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Taa or evitcaiprrijit
THE DAILY NE.WV will be Supplied for
three montha at gli.0; aIy lese time, per
month $5.01. bingle cophe fi'ty cent.
THE TRI.WEILY N WS, (a fAll sheet.)
man. be had for three armonths at 010.00. No
subscription taken for less IIg than three
paper, wlI be furitehied six months for S10.
Will he insetted In an y or the above papers I
at $4 00 a square, a square consisting of ten
lines or lees.
Our terms are strictly cash, and in so c*se
a wiU bodeviated from.
1luuatiseva Direstory.
Jap. McCaMzouT, Inendant.
0. R. TuoUPsoN, I
Dr. W. E. Atacx, Wardewc
J. 8. S ttIR J
Winnimboro, .--MOPLicello,'
Tuckhead, Ilocky Mount,
Bee Tree, Ridgewood,
Bell's Store, Thom,oftpson's,
Cookhm. Younguesville,
Feasterville. Brown's Stere.
filadctn'- Grove, Longtownf
Jacknon's Creek, Afsten,
fte& of Pstage.
Single letters not exceeding a hilf ounce
in vreight, to any part of the Confederate
States, shall be 10 cents.
At additional rae for each additional
half oun6c or lets.
Drop letters 2 cents each.
In the foregoing oass, the postage to be
prepatid by asamps on stamped envelopes.
Advertised letters 2 oetts each.
Sent to regular, and bonsa fidd subscribers
from tile oee'of publlioatiop, and net. ex
Ceeding 8 ounces in weight.
Weekly. papers, 10 cents per qvlrter.
- eivi-Weekly paper, 10 aeniti per quarter.
Trl-%Weekly paper, 20 cents per quarter.
Four times a*week 60 *ents per quarter.
Five times a week 0 conts per quarter.
Six liies a week, ( cents per quarter.
Daily paper '0 cents per qtartor.
P'eriedlento publimhed oftener than xemi
manil.ly shall be charged na newspapers.
Periodlenas publigited monthly, not ex
eeeling 21 ownces in weight. '2J cents per
quarter; and for every- additional oane or
fraction of an otnct, 2J cents additional.
Seui-mtonthly, donble that amount.
lii-nonthly or Quarterly, 2 cents an
Every other newspaper, pamphlet;-per 1
isal, mang.zine, 1ech ciroular not sealed.
bandbill and engraving,. ixot exceeding 3
ou110's in weight, 2 qants for anX distance,
' cents addiional for each Addit onal ounce
or less beyond the first three ounces. .
In all eases, the postage to 4e prepaid by
stamps or stanped envelopes.
Ni1s' Register Revived.
ipES' REGISTER, the most useful
joturnl -over issued in America, has
been revived in the publicatiob of Tho
Countryman. This Journal is a fae-nimile
of its original in the number anaJ size of its
pages, its typography, and all tie fentires
wiihl gafe value to the standard publica
tion" issued by Mr. Niles.
Besides the features of Niles' Register,
The Countryinan hats others which should
reander it still more attraotive, hs wit: a de
partment of elegant literature, rejecting theo
a le of Yankee literary journals, and mod.
Cli ng itself after the bent English milsella
neons weeklies, but at the same time being
stamped with an Independent, southern tone,
erigina with and peculiar to Itself.
An altogether novel feature with it, is that
it to published in the country on the editor's
plantation, sine miles from an,y town or nI.
lage, and devotes much attention to a grioul.
tare. rutral sperte, aned eyerything tifat. In
terests thae cotuntry gentleman.
The Countr$nman is a handsome quarto, of
sisteen pages, published weekly On te edl.
tor's plantation. near Eatonton, Ga., to
which all cotamunieatiotas should be ad
Our terms are $6 for thsre e nths, or$40
per ahfatn.
*Send all remittancoes by expss.
fob 13'C'> - Ententon, Ga.
Master WFlIiaan Atittena:
A youdAf briiaent talents, whAo ieee ruineds b
-bqd luck.
Ily the aatlEbwet "Georgia Scened-'
A JOUT two hutndreda and fy pages 0.
.taro-well printed with neat paper
covers. Written I~ Jud o ngstreet's best
andl most amhmrpos ~tyI' rie $6, for
whaich we ill1 send a copy; poVt paid, to any
pert of the Cettfbderney. The, usual dis
count to ibhe trade.
All orders should be'addressed f
- IURKE, R0tCIN k 00.
feb 18'05 Machts,Ia.
B LA NK8 of every descriptIon for salesat
this oflice. .
POuaIgernu Fied siag fates3do!
O%AI) LITURR0nt io'l eoI:Afro *
..q UAL21OIt, N. C.,
josp.bned and continued under the, 9d pop
ular title of tho
H Proprietors of the Mercury having
purchased the HOUTIEU FINJ. A'ND
iitsiumn. and finding It imposAible to make
irrangetkohts whiqh would insure a regular
iupply ot papet upon moount of the lrteg.
tiarity andt uncerjalnty of (trqqaportation for
he XZLD AND FI1si)I su Au 4 s , G a.,
ho sanue having to be snil frm' the
n1ill At. taleigh, N. C; - have 'irbottd -'the
?1t,1 Axi) FRaiDi 'to' Raleigh abd 'coml
>ined these two sterling -.Literar$ Journals:
rhe Manouny is therefore merged, 1i%o the
rOUTnn PizrT) AN Fmr.sins, atk4 will b'o
, publishel utitil the stat'. of the abtutt'y
ill justifg a divergemsnt, wheth" both pa.
>e1- will lie-resutned and contintied as here
ofore. Subscribers to both -journals will
eoelve the paper to the full time of sub
cription without delay or interruption,
Theentireeditorialand contritiutorialgorps
>f both paper4 are retained upon the amerg
ng journal. It is announced, withont. fear
if contradiction, that the. extensive and
Splend'd,array of combined, talent new em
>Loyed ip writing for. the iIFt AND, FmaX
ini surpasses in genuine merit, alility, co.
lbrity and unerleal strength1, any.coMbi
iation or engagement ever before attained
n the. history of Poriodioal Literitbre of
?urope or America. - -
)ne subscribar, six mlogths :.: 00
Bleven subscribers, : : O 00
Address WM. D. 811'1i & 06.,
feb 18'65 -Raleigh, N.:C.
Thte Key-gilolle,
W AS commenced on the FIRST OF JAN.
UARY, 1805, a publication of a
donthly Mngaritze tnder tio.ebovo title, de
roted to tho iteree.of the -Ancient and
4 onorible Fraternity of Free and-AoCepLed
. I believa that every good Mason wil agree
With ue in the opinion thalt, such a pubca
.iou wIll be beueficl4l in enlightening our
esa informed brerhren, And in dispen-4ing,
wany a calpr, kind word of cteerfisluas to
he hiats and homes of, thousands of wor
hy brothers, their widowa.44d orphans.
Lt will bo my earniest pu'rpopo to bear what
rver,huablu ability.1 may posucse to make
t a reliable. oustodil. of soutid Ma09114c
lAw aud Tenets, ever afhoring' lositly tW'
he. Anient Landharks of the Craft in all
heir pristine strength and symmietrical
Trenfoling, lest I err, in.lothing myself
(or so responsible an office, I shnil engago
upon the Kzy SToNr stuch sk:lled oditorial
talent as shall keep 'the'lightt, well trimmed
tud brightly burning, wdth the 'tinecre hopo
bat as our work goen forth each 'month,
rrom the uarrties of our labor it may's8.
%ii improved Jnspection and be acceptable to
the head and to the heart of every good
Master at whose home oi hnnds It may be
Moived:. . 'tERMS:
One subscriber six months, $10 00
Twelve subsoribers sl; Months, 100 0t)
1inglo Opies . , , t2 00
Masns, Lodges,' Obapteri, 0oii,Its and
seampm'onts will pliade 'end in h#eir sub
101iptJons at' oce.
WM. D. SMITH, Proprietor,
Rnleigh, N. C.
Now -ieady.
lIE January number of Tut KPRST0a1,
the only failonio Magaie - in the
outh. The Orand Lodgb - of North .Caro
la. at1aleigh, Deo. 7th, 1864, was pleas.
d to pass tho following revolution :
Whereas, Brother UiM. 11. Smith, of this
Iity, has commenced the publication-'of a
Wonhly Periodical devotel to the inerest
if the Alasonio Fraternity, entitled: Tip
(.YNTO14, and whereas, a work of this kind
a very much needed by the Craft through
it the Confederate States. therefore,
RoLestd, That this Grand Liodge recoin
neud said work to the Subordinato Lodges
md the Craft generally.
feb 18'65
WeeskIy Inteligesace'.'
MYoN~db To sws, L.ITIIRATURN, Contana,
I 8 publIshed at Wilmidlgton, N. Q., on
Wqdnesday of enoh week, and ontains
he latest telegraspho "neWs, 'hating' the ad.
vantage of the news of 'the Prenss- Ausocla,
seMarkets will be fasly and carefully
~eported and a truo stteinent of thete con.
Iiloio lhonestly given. 'We' have soured
sotrespondl6bis In tho artnies of.Gess. Lee
iad Bleauregard, and wilt always 'give a
raig htet and full record of' arnmy mnatters.
PotMasters -and others are' regnested to
tot as Agents sud each Agent ses ing six
ar mor. spbsibots, with' the mone fyr six
nontlin, will reoeive the- Itsa.ruswoa six
nenthe gt#tis.
Sullseriptions will not be taken for a.long,
ir period tihan six montbs; and-ln n oae
gjll the paper be setit until themesjisl
AdwertidelOents in.erted for $1 per
Term of 9:uMeripIes.
leekly Intel1lsenaer-'hiree g4'Mtl.5 00
- Iff0f'I0hVn*end ft b rptlileatiolm of
a Monthip'itakisre under.tho above tutlo.
It preoet to ktereaders selection$ heom
the best.Europcan iPorio4icals, of Literary
and Stelntio artidles, or Novels and Sket.
thes 'whi6h, 'having, alilasd received 'the
impi.ittatute'of an,enligbt ned, tmiste, cannot
but prove acceptable to the Southern public.
The effort will be mado,.to keep the rjaders
of tho-Magatne as nearly as possible abroat
of the litorit'y progree of the age. Arran
ment,i hav beel imade' which, It is hoped,
will odlie the ' propvist0a to scoure this
ond." ' ea
The Maine almoprfsenta original articles
from qur.bestrlpre, i 4epi eparment,
and a sp0bia a n,of' thVipop eters of this
periodical yrkll be to fs:td8outlieM'ailthdr.
fitIVoI4d-fbriiU4dxdoam --They will not,
-howoV,?.4nger the p1a. of this.desln '0n
cVUK4;,, b,vrep,roductjoV In Its c'olutmns,
that c ass of coip8olaes which create a
ivid ih'd un'hokithy tkste, to be atated only,
by tha hybrid 6lterattfr64*hioh Yaukeein
genuity lhes' ontriv'ed, .4nder the nano of
Th iJdustrial 1}esQuro and the Educa
tio'ni Interest. of the Con d'acy-the tin
Youidaions of true Idepen6neo-will re.
ceive the- important haroof attentiou they
deserve. In the developfflont off hose ques
t6es, its object will .be tk make a pr tical
applicatiot of the. doctrine of Btates Wights
to Pylioy.oftheoountry. It *ill endeav
or to exlAninho mission btthe Cutiredi fity,
whih Ji to'dni6nstate Ubert$ regulated by
law, to exhibit a - system pf Stateaj, each su
preme *ithin Its foundation, and. only hquud
hy. a. volntary alienat.ion of powers. t will
vid1orL thopo elenents of 'National Inde.-.
pendeice, which are semnred by a high'atan
dad of intelligenco ant,ruinetmen, by'so
oumubtted cipital, varied iaduitiy and by
abundant fauilitioe of intermu'nicat.ioA. It
will prontote tle adoplop of nil those meas.
ures in which the Cohfederale States are
now deficient. And,,whilst the Coustitution
of the Confederate States forbids the 06neral
Government to organir.o and operato enter
prises of a nature calculated to attain these
results, the projectors will conAlder it thtir
duti'to urge upon the htates the develop
tIent of interests .%o indispensabla to the na
tiorial welfare.- It Is thus that, through the
aggregato ability of the tseparatc Siatev, the
power, of.theConfedcrate States will be made
1AR1tit1. It in thus thnt the collision ot'
setiOnal intertt and the oppression of a
common dlond will be-avoldod.
.The'vatli6s' dopithients of literature to
which the Mageaine ho devoted, may ho named
as-follows :
egi and selected, political.
1erary- an soi no, *and- blographloat
2. Novels, Tales and Sketches, original
and selcuted
8. Reviews of looks.
4. Educational Essays and News.
6. Notices of the piogress of 8cionee and
In the fourth section, it iA the design to
aftord to Tonchers information nouded irr
their professict, and a field for the inter
change of id.)a. on that subject, to which
end, theit assistance and collaboration is in
vited. 'Southern School Books will be to
heod and reviewed; and the Southern syotqm
of Ertoation as opposed to New Engl*Apd
empirleism and practicalism, upheld, devol
oped and defended.
Tiugis-Each number $1.60. For three
inonthR $4. For six nionths $8.
. The trnde will be supplied by GEO. L.
BI)GOODS, 101 Main Street.
Wat. M. ItnwFL,, Chif Editor.
EsN HAT L'AoMAnE, Associate Editor.
feb 18't65
Thew Souathernu confedeacy.
DEVOTED to t he Itterest of the Soldiers
of tho Army of Tennoa#eo and the
people of 1he Confederate State, being a
National New4aper of news, Politil, Mill
tary, and Miebilaneous, Foreign and Do
mostio, prepared by feady writ.e aud.oor,
The Editoriql Department of the Southern
Confederacy neludes a coinbination 'of po.
litieal, literary 'and tadustrI talent.yeise.
malised in the several depariment. of enJ
larged jouralism, wheeo.chief duty it w4U
be to present the pIublic a dlaily quirror 'of
popular thought, action and event, after its'
own fashion and kom a purely, independent
point of view.
The News 'Department of the -Southern
Confedersey will embrace a carefnl enp if.
tion2 frera.ell the Southern papers.- aqd from
late Northern and Foreigo aheets--attAnge
nienj httving been offeetedfothreptn
-A latge and otipable circle of ecerespew
dents fromta every section of interest, will
contribute no little to the prpmid egliection
of tranapir)ng bvente. Espeolally Will f6 be
our eare to,nudte the affairs of the 4r$ny In
our fr&ut, 6pon which hangO te'debuya$
is a-gresa part the enutre South..o
A very large share of attestion will be
paid ,t matters of a local itetreqt, fot whAef
purpose a cotspetent Local Edi or, with .an
emcottnt staff 4feporters, have eOn employ
e. -
All eommunications should be addressed
to the
fe1il8'4 . . : onthern Contaderacy
t.pntbern LIterary Pebsengnar.
T'iIf&'hg dstablished and well-known
'1L. journal of Literature ,having been re
tently purchased by the subscribers, will. in
future, be conducted exclusively under their
control. In all its doartnsonte, both busi
nes* sd editorial, the lkessenger will be un
der the management of an entirely nel re
gime, and the Proprietors are sanguino of
success in the future which the Magazinehas
never yet realized, if their friends and the
public shall yield them a support worthy of
so importavLan enterprise, looking to the ad
vancembntof tlie highest literary interest,of
the Conferde1acy.
4rgument or appeal in behalf of the. Im
portnco of an elvated literature to our
country, the a?sence of- which has hithqrto
made us a by-word of roproaches among the
older nations, and even now milItates againit
oubraWEts abroad, need not be ad4ressed
to those whom.'this circular is designed to'
lut to the attainment of this great end,
sopiething more Is necessary than mere vor
bial expressions of sympa1hy and encourage
ment. The friOnds of Houtheft literatute
most foster the efforte of our.literary tuen to'
secure for us a worthy position in the world
of letterd.
'We deal i the Messenger to be an enter
prse worthy of support of all classes of our
people. 'We ihall aim chiefly to secure for
our pages, the productions of the highest
order or genius and scholarship, and at. the
same tlme such articles as will contribute to
tle'instrdotIfofn16d ainusement of the public
a large. -To this end we shall give.our at
tentiou to and solicit contributions from
Southern writers in all the' departments of
Literature. Poetry, toeance, Reviow.Criii
clim, in short, evcry, ,abject whose promi
nqnco is sufAclent to eutitle it to notico, will
have its dd6 ihate 'Of-ttetiton.
We earnestly -soliolt. the.assistance of our
friends throughout the ConAleracy in the
enlargement of our subscription list, which
must be increased to entble us to meet the
havy pecuniary outlay so whioh we shall be
or the present the price of subscription
will be $1d for twelve mouths $6 for six
nionths, if the order is received previotis to
March 1, 1865. After that date the subscrip
tion will be $12, for. twolve months,.$8Sor
six moi.ths. This incrense will not. affect
those who subscribe before t he first of Marnh
next. Orders must be accompanied with the
Mr. George N7 Wedderburn, formerly of
New Orleans. now of this city, will coutrol
the business interests oftthe Alessenger, and
Mr. Frank It. Alfriend, of this city, will di
reet its editotial management. - Communica.
tions connected wit It ite.literary coQndtct f
the Messenger will be directed,to the editor;
pther communlications should be directed to
the l'ropfietors.
)feb 19'66 litnond, Va.
A NeltvFuper In I1clmnond.
r1iIIE undersigned propose to ptitblih a
J'D'Uity Paper, tinder the title of .-The
Rielhmon, He'raW," on or about the 15h
of.antury Uit.
It %ili be enlily independent in politics,
but will hetevtheless accord to thei Admti
Istration. a just ftipport in all m4asires
whioh, in otie Opi.tion of its conducto s,
may be deemed promotive of the good lof
The casoe in which we are engaged. A
proper ori'tioism of such acts as will 0
deemned adrse to this object, will be, o'f
course, co6sistatiL with the independent'
character under which the-paper is to be
In the rhatter of Gqueral News it will be
found to keep pace with the leading jour
nals ot tho day, while It will have added to
it, in the matter of filvinolal IntelligeAce a
feature- such as, woenture to say, no pa
per in,the.Confederacy can boast of. -Edi
torials frqpi the pen of one of the ablest
aupnislwrIters in this or any ether coun
try will be presented in each number.
For reasotis not now proper to be men.
tioned, we forbear to give the names of
those who shall compose .the rapplar qdito
rial staff; but we flatter gurqolves that
when they shall appear, they will be ronid
to constituto such an arra? of talent as can
no. be excelled on this,continent.
tThe well known eharacter- of the ludivi
d atal whose name appears be,low,.os a sto
nographic reporter, lurnishes, we presume,
a guarantee that, In.sil that relates to lem
portanit, politicel speeches and debates.
Vhidtbaer ia legIslAtive assemblies or out, of
them, the "Ilerald" will present advanta.
ge. certainly not to be excelled by any pa.
per itn the Confederacy.
.The f.rming tnterests will be faithfully
,indldatd aind cave taked to disseniInate
the earDsinr61l'gened [email protected] re
gard fbd a w6hfare ef, that ,greati element'
of nati jiath'and power' shal)kiemanda
Ins the ftr of corree ,cofiertial in
tellipsice,' .equCalel l be..manifested,
our objoect belng to assign to~ eagh of these
depfartfients aft editor of k**bWa eftperienoe
and Ability." ', - . ~, :
,sArranagements are ofi foot by wrhich to
secure the earliet .foreig news, and the
pper .will cntaint snoh .' iwa1. talent as
w$'fu.1eiuoldaleis bsahg of foreign
di~t on) ul%Sw8duthern itorsdte, A.
. a-eh . TRidemond Her,ald't wil
be Aotsfd to combine every. festure of Inter
eat.wiels the sequiremente of. they present
*rlslq .tlemqud
The enterprte Is 1espeAtfl on end
'd to til' favgr 'an4 atronage of'the' oftfa
sens of thV2a8etar Centfedereoy.
feb.18'A6. -. '., . ,yhgg pd, Va.,
-'A.L, kinds o0yDir WOSK ha7tly exek'u
besdat thil oma., . *
Reports of the Press Association.
Entered secording t4 Act of Congrepe In the ear
1863. by J. S. Thrusher. In the Clerk's onee 01, h.
Dist 0it of the onn,oderate States for the North
rrn Mistrict of Gleoria.
C1AHL8ToX, Yebr'uary 10,-A force
of the esqmy, believed to be about two
to four thousand, landed at Grimball's,
on James Island, about 8 o'clocfi this
morning, and drove in our Ifckets. Some
skirmishing'took place, but no general
enagement. The onemy are making
a9tive demonstrations at NArous points,
believeg to be feints.
A force attacked. our troops on tfie
Saltketchie this morning, but'were easi
ly repulsed. They also advanced upott
the Charleston R,oad, near Blue House,
and opened with artillory, but. made no
impression on our lines.' Intelligence
from the road to-day reports that they
crossed the Edisto at Binnaker's Bridge.
The enemy are moving on Augusta.
Rtiouon, Feb. 1.-The Senato
assed the bill ehanging the time of hold.
ng the election for, representatives of
Congras from ,Missotri to,tho first Mon.
day in November. Mr. Bornett intro.
ducQd a bill to abolish the office of Pro.
vost Marshall, except *ithin the lines of
the army. .The Senate then went into
secret session. .*' .
In the Ious.e a communication from
the lresident, stating the number of
Quarterraters and Assistant Quarter
masters in the Coufrdvrate service to he
1316, on post duty; on tax in kind 318.
The tax bill was further considered until
RiClru6ND, Feb. I L.-Northern pit
pers of the 9th' instant have been re
coived, from which the following sun
mary is gathered:
In the late, fight beyond Petersburg
the casualitien in the 5th corps is esti
mated about 500, and in the 2d corps
A ramngments for a general. exchmngo
has been conpketed.
A tarrible conilagration in Philadel
phia occurred on Watinesda,morning, int
which %000.barrels of coal oil was burn
ed together with fifty dwellings, The.
burning -nl poured through the streets,
greading destruction on all sides. A
number of people were roasted alive in
the streets.
The,draft in Nov) York will probably
be postpolod.
Coafederate Staites Goversssmenat
The brtv
rho Rem~itd .I
Rotv. Jkr# Dtvis, of Miss., PrWient.
116n. A. It. SravMr.xs, of-Of., Vice-1President.
The Cakmeg:
J. P. BAMUMIX, of La., Secretary of State.
0. A. T ritollitx, of 8. C.. see'p qf TreAsury.
J.- C. Buzei:xniiop, of Ky.. Aeo'y qf. War.
8. R. MALLORY, of Pif., &e'y of ti -Val9y.
Hon. 0no. DAvrs, Of It. C., Attorniey Gentral.
Jo H. ReAGax, of Te1s1 Postmaer Gen.
)Ieado qf~ Bureaue :
Rufus R. Rhodes, Commissloner- of iatents.
0. E. W. Nelson, 8tt't of Public Printing.
Gen. Sam, Cooper.. Allt ad inspeotor Ge..
John 8. Preston, Ubis6f of Bureau of Con
scriptfo. -
rg-n,AR.. Lawton, Quartormaste: Gen.
E. W.f'obut,MdeaPuey.
SThmo Dunly Souutis Carolsutana
Ueekly P"ortfolfo,
ruur's tue 'ti -r' ecotuox n :A, s. c.,
Daily pq tbree month,::: $20
Tri-Wehl,tret months',: : :: . 16
Portfolio, (Aekly,) six sioenths, ::r:16
Having adopted the eash system, tne pa
pas wdil beiaed, uless paid ia advag~ee
Adretisemedt. will be :iutsqr,94 Ia e4her
the Daily or Tri-Weekly at fite-dollars pse
squave- (dic lines) for the first, ad four
dollers fer each aubsequeut Ip sertiop.
Weelity adverisements A,e' dehlars for
baoh inser'tion..
The nnberof 1eeriions bbe distinot
Ir written by the advertIser Ea overy adver~

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