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E. A. WEBSTER, A. JU". -Editor.
ONB COPY, ONE YEAH, - - - ?2.00
Invariably in Advance.
And I will come near to yon to judgement; nntl
1 will bo a swift witness against tho sorcor
ors, and against thc adulterers, mut against
false swearers, timi against thuso thitt.op
j.i'??? ??I? nli'Oiitj? lit ???? iViiftCt, tiiC ?Vii.wW
mu? the ftitlierlo.-s, nnii that turn neille Ute
stranger from his right, nntl fear nut me, i
saith the Loni of Hosts.-MALACHI, 111, 6.
Wc are not rospouslblo for tho views i-f our
C.Ol responden ts.
Advertisements to bc inserted in Hie CITIZEN
Must bo received by Thursday evening.
Advertisements Inserted at Ono Dollar per
Inutl'i for thu first insortimi. Further tarins cnn
bt: had on application to thc Editor or Publisher.
Communications on matters of Stato or Local
interest, respectfully solicited.
All on lorn for Job Printing left at this ofllcc
TviU reech o prompt attention.
Agents and Correspondents wanted In all
Towns of tho County.
SATURDAY, DEC. 4, 1875.
Sentiments of Governor Chamber
It must be considered that our
Governor is a capital band to make
a speech. We are not sure, but
that in speech making be would beat
even Presidcut Grant, but still foi
managing an army or a nation, we
should prefer the President. We
notice with pleasure the favorable
comments of the press North and
South, on the recent speech of the
Governor in Charleston. The good
people at home and abroad, all com
mend the Governor's sentiments on
education, and reform, and especial
ly that there should be an e??lcient
and economical administration of om
?tate Government ; and what ho has
effected in that direction has inspired
the di spa ring with hope for the future
of our State. We cannot think that
the governor sj'mpathises with the
Union-Herald in the idea that the
^state Agricultural College should be
s???? ia its infancy because iL did rn I
haj^'t to be born in the vigor ol j
I^KrRS^tu?t o u r prudent and dis
creet Governor would favor the
policy of being generous before
being just, or that he would
ask the people of the State to be so
in ?t?cnt tis lu uugluct, at least to pay
the interest on the money furnished
by the General Government to sup
port the Agricultural College, which
has been taken and appropriated by
a l <rmer administration for its own
use. The government allnwed the
use of one tenth part of the original
sum to be applied for the purchase of
un agricultural farm, but the Trus
tees in their economy only proposed
to apply tho interest for this object,
but the State has neglected to pay
even this, and left tho trustees with
out the means as yet of even pay
ing for the farm purchased and meet
ing other contingent expenses,
The Governor has a waj- of trans
lating his words into actions which
gives them peculiar emphasis. Ex
Governor Perry in a recent letter
to the News and Courier pays the
Governor the following tribute.
In the last election I opposed Gov
ernor Chamberlain, with ali my in
iluence, because I thought he would
sustain and encourage his party in
their corruption and dishonesty, in
their oppressive taxation and extra
vagant expenditure of the public mon
ey. I now cheerfully confess that
in all this I was mistaken, and that
bis administration has been honest,
wise and patriotic, as far as it was
possible for him to make it such.
Orangeburg C. H., S. C., Novem
ber 20-Of all thc counties we have
visited in this State, none have im
pressed us moro favorably than
Orangeburg. It is one of the best
counties in the Stale, and, judging by
what we have seen of it, far in ad
vance, in material prosperity, of most
of the other counties. It is large in
nreaand population, 'and is skirted
and traversed by rivers and railroads
affording ample means and conuentcn
ces for transportation. The soil is
generally fertile, and the climate ri
vals that of Aiken, which is almost
on a geographical line with Orange
burg*.. It is ostensibly an agricultu
ral county, producing, usually, from
thirty to thirty-five thousand.bales of
uolluii, The crop Ibis year, however,
it is estimated, will not reach more
than 18,000" or 20,000 bales, in con
sequence of the drouth that prevailed
last summer. Thc Orangcburg Agri
cultural Society is one of thc best con
ducted and most nourishing in the
Stale, and the County Fair attests the
the intelligence and industry of the
inhabitants. The Fairgrounds and
buildings arc thc finest and most com
plete wc have seen anywhere.
This is realty one of tho prettiest
and most thriving places in thc State
-it".. ,.r?-,,ii,^n linn
?!il>ll ii |#V'M%. i.r. luii \jt a%S % w.fttvi.ii iinji
tired inhabitants, handsome brick [
stores, residences, churches, schools, |
&c, and a very necessary appendage <
to all towns, a good hotel, kept by I
Mr. I\Ieronc3', where thc traveller '
can lind rest and comfort. The cor
ner-stone of thc new courthouse is to :
be laid hero on next Thursday by the ,
Masonic fraternity. The building
will be an imposing and convenient
one, and is greatly needed herc. Our
risit to Orangcburg was pleasant and
The above is what a passing stran
ger, and correspondent of the
Charleston Nev:*, says of our goodly
"Burg." All he says about its being
a genial and pleasant place will bc
more than endorsed by those who
have summered and wintered herc.
As a sanit?r}' resort no doubt this
place is superior in some respects to
Aiken. They have thc start of us
therein one respect. A gentleman
of that place took pains to advertise
its advantages all through thc North
by the skillful use of printers ink.
Wc have a dry soil, a softer and
more congeuial climate for winter
lhau Aiken, with surroundings more
inviting and pleasant. We have
literal ideas, willing to live and let
live. I*i?8 true our people here have
not tnken as much pains to bc pre
pared to "take in strangers," ns in
some other sections of thc South. lt
is not willi us as reported of a certain
section in Florida, that the people of
that locality "live on fish and stran
gers." We can live without stran
gers, hut know how to do by them as
we would be done by in return. There
can be no question bul for invalids in ?
the persuit of health, this section of.
thc St?tewptild bo found far prolora- ;
?t^lo/w???l?ij'tt?nh thc low funds of]
Florida. NO .pleasanter place can bc
found to spend the winter in the
South thau what is offorded here
especially for those whose sanitary
condition demands a change of eli
South Carolina Conterence.
Tho Nineteenth Session of the S.
C. Conference of thc M. E. Church
(South) will convene ut the Method
ist church at this place December 15,
?875, Bishop J. C. Keener presiding.
The following list of the delegates
and their residences we arc sure will
not be without local interest to many
of our renders :
Archer, E L. Henry Smoke
Aria:]. J. A. Henry Smoko
Arial), W. H. Adam Smoke
.\ttawny, J. Henry Smoke
i\uld,F. T. IV. Alher-otti
\rnnt, A. P. Henry Smoke
Banks. ALL. W. C. Moss
Boyd, tr. M. Dr. J. C, Holman
Boyd. J. il. James Stokes
Joyd, il. ?lames Dukes
iowmnii, W. James Stokes
bown. M. Mrs, Keith Legare
bowne. S. IL Duke?' Hotel
.yara, I>. H. J. D, Kelti
htrber, ii. W. J. <J. Pike
?rd, W. S. li. H. Wiles
thick, Dr. J. B. J. D. Keilt
tolles,E. A. N. A. Bull
Jobo, Simpson Ci. H. Cornclsor.
lensley, J. S. Dr. A. S. Hydrlek
Setheu, S. J. G. W. Wilson
brimson, Wi A. M. I. Hrowuin<r
boozer Benjamin Adam Smoke
beatty, L. F. Dr. Holman
Ms8ell,J.O. W. C. MOBS
Campbell, Simeon Henry Smoke
tapera, W.I. D. Louis
Shrcitzburg, A. M. T. D. Wolfe
Chrellzburg, H. ST? J. II. Banneker
Carson, W. Mrs. Jcnncy
Carson, J. P. <*. W. Wilson
Carlisle, J. M. M. I. Brown
Carlisle, J.E. W. C. Moss
Connor, F. A. J. F. I/.lar
Connor, J. S. F. H. W. llrlgiiinaun
Count?, J. C. Dukes' Hotel
Cureton, A. IL O. W. Wilson
Carraway, J. F. James Dukes
Cummings, J, C. Dukes Hotel
Cantlnm, A. J. Mrs. .McMlcheal
Clark, W. A. J. W. Moseley
Clyde,T. J. It. H. Wiles
Colbara, J. ir. Dukes' Hotel
Connelly, M. A. Dukes Hotel
Clifton, J. A, Mero ney's Hotel
Dagnnll, lt. IL W. T. Lightfoot
Darby, O. A. J. C. Pike
Dantzler, D. D.
Dantzler, D. Z.
.errick, Da viii
Dollie, ll. Jj.
Dunner, A. Ii.
i?uCree, Prof. W.
Du Pi ec, J. P. C.
Dixon. J. W?
Davis, Ii F
Davis, .1 C
Duncan. D O
Erwin, Abner
Elwell, S I? Ii
England, .1 F
Elkins, il A
Pinger, J
Flemming. \V A
Franks Ii I*
Kishbnrn, C C
ITurgcsoo, Xl SI
Santl, A J
Pallin, ? W
3IH)ert, A A
Harper,.lt L
Herbert. J G
Hill, S .1
Hollges, W A
Hollges, E T
Humbert. JiWi
Hullo, Uni
Harmon, <i F
Hamer. L M
Hui t?n. F L
Huit, J ll
Hook, J X
Hannan, T^F
Johnson. L A
Jones, B G
Jones, S U
Jones, W W
Jones, .Simpson
Jackson,A W
Kelly, J W
Kenneily. II M
Keener, liisb J O
Kilg?, J T
lustier, P F
Kirkland, W.D
Kirton, W II
Kins 1er. J II
Kirton, J M
Lauder, S
Lawton, W II
Lupo, Kev
Lester, A U
Little, JJ Al
Little, J It
Loyal, I, G
Leslie, W A
Let i et te, A G
Mai lin, W S
Marlin, W
Massebeau. J I?
Milton, N K
Mcynardic E J
Michell, T
Mood, Il M
Mood, W.W
Mood. ?I tl
b i MM. b ,\;
Srorgiiiifti .t" t?
Mou/.on, W 1 '
Miinnurlyn J W,
Murray, J W
Mann. 0 D
McMillan, D J
Me Key, J W
MeKain, J K
Moorman, T S
M ickier, J Ii
Millard, T I*
McLeod, li V
Merrett, E M
Not ties, A
N'eviUe. J J
Neely, li P
Oliver, U O
Odom, G J
Patterson W U
Pegues, W L
Pegues. I? lt
Pennington, E J
Piotr, J II
Porter, J A
Power. W O
Pooser, M II
?rit chard, C II
'ooser, G II
tatterson, G J
.'arks, .7 T
'etty, C P
'hillips, PT
laySor Thomas
ioiind, G F
{odgers, W A
Jowell, 0 D
toundtree, O X
?alnwaters, W T
?carburo Lewis
leal David,
ihipp, A M
ibuford. J L
Iffley, J L
mimons, D J
?milli Wbileford
itallbrd, A J
itokus, A J
hnurt, Il D
Uoll, S C
stockman, J Q
stokes J L
smith. A G
smith, J F
Smith, Fletcher
tinier, Dr W M
Sessions, J G
Shaw, M
Smith, W II
1 homns, W
Townsend tl W
i'raywlek, J Ii
riller, Dovo
riiompson,G B
Vaughn, S A
Walker, G W
Walker, A C
.Val ker, A W
Walling, J W
Williams, W W
William?, G .W
Angus I i.mtzler
Dr. W. W, Murray
Dukes Hotel
J. 1). Keiit
J. M. Dannel
W. C. Moss
J. W. Moseley
Dr J 1 Butler
Dukes Hotel
J P ll ailey
Di J T Hillier
J II Beimcker
Kev J DA lirown
W A Edwards
1' V Dibble
J D Kcitt
Dukes Hotel
DukcsJ Intel \
Kev J.I > A Brown :
J 1. Heitman '
Rev JD.\ Brown
Mis Oliveros
Wm Perry?: '.<?? r
T U.JIubblc
John Zeigler
Angus 1 boozier
J (J WaniKiiiraker
Merouey's Hot el
?\lerouey\$ Hotel
Merouey's Hotel
P .s Felder
D.i .) < I Holman
Dr J G Holman.
J T Harley
Dr J G Walmalu.ike. i
Jolm Dukes
Dukes. ??uie!
Mr g M Micheal
A J ?Jackson
T A Je/Tords
T A Jeffords
DllfiOS Hotel
Mrs Me Kcwu
Mrs Keilli Legare
Mrs M* Micheal
Mrs Mc M Ichi it
Mrs Kickeub.'iker
Hr Cooke
Dr A S Salloy
MrK^lMckeubH ker
Jtul^e Glover
[Jr .Malone
Bey 1! Legare
Mrs MoMle.hual
jt I! Wiles
jiy liibblc
W y Scoville
1MI.. - Hotel
t li Wiles
Dr A S Sal ley
W s Scoville
1) Lmiis
P I. tits
Bev /. Webster;
Join Dukes
WT Muller
Mrs Me ic vi'il
JJ Kelti
M \j Baldwin
D Louis
W Sistrttuk
I S. Felder
Mrs M it treadwell
W Sistrttuk
Mrs M L treadwell
W T Muller
F H W Uriggmnnn
P Y Dibble
.1 F izlar
V, Williamson
W Wi cock
W Wilcock
Dukes Hotel
Kirk dobinson
W N Scbviii
J. F Izler
J L Hehltmau
M i - oliveros
McQueen Saliey
ll , v. V\ clister
J D Kcitt
John Zeigler
D w Itobinsoii
'flu tiphelus' I ai ton
P V Dibble
D Louis.
J ll Livingston
'?'Inn Smoke
Adam Buloke
Duke.- Hotel
Mrs MeMichael
Judge t ?lover
T W Albergottl,
M i-Satine S i tiley
James :Stoke3
Judge Glover
J'.W Moseley
* .1 F Izlar
A.II Knowlton
T D Wolfe
J ll Livingston
Jumes Stokes
J U Kcitt
J H Livingston
Mrs itjekenbaker
Judge Clover
J D kelti
J C Pike
JO Pike
P V Dibble
Mi#S Jane Sifley
0 ll Cornelsoiii
G H Cornclsoii
'.j li Cornelson
Miss B isa Cummings
H A O Walker
ll A C Walker
Merouey's Hoto i j
Mrs MclvOW.il
D W Robinson
N A Bull
Whit niau, W J
Wilson, J O
Wilson, J B
Wightman, J T
Wightman, W S F
Wanaamakcr, T E
Watts, John
Watson. J B
WebcTj S A
Wells, G II
Wells. B X
Wood, J A
Wood, Landy
Workman, J J
Williams, Dr A.K
Yeafgin, W C
Y'eargin' ll II
Zimmerman, J II
J W Moseley
J B Campbell
M L Baldwin
Bey n Legare
Dr ? S Sal ley
J G Wanuainaker
. Mrs Me.Michael
M 1 Browning
Dr Cooke
1* V Dibble
Mrs Rickeubtkcr
II Riggs
Barney Williamson
Dukes Hotel
Miss .lane Si Hey
W A Eil wards
Dr A S Halley
(! W Wilson
in every comity m Ihkoonlors anet ile|lver from.s
(Vir tho old ?mil original C. O. 1) House lorne
cash wages. Splendid chunco in every neigh
borhood, toe the rlullt person el' cither sex.
vining or ohl. Samples, new li .-ts. eireiilnrs.
terms etc., u eoni|ilele out Ut sent Free ami post
nullt. Scon for it at onee amt m.ike money tit
vottr homes. Address ll. .1. HALL ,<fc Co., ii, N.
Howard street, Ittilliiiiore, Mil.- nov.l3-H-3in.
wo litivo Jual what yon heed. Oiir0<cll Moitntetl
Cltronnis outsell rt ll y tiling iii thc. market. Mr.
Corsons writes : '.! Ht ruck out yesterday, ami
liv working easy four hours, cleiircii *7." A
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.1. LATHAM & Co.,.
410 Washington st.', Motton, Mass.
P. O. Box 2134 Oct. 30-13-Oin.
Sheriff's Sale.""
Edward A. Nix, liar, vs. John C. Ed
wards. Cecil S. Edwaids, and others J
B)V VIRTUE of the judgment herein. I
_) will sell to the highest bidder, at Or
angeburg C. H., on thu Hr st Monday in
December next during the usual hours
of sale, the following tracts of hind, viz:
containing about 43U acres on Four Hole
Swamp, ami bounded by lands now or
formerly ol' Melton Bush. Henry Dalitz
1er. Buber! Johnson and Dr. Hales. The
same to be sold in parcels, plats of which
will lie sliowiuon day of sale.
TERMS-One-third cash; balance in
one and two years. Creditor giving bond
tor the credit portion and a mortgage of
the premises and to pay fur papers and
Sherm's Office. \ E.I.CAIN",
Nov. Ll. 1S7?. J Shel ill' O. C.
Orangeburg C. H., nov.20-15-2
Sheriff's Sales.
Jacob T. Dukes, and others, vs. Eugene
C. Hull', and others )? CA it'l l HON or
B)y virtue of the judgments herein, I
_J will sell at Orangcbiirg C. II., on
thu Hist Monday in December next,
during the usual ii slur.?, of sale:
All that plantation or tract of html sit
uated in Orangeburg county, near the
ohl Orangeburg road leading io Charles?
iou. in Cow Cristie Township, eohtaloing
383 acres, more or less, and hound* d on
the east by Loins of O'. W. Hull', on thu
?tn i r?rvmr-i c?H??mLAj?Ll r y ?.. 11 ' '< 1111:0 ? . outb I".
binds cl Mili-.nt Conn.ir. ai.J on the' ?c.- !
by bim.|s ol'Iutvii! IL Knight ami Jacobi
1 ?;I:MS-One-half cash, balance on iii
credit of twelve moni hs, purchaser gi.V:
ing bond and mon gage ol thu premises
to secure the credit portion of the pur
chase money and to pay for papers and
Sheriff's Office. } E. I. CAIN.
Nftv. LL LS75. ? Sherill' O. C.
Orangeburg ii?v.20-li?-2t.
" Sheriff's Sale.
IO Teena (J lover, administratrix, rs. T. J.
S^V VIUTUE of thc judgment herein. I
_J will sell ut Orangeburg C. IL, on the
first Monda)' lu December next , during
the usual bonis of sale:
1. All that hit of land with the build
ings thereon, in the town of Orangeburg.
on Bussell street, containing abolit four
(4) iteres more or less, anti bounded on
tlie east by laud of Win. Wilcoek, on the
south by Russell street, and on the west
and north by land of-duthil, (Luc
ille property of Thos. K Legare.)
2. The lot and office No. 5 Law Bange,
situate on Church street, now open pied
by Messrs. Glover Ss Glover as a law
otilen, and bounded north by lot of S.
bibble, South by lot of John D. Stroit'?
man, cast by lot of N. A. Bull, and west
by Church street. Thc lot measures
about 47 feet In depth, and about -tr> feet
TERMS-Ono-hnlf cash; balance on a
credit of twelve mom hs. secured by a
bond drawing interest nt 10 percent, p?r
annum, and a mortgage of thc property.
Purchaser having thc privil?ge ol'paying
more than half of the whole of Ibo pur
chase money. Purchaser to pay for pa
pers and recording.
Sherill"s Office. ? E. I. CAIN.
Nov. ia. 1875. 5 Sherm' O. C.
Oiaugoburg C. IL, no v. 20-1 ?-2.
McDonald's JVetu Sloi'y.
M. t&t&xp ?ntl
m. pi?toc!.
A Romance of Cavalier and Round
Author of "Annals ol' a quiet neighborhood,"
"Wilfred Climll?rinetlo,'' etc, 1 vol Illustrated.
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gilled author. "St. Ueortra anti St. .Michael" is
his Inst anti crowning effort."-COMJUliU? Dis
"lt la ono ol' sir. McDonald's most cnjovnhle
lirodiictiont, mid will-win lil.it Imsls ol' new
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niinibor ol'illustrations willoh are more than or
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sent lo any address nost-paid, on receipt ol'
price, by . 1
J. ll. KOKI) Si CO., Publisher*,
27 i'nrk flaco, Kew York.
Economy is Wealth.
and have, them worked up nt ARTHUR
H. LEWIN?S, Manufacturer of Human
Childrens' hair cutting a special! Vw
Oct. 22, lsr.Vl0-.1ni. 1 y
0 or THE c
Murray Hill Publishing Co,
John P. Jowett, Manager.
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glasses, without the aid of Doctor or Medi
cine. Half a million hayo been Issued already/
valuable monograph for lliO?O who aro afflict
ed with Rupture or Hernia. "PHYSIOLOGICAL
IMPROVEMENT or HCMANITY." relaten to ti:o
Bubject of having people born right. " PHYS
lOLooicAL MARRI.VOE" gives tho latest ro
tcarchesregarding tho laws governing tem
peramental adaptation &e. "WORDS IN PEA UL
FOR THE MARRIED"-A criticism on various
metliods resorted to fur regulating reproduc
tion. "SPERMATOIUUHEA or Seminal Weak
ness, with evidence of itscurabtlity." " CROur,
its causes, prevention and eure," invaluable
to o very mother having tho rare of smell i hi!
dren. " COLD FEET," causes, prevention ?nd
cure. Any one of the foregoing Dime l'ub
Jieatio-iB w ill be sent by mail, postage pro
paid, on receipt of ten cents.
Publication?!. We will Ftip
ply DR. FOOTE'S Free Publica
t ions. " 0rctnitcus A <l\ ice !? the.
rick" abroad n.? lotti ax at fiann ; a circul.-.r c f
value, to tlio sick. " Evidence* vf J>r. Kele's
Rin i ly ) . pamphlet The last
tW?/i'K by moil.--Send fer the:.:.
??flf?jnO$ Artlmtn Cuide,
issued this choleo viihlicatioii. As iis minis
indicates, it ls n ? OMI*LEI IS POCK El KN
CYCLOl'EDIA, coiitaininiiig n fund of uso
foi Itifonuntiou for everyi oily, whnl ever may
be their calling in lifo, embracing nearly '. it
TABLES, &C\. in almost every branch of busi
ness connected with civilized life, from lil?
household lo the manufactory. In one beau
tiful vol. of nearly 500 pages, with numerous
finely executed illustrations, l ound in cloth.
Price. $2. Contenta table maVttl jue. It will
surprise you to look it over. Send for it.
?OOO Rood AseutH
can ?IIKI profitable em
plojitiC?nt ln t he sale of
the foregoing publications. Rend all of tho
above and send for particulars'. Address for
terms, outfits &c., TlieMuirav Hill Pllhlishiug
Company, 129Ehst 281 h street. New York.
(Opposite Methodist Church.)
July :il-51-tf
t Came! I Saw! lt Conquered!
ITTORTII A DOLLAR I Senti stamp for cir
Tr e.ular. or 10 cents for sample. Address
?I a. C. P. CO., Ilox 87, acottsvillc, Ry.
We have an ondlose variety bf these pctslng
rs for salo, nicolv caged and Mopped to any
art olUho United States nt the niiirked prices:
?NB PAIR Young birds-Good Bingera - . S3-00
" " Oi.n " " " - . - 6.00
Will send either Malo or Female, ns desired,
'erins CASH with tho order. We aro also
gents for the new
Silk Fowls of Japan.
These birds aro covered with long silky hair
tsteari of feathers, green, purple ?md vin inga
ed-flesh very delicate and tender-largo us
Tamas-very bardy anil great layers, never
ave Cholera or Gapes and are sold" at present
ur eight dollars per jiair or len dollars tor trio.
.Special tel ms for Parr?la, .Swans ami other
iel animals on receipt ol' stamp. Address, (by
Cgisturcd loller.)
Deo. 0-l*i. ly Holslon, Virginia.
"GOIN1NG MONEY" willi thc fanions
'ho French edition of which sells for ifcl'5, nnd
he London edition for $200. Our popular edi
ion ($5.60). containing over one hundred full
iago quarto plates, is the cheapest and most
legant publications in America; mid tho best
o sell. Critics vie with each other in praising
t, ami the masses buy it.
Agent in Charleston, S. C., reports Ot orders;
mo in Ninety Six, S. C., HW; ono in Vn.,2<0; nn
illicr in' .Memphis, -oo orders talion in three
J. ii. FORD A co., Publishers,
27 Park Placo, New York.
Nov. 1311-tt
\ttorney & Counselor at Law
A. t, t o x*ia o y ? o.t. JL? tlw y
July .ll-si u
I will open this morning a lot of the
TI)-I ~ J r ^
ever ol?er cd in this market, co si
And in order to cultivate a trade for
these fine crades I will sell them
I have also received tine morning another
car-load of
Solomon's Fancy Flour
Fresh ground and Made especially
for nie from thc
ITiueHt Selected. Wlaetit,
I have never had a complaint of
this hrand of flour.
Inferior KEROSENE OIL ie so dan
gerous and so man}' accidents have oc
curred from its use, 1 have been hutaeed,
at the repealed solicitation of my custo
mers, to purchase a supply of pure Oil
for their use. I have just receive ten
barrels ot
124 lira test.- I villi bull .hU.i'uic
Oil cheaper than the same grade of Oil
can he sold at lil this city. Families HSC
ing this Oil are safe. Tho use of the
common Oils now
ia equivalent to bringing into the family
destruction and death !
I li?vc also received:
iO Tierefca Fresh Cure? Davis' Hams,
10 Boxes Cream Cheese, direct from
tlie Dairy,
25 Firkins Goshen Butter, direct from
the Dairy, which has all tho
freshness and flavor of the flow
5 Tierces of Ballimore Sugar-Cured
10 Barrels of Extra Mess Mackerel,
averaging twenty ounces.
25 Sacks Lagnayrn Coffee, equal to
50 Sacks of assorted Rio, by last Rio
With a full supply of
F ?vi i t ul >> ? I
My stock is full, with prices low
good times coming.
Thanking thc public for their very lib
eral patronage, and soliciting its contin
uance, I will do my best to merit the
Columbia, So. Ca.

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