A Ilellnlt. Il
I .Unlit A Hatcher, H | ll J ll Clarke, Jr, li
a ?Kirim ni I' Ultimi. I? I 12 M..li? M Clover, 1?
r. t'litiH ll Moruna, H Cl *.\vIi i ll llcckiicr, l>
7 Jahn Phillips, li
liimjnzo f: roil usc, lt.
William W.II.m n. lt.
SK.W IIAMrHlllttK*
I K&mk Joint?, I. i a ll \V liltiir. It
.J -,- Hell, I?
KKW ir.?SKV- 7.
lill Kinitickxoii, lt I AUK W Culler; I)
J ?Samuel A linhhius. lt| li Kn ili i i. U ll Te.se. I?
MO - lt..ss. li I 7 A A HiinleiilturK, li
I ??ohort Hamilton. H I
N i*.w vHitk xi.
I ll?iiry ll Metralle, li ls A H.In ? William?. lt
- M lt Sclimuukcr, I? Kl ?Wm A Wheeler, lt
n Svt ('liirri-.Mir.N. I -ii ?Henry ll ll.111...i H. II
I Artliilnihl M K.liss, Ii .'I Samuel KlWilhr. lt
fi Kelwin lt Mi mil', li 22 I?I*?I-KII A Hauler. lt
?i 'S nun.I si'?, l> si s.i.it 1.1.ni. I)
7 Smith Wv. Jr. li ii William M Hiikur, ll
s KlUnli Wiml. U 2.? K W la-nvenumIII, I!
!l 'K rnnii.h. Wooil, II UV. ?0 II MI DIMIUMII. lt
III AKl'itliuiii S ll.wilt, li jr Flt Lapham. lt
II lliuj A WilliH. ll 'Tims r Null, ll
ii Nilol.M i illi li, li -.".i i r ll Walker. I?
1.1 "rt.II Whitehouse, ll ?I John M limy, lt
II ii.-.rue RI Hectic, li ::i Mi.-niuo ll Hoskins, lt
l.l .' II llueli.y. Jr, H ?.' * I.Minni K llnss. lt
Iii diaries ll Atlanta, lt 33 Nelson I Norton, It
17 JI ITownscnil. lt
Niiiirn I'AlliH.lKA-H.
I Jciiio J Yates, ll I ?'. Alfn-.l M Scales, li
.J JoKil A llyiiiiili, <. It I B .TIIOIIIIIH ll A Hil?, 1?
:i ?A'fre.l M Wn.hhll, ll 7 *\Vin M Hi.Iil.ins. li
i JutSjtliJ Havis, H I . .IIIIIMMI ll Vniic?, I?
ullin Jil.
1 Milton Naylor, ll I ll John I. Vance, ll
?Henry lt ll.lin?. H ! li Ansi I T Wallilil!. I?
.1 John S Huvnuo, li kl ?SI il ton I Bniitlianl, ll
I Join A .M.-Muli..II. I> III .lollll I' ('.'?Uli, M
.'. Aiimrlciis V Ulm, li ia N ll Vim Yurlu*, lt
fi Krriik ll llni.l. 1> I? .l.onsiir.o Dimlorlli, lt
7 ?l.Mvrcnre T N. iil. I? I 17 ?I. I? \V.hvorlli, lt
s ?Wm Lawrence, ll IS 'Janies Moiiroo, lt
.J Hurley K I'oiM'l'toii. li I 1'.' M im A ?iarnehl, lt
lu *Ulmrl?M K?ster, lt I ai llunry ll l'iiyii?, I?
oil Kilos-1.
I.iifiiygttr Limo; H.
1 chapman Krccmau, lt I ia .Ins..nli Powell, 1)
?< ?Chirl.H O'Neill, ll I Iii ?Sohieski Itoss, ll
'Sunni.?! .1 Itnmliill. ll 17 .loll? Keilli, Il
I ?Wm II Koli?)', lt I ls Wm S St. nu. r. Il
Jottrt Jtolil.ins. Il I 111 Levi Muisli. M
r. .Wabli TOWIIHMIII, lt I 31 Lovl A Mnckiiy. I?
7 Alrth Wooil. Jr. lt il .litcoli Turnor; ll
s * neuter civ mer, li I Jus ll Hopkins, li
.J . A ilerr Smith, lt I SI Alex ll Cochran, 1?
I? Will in m M ll triller, ll il John W Wulhiie. lt
ll Kr??clH I) Collins, li I ?1 t?eon?o A JonkH, I?
li W W Kolclinm, ll I ?1 .limn s Shcakluy. I?
ia Jiim-H ll Itcllly, li i7 Alh. i t 0 Egbert, 1)
li Mohtt lt Pucker, lt I
Billilli: ISLAND-3.
1 Mh-ijj T Kn.H. ll | i lattimer \V lliilhni, lt
r HiifTII UA1I0I.1SA '..
1 MUK ll ltninev, C lt j I 'Alex S Wullara, lt
i K Wftl Miu ki v. li ;. lti-iihi n Smalls, V lt
3 Solomon I, Mom-, ll I
1 Wm Mi-Kn vin nil. Il r. John K House, Il
i M M 'rh. H ulm i "h. Il 7 *W U Wlllttliomo, ll
:i C<or>_'C Hilm ll. 1) * ?John ll ll Atkins, ll
I VnciiiV y ;t Wm I' Oiihlwcll. H
.'. Molnf M ltrifilit. 1) I? ll Casey YOIIIIU, U
1 JolmTi Rouffiui; 1) ?'? I I .Hotter <1 Milln, li
i I) ll (JHIicrHon, ll .'. Mohn llnin oi k. ll
:i J W Tiirot kiiiortoii. li | 6 Cns Scliluiclivr, U
?n ll Juyco, ll I 1 ?ih n W llciulco, Il
ililson, ll I
,, _ J vinotMi v-?.
I I* n IiouuhiHS, 1) fi John lt Tin ker, ll
i 'Join (.?,"1,1,., Jr, ll 7 ?John T Hal li-. 1>
:i tiilhi-tt <! Walker, H x YKnnn limit. l>
i *\\ mil ll Stowell, li y William terrys ll
(loortf ? Cahell, li
WBHT VinillMA-3.
1 Itciiji'aiin Wilson, li I :; 'Krank llcruforil, 1)
i flien?: l?mlkiur, H I
. ..... WIKC0X8IS-K '
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i [?ttiwnt <lu4W*l). lt; <? A MKiinlinll, lt
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t Wu1- vrrjStnilo.Ji^j.L?Ji<??>ri.:<.'.W Catii._I>
> Aritona- HIRAM 8 STBVKSS, l
I'ol'it'ailo- ThomiiH M I'ntti ison, U
Hak^ta Jefli-i'son P KhhliT, ll
I ilalrti-TIIOIIIIIH W lien licit, Il
Montaiiii- '.Mm tin MiiitL'innis, I)
Neu .Merill. Stephen It Klkins. lt
Kiah- Mil:.m.a: ti CAN.N'IIK, I
\\ asl iliKloll- llraiitte Jncitlis, lt
Wyoming-*Willllllll lt Steele, ll
Sli.t,: Snit. 6VM/C*???* >?</.
Aliilinliul.Un raison, li.Kre.lt; Itrnmhcrtt. II
Ahihiinia.WillllllllH, ll.lames T lla|iicr, 0 lt
Allillinna.Mays, lt.lames T Jones, ll
Marilin.I'nriiinn, ll.lohn A l i.-mi.-i -.-u. I>
Kloriila.Walls, roi. It.less? J Kinley, ll
tieoruia..Ilarlrhlttc, ll.lohn K Itrynnt. lt
RiHirKill.Smith. Il.lt ll Whitely, lt
Illinois.Knr?ell. lt....I V I ai Moyne, ll
Illinois..Wliilin::, 1!.Ia.ml K Itoss, ll
llullalia.-.Ilnnlcr. lt.Mal lison J Itii-e, li
Imliiiun.linker, 1!.Kreatinin Kelley, I>
Kcal ocky.White, ll.Harrison l??rkritl, ll
liollisiann. .Morey, lt.Wm ll Spem-er, H
Mai i l.i iel.Walsh, ll.I.lvoil laiwiiih s. ll
Massachusetts.. KIOHI, lt.IOH?IIII ti Ahholt, ll
Mill.-oin.Strait, lt.K SI Julien l'..\. Il
I'eiinsylvaliia..Krcemali. lt...TIlOH lt Kloience, ll
l'ciiliHylvniiin..Kttbcrl. ll.('nilton ll I'mtis, ll
S. Carol i nu.linen K.ll II MC.UOWIIU.D
s. Ciiroliiin.Wnlhii e.it.Ins lt Korsliuw, H
VirKillill .tonnie. Il.Ins II Platt, Jr, tl
New Mexico....S lt KlkltlS, lt ....Peilrn Vahle/.. Il
To tho nbovo number ?ii* twenty-niic
cHiitcalud st'iits may iH?t?ibly bo added
olherH of which wc nave no prcischl
knowledge. Sonic of thc, above, itlso
may not he brought before tbelioiiBOditall.
One of Horace Urcoloy's Old Leiters
NKW YORK, July 24, 1857.
Riv DEAR Sin: Seeing in tho Tribu n<
thc death of your sweet child. whom I st
well remember, impelid mo to write yon
ii worth I oller no consolation, and 1
need not awuiro you of my sympathy
lilli you and your wife arc still yoting
?Hid hopeful, other children will doubt/
less he lent you; and though you wil
never (cruet this firstling of thc Hock
nor (ail tb remcniher her with a pensive
iind chastened sadness, yet you will liv<
(o realize even in this state ofbeiiig, hov
wisely prcsctent and merciful in UH
chastiscnient which " smites lint lo heal.'
Let mo give you in this connection ?
leaf from my experience.
T have had seven children of whon
five arc gone. Of three sons none sur
vive, and two of them were rcspcctfllllj
live and a half and six years of ago whei
they were reclaimed. I need not sa)
how licautiful and good they were-Un
carly called ?ire always tims. When tin
first of them died my youth ended. ]
thought I could never he so surely hittCI
thenceforth. Yet in tine time then
came another, not so delicate, so beau ti
ful, so poetic ; yet so loving, so lender
so devoted to nie, that I thought !
had never been understood before. ]
cannot remember that during his si>
years' abode with mc he ever wished t(
contravene my will.
I left, January 14, for that han
western tour in brave spirits ?mil (root
general health. At Ualesburg nftci
leaving you, I had a letter dictated bj
him, leaving him in excellent health. I
heard no more until I reached Scranton
Pa., on my way home, when it telcgrnn
reached mo during my lecture, stalin]
that he was dangerously ill of croup. 1
hastened home next evening at oighj
o'clock only to (ind him dead au hom
before, after enduring a severe operatioi
and extreme sn Hering. With him i
buried my last earthly aspiration. I haw
two little daughters, one eight years old
and another but four months, bavin;
been born since his death, but they art
very different from and do not rcplaci
Did you not menu to see me this sea
son'/ Kind regards to Mrs.-. Yours
"Maurie! Conroy."
Bret Ilario's first novel begins ns a
serial in Scribner's for Novel iber, niul
opens with the following description of
thc Sierras in winier:
Sjiow. Everywhere. As far as tho
eye could reach-fifty miles, looking)'
southward from the highest while ]>cak.
rilling ravines and gulches, and drop
ping from the walls of canons in white
shroud-like drifts. Fashioning the divid
ing ridge into a likeness of a monstrous
grave, hiding the. bases of giant pines
and completely covering young trees and
larches, rimming with porcelain and bowl
like edges ol still, cold lakes, and un
dulating in motionless white billows to
thc edge of the distant horizon. Snow
lying everywhere over the California
Sierras on tho If?th day of March, IS IS,
and still falling.
lt had IK'CII snowing for ten days;
snowing in fundy granulated powder, ill
damp, spongy (lakes, in thin, feathery
pinnies {snowing from a leaden sky stead
ily, snowing fiercely, shaken out of purple
black clouds in white ilocctllent niasses,
or dropping in long level lines like while
laces I rom the tumbled and broken heav
ens, but always silently. Thc woods
were so choked with it, the branches were
so laden with it; it had so permeated,
filled and possesed earth and sky ; it had
so cushioned and mu filed the ringing
I rocks and echoing hills, that all sound
was deadened. The strongest gust, the
fiercest blast awoke no sigh or complaint
from the snow-packed, rigid files of
forest. There was no cracking of bough
nor crackle of underbrush ; the over
laden branches of pine and fir yielded
and gave way without a sound. The
silence was vast, measureless, complete.
Nor could it bc said that any out
ward sign of life or motion changed
thc fixed outlines of this stricken land
scape. Above there was no play of
light and shadow, only the occasional
deepening of storm and night. Below,
no bird winged its Hight across thc white
expanse, no beast haunted the conf?nes of
thc black woods; whatever of thc brute
nature might lune once inhabited these
solitudes had long since flown to thc low
lands. There was no track or imprint;
whatever foot might have left its mark
upon this waste, each succeeding snow
fall obliterated all traces or record
Every morning the solitude was virgin
and unbroken; a million tiny feet had
stepped into.the track and filled it up.
I And yet, in the center of this desolation,
m the'very stronghold of this \griih"for
tress", there was thc marie of human toil.
A few trees had been felled at the en
trance of thc canon, and thc freshly cut
chips were but lightly covered with snow.
They served perhaps to indicate another
tree " blazed with an ax, and bearing a
rudely shaped elligy of a human hand,
pointing to thc canon. Ilelow the hand
was a cq tiaro strip of canvas, securely
nailed against thc bark and bearing thc
following inscription :
I'apb Conroy's parly of emigrants are lost
in the snow ami camped up Ibis canon. Out
nf provisions and starving!
Left. St. .toe October Mil, 1S17.
Left Sall Lake January 1st, 1818.
Arrived here Mandi 1st, 1818.
Left half our stock on the Platte.
Abandoned our wagons February.20th
Our names arc :
Joel McCormick, Jane bracked,
Leter Dumpily, (?abrid Conroy,
II Paid Devilries, John Walker,
'(?race Conroy, Henry March,
Olympia Conroy, I'hilip Ashley,
Mary Duniphy.
(Then in smaller letters, in pencil):
Mamie died'November S. Sweet waler,
Minnie died December 1, Kulin Canon,
.lane died January 2, Salt Lake.
James bracked, Inst February 2.
li KI.I'!
Thc language of su Hering is not apt to
IK: artistic or studied, but ? think that
rhetoric could not improve this actual
record. So 1 let it stand, even as it stood
this IGth day of March, ISIS, half hidden
by a thin film ?if damp snow, thc snow
whitened hand stiffened and pointing
rigidly to the fatal canon like thc finger
of death.
The Woes of Herzegovina.
Thc full text of thc pronunciamento
issued to tho European Envoys by the
1 lerzegovian chiefs contains an eloquent
statement of tho grievances which lcd
them to revolt against their Turkish op
pressors. It is brief and concise, but
tull of dignity and energy, and forms au
indict ment against the cruelty, in justice
and oppression of their Turkish tyrants
which will command for them the sym
pathy of thc whole civilized world, anti
the decision that they arc right in taking
up arms to free themselves from their
miseries. The catalogue of these mis
cries is a fearful one. Under pain of
being scourged and sent to prison, every
cultivator of thc ground must give half
his produce, to tho Aga, or official who
allows him lo cultivate, and four times a
year he must entertain thc Aga, his
billowers and horses. Thc owner of a
farm in Herzegovina has an agreement
with tlie state officials by which he ex
acts ten times the amount of rent fixed
by the law. Thc Turkish census enu
merators let free their own co-religionists,
but treble the amount of imposts upon
Christians, thus making them' nay not
only their own but also the Turkish
share of taxes. In litigation, as Chris
tian proceeding against a Turk must
have two Turkish witnesses, anti if he
looses his case bc is thrown into prison.
Tho wives and daughters of Christians
arc. carried off by Turks and compelled
by force to adopt the creed of Islam. If
a Christian bears witness against a Turk,
he can only live three days. The Chris
tian churches oro ptlblicly defiled by the
Turks. The Christians pay an eduat ional
tribute to thc Sultan,but arc not al lowed
to have any schools. Repairs upon the
roads must be made liv thc Christians,
?ul tin? Turks ?ire freed from this duty,
lt" Turkish troops need horst's, they are
taken (rom thc Christians without ro
.oinpcnse. If a Turk complains before
t tribunal, lt?' can get immediate just icc.
If a Christian makes a complaint', he.can
not i'd a decision without bribing tho
ticlge ten times thc amount of the claim.
There is no integrity or justice and no
security under Turkish rule. Such is ;i
?rief summary ot their grounds of com
Hopeless as the case of Horwgnvmti
may appear, lighting single-handed
?gainst her powerful tyrants, anti ilc
! ?ur red from the active sympathy of Eu
ropean nations hy their own prejudices
md schemes for national aggrandizement,
I is impossible not to admire thc manly
ipirit of their statement. They may mil
?vin freedom, hut tiley deserve it. -
(Inniges in thc Kurth..
The date of man's appearance on our
dobo (to say nothing of the beginning ol'
trannie life) will probably ncvorbo aseer
ainalile beyond a rude approximation;
?ut this much at any rate is certain, thal
f "creation" is to be spoken of at all,
t must be taken, not tts a single isolated
iel, lint rather as an unbroken series ol'
traductions, extending from thc dimmest
.asl t<? our time, anti destined doubtless
?? extend beyond ns. Everybody knows,
ays tito Westniistor Review, what Hie
lature of the record is, everybody knows
hat tlie crust of our planet, so far as wc
lave sounded it, is composed entirely ol'
mid, deposited in gradual successive
;tyers under water ; that these layers
brough the slow but constant undula
ions of Ute crust, have been upheaved
gain, uulatctl to the enormous thickness
f sixty or seventy thousand feet ; and
inally, thai each deposited ns it harden
d, preserved imbedded in thc mud tho
hells and bones of creal ti res w hich died
t the time of its formation. ?Similar
[intuitions arc continuing at present;
he soundings made, in the Atlanticocean
ireparatory to the laying of tho lelc
;raphie cable, prove that over the whole
f the immense area explored (1,(1(10
niles front cast to west, ami about 7<><>
niles from north to south) tut exclusively
inc chalky mud is being deposited, con
isling solely til" thc hard parts of animals
rhich have lived and perished in these
egioiis. Tlie chalky mud will {-?..".nany
tarden into limestone rocks; possibly
omc day these rocks will bo grIU<ually
iphoaveil, just as tho Jlimahiy, ?r?,
'Vii'ttii?.?ViV? tv?itil?G??i. J./.V. '
ected io thc wearing influence of air and
.aili, will furnish the mud which is lo
airy new creations. Let us not smile
ncredulously, far greater changes have
?cen wrought than those, and as far as
ve can judge, by the same influenci?.
When Scotland stood higher than il
itands at present, it was covered with icc
lescending front the Grampians; later,
t became nu archipelago, and marine
Mind with shells was spread over the
[briner glacial drift ; later still, thc land
emerged again, glaciers were reformed,
[bongil probably to less extent, and
Britain was connected willi the conti
nent ; lastly, minor changes separated
hihgland from the continent, and Ireland
from England.
Mullum in Parvo.
No legacy is as rich as honesty,
linties leave ingratitude to man.
Self-trust is the essence of heroism.
Light and lust arc deadly enemies.
Lian oft. loses 1 M>lli itself and friend.
When all else is lost, thc future re
Life is the arl of being well deceived.
Jealousy dislikes the world to know it.
True joy is only hone pul o ul ol' fear
A knavish speech sleeps in a foolish
Laws arc thc sovereigns of sovereigns.
Diligence is thc mother ol' good luck.
We forgive loo little; forget too much.
Hope is a light diet but very stimulat
If till were rich, gold would bc value
Many good purposes lie in thc church
Human knowledge is thc parent of
Hale no one; hate their vices, not
Good nature is stronger Iban toma
ba v,-ks.
The innocent seldom lind stn uneasy
KON.-Thc grasshopper creaks in thc
Icayy gloom. Amt thc bumble-bee
buinbleth tho live-long day. Hut where
have they gone with thc brand-iu-w
broom ? And what has been done, to the
buzz-saw's play ?
Oil, it's lillie li?; thinks of thc cold
mince-pic. And it's little bc seeks of
the raw ice-cream ; for tho dying year
willi its tremulous sigh shall waken tho
lingering loon from his dream.
Oh, list for thc cricket, now far and
near, skillfully siugeth his roundelay,
and thc negligent noodle his noisy cheer,
and where thc doodlebug cats thc hay.
Oh, tlie buzz-saw so busily buzzes thc
stick, and bumbling tho bumblc hcc mim
bil mblcth his tune; while thc cricket
cricks (Tickling down at tlie creek,
anti thc noodle calls noisily oui " ii
is noon?"
Thc dog fennel sighs, " she is herc ! she
is herc!" and thc smart-weed -ays
dream'ly 'give us a rest!" The hop
vine speaks tenderly, "give us a hier,"
anti the jitnson-wced hollows, "oh pull
down your vest."
Most ol'thc sporting men nie con
tribiiting $50 toward a inonunienl Cor
American Girl, ami mos! of tlie groat
statesmen are, in " spirit ol' rivalry,
going tt> contribute toward n monti
ment l'or Washington. So.ihr, Ameri
can Girl's chalices are two hundred
feet higher than Washington's,

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