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53. A. WEBSTER, Editor.
** TERMS :
ONE COW, ON IC VF.AU, - - - $2.00.
Invariably tit Advance.
Weare not responsible Tor thc views of our
. Advertisements to lie Inserted inutile CITIZEN
'vmuat bc receiver! by Thursihiyxvcmng.
Advertisements inserted nt One Pidiar per
inch, fbrrfue first insertion. Further terms can
lu; hiul'iin application totlu EiUlu . nr V'i'ilislicr.
Communications mi matters of State or Local
iulerest, respectfully solicitud.
f AU etiler? for .lul> Printing left at lilia ofllec
will receive prompt attention.
Afronta unit Correspondents w.tnted in all
Towns of tho County. .
The County Frauds.
Without expressing ourselves as
believing or discrediting thc evidence
given hy Humbert at the late session
of thc Court, in reference to the com
plicity of other persons in the frauds
that have been in the past perpetrated
in this countj' with perfect impunity,
and without making any comments as
to the seeming probability of that
testimony, we give below a few facts
which are matters of recbrd as relat
ing to this matter.
F. H. Greene did not have a settle
ment with the school commissioner
for the, State* apprcpriation because,
by.no fault of his own, he was unable
to elfect this settlement, but he turn
ed over to T. K. Sasportas, his suc
cessor in the county treasurer's ofllce,
thestj vouchers, and took bis receipt
for the same, as is clearly established
by the following affidavit:
Extracts from inventory of books,
papers, vouchers, accounts, furni
ture, &c, and receipt for the HuirW
given by T. K. Sasportas to Krank
H. Greene, late treasurer of Or
angeburg County, S. C., upon T.
Iv. Sasportas. assuming the duties
bf county treasurer :
" One (1) package of .school vonoh
marked " ?v? containing sett!
iii me nrrounting to six thousand
?o hundred and twelve dollar
ielve?nts, iSfi-ilvjo
January I, 1870^ bf Orangcburg
Q. When Humbert made bis settle
ment he had clean vouchers, had he
not? *
^A. Tte had.
Q. Those vouchers were placed in
your office* were they not?
A. Tb.ev,wcre.
* O. Will* you state what you know
about thif^jnatier
A. Wilde on ?h? train of the South
Carolina Railroad, going from Or
angcburg to Columbia, l*told Mr.
Andrews- that I had missed some of
thc vouchers out of my office, of the
settlement he (Andrews) had made
with me. Mr. Andrews told me that,
inasmuch as a committee of the grand
jury of the county had beeu appoint
ed to investigate all ?the offices of the
count}', that the.b'est thing I could do
for myself, before that committee,
was to make a statement to the effect
that J. .L. Humbert, county treasurer,
had come into my olllee during my
absence, abstracted Andrews' vouch
ers and. made a settlement with inc,
as county'treasurer', fdr.the State ap
propriation of the school fund of this
county for'tho year ending October
81, 1871, as*he (Andrews) held my
receipt in full for his settlement.
? QI, by Humbert* Did I abstract
any vouchere appertaining to Mr. T.
C. Andrews' settlement?
A. You did not; but Andrews did.
A few days after- the conversation
spoken of as having taken place on
the train, I met Mr. Andrews at
Orangcburg Court House. He told
me that he had taken those papers
out of my oflice that were missing, for
the purpose of cancelling them, ns
they had not boen properly cancelled ;
that he had tried to borrow from
Humbert some of his school papers
to put in my ollice in place of those
he (Andrews) had taken out, and
that Humbert bad refused to give
bira tliose papers.
Before this same committee Primus
Burwiek, being sworn, testified :
I was Mr." McKinlny's clerk. I
was clerk for him from the time Mr.
Andrews was treasurer until Mr. Mc
Kinlay went out of .office. Mr. An
drews had .iome papers in thc office- -
some p:?pers that he had made a set
tlement with Mr. McKinlay with
that had bee:: changed twice. They
WCli; bUjj&ol 0*0.1. ' '
th vee jdWiiysUofore tho committee that
wa^'appoiiifCd-^Xv t??e grand jury met,
ag&r. Andrews brought some vouchers
tho office-school ciaims-and s?jd
ghat they were some papers that j;\
s&a^Lfci??& out of there some time *ig$l
Our phip
-? ;
[From our Regular Correspondent.]
PMII.ADK?.^'JUA, May itt, 1S70. t
I have been for four dnvN winking!
through the immcuse buildings in
Fairmount. Park, and have come to
the conclusion that it is a big, bewil
dering thing- a vulgar thing in one
sense, for the principal shopmen of
the world have come here to adver
tise their waren, and tbi.s advertising
is the pronounced feature of the In
hibition. .Scandinavia advertises lier
iron and furs, Galibi her wine and
silks, Cathay lier vases, and Philadel
phia her drugs. If there is anyone
who does not believe that there is Ho- ;
quence, poetry, science und arl in
advertising, he will bc convinced al
every turn herc.
This is ?i superficial view ; beneath
the sordid motive that inspires the in- \
dividual and. the mass, the man and .
1 i
the manager, there is the restless tur
moil of subtile occult forces oom. nd
ing incessantly for that which is wost
useful in labor, truest in art, gre:test
in man.
The Exhibition so far has not 1 ecu
successful in n pecuniary sense. Thc
entertainment is iead? (at least par
tially., so)-the music of pipes and
cymbals may be heard in the Main
Building and in Iii?, temples of Epicu
rus that have sprung up like toad
stools in and around the grounds
but the guests do not ^ome tc thc
feast. Cent?n nial hotels, baili for
this occasion, euch with accoteinoda
Hons foi not less than a thousand
guests, ai e not one third full, j Mut
few, comparatively, conn: ?.tither to
the hotels or to thc show. Philadel
phia cannot be much nunc cro/vded
at this -imo than New York or Balti
more. The reasons are plain. While
the whole country, a nd j indoor, tho
world, as an interest in this Exhibi
tion, w ile literal millions are willing
lo be. :i the labor and expense ty see
ii., j ii. delpliia alone, who has the
key to looks upon it as create
expr?s [y for her gain. There i
scarcer a brother of them, bqo&luc
or ban r, who is not looktug^p in
ios fire better here than in Europe,
und that our people are more accus
tomed to travel, still it must be re
membered that population is. not so
dense here, and that a visitation of
ten millions would be one in every
lour of our entire census.
Upon the whole I think the gentle
men who have the management ot' this
Exhibition, and those who have rear
"d booths of extortion in and around
it, do not fully understand their day.
f hey have failed to take into account
?he recent panic and the depression
iii business and industry which p3r
rades the country. There are mil
ions who desire to come here ?for
deasure and for improvement, bul
he denizens of: the "City of Brother
y Love" must not think that these
uotives are as powerful as the ava
ice which is burning in the bowels
md brain of every Philadelphia^
Making bim insane with the folly that
tie can grow rich in six months
brough extortion of transient visit
ors. C.
[Since this letter was in type we
lave seen tho announcement that the
.jading hotels in Philadelphia have
-educed their rates to 83.50 a day,
ind that the reduction would extend
o every tiling required by visitors.]
?:D. F. C.
Charleston District.
There will be a Preachers' meeting,
'or the preachers of the Charleston
District, local and traveling, to com
mence at Orangeburg on Tuesday,
the 13th of June, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
Thc meeting for the District Stewards
will bc held at the M. E. Church, at
Drangeburg, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on
Wednesday, June 14th
Arrangements -.viii bo mude fot
jublic exercises after the. ino ting u
:oii vetted.
3n Advantages pl our Ltiiieiaitt S\*
tem-T. J. Abbott, .7ns. R. Town
Thc Minist:y '?Ve \'< nd-E. Cooke,
L>. D., J. E. Low tey.
Liie Hcst Method of Promoting fteli
Philadelphia, Pa.
Convenient to nil places of Amusement
nnd car lines in the city. No changes to
and from the Centennial Grounds.
Col. Watson, proprietor of t lie II KN lt Y
HOUSE, Cincinnati, for the past twenty
years, and present proprietor, lias leased
tile house for a tenn of years, and has
newly tarnished and titted it throughout.
He will keep a strictly lirst-chiss house,
and has accommodations for 3U0 guests.
Terms only per day.
COL. WATSON is it native nf Virginia,
ami probably the only Hotel Proprietor
in Philadelphia from the > >.uh.
mny27. 2m I'IMIPKIKTOR.
Axcarded the Highett Medal ul Vienna.
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & Co.,
591 Broadway, New York.
(Opp. Metropolitan Hotel.)
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erence._ _may27 bn
The AtiajiUc Monti..ly.
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will also furnish .Sketches of T
i !h a racier.
Will continue ber charmin
graphical papers, "Old Won
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John P. Jowett, manager.
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Coi.ti '.?|,r.-i,,''i ,ii'..-". . .

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