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E. A. WEBSTER, Editor.
ONKCOJ-V. OM: VKAK, - - - ?2.00
Invariably in Advance.
We nm not rosnon-sllilc for tlic .views c f om
Ailvcrtisenicnts tn lie i ll ?crt Oil in thc CITIZEN
' imi?t bo reocivoil by Tliurmlny evening.
Ailvortisomonts insortoil at Ono Orillar ju?r
?in li, for>tue first insertion. Further terms can
lonai'pltiatii i ?>. Killi ?rVtiMI?hcr.
Communications nu mau il -i. ..; I.oral
interest, rosjiortl'tiUv .?iliolte.l.
? N?I Mr!, i- l'or .Inti I'viiiilne '.-il ,i itu- ofllce
will receive |>roin']il lUieiitltiii
Agents a,,,, luted in all
Towns of tho County.
The County Frauds. |
Without expressing ourselves as
believing or discrediting the evidence
given by Humbert at the late session
of the Court, in reference to the com
plicity of other persons in tho frauds
that have been tn the past perpetrated
in this county with perfect impunity,
and without making any comments as
to the seeming probability of that
testimony, we give below a few facts
which are matters of record as relat
ing to this matter.
P. II. Greene did not have a settle
ment with the school commissioner
?br the State appropriation because,
by no fault of bis own, be was unable
to elfect this settlement, but he turn
ed over to T? K. Sasporlas, his sue
< essor in thc county treasurer's ollice,
vhcs? vouchers, and took his receipt
for thc same, as is clearly established
by the following ailidavit:
Extracts from inventory of books,
papers, vouchers, accounts, furni
ture, &C, lind receipt lor the same"
given by T. iv. Sasporta-o to l'Yhiik
H. Greene, late treasurer of ?r
angeburg County, S. C., upon T.
I. ' Vnrnr.pUc r.?-. i ? ?, . ? i , , , ((.,. fl (J fl CS
o? county treasurer :
One (1; package of school ybrichr
,*s. marked . >V containing settled
|airn? nu omiting lo six timbs
Po hundred arid twelve dollar.?
J a u ti arv !, IBlf.-A ot Orangeborg
(J. When Humbert made his settle
ment he had clean vouchers, had he
A. Ile had.
Q. Those vouchers were placed in
your oilico, were they not?
A. They were.
* O. Wilf yoi" slate what you know
about Uii.%i,c.aUcr ?
A. Wlnle oh the train ot tho south
Carolina Kuilroa.il, going fro iii Or
ungeburg Columbia, l*told Mr.
Andrews that I had missed some of
thc vouchers out of my olllce, of the
settlement he (Andrews) had made
with mc. Mr. Andrews told me that,
inasmuch as a committee of thc grand
jury of the county hud been appoint
ed to investigate all the oillces of thc
county, that the best thing I could do
for myself, before that committee,
was to make a statement to the effect
that J. Ii. Humbert, county treasurer,
had come into my ollice during my
absence, abstracted Andrews' vouch
ers and made a settlement with me,
I as county treasurer, fdr the State ap
I propriation of the school fund of this
I county for tho year ending October
131,187-1, as*he (Andrews) held my
j receipt in full for his settlement.
(,)., by Humbert. Did I abstract
j any vouchers appertaining to Mr. T.
j C. Andrews' settlement?
A. You did not; but Andrews did.
A few days after the conversation
spoken of as having taken place on
the train, I met Mr. Andrews at
Orangeburg Court House. He told
me that he had taken those papers
out of my oilice that were missing, for
! the purpose of cancelling them, as
! they had not been properly cancelled ;
that he had tried to borrow from
Humbert some of his school papers
to put in my ollice in place of those
he (Andiews) had taken out, and
I that Humbert had refused to give
J him tliose papers.
Before this same committee Primus
Harwick, being sworn, testified :
I was Mr. McKinlay's clerk. I
was clerk for him from the time Mr.
Andrews was treasurer until Mr. Mc
Kinlay went out of ollice. Mr. An
drews hud -onie papers in the ollice
so mo impert? that he had made a set
tlement, wilh Mi. McKinlay with
that had been changed twice. They
? Wfcic augiry. .
three drayghofore the committee thal
whf>/appoii,'iCd fey the grand jury met,
Andrejs brought some vouchers
P*J 1 o oilice-school claims-and ??yd
gh.\( tiley were Rome papers \\i-d
?wmiiiMi wi I j
v u :
[From ?. r Regu ir < '..?ri -, undi .
Pilli.AOK.l.j/lilA, Mav >.'!. IS7tt.
I have been for four days wai cing
through the ii imcnsi
Fairinouh l.'urk, .sn-i . loni
the concl :m t hai
dering l! vu ir. th a? in o ie
sense, for Itu pi ncipul diopmen ol
the work i mic here t,? i
Use their wares, and I .-. verl
is the pronom ed feature of tl.-- Ks
hibition. Scandinavia adv* rti hei
iron and furs, ? ?alibi hui ?vine .
silks, Ca: ay 1er va . and i'i., .
phia her di ?gs. If I \u -e i
who does io beti ve th lhere i
quence, , >etn . sch nee md ai in
advertising, he will bc e mvin
every tum hen
This is a superficial view ; beneath
the sordid m live that inspires the in
dividual and. tin: mas?, the man and
tho manager, there is th
moil of subtile occull foi H.; CI
ing incessantly ." but .vhich |s 1 ?si
useful in labor, truest in art, gre . si
in man.
The Exhibition so far has nol l een
successfr .. ; cuniary si : -<*. 1'he
entertainm< n' is ready (at leastp
tially so; - the mu ?ic of pip .. :
cymbals maybe heard i the Main
Building find in tua lem j il' - if
rus that have -pn-ng up like toad
stools ii) .?.'I u nin ; I he gr< u
but the ?iii?sts do n : onie Lin
feast. ( eu . nibil lu tels, builj b-.j
this occasion, rh v . accc> o nv ula
tions fo. not lian a thou an
guests, are nol om thud full ?Hui
few, compan h ?. . corne either ti
the hot? how. rhiiadci
phia cuii"iii |>o iiuudi more cmivdei
at this time than New :> ork di haiti
more. Tin i asons ai j '-nr.. tVluh
t!ie wirrie country i aud* indee/ Hu
world, :1E: au interest in this Kr.hibi
tion, w ile literal millions .ire w Hint
ty bc n thu labor and expense: fc> S,M
ic, i li. ltd pu ia alone, who has Un
key to .. looks upon it a.? ci ?ate
expr?s .. for her gain. There i
scarce! a brother of them, bootAilac
.or hun r, ^\\(? is noi lookiuejo in
|.i. ^ ^^/^V
in - IIIII IIIIIII ?.- n ,^Titaar'i**aM^w-rt\M??tarmam
:vs fire heller '.?.re tuan iii Kurepe, I
mi mai our people are more nccus
omed to travel, still it must be re
aembercd that population ia not so
lense bete, and that a visitation of
en millions would be one in every
our of our entire census.
Upon the whole I think the gen' Io
nen who have the management ol' .his
Exhibition, and those who have rsar
d booths of extortion in and around
t, do not full)' understand their day.
They have failed to take into account
he recent panic and the depression
a business and industry which par
ades the country. There are mil
lions who desire to come here -for
leasure and for improvement, but
he denizens of. the "City ol' Brother
y Love" must not think that these
?otives are as powerful ns the avn
ice which is burning in the bowels
..ml brain of every Pbiladelphian,
. laking him insane with the folly that
e can grow rich in six months
brough extortion of transient visit
ors. C.
[Since tins letter was in type wc
I ave Been tho announcement that thc
mading hotels in Philadelphia have
educed their rates to 83.50 a day,
aid that the reduction would extend
o everything required by visitors.]
.<:?. F. C.
Chariesion District.
There will be a Preachers* meeting,
for the preachers of the Charleston
District, local and traveling, to com
mence at Orangcburg on Tuesday,
thc 13ttl of June, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
Thc meeting for the District Stewards
will bc held at the M. E. Church, at
Orangcburg. at LO o'clock, A. M., mi
Wednesday, Jun?.' 14th.
Arrangement? %vill be nin'b; :,.i
public CXIVV.?M?K after th? mering u
On AdvantagCHi.il our liiueiant Si.
tem-T. J. Abbott, .Tus. H Town
Thc Ministry '?Ve N'ord--K. Cool:?-,
.y. O., ?I. Ks Lowboy,
The Beat Moiboo ol fc'rohioiihg Ucl}:
Philadelphia, Pa.
Convenient to ?ill placea of Amusement1
mid oar lines in the city. No chances to
nuil from the. Centennial Grounds.
Col. Watson, proprietor ol' the II KN KY
IluU.SK. Cincinnati. for lite past twenty
yours, anil present proprietor, has lensed
lite lion-su l'or a terni of years, ami has
newly furnished ami lilied it throughout.
lie will keep a strictly iirst-clnss house,
and has accommodations lor .IOU guests.
Terms only ?.'1 per day.
Coi.. WATSON is i tutti* 'Virginia,
and probably the onbt lb i Proprietor
in Philadelphia from tin ?.?
J A M ES V : O N ,
in ny 27. 2iu PltOPIHKTOR.
Aicurdtd thc Jliyhc V lu Vienna.
E. & H. T. ANTHONY & Go.,
591 Broadway, Neiu York.
(Opp. Metropolitan Hotel.)
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thc market.
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Any enterprising man cnn'iwnf t ..
with a Muffle Lantern.
<nt out ibis .-nlvertiscmoiii fo ref
erence. non . lu
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Will contribute a nriv AMt'RtCJ r '. .
Kl., entitled Pl i Vu te The;iiiicaL." Vs.
will also furnish Sketches of T
i 'Iiarrtcrer.
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Will cniitiiiue ber charmin
?riipldeul papers, -Obi Won
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Jolia P. Jewett, manager,
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t.. li ..SrK-!tt.4V,o..':ilc?-A ?.f ... .: . J >V.'.lfc
willi eWtlen. > .f itseit.-.-l-1 ' ' line,.,
. ii .-.us-es. p .?...' !ifV?n a:sd v ?? ...??J
.? .r.-.-vim- l??.. i

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